This is the Kind of Graffiti Nobody Expects to See

We’ve all seen graffiti. Often, it’s randomly sprayed on a wall and means nothing more than somebody wanting to decorate a space. Sometimes it’s well done; other times, it’s just a mess. The thing is, graffiti is art. Some art is good, some art is terrible. The excellent variety often appears as stunning murals where you don’t expect to see them.

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Of course, graffiti isn’t to be encouraged, as in most places, it’s illegal to spray paint on public property. However, that doesn’t stop some of the most artistic people from attempting to decorate spaces that need a little sprucing up. Check out these graffiti pieces which cropped up in places where people didn’t expect to stumble upon them.

Please Paint Me!

It’s normal for public property to become a little dull over time. The weather erodes at the paint and makes it look in dire need of a touch-up. It seems this person felt the need to the point that out to the local council.

Source: Reddit

We have to say their attempts worked, as the postbox in question got a brand new, bright lick of paint and now looks far better. The funny thing is they decided to leave a ‘thank you note’ afterward!

In Need of Extra Guidance

Many public signs are pretty straightforward. However, some do leave a little room for interpretation. Take this sign, for example; it clearly says that if there is a fire, don’t use the elevator. It was straightforward enough, but this cheeky artist decided to add a little extra instruction for those who needed it.

Source: Reddit

Nobody should try putting out a fire with an elevator, of course. However, if you need extra guidance, you should use water. Thanks for the additional information, whoever decided to give it to us!

Sprucing up the Lesson

You’ve indeed seen those notepads that have the words “no” as in ‘number’ and the date at the top? They’re pretty standard, and you’ve probably noticed them while at school or maybe at a course you’ve attended as part of work.

Source: Reddit

This doodler got a little bored during whatever lesson they attended and decided to let their creativity take over. It looks like the guy isn’t in luck; however, as the lady said, no!

This Field Belongs to the Striped Cows

Not all cows look the same. However, this herd seems to have a rather distinctive pattern. They have a stripe right down their middle. They decided to change the sign to make sure that any passerby is quite clear that this field belongs to the cows with the stripe.

Source: Reddit

Thankfully, it didn’t need much extra attention, they only needed to paint a white stripe down the middle, and it looks exactly like the cows in real life! Genius.

Nature is Everywhere you Look

These days, far too many people spend their time glued to their phones, not paying attention to the beauty of the world that is all around them. This artist wanted to draw attention to the beauty that can be seen even when looking down.

Source: Twitter

The small square of green growing on the sidewalk looked exactly like a mini rainforest to this artist, and they decided to point it out. That’s some imagination right there, but when you look closely, you can see it!

Too Much Information

Public bathrooms are a kind of get in and out kind of deal. Nobody wants to spend longer in there than strictly necessary. We don’t want to think about the things that people have done there before us.

Source: Reddit

However, this person wanted to press home a sense of kinship and point out that whoever sat down on the toilet seat was now their brother of sorts. It’s enough to put you off going to public restrooms!

Using your Imagination

A simple stop/no entry sign might not look like much. After all, it’s just a red background with a white line through it. It tells you that you can’t go down that road. It means ‘stop,’ ‘no entry.’ Boring, right?

Source: Reddit

This artist decided to spruce up that boring sign a little and made it a pleasant little nook with three people sitting at a bar and enjoying a drink or two together! The sign still means the same thing, but it’s brighter for the addition.

A Googly Prankster on the Loose

For this sign to be put up on the wall, you have to wonder how many times someone has placed these googly eyes all over the place! It must have been a few times for someone to want to draw attention to the issue.

Source: Reddit

The amusing thing is that on the sign that warns against it, someone has placed the same set of googly eyes on there. That’s defiance if there was any, but come on, you must laugh – googly eyes are cute!

Literal Thinking at its Best

Whoever added this plastic head to this sign deserves a comical pat on the back because it makes you laugh, if nothing else! While the sign means ahead, as in straightforward, it sounds like ‘a head’ prompted the joke.

