We’ll Never Get Tired of Random Hilarious Photos

When you’re bored, you typically go to your favorite social media to see some things that’ll make you happy. Sometimes you find happiness, and other times you don’t. But don’t fret; we’ve chosen some of the best pictures, interactions, and wholesome content from a variety of social networks.

Source: Tumblr

These pictures are people being silly, cute, funny, and sometimes relatable and inspirational. So, expect to go through a whole bunch of emotions. Make some coffee and find your favorite spot because you’ll want to settle in and enjoy all these pictures. They’ll leave you smiling like a Cheshire cat!

All Hail King Xavier

Every teenager has gotten themselves in trouble when their parents were away. There’s that panicked feeling when you realize your house is completely wrecked and you don’t have time to clean it. So what will you do? You have 10 minutes until they return from their camping trip.

Source: Reddit

You have no idea what you’re going to do. Xavier, on the other hand, devised the best idea of all time. Simply leave the house and come back after they get home. Act like you have no idea why there is such a mess.

We Don’t Have That Tech Yet, Bro

Modern technology is undoubtedly incredible, but it can’t do everything. Yes, from the comfort our couch we can talk to someone in Nigeria while simultaneously creating a graph that depicts the relationship between nacho cheese and enjoyment, but technology has its limits.

Source: Twitter

For example, you can’t transfer fragrances over your computer. It will be fantastic when that day comes. Then maybe this tweet will make sense. But will people start spreading online smell pranks? That will be yucky and even cruel. Maybe computers that transmit smells aren’t such a good idea after all, and perhaps this should never happen. The Internet is okay as it is, right?

The All-Powerful Skip Ad Button

We pity all those folks who are still seeing advertisements on the Internet. We’re quite happy with our Adblocker Plus. When we visit YouTube, we can instantly begin watching videos without being interrupted by advertisements. Does that reduce the amount of ad money that creators earn?

Source: Tumblr

Yes, but it’s well worth it. To be fair, even those who don’t use an ad blocker can avoid those annoying advertisements. They simply click the Skip Ad button as soon as it appears to avoid being targeted for marketing. And we are in support of those people.

Front vs. Back of the Christmas Tree

Christmas is one of the best times of the year—and one we look forward to. The holiday season is so enjoyable because of the music we play, the lights we string up all over the house and around town, and the exquisite food.

Source: Tumblr

It’s always nice to do something while you’re stuck indoors due to the cold, and we love decorating our Christmas trees. And we’ll admit that only the fronts of our trees look outstanding. The backs of them . . . well, let’s just say you shouldn’t look at the back of the tree.

How to Speak to Mom on the Phone 101

Let’s be honest, we all love our mothers, but there’s something about talking to your mother on the phone that always makes it a painful experience. If your mother is anything like ours, she’ll call you and embark on a long monologue without even asking what you’re up to.

Source: Facebook

Well, we’re never up to anything, but you get the point. Let’s just say the person who made this response has found the ultimate how-to manual for speaking to your mom on the phone. It’s certainly easy, and you don’t need to do much.

Burgers Need to Stay Put

Some people argue that America lacks its own culture and that American culture is simply a mishmash of all the cultures that exist in the nation. We admit that may be true. But there is one thing that screams “American” to us—the cheeseburger.

Source: Tumblr

When you take a bite out of a cheeseburger, you get a taste of America. When you bite into it, you’re simultaneously watching the contents fly out of the other side into space. The American element, though, is still there and far more important. If you can, concentrate on that.

Going against the Whole Purpose

We must hand it to some people out there. In just a few months, they’ve invented some truly ingenious techniques to combat the coronavirus restrictions. Many governments around the world are clearly trying to adequately address the pandemic, but creative people just keep stepping up to the plate.

Source: Tumblr

Those barriers for store cashiers are quite helpful . . . until a customer decides to push their head through the only opening. That’s like poking your head under the salad bar’s sneeze guard. And look at that evil grin while he peeked through the opening. What he was doing wasn’t funny, but admittedly, the picture is hilarious.

Coronavirus? Nah . . . The Real Tragedy of 2020

It was a difficult year in 2020. That’s putting it as nicely as possible. We don’t want to be defeatists, but 2020 was a complete disaster no matter how you look at it. Sure, there was some good stuff that year (remember Tiger King?). That was enjoyable, right?

Source: Facebook

But it doesn’t hide the fact that there were also a whole lot of negative events. You might think we’re talking about the pandemic. If that’s the case, you’re wrong. We’re talking about the death of Adobe Flash Player. Oh, Flash Player, you will be dearly missed. The good old days are gone! Arrghhh!

We Found Ryan Gosling’s Doppelgänger

Is there any difference between these two images? We don’t seem to be able to tell the difference. Can you? These are two separate images of Ryan Gosling, right? Of course not! Jokes aside, the man on the right looks absolutely nothing like Ryan Gosling.

Source: Twitter

Trying to look like Ryan Gosling is a lot of fun, but genuinely looking like him will take a lot of effort on this gentleman’s part. But the comment? Well, that makes us all smile, and maybe it was just what this guy needed to keep on smiling and smiling.

It Flew By So Fast

There are thousands of things we could say about the year 2020. We could say it was the year a lot of people became aware of a huge worldwide crisis. Hundreds of thousands of people perished terribly because of a pandemic.

Source: Reddit

We could argue that Tiger King wasn’t quite as good as everyone claimed (well, okay, we take that back). We could say a whole lot about that year, but what we do know is that the year 2020 flew by. How did March become December so quickly? Are we still on earth?

Look! They Made a Braille Baby

While society has developed to the point where people with disabilities have many more options, there are still some things they simply don’t have. Blind people, for example, can read books using Braille, but there are many other things they can’t “see.”

Source: Tumblr

When this blind mother requested to see her baby’s ultrasound, her physicians did something incredible. They created a 3D print of the ultrasound and sent it to her. She could then touch it to get a sense of how her baby might look. We’re not crying—you are!

What Being a Cat Owner Feels Like

Get a cat. Cats are great. It’ll be so much fun, they said. They promised it would be enjoyable. They claimed they are low-maintenance and will never bother you. They will just be there. Well, they were wrong. Cat owners know that having a cat is delightful 90 percent of the time.

Source: Tumblr

But the other 10% can be agonizing. Either your cat is lying on your face when you’re sleeping or it’s banging around in the kitchen knocking things over while you’re studying. Still, we admit that they require far less effort than dogs, which is a good thing.

Did We Ruin Your Movie?

We’re finally figuring out why no one wants to see movies with us. We always thought our views were entertaining and insightful, but it turns out that the rest of the audience is more interested in watching the film than listening to our commentary. Pfftt! Okay then.

Source: Reddit

Who else is going to point out that the actor portraying the recently dead character is still alive despite lying in a pool of blood? At some point, you’ll come crying back to us. Well, you’re welcome ahead of what we’re sure will happen. One day, you’ll thank us.

How to Protest Like Canadians

Listen, we don’t believe anyone should follow stereotypes. We live in a wonderful and diverse world and reducing people to a tiny set of characteristics is not only harsh to them but also a disservice to you. But having said that, not all stereotypes are bad or unkind.

Source: Tumblr

Think of the one about how kind and friendly Canadians are. We doubt that any Canadian will be particularly offended by this stereotype. And if they are, they are free to express their displeasure with a demonstration. This is what we imagine it might look like.

Modern Life Imitates Ancient Art

Most people believe that art imitates life, but it’s quite the opposite. You would think this sculpture was inspired by that awkward moment when you’re trying to grab a package from the delivery person while keeping your cat from escaping out the door. But this statue was created long before package deliveries existed.

Source: Reddit

That means . . . oh wait! This modern life is imitating this ancient statue! We need to bring this to Jeff Bezos’ attention. He has the potential to turn this statue into an international mascot for Amazon’s delivery services. We could be onto something here. It just might work.

Can’t Resist the Compulsion

There are some things you just can’t stop yourself from doing. Something innate in your mind compels you to do things that defy reason—like picking at your nails. While studying in the library, you bob your knee, even though everyone around you is irritated.

Source: Tumblr

For the love of God, what about constant blinking? Oh, and there’s that thing with the backs of remote controls that everyone does. It’s that thing where you slide the back up and down for no apparent reason. Yeah. That’s irresistible. Just try not to do it. You just can’t!

If It Was Made in 2020

We saw many strange, new things in 2020. Nowadays it’s far more usual to walk outside and see individuals with their faces covered than it is to walk outdoors and see people’s smiling faces. Isn’t that insane? The most bizarre part is that we have become perfectly accustomed to it.

Source: Twitter

We are now baffled when we watch vintage films where no one is wearing masks. We wish those classic films could be remade with masks so they’re much less frightening. Here’s what Alien might look like with a mask mandate. Uh, maybe we’ll take that back.

We’ll Take Half of That

Winning the lottery seems to be a great thing. But it’s not anywhere near as nice as it sounds. Sure, it’s essentially a truckload of free money, but it’s a lot smaller than you might imagine. That’s because a major portion of lottery winnings goes to the government.

Source: Tumblr

That’s the way taxes work in the United States, so most lottery winners walk away with far less money than they thought. We wish Powerball and other lottery companies would just tell us about the taxes before they advertise the next million-dollar drawing. But hey, that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting.

Please Keep on Yelling

Some people just love disrespecting others for no reason at all, and sometimes they get away with it. The lady in this Dairy Queen on this fateful day started yelling at the teen crew member, claiming that her blizzard didn’t have enough chocolate bits in it. All the teen’s explanations went unheard.

Source: Facebook

This woman kept claiming that she was a blizzard expert. The guy in line took care of it, placing some money in the tip jar every time the woman yelled at the teen. He just kept putting money in the jar as the teen smiled. It didn’t take long for the complaining woman to stop yelling.

Hurting the Cat’s Feelings

We usually assume that animals don’t have feelings. When you take your dog to the vet, they may act as if their feelings have been hurt, but the emotional trauma quickly disappears. But cats, as we know, are very arrogant. If you don’t treat them properly, you will undoubtedly hurt their feelings.

Source: Facebook

If you don’t believe us, just look at this picture. This person created a snowman of their cat, and it was not that flattering. You can see that the poor kitty is experiencing some image issues because of this. We’re strongly against any form of body shaming!

Parting the Red Sea

It’s amusing to watch how hairstyles come and go over the years. For both men and women, the coolest hairstyle 10 years ago is now completely outdated. You may have beautiful hair right now, but maybe it’s time to change it. After all, you don’t want to be behind the times.

