Times Beggars Made Ridiculous Demands

There’s a saying that beggars can’t be choosers, but we all know that’s not true. We’ve seen countless examples of beggars who are picky about the things they want. You’ll be surprised at how entitled some people are from the ridiculous requests they make, forgetting they’re the ones asking.

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We’re shocked (an understatement) by what these choosy beggars did, and you will be, too. From turning down a job because they can earn more money begging to demanding something extra for an item that was already free, these beggars are unbelievable. We’re sure this list will boil your blood.

50% Off of a Free Dishwasher

Who doesn’t like freebies? It’s always incredible to get something for free, as long as there are no strings attached. Getting a dishwasher for free is pretty much an amazing deal that not everyone gets. But it turns out, that wasn’t enough for this person.

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Apparently, they still wanted more free things on top of the free dishwasher to make it worth their time. How unbelievable. We love the seller’s sense of humor. They made sure the ingrate knew how ridiculous their request was – what do you think is half off of free?

Kindly Sweeten a Free Deal

Why can’t people just be grateful that something is free instead of expecting something extra to top it off? How do you even sweeten a deal that is already free? This texter asked not just for something else but also a hand-delivery of the free game.

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This would require the giver to drive for three hours to hand over a game they were giving away for free. We’re not even joking. As expected, the giver rejected the offer. Seeing that they couldn’t get their way, the ingrate started cursing. We hope the giver didn’t budge.

Free Isn’t Sweeter Than Sugar

The pandemic caused many people to panic-buy pantry essentials at the grocery store, practically emptying the shelves. Even toilet paper was difficult to find! And it was so refreshing to see this table packed with all the household essentials. Even better, you could take anything you wanted, and it was free.

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Yet, this person was not content with getting free stuff and bemoaned the lack of sugar. Imagine going out of your way to do this and still getting such a message. People can be unbelievable. We’ve always thought nothing is sweeter than getting freebies. Looks like sugar is sweeter.

Not Music to Your Ears

We’ve all lent something to a friend in need. Sometimes, these things are special to us, but we still lend them out to our friends because we know we’ll get them back. Well, unless we don’t. Sometimes getting our stuff back from our so-called friends is much more difficult.

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This person chose to keep their friend’s wireless headphones rather than give them back, and when their friend asked for them back, they insisted that they buy another pair! Can you believe this? The audacity. It’ll be something if they remain friends (or lovers) after this.

That’s How Borrowing Money Works

Everyone goes through hard times, and this means we sometimes have no choice but to ask for help. In some cases, this is financial. Although it can be difficult and uncomfortable to do, it’s normal to ask your friends and family for help when you need it.

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But what’s not normal is expecting handouts and not paying them back after they lend you the money. It’s unbelievable that after such a long time without contact, this person wanted free cash. We’re happy for the friend because at least they knew what would happen before lending the money.

Get Your Money Up

If anyone buys a computer like the one described here for $25, they either robbed the owner, or the laptop is bad. The offer first looked like a typo, which prompted the seller to ask for clarification. It seemed like there were at least one or two zeros missing.

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But contrary to that, the potential buyer knew exactly what they were saying. What’s worse? After they were called out for such an insulting offer, they added $10 to their initial offer. Really? That laptop for $35? We’re grateful to this seller for firing back that response!

Why Pet Grooming Costs More

Let’s be honest – life isn’t fair. For example, it’s not fair that women’s haircuts cost more than men’s and pet grooming costs even more than both. Sadly, that’s life. We get the impression that this pet groomer must have had so many complaints about how expensive pet grooming is.

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So, they just had to make this list to give 10 reasons why. This is a faster way to make their point instead of listing it to every customer that complains. Honestly, the list is quite right, and their reasons gave us a good laugh!

The Plea for Free Entertainment

We all love watching movies and shows, which is why we appreciate streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others. We think one of the best features of this platform is allowing you to add family and friends to your account without paying an additional fee.