Source: Pinterest

Do we wonder how long the head will stay attached to the sign before the authorities take it down? Either way, it’s a delightful addition to a sign that doesn’t mean that much.

When Homer says Go

The Simpsons are pretty funny, and they’re world-famous. So, when you spot Homer Simpson somewhere random, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face. Would you expect to see him embedded in a green ‘go’ sign?

Source: Reddit

For sure, this is the last place you would expect Homer to pop up, but it’s also a cute and funny thing to see if you’re sitting and waiting for the lights to turn green. When Homer says ‘go,’ you go!

Decoding the Toilet Lock

Hands up, who has ever gone into a public toilet and been a little confused about the lock. You don’t want to turn it the wrong way and end up double-locking yourself in, right? Well, this person decided to make it much easier for everyone.

Source: Imgur

If you want to lock the door, you turn it to ‘poop alone,’ and you’re safe and hidden. If you don’t mind, keep it on the top section, and your door will be unlocked. An easy set of instructions!

Not a McDonalds Fan

From the graffiti on this McDonald’s advert billboard, we can deduce that the person in question is not a big fan of the McDonalds breakfast menu. Perhaps they prefer Burger King, or maybe they’re more of Wendy’s fans?

Source: Reddit

They’re insinuating that everyone deserves a better breakfast than what McDonald’s has to offer. What do you think? Are you a McDonald’s breakfast fan, or do you agree with this graffiti artist?

When the Sugar is in a Mood

With a carefully added eye roll and comma, any sentence can be changed. That’s precisely what has happened here. The bag markings are simply telling us that the sugar in the bag is fine and coarse. The basic information we all need to know, right?

Source: Reddit

Whoever added the extra detail decided to change the meaning with a well-placed comma. The bag is now giving off serious passive-aggressive vibes, complete with a sarcastic eye roll for good measure!

Who Needs an App?

These days we rely upon our phones for everything, at least to tell us what the weather will do via a trusty app. Of course, you could also tune into the weather forecast on the TV, but are these methods all that reliable?

Source: Reddit

Perhaps, as this graffiti artist has decided to point out, it would just be better to look outside the window and see what the weather is doing before you choose whether you need a coat or not. After all, the weather does what it wants!

Making the Water Tank Smile

A water tank is nothing special. It’s just a tank of water—nothing to write home about. However, a graffiti artist here keeps making the end of the tank look like it’s smiling. At least they’re trying to be cheerful, right?

Source: Twitter

Of course, the tank owner probably isn’t too amused, and it seems they keep painting over the offending face. It appears to be a regular thing, as they keep having to repaint! Funny or not? You decide.

We’ve Found Waldo!

The fact that this street sign says ‘Waldo’ it’s inviting someone to do something to it. If you saw this sign, you would no doubt imagine the bespectacled Waldo standing there smiling at you, right? Well, someone thought the same.

Source: Facebook

To add extra amusement and fun to the sign, they painted the pole in the Waldo colors, with red and white stripes around it. What do you think? We think it adds something extra to it and should stay that way.

It had to be Done!

A sign showing that there are likely to be deer around the area looks basic enough. However, someone with a very good imagination added extra detail that children in the local area would undoubtedly be thrilled about!

Source: Pinterest

The deer already looks like it’s about to take flight, so it’s evident that someone was going to add Santa’s sleigh to the back, allowing the deer to fly across the skies on Christmas Eve. As far as graffiti goes, it’s not a particularly offensive design!

Double the Instructions!

It seems that ‘stop’ signs really are getting a lot of graffiti action these days, and here we see a relatively rare set of double instructions added to the basic red ‘stop’ sign. Of course, the graffiti artist could have added anything – stop what? Anything!

Source: Reddit

It looks like two artists are at work here. The first wants you to stop eating animals. The second says that if you do, you must add gravy. Which side are you on? Perhaps we should ask for more clarification because this is confusing!

