Wedding Cakes That Got Everyone Talking

When it comes to wedding planning, there are numerous things to iron out, from the venue all the way down to the cake. Some could even argue that the cake is the most essential part. Unfortunately, some couples’ imaginations for their wedding cakes don’t always come true.

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And some of them should have requested a refund due to the travesty. These couples got the worst wedding cakes, ranging from ones that looked like toilet paper to those that seemed to have been made by a toddler. Here are some shocking wedding cakes that stole the show.

This Doesn’t Look Like a Sandcastle

This is a case of not getting what you ordered. We don’t even know where to start with this. It’s even sadder when you hear the backstory. The cake might have singlehandedly ruined every other thing the woman had in mind. Eventually, it all falls on the baker.

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The bride wanted a sandcastle cake badly because her destination wedding was in Mexico. And she explained her love for sandcastles to the baker. It needed three tiers, with the sandcastle on top. It doesn’t seem like the baker understood the bit where she said she likes sandcastles.

This Looks Like a Jenga-Inspired Cake

How many of us love the game Jenga? If you don’t know about it, here is a quick description. In the Jenga game, 54 blocks are placed on top of one another, and players take turns removing each block one at a time. You must have seen people playing it.

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It appears that either the happy couple is a big Jenga fan, or the baker enjoys the game. Another possibility is that the cake was carelessly put together. How are they going to slice this? Will they have to remove one piece of wedding cake at a time, like Jenga? Oops.

Baked by a High Baker for a High Couple

Why do we feel that the visitors who ate this cake may not remember they ate it or were even at a wedding ceremony? A cake with “weeding” on top and designed in green leaf colors sends a message (if you know what we mean).

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It’s either exactly what we’re thinking, or this was a massive error from the baker. It almost looks like this was a quick job that was done the morning of the wedding. Or maybe the couple just picked it up at the grocery store on their way to the ceremony.

You Might Want to Wait for the Thrust

We already saw a “weeding” cake, and here is another one that highlights the importance of spelling. Of course, baking skills are most important when it comes to baking cakes, but if you don’t want to end up on a list like this, you need to spell things correctly.

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This one is slightly forgivable because we’re sure the error made the wedding guests laugh a lot. However, we can’t help but wonder if they did this intentionally. Although both words look and sound similar, mixing trust with thrust isn’t an error we see often.

In Sickness and in a Zombie Apocalypse

We can say this was a cake to die for (wink). This couple undoubtedly enjoys zombie films and television shows. Some people watch horror movies so often that they start imagining them happening. For example, being locked in a mall during a zombie apocalypse.

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Have you ever imagined that could happen? We’re sure this couple has fantasized about it on several occasions. So much so that they made sure their baker created a similar cake. This cake is incredible. However, not every guest will be a fan of blood and violence.

It Was a Beautiful Cake

Speaking about imagination, have you ever wondered what would happen if a wedding cake is knocked over and crashes? It is sort of a cynical thought, but we’re sure many people have entertained the thought. Unfortunately, it became a reality for this beautiful couple.

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The bride knocked the cake over just as the couple was going to cut it, and everything fell. Despite the calamity, the bride and groom can still say they looked good. This accident was unavoidable because the top portion was never fully secured to the lower one.

Is That a Wedding Cake or a Termite Hill?

Oh goodness! What is this monstrosity? Who made this wedding cake? It looks so awful, and we’re worried about the shape. It looks like insects could come bursting out of it any moment from now. We’re sure guests would be careful around it during the wedding reception.

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Who remembers the Play-Doh “cakes” kids make? This looks similar. Do you think they commissioned this out to a professional baker? We highly doubt it. Not only does the cake look poorly baked, but there are also too many unnatural colors in just one cake.

Obeying Instructions to the Letter

When giving people instructions, it’s important to be as clear as possible. But no matter how clear you are, some people can still misunderstand you. It’s incredible how people can get confused when you inform them what you want on your cake. We’ve seen many examples of it happening.

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Perhaps we can even make another list about it. For now, we’ll talk about this one. Who do we blame here? The baker who lacked common sense? Or the couple for not being clear enough? Ultimately, we’ll probably just blame this on miscommunication.

It Looks Like It Was a Wild Night

We have a lot of time for creative cakes. While this may not be the most inventive cake in the world, the execution is spot-on and hilarious. We love those “love boxers” on the bed. It looks like they had a really fun time there.