Source: Tumblr

Men’s hair with a hard part is currently fashionable, but we can already predict how it will be mocked in the years to come. This guy’s head gives us some Moses-parting-the-Red-Sea vibes. And as you can see from these pictures, other people are also just a little bit bothered with this part.

How I Met Your Father

Passion or dedication? You tell us. But as this guy already said, we think someone is being stubborn. They both devoted a lot of time and effort to the game and still remember it much later. Wow! Just Wow! This is taking stubbornness to the next level.

Source: Facebook

In high school, this guy and his friend played a truth or dare game called “gay chicken.” They’ve now been happily married for 14 years and have an adopted daughter. We guess they were both so stubborn that neither would chicken out, and look where their stubbornness led? They probably wouldn’t be together today if they hadn’t played the game.

Don’t Come at the King

Being a bad guy doesn’t mean you only do horrible things. It’s ironic, but you don’t have to be a horrible person every time, even if you are. Okay, we think you get the idea. This gang has a golden heart for keeping an eye out for their tutor.

Source: Facebook

They knew it wasn’t right to condemn people based on their preferences. The guy got exactly what he deserved for messing with the gang’s guy. Now we don’t support violence, but you’ll agree with us that this story is heartwarming.

Not Seeing the Money

Giving and receiving gifts is a joyful thing. But they can both be quite awkward sometimes. Sure, everyone enjoys receiving a crisp $20 bill in their birthday or Christmas card, but there’s some social expectation we all pretend isn’t there when we receive it.

Source: Tumblr

Do we tell everyone how much money is in the card? Do we ignore the fact that there’s money inside this little card? Should we just look into our uncle’s eyes and say, “Thanks for the money, buddy.” But that usually doesn’t happen. Modern culture tells us that it’s just an awkward moment and we should just shamelessly slip the money into our pocket.

Are You Sure about That?

There have been several stories of artificial intelligence (AI) causing serious problems for humanity. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that AI will one day cause a lot of problems. Movies from the 1990s tell us that very thing, vastly overestimated how fast this will happen.

Source: Reddit

Have you seen the film 2001: A Space Odyssey? They were completely wrong. Did we even have CD players in 2001? Modern artificial intelligence isn’t all that amazing either. Siri has no idea what we’re talking about, and some machines actually mistake cats for dogs.

Of Course, That Helps

Let’s be clear—we’re not trying to go political here. We understand that the pandemic brought confusion and everyone in all the world’s governing bodies continue to figure out how to deal with this unexpected situation. Everyone is in a jam.

Source: Facebook

At the same time, we’re quite confident it’s not an overstatement to say that $600 isn’t going to help you if you’re struggling. Uh, yeah, we are aware that rents are, well, extremely costly these days. This guy thought he could hire someone to get rid of his high rent, one way or another.

If 2020 Was a Haircut

Looking back, we’re pretty sure the most upsetting aspect of 2020 is how much potential was lost or destroyed. On New Year’s Eve in 2019, everyone was looking forward to 2020. We all made fantastic New Year’s resolutions. There were a lot of people who dreamed of a new job or even had a wonderful job lined up.

Source: Twitter

Everything was finally going to work out! Instead, things got worse—way worse fast! We’d all like to forget about the entire year since it was a complete disaster. And here’s what 2020 would look like if it were a haircut. Just put a mask on him and he’ll be just right!

The Tweet That Aged Horribly

It’s pretty aggravating to look back on all the excitement at the start of 2020. We accept that no one knew what the year would bring, but the very thought that people were looking forward to it makes us just a little bit irritated. Who wishes we could travel back in time?

Source: Twitter

We could warn folks about what’s about to happen, so they won’t send out those optimistic tweets. Forget about putting an end to the pandemic. That would be far too difficult. But those tweets—we wish we could get rid of them.

Neither Right nor Wrong

Have you ever seen the old school meme where a kid answers a true or false question in such a way that it’s completely ambiguous? They devised a way to create a word that looked as much like the word false as it did the word true.

Source: Reddit

Here’s another meme with a more advanced version of outsmarting a test. Matching titles with their authors or facts wasn’t going to trip up this student. He made it as difficult as possible for the teacher to figure out which matches he made. Kudos to this student . . . but that poor, confused teacher!

Making Sure My Friends Laugh

There is nothing more stressful than showing someone you care about your favorite TV show, movie, or YouTube video. You want them to be as captivated with it as you are, but that rarely happens. We’re not sure why. Maybe it’s because we’ve talked about it so much.

Source: Reddit

And then maybe your expectations have become too high. When you meet someone who laughs as hard as you do at that collection of dog videos on YouTube, you need to keep them close. They could very well be the one. Yes, they’re aware that you’re staring at them while they’re watching.

The DIY Parking Sensor

We know a lot of people who do their own car improvements, and to be frank, we think most automotive modifications should be left to specialists. But, hey, we’ll be the first to say that there are a few car-related home remedies that aren’t so bad.

Source: Tumblr

One of those unique modifications is this homemade parking sensor. Yeah, you could just pay for an authentic one, but who has that kind of money? These inflatable chickens do the same thing but for a lot less money. And as an added advantage, you’ll make other drivers laugh, especially if they’re stuck in traffic.

A Pretty Accurate Comparison

We’re not trying to be pessimists here, but 2020 was a difficult year. And 2021—well, it was a bit better but not much. We’re definitely hoping 2022 is even better. But there’s something moderately therapeutic about looking back on 2020’s huge pile of crap.

Source: Tumblr

The year seemed to be full of new, amazing traps around every curve—maybe just like the movie Home Alone. Hey, do you think Macauley Culkin is to blame for everything that’s been going wrong? No, of course not. Sorry, Mr. Culkin. That was a stretch.

Rooting for Her ’Til Death Do Us Part

Although marriage is a wonderful institution, we must admit that some people do not live up to its potential. Many people appear to stop trying to bring passion and romance into their relationships after they reach the arbitrary finish line of marriage. But not the guy in this meme.

Source: Reddit

You can tell he still cares about his wife as much as he did when they were dating and then got married. And the guy who posted this meme? Well, he is someone who is truly in love. It’s a fact, guys. No need to fact-check. Just trust us.

Incognito ’Til All Your Problems Disappear

It’s difficult to be in college. You must strike a balance among your many assignments, your social life, and your work life, all while trying to maintain your mental health. If we’re being honest, it’s tough to keep up with all those things.

Source: Facebook

You might have to sacrifice at least one of them—that is if you want to be successful at the other three. On occasion, it’s the class assignments that must be placed on hold. It’s easier to just hide inside your Metapod costume if your class is in three minutes and you’re only on page two of that 10-page paper.

Everybody’s Gotta Know about It

Are you more of a dog or cat person? We admit that we love both, but cats have a special place in our hearts. The fact that their personalities are so complex is something that appeals to us greatly. They’re not all about love. They are 1/3 love.

Source: Tumblr

They’re also 1/3 hate and 1/3 indifference. Intriguing! They also bring gifts to their owners. How fantastic is that? We know the gifts that cats bring home aren’t always the best. We don’t want to see that rat they killed, no matter how pleased they are with it!

Cats Change Like the Weather

We’re undecided about whether we prefer dogs or cats. Maybe it depends on the day. Or, to put it another way, maybe it depends on the situation. We are cat people if we are looking at a cute kitty. We are dog people if we are looking at a cute puppy.

Source: Facebook

But with that said, we realize that both species have flaws. Dogs can be a little, um, stupid at times. And cats have this strange habit of acting like they want to be touched but then hating it when you do. We really don’t understand anymore.

Remembering Our Childhood Days

Oh, the joys of childhood. We sometimes enjoy being adults because we can eat ice cream for breakfast anytime we want. When a stomachache sets in and you realize you must be responsible, adulting becomes a lot less enjoyable. This is when we crave the simplicity of childhood.

Source: Facebook

That’s because as kids we could find unlimited enjoyment in things that are now quite mundane. Juice served in a fancy glass may not sound appealing anymore, but it was the finest thing ever when we were kids. Could we go back for just a day?

We’ve Grown a Lot

We’ve all had a good cringe session. Okay, we all hate those creepy feelings that come from thinking about our past. Some claim that having a dreadful past is bad. But we’re inclined to believe it’s a good thing, especially if you can cringe about your past later.

Source: Facebook

Well, it simply shows you’ve grown as a human. And what’s the point? It’s because life is all about growth, and you should be proud of your embarrassing past. Hopefully, your present isn’t too cringe-worthy! If you’re having a cringe moment every day, maybe you haven’t grown up so much after all.

The Best Uber Driver in the World

Uber is the coolest thing that has happened to some people since sliced bread. To be able to book a ride from your phone and be whisked away to any location in town is pretty cool and practical. However, not everyone is a fan of Uber.

Source: Tumblr

Some people (we mean introverts) might appreciate the convenience but hate having to talk to someone they don’t know. However, it’s the Uber drivers who can spot an introvert who deserve an award. If they are deafeningly quiet the entire time, it’s a well-deserved five-star rating right there.

The Perks of Married Life

For many people, marriage is the ultimate goal. While you can date and have some fun while you’re young, most people believe you should be seeking someone you can truly settle down with. Everyone has a wonderful future in mind.

Source: Facebook

But listen to us on this one. There are numerous advantages to being married. Every night you have someone warm to sleep close to. You have someone who can bring food to your house. You’ve also got someone to send memes to.

That’s a Cheesy Paradox

Do you know what “shower thoughts” mean? We’ll explain it. Shower thoughts are deep ideas that come to you at the most unexpected time such as when you’re showering. We have no idea when this person came up with these thoughts, but it must have been while they were in the shower.

Source: Reddit

This person arrived at the conclusion that eating more cheese results in eating less cheese since more cheese equals more holes in the cheese. We would like to know if they know that the ratio of cheese to holes doesn’t change. These were definitely shower thoughts—or maybe they were high.

So Is This the Future?

This isn’t the future we wanted, and it’s certainly not the future foretold by old movies and television series. According to old media, we should all be driving around in flying cars and living in a techno utopia right now. Instead, things are essentially unchanged from 10 years ago.

Source: Tumblr

The only significant difference is that we now face the prospect of death if we leave our homes. Oh, and we have on-demand streaming of all the world’s entertainment and music. That’s fantastic. At least it makes all the madness less difficult. Maybe it’s a fair trade?

Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

When you walk into an ice cream shop, the most difficult decision you will ever have to make is which flavor of ice cream to order. It’s like deciding which of your children is your favorite. It’s impossible! That’s why flavor combinations such as Neapolitan are so popular.

Source: Twitter

They make it so you don’t have to make a decision! You can get a variety of flavors in one. In a way, that’s a great metaphor for life. There is so much variety in life that it’s smart to try everything. And these three flavors perfectly exemplify that, right?