Let’s Hope this is a Joke

Graffiti stickers are a great and fun way to add a little smile to anyone’s day. You can put them anywhere, and they’re sure to raise a smile or two. However, they can also be a bit borderline offensive or slightly worrying in context too.

Source: Imgur

Take this sign, for example. Let’s hope they’re joking. Just to be on the safe side, be sure to spray it with hand sanitizer and wear some gloves before touching that gate – you really can never tell the difference between truth and fiction these days!

Inspector Gadget has been Found!

The great thing about graffiti is that it takes something boring and plain and turns it into a real piece of art. That’s precisely what has happened here. Nobody can be sure what that original piece of equipment was, but now it’s Inspector Gadget!

Source: Imgur

If you have no idea who Inspector Gadget is, go back to the 80s and early 90s and check out YouTube for some information. Yet, this artist seems to know exactly who he is and has created a fun-filled piece of art from a boring piece of equipment.

U Ok, Hun?

Whoever decided to scribble all over this wall was having a pretty bad day and didn’t want to talk about it. Full of teenage angst, perhaps they were just stressed about work, or something had happened that they were not amused about.

Are you OK
Source: Twitter

Either way, they saw the offending billboard sign and decided that it annoyed them enough to put forth their ideas for the day. It’s funny, if nothing else, although we can’t help but wonder what was wrong with the person who did the writing.

Take the Money and Run

The best graffiti makes you smile and looks fantastic in random places. That’s exactly what this small yet very effective piece does. The sign simply tells you that there’s an ATM you can use in that building, yet the outside shows you a small man breaking into the wall and grabbing the cash!

Source: Reddit

Do we wonder how many people thought that tiny hole in the wall was real? It’s undoubtedly lifelike, and if nothing else, the attention to detail is fantastic. As far as the graffiti goes, this is up there with some of the best.

What’s your Favorite Dip?

This road sign tells you that there is a dip in the road, and you need to veer to the side the arrow is pointing. Pretty simple, right? Well, yes, but this graffiti artist wanted to make the whole thing a little more interesting.

Source: Facebook

They favor bean dip, but what’s your go-to dip for chips? Salsa? Nacho cheese? They’ve started a debate here. Perhaps that is precisely what the point was – it’s a great way to pass the time while you’re on a long road trip!

The Faces are Everywhere!

If you ache a good imagination, you can see faces and expressions everywhere. Perhaps this person has been watching too much Toy Story and imagines that things come to life late at night. Whatever the reason, they’ve certainly managed to add some fun to this very plain hand dryer.

Source: Reddit

Public bathrooms are boring and sterile places, so having this slight bit of amusement to pass the time while you dry your hands is something to make people smile, if nothing else! The poor dryer needs some attention. However, that eye looks sore.

What Exactly is for Sale Here?

This is a very confusing image. Firstly, we see graffiti all over, which is fine. The guy won’t be the first to have a fake mustache and glasses added to his picture, and he won’t be the last. However, the wording is also slightly confusing.

Source: Facebook

Is it sold? Is it for sale? What exactly are we selling here? Him or the house? We need extra information here because there is a lot of misinformation going on, and we need clarification to know what to think and feel!

Would you Fall for it?

We’re used to seeing all sorts of technology these days, and having a paper towel dispenser that was voice-activated wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibility, but have you ever seen one? No. That’s because they don’t exist – yet.

Source: Reddit

We can’t help but wonder how many people fell for this mischievous sticker. How many people stood in front of the dispenser yelling for a paper towel? Probably quite a few. Motion-activated? Yes. Voice-activated? No.

Graffiti isn’t Always about Paint

This sign is a pretty standard one. It’s telling employees that they should focus on the job at hand and not cut corners to get the job done faster—a pretty common sign to see. Yes, but it shows that graffiti doesn’t always mean painting.