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Even the bride looks wasted with a bottle of what we imagine is champagne. The tiny bottles show just how much effort the baker put into creating and designing the cake. We wonder if the couple had this idea or if the baker just wanted to show off.

Do You Know What Is at the End of a Rainbow?

There is a popular riddle that goes, “What’s at the end of a rainbow?” (The letter ‘W’.) But we think this cake may be the right answer to the puzzle. It is the answer we never expected.

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Whoever created this thing (you could call it a masterpiece or a monstrosity) tried getting all the colors of the rainbow into the wedding cake. Honestly, it looks like they succeeded. However, it most certainly doesn’t look like something we would choose for a wedding.

Looks Like They’re Lovin’ It

The pandemic itself was crazy, but lots of other bizarre things happened. We won’t call a romantic union bizarre, but their choice of cake makes you wonder how they met. The couple eloped during quarantine and chose a hamburger wedding cake to celebrate their big day.

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We know it was a cake, but we want to know what it tasted like. Strangely, we can’t get the taste of hamburgers away from our minds. Well, it’s a cool cake. It certainly didn’t detract any attention from the couple, but it’s still a weird cake design choice.

Is This a Sign?

Many people ask the universe for signs when in romantic relationships. We don’t know if this was one or not. This groom’s cake was a complete disaster on many levels. The cake on the left is the one they wanted, while the other cake is what they got.

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It was a classic case of “what I ordered vs. what I got.” Why on earth would you want such a cake? Did you notice the groom looks like a police officer from the 19th century? Well, we’re sure they had a good laugh, and that’s gotta count for something.

Till Death Do Us Part

It’s important to commission a skilled baker when deciding on your cake’s design. This will save you pain and embarrassment on your special day. This couple wanted a beautiful wedding cake, but the bride looked like a pregnant sumo wrestler instead. How did the baker mess this up?

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We’ve already seen some good bakers, but this is shocking. Strangely, the one on the right looks harder to make. This looks more like a Halloween cake than a wedding cake. It’s terrifying, and we won’t be surprised if it gave the bride a few sleepless nights.

Is a Trophy Cake Suitable for a Wedding?

Sometimes, you have to question some cake designs. Not because of the baker’s skills but the idea behind the cake. Usually, wedding cakes have a certain vibe to them that depicts the mood of the day. However, a trophy cake isn’t exactly what you’d expect in such a ceremony.

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For example, a bakery in East Earl, Pennsylvania, created a life-size, deer-shaped cake for a wedding’s big day. It looks great, doesn’t it? That cake decorating/sculpting is amazing. Although the cake may be a little “unconventional” and more suitable for a “stag party,” you have to respect the craftsmanship.

We Hope No One Tried to Hoard This Wedding Cake

Everyone was hoarding toilet paper at the start of the pandemic, thinking it would be all they would ever need. It appears that a couple thought the concept was so good that they decided to make it into a wedding cake. Who knows, maybe during the coronavirus outbreak…

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…this couple was at the forefront of hoarding toilet paper. Or maybe they asked their family and friends for toilet paper when they ran out. We’ll never know. There is nothing wrong with the cake’s execution. It just feels like a weird choice for your wedding cake.

What Is This Travesty?

Once again, if you’re going to choose an elaborate design for your wedding cake, it would be better to commission a skilled baker. But what if you find one and still get this monstrosity? Imagine paying $300 for a peacock-themed cake only to get a fancy chicken.

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This looks like something that could cause nightmares. It looks like the second bird almost fell from the cake. We really would rather not serve cake at the wedding than display this horrendous thing. It’s important to beware of imposters who pretend to be skilled cake decorators.

Gold Cake or Algae Cake?

Someone shared this photo of a cake at their sister’s wedding. Apparently, it was supposed to be “gold.” We can’t help but feel sorry for both the bride and her sibling. We can’t imagine what she must have gone through as soon as the cake arrived.

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How could the baker even bring this abomination to the reception? Is this a bad reaction to the gold-colored ingredients, or did someone puke on it? Even if the cake tasted great, the color alone was enough to put anyone off. We probably wouldn’t even try to eat it.

The Definition of a Long Throat

Some couples get to see their cakes before the wedding day. When this couple asked the baker to send a photo of the cake topper, there was no response. They were worried but soon discovered why on their wedding day when this abomination was delivered.