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Although there’s nothing wrong with getting freebies, this person just wouldn’t take no for an answer. They didn’t want to create a new email account or pay the $7/month fee. Considering how they chose name-calling and hostility, we’re sure they won’t be getting that password.

Leigh From Yelp Is Ungrateful

When you get something for free, the normal reaction is to show gratitude. Although this sign looks like something a beggar might carry, it’s not asking for anything but rather describing two types of beggars. The first ones are polite and appreciative, while the second ones are choosy beggars.

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Without a doubt, Terry is the better beggar because he is content with the free beer instead of whining and trying to get something better for free. If you have to beg, that’s the kind of beggar everyone should be like. Don’t be like Leigh A. from Yelp.

Artists Have Bills to Pay

Here, you’ll see that it’s not only beggars looking for free things and making ludicrous demands – even huge companies want them. This big embroidery floss company shamelessly launched a competition asking artists to design free patterns for them. And the company would make money from these artworks.

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We’ve seen many competitions like this from brands, and usually, there’s a prize. If not, at least artists would retain rights to their work. But this company didn’t offer any compensation and would take all the rights to their pattern. The reactions couldn’t have been better. PAY ARTISTS!

Pay the Photographer Their Worth

Although friends are meant to be there for you when you need them, it is unreasonable to expect them to offer services for free, especially if it is their job. Even though they are your friend, they still need to make a living. They’ve also got bills to pay.

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This person was getting married and wanted free engagement pictures. They got upset when their friend charged them for the service. And instead of supporting their friend, they booked another photographer who they were surely going to pay with the money they refused to give their friend. This isn’t friendship.

The Rich Beggar on the Street

It can be tough finding a job for most people, especially when you’re homeless. Most people would do practically anything you want them to do just to keep body and soul together. When they can’t find jobs, some of these people turn to begging because they must survive.

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It’s usually not their preferred choice unless you’re this guy. This beggar holding a sign that reads “Anything Helps” was offered a full-time job at $10/hour but turned it down because he made more money begging. Unbelievable! How shameless could you be? We’re glad they put up this sign.

That’s Quite Specific for Something That’s Free

While there is nothing wrong with asking for assistance, a free PS4 isn’t exactly the kind of help we would think someone would beg for. And if that wasn’t bad enough, this Facebook user insisted it come with three specific games: Grand Theft Auto, Spider-Man, and Fortnite!

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That’s not all: They asked whoever would be dumb enough to listen not to “be greedy.” Can you imagine the effrontery? This has to be some sort of internet joke, or maybe the user was hacked because there’s no way a normal person makes these demands.

Two Can Play the Negotiation Game

Let’s face it – haggling is a form of art and an essential life skill. Some people are good at it, others, not so much. Although there’s nothing wrong with trying to lower the price, you should take the deal when the seller agrees to your offer.

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Lowering the price because they agreed doesn’t speak well of who you are. As if getting the price down from $135 to $90 wasn’t good enough, this texter still wanted to lower it to $70 after an agreement. So, the seller raised the price. Now, they’ll be paying more.

You Ruined My Kids’ Christmases

Christmas is meant to be one of the best days of the year, but for many people, trying to buy gifts for friends and family can be very stressful. However, using guilt and blackmail to negotiate a price that is already low is unacceptable, especially when children are involved.

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There’s no excuse for messing with people’s feelings during the holidays. And although the seller’s response might be a little mean, we really can’t fault them for shooting back with that snarky response. These irresponsible parents need to stop blaming online vendors for their failures.

Sheldon, Mark, What’s the Difference?

We’ve already seen a few shameless hagglers on this list, and here’s another prime example. This one resulted in different tactics just to get his way. First, he offered to pay a meager $150 for a computer that was listed for $1500! Of course, that didn’t work.

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Then he tried connecting with Sheldon on a personal level, claiming they were namesakes, which was false because his name was Mark. But did he really think sharing the same name would be enough to drop the price by such a margin? He obviously is bad at math.