Source: Imgur

Check out the bottom corner. It’s been cut off. Can you see the joke now? The sign says you don’t cut corners, and that’s precisely what’s been done. A little sarcastic, we think, but amusing, nonetheless.

The Return of Disney’s Cars!

Snow. You either love it or hate it. However, you have to admit that it does bring a lot of scope for entertainment when done right. That’s precisely what has happened in this car park after a relatively light dusting of snow fell.

Source: Twitter

Not wanting people to return to their cars and feel fed up that they had to defrost them, someone decided to decorate the fleet of vehicles with faces like those seen on Disney’s Cars. Which one is your favorite? We quite like Lightning McQueen!

A Friendly Reminder

Firstly, how long has it been since this public phone was last cleaned? It’s filthy and needs a perfect wipe down! Secondly, someone has decided to make a friendly reminder to anyone who dares to use the phone – give your mom a call!

Source: Reddit

Sure, life gets in the way, you get busy, and before you know it, a few days have passed since you picked up the phone to give your mom a call. Consider this little bit of graffiti a reminder to call her!

Sprucing up History

When you’re learning about history, there are bound to be sections that you don’t find all that exciting. It’s normal. History is a big subject; you can’t enjoy it all. However, this student found learning about our earliest ancestors a little boring.

Source: Reddit

Rather than learning and looking at the pictures as they should be, they decided to turn them into a rock band, akin to Metallica, renaming them Neandertallica. Firstly, props for imagination, and secondly, they’re a pretty good artist too!

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

Regular ‘for sale’ signs are pretty high risk when it comes to graffiti. It seems this ‘for lease’ sign wasn’t far behind on the risk factor scale either. However, when you read what they’ve changed the sign into, you can’t help but smile.

Source: Facebook

December or not, we challenge you not to start singing holiday songs in your head when reading this. If you’re not aware, the sign is a play on words relating to ‘Happy Christmas’ in Spanish – Feliz Navidad.

Which One Will it Be?

The walls next to bridges are pretty standard when it comes to graffiti. They’re prime targets because of the sheer space for graffiti artists to do their thing. However, this piece poses a question for us to think about carefully.

Source: Reddit

The first message tells us to trust God. Good advice for sure. However, it looks like another artist has come along and didn’t really agree or just wanted to add some humor. In that case, they’re telling us to trust Godzilla. Now, we don’t know about you, but we won’t be trusting a monster like Godzilla that easily!

The Origami Master

Paper towel dispensers give out paper towels. That’s it. However, what you do with that paper towel is up to you. You can use it to dry your hand, pat your forehead if you’re a little sweaty, anything you like. This artist decided to suggest something a little more creative.

Source: Reddit

Rather than seeing simple paper towels, this person decided to see cowboy hats. Now, if you fold them up the right way in the origami manner, you could create one, so we can see where they’re coming from. What do you think?

They’ve got the point

Have you ever cut your finger, even the tiniest little cut, and then gone to wash your hands with soap or sanitizer shortly afterward? It hurts like hell, right? Well, this person decided to the point that out on this sanitizer dispenser.

Source: Reddit

We can only assume they, too, had a recent paper cut and found out just how much sanitizer hurts when it gets right into the cut. However, we have to be clean, so perhaps it’s worth gritting your teeth through the pain for a few seconds.

McDonald’s’ Latest Menu?

Now, before you panic, we wouldn’t think for a second that McDonald’s is promoting cannibalism. It really wouldn’t do much for their brand, would it? However, this image shows the importance of checking your billboards regularly!

Source: Reddit

Someone has painted over the two t’s in the wording and changed the entire meaning to something rather more sinister than intended. McDonald’s wants you to treat yourself, not eat your friends!

Don’t Forget the Credit!

We can only assume that whoever graffitied this rather amusing message onto the wall has had a little frustration in their work. Maybe they’re a designer, and they’re fed up with not being able to find suitable images that are free of copyright. Whatever the reason, they’re making a point.