It’s the Thought That Counts

While we enjoy the holiday season, we are unhappy with how commercialized it has become. Everyone appears to want to impress their loved ones by getting them glitzy, pricey new items. Does that go against the Christmas spirit? Maybe spending time with family during the holidays should take precedence.

Source: Tumblr

Over what? Buying expensive things at the mall? Can we afford a friendship present once a year? It’s a present that never goes out of style, right guys? Right? Okay, alright, we’ll buy you a PS5. Ugh!

Improvising Doesn’t Get Much Better

There are some animals we wish we could domesticate. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a monkey as a pet—a monkey that would never consider ripping off your face. That would really make us happy. There are many other animals we wish we could have as pets.

Source: Twitter

For example, raccoons. Those little trash rascals are just too adorable. But maybe we could follow this person’s lead and color our dog to look like a raccoon. It looks close enough, right? It may not work with a large breed dog though.

This Wholesomeness from LeBron James

Athletes, like celebrities in general, aren’t known for being the nicest people on the planet. And we know why. There are countless accounts of celebrities who are complete jerks. When it comes down to it, though, celebrities do truly value their fans. LeBron James is the latest example of that kind of celebrity.

Source: Twitter

This LeBron fan got his art published in the prestigious Time magazine. To congratulate this artist, LeBron sent out a tweet that this kid could achieve anything he put his mind to. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. What a cool thing to do!

Playing in the Shower

We hate to admit it, but as you get older, life begins to get a bit boring. You might feel the same way. It’s almost as if the things you see daily start to lose some of the charm that made them so fascinating when you were a kid.

Source: Reddit

At least that’s how it is for many people. For better or worse, we still have that sense of juvenile imagination. We feel a bit silly whenever we catch ourselves playing games in the shower and pretending the water is coming out our fingertips.

Drinking the Baby Yoda Drink

Look, if you want to drink like a truly elegant person, then you should listen to our advice. We’ve got your back on this one. First, you’ll need to pour your cocktail into a glass. Check to see if it’s green. After that, take two lime slices.

Source: Twitter

Hook them to the rim of the glass. Then, using a toothpick, skewer two olives and rest it on the rim. Finally, take a small piece of fabric and wrap it around the bottom of the glass. And voilà! You’ve got yourself a baby Yoda drink. There’s no better way to drink cocktails.

What Are the Odds?

We don’t believe in fate at all. It’s okay if you do. We just don’t believe that life’s events are preset. We think we all have control over life’s events. But we’ll have to admit that incidents like this make us wonder whether there is some grand design for all of us out there.

Source: Tumblr

This woman went to the shelter to adopt an elderly dog, only to realize that the dog was the same one that had gone missing when she was a child. This sounds like a film plot that’s bound to make you cry. We’re still crying.

All I Want for Christmas Is You

We enjoy Christmas just as much as the rest of the world. It’s a wonderful time of year when you get to spend a lot of time with your family, make memories, eat delicious food, and give gifts. But there’s something about the holiday season that irritates us.

Source: Reddit

Pardon us, Mariah, but it’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” It’s a nice tune, but it becomes old very quickly. We feel a little sorry for those folks who were blissfully unaware of the scourge Mariah was going to unleash on the world in 1993.

Making the Dog Look Better

It’s hard to believe that there are people who are afraid of dogs, but it’s true. Dogs can be frightening and unpredictable to those who haven’t grown up with them. So some people have gone to great lengths to make their dogs appear less frightening to those suffering from puppyphobia.

Source: Reddit

And the results are hilarious. Take a look at this frightening dog that was given a wig to soften its appearance. It certainly doesn’t appear too frightening now with that wig and those puffy feet. Good job!

The Handwriting of Doctors

We don’t want to say anything negative about doctors. We believe our society wouldn’t work as well as it does now if they didn’t exist. Modern medicine is a tremendous gift, and we are grateful to everyone who practices it. However, we must point out one minor flaw.

Source: Facebook

And that’s their handwriting. Have you ever seen a doctor’s handwriting? Have you gone to the clinic, been examined by a doctor, and received a written recommendation? Did you look it and discover that you had no idea what it said? Doctors may be extremely intelligent, but they could improve their handwriting.

Making Sure This One Gets Adopted ASAP

It makes us sad to think of all the dogs who are lonely in adoption facilities around the world. If it were up to us, all those puppies would be adopted right now and taken to lovely homes with tasty leftovers and squirrels to chase.

Source: Tumblr

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Some dogs are pretty lucky and get adopted while others do not. They’re either very lucky or exceptionally proficient at getting noticed and flaunting their skills. This guy has perfected his stance, so it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s chosen.

Wait . . . Now We See it

Humans have a natural tendency to see faces in inanimate objects. Look up at the clouds in the sky. How long before you start seeing some faces? People have seen faces, potato chips, and even toast in the clouds.

Source: Tumblr

So you can be sure it’s a well-documented trend. But having said that, we never expected to see a human face in a human knee. We can’t argue with this meme, though. Her knee really looks like Kanye West, doesn’t it? And once you see it, you can never unsee it.

Understanding Introverts: Volume 1

It’s not surprising that introverts have had it easier than their more sociable counterparts over the last two years since the beginning of the pandemic. Extroverts find our new socially isolated society difficult, but introverts don’t mind spending time alone. After all, that’s their thing.

Source: Tumblr

It should be noted, however, that not all introverts like to be left alone. Some of them are desperate for love and attention. Their hearts’ doors are unlocked, and all you have to do is put in a little more effort to open them. That’s just the way they roll.

Your Life Is What You Make It

The ability to just put your head down and get some work done is a trait that is often commended these days. Everyone seems to want to achieve the vision of wealth and success they have in their heads, but is it worth it?

Source: Tumblr

Having a Rolex and a flashy car may sound good, but it takes a lot of sacrifices to get there. That’s not something that everyone is willing to do. Some folks prefer to stay at home and relax. You can, after all, create your own Rolex out of paper.

Dad’s Time Out

Our parents may irritate us at times (especially when we were teenagers), but we can’t deny that when it comes down to it, they are adorable. The love that most parents feel for their children is so profound that it makes us almost cry.

Source: Reddit

But you know what makes us cry even more? Their enthusiasm for their hobbies. For instance, dads will proudly display what they grilled over the weekend or what they created with their own two hands. That right there is a wonderfully pure dad moment.

Oh, What It Feels Like to Be in Love

Juno is one of those films that never gets old to us. It’s impossible to deny the clumsy characters’ charm. It also includes the incredible Elliot Page (hi, Elliot! We love you!). The best part about Juno, though, is that it’s chock-full of quotable lines.

Source: Facebook

These lines perfectly capture what it’s like to be a confused teen navigating their first love. The conversation between these two is very sweet and genuine. Even though the guy didn’t appear to be trying, he was. He was putting forth a lot of effort.

The Most Fashionable Granny Ever

We believe that elderly people are not treated with the respect they deserve. People tend to make fun of the elderly, which is not fair. But more importantly, we believe the elderly even need to be pumped up. It’ll go a long way, guys.

Source: Facebook

You don’t have to respect them if you don’t want to, but you should make them feel wonderful when they’re trying to match their outfit to their chair. Only someone over 60 could think of such a trendy power move, and all of us young people should take heed.

Parenting at Its Finest

Kids cry for just about anything. They cry when they’re hungry, they cry when they don’t get their way, and you know how hard it is to keep them from wailing after they’ve fallen. But here’s something you may not know. Children won’t make a fuss about their injury if you don’t.

Source: Tumblr

One method to make them feel better is to do so. But this father tried a different approach. After his son fell, he began yelling at the floor, blaming the floor for hurting his son. This is parenting at its finest! If you don’t have a kid yet, best write this one down.

The Thoughtful Gas Station Attendant

It’s amazing how human beings can create bonds with someone they hardly know. Perhaps you pass the same person on your way to class every day and develop a bond with them. Maybe you have that one coworker you share a sense of camaraderie with but have never spoken to each other.

Source: Twitter

Or maybe you go to the same gas station every day at the same time. This employee heated up this guy’s food just before he arrived. Amazing! Treasure these kinds of relationships. Hold them dear. Trust us, they’re rare.

Who’s Slicing Onions?

Adoption has a bad rap and we’ll be the first to admit it. People with golden hearts who choose to adopt children make a significantly positive effect on the world. So maybe people shouldn’t mock adoption so much.

Source: Twitter

We hope all adopted children are aware of how much their adoptive parents—or should we say their parents—adore them. Some adopted children, as this meme demonstrates, don’t even wish to find their “real” parents. Their adopted parents are as real to them as they possibly can be.

They Need to Have a Word with Their Parents

Traveling to a place where most of the population speaks a foreign language might be difficult. Walking into a store and knowing you won’t be able to communicate with anyone adds to the hardship of traveling. However, there are some situations where words aren’t truly necessary.

Source: Tumblr

Despite not being able to speak about it, this man discovered his look-alike in Istanbul, and it appeared that everyone was on the same page. All the people in the store knew what was going on and were yelling and hollering about it. These selfies are priceless!

The Biggest Support System in the World

Grandparents are incredible. If your grandparents are still alive, tell them how much you appreciate them. Grandparents are brimming with the kind of unwavering affection that binds families together. Remember how thrilled they were when you were in second grade and played a tree in the school play?

Source: Reddit

We’re pretty sure it wasn’t because your acting skills blew them away. They were ecstatic simply because it was you, and they would back you up in anything you did. Aw! Grandparents are undoubtedly the best. You’re lucky if you still have yours. That’s love in its purest form.

Kids Are Just Too Cute

There are two types of people in the world: those who believe little kids are adorable and those who dislike them. We understand why some people dislike children. They make a lot of noise. They’re annoying. However, even if you’re not fond of children, there’s something that’ll melt your heart.

Source: Tumblr

You’ll grow a bit fond of them if a child does this to you. You stoop down to help them tie their shoes, and they place their hands on your shoulders to help them keep their balance. Is there anything more adorable? It’s just so cute!

Once in a Blue Moon Celebrity Relationship

If you’re a big fan of celebrities, you probably don’t like the thought of their marrying one other. With all the public pressure on them, it appears that most high-profile relationships don’t last and instead fall apart. It turns out there are a few exceptions!

Source: Tumblr

A few celebrity marriages show that true love does exist in Hollywood. Michael Caine and his wife Shakira Baksh, the former Miss Guyana, are pictured here. It turns out that not all celebrity relationships are created just for the purpose of gaining attention. They look cute together in both pictures!

The Thoughtful Iron Teacher

People are accustomed to people wearing masks these days to protect themselves and others from the pandemic. But it appears that masks came in handy even before that. It seems like there have been a few people who wore masks for various reasons.

