These Celebrity Lookalikes Are Too Incredible

Everyone knows Danny DeVito, but it seems like he has a long-lost cousin somewhere in Brazil! Not only does he have almost the exact same facial features, but he’s also the same height!

Source: Pinterest

We wonder he often gets stopped and asked for an autograph, probably quite a lot! He even has the look of a younger DeVito about him, he never seems to age!

George Clooney Lurking on Turkey’s Metro System

George Clooney is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. Starring in top movies for decades now, he’s also one of the world’s biggest heartthrobs. So, it comes as a surprise to see him sitting on the Metro in Turkey!

Source: Reddit

Although he looks like a slightly older version, he’s definitely got the same facial features. How many women are swoon when they see this guy walking around?

Morgan Freeman Moonlighting in Mexico

The great Morgan Freeman is best known for his voice-overs and often playing the role of God in many films. If you had to have your life story narrated by anyone, it would be Freeman, right?

Source: Twitter

Which is why it’s surprising to see him serving tacos in Mexico. Hang on, is it really him or a lookalike? This guy is a dead ringer for the actor himself – how many people do you think did a double take?

The Scandinavian Leonardo DiCaprio is Real!

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a heartthrob of the Hollywood scene for many years. Back in his younger days, he was a serious hunk, with countless women decorating their walls with his posters. He’s still drooled over today!

Source: Pinterest

But it seems like there’s another guy who is sharing the heartthrobs duties and he lives in Sweden. Whether this guy is purposely modeling himself like his hero is debatable but he’s a very good mirror image!

Yes We Can! Says “Obama”

We had to look twice when we saw an image of this guy, not only looking facially like Obama himself, but also dressing like the great man too. Is he doing this on purpose? He’s very good at it!

Source: Facebook

You can find this Obama lookalike in Indonesia, probably having people do double takes a lot of the time and probably asking for autographs on a regular basis too!

Has Hugh Laurie Fallen on Hard Times?

When we first saw this image, we were totally convinced that Hugh Laurie was staring back at us. Then we realized that this guy is actually a plumber from Russia, and we had to look again.

Source: Reddit

The actor isn’t suddenly moonlighting in Russia as a fit-it-guy, it seems he just has a twin who looks scarily like the man himself. The likeness is truly uncanny.

Matt Damon, is That You?

When we saw this guy’s ID, we did a serious double take. Not only is this a very handsome guy, but come on, he seriously looks like Matt Damon, don’t you think? Look again, you’re sure to see it.

Source: Twitter

Of course, Matt Damon isn’t black but that’s the only difference between this guy and the actor himself. He even has the Hollywood smile. Do you think he does it on purpose or is it just a natural resemblance?

Does Jeff Goldblum Have Indian Ancestry?

Jeff Goldblum has starred in some of the best movies throughout the last few decades. He’s a regular face in blockbusters and he’s an acting genius of the highest quality. But, when we saw this image, we had to question whether he has ancestors in India.

Jeff Goldblum lookalike

Source: Imgur

Take a look at this image taken many years ago. This guy is a serious dead ringer for the Hollywood actor, and he even has that iconic facial feature that’s not generally common. It’s time to look back through your family tree Mr. Goldblum!

Are There Two Putins?

Vladimir Putin has an iconic look. There are very few people who look like the Russian President. However, in China there seems to be a guy who not only looks like him but he’s a true dead ringer for him.

Source: Pinterest

He has the eyes, he has the smile, he has the hair. It’s really quite mind-blowing. When you put the two images together you can barely tell the difference at all. The only difference is that one is Russian and the other is Chinese.

Mrs. Jay-Z, and we Don’t Mean Beyonce!

This is uncanny. In fact, this is so accurate it’s actually quite scary! This woman must have had some work done to make her look just like Jay-Z, surely? If she didn’t, then maybe they’re related?

Photo by Brad Barket, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

There are not many people who have that Jay-Z toothy smile or those eyes, so for a woman to look like a mirror image of the rapper is really something that will make you look twice.

Jim Carrey, Is That You?

Jim Carrey is one of the world’s most celebrated comedic actors. He’s someone who can make you laugh with just a facial expression. With so many big films under his belt, he’s instantly recognizable.

