These Lucky Few Almost Met The Grim Reaper

We’re told that we should live every day as if it’s our last and embrace opportunities as they come our way. It’s easy to let life pass you by and become comfortable with doing not very much, but when a brush with death actually comes your way, it forces you to re-analyze your approach to life.

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For these lucky few, Lady Luck was certainly looking out for them when things could have turned out very differently indeed. Sometimes people put themselves in dangerous situations for a selfie and find out the hard way how foolish that is. Others are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the reason, nobody has any idea when their last day on this planet may be. Check out these very lucky individuals who managed to escape the clutches of the Grim Reaper and thankfully lived to see another bright and sunny day.

Staring Death in The Face

This driver can only thank his lucky stars for not driving a tiny bit faster or not stopping at exactly the point he did. Just one centimeter further, and he would have been tumbling down into the abyss.

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We have no idea how he managed to get that close to the edge, but surely there should be some kind of higher barrier in place on that road? The small barrier doesn’t seem to be enough to stop people driving through to their potential death.

Lady Luck Was on His Side

This driver had the world’s closest call possible. When this huge sheet of metal flew off a truck in front, it went straight through the passenger side windscreen and penetrated through to the back of the car.

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Firstly, let’s be thankful that there was nobody on the passenger side. Secondly, just half an inch further to the other side, and the driver would have probably died. All the lucky charms were on this driver’s side that day.

Sometimes Driving Alone is a Good Thing

Perhaps this driver usually had a companion when driving to work or wherever they were going, but that day, thankfully, they were driving and singing along to the radio on their own. It’s a good thing.


Whatever it was that shattered, the windscreen would certainly have hit the passenger like a projectile, and who knows what injuries they would have sustained. We don’t know how fast the driver was going or what the item was, but they were certainly very lucky that day.

Half a Centimetre From Agony

This guy could not have been luckier. Wearing flip flops in the garden might seem safe, but when you’re this close to getting a rather large, rather rusty nail right through your foot, you might want to re-examine your choice of footwear.


The nail only managed to go through his outer skin layer, but just the tiniest amount to the other side, and he would have been heading to the emergency room for a tetanus shot, with plenty of blood to go along with it.

When Spare Change Isn’t a Hassle

Having a pocket of spare change is usually annoying. It weighs you down and jingles every five seconds. Put simply, it’s a hassle. However, for this guy, that spare change turned out to be a lifesaver and not a hassle in the slightest.

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This veteran was shot during a battle in the chest, and the only thing which stopped the bullet from penetrating through to his heart was the spare change in his pocket. The monetary value of those coins may be low, but the actual value is as high as possible.

Are They Working The Day Shift or The Night Shift?

This new employee was so keen to make a great impression on their first day on the job that they set a list of alarms to wake them up in the morning. To avoid falling back to sleep, they set them at 15-minute intervals apart. Sensible, right?

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It would have been if they had actually set the alarms for the morning and not the evening! You might think at first, they were working the late shift, but no, they’d simply have been late on their first day.

The Perils of The Job

Some jobs are simply a lot more hazardous than the rest. Some people just need to sit at their desk and do their work, knowing that they’re going to get home at the end of it. Others don’t have that luxury.

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This police car was part of a chase, and as you can see from the picture, it was peppered with bullets. The holes show that the bullets penetrated the car’s exterior, but thankfully the police escaped unharmed.

Boats Aren’t Meant to go Sideways

The sea might look calm and serene, but when Mother Nature rages, she really rages. This fishing boat found all of this out when their boat suddenly went sideways and nearly capsized. The perils of working at sea are very real.

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You can see one crew member almost falling into the angry sea, but luckily a colleague manages to grab his life jacket right at the last moment. Let’s hope they all got back to dry land safe and sound after this terrifying experience.

An Extremely Close Call

There are two things very wrong with this photograph. Firstly, who does a handstand on their partner’s head? Secondly, why do it when a plane is coming in to land and literally brushes your feet as it goes overhead?


Let’s hope this was all entirely accident, and she didn’t actually realize how close that landing plane would get. However, we live in attention-seeking times, so this probably made it onto Instagram before the plane had even landed.

Always Read The Label!

You might think that going around and labeling everything in your kitchen and bathroom is nothing more than a hassle. However, some things definitely need to be labeled. Failure to do so could leave someone with a rather nasty discovery.


This person certainly found the use in labels after nearly using the thermometer that had previously been used to take the dog’s temperature – rectally! In this case, labeling wasn’t a hassle at all, and who knows what bacteria could be lurking on that thermometer!