Source: Twitter

Take, for example, this teacher. He found this mask very handy when he didn’t want his students to see his emotions while he was grading tests or assignments. That’s a thoughtful gesture, Mr. Iron M . . . er—we mean teacher.

A Lesson on a Dog’s Anatomy

As much as we adore dogs, there are some things about them we don’t understand. How do they have such a good sense of smell? What is it about them that makes them want to bark at other animals? When they’re joyful, why do they wag their tails?

Source: Twitter

At the very least, it appears that the last question has been answered. Just take a look at this drawing of a dog’s anatomy to figure out why their tails wag. It seems that dog tails are linked to their hearts, and when something makes their hearts happy, they wag their tails.

The Bond between a Mother and a Child

Let’s face it, we’re adults. We no longer attend school. We get up, go to work, come home, change into our pajamas at 5:15 p.m., and begin getting ready for bed. That’s pretty much how all our days go. Or at least it looks like that.

Source: Tumblr

However, there are times when we simply need to pick up the phone and call our mother to give her an update on our day. That may sound like something only a kid does but believe us when we say it’s more significant than ever as an adult.

The Earlier the Better

It’s generally believed that a child’s education should begin as soon as possible. Many parents start reading to their children before they begin school, and many of them attempt to instill some intense concepts into their children’s minds before they enter a more official education.

Source: Facebook

Some parents even play audio for their kids while they are still in the womb. But with that said, there are some concepts that aren’t ideal for infants. Babies aren’t as interested in quantum entanglement as they are in Elmo or the alphabet. Entanglement sounds familiar though. Haha!

What to Do to Get a Relationship

Long-distance couples are often seen video calling one another daily. Maintaining long-distance relationships can be difficult. This particular lady fell asleep while face-timing her lover, which provided him with the ideal opportunity. Isn’t it lovely that her lover was inspired by this?

Source: Facebook

He sketched a portrait of her while she slept. If you’re in a long-distance relationship or want one, you already know what it takes to make it work. Get your pencil and paper, people. And sleep soundly. Rest is so important.

Give That Man a Raise!

It takes very little to make a child happy. All that is required is to touch and connect with the child’s heart. That was accomplished by a pizza restaurant employee. The “puperoni” joke was simple, but it was all that was needed to put a grin on the face of this guy’s 6-year-old child.

Source: Reddit

And to think that he must have had several pending orders but took the time to do this. We need more people like this. This employee deserves a raise. We don’t think Samuel L. Jackson could have put it better. It’s that important, don’t you think?

Reunion after 40 Years

Is it possible to exist without the love and support of friends? Friendships are vital in our lives. Being separated from a close friend for 40 years and then reuniting with them is sure to be a wonderful feeling. This person’s grandmother reconnected with her best friend.

Source: Tumblr

While you may think that’s pretty normal, there’s a heartwarming twist to their story. They reunited 40 years after they had lost contact. You can see the delight and happiness in the photographs—a feeling unlike any other. Have a memorable reunion, people!

Kudos to the LGBTQ+ Community

Whatever the case may be, we still want to believe the world is changing and that everyone will be treated equally. There are still some people out there who are offended by other people’s preferences, but hopefully it’s a trend that’s fading.

Source: Twitter

Of course, this user inferred from the joke that there’s a particular place for some people and that it’s a lovely place to be. To all members of the LGBTQ+ community out there, hang in there and don’t believe everything you read on social media.

Man’s Best Friend for a Reason

Dogs have a special bond with people, and they are unquestionably man’s best friend. They’re capable of many things, including helping people heal on the inside. Since this gal’s father had to go into self-quarantine, she loaned him her dog to keep him company.

Source: Twitter

And it looks like the puppy has fallen in love with her father. He spends the entire day cuddling with him and strolling around the garden together. Isn’t that amazing? Do you need a puppy to fall in love with you? It might be something everybody needs. Thankfully, there are many dogs out there waiting to fall in love with you!

The Advice That Went Viral

Your father’s wisdom is something you should treasure. It’s definitely a great guide to life. This man’s father once advised him that he should never go on a date with someone who was a smooth talker right away because anyone who genuinely liked him would be nervous at first.

Source: Tumblr

This advice went viral after he published it on social media. He told his father who felt incredibly fulfilled and joyful that his piece of advice had reached so many people. It made him feel like the father of 40,000 kids. Sounds like “the father of many nations.”

I Love You, Batman

Do you know anyone who wears a hijab or a jilbab—those who are fully covered, typically in black? Of course, an adult can understand this, but what about a four-year-old? Definitely not. This person’s mother was shopping at the mall in her usual jilbab.

Source: Tumblr

Then she noticed this little child looking at her nonstop. At the checkout, he said quietly, “I love you, Batman.” The child adored Batman and wanted to show him (sorry, her) some love. That kid is definitely a die-hard Batman fan.

Dogs Playing Poker: An Analysis

Many people think dogs playing poker is a bad idea. They’d be bad at it since their tail would make it impossible for them to bluff without being caught. This statement may be partially correct but not entirely. Dogs playing poker might wag their tails throughout the entire game.

Source: Tumblr

That, according to the person who responded, is due to excitement. And they can thus bluff and leave you guessing if they’re bluffing or just wagging. So what do you think? We kind of think poker isn’t for dogs.

Big Hearts at Little Caesars

When we see things like this, we start to believe in humanity again. This is a great display of affection and kindness. This restaurant promised free pizza slices and a cup of water to anyone whose only way to get food was to go through their dumpster.

Source: Reddit

There are still decent individuals in the world after all, and some of them work at the Little Caesars restaurant. This warms our hearts so much. It’s nice to see people care for others this way. But quick question please—can we get some free pizza as well?

Knowing Her Husband Like the Back of Her Hand

When it comes to getting your partner’s full attention, this woman is a natural. She asked her spouse to get the storage key for her by posting on a social media community she knew he was a member of. This is quite creative, and you should consider doing something similar.

Source: Reddit

What a wonderful way to get your man’s attention. And she knows her husband well and knows he’ll scroll through this social media site. This was such a warm gesture.

Heart the Size of a Blue Whale

Even though most mom jokes are offensive, inappropriate, and insulting, this one is simply adorable. A whale joke transforms into a hilarious mom joke, emphasizing the size of mothers’ hearts. We believe moms are, without a doubt, the kindest people with the biggest hearts.

Source: Reddit

They’re always willing to go above and beyond for their children. As a result, it’s safe to assume that their hearts are the size of a blue whale. Social media can actually sometimes be a nice place to be. Take away all the negativity and keep it sweet.

Turning Over a New Leaf

We enjoy pizza since it is a favorite for our stomachs. And it might not only be good for tummies. Looks like it can also stop crime. Ask your favorite pizza owner if they’ve ever been involved in crime, and we’re sure they’ll say no.

Source: Reddit

The mafia crew in this guy’s town first used the business as a front but eventually quit all criminal activity and focused only on the pizza business. This story turned out well, and we’re sure it put a smile on people’s faces in that town. Be sure to smile at your pizza delivery person!

Sing Along with Me

It’s hard to beat the thrill of two strangers singing along together to the same music. That feeling is truly unrivaled, at least for the moment in this tweet. This man was patiently waiting at a long red light when the man next to him began singing a song.

Source: Twitter

He began to sing along, and they sang for a full 15 seconds together. Believe us when we say that those 15 seconds evoke a powerful emotion that can only be felt, not explained. The guy asked this question: “Why can’t the world always be like this?” Yeah, why can’t it be like this?

Romeo and Juliet for Dogs

One of the most incredible sights to see is a dog romance. Since dogs are such lovable creatures, the romance between them can be even better than what exists between some humans. Every time this dog goes on a walk with her master, she comes over to say hello to her crush.

Source: Twitter

Such a sweet love story! These dogs are in love, and it’s a fantastic moment, reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. We’re already emotional from all this discourse about love. Well, we aren’t complaining. The world certainly needs some love, even between two dogs.

The Only Answer You Need in an Interview

It’s difficult to get a job interview. Many people go into interviews without a strategy and expect to succeed if they just wing it. But trust us, that doesn’t always work. You might believe you’re smart and charming enough to get by, but you really do need to appear professional.

Source: Tumblr

That’s true especially when you’re put on the spot. So you’ll need to practice your replies. But hey, if you’re looking for a quick trick to wow an interviewer, try this. Define yourself in three words? Simply say “efficient.” The job is yours once they get it.

Even the Horse Knows Kindness

We’ve all seen scenes where animals are depicted as loving and generous. One of the differences between us as humans and the animal kingdom is the display of love, affection, and kindness. This horse was surrounded by birds and had a bucket with some good feed in it.

Source: Twitter

The pigeons were obviously hungry and on the lookout for something to eat. Surprisingly, the horse dropped the bucket of food on the ground so the pigeons could eat. Isn’t this an awesome example of kindness? Some humans need to learn a thing or two from this horse.

The King of the Jungle

There are people who strongly believe that animals are completely stupid and unintelligent. Okay, we agree that they may not be as smart as humans, but they’re not totally foolish as some would claim. And this lion proves it. After roaring thunderously at a photographer, this lion smiled at him.

Source: Facebook

The lion knew its roar would terrify the photographer and was pleased to see that it did. But who would have guessed that lions could be so mischievous? Wildlife photographers and journalists witness many fascinating, odd, and ridiculous things animals do. Animals seem to be pretty intelligent too.

Why I Want to Be Rich

It’s not enough to wish you had a million bucks. What would you do with it? We should all have good intentions for the money we have and spend it wisely. This young man’s goal is to amass millions of dollars.

Source: Reddit

Others may want money in order to drive the latest car, but this guy is different. He wants to make a great impact on people’s lives, provide scholarships to those in need, and give free money for food. What a wonderful heart! There are still nice people in this world.

The Best Comeback in the History of Comebacks

Cyberbullying is not cool at all. And shame on you if you do this. Some people simply use a faceless means to pick on someone they can’t confront face-to-face. On the other hand, those who are bullied sometimes come up with some humorous retorts. Wendy’s responded to the bully.

Source: Twitter

A very clear response also corrected the bully’s grammar—”your” should be “you’re.” Amusing. And the response makes sense since Wendy’s founder was adopted and the Dave Thomas Foundation is making people’s lives better through adoption. Now that’s a comeback. This is one of the best we’ve seen in a while.

Heartwarming and Wholesome Love Notes

Love is a wonderful thing, especially when it’s found in the right person. It’s very sweet and reassuring to see your grandparents still in love after so many decades together. It appears this girl’s grandfather writes random notes to his wife, using beautiful words such as “I love you” throughout the day.