That’s What You Get for Free

We’re getting tired of people asking artists for freebies! You can’t expect an artist to draw you for free, especially when you asked for it. Making a living from drawing is already hard enough, so asking them to draw you for free is a total disrespect to their talent.

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Well, we love that this artist had a good sense of humor. She wanted him to draw her, and he did – only we’re sure she wasn’t expecting it to come out this way. That’s what you get for free, miss. If you want something better, pay for it!

We Don’t Want to Hear It

Anyone who has ever worked in retail will tell you how often they’ve had people come in asking for discounts, which is normal. But some people go as far as claiming they found it cheaper online. If that’s the case, why didn’t you just buy it online?

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It looks like this retail store was tired of these people. So, they responded with a new company policy. They don’t want to hear about your online experience but if you must bore them with it, then be prepared to pay the new $100 surcharge. They’ll be happy to listen.

The US of A

Resumes come in different forms, but this one is on a different level. Firstly, Megan is “authorized to work in the US of A,” wherever that is. Not only that, but her requirements are also cracking us up! She’s only open to working three to five days a week.

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And only between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. We don’t know what role Megan was applying for, but she can’t work with mayonnaise. Employers love a detailed resume, only that this one was missing some important details like her education, previous experience, and skills!

That Man Is a Fraud

We bet you’ve seen different signs being held by beggars. Each one usually has a distinctive message, but we’re sure you’ve never seen a sign like this one. Instead of asking for money, this guy is holding a sign warning people against giving a beggar money!

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You might think that’s mean, but he has a good reason to be this committed. Apparently, the beggar not only refuses any money less than $5, but he lives in a nice house and owns a new Jeep! Unbelievable. Those $5 bills have clearly been adding up.

It’s Only a $200 Difference

It’s extremely disappointing to learn that the item you were interested in has been sold, and usually, that ends the conversation. However, this person was still eager to find out the price at which the CRV was sold and was prepared to make a bid. And the price was less!

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Although it’s an unrealistic request, you would normally expect such offers to be astronomically higher, which will make the seller consider reaching out to the buyer. But this buyer not only made a lower price but also tried to guilt trip the seller into getting the car back.

The World’s Worst Boss

Bosses come in different forms, and some people have had the bad luck of experiencing the worst of them. Apparently, it’s not only beggars who boil our blood. Greedy bosses are just as terrible. This boss may even be the worst of them all with these unreasonable expectations from their employees.

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We can’t believe the things on this sign. How do you expect your employees to cancel their vacation plans, work weekends, come in early, and stay late – all without expecting a raise? This has to be a joke. If not, our thoughts are with the employees.

‘Since You’re So Close By’

If you’ve ever moved, you’ll know that it is such a hassle and is so stressful, particularly when it comes to all the stuff. Moving services are also not cheap, but we believe that $20 per hour is a great price.

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This person didn’t think so, though. They wanted to pay a flat fee of $5 to get all their stuff moved. When the mover expectedly refused, they called him cheap. Can you believe the audacity? We hope they show a little bit more respect to their dad.

Shamed on Social Media

Little things like this give us hope in humanity. It’s nice to see people showing their best sides to fellow humans. But it’s disappointing that despite their kindness, they were taken advantage of easily. It’s even more saddening that this is a common occurrence for small businesses.

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When customers say they’ll return to pay later, they usually don’t. At least the nail salon publicly humiliated this customer by sharing a photo of her and her boyfriend online. But even though it was meant to shame them, she still couldn’t resist being nice. Aww. Bless her heart.

This Is a Wild Deal

Negotiation is a skill not everyone possesses. Some negotiation skills can be hilarious and disrespectful. You’ll find that people will do anything for a bargain. Sometimes, they might even barter something special to them just to make the deal better. But a baby crocodile is going too far.

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That’s something you don’t see every day. We’re wondering what on earth they were doing with a baby crocodile in the first place. Surely, it must even be worth more than $1,000! This is a wild deal. There was no response, so we can’t say whether this worked.