Stop The Runaway Train

Trains are much faster and heavier than they look. If the train driver needs to stop, he has to start putting on the brakes at least a mile beforehand. So, when this car found itself stuck on the train tracks, you can imagine the panic as a train approached.


Thankfully, the driver managed to stop the train just in time, and the police worked to unstick the car and get him moving again. We have to question what the driver was doing on the tracks in the first place, especially as this isn’t a crossing.

When Your Luck’s in, It’s Really in!

Heavy storms can cause some real damage. If you’re in the way of a tree as it’s falling, there’s not a lot you can do to get out of the way. This car owner feared the worst when they saw a fallen tree over their vehicle.


By some twist of fate and extreme luck, the tree had fallen and wedged itself just inches from the bonnet of the car, not even causing a tiny scratch on the paintwork! By simply moving the tree, the car was able to drive away unscathed!

PPE is There For a Reason

Protective equipment is a necessity for many jobs, but some employees feel that they’re just too cool to wear it. However, when something goes wrong, they’re left unprotected and serious injury, or even death can occur.


Thankfully, this guy happily wore his protective gear when the angle grinder he was using shattered, sending small pieces of the internal disc flying everywhere. Had he not been wearing goggles, he could have been blinded in an instant.

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

When you reach for your toothbrush in the morning, do you check it for bugs or nasties? Or, do you simply grab the brush, grab the paste, and get brushing? Thankfully, this person was awake enough to notice the imposter that had crawled into their toothbrush.

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We don’t know what it is, and we don’t really want to know either, but can you imagine brushing your teeth with that creature dwelling inside? It doesn’t bear thinking about it! Note to self – always check your toothbrush!

Why Driving Slowly is Recommended

When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to put your foot down and try to get to your destination a little faster. However, if you’re approaching a steep turn or bend, it’s always advisable to slow down a little. This driver found that to his benefit.

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You can’t see the drop, but had he driven just 4 inches further, his car would have free-fallen into a 10-foot bog, which would probably have done some serious damage to his car, and probably to him too. Always drive carefully!

Don’t Move a Muscle!

When you lose your car keys, everything is a drama. You’re stuck, going nowhere, and replacing them isn’t cheap or easy. So, when this driver dropped their keys, they held their breath very quickly when they saw the precarious position it sat in.

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Sewer drains are known for being pretty hungry. They love to eat up anything which falls anywhere near them, so when this key sat balanced on top, one wrong move could have seen it become the sewer’s dinner. Let’s hope he got it in time!

‘Til Death do us Part

We’re not sure if this ring is the guy’s wedding ring or not, but the pun was too good to resist! This guy was happy he didn’t take off his ring for work because it ended up saving his hand and possibly his life.


A pile of timber shifted whilst he was handling it. Rather than his hand taking the brunt, his ring took the force instead. The ring snapped, but that’s far better than his hand snapping instead!

Let This be a Lesson – Put Your Helmet On!

Helmets might not be glamorous, and they might not be all that comfortable, but they can save your life. Far too many people prefer the ‘wind in your hair’ feel, but your hair isn’t going to save you if you crash your motorbike.


This driver was extremely glad they’d worn their helmet. Check out the scratches down the face shield. If they hadn’t been wearing that helmet, those scratches would have been on their actual face, and probably worse.

When Mother Nature is Having a Bad Day

Living at the bottom of a mountain is certainly idyllic. It’s quiet, chilled out, and the scenery is amazing. However, you have to think about what mountains are made of. On this particular day, Mother Nature must have been pretty angry at something because she sent a huge boulder hurtling down the mountain.

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Luckily for these homeowners, the boulder missed their actual home by mere inches. Their garden didn’t get away so easily, but that’s far more easily fixed than the house itself! Maybe Mother Nature was trying to tell them to move houses?

Not The Breakfast They Wanted

When you pop the coffee pod into the machine in the morning, do you stop to check what you’re actually putting in? Probably not, because few things fit perfectly inside your coffee machine, right? Except, Domino’s ranch sauce containers are exactly the same size as a coffee pod.

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It’s a good thing this person noticed what they were doing just before they hit the ‘on’ button. Can you imagine a hot and creamy cup of ranch sauce for breakfast? You wouldn’t want to eat for the rest of the day, that’s for sure!

Look Out Below!

Some people are very superstitious about walking under scaffolding and cranes, but perhaps that should be extended to driving underneath it too. This driver was driving innocently underneath a crane when the metal dropped down and almost hit his car.


Thankfully, the cables attached to the crane stopped it from falling just inches further and squashing the car completely. The driver would have had no chance had that happened. That’s a seriously close call and one which should definitely be investigated as to why it even happened in the first place.