Source: Twitter

The little love notes are for her grandmother to find. How sweet! What could possibly compare to this wonderful deed? This is the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen. Just when you need Cupid to sting you with that little arrow, he goes missing! Where art thou?!

The Purest Form of Love Is between Gaming Partners

Those who aren’t into online gaming don’t understand the bond that exists among online gamers. Although gaming might be intense, the relationships formed because of it are wholesome and mutual. The feeling when a gaming partner has to leave and you can’t play anymore is profound.

Source: Facebook

“You will always be my teammate my partner.” This gaming partner’s message perfectly expresses the feeling between gaming partners. What a wonderful way to say farewell. Can you imagine if they stumble on each other in real life? That’s almost impossible, but what if?

The Misty Copeland of the Cat Kingdom

Cats are undoubtedly cute animals. These fluffy creatures never cease to fascinate us. You can either watch them in astonishment or film them in action. This darling was seen dancing a ballet so gracefully that it was dubbed the greatest thing ever seen on the Internet.

Source: Facebook

Do you think the cat knows it’s being recorded? Is it showing off? Or is it just in its own creative zone of grace and beauty? But not all videos of cats are quite so lovely. Just search for cat videos and pictures, and you’ll see that . . . well . . . cats are usually just cats with their unpredictable antics and attitudes. But for now, let’s enjoy this little ballerina.

Gray Hair or Wizard Hair?

So, according to this little man, once your hair starts to gray, you’re on your way to becoming a formidable wizard. In his eyes, the grayer a wizard’s hair is, the more powerful he becomes. So, dad, you’re not getting any older; you’re just becoming more powerful.

Source: Facebook

This 3-year-old told his father that he is growing magical hair. His father must be a mighty wizard. Has this little child been watching Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Such insight from a 3-year-old! Where did such thoughts come from? For this little guy, maybe there were some powerful wizards in some cartoons.

The Purest Form of Love

Grandparents are so kind, and we appreciate everything they do for us. They go to whatever length to ensure that we are happy and comfortable. Even if the gift is small, being from a grandparent makes all the difference. This girl’s grandma gave her scrunchies in a variety of colors.

Source: Reddit

She can now pair them with any outfit she wants. And as a show of appreciation, she gave her grandma a kiss and a big hug. Keep it up, grandma! Those little scrunchies must have meant a lot. Remember, it’s the little things that count.

A Moment of Genuine Human Connection

Humans can create significant bonds even if they don’t know each other. The people who wave at boats have a human connection, just like those casual elevator talks that transform your day. Waving at someone on a boat without knowing who they are is such a cute thing to do.

Source: Tumblr

To be honest, you don’t need a reason to wave to someone. Don’t be afraid. It shows what a good person you are. Wave to people on boats. Wave to people on trains. And remember to smile so it won’t be creepy.

Why We Want to Be Rich

The whole point of becoming wealthy is to be able to make a difference in people’s lives and society as a whole. What good is wealth if you can’t make a difference in the lives of people who are less fortunate? This man worked hard to get rich.

Source: Facebook

But he didn’t waste it on his own desires. He made certain his fortune was used to help others live better lives. He demolished the old, rundown huts in his community, erected luxurious flats, and gave them out for free. What a generous gesture.

The Cutest Dog Ever

This user made a post showing how a dog came up to him at a gas station. The dog had a tag on his collar that read, “My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.” How cool is that? Don’t we all wish that dog had come up to us?

Source: Twitter

That has to be one of the nicest dog collar inscriptions, and our little pal Dew appears to be a good boy. Don’t you think he’s a cute little fella? While he continues to roam and have the time of his life, we just hope he stays safe!

The Unkillable Friend’s Text

We all care about our friends, families, and loved ones, and we all wish them well. Having someone in the hospital can be agonizing, let alone if they are in a coma. You pray, think, and wonder if they’ll ever get out of it or when they’ll be okay.

Source: Reddit

This person’s friend who had been in a coma texted her out of the blue, “I lived.” Do you think that friend was just a little bit happy to get that text? We can’t imagine how happy she must have been. And the picture and the text were also hilarious and worth a good laugh. We’re sure that feeling was truly indescribable.

Going on a Goat Cruise

Goats are intriguing and amazing animals that are also rather cute. Most people, however, do not believe that because goats—well, they’re just underrated. And you can’t blame them. They’ve been domesticated too much, used as meat, and become really stubborn animals. Goats, like many other animals, like socializing with humans.

Source: Twitter

Some goats might cuddle or play games. But this goat likes to swim with this guy in a warm pond. The goat looks happy, right? It’s an unusual photo, but the two appear to be having a good time together, so who are we to judge? Aren’t they adorable?

Her Husband’s Number-One Fan

It can be such a sweet thing to see a woman gush over her man. This woman bought a new phone, installed a popular social media app on it, and has been fangirling nonstop ever since. She can’t stop taking photos of her husband and saying sappy things about him.

Source: Twitter

She’s just like a teenager and her first love. But you don’t see this kind of affection and adoration much anymore, so thank you, social media, for giving this woman a way to gush over her guy. You think this man knows who his biggest supporter is? You think? And here’s a thumbs up to social media.

The Mail Delivery Dog

Honestly, all anyone needs is a good dog like this. Pippa seems to like getting his owner’s mail and delivering packages every day. It’s becoming quite a routine. On this day, there was no mail for the diligent dog to pick up.

Source: Reddit

The owner had no choice but to leave an old “you have mail” notice for the dog to pick up. Pippa’s face is glowing with excitement. It looks like he enjoys his time in active service. Please give this excellent boy a big round of applause . . . and some yummy food. And then some more. He deserves it.

Those Cat Pictures Get You Out of the Dumps

When you’re upset, what do you do to make yourself happy? Do you go to the movies, talk to a good friend, go swimming? Or maybe you just ask for a picture of a cat or watch some cat videos on YouTube.

Source: Twitter

Look at this guy. When he’s upset or sad, he asks this gal to send him a picture of her cat. And she sends him one. It must make him feel better to see this fuzzy, pug-nosed, staring creature. Whatever it takes, right?

Like Father, Like Son

History repeats itself, they say. And kids are great at repeating what they picked up from their parents. Parents often pass down some of their traits to their children in the form of genes, whether good or bad. And children imitate their parents whether they realize it or not.

Source: Reddit

What about this father who stole his parents’ mug to eat ramen noodles in it, and now his child has done the same thing. If the grandparents were there, we’re sure they’d say a resounding “like father, like son.” Ramen is good in a mug, so history repeating itself here might just be a good thing.

Trading a Gramma Instead

Grandmas are simply the best. They go out of their way to make sure we’re comfortable. But this guy got his gram(ma) a little mixed up. This dodgy character asked for the price of a gram. It’ll cost you $250. What? And you get a gramma! That a great ROI (return on investment).

Source: Facebook

Gramma will make you fat, knit you a gorgeous sweater, give you candy, and so much more. All the best to all the grammas out there! We’re not in support of human trafficking, but honestly, this one sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? We think so.

Best Friends for Life

Dogs are without a doubt man’s best friend and have a strong bond with their owners. This college student has a great companion—his dog. So his mother had a customized cardboard cutout made of his dog so he could take it to college with him.

Source: Twitter

College can be a lonely place, but now this guy can look at his best friend anytime. They are only a glance away. Thanks, Mom, for sending the dog to college with your son. What a great gift!

Wanted to Be Sure

You are not allowed to bring your dog with you on most public buses. But, you know, some buses are different. This lady brought her dog Lulabelle with her on the bus. She anticipated a lecture or something from the other passenger but got quite a surprise.

Source: Reddit

That passenger questioned her about Lulabelle, and then voilà! Out popped his Chihuahua! There’s strength in numbers! It was a good idea for him to ask first if it was okay to have a dog on the bus. What a day on the bus with Lulabella and the Chihuahua! We think they had a great time together.

Being Sad Isn’t Taboo

Are you sad? That’s fine. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Life is full of ups and downs, and downs can be particularly difficult to bear. But speak up! Never be afraid to speak up. Don’t cry alone.

Source: Reddit

Remember, something shared is usually solved. And look at that hug. These men are real men, encouraging each other and squeezing out all the sadness.

The Nicest Bully You’ll See

Bullies are notorious for focusing on people who seem to be nerds or are physically weaker than they are. Contrary to popular belief, some bullies can be charming and pleasant when they want to be. The bully in this comic turns out to be kind of a nerd himself with a sweet little mom who knitted him a scarf.

Source: Tumblr

Yeah, the bully picked on the innocent boy for wearing that sweater, but things quickly changed. Aha! They had something a little squirelly in common. These guys are great!

What Would Your Dog Wish For?

Do you have a genie who will grant you three wishes? Why not let your dog make some wishes of his own? If the dog is unable to talk, well, just make a wish that your dog will be able to talk.

Source: Twitter

Then let your pup make the final two wishes. Don’t you think all nice dogs deserve to live out their dreams and have their wishes come true? This owner was such a nice guy. What do you think your dog would wish for?

A Father’s Love for His Daughter

A father’s love for his daughter can’t be matched by anything in the world. Dads will go to any length to protect and please their daughters. This particular father demonstrated his affection for his daughter by purchasing the most aromatic and expensive shampoo so she could wash and comb her hair in luxury.

Source: Facebook

Now this dad and daughter aren’t together, but he thinks of her every time he buys shampoo. What a reminder of those days when she was little. Maybe someday they’ll reconnect and go shampoo shopping together.

Fostering Bonds across Generations

Typically, the older generation faults the younger generation for being unaware of facts, events, and things that occurred before they were born. But this dad just might change this. What a guy! It looks like he sees the need to change.

Source: Tumblr

And the best thing about this comic is that neither of them seems to feel bad about what’s going on. Are they getting along? Maybe we need some of this camaraderie between people of all ages, regardless of their generational differences.

Going to the Beach

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking for a picture to make you laugh (and maybe cry) today, look no further. This photo shows a group of volunteers who went to an assisted-living facility with a single aim in mind—to take these older people in wheelchairs to the beach.

Source: Facebook

These young people wanted their older friends to experience the sensation of their toes being swept by the waves and the salt water splashing in their faces. The expressions on their faces show how ecstatic (maybe afraid?) they are to be there. Okay, I’ve got tears rolling down my cheeks.

Still Loves His Bed, Regardless

We all spoil our dogs—those furry creatures who are always there for us, no matter what happens. And they’re always grateful to receive a gift, even if it isn’t particularly useful. This person wanted to buy her dog a nice new dog bed.