Source: Reddit

But it seems like he has a twin in Russia! It’s either that, or this guy is a huge fan and has made himself look like his hero on purpose. They look almost the same, especially if you look at Carrey’s Dumb & Dumber days.

Is This Taylor Lautner’s Cousin?

When Twilight came out, were you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Whichever side you were on, you have to admit that Jacob was quite the catch. Taylor Lautner, the actor who played the werewolf, was loved by teenage girls all over the world.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Look at this image. Surely this is a female relative? If not, is Lautner much older than we thought and has a love child we never knew about? She’s really got the same facial look about her, it’s uncanny!

She Just Wants to be Britney

Britney Spears is one of those celebrities that you either want to date or you want to look like. It’s always been that way. So, it comes as no surprise that there are many women out there who have modeled themselves on the singe.

Photo by Sion Touhig, Getty Images / Source: Reddit

In Macedonia you will find this charming lady who looks a lot like Britney – if you squint. Sure, she’s piled on the makeup a little, but she’s definitely got the same look about her. Big fan you think?

Has DiCaprio Infiltrated the Russian Military?

Okay, so a little smaller and slightly wider, but this guy looks a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio now that he’s a little older. Look again and you’re sure to see it!

Source: US Magazine

The problem? He’s not Leonardo DiCaprio at all, he’s a guy who works for the Russian military. Is there some spy work going on here, or just a really good lookalike?

Swing it Like Carlton

‘90s kids will know the Fresh Prince of Bel Air very well and if you don’t, head to YouTube to check it out. Carlton is one of the most loved characters on the show and is famed for his dancing skills.

Source: Facebook

If you look closely at this police picture you’ll see this officer looks an awful lot like our Carlton. He even has the small mustache. We wonder whether he dances the same.

Kanye’s Distant Family?

Kanye West is a famous face. This guy isn’t so famous but looks an awful lot like the top rapper. The funny thing? His last name is East! You have to be making it up right? Surely this guy is doing it on purpose.

Source: Twitter

Kanye West is not someone that’s easy to look like. He has a distinctive appearance that is hard to copy. So, hats off to this guy if the look he’s gone for is done on purpose!

Hold Yourself Back Ladies, There’s Two Brad Pitts!

Brad Pitt is one of the most lusted after figures of the last couple of decades. Of course, he’s also a very good actor too. So, imagine our surprise when we found someone who looks an awful lot like Mr. Pitt!

Source: Pinterest

This guy lives in Asia, country unspecified, and he certainly has the mean and moody Brad Pitt look about him. We wonder if he gets as much female attention.

Wait! Another Morgan Freeman?

We already found one Morgan Freeman lookalike in Mexico but it seems like there’s another one in Peru! He also seems to know who he looks like as he certainly looks like he’s lapping up the regal attention in this snap.

Source: Reddit

Again, maybe he looks this way because he’s tried to look like his favorite actor but may it’s all natural. We’ll never know, but he’s certainly a dead ringer for the actor!

ANOTHER Barack Obama!

Perhaps looking like Obama isn’t that difficult, because we now have two on our list. This guy lives in Mexico and clearly loves dressing up in the stereotypical dress for tourists. He no doubt gets plenty of attention for his appearance!

Source: Twitter

This guy looks perhaps even more akin to Barack himself than the first guy does. Who knew that Obama himself had such a regular look?!

Kit? Is That You? Really?

We thought Kit Harrington was an English actor. He’s a heartthrob and very successful at what he does. Of course, a man of this talent is going to travel for work, but he’s suddenly rocked up in America, somewhere quite cold!

Source: Facebook

This guy is very much a lookalike of the actor, and we can only wonder how much attention he gets. Maybe he likes it and that’s why he models himself as a heartthrob?

The World’s Biggest Johnny Depp Fan

Now, Johnny Depp is quite the acting genius. He’s also a man with very distinctive style and a look that nobody else really has. So, it’s very surprising to see a man in Japan who looks almost exactly like the actor himself.

Source: Pinterest

To dress and style yourself in this way, you’re clearly copying the actor. That’s fine, he’s obviously a huge fun. We can’t help but wonder whether he earns cash for his lookalike skills?