A Miraculous Near Miss

When you’re driving along, minding your own business, the last thing you expect is for a huge tree to come falling on top of your car, right? That’s exactly what happened to this driver as she was traveling from A to B.

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Looking at the car, you might worry that she was seriously injured, but by some miracle, she made it out not only alive but barely even hurt. Her car wasn’t quite so lucky, but that’s not important in this case.

Shot by a Nail Gun?

DIY might look fun and even relaxing, but we should never take for granted just how dangerous those tools can be. This guy found that out to his own detriment when two nails shot out of a nail gun and embedded themselves in his knee. Ouch!


An x-ray later showed that despite his pain, he had been very lucky indeed. Just a tiny amount in either direction and the nails would have hit the major knee bone and caused long more damage.

Seconds From a Chainsaw Massacre

Chainsaws are extremely dangerous tools. They can cut through the thickest of wood in seconds, so imagine what they could do to your fingers if you happened not to be wearing protective gear? Thankfully, this guy was doing his job well and wearing his gloves.

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Had he not been, you can imagine how bad the outcome would have been – he would certainly have lost at least one finger and maybe even worse. The cut in his gloves is deep, but you can see he only suffered a small cut on his finger.

Do We Really Believe This Person?

Judging by the size of the gaps in that storm drain, we can only deduce one thing – this person was playing for attention and had staged this photograph. The chances of their ring falling in that exact position are extremely slim.

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If this really did happen, surely they’d be so panicked that they try to get the ring rather than capture it and share it on social media first? We wonder whether karma got its own back in the end and sent a small gust of wind to knock it ever so slightly to the left?

A Very Narrow Escape!

A word of advice to Rexall – change your packaging! This person nearly had a very different night to the one they were expecting to have, simply because the two packets look nearly identical! They should think of themselves as lucky that they stopped for a second to check.

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Why have almost identical packets for laxatives and sleeping tablets? They’re hardly in the same category, and all it would need is a different color and font on the box! We wonder how many people didn’t check-in time?

Not Today Tree, Not Today

Trees don’t stand forever. Sure, they last many years, but eventually, they weaken, and a big gust of wind can cause them to snap and fall. But why do they seem to always like falling on cars?

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Thankfully, the overhead electrical cables decided to step in and save this car from being certainly squashed from the size of that falling tree. That’s a huge stroke of luck, and it obviously wasn’t the car’s time to go!

Beware of Flying Nails

If you’re driving fast enough, even the smallest thing can become a hazard. However, nobody expects a nail to fly through the air and smash through the windscreen suddenly. This driver was extremely lucky that the nail didn’t hit them straight in the face.

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It also shows that windscreens are also nothing more than a sheet of glass to keep moisture out of the car. They can fracture and break so easily, leaving you open to whatever decides to projectile itself into your car.

Who Said Baseball Was Boring?

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that baseball players can throw those balls seriously fast. Sometimes they can reach speeds of more than 100mph. If that ball hits you, it’s going to do some damage and hurt quite a lot.

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This cameraman was doing his job, taking snaps of the game, when a ball shot towards his camera and left its imprint on the lens. Thankfully, the camera took the brunt and not the cameraman – can you imagine the pain that could have caused?

Aren’t Black Cats Supposed to be Lucky?

Some people say that black cats are lucky, some say they’re unlucky, but this cat is certainly the former as he was almost cooked for dinner! When your cat is the same color of your stove, it’s probably best to check they’re not sitting there before you light the gas!


Of course, cats find the comfiest spot to lay, and they don’t care if that’s their actual bed or not. This cat obviously found it very comfortable on the stove and wanted to make that its bed for the day. Luckily, they were spotted just in time!

Charging Towards an Inferno

Charging devices seems to be all we do these days, but it’s never a good idea to leave them charging overnight or unattended, as this person found out. They left their laptop charging on a wooden and glass table, only to have a very near miss.

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As the cable sparked, the only thing that prevented an inferno was the glass sheet that lined the wooden table’s top. Had that glass not been there, the fire may have been impossible to stop in time. Charge carefully, people!

It’s Not Every Day You’re Nearly Hit by an Axe

Sometimes things fly into your field of vision that make you look twice. It could be an odd-shaped bird, maybe, or a rogue ball. However, you don’t expect an ax to fly across your windscreen and hit the passenger side.


This passenger was unbelievably lucky. Had the car been going just a little faster, it would certainly have traveled further and probably hit the person in the seat. Luckily, only the windscreen and a little of the dashboard needed attention.