Looking for a Free Babysitter

Why do people always expect free goods and services? Almost everything in life costs money! And a free babysitter doesn’t sound like a wise choice when it comes to freebies. Would you truly trust someone who isn’t a family or friend to watch your children for free? We wouldn’t!

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But parents do crazy things these days, which is why this person would even consider something so ridiculous. If you can’t afford a babysitter, maybe you should stay put in your house and watch your kids! Either that or ask a friend or family member.

Go Get a Job

It’s never easy asking for money, but sometimes you swallow your pride because you don’t have another option. Most times when people ask for money, it’s only a few bucks, not $200! That’s a lot of money to ask someone, especially a complete stranger.

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This beggar randomly texted a stranger to send them $200 unprovoked. We’re sure they didn’t expect this person to tell them to get a job. Honestly, that’s helpful advice, and the stranger did it more respectfully than we would have done if this happened to us.

Making Garage Demands on Facebook

Being cheap and being a cheapskate are two different things, but this person has crossed the line. First, they’re asking for free labor because they’re “not paying anybody” to tear down their garage and haul it off. Besides that, someone must pay them $400 to do the work.

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Imagine going online to see such a request. Now, we’ve seen many absurd beggars on this list, but this is on a whole different level. There’s no way this is a serious offer. You can’t convince us this person wasn’t under the influence of a substance before making this post.

Just a Waste of Time

Why do people not understand that when something is sold, there’s nothing the seller can do? What’s the point of making an offer when the product is no longer available? We’ve seen it a couple of times already, and this is another example of someone who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

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This person obviously didn’t understand that the seller had sold the TV and no longer had it because they kept making offers. Despite the seller’s efforts to tell them the product had been sold; they wouldn’t stop. At least we can all agree this was a huge waste of time.

$20 and Larger Only

Earlier, we saw a beggar asking for $5 and higher only, and we thought that was rude and ungrateful. But this beggar has taken it a notch higher by asking for $20 and higher only. Can you believe that? That’s a lot of money to ask for as a beggar!

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He’s also the best-dressed beggar we’ve ever seen. People don’t even carry that much cash anymore. We wouldn’t be surprised if he had a POS machine somewhere in the bush. The only time wasted would be his because we doubt anyone would want to give him money with that attitude.

The Angry iPhone User

While we understand trying to get a bargain, when someone has made a better offer and you can’t match it, it’s time to level up or walk away. But this person was so desperate for the iPhone that they even drove 45 minutes to the buyer’s location.

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And that was after the seller had already turned down their offer. Then they tried to guilt-trip the seller – something we’ve seen often. We wonder how they got the address, though. It’s quite creepy, and if it were us, we would lock our doors and call the cops ASAP!

The Single Mom’s Couch Request

It’s tough being a single mom, especially when you don’t have people to help. And it’s completely fine to ask for help when it seems overwhelming. However, being picky when someone goes out of their way to help you doesn’t look good, especially when you’re getting things for free.

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Although this mother’s intentions were good, she was way too finicky because she only wanted a sofa to go with a specific color scheme. We applaud the other person’s patience in getting them a picture. Then, the mother had the audacity to turn down the offer.

You’ll Go to Hell for Not Accepting My Offer

We’ve seen it all, haven’t we? From insanely low offers trying to get a bargain to guilt-tripping and cursing the seller. But this person takes the cake because they combine it all in just a few minutes of conversation. The seller was so polite, and they didn’t deserve the outrage.

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This conversation took place a few years ago when $200 for an iPhone 6+ was an absolute steal. But it’s ridiculous how this person only wanted to pay $30. It was so unbelievable, but the seller remained calm, only for hell’s gatekeeper to tell them they won’t see heaven.

Thanks for Ruining a Kid’s Christmas

We mentioned earlier that Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for parents, especially those with multiple kids. It sometimes brings out the worst in people. This person had good intentions and wanted to make a child’s holiday by buying them a drone. The drone was listed for $400.