A Real-Life Meme

Do you remember the famous meme that was going around a short while ago? It was the girlfriend who was not only extremely attached but always oh-so-keen to see you. Well, this guy looks exactly the same as her!

Source: Flickr

Surely, he modeled his look on her? Nobody can look quite so much like a meme without meaning to! We wonder whether he’s so easy to teach himself too?

Cooper’s Mirror Image

Bradley Cooper is the apple of many girl’s eyes and any film he stars in is likely to be a big hit, thanks to his rugged good looks and acting skills. It turns out that in India, there is a guy who looks just like him!

Source: Reddit

Can you see the resemblance? It’s seriously uncanny and this guy must get mistaken for Bradley Cooper all the time, don’t you think?

Has Michael Scott Changed Professions?

Check out this photo. At first glance you think that it’s a very suave looking businessman simply having his portrait taken. However, look again – don’t you think he looks a lot like Michael Scott?

Source: Twitter

The guy in this photo is from Turkey, so we wonder whether there are some fantastic business opportunities in Turkey and Scott himself has relocated? Either that or he just has a good lookalike.

Laurence Fishburne’s Almost Mirror Image

Whether he’s playing Ike Turner or starring in Black-ish, Laurence Fishburne is always a start. So, it’s no wonder that people want to look like him. However, we think this guy looks like him by accident.

Source: Flickr

This guy even has the gap in the teeth and the same mischievous look about him! It’s uncanny in many ways and you must wonder whether he knows who he looks like.

Nicholas Cage and His Double

Nicholas Cage has a very distinctive look. He’s tall, he has a long face, and a specific type of smile. You would imagine that he’s not someone with many doubles. However, it turns he has one in India.

Source: Facebook

Check out this image, this guy is almost his double! It also doesn’t look like he’s even attempting to look like Nicholas Cage, so it’s all completely natural. He’s even got the same smile!

Are There Two Hulk Hogans?

Hulk Hogan was a household name ten or twenty years ago and he’s certainly someone that has his own distinctive look. You wouldn’t imagine there would be many others who look like him, right?

Source: Facebook

Well, this guy is walking around rocking the Hogan look to the extreme. He even has the goatee beard and the muscle shirt. Is he doing it on purpose or does he just like that look? Who knows, perhaps we should ask him!

Wahlberg’s Brother from Another Mother

Mark Wahlberg is a great actor and once upon a time he was a rapper – we won’t say ‘great’ rapper, but a rapper all the same. His brother, Donny, was a teen heartthrob back in the day too.

Source: Pinterest

Do they have a long-lost brother in Asia? This guy looks exactly like him and even has that same serious look when resting! Again, do we think this is on purpose or just an accidental look that he naturally has?

A Born Lookalike

When you see adults that look a little like a celebrity, you have to wonder whether they’re doing it on purpose, perhaps to earn cash as a celeb double. However, when you see a child who looks like a celeb, it’s all natural!

Source: Pinterest

This little girl is the double of Jason Alexander. She even has the same glasses and smile. We can only assume that either her parents are big fans or it’s just a huge coincidence!

There are Two Heartthrobs?

Mark Ruffalo is a bit of a heartthrob and there are many who admire him. If there were more than one, can you imagine the rush to try and meet him? Well, we’ve found another one!

Source: Twitter

He’s not a total match, but he’s certainly very close. With those big brown eyes and that swooning look, we can’t help but see the resemblance.

Is Danny DeVito Really Korean?

We’ve already seen one pretty good Danny DeVito lookalike right at the start, but this guy certainly looks a lot like him too! In fact, you could argue that this guy is a better resemblance.

Source: Reddit

This guy hails from Korea and he’s certainly got a DeVito look about him. Sitting on that train, he could easily pass for the Hollywood actor. Maybe that’s where he’s on his way to!

A Rapper with a Brother?

Drake is a famous rapper with an army of adoring fans. He’s known worldwide and has one of those faces that is instantly recognizable. Look at this photo – do you see someone familiar?

Source: Tumblr

This guy could easily pass for Drake. Sure, he’s lighter in skin tone but that’s the only real difference. He has the same smile, the same look, and the same build.

