Who Thought These Haircuts Were a Good Idea?

We can do some much with our hair but most of us stick with safer choices. Even after searching Google images for creative ideas. But haven’t you been just the tiniest bit curious what you’d look like with a mohawk or bright purple hair? Well, these people acted on their curiosity, and it’s a sight to behold.

Funny haircuts

Source: Imgur

We will let you decide if these are brave fashion choices or epic fails. However, there’s no denying that these people really let their imaginations run wild. We tip our hats to these brave souls for volunteering themselves to rock these unique looks!

The World’s Biggest Oreo Fan?

We all like Oreos. They’re biscuits. They’re chocolate. They have a cream center. So far, so good, right? It seems this lady likes Oreos a lot more than the normal person does. So much, she decided to become a walking advertisement.

Source: Pinterest

You have to admire her attention to detail. Not only has she gone for the brand and design, but she’s even added the picture and the barcode to make it look authentic. We can’t help but wonder if that barcode works!

Did He Do This on Purpose?

When you go to the hairdresser, and you ask for an innovative and different style, you’re putting your life in their hands. We can’t help but wonder if that’s exactly what this guy did. Surely he didn’t ask for this?

Source: Pinterest

You have to commend him for authenticity, however. It looks like the hair has been cut and then stuck to his head, but maybe it’s a marker pen? Maybe we’ll never know. Either way, ten out of ten for imagination.

Excuse Me, Sir, You Appear to Have a Lizard on Your Head

There are many things you can do with a shaving machine. If you’re talented enough, as this guy’s hairdresser was, you can create all manner of fantastic designs. It seems this guy is a big fan of lizards.

Source: Reddit

It does look like he has a lizard of some kind crawling on his head. He must have had a good head of hair before the hairdresser took hold of the clippers, but either way, it’s a haircut that you’re not going to forget in a while.

The ‘80s Called, They Want Their Hair Back

Do you remember the mullet hair ‘do? Think back to the original Baywatch, and you’re probably picturing the look we’re describing. This girl felt nostalgic for simpler times and asked her hairdresser to take her back in style times.

Source: Pinterest

However, we can’t help but point out that it looks decidedly like she has a case of Lego hair. The top seems to be almost stuck on, and the fringe? That’s not even straight! Perhaps when she asked for a mullet, the hairdresser didn’t quite understand?

The Look Isn’t Quite What She Was After

To be honest, if we walked out of the hairdressers with that ‘do, we’d look equally as distressed. What exactly is this monstrosity? Not only is the fringe ridiculously short to the point of being pointless, but the curl under?

Source: Reddit

Then, we have a shaved section on top and what can only be described as bushes hanging down either side. It’s certainly a creation, we have to say that, but we can’t help but wonder what the hairdresser was thinking.

A Hair or a Hair ‘Do – You Decide

We know that Lady Gaga is occasionally known for her literal gaga ways, but this hairstyle has us confused. Is it a hat, or is it her actual hair? And if it’s her hair, how does she keep it so damn straight? That’s some powerful hairspray!

Source: Pinterest

Of course, it could also be that a rather large bird has landed on her head and decided to stick around for a while. With Lady Gaga, anything is possible. In this case, perhaps we should let you decide what this hairstyle is

She’s Living in La La Land

Unicorns, pastel colors, and hair ties are all very cute. They’re things that most people quite enjoy – when they’re younger. However, this hairstyle has taken the unicorn pastel look and ran with it. They’ve just gone and ran way too far, in our opinion.

Source: Pinterest

How are those unicorns attached, and how do they come off? Does it hurt? We have so many questions. Yet underneath it all, we’re just hoping it’s a wig, and we can borrow it because let’s face it, it’s pretty cute.

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under The Sea?

We can appreciate that Spongebob Squarepants is pretty cool. However, we can also appreciate that you should probably grow out of your love for Bob by around the age of 10. Whoever owns this hair hasn’t reached that point yet.

Source: Tumblr

The attention to detail is pretty impressive, and even we have to admit it. The shaved in lines and the green and yellow sections are a pretty accurate take on a pineapple. Yet, what does her place of work think of her pineapple hair?

You Forgot to Perm The Rest

The ‘80s were a weird time, especially for fashion. It seemed like anything was allowed and accepted. However, this? Never allowed or accepted, in our opinion. Not only did she attempt the permed mullet, but it’s lopsided!

Source: Tumblr

Did she forget to perm the length? Is it a clip-on? We have so many questions and no time to answer them. All we can say is that whoever let her go out like this should not be advising her on anything ever again.

He Loves His Money

You know that annoying feeling when you need some change, and you can’t find any? Perhaps that’s what this guy experienced several times and decided he’d had enough of. In that case, he decided to stick his change onto his head.

Source: Piximus

What exactly are those coins stuck on with? And, are they actual coins? They look pretty real, and we can’t help but wonder whether that hairstyle is comfortable at all. We also have to question the top section – is that a bag of change?

“I Want Volume, Hear Me? Volume!”

Some people like the over-the-top look. Flat hair is a definite ‘no’ for some people. We can only assume that’s exactly the category this lady falls into. Not only did she ask for a very elaborate style, but she wanted plenty of volume too.

Source: Reddit

Again, we have a case of the top section being designed and the length being left to its own devices. Of course, less is more in some cases, but the boat has a pretty much set sail on that one, don’t you think?

When The Hairdresser Runs Out of Hair Dye

We’re not sure what to look at first – the horrendous hairstyle or the lady’s face in the mirror. She looks like she’s about to burst into tears as the hairdresser proudly takes photographs of her creation. We can’t blame her – we’d cry too.