Source: Facebook

But she ordered one that was just a little too small (okay, it was way too small). But what a dog this is! The pup went out of his way to express his gratitude and slept on the bed anyway (well, his head slept on it). Dogs are just so dang cute.

Someone Pass the Tissues, Please

There are a few things in life that always make us cry, no matter what and even if we aren’t feeling particularly emotional. And what could make our heart palpitate more than an old dog finally getting a home? How long did he wait? Oh wow—11 years! Even on our worst days, that’s enough to make us ask someone to pass the tissues.

Source: Facebook

This sad dog sat at the pound for more than a decade, waiting for a family to want him. And then that family arrived and chose him to live with them. Look at this special moment. Is that a smile on this dog’s face? Please pass the tissues again.

Cat in the Pants

We’ve all heard about the Cat in the Hat. But we’re sure you haven’t heard about the Cat in the Pants. This cat has an odd obsession with sitting in people’s pants, so his owner decided to give him what he wanted by wearing an extra pair of pants.

Source: Reddit

He could blend in and hide, enjoying a comfy resting place without bothering his owner in those pants around his ankles. The feline looks really relaxed in those fleece pajama pants. It’s an odd habit, but we’re glad his owner understands. Cats do the weirdest things.

First Time Hearing Things

It must be difficult to go through life without one of your senses. For some people, it just becomes normal. They’ve heard what those senses are like, but they can only imagine. Technological advancements mean some people can now use those senses.

Source: Reddit

This person with a hearing disability got a hearing aid and commented on social media about what they were now able to hear. This person heard the sounds of a creek in their friend’s backyard for the first time, and they were overtaken with emotion. What can we say? Can it get any better?

The Cat Adoption Process

You may be surprised to learn that humans aren’t the only creatures who adopt babies. Cats, it turns out, can also adopt babies, although at first they aren’t necessarily enthusiastic about the notion. When this cat was given a foreign kitty to adopt, it made a very distressed face.

Source: Facebook

It was obviously puzzled by this scenario. But only a few moments later, it was hugging and caressing the baby cat as if it were from its own litter. How adorable! Way to go, little kitty!

Celebrating the Train’s Birthday

We never expected someone to become emotional on a train’s birthday. But here we are with a birthday cake and someone throwing it into the train’s firebox. This person was celebrating this antique locomotive’s 145th birthday with a pretty little cake. Obviously, the train didn’t really eat that cake.

Source: Facebook

Maybe there was a full-blown party for the old train somewhere else. We wonder what that party may have been like. Well, the little party at the firebox must have brightened the train’s day! Happy 145th birthday, Mr. Train.

A Positive Review in the Mail

These days, many people sell their old stuff online, and almost no one thinks about what happens to their sold products once someone purchases them. That’s why this letter is so amazing. This 86-year-old bought a VHS player on eBay and then wrote a letter to the seller.

Source: Facebook

They wrote how important the player was to them. It’s incredible to think that merely selling something on eBay could have such an influence on someone. Thanks for writing this letter. The message was profound, to say the least. And we’re glad you got to see those past happy moments.

Lying for His Own Good

At first glance, this appears to be one of those Reddit posts where someone expresses their relationship troubles and seeks help. Something must be wrong if he discovered his partner is lying to him, right? His girlfriend, it turns out, is lying for his advantage.

Source: Reddit

She admitted to lying about needing a hug on occasion since she could sense he needed one. By saying that, she could hug him without attracting attention to the fact that he was depressed and needed a hug. That’s the kind of deception we enjoy! She’s indeed a keeper.

What a Kind TSA Agent

It’s rare for a trip to the airport to be enjoyable, regardless of who you are. While traveling to your destination is always exciting, the actual airport experience is usually quite unpleasant. It’s a headache to deal with security. In fact, TSA agents aren’t known to be very gentle with travelers.

Source: Tumblr

But kudos to this TSA agent who went out of their way to make this young traveler feel safe and cared for. But oops! This traveler wasn’t so young and definitely not under the age of 12. But wow! This agent still deserves a kindness award.

Grandma Learns a New Thing

Technology has advanced to the point that it’s truly astounding. How incredible that we can communicate with our friends, our parents, and our grandparents even when we’re in other countries. But modern technology doesn’t always make communication easier with our older family members. Grandparents are notoriously bad at texting.

Source: Facebook

So it’s always endearing when our grandmas and grandpas text and even use emojis and other text lingo. After receiving a picture of a cat from her grandchild, this grandma whipped out a response and there was a surprise cat emoji. We’re sure granny was overjoyed when she discovered she could include a cat in her text—twice!

Closed for Overdue Family Time

Is there anything more annoying than getting to your favorite cleaners, store, or restaurant only to discover that it has closed unexpectedly? That can be so irritating! But who could be upset with this sign on the door of our favorite cleaners? Those dirty clothes will just have to wait.

Source: Reddit

The owner’s three sisters were visiting from Korea. The most amazing part was that they hadn’t seen each other for 10 years. The owner must have missed them terribly! So, the cleaners was closed for two days. That’s okay! We’ll be back.

Proudest Moment as a Dad

Parents can’t help but be proud of their children’s accomplishments. But how proud parents can also be of their dogs. Dogs often take the place of children who are old enough to live on their own. And dogs become the children of very proud parents.

Source: Twitter

This dad had been on a mission for a long time to get his little Dachshund wiener dog recognized as pet of the month. He was overjoyed when it finally happened. It was his proudest moment as a dad, he said. But wait! What about his kids?

I’m Gonna Take My Dogs to the Old Town Road

Regardless of how you feel about Lil Nas X’s popular song “Old Town Road” that swept the globe for what seemed like an eternity, it’s difficult to dispute that he appears to be a truly nice guy. He wears cool clothes and has a hilarious Twitter account.

Source: Twitter

He also used to be a Nicki Minaj fan. He became even more awesome after adopting not one but two lovely Bernese Mountain dogs. He was going to choose one of them and then ended up with both. What a guy with an extra-large heart for dogs. Maybe he isn’t your typical rapper!

A Cherry Pie to Celebrate

Life can be difficult at times. Almost everyone goes through a moment in their lives when things seem too tough, too challenging, or too overwhelming. But if there’s one thing you should remember while all of it is going on, it’s that things will eventually get better.

Source: Tumblr

It could take weeks, months, or even years, but you will soon wake up and realize that those difficult moments are behind you. It’s all about being able to overcome adversity—but wait—it’s also the prize at the end when you taste that (real or metaphorical) cherry pie. That’s so, so sweet.

Why You Should Eat Lunch

It’s 1:00 in the afternoon. Everyone around you is always bothering you. That person who just walked by and said hello has already been added to your list of people you plan to exact vengeance on at some point in the future.

Source: Facebook

But you’re baffled why you’re enraged. You slept well, you’re not worried about anything, and you ate lunch. Oh no! The word hangry exists for a reason. When you’re having a bad day, ask yourself if you’re just hungry, upset, or hangry.

Anyone Can Come On In

To be a landlord, you don’t have to be an expert in house maintenance or DIY. In reality, this is often the cause of home deterioration. This tenant, on the other hand, needed their door locks changed. Unfortunately, the landlord did things a little backward and installed the locks the wrong way.

Source: Facebook

So hey, everybody. Come on in. Let yourselves in, but you’ll need the key to get out. Funny way to resolve the lock issue. Hopefully, this tenant quickly sorts this out for their own safety. Come on, Mr. Landlord, help them out and get this right.

All the Shower You Need

Anyone looking at this would think they’re looking at a shower showroom. The landlord was asked to fix the shower, but he was clearly unsure about how to do it. He just installed another shower nozzle as a solution. We think fixing the old one might have been better.


The shower is getting a little crowded, don’t you think? Fixing the old shower head may have been more cost-effective. So while it appears to be a showerhead playground, it’s actually a graveyard for useless showerheads. What a unique solution. This must be his favorite tenant.

They Won’t Notice the Fake Thermostat

Landlords sometimes believe they can get away with not fixing something as long as it appears to be in good working order. For example, if the tenants believe they have a thermostat, then everything is fine, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case in the real world.

Source: Facebook

Didn’t the landlord think the tenants would figure this out? When the thermostat was turned on the nail, it did nothing. This is some seriously shady and unscrupulous handiwork. How long will it take to sort this out? Hopefully before winter.

A Li’l Bit of the Fun-Gu(y)s

Everyone has a limit when it comes to certain things in life. However, we believe it’s safe to assume that fungus coming through the walls is probably not on anyone’s wish list for their living room. It makes you wonder what more is hidden behind that ceiling.


The fact that this tenant can snap progress shots is somewhat concerning, but at least we know that something is alive and growing in the apartment. We’re pretty sure this fungus will still be growing when the landlord expects to receive the rent.

The Slugs Have Come to Visit

When you rent a place, all sorts of bizarre things might happen. One of those things appears to be an infestation of slugs in your home. So these renters notified their landlord about what was going on to see if they could get some help.


The landlord had never heard of a slug infestation before, so he wasn’t very cooperative. But pictures are indisputable proof. In the best of circumstances, no one wants to be near one of these ugly creatures, let alone a whole colony of 6-inch slugs that have taken over your home.

Doing Some Creepy Camera Work

It might be exhilarating for some tenants when their landlord finally comes to their apartment to sort out the work that needs to be done. Of course, because the landlord owns the building, you’d think they’d want to keep it in good shape. We all know that’s how it should be, right?

Source: Facebook

Well, this landlord had different ideas for these tenants. He installed a 360-degree Wi-Fi surveillance camera in their home. How disturbing! What’s going on? We’re guessing their landlord will have some explaining to do.

Please Be More Specific

Your landlord might actually carry out one of your requests on occasion. It doesn’t happen often, but on the odd occasion that it does, embrace it. For whatever reason, some renters require a bit of extra security, and this tenant had requested a new gated entrance.

Source: Facebook

So the landlord decided to address the issue with a lovely door. He fulfilled the tenant’s request. Unfortunately, it isn’t particularly effective or safe. Maybe the landlord was just aiming for the illusion of a gate? Someone needs to sit down and have a talk with this landlord.

They Look Almost Alike

Nobody likes to look down at their living room floor and see something sprouting out of the carpet. That’s exactly what happened to these guys. It isn’t like it is sprouting from the ceiling—not that it matters. What a great environment that this fungus can grow and thrive.

Source: Facebook

The renters informed the landlord that there was a problem with water seeping up through the apartment floor. Things began to grow a few weeks later. We’ve got to be honest. The fungus kinda looks like it’s part of the rug.

The Crack in the Ceiling

When cracks appear, it’s clear that there’s a problem and something needs to be done. This isn’t the kind of crack you should overlook. It goes all the way across the length of the living room. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you wonder how far it will go and how big it will get.