Jeff, is That You?

Think back to Jeff Goldblum in his Jurassic Park days. Can you picture him? Then, check out this guy on the train, deep in thought on his tablet. He looks almost the same! Maybe he’s plotting how to save us from those same dinosaurs.

Source: Reddit

If you were sitting next to a celeb lookalike on a train or bus, would you approach them and ask them for an autograph? You might make a new celeb lookalike friend or two!

Did George Bush Move to Vietnam?

Since his presidency finished, we haven’t seen that much of George Bush, except for an odd appearance every so often. Perhaps that’s because he’s relocated somewhere far away instead?

Source: Facebook

This guy lives in Vietnam and he looks almost identical to George Bush himself! We can’t help but wonder whether he gets a lot of unwanted attention and questions, because he’s certainly a very good doppelgänger.

Yet Another Leonardo Lookalike?

We can’t help but wonder whether people are consciously trying to look like certain celebrities, and Leonardo DiCaprio is one of them. This guy from Russia certainly as a big Leo look about him too.

Source: Tumblr

You can’t blame people for wanting to look like hot celebrities, can you? This guy probably thinks that by looking like the Hollywood star, he’s going to get some major female attention. He probably does!

Lara Croft in Person

Angelina Jolie is one of the world’s most lusted after celebrities and many women try to look like her, especially her luscious lips. There are few who actually manage to pull it off properly.

Source: Twitter

Check out this lady taking a selfie in the mirror. She’s a dead ringer for Angelina in her Lara Croft days! From the eyes to the pout, she’s really nailed the Jolie look.

Where is All the Rum?

Captain Jack Sparrow is famous for many things, at least being a lovable rogue with a penchant for rum. This guy from India certainly has a very strong resemblance to the famous pirate.

Source: Pinterest

Maybe it’s the bandana, or the mustache, or perhaps it’s the blackened eyes. Either way, he has a very strong resemblance to the lovable rogue. We only hope he doesn’t go around trying to steal ships!

If Anyone’s Lost Morgan Freeman, We’ve Found Him

We always thought that Morgan Freeman had one of those distinctive looks that few people could claim to have themselves. However, it turns out that quite a few people look a little like Mr. Morgan, if our list is accurate!

Source: Twitter

Here we find a lookalike of Morgan himself standing in what looks like an airport in Asia. It seems we weren’t the only ones who thought he had a look of the Hollywood star about him!

Be Still Our Beating Hearts!

Ladies, we have some good news! It turns out that there are two Zayn Maliks in this world! We have the original version, who is obviously taken, thanks to Gigi Hadid, but we have this rather dashing lookalike too!

Source: Pinterest

He’s managed to master the sultry gaze, the look over the shoulder and he has the tall, dark, and handsome look down to a tee. Does he do it on purpose? Who cares, it works!

Milla Jovovich’s Long Lost Brother?

The famous actress and model has a very distinctive look and a very beautiful face, however, it turns out that in Russia, she might have a long lost brother. Of course, he’s probably not her brother at all, but they certainly look alike.

Source: Pinterest

Check out that pout and that look into the camera! Either this guy is a big Jovovich fan or he’s somehow managed to win the genetics lottery with his natural looks!

Harry? Harry? No, It’s Not Harry

Who wouldn’t want to look like Harry Styles? We mean, the guy’s got style, he’s got grace, he’s pretty hot, so of course many model their looks on him. This guy certainly does, or he’s somehow managed to morph into the singer without realizing?

Source: Facebook

It looks like he has a few budding fans in that photo too. We can’t help but wonder how many screaming girls he gets following him, accidentally thinking that they’re seeing the real star in person.

A Sleeping Laurence Fishburn?

Laurence Fishburn has long been a famous and very talented actor. He’s also a suave and charming looking guy. Now, this girl sleeping on the train or bus; do you think she looks like him?

Source: Reddit

We can’t help but see the resemblance but perhaps whoever took this photo and posted it on social media should have asked if she minded first? If you snooze, you lose!

Is Ryan Gosling Really Arab?