Source: Tumblr

You see, Getty Images do have the top mark on quality stock images these days, and this person feels the pain very real! Either that or they simply saw a great image and thought that Getty Images would like it.

Doing as they’re Told … Sort of

You have to smile at this particular piece of graffiti even though they’re sort of following the rules, but not. Someone has asked them not to write on the rock. Well, they haven’t written on the rock, but they’ve written on the sign. At least they’ve acknowledged and abided by the rules!

Source: Facebook

We can only guess that this particular property has had problems with graffiti before. The rock looks like it would be hard to clean, so you can imagine they wouldn’t want to keep cleaning it time and time again.

A Big Queen Fan

The good old ‘stop’ sign is getting it again! This time, rather than just adding a few words to make a new instruction, someone has chosen to get all musical and add some rather popular lyrics instead. They’re a Queen fan, for sure!

Source: Reddit

The rather worrying thing is that they’ve added the word ‘don’t’ above the ‘stop’ sign, which kind of goes against the instruction. However, we hope that anyone reading it would see the amusement and still adheres to the rules.

You have to Smile

This isn’t graffiti per se, but it’s pretty amusing, nonetheless. The instructions about not folding are about the table, which folds up in certain situations. The sign isn’t that clear, so to make people laugh, someone has created some pretty cute origami swans and birds and placed them next to the sign.

Source: Tumblr

They’ve done nothing wrong, so it can’t be called vandalism, but it can be a little cheeky if nothing else. However, we’d love to see more of these cute creations around – whoever has done this is exceptionally talented at origami!

Are You a Meme Master?

If you’re a fan of memes, you’re sure to get the humor in this one. Again, it’s not actual vandalism with paint, but it’s a great arrangement that leaves you smiling to yourself. This time we’re in a phone store, with backgrounds telling the story.

Source: Pinterest

Whoever walks past this will either get it, or they won’t. Could it help them to sell a phone? Quite possibly. When something makes you smile, you’re in a good mood, and that might make you more likely to buy something. Clever marketing!

Stating the Obvious

Many people love KFC. Some people adore it to the point of eating it on a very regular basis. Do you love a Bargain Bucket at the weekend? Well, chickens certainly don’t love KFC. Chickens are doing their best to run away from the Colonel.

Source: Reddit

This sign might be all about how much humans love KFC, but someone has decided to point out that it’s the least favorite of all the fast-food outlets for chickens. They’ve got the point, though, right?

Are you in Pisa or Somewhere Else?

If you’re parking your car and you accidentally hit a bollard, you’re likely to panic. It’s now swaying to one side and looks very obviously hit by something or someone. Someone probably did that and then decided to disguise their bad parking with a bit of creativity.

Source: Tumblr

Rather than leaving the bollard leaning to one side randomly, they turned it into the Leaning Tower of Pisa to distract from their bad driving skills. Marks out of ten for creativity? We’d have to give them a ten!

Clarifying the Instructions

Some road signs just really aren’t that clear, are they? This one says, ‘watch for cars.’ What are we going to watch for cars for? Is there something special happening? Cars are everywhere when you’re out and about.

Source: Twitter

The person who scribbled on this sign thought the same and wanted to clarify fellow citizens. It turns out there isn’t a show. It means to watch out for cars, so you don’t get hit. Thanks for the clarification.

Adding Some Extra Detail

‘No smoking’ signs are pretty standard. We see them in many places, and for the most part, people adhere to them. However, it seems that the temptation to add a little extra detail to this particular sign was far too strong for this person. Rather than allowing the cigarette to stay in the picture, they turned it into dessert!

Source: Reddit

The sign now tells people that not only should they not smoke, but they shouldn’t eat pie either. Does it mean that they shouldn’t smoke pie? Now, that’s confusing, but either way, just don’t smoke there anyway.

Don’t Listen to this Sign!

Some people just can’t help themselves. Perhaps they have a little too much time on their hands, or they’re just bored. Either way, someone saw this rather lengthy sign of rules and decided to grab a marker pen. It seems they disagreed with some of the rules stated.