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But they only wanted to pay $100. When that failed, they tried guilt-tripping and swearing. Honestly, what type of parent buys a drone for their 7-year-old even after the seller warned them it was too advanced? We wouldn’t be surprised if that was a lie to get a good deal.

Say No to Funky Grits

Even though we don’t typically write bad reviews for restaurants, we can understand why some people might if the food or service is terrible. But when a restaurant is closed for the state fair, can you really blame them? Honestly, that sounds quite reasonable to us.

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But what’s unreasonable is going on social media to shame them for all the world to see. They could lose valuable business. Considering they’re open every other day of the year, why does closing for a few days matter so much? Some people are just so weird.

How Dare You Turn Down This Honor

It’s starting to get irritating how people expect others to work for free. If that wasn’t terrible enough, you shouldn’t tell an artist they don’t need to get paid since creating work for your company is an honor. Are you serious? Will your honor pay their bills?

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How are they supposed to keep food on their table if everyone asks for free jobs? The only honor here is to respectfully decline such an offer, which this artist did. It’s difficult enough being an artist, but having your talent insulted with free work is ridiculous.

Who Served the Country?

Serving your country is incredible and laying your life down for your country is one of the biggest sacrifices anyone can make. The least we could do to say thank you is to offer military veterans some discounts. But that only applies to the people who served our country.

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And not their spouses. That’s not to say military spouses don’t make sacrifices – staying home in such circumstances is difficult. But it’s just not the same! So, demanding free drinks because your husband is out serving the country is a whole new sense of entitlement we’ve never seen before.

That’s Not How Bargaining Works

Bargaining is a skill not everyone possesses. To be a tough negotiator capable of getting the best deals is rare, and people try to learn how to negotiate. But a rule of thumb is when the first offer is declined, decreasing your price isn’t the next thing to do.

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You either bow out or raise the offer. First, the camera was listed for $75, but this person offered only $4o. After their offer was turned down, they lowered the second and third offers. Does that make any sense? We doubt this person knows how money works.

For Love, Money, and Free Treatment

Some people marry for love; others marry for money. Some marry for both. This 22-year-old woman was on Tinder looking for a partner. It’s OK to be super-specific, especially when you’re on dating sites, but this is taking it to a whole different level.

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She was looking for a partner that would meet her financial demands and, at the same time, also take care of her physical treatment needs – for free. Well, it’s oddly specific, and she didn’t mention what she would bring to the table, but at least she was honest.

Looking For a Free Bike

There is nothing better than getting things for free but posting a request for a free bike on a Facebook page for buying, selling, and anything relating to bicycles is a big ask. And that’s not all: This person was very specific about the type of bicycle they wanted.

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They asked for a somewhat new MTB hardtail with full suspension. It’s OK to ask. Even the holy books say you should ask when you need something. But who gives away a bike that is relatively new? And with all the specifications, good luck finding one, dude.

How About the Entire Starbucks Franchise?

Medical professionals and first responders are heroes during an emergency. They undoubtedly deserve more appreciation from us whenever we can, especially during the pandemic. So, Starbucks did their bit to show gratitude by thanking them with free coffee. Who doesn’t love a cup of free coffee?

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Apparently, that wasn’t enough. This person claimed everything on the menu should be free. Not that medical providers and first responders don’t deserve it, but why couldn’t they admit this was a nice gesture? If everyone behaved like Starbucks and offered something, we’re sure there’d be enough to go around.

How About You Pay?

Why do some women always expect men to foot the bill for their meals? People, it’s 2022! While it’s lovely when the man pays, splitting the bill and letting go of expectations is the only right thing to do. And when someone pays for your dinner, just be grateful.

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But instead, this woman criticized her date for ordering water after paying for all the food. How disrespectful! If it’s so easy to pay, why not take care of the bill? Moreover, we encourage everyone to drink water. It’s the healthiest choice of any beverage they could have, anyway.

You Made Me Late!

We’re sure you’ve heard that you shouldn’t double text. This dad didn’t get the memo and triple-texted within four minutes before getting a reply. He must’ve needed that sofa bed badly, and we wonder why he was so desperate. But that wasn’t even the weirdest part.