Sometimes you see a photograph and you really have to look again, and then again one more time. You can’t quite believe the similarity. That’s exactly what we had to do when we saw this photo of a man who looks an awful lot like Hollywood actor, Ryan Gosling.

Source: Pinterest

Now Gosling is a fan favorite. He’s starred in some of the world’s most romantic films, such as La La Land and The Notebook, so we struggle to come up with a reason why he’s suddenly upped and moved to an Arab country? Maybe he got fed up with Hollywood?

Breaking The Rules?

Breaking Bad is one of the world’s most famous TV series and most people have watched at least an episode or two. That means the cast are pretty famous and recognizable when they’re out and about.

Source: Twitter

Take a look at this image, do you think this guy looks an awful lot like Walter Black? It’s certainly a very close call to decide which one is which! However, we think he probably wouldn’t be commuting by train so maybe it’s a lookalike.

Megan Fox Has a Brazilian Sister

It’s quite likely that many women have tried to look like Megan Fox. After all, she’s a very beautiful woman. She also has a very distinctive look and not many women will be able to really pull it off.

Photo by JB Lacroix, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

However, this lady from Brazil has certainly managed to do more than pull it off. She could easily pass as Megan’s sister, or even twin! We can only assume she’s a big fan and wanted to look like her.

Parks And Doppelgängers?

Fans of the American TV show Parks and Recreation will no doubt know Ron Swanson, one of the key characters in the hit program. While India doesn’t have its own version of the show, it certainly has its own version of Ron!

Source: Reddit

He’s even sitting at a desk in the same way as the character would in the TV show. Maybe he’s a fan? Maybe he’s done it on purpose, but either way, it’s a very good effort so hats off to the guy!

An Army of Johnny Depps

Johnny Depp is one of those actors that most people want to try and emulate. That means it’s no surprise when we see a few people trying to do exactly that on this list. We’ve had a couple so far, but perhaps this guy is one of the nearest to the mark.

Source: Pinterest

If you travel to Sweden and search out Johnny Depp lookalikes, you might come across this guy. He’s certainly a very close second to the real thing, and we can only imagine that he’s often been asked for an autograph.

How Many Billionaires?

We know that Elon Musk is worth quite a lot of cash. He’s also got a look that’s very unique, so it’s unusual to find too many people who look like him naturally. Of course, you’ll come across some who go out of their way to try and emulate the billionaire businessman.

Source: NBC / Reddit

However, this guy has the look pat down. He’s obviously from the Russian Navy and he’s got that Elon Musk look going on to a tee. He’s even naked to get the pout right!

A Window to The Past

The late, great Clark Gable was an iconic film actor and a heartthrob of his time. He was suave, sophisticated, and had that gentleman look about him that made all the woman swoon. Many men wanted to look like him, but this guy does!

Source: Twitter

In a blast from the past photograph from the 1950s, here we see a very handsome gentleman who has more than a slight look of Clark Gable about him. It seems that Mr. Gable may have had a twin in India!

A Game of Thrones Throwback

Fans of Game of Thrones will no doubt know Littlefinger, aka Lord Petyr Baelish. Again, we’re talking about someone with a very unique and distinctive look, and you don’t imagine too many people to have that same look naturally.

Source: Pinterest

However, when we saw this photo, we couldn’t help but wonder if there was another Littlefinger dwelling somewhere in Asia! He’s got the look for sure, and whether he’s a GoT fan or not, he’s sure to be mistaken for the character.

Bruce Willis or not?

Many people try to look like their favorite TV stars or movies actors, and often fail. Bruce Willis is an action hero that many guys want to be and it’s not unusual for someone to dress up just like him. Some manage it, some fail.

Source: Reddit

What do you think of this guy from Japan? Do you think he manages to look like Willis or he somehow falls just a little short of the mark? He’s certainly got a similarity to the actor, even if you can somehow tell that he’s not quite the real deal.

How I Met Ted

Hands up who loves the TV show “How I Met Your Mother”. There’s probably a lot of hands up right now. So, who knows the character, Ted? He’s popular, for sure. Again, that means people want to look like him.