Source: Reddit

It’s probably best not to listen to the new rules this person has added. Smoking and setting off fireworks in the park isn’t going to help you blend in; if anything, it’s likely to get you into trouble!

The Snakes are Going to Get You!

Wet floor signs are pretty standard, but this one seems to have an awful lot of lines that look like snakes. Sure, they’re probably supposed to be waves, but who would walk through water deep enough to produce waves? In that case, maybe they are snakes.

Source: Reddit

Someone must have thought the same because they decided to add a witty typed note. The person in the picture didn’t slip on the first or second line (or snake), so it seems the third one will always get you.

An Unfortunate Name

You just can’t help your last name. Some people have great ones, and some people have names that can easily lead to jokes. In this case, poor Dr. Hedgeh keeps getting ‘og’ added to the end, making him a hedgehog. He’s not amused.

Source: Reddit

The funniest thing is that someone has added the offensive ‘og’ to the bottom of his warning note, so we don’t think whoever calls him this name is going to listen to his warnings!

Harry Potter is a Very Diverse Wizard

Harry Potter has battled some extraordinary things in his years as a wizard. However, we can’t help but think perhaps this is the enemy that would cause him the most trouble. Forget Voldemort; climatic legacies and dryland biocrust communities sound pretty hard to crack!

Source: Twitter

We can only assume that whoever is reading this paper is bored or can’t make head nor tail of it. As a result, they’ve decided to scribble on it and pass the time with a smile. We can’t blame them, and it does sound confusing.

The Eyes Say it All

There are certain features you can change on yourself that make a massive difference to your appearance. For instance, this billboard poster would have looked pretty standard and even fun before it was tampered with.

Source: Facebook

Add a set of rather worrying googly eyes, and the guy has gone from someone you think would be great fun on a night out to someone you want to avoid at all costs. He looks nothing short of weird and creepy, and we don’t want to meet him.

Not McDonalds’ Biggest Fan

It seems like McDonald’s’ is targeted when it comes to graffiti. In this advert, someone has decided to show their disdain for the fast-food outlet and tell everyone how unhealthy their food is.

Source: Reddit

Rather than showing off a juicy and delicious burger, you now look at it and think of a heart attack. That’s not exactly going to do a lot for advertising, is it? We believe that was the point the person scribbling this was trying to make.

Helpful or Counterproductive?

If you used Microsoft Word in the ’90s and ’00s, you would no doubt have seen the helpful paperclip who wanted to assist you in everything you needed. A graffiti removal company have enlisted the paperclip’s help.

Source: Reddit

However, we can’t help but wonder whether this is helpful or not. To advertise their services, they need to use graffiti. But they’re advertising for its removal too. We’re confused; Is this advert a practical option, or is it counterproductive?

Marge Says, “Mop the Floor”!

We saw a little of Homer Simpson on a traffic light earlier, and now it’s Marge’s turn. The huge blue mop has been turned into Marge’s signature beehive hair ‘do, and she’s encouraging you to mop the floor and keep it clean.

Source: Twitter

This graffiti is fun, and it’s made something humorous out of a regular mop and bucket. Do you think whoever owns this cleaning apparatus uses it more now that Marge is there? We hope so!

Is it Peter’s or not?

When a single letter falls from a sign, it can have dipterous consequences. Not only does it not look so professional, but it can change the meaning of the words. Take this sign, for example. It’s supposed to say, ‘Saint Peter’s Church,’ but the S has fallen off.

Source: Twitter

Now the sign says something different, implying that it’s not Peter’s Church. If it’s not Peter’s, who does it belong to? We think the church should replace the S as soon as possible to avoid confusion!

Poor Old Bill

It seems the owner of this building is keen to avoid anyone putting up posters and making the exterior look messy. That’s fair enough, but the way they’ve worded it has offended someone who has a similar name.