Source: Imgur

He demanded a price reduction because the seller made him late picking up his daughter! Really? The seller didn’t reply for five minutes. Looks like an irresponsible parent trying to blame someone else. We’re happy the seller had the last word, and we couldn’t agree more with his response.

Chasing Love Without Money

We don’t know about you, but we’ve always heard that it’s not a good idea to chase love when you don’t have money. This person obviously didn’t get the memo and decided to insult an artist’s work. First, they said they wouldn’t pay a dime for it.

Source: Imgur

Even though they initially said they were a big fan of the artist’s work. Then, they said the work was simple and that they could also do it themselves if they wanted. OK then. If you can do it yourself, why ask someone if you can’t support their work?

Coming Clean to Ask for Favors

Have you ever been hacked? It’s always a terrible experience. Most times, you don’t know who was behind it. This thief, on the other hand, admitted to hacking someone’s PS4 account for about a year and a half. But they weren’t admitting their sins to ask for forgiveness.

Source: Imgur

They just wanted the new password. This is so unbelievable; we couldn’t make it up! At least they were right about one thing: it’s very awkward admitting to stealing someone’s password and then asking the same person for a favor immediately after. We wish we had seen the response.

Just Give Me for Free

We’ve all haggled over a price before. Although there’s nothing wrong in trying to get a better deal, when someone rejects your offer because it’s low, the logical step is certainly not asking for it for free. The obvious thing to do is increase your offer unless you’re this guy.

Source: Imgur

He couldn’t get it for a lower price despite his offers. Then he asked for it for free. We absolutely love the seller’s sarcastic reply. The naive buyer obviously didn’t pick up on it, and we wonder how long he waited before realizing the laptop wasn’t coming.

Write a Bass Line for Free

Did you think we were done with people asking others to work for free? We’re fed up too, but it seems these people never stop. This person asked a bass guitarist to write a bass line for them for free. Their payment would be a credit in the description.

Source: Imgur

That doesn’t sound like currency notes to us. And it most certainly won’t pay the bills. At least they were right about one thing – they should go buy a bass guitar themselves and learn to play because no one cares about being credited by an unknown artist.

Trying to Negotiate $2

We know we said negotiation is a life skill, but you won’t try to get a good deal every time. If something is already ridiculously cheap and you need it, the best thing to do is to pay up. But we’ve seen people haggle over freebies.

Source: Imgur

So, why wouldn’t they do the same for a $2 product? We don’t know what the item is, but it looks like the price was already low enough. Maybe the buyer wanted to get it for free. We can’t blame them for trying, though. At least they were respectful.

He Needs a Miracle, Not a Job

We’ve already seen people turn down jobs in favor of begging, and this seems similar. Look, it’s normal to experience difficult times. Sometimes it gets so tough that you can’t even pay the bills. But when someone offers you a golden opportunity, you should take it.

Source: Imgur

Looking for handouts when someone offers you a job is repulsive. This person wanted a “financial miracle,” and it looked like God answered their prayers by sending a job offer – only for them to laugh it off. You shouldn’t ask for money if you don’t want to work.

Have You Considered Getting a Job?

It’s very exciting to move into your first apartment. And you often need a ton of things when you do. It’s OK to ask people to help you with whatever they can, but with such a specific and long list, this person is the embodiment of an adult child.

Source: Imgur

Do they know you don’t just get handed things in life for free? How can you have such a long list and still be choosy, including the color and shape? The comment is exactly what they needed to see. They need to get a job.

Would You Like a Free Commission?

This is one of the weirdest unsolicited messages we’ve ever seen. Imagine opening your email and seeing someone asking if you’d like to work for free as if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For the umpteenth time, people need to know artists eat and have bills to pay.

Source: Imgur

This person wasn’t willing to pay for the job because they felt the job wasn’t necessary. So, why waste the artist’s time then? The nerve of people these days is unbelievable. Not only that, they expected to get a response to their outrageous request “ASAP.” We’re sure they didn’t.