When Yoga Practice Saves Your Life

Obviously, this woman does plenty of yoga because it was her flexible bending that potentially saved her life whilst diving somewhere exotic. We all enjoy seeing beautiful marine-life, but stingrays can kill instantly, which is probably why she went all contortionist when she spotted one.


You could argue that she looks like something out of the Matrix, but whatever it is, she’s very lucky that she managed to get out of the stingray’s way before it became angry at the intrusion.

If You Needed More Reasons to Wear a Helmet …

We know that you should wear a helmet when driving a motorcycle, but not everyone does so as we’ve already established earlier. If you’re one of those people, look at the state of this helmet that was worn by a motorcycle driver, hitting a bus at 70mph.

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The back and side of the helmet is almost shaved down completely. If they hadn’t worn their helmet, that would have been their skull. It doesn’t bear thinking about, but thankfully they were sensible enough to don their helmet in the first place.

All Dads Are Superheroes

Whilst out hiking with his sons, this superhero dad found his reflexes tested to the extreme. One of his sons slipped on some pretty rocky terrain, and had he not been caught quickly by his father, he would have fallen onto some very sharp rocks below.


Check out those amazing reflexes! Also, well done to the mom who managed to grab this picture quickly and show off just how fantastic the father was in saving his son from certain injuries and possibly even worse.

Sssssstep Away From The Snake!

Snakes are not to be messed with, especially rattlesnakes. If they feel threatened, they’ll strike, and they don’t care who they hurt. They’re also very good at camouflaging into the ground, so they’re extremely easy to stand on accidentally.


Can you imagine if this hiker had stepped on the snake? Not only would they have had to go to the hospital for anti-venom (probably), but they would have had a very nasty wound to attend to also. Thankfully, they saw it just in time.

Never Play With Knives

A kitchen is a dangerous place, for sure. Not only can you burn your hand on the stove or accidentally slice your hand open on a can opener, but knives are pretty dangerous too. Leaving a knife on the edge of a work surface is one of the most common reasons for injury.

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A slight nudge and that knife go tumbling to the ground, potentially slicing through your foot below. The best-case scenario? A dent in your floor, and let’s be honest, flooring is expensive these days too.

Skimming Their Luck

There are some very unscrupulous people out there who want to steal your identity and your money. Sometimes it just takes a quick trip to the nearest ATM for them to do just that. Thankfully, this guy knew exactly what to look for.

Source: Reddit

Card skimmers are attached to ATMs, and they steal your card information. These devices are responsible for huge amounts of money lost every year. This guy luckily spotted the device and alerted the authorities before anyone else could fall foul of it.

What Roads Did This Guy Drive on?

Wherever this guy was driving, we want to go. They must have the smoothest roads out there! Having left his rather expensive camera on the back ledge of the car, he didn’t understand why so many cars were honking their horns at him, trying to get his attention.

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It’s only when he pulled up to investigate that he saw the reason why. The camera hadn’t even moved! That’s some serious luck right there – those cameras cost a small fortune, and they’re not easy to replace!

Disaster Averted, Luck is in!

This isn’t any old tree – it’s a huge tree, and had it fallen on the roof of that car, it would have damaged it beyond probable repair. However, for some reason, this owner’s luck was in a place that day as it stopped just short of a disaster.


Apart from a few random leaves on the top of the car, it escaped without a scratch in sight. Every single part of the tree seemed to avoid hitting the car, almost like it was doing its best not to cause a nuisance!

Have they Never Heard of Barriers?

You would imagine that a road running parallel to a huge, rocky drop would probably have some kind of safety barrier in place, to stop cars accidentally veering off and falling to their deaths, right? Not so.

Source: Twitter

This driver was on a dangerous road without a barrier, and they’re extremely lucky that the small ridge along the edge of the road did enough to slow them down and stop them from plummeting to the depths below. We don’t know where this road is, but we don’t want to go there!

Grab Your Hard Hat!

When working on a construction site, you have to wear your hard hat for your own safety. They might be hot and annoying, but they’re given to you for a very good reason. If you don’t believe us, check out this person’s very near escape.

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A very sharp-edged piece of metal fell from the construction site and landed right on their head. Thankfully, the hat saved them from a punctured skull and, worse, simply puncturing the protective layer of the hat instead.

Hanging by a Literal Thread

When you’re distracted by pretty scenery, it’s easy to forget to do the basics, like engaging the handbrake, perhaps. That’s probably what happened here, as this driver found their car rolling ever closer to the edge of a huge drop.

