Who Approved This? Poorly Designed Products

It’s funny that when things are well-designed, we barely even notice because they naturally work smoothly. It’s the badly designed stuff that catches our attention because it’s usually inconvenient. Like, come on, some things should just be obvious! But it’s not always negative. Sometimes, it’s a silly mistake that doesn’t directly affect our day to day lives.

Bathroom Sign
Source: redbubble.com

Sure, at times, these errors can upset very particular people, but other times these mishaps are absolutely hilarious. Today we are going to look into the funny ones. From badly designed clothes and poorly though-out signs to terrifying toys, and misspelled tattoos, here are some designs that should have gotten a second opinion. Check out these design mess-ups that are sure to brighten up your day! Get ready to laugh!

Two Faces

This woman is a huge animal activist, which is why she should have thought this sweatshirt idea through. I guess she was paying so much attention to animal justice and didn’t pay attention. As you can tell, it says “Anti Animal Cruelty Club” on her back so that everyone will know she is fighting for animal rights.

Anti Animal Cruelty Club T-Shirt
Source: Imgur

Unfortunately, people might get the wrong impression. As long as that hood comes down, it very clearly says, “Animal Cruelty Club.” the word anti is completely hidden. Maybe she only likes animals when it’s raining. Just kidding. I’m sure she loves animals all the time, and this is just a poorly designed sweatshirt.

What Jeans?

There is an old riddle that asks, “what gets bigger the more you remove?” and the answer is a hole. The question could be modified into modern jeans. But instead, what gets bigger, it should ask what gets more expensive. I mean, come on. You might as well just buy a jean belt because that basically what you are getting here.

Ripped off Jeans
Source: Pinterest

I wonder who exactly bought these. I just don’t get the point of them. It’s not like they are covering your legs or keeping you warm. They don’t even cover your private parts! On the bright side, at least they have pockets. They didn’t forget the important stuff.

Bad Strategist

Remember when people used to play board games? You know, before iPads and Apps became a thing. I had so many, but my all-time favorite was Connect Four. You would think the cartoon pieces on the box would be good at the game. However, it looks like the red one is more focused on intimidating his yellow opponent.

Connect 4 game package
Source: Pinterest

I don’t want to make any assumptions because I don’t know what’s going on between these two. But the red guy should keep his eye on the ball. Whoever’s turn it is, there is only one move to make. Also, did you notice how the yellow guy is holding a blue piece? Even though it appears he has been using yellow until now. And there are no blue pieces in this game.