‘All You Do … Is Go Click’

Photography is an art, and as expected, it doesn’t come cheap. If you don’t want to pay for it, there are two things to do: You either ask someone to take your pictures or use the self-timer feature. But don’t insult a photographer’s trade.

Source: Imgur

Or ask that they work for free. This person wanted to hire a professional photographer, and after hearing the fee, instead of declining like a normal person, they insulted the photographer. If it was so easy to use a camera, you might as well take your own pictures.

Not Content with the Bargain

As we mentioned earlier, it’s totally fine to negotiate, especially when using Facebook Marketplace. But after getting your way, you should be proud you negotiated well, not try to lower the price even more. Haggling over a price and asking for an item for free are different things.

Source: Imgur

Not only did this buyer ask for a 50% reduction on the hair toner, but after the seller agreed, she then asked if she could get it for free. As if $5 wasn’t cheap enough! This is an insulting offer. We hope the seller didn’t reply to her silly request.

Three For the Price of Nothing

It’s been a while since we heard someone use the word “tariff.” But that’s beside the point. Sandy was delighted with the work Tom did for her company, and she wanted to have him do something similar again. It always feels good when clients return for more.

Source: Imgur

Except if it’s this kind of client. This time, she wanted it to be a favor – that the work is done for free. It wasn’t even one she was asking for: She wanted three animated programs of 4 minutes each for free. Can you believe it? That’s preposterous!

As Long as We Get Freebies

This was no ordinary freeloader, it was Andy Dick, the comedian. Apparently, despite having a lot of money, superstars can be just as cheap as regular people. He must have genuinely believed that by endorsing them, he was doing restaurants, motels, and bike shops a favor.

Source: Imgur

That’s why he requested that they agree to offer their services to him for free. Wow! What a “star.” We’ve seen ordinary people make ludicrous requests as well as companies that could afford to pay. Now, we have celebrities doing the same. A shame, really.

Experience and Exposure Won’t Pay the Bills

If you offer any kind of service, we bet you’ve heard the words “experience and exposure” before. It’s usually from people who have no intention to pay. And this was what happened in this case, too. But this person’s unwillingness to pay isn’t the only absurd thing here.

Source: Imgur

Who hires a boat to take them somewhere only to leave them there? We don’t know about you, but that sounds suspicious. So, what’s the exposure going to be then? The sun? We wouldn’t take this deal either, even if it was a paid job.

Why Not Take it for Free?

Do you remember the person who asked for a free laptop earlier? Somehow, we think this is the same person. Maybe after waiting for the laptop to get delivered, they learned their lesson and decided to pay – only that their offer wasn’t worth anything this time, either.

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Asking to pay $85 for an iMac that was listed for $855 is insane. That’s pretty much asking to get it for free. Sometimes, we wonder where these people get their confidence. Obviously, their year wasn’t made, and it may continue that way if they don’t get their offers up.

Two Can Play This Game

One advantage online marketplace have over online retail platforms is that you can negotiate the price. If you’re good, then you can get a good deal. But it’s not only the buyers that know how to haggle prices. Sometimes, the sellers also drive a hard bargain.

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Dennis showed he was a tough negotiator, too, after this person offered to pay $15 for a $180 desk that he listed for a mere $40. After getting the ridiculous offer, he tripled his asking price! The buyer was so fixated on haggling that they didn’t notice he increase the price.

Gifting With a Huge Heart

Why do people always try to make you feel bad even when they can’t afford what you’re selling? At least this texter was honest in telling the seller that they didn’t have the money but would accept the item as a present. But they didn’t stop there.

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They also asked the seller to drop the item off! Unbelievable. Honestly, they could’ve had a chance with the compliment of a “huge heart,” but going as far as asking for a free delivery must have ruined any shot they had. Now, they’re not going to get anything.