Source: Imgur

Bill Posters isn’t very happy! We can only assume this is a joke, but someone can be called Bill Posters, and in that case, why does he need to be prosecuted if he’s done nothing wrong?

Trees are Living Things Too!

What is it with googly eyes and graffiti? Perhaps it’s because they make such an impression, but in this case, they’ve brought a tree to life. Of course, trees are alive anyway, but they don’t tend to have faces and mouths!

Source: Reddit

Adding a set of googly eyes to this tree, which already has an opening at its base that could resemble an aghast mouth, really makes it look like it’s about to start talking to you. Would you have a conversation with this tree, or would you run for the hills?

Beware of the Lions

The regular ‘Be Prepared’ sign isn’t normally something to be worried about. It usually means there are roadworks up ahead and ready to move lanes if requested, etc. However, someone has added a rather sinister extra to this particular sign.

Source: Reddit

Is Scar lurking somewhere down that road? What is it that we need to be prepared for? We can only hope that an angry pack of lions aren’t going to jump out from the roadside and cause chaos. Perhaps we should take a different road?

How to Disguise a Squashed Traffic Cone

If you back into a traffic cone, it’s going to flatten itself and turn into a very odd shape quickly. This is normal, but you might want to distract attention from your terrible driving and make people think it’s something else entirely. That’s what happened here.

Source: Reddit

This person decided to make light of the squashed traffic cone and pretended it was the sorting hat from Harry Potter. They’ve been chosen to join Gryffindor – which would you have preferred?

Disguise Your Poor Gardening Skills

Here’s Marge again! In an attempt to disguise a rather bad gardening attempt at keeping this tree clean and neat, someone has just added Marge’s face and pretended the tree is her hair. Genius idea, we have to admit, but isn’t Marge’s hair blue?

Source: Reddit

Perhaps it would just have been easier to get someone to come and cut the tree professionally? Or, of course, it could just be a pesky vandal who wanted to make someone laugh instead. Either way, it’s a clever thought.

It’s Raining Frogs!

When you want to cross a busy road, you press the button, and the traffic light system changes to allow you to cross on the green light. It’s a system that’s been in place for countless years and works very well. However, someone decided to add a new twist to it.

Source: Pinterest

Rather than pressing the button and expecting the green light to appear, what about a shower of green frogs instead? We’re not sure how that would help you cross the road, but it would be pretty cool, right?

All Hail the King of Turtles

As if having a crossing telling you to mind the turtles wasn’t odd enough, someone decided to go one further and make it even more bizarre. Not only do you have to watch out for the turtles, but you now need to look for the king of them too!

Source: Reddit

With a few slight changes to the turtle’s head, to give a crown, and a slight modification to the wording, we’re now looking at the crowning of the new Turtle King. We’re not sure who thought of this one, but their imagination is great!

Typical Stubbornness at Play

This sign is designed to get guys to go and get checked out for a particular health concern because many are too stubborn to do so. That’s a pretty serious message that we can all agree on. However, someone decided to add a little lightheartedness to things with a modification.

Source: Reddit

In true stubborn style, someone has decided to say that they won’t die of stubbornness, which is stubborn in its own right. We can only assume a guy has done this to counteract the original message.

Mr. Bean Gets Everywhere

A set of students were big Mr. Bean fans, but they were also mischievous and wanted to play a prank to liven up their school days. They placed pictures of Mr. Bean all over the school, quickly taken down by the annoyed staff.

Source: Reddit

However, one managed to sit there for a long time, undetected. It seems that sticking pictures of Mr. Bean up high often go unnoticed, and most students found the prank highly amusing for a long time afterward.

Pac-Man Eats the Manhole Cover

It seems that Pac-Man is hungry. Not only are they after everything they can get their mouths around, but they’re also trying their luck on maintenance hole covers if this picture is anything to go by! Of course, if you don’t know who Pac-Man is, you’re probably too young to get it, but it’s a fun retro game from the ’80s.