Source: Reddit

We’re certain the bride looks beautiful in the real world, but this wedding cake made her look like an otherworldly creature. It is pure horror! Unforgivable! We wonder if the baker was the groom’s ex. This looks like he splashed holy water on his bride.

This Isn’t What She Paid For

Some cakes are understandably more difficult to make than others. However, we expect the baker to refuse a job they can’t pull off. Baking a bride-size cake is one of those tough jobs, but the face and neck aren’t even close. That’s not what a human neck looks like.

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We wonder why anyone would want such a cake in the first place. Did they think this through at all? Because we certainly wouldn’t want visitors cutting the bride apart on her wedding day and then eating her. This looks like a big mistake from all angles.

This Isn’t the Best Start

Imagine you get something like this on the first day of the rest of your life. How would you react when the baker delivers a cake like this on arguably the biggest day ever? This person wanted the cake on the left, and they had already fantasized about it.

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Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, and their expectations were dashed. Even after paying a reasonable $135 for the cake, all they got was the mess on the right. And in case you’re wondering, those are cardboard pieces in the middle! What a complete monstrosity on someone’s big day!

That Doesn’t Look Like a Castle Tower

Earlier, we saw a mushroom cake that looked nothing like what the bride had in mind. Even though the cake looked like something different, we still played it safe. We can say without any doubt that this cake looks like an igloo – but we all know what it really looks like.

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The picture on the left was what the bride had in mind. She wanted a castle tower to complement her dream wedding. Unfortunately for her, the baker had other plans. We can’t imagine the horror on her face when she saw this delivered on her wedding day.

You Might as Well Not Even Try

We’ve seen some terrible cakes on this list that were obviously from unqualified bakers, but this is something different. It looks more like someone who just didn’t try. Considering the couple paid for the cake, we feel bad because the baker obviously didn’t make any effort.

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Fortunately, they received a complete refund after getting this rather ugly lump of frosting. That is just plain lazy because seems quite easy to make the cake on the left. Even the choice of colors is wrong. Who did this so we won’t commission any jobs to them?

Wedding Cakes That Make You Cringe!

This isn’t to discourage anyone from being creative with their wedding cakes. But have you noticed it’s the couples that try to be innovative that end up on the wrong side? We always look at the positive side of things, so this was probably a private joke between the couple.

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So, they most likely chose this wedding cake on purpose. However, this could be cringe-worthy to many people for several reasons. First, they could interpret it as the groom caring more about video games. And the woman dragging him into marriage looks like physical violence in marriage.

When You Don’t Want Anyone to Eat Your Cake

This is such an unbelievable cake design choice for a wedding. Why did they choose this? The only reasonable excuse for this being a wedding cake is that the design is a private joke between the bride and groom. And we want to know the entire story.

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Perhaps it is connected to the couple’s first meeting. While we struggle to imagine what kind of first meeting this could be, we need to recognize the execution of this cake. On a list where we’ve seen bad ideas with terrible execution, this is a breath of fresh air.

It’s in the Details

This is hideous! The baker thought making this cake would be a “piece of cake.” We don’t know what it looked like before it was destroyed, but it doesn’t look similar. Even if it did, there’s no way this works for a wedding!

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The baker drove an hour and a half to deliver the cake to the venue. The damage must have been done during that time. We would be too embarrassed to even drop the cake. Hopefully, the rest of the wedding went great because this was a terrible start.

Who Won’t Like Rice Krispy Treats?

Who wouldn’t be smitten with a wedding cake decorated with fruit flowers and Rice Krispy treats? The flowers are especially amazing and intricate. Considering the number of couples we’ve seen spend hundreds of dollars on wedding cakes and still get something substandard, this is definitely one of the best cakes.

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Not only is it cheap, nobody hates Rice Krispies! But let’s be honest, nobody considers this their first option for a wedding cake. There has to be a story behind this that we’re missing. Or could it just be because of the price? We guess we’ll never know.

It Should Be Something Else

Will there ever be an end to bakers’ spelling errors? It certainly looks more unlikely as the list progresses. We have one idea: If you’re into the cake-making or decoration business, always WRITE DOWN the intended message first. It should be the first important thing you do.

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It’ll most likely save you and the couple an embarrassing situation. Actually, this was supposed to spell “wiser wedding.” Unfortunately, there’s been a classic case of miscommunication. This could have been worse if the baker had written “their.” Some weddings are sometimes awkward, so this is a perfect icebreaker.