Source: YouTube

This guy is from India, and he’s definitely got theTed look. He’s got the same hair, the same look, the same swag. We can’t help but wonder whether it’s really him, or just a very good lookalike effort!

Emulating a Legend

Kobe Bryant is a legend of the sporting world. His legacy goes way past just basketball and out into the world of celebrities and philanthropy too. Bryant himself had a distinctive look, a big smile and a fierce look when competing.

Source: Twitter

Do you think this guy looks a little like Bryant? Some say he does and we can certainly see the similarities. He’s got the same eyes and mouth to some degree. He may not be the legend, but he’s got a little bit of his looks.

A Demi Good Look?

Demi Lovato has an army of adoring and loyal fans. They’ve stuck with her through thick and thin, from her Disney days right up until now, when she’s rocking stadiums on a regular basis. It’s no surprise that people want to look like her.

Source: Facebook

This girl definitely looks a lot like Demi, but we can’t help but wonder whether it’s just coincidental or whether she’s doing it on purpose. She certainly looks like she’s trying to copy a specific pose, no?

Chasing Jon Snow

Who knew that Jon Snow could be found on an Indian off license? The iconic Game of Thrones star was a huge fan favorite and probably one of the characters that most people would want to meet.

Source: Reddit

It turns out you don’t need to go to Hollywood to find him, as he has a very close lookalike in India. This guy doesn’t even look like he’s trying to emulate the star, that’s literally what he looks like on a day-to-day basis!

Is Brad Pitt Hiding in Beijing?

Let’s be honest, many men want to look like Brad Pitt. Many also try and fail very badly. What do you think about this guy? Hailing from Beijing, he’s definitely got a little of the Pitt about him, but there’s something not quite right.

Source: Facebook

The eyes are definitely Pitt-like and that’s something that’s hard to fake. He’s probably stopped in the street occasionally and has a few double takes thrown his way, don’t you think?

A Wannabe George Clooney?

George Clooney is one of those actors that guys want to be and woman want to be with. He’s got that suave look about him, and a swagger that makes you want to befriend him or do other things to him! However, this guy from Cuba clams to look a little like Clooney himself.

Source: Tumblr

What do you think? We can see the similarity. He’s got the same “I’m trouble” look about him, but that disarming half smile that makes you want to get to know him a little more. How many people do you think have mistaken him for the real deal??

Is Obama Reading the Weather?

Some people go well out of their way to try and look like their favorite celebrities, others just happen to look like them naturally. We can’t help but feel like this guy doesn’t have to do anything and he automatically looks like the former US President, Barack Obama!

Source: YouTube

The ironic thing is that rather than being in the news like Obama usually is, this guy is the local news’ weatherman in Denmark. Either way, he’s definitely got a look of Barack about him!

Catching the Bad Boy

Colin Farrell has long been known as the bad boy actor from Ireland who most women swoon over. Of course, he’s also a very talented actor. That makes him doubly desirable and many of his fans would love to know that there’s someone else who looks like him out there.

Source: Pinterest

Well, if you travel to India and track this guy down, you might just seem the very real similarity between him and the actor. They’re definitely close in looks, and we can’t help but wonder whether the “twin” is as good at acting or not?

Is Robert De Niro Really from Taiwan?

When you think about the world’s most iconic actors, you come up with a long list. Robert De Niro is probably on that list, for sure. He’s got that look of half amused, half annoyed about him and it’s something which has helped to make him famous.

Source: Tumblr

That’s why it’s surprising to find a guy from Taiwan who looks an awful lot like the US actor! He probably gets asked a lot if he’s De Niro or not, and who knows, maybe he pretends he is sometimes!

Hitting The Base!

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve probably heard of Joey Bats. The Dominican is a huge name in the game and someone who has a distinctive style of his own, both in play and looks. Obviously, if you’re a fan of the game, you might want to look like your hero.

Source: Twitter

This guy has really got the Joey Bats look to a tee. It also looks pretty natural too, so maybe this is just how he looks. Maybe Joey Bats is actually emulating him instead? You have to wonder!

A Jolie Good Attempt

Many women have tried and failed to look like Angelina Jolie. She’s got a very distinctive style and look that makes her downright beautiful and alluring. It’s a hard blend to get right if you’re not actually the woman herself.