Source: Reddit

Someone has drawn colorful Pac-Man figures along with this maintenance hole cover to liven it up and make it more attractive on the street. It’s worked, and it’s pretty harmless as far as graffiti goes too.

Rock on, Dude!

This neighborhood must be full of rock music fans because their regular red lights have been turned into rock signs! The light is still red, so it’s pretty easy to understand what it means, and you have to admit that it looks pretty cool.

Source: Facebook

How did they do it? Easy. There is a bit of black tape over the top section of the light, and you have a ‘rock’ sign created with the hand. Creative, for sure!

Is it a Coat Hook or an Octopus?

This is a little bit of graffiti that will make you laugh. The coat hook looks like an octopus that has had a beer or three too many. It seems like he’s holding up his tentacles and wants to fight.

Source: Reddit

We’re not the only ones who have seen this, as someone has decided to tell everyone who uses the coat hook that the drunk octopus is ready to fight! Would you fight the octopus? Remember, they have eight tentacles and could easily hit a low blow when you least expect it!

Be Careful Where You Stick Your Labels

We know that working retail is challenging, and time is short. You have a lot to do in little time, and you have to get it done quickly. When it comes to pricing things up, you use that pricing gun at speed, but be careful where you stick the stickers if you don’t want to upset anyone!

Source: Pinterest

The label on this product has been rather ill-placed. It doesn’t take like butter now, and it seems to taste like butt. Who is going to buy that now? Take your time please, people don’t want to buy butter that tastes like butt!

MC Hammer Says ‘Stop’!

It’s the graffiti on the stop sign trick again! This time rather than using long lyrics, someone has simply decided to go for the short, sweet, and very to the point option. If you’ve no idea who MC Hammer is, google him.

Source: Reddit

The classic lyric, “stop, hammer time,” will live on forever, and on this sign, it probably will! Try painting over that and making it look new again; we wish you luck with that one!

Anarchists Against Anarchy?

Some graffiti signs are nothing short of hilarious. Here we have someone who wants to spread a message about anarchy. They want people to spread it around and let it grow. Someone has taken offense to that and decided to counteract.

Source: Imgur

Anarchists are rule-breakers, so when someone tells you to do something, you go against it. That’s what has happened here. “Don’t tell me what to do!” We can’t argue with that.

Hikers or Wizards?

This picture shows that there are likely to be hikers in the area. However, someone has decided to jazz it up a little and added a few extra accessories. Now the hikers in question look like something from Lord of the Rings. Is that Gandalf? Is that Frodo?

Source: Reddit

Now, if you’re hiking in any scene from the movie, you should probably go back quickly. There are all kinds of monsters and Orcs around, and you don’t want to be running into one of those on your travels! Turn back immediately!

John, Get Some Work Done!

Here we have a classic sign that warns people there are men doing some roadwork not so far beyond that point. It tells you just to be careful and not to drive too fast. However, someone has decided this is the ideal opportunity to be playful.

Source: Reddit

John doesn’t do much work. He’s been singled out here as someone who needs to get off his ass and pull his weight. We can’t imagine John, whoever he is, is too pleased about this sign. Maybe he’ll add his thoughts?

A Superhero’s Bathroom?

This isn’t just any old bathroom. Oh no, this bathroom belongs to the X-Men! If you happen to wander in there, don’t be surprised if you bump into one of the characters, and don’t be worried if you’re standing at the urinal and see some odd sights!

Source: Reddit

Of course, we only hope that this isn’t the case, and someone has simply mildly vandalized the sign for the bathroom. It shows imagination, if nothing else. Maybe they’re big fans of the movie?

Catch Them Pokemon!

An excellent old play on words takes some beating. The name of this building sounds pretty standard on its own, but when you add the extra words before it, it becomes something out of the Pokemon world! Are you a fan? You must head here if so!

Source: Reddit

A few years ago, everyone was playing Pokemon Go and trying to find all the hidden Pokemons. Perhaps this is where they were all hiding?