Everyone Should be Cool

What’s going on with all the cool cool cool being thrown around the chat? Maybe we’re just not cool enough to understand what’s going on here. Apparently, the buyer wanted to leverage being cool with the seller to get a discount, but the seller didn’t quite agree.

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According to the seller, why does it have to be them being cool enough to offer a discount? The buyer could also be cool and pay the full price just to show support. That’s a good point, but we bet neither of them felt cool after this tense conversation.

Post Malone’s Music Heals

You must be shameless to ask for free things, but this person has raised the bar of shamelessness. Did this person casually try to score free tickets to Post Malone’s show by pretending that their friend was deaf until they saw a picture of the musician?

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We know Post Malone is a talented musician, but we didn’t know he was also a miracle worker! People will go to unbelievable lengths to get free things these days, even if they have to make up stories. We need to see that picture – it must be truly magical.

Demanding a Free Tattoo

Artists suffer a lot of disrespect, and the biggest one is being asked to do free art. We’ve seen countless examples in this list so far, and here’s another despicable one. People seem to forget artists must make a living, too, just like everyone else.

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This person expected the tattoo artist to design their tats for free. FREE OF CHARGE! After the artist said they charged a commission, you already know the reaction. The person went off, not only insulting their art but attacking their personality. We can’t imagine what the artist felt.

Korean BBQ Gets You a Meetup

Nowadays, a lot of people find their partners using dating apps. And with Tinder, everything is possible! We’re not trying to market any platform, but we’ve heard many people found the loves of their lives there. But it also has some bad sides, especially weird guys sending unsolicited nude pictures.

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Another negative is that many girls are there for free meals and dates, and this one didn’t even try to hide her intentions. She immediately said that she was hungry and would only meet up if he took her out for Korean BBQ. There’s no way this works.

I Deserve the $20

It looks like this person met the best-dressed beggar we mentioned earlier. Wherever you go, you’re bound to find homeless people asking for money. But you don’t always see people giving them the money, do you? This person was feeling generous after a lovely night out.

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But they got the shock of their lives when the beggar rejected the $6 because it wasn’t enough! Instead, the homeless guy demanded the $20 he saw in the wallet because the $6 was “bullsh*t.” Can you believe this? We really want to know what the guy did.

What It Costs to Date a Girl

Did you think a Korean BBQ from the Tinder girl was bad? Wait till you see this person who demands $1,100 monthly as the maintenance fee for dating her. There’s nothing like what she offers: All we see are bills, bills, and more bills. The dating pool is a mess.

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If this doesn’t make your blood boil, we don’t know what will. $600 for rent and shopping, $400 for hair and nails, and $100 for spending money. According to her, her bills are a package deal. We wonder if this would be a relationship or a deal with a sex worker.

They Must be Playing

It’s usually not a good sign when you see a request with an A, B, and C list. But this Facebook post asking for a free playhouse for their kids not only has one, but it even has a D! The free playhouse and list aren’t the worst part.

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This person also wanted it installed on a specific date. The only thing they wanted to offer was lemonade. How kind of them! We absolutely love how this commenter dropped the number for Lowe’s. That’s right! Some people are just so shameless and need a humbling.

The Teacher Needed a Lesson

Just reading this chat makes us angry! Without a doubt, teachers work hard and don’t always get the respect they deserve, but this request seemed a little bit extreme. They not only started the conversation with the funny words “scary app,” but they also demanded free pictures!

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They ultimately got schooled by the person on the other end, who also happened to be a teacher. You would think after being told it costs money to maintain the platform, they would be enlightened. Unfortunately, not. We hope their students do a better job listening in class.

Brian Needed the Schooling

We just saw someone get schooled, and this is another delightful example. Brian got schooled after booking JB for a night and trying to pay with food and drinks because he didn’t have any money. We don’t know who JB is – Justin Bieber? Jeff Bridges? OK, that’s beside the point.

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It’s incredible how Brian couldn’t see the connection between asking someone else to work for free and him working for free. For all those who have ever asked people to work for free, we hope this provides some clarity on how ridiculous it is to make such a request.