Source: Facebook

However, this lady from Serbia had a good try. What do you think? Did she get it right? Is she even close? We can’t help but think the Lara Croft lookalike from earlier did a better job, but this one isn’t too far off either.

George Clooney in a Few Years?

We all get older, and it’s normal to wonder what we’re going to look like in a few years’ time. We also wonder what our favorite celebrities might look like. Some grow old gracefully, some turn to the surgeon’s knife, and others don’t quite manage to look anything like they do now.

Source: Pinterest

How about George Clooney? Perhaps this guy from India is a mirror to the future and exactly how Mr Clooney will look in a few years from now? He’s definitely got a distinct Clooney look about him.

Another Obama Short of The Mark?

This guy claims to look a little like Barrack Obama? What do you think? In some ways, we get it. He has the same lower face style, but the rest? Hmm, we’re not so sure. Not a bad try though, right?

Source: Reddit

With a hat pulled low and a pair of sunglasses on, you can’t really tell whether he’s a good match or not, but there’s definitely a resemblance of some kind there? If you want to try and find him for yourself, you need to venture over to Asia and do some research of your own!

Is That Peter, or is it Just a Lookalike?

Peter Dinklage is a renowned American producer and actor and you’ll no doubt have seen him in many movies over the years. He certainly has a look of his own, with shaggy dark hair and a thick beard. He’s not someone you would expect to see twinning easily.

Source: Reddit

However, this guy claims to be a pretty good lookalike for Dinklage himself. What do you think? The facial features are certainly very close and the look of not being too happy with the world isn’t too far wrong either!

An Action Hero or Two

Jason Statham has starred in some serious action movies, and he’s known to be one of the best actors in Hollywood within his genre. He’s also a pretty handsome dude, don’t you agree?

Source: Tumblr

If you venture over to Ireland, try and find this guy because he’s a very close match to Mr Statham! We wonder whether he does his own stunts too? He’s definitely got the same smile, the same bald head and facial hair. Maybe they’re the same person?

A Strange Comparison?

If you love Stranger Things, you’ll no doubt be very familiar with Dustin. A cute and lovable character, he’s someone that you can’t help but want to meet. However, if you venture to Costa Rica, you might find this guy who looks very much like the real deal.

Source: Facebook

Maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s the smile, but he’s certainly twinning here. If Dustin ever needed to take a break, perhaps this guy could step in for him and be his stunt double? It’s an option, that’s for sure!

A Paper Mache Segal?

Some people will do anything for their favorite celebrities. They’ll even spend hours fashioning a paper mache statue. What do you think of this effort? Do you think it actually looks like the intended person – Steven Segal?

Source: Pinterest

He’s got the same unamused look about him, that’s for sure. But we can’t help but wonder who would actually go to all of this trouble and what they intended to do with the creation afterwards?

Is That Really Luke & Leia?

Kids love to dress up and sometimes you have to come up with an innovative costume for them to wear to school events. It can be hard to think of who to model them on, but this pair of cute kids look fantastic as Luke Skywalker and Leia.

Source: Pinterest

Hats off to the parents for the costumes and the acting being on point! “Luke” has even got a lightsaber to show off! If we were giving points for this, we’d definitely give this pair a ten out of ten.

You’re Breaking the Law

Do you think this guy looks like Jude Law? Squint and look again, what do you think? We have to say, we’re struggling to see it, but he certainly thinks that he’s rocking the heartthrob look.

Source: Twitter

Perhaps the smile is a little Jude Law-esque on second glance. The eyes? Not so much, but you do have to double take perhaps. Sometimes lookalikes aren’t dead ringers, but they have a little detail that makes them slightly akin to the person they’re “twinning” with.

Michael Jordan Made of Food?

Some people really do have too much time on their hands, don’t you agree? This Michael Jordan fan decided to create an image of their hero. Rather than painting or using paper mache like our Steven Segal creation, they decided to go down the route of beans and rice instead.

Source: Pinterest

It’s a unique way to use leftovers, for sure, but do you think it actually looks much like the famous basketball player or not? If we’re honest, we don’t see it, but top marks for effort!