These Tires Need to Be Changed

Many indicators tell you your vehicle’s tires need to be changed. Although sometimes the sides turn brown, a change of color isn’t the most popular reason. However, we’ll admit that wanting this type of wedding cake in the first place gives a lot of room for failure.

Source: Imgur

Why did they choose such a design? Is it a nod to how the couple first met? Somehow, we already have a rubbery sensation in our mouths by just looking at the cake. These cake tires don’t look anything like real tires. The baker needs to explain their actions.

Is That Chocolate or Something Else?

We wish couples would remember that they won’t be the only ones eating their wedding cakes. It’ll probably tone down many questionable ideas. We understand that people are obsessed with mud and trucks. The creativity and dedication in this cake are incredible, especially with the terrible execution we’ve seen so far.

Source: Reddit

But we have the same question many people reading this and those at the wedding would have. What is on top of the cake? Is the truck digging a graveyard? If you look at it longer, you might see something different that could make you puke.

None of Your Visitors Are Eating That

If you don’t want anyone to eat your wedding cake and you want it all to yourself and your partner, we guess this is one way to do it. This is a wedding cake with edible sugar oysters, but nobody cares about that! It looks gross.

Source: Twitter

Honestly, we’ll admit that a certain level of skill is required to make sugar oysters. It’s like the bride and groom thought, “I found my pearl out of many oysters.” It’s actually a cute wedding cake idea, but we’ve constantly seen that idea and execution are different things.

The Wampa Arm Cake

Some wedding cakes take the initiative from something the couple has in common. For example, we saw the wedding cake about a zombie apocalypse earlier. This wedding cake would only be cool if you are a Star Wars fan. Some will say it’s quite simple for a wedding cake.

Source: Imgur

But we’re sure this would be terrific for a Star Wars-themed party. You could say it was the ideal movie night cake that managed to find its way into a wedding. Hopefully, most of the people at the wedding ceremony had, at least, watched some Star Wars movies.

That Cake Looks Blue

Who knew it was possible for cakes to look sad? Cakes should make you feel happy, not depressed. First, the newlywed ordered a pink, white, and black-striped cake. Instead, they got a black, white, and blue-striped cake. And it doesn’t even end there.

Source: Facebook

As you can see, the stripes are uneven! We don’t know who made this mess, but they shouldn’t be allowed to bake or sell any more cakes! How do you blatantly ignore instructions this much? We’re certain they’re not color blind because the execution was also terrible.

Running Through the Wedding Cake

This is actually a cool wedding cake. Of course, some people will have reservations about the concept and maybe the execution, but this is a creative wedding cake. We’re certain there must be a story behind it that only the couple knows about. We wish we knew it.

Source: Imgur

Did the couple meet at a truck rally? Or did they run from the bride’s parents, who didn’t want the marriage to happen? We don’t know for sure. But this is a well-executed cake. It certainly stole the show at the wedding because there’s no reason not to love it.

A Rare Wedding Cake

This whole list is full of rare wedding cakes, but this one has taken the idea of “rare” to a whole new level. The groom was the one who requested this cake. Our first thoughts were, “who wants a wedding cake that looks like a pair of human lungs?”

Source: Imgur

We hope that the couple enjoyed this rare T-bone steak cake. Maybe the bride said, “NOOOO, I just want a cake,” while the guy said, “I want a big steak.” In the end, they managed to compromise. And this was the result of that common ground.

The Original Movie Didn’t End This Way

This wedding cake must have taken a lot of time and effort to create. It looks cool, but we’ll admit that it is somewhat odd, too, especially when you consider this is supposed to be a wedding cake. We appreciate the donkey’s face a lot.

Source: Facebook

The baker put their heart and soul into making it. But we can’t help but wonder why the wife looks like Fiona. Shouldn’t it be the dragon? That would’ve been much cooler, but we guess making the bride a fiery creature won’t get the wedding reception off to a great start.

Who Doesn’t Like Sushi Cakes?

Everyone takes inspiration from different things for their wedding cakes. We’ve seen many weird concepts already that could indicate the couple has a shared interest. This is another example of what happens when the couple loves something so much that they decide to make it into their wedding cake.

Source: Twitter

Although we can appreciate how much the pair loves sushi, this is a little overboard. They thought, “Let’s have some sushi at room temperature; what could go wrong?” Hopefully, the taste and texture were still good when they started eating it because sushi has a short shelf life.