Source: Twitter

It doesn’t matter which angle you look at it from, it doesn’t look any better – how it managed to avoid falling is beyond us. Thankfully, it must have got its tires stuck in the mud long enough to be rescued, but their luck was certainly in that day.

A Bolt of Luck From The Blue

A suburban tree being hit by lightning is rare enough, but a tree being uprooted as a result is even rarer still. However, this particular tree decided that it wanted to do its very best to avoid causing damage.

Source: Facebook

The tree fell to the ground, but it fell directly between these two parked cars, fitting perfectly into the space in-between. What are the chances?! Just an inch to one side, and it would have caused a huge dent in either car. What a considerate tree!

Missile Miss

In a warzone, you have to be prepared for anything to happen. At first glance, it looks like this rather terrifying missile simply fell out of the side of the truck, and it was so heavy that it ripped through. However, taking a closer look, you’ll see that’s not the case.

Source: Reddit

The missile actually fell from the sky and ripped through the side of the truck as it fell, but it didn’t detonate. Can you imagine the destruction if it had? It just goes to show that warzones are pretty unpredictable places.

A Seriously Lucky Escape

This guy must have done a deal with the devil, or he has nine lives, but he’s a seriously lucky man after a truck collided with his car and dented the entire driver’s side. Thankfully he’s not only conscious but able to try and get out of the wreckage himself.

Source: Twitter

The scratches up his arm seem to be the only injuries he has, which is truly miraculous when you look at the twisted shell of the car he was sitting in. This really was a narrow escape and a true brush with death.

A Three-Way Pile up With a Happy Ending

This three-way accident looks pretty shocking on camera, but when you delve into the finer details, you find that, thankfully, no-one was hurt. That makes it a happy ending. First, the red car comes screaming into view, missing the cyclist as he cycles over the road.

Source: YouTube

Then, the following truck collides with the back of the car, only knocking the cyclist off his bike slightly and allowing him to get back up. Who was to blame? We have no idea, but we’re glad nobody was hurt.

A Nokia Could Save Your Life!

Most of us have moved on from our old Nokia phones, and we’re onto sleek Samsung and Apple models instead. However, this guy thanked his lucky stars that he had yet to upgrade when his old Nokia smartphone stopped a bullet from going through his thigh!

Source: Twitter

With his phone in his pocket, the bullet hit the phone and didn’t make it into his leg. If it was an iPhone or a Samsung, would he have been so lucky? Who knows, but we don’t want to test it to find out either!

Saved by The Bell?

When a huge bell from a Buddhist temple fell from a great height and landed on the pavement below, you would be forgiven for thinking that if it hit someone, they would probably die from the impact.

Source: Imgur

Thankfully, it didn’t hit someone but instead, it trapped someone underneath it, landing perfectly around them. Sure, the noise may have startled them somewhat, but they were fine and dandy under there, waiting to be freed!

When Trees Are Your Friends

It seems that Mother Nature was in a furious mood on this particular day, but her trees refused to play by her anger rules. This tree came tumbling down, sure to hit this homeowner’s roof and smash into their living room.


In a strange twist of fate, the tree just stopped. It said, “no, I do not want to ruin your house,” and decided to suspend itself almost in mid-air. Perhaps the tree was simply in a good mood, but it’s a huge dose of good luck for this homeowner!

Not Today Grim Reaper

Long-distance lorry driving is a tough job, and the world’s roads can sometimes cause major problems for truck drivers. This driver struggled with a particularly icy patch of road on a bridge when his truck slipped and traveled off the edge of a bridge.

Source: Reddit

The truck’s weight looked set to plummet it down to the ground below, but some of the cargo wedged into the bridge and kept it hanging just long enough for the driver to climb out and avoid certain death. His luck was certainly in that day.

A Very High-Pitched Near Miss

Whilst driving through a forest, you really need to have your concentration switched on, as this driver found out. A tiny lapse in concentration, and you could see a tree smash through the front grill and into the passenger side.

Source: Imgur

If anyone was sitting in that passenger’s seat, they would have let out a very high-pitched squeal when they saw just how close they were to being totally skewered in the most sensitive of places. Perhaps just walk in the forest next time?

Surviving A Fiery Inferno

Motorsports are extremely dangerous, and we often don’t give drivers the respect they deserve for putting their lives at risk whenever they get into the cockpit. This driver, Martin Donnelly, survived one of the most shocking accidents in driving history.

Source: Imgur

After hitting the barrier, his car burst into flames, but he somehow managed to climb out and run to safety. It really goes to show just how dangerous these sports are and how close to death a driver could end up.