Source: Facebook

Their landlord, on the other hand, didn’t seem too concerned. In fact, there’s nothing that a piece of wood can’t fix. Clearly, that’s what this situation called for. All fixed, don’t you think? Uh, maybe these tenants’ lives are still just a bit at risk.

The Mold Takes Over

Water getting into people’s apartments seems to be a typical problem that some landlords refuse to address. Water—a harmless fluid. But when it sits in people’s homes, bad things start to happen. For starters, there’s mold, a pretty bad thing, wouldn’t you agree?

Source: Facebook

Mold began to grow rapidly through the ceiling of this person’s home. Indeed, that corner appears to be on the verge of collapsing anytime. This is something the landlord should definitely address. Mold, mold, go away!

Paying to Use the Elevator

Some people like to make money any way they can. But this one seems a little far-fetched. This landlord decided to charge residents to use the elevator after they use it 60 times. That’s right—totally free for the first 60 trips up or down in the elevator.

Source: Facebook

Could this landlord be trying to get some money to pay for elevator maintenance? We’re not so sure why the landlord needs more money. But we’re sure the tenants won’t be too happy with this arrangement. And we don’t blame them since $35 per month seems like a lot just to get into your home.

Taking Fire Safety Seriously

People who live in apartment buildings rely on fire safety equipment to ensure a fire can be contained before it spreads. That’s the way it should be, right? And whose responsibility is it to keep tenants safe when a fire breaks out? Well, we know it’s the landlord’s responsibility.

Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, this landlord doesn’t appear to take fire safety very seriously. Look inside this fire extinguisher case. Is that really a bottle of water? Yes, it is. The residents discovered this where an extinguisher should have been. Nothing better than a bottle of water to put out a fire, right? Hopefully, that was immediately resolved and the landlord began to take it more seriously.

This Ceiling Needs Some Attention

Some landlords are concerned about their properties because they are unsure whether the tenants are adequately caring for them. What happens if your tenants report a ceiling issue? What do you do about it? These guys reported the dripping from their ceiling to their landlord.


This happened two weeks later. Where’s the landlord? It’s reasonable to say that if your tenants are concerned about the ceiling collapsing, you should listen to them. Tenants tend to know what’s going on in their apartment.

Waited ’Til It Got Out of Hand

It’s basically become a bit of a joke that some people’s landlords don’t respond until things have gotten out of hand. This tenant shared a photo of what was developing in their home. Unfortunately, this landlord took a really long time to check out the problem.


But when he received the second picture, he was over there in a flash. Isn’t there a way to avoid this situation in the first place? We hope the tenants weren’t injured in this bathroom. Otherwise, the landlord might be making his way to the courthouse.

Of Course It’s Okay

This landlord, unlike the others, was being helpful. That’s great, right? Considering all the other landlords on this list, this landlord is a saint. Unfortunately, it appears that his help has grown into something a little creepy. On the one hand, he is working on getting that microwave installed, which is just what these tenants requested.

Source: Tumblr

So why did he take a picture of this photo she had on her refrigerator when he was in the house? We’ll let you make your own conclusion, but something about this doesn’t feel quite right. And we’re pretty sure no one can convince us that it’s not just creepy.

Family Pizza Cat Flap

Not every request a tenant makes is essential, but hey, if you don’t ask, you don’t get it, right? So, one tenant decided to approach their landlord and ask whether a cat flap might be installed. After all, the door was causing security concerns in the first place.

Source: Facebook

The landlord did install a cat flap and also took care of the security issue with a pizza box. We’re confident that it will be extremely effective at keeping unwelcome guests out. What’s the best part? The cat can happily go in and out.

Nothing Wrong in the Bathroom, Right?

Even after the bathroom ceiling fell down, this person’s landlord seemed to believe that they didn’t need to do anything. According to the landlord, it was pointless to fix it until it rained. That way they could pinpoint the source of the leak.

Source: Facebook

We’ve never heard of anything quite like this, but this tenant was left to clean up the filth left by the rotting ceiling. Hopefully, it wasn’t too draughty. Sometimes you just wonder what goes through some landlords’ minds. This is absolutely bizarre.

That’s Not How a Power Outlet Should Look

Forgive us if we’re wrong, but we’re pretty sure a power outlet shouldn’t look like this. Some people can’t wait for their landlord to fix something since it becomes a source of actual concern after a while. Of course, after seeing some of these pictures, it’s easy to see why.

Source: Facebook

After seeing that this outlet had been sparking for some time, the tenant decided to investigate further. This is what they discovered on the other side of the wall, and it was very shocking. It goes without saying that your electrical outlet should not look like this.

A Hole in the Ceiling

Some landlords are adamant about not paying for repairs. When something goes wrong with a property to the point that it’s leaking on your tenants, you know it’ll cost a lot of money to fix it. However, you can’t just leave it and risk soaking your tenants.

Source: Facebook

Regrettably, some landlords believe they have their own answer to a costly problem. This person came up with an excellent remedy for a leaking ceiling. At this point, it would have probably been smarter and easier to have gotten things done the right way.

Saving Money and Heat

When it comes to saving money, some landlords will go to any length. They don’t care. This one appeared to be significantly more inventive than the others by putting a cage around this thermostat. With this nifty device, the tenants won’t be able to raise the temperature in their home.

Source: Facebook

This picture was taken by a London-based tenant. It seems insane that someone would want to keep their tenants from staying warm while it’s chilly outside, but some people will go to any extreme to save money! Those poor, cold tenants. And the landlord will still ask for the rent every month.

The Landlord’s Trusty Brace

Things might get extremely dangerous on the second floor if something goes wrong here. Nobody likes to be on the second story if something might collapse. So these guys went to their landlord about their deck. The landlord appeared to take one glance and then knew exactly what needed to be done.

Source: Facebook

His solution was ingenious. A plastic bucket and a long piece of wood will do the job. That’s something you can always count on, right? But seriously. We’re sincerely worried about the people upstairs and hope they don’t have any children who want to play on the deck.

Two Can Play the Game

If you have a great landlord, then you’re lucky. Some places come with utilities included in their rent. This is usually done to pique the interest of potential renters to rent the home. Unfortunately, once they’re in and locked into a lease, a landlord might just take a little advantage of the situation.

Source: Facebook

When the temperature outside dropped to -40 degrees, the landlord came over and turned down the heat in this home to save money. So the tenants took the matter into their own hands and decided to stay warm no matter what. While we sincerely applaud the ingenuity, the landlord will be grimacing when he gets the electric bill.

Great for the Kids

Here’s another example of a landlord not doing things right. In certain circumstances, this isn’t the worst that might happen. If anything, the landlord has done a good job. It’s just a pity that it’s in such a terrible spot. The good news is that their toes will be thoroughly cleaned!

Source: Facebook

Of course, it’s difficult for someone, especially a full-grown adult to shower comfortably considering how low this showerhead is. Whoever did this could have at least taken the time to use themselves as a form of measurement. Well, at least these guys have a roof over their heads, right?

Living Things a Little Too Late

Leaks continue to pop up in unexpected places. What is it about water damage? People don’t know that even a minor leak can turn into a major issue. If left alone, a leak will grow larger and larger until the ceiling caves in one day.

Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, this is another example of a landlord who waits too long to fix a problem, and then it bites them in the . . . ceiling. These landlords need to start picking up the phone right away and calling someone to fix this mess. Maybe they’ll do it if someone tells them this is going to devalue their property.

At Least He Made an Effort

The effort was good, and the problem wasn’t too bad compared to the different levels of gross negligence by other landlords. Some people are just not concerned about the consequences of their work. This landlord most likely had no idea that this microwave door wouldn’t open and that only a small dinner roll might fit in the microwave. I guess this microwave is rendered pretty much useless.


Most people would double-check that everything works before leaving. It’s safe to assume that if the landlord had just tried the microwave to make sure it was working, he would have discovered this problem. At least it looks like there’s a nice working microwave in this home.

The Spirogyra Swimming Pool

Many people don’t get a pool with their lease, but those who do are likely to expect it to be clean. And unless you own it, the landlord is responsible for cleaning it. Unfortunately, some kids who didn’t even live there started playing in the pool.

Source: Facebook

So the landlord decided to stop cleaning it, and maybe the kids would stop coming for a swim. The landlord simply let it turn green and start developing mold. It’s not something you’d want to swim in. What a nice property this used to be. Now it’s just gross.

It Was All a Lie

There’s nothing like learning that the place you’re renting also has a pool. You’ll be so thrilled and possibly think of the many ways you can enjoy it. We would even go so far as to say it could be the deciding factor in whether you will live there.

Source: Facebook

Imagine that the same swimming pool is now permanently closed. Not nice, right? These people also weren’t too pleased. The advertisement merely stated that there was a swimming pool. Technically that was correct. The ad simply left out the fact that the pool was also closed indefinitely.

It’s Technically a Taller Table

When it comes to landlords, you have to be specific about what you want. Don’t think you’re asking too much because they won’t hesitate to do much or not nearly enough. After all, if you don’t tell them exactly what you’re looking for, you can end up with a dodgy DIY solution.

Source: Facebook

This is, unfortunately, what happened to these guys. They had apparently requested a taller table, and their landlord had the solution. And they got precisely what they asked for. Interesting, huh? How creative!

Just Made the Birds Homeless

Landlords have complete control over their land, including the power to cut down trees if they so desire. Even though this tree did not appear to be in the way, the landlord decided it was time to cut it down. Well, it’s his land. But . . .

Source: Facebook

. . . it was home to baby birds that were nesting in the tree, according to one of the tenants. Despite this, the tree unfortunately was cut down. They’re still baffled why it was necessary. Oh well, what can you do? The land is bare now, and hopefully the birds have found a new home.

Renovating the Bathroom Floor

When it comes to renovations, everyone has their own norms and expectations. The tenants expected new floors in their bathroom area because their landlord said so, but the landlord had other plans. It appears that all it included was patching up the problem part of the floor by the toilet.

Source: Facebook

The exposed nails are also very attractive. We wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around barefoot on that floor. We’re wondering where people will put their feet when using the toilet. Some landlords never cease to amaze us. We hope everyone stays safe.

Just Put It Anywhere

Apparently, some people will put things just about anywhere regardless of the consequences. And this is a pretty good example. We’re not sure why this landlord felt compelled to put the toilet three steps up—perhaps to create the impression that it was actually a real throne?

Source: Facebook

In any case, it’s a bit dangerous if you’re trying to get to the bathroom first thing in the morning or if you’re hurrying to get there in an emergency situation. You’ll have to be extremely cautious and watch your step. All that caution just to use the toilet in your own home!