It Looks Like a Sweet Dress

Here is one that will puzzle you. We have no idea what inspired this concept. Although it looks bizarre, somehow, it was perfectly executed. Perhaps we need to give some props to the baker. Nonetheless, we believe it’s super impractical considering how she became the tray herself.

Source: Reddit

We wouldn’t be surprised if the lady didn’t sit down throughout the evening. If she didn’t, then she most certainly was dizzy at the end of the night. The style has made it to many blogs, who’ve labeled it one of the worst wedding dresses in history. We won’t judge, though!

It’s the Thought That Counts

This couple wanted a cake that could move the guests to tears, but it appears the baker heard “tiers that move.” Well, this could really move passionate cake lovers to tears if they heard it was indeed baked by someone who calls themselves a professional baker.

Source: Imgur

We don’t want to be too harsh, but this cake would only be OK if it was made in your personal kitchen as practice. However, if someone pays substantial money to the tune of hundreds of dollars, they won’t expect this monstrosity. Hopefully, it didn’t dampen the wedding spirit.

Did the Penguins Run Away?

It looks like the penguins ran off. Who wouldn’t when asked to sit on such a travesty? We’re not even professional bakers, and even we know the difference between frosting and fondant! There’s no way this cake was made by a true professional. Maybe a family member asked to “help.”

Source: Facebook

She learned cake-making in summer school a few years ago, so she definitely could make something nice, right? Unfortunately, the only thing they got right was the crooked part, and even that is up for debate. Everything about this wedding cake screams REFUND! We’re sorry for the couple.

This Groom Doesn’t Look Dashing

The couple requested a cake called “The Dashing Groom,” but the only thing dashed was their expectations. At first, choosing the cake seemed to be a good choice. However, when the baker delivered the cake, it turned out to be a total disaster. The couple was shocked!

Source: Facebook

There’s nothing “dashing” about this groom, and it only looks like sweaty mud. As expected, the couple got a refund. A random bakery tried to save the day as they bought a new cake from there. But it looked like the big day was almost already ruined.

When a Gardener Makes Your Wedding Cake

This is what happens when a gardener makes your cake. Of course, we’re just kidding. A gardener didn’t actually make the cake, but it looks like whoever did, added a generous amount of water as a gesture to make sure the flowers don’t dry up.

Source: Facebook

They also added some extra green leaves below to show their creativity. Most chocolate lovers won’t have a problem with the cake on the right, but the happy couple might have had their hearts broken on their wedding day. Their hearts must have sunk just like this cake will soon.

Obsessed With Mud and Trucks

Here is another example of a couple that makes a cake out of their common interests. This couple loved trucks and mud so much that they made it their wedding cake. While it might not be the conventional wedding cake design, it’s actually pretty creative.

Source: Imgur

And we like it. We’re just concerned by the fact that they used a real wheel. We guess the baker couldn’t recreate it and didn’t want to ruin their work. Besides that, the cake combines the elements that show this is a beautiful couple. Happy married life, folks! Vroom!

Is This a Wedding or a Halloween-Themed Party?

Most couples share similar interests. And when it comes to movies, they may also like the same things. Just like we’ve seen already, this couple was inspired by a 2005 animated musical fantasy movie. So, they went with a Corpse Bride wedding cake for their big day.

Source: Facebook

As expected, a design choice like that leaves a lot of room for things to go bad. And it did go bad. But given the terrible cakes we’ve seen already on this list, we’ll take it. Hopefully, the cake tasted better than it looked, and there was no rotting smell.

What a Way to Make Us Hate Beaches

Seeing this, we don’t think we’ll ever see beaches the same way again. The couple’s idea was for the cake to look like the beach. However, the execution was poorly done. This looks so unattractive and makes us feel uncomfortable. Everything about the cake gives a weird vibe.

Source: Imgur

On the bright side, it’s supposed to be a beach wedding. And isn’t that how the beach looks after a particularly rough tide? The execution could have been a lot better, though. The use of little deck chairs seems to be the only good thing about the wedding cake.

It Could Have Been Worse

As you might have already guessed, the couple ordered the wedding cake on the left and got what was on the right just before their wedding night. What was the baker thinking? This derailed completely from what the couple ordered for and is good grounds to request a refund.

Source: Facebook

To make things worse, the cake has a tilt that makes us anxious. However, we think if the couple saw the other cakes on this list, they would run away with what they got without looking back. It looks like a cake version of a poufy wedding dress.