Hold It There at All Costs

People like to go a little too far every now and then. With only two of those screws, this light switch cover would have probably stayed in place very well. This landlord, on the other hand, wanted to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere—as if anyone would try to take it.

Source: Facebook

It’s just a light switch! But maybe this landlord has had a bad experience with light switch covers. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong. There will be a lot of screws to remove. Everything will be fine, right? It’s not so visually appealing, but at least the landlord fixed it.

Hanging On for the Landlord

They don’t say how much you can put in these cupboards before they fall, do they? We believe we can fill them with whatever we want. In all honesty, these cupboards were most likely not installed or secured correctly, which is probably why this happened.

Source: Facebook

Of course, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to fix this, and these tenants will have to wait until the landlord has time to do it. Unfortunately, it will probably be quite a long wait. The landlord is probably cooking up excuses instead of solutions.

Not the Best Soap Shelf in the World

We’re not sure why some landlords feel the need to be inventive, but they do. We’d honestly be better off if they just did things the conventional way. Of course, everyone should be free to express themselves, but we’re not sure this shelf is the way to do it.

Source: Facebook

After all, it’s only a tile pressed against the wall. It would most likely hurt a lot if it fell off and landed on someone’s foot. We’re sure the aim of renting a property is to have a stable source of income, not to give them a reason to leave.

There’s Love in Sharing

This is probably one of the craziest and funniest pictures we’ve seen so far. Trying to convert a 1.5-bathroom property to a 2.5-bathroom home isn’t that difficult, according to this landlord. All you have to do is split your amenities in half, and you’re good to go.

Source: Facebook

It doesn’t look particularly great. And whose rear will fit on this? Some landlords may not want to spend the money or find the space, but something like this appears to have increased the value of their property. While that may appeal to others, it seems completely unappealing to us.

Fixing the Broken Bathroom

Who knows what some people have to put up with in a bathroom? Is this landlord under the impression that everything is fine because there is a bathtub wall and some tile? Of course, this means that water can now get between them, and we all know how dangerous water can be, especially in these circumstances.

Source: Facebook

But it doesn’t seem like many landlords have learned their lessons. Clearly, this landlord needs to figure out what’s going on. Thankfully, when this wall fell off, there was tile underneath. Otherwise, they would have had a much bigger job on their hands. It’s a shame.

Saving on Kitchen Repairs

Once part of the kitchen counter has been ruined, it’s difficult to repair it or match it to look like it did before. And replacing everything would be incredibly expensive. One landlord, though, had the ideal solution for this. Take a look.

Source: Facebook

Simply get two boards of anything you want, and you’re set to go! Of course, this isn’t as horrible as some of the other solutions we’ve seen landlords make. But where did these boards come from? Are they supposed to match the cabinets or the stove? Appealing it’s not.

That’s a Dreadful-Looking Socket

Do some landlords not know that it’s not only their properties that are at risk but people’s lives too? We don’t know about you, but there’s no way we’d risk plugging anything into that socket. Rather than correcting the problem, this landlord felt he only needed to fill up the gaps.

Source: Facebook

And then the best option is to hope it goes away. Of course, things rarely work out that way, and this solution isn’t likely to last very long. Hopefully, nothing horrible happens because of it.

The Worst Place for a Parking Lot

Many tenants are required to contribute in some way to the upkeep of the building or the surrounding area. That usually means that if something goes wrong, there’s a fund set aside to fix it. Well, we agree there should be something like that.

Source: Facebook

This parking lot was on a septic tank. Of course, when something goes wrong with a septic tank, it may be quite unpleasant. Unfortunately, the tenants who own these vehicles will not be too happy. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong. That would be too bad to even imagine. Ugh.

Unhinged Views of the City

Most places with balconies are required to follow some form of safety regulations so people won’t be injured and buildings will be safe. However, it appears that this landlord has decided that it doesn’t matter and that people should simply be aware that there is a bar there.

Source: Facebook

If someone slips and falls, it will be a long way down. It makes our toes quiver to just think about it. This landlord is taking an “unhinged view of the city” to a whole new, risky level.

Placement Is Crucial in Design

When it comes to designing and improving your home, you have a lot of freedom to choose the colors, materials, fabrics, and finishes. Certain things, on the other hand, should be pretty standard. You should just do them the conventional way.

Source: Facebook

No need to get creative with the toilet paper placement. It should unequivocally be placed close to the toilet, and that’s that. It may seem obvious, but whoever planned this space has obviously never used a modern bathroom. Who places the toilet paper holder in the bathtub?

Committed to the End

We can’t be certain about the thought process behind this work of art, but we can certainly speculate about what was going on in this artist’s mind. Perhaps they’ve been heavily criticized for starting projects and then abandoning them. They determined that for their next assignment . . .

Source: Facebook

. . . they would go all the way so no one could criticize them for not finishing a project. They went, went, went, went, and then skipped the light switch, but they carried on with their work until the end. Success at last! What an incredible commitment.

Choosing Functionality over Aesthetics

We have no problem prioritizing functionality over beauty. But we cannot say aesthetics aren’t important. When it comes to design, you want a good balance of function and aesthetics—that is, the product should fulfill the job it was designed for.

Source: Facebook

But hey! Make sure it’s still pleasing to the eye. The trouble with a landlord or anyone who isn’t a professional trying to fix something that’s broken is that while they typically succeed, they often turn it into an eyesore. This is a great example.

Ho Ho Ho or No No No?

We believe in being frugal and inventing new ways to save money. There are so many pricey items out there that with a little creativity and the correct tools, you can recreate them at home. However, not all DIY projects are a success, as this room perfectly demonstrates.

Source: Facebook

Instead of traditional wallpaper, they chose what appears to be Christmas wrapping paper. It feels like you’re living inside a huge Christmas gift beneath a Christmas tree. Whether Santa Claus is around the corner or not, this is a huge no no no. It needs to be changed immediately.

Improvise Your Way Out of It

One of the most common mistakes people make while building or remodeling is forgetting that things have to fit in the space provided. This bathroom designer didn’t think to make sure the door would open and close once the toilet was installed.

Source: Facebook

But that wasn’t a problem for them. They saw the problem, innovated, adapted, and succeeded. But here’s another question: why does that toilet seem so small? In any case, while we applaud the builder’s ingenuity and improvisation, our thoughts go out to whoever has to use this toilet.

A Modern Home Security

If our landlord informed us they were installing a new password-protected security system, we’d immediately think of something like an electronic door lock that can be controlled and monitored remotely. We’d never think of this. It appears to be something you’d place on your luggage just to feel safe.

Source: Facebook

You know these items won’t stop someone from accessing your bags if they really want to. We know things are getting expensive every day, but a little effort and a little security is all we ask. Our lives and properties are at risk here, Mr. Landlord.

Finding a Solution at All Cost

We’re pretty impressed by this idea. While it may look like a disaster, it actually works really well. We don’t know who created this, but they seem like the kind of person we’d want to hang out with if we were ever stuck on a desert island.

Source: Facebook

But then again, we wonder why they just didn’t walk into a store and get a new showerhead instead of spending so much time poking every single one of those tiny holes in that aluminum can. Regardless, they’ve earned our respect with their creativity.

Drawing Inspiration from Tetris

If you grew up in the 1990s, you undoubtedly spent a lot of time playing Tetris, a game where you move differently shaped pieces around before they settle down so you can create a straight, completed line that disappears and earns you points.

Source: Facebook

We were reminded of Tetris with the shape of this door and the door frame. But regrettably, nothing here will ever complete a straight line. That eyesore will stay there forever. A part of us is convinced that there’s no way a professional did this job. Another DIY project gone wrong?

Just Call a Pro

DIYs aren’t easy. And don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to judge those who do their best and are still learning. Also, we understand that you can’t become good at something if you don’t fail at it first, right? But sometimes, you just gotta let the pros do it.

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If you’re doing a project and know you don’t have any home repair skills, why not hire a pro? It’s okay if you don’t know how to install a doorknob properly, but don’t just do a job like this one and call it a day.

The Door That Wouldn’t Open

There are some great images of everyday items worn out by time on the Internet, and the stories behind them are usually fascinating. For example, a well-known picture depicts a pair of footprints chiseled into the floorboard by a monk who prayed in the same area for two decades.

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This photo appears to belong in that category, but closer investigation reveals that this is not the case. This is the result of poor planning and design, not of poetic repetition through time. We would like to know the story about this. But it looks like the usual culprit—a DIY expert.

When the Tap Water Screams at You

We all know water is inanimate and has no voice, so why does it appear that the water in this picture is yelling at us? We’d be terrified to wash our hands in that sink for fear of being screamed at by that ferocious-looking tap.

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You don’t know how important good plumbing is until you don’t have it. And this image clearly shows how essential it is to have a professional plumber do your home projects. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that our taps aren’t like this one.

Keep Trying ’Til You Get It

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Motivational quotes are tricky since they are generally very simple, but how true many of them are. Take a look at this picture. Doesn’t that fit this photo?

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The person who installed this hot mess should be proud of themselves for not giving up. At first they didn’t succeed, and they tried again . . . and again. Then they tried again. And again. And again. Do you think they could have searched the Internet to find out “how to find a wall stud”?

Trying Too Hard to Fit in

When we were younger, all we wanted to do was fit in with the crowd, but maybe today’s kids are different and times have changed. We’ve entered the era of individuality, and not fitting in is actually a positive thing since it implies you’re genuine, one-of-a-kind, and distinctive.

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That’s good, right? But surely not in all cases. For example, this air vent was definitely not installed by a Baby Boomer or Millennial. Maybe it was a proud generation Z-er who didn’t care if they fit in. Maybe the other vent was too small.

Power Outlets in the Bathroom

We’re not sure if the person who installed this power outlet went to the same school as some of the landlords on this list, like the one who installed the phony thermostat to save money. It seems like that to us. Or maybe they’re the same person. Many people consider power outlets a necessity.

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That’s understandable, especially considering our continuous need to charge our cell phones. The ad for this apartment might read, “Sure, there are power plugs in the bathroom.” That will probably affect your decision. But make sure you look for yourself before making a decision based on bathroom power outlets.

Michelangelo Would Be Proud

Many people have difficulty understanding contemporary art, and we can’t really blame them. If you’re one of those people, you’re not alone. Have you recently visited a modern art museum? It can be difficult to tell what was made by an artist and what is just bad construction.

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We’re pretty sure this shower head is the result of a DIY project gone terribly wrong. But we also can’t help but wonder if this was in an art museum somewhere. If so, the piece would, of course, speak of the ephemerality of the human condition.