Source: Pinterest

Did the hairdresser run out of the darker shade and have to finish the look with blonde? What are the curls at the end all about? Someone, please tell us that this hair ‘do wasn’t intentional and that it’s some big joke!

When it Comes to Hair, Never Try to Be Edgy

Short hair requires careful planning. It doesn’t suit everyone, and you need to ensure that you get the look exactly right. This look is not right at all. We can’t help but wonder whether it’s another case of Lego hair gone very wrong indeed.


Almost pixelated in its look, the hair isn’t straight, it’s not symmetrical, and it’s certainly not fashionable in any way, shape, or form. Also, where are her eyebrows? This look is wrong on so many levels, and it’s no wonder she’s not smiling.

Is That a Dead Animal on Her Head?

It seems that this young girl really couldn’t make her mind up that morning about what style she wanted. It’s also pretty unfortunate that she had this type of indecision on a school photograph day. As a result, she went for a little bit of everything.

Source: Tumblr

We’re not sure how to describe the volume on top, long, straight hair, and an odd parting. There also seems to be many hairsprays at large, which cannot be good for the environment. Put simply; this is the epitome of a bad hair day.

Save The Bees!

We all know that bees are endangered, and we have to do everything to protect them. Yet, this guy seems to have taken that knowledge a step too far. He’s become a bee. Perhaps he got the brief wrong?

Source: Pinterest

You have to commend him for his attention to detail. Not only did he get the circles perfectly symmetrical and the colors defined, but he’s also got a sting! However, what the sting is actually made of and how it’s attached to his head is up for debate.

Ain’t No Sun in My Eyes!

Even though this haircut looks ridiculous, you have to say that it’s also pretty genius too. He doesn’t want to wear a hat, but he’s also very aware of the perils of sun damage and protecting your eyes.

Source: Pinterest

Rather than wear a hat regardless, he chose to create a hairstyle that protects his face and eyes from the sun. He’s got his cap! He looks pretty pleased with himself, doesn’t he? We can’t blame him; that’s some pretty great thinking right there.

Sometimes, There Are No Words

We’re struggling with this one. We can’t quite understand this guy’s motivation. Why would you shave your head and have elaborate pigtails hanging from the front? Surely they hit you in the eye or tickle your nose when you walk?

Source: Tumblr

He doesn’t mind, as he looks pretty pleased with himself. He’s even dyed his pigtails to match his shirt. Did his hairdresser do this on purpose, and did he even understand the brief? Either way, we’re still very, very confused.

Standing Out Above The Crowd

Nikki Minaj never does anything by halves. If she tells her hairdresser that she wants something big and elaborate, that’s exactly what she’s going to get. However, Minaj has outdone herself with this beehive look!

Source: wmagazine

Is she channeling Cruella De Vil? Or, is it something else entirely? Either way, that’s some serious height on that hair, and you have to wonder how she manages to walk through doors without banging her hair on the top.

Keeping Your Ears Warm

Firstly, don’t panic; Meg Ryan has not gone completely insane and decided to shave her hair and stick make-shift earmuffs on the sides of her head. This is a Photoshopped image that someone decided to create. Why exactly remains to be seen.

Source: Pinterest

It does highlight exactly what a new hairstyle can do for your look, however. We’re used to seeing Meg Ryan with carefully coiffured hair, not random hairy ear muffs stuck where her ears should be. Do you like this look?

Yet to Find Her Signature Style

Top knots might be in fashion, but they’re not for everyone. They’re best for those with thick hair, and those with thin hair often find that their scalp shows through, no matter how much backcombing they do. That’s exactly what this lady has run into.

Source: Reddit

Of course, the fact that this is a mugshot tells us that her hair is probably the least of her worries, but it does highlight the fact that if you’re going to do a top knot, you should probably assess whether it’s a look for you before you go for it.

Flying High in The Hair Stakes

Some people really will do anything for attention. For example, take this lady; she has had hair fashioned into an elaborate helicopter just to turn heads. For starters, does she love helicopters that much? And secondly, how much hairspray?

Source: Imgur

When she walked into the salon and asked the hairdresser for a Budgie, the Helicopter-inspired look, we wonder what they thought. Yet, it’s not the first time they’ve done this look as it’s quite a perfect imitation!

How is My Disguise?

It’s one thing to have hair extensions, drawn-on eyebrows, and lip fillers, but to make them look so unbelievably fake, that’s altogether different. We’re torn as to whether this is a joke or it’s real. We’re hoping it’s real.

Source: Piximus

The eyebrows and lips are something entirely different but the hair? It’s not even in the right place! Someone needs to tell this woman that a hairpiece should begin where natural hair begins, not towards the back! Surely it’s a joke.

When You Slip With the Scissors

Do you remember the hairstyle that Jim Carrey had in Dumb & Dumber? The bowl look, we believe it was called. It seems that this lady asked for the Carrey bowl look, but something went awry during the cut. Does she know it’s uneven?

Source: Pinterest

She seems pretty pleased with the look, which we bet she describes as ‘edgy.’ It’s certainly that – rough edges, that is. If you’re going to attempt the bowl cut (why would you do that anyway), make sure that it’s even all the way around.

Don’t Touch Neymar’s Mullet

Neymar isn’t known for conforming to his fashion choices, so it’s no surprise that it extends to his haircuts too. This look can only be described as a mohawk-slash-mullet, but which not sure which side is winning.

Source: Pinterest

Whoever created this look certainly paid attention to detail, with the carefully shaved sides and the ginger/orange shade all the way through. He seems pretty pleased with it, which is perhaps the lesson we should learn here – when it comes to hair!

Check Out The ‘Hawk!

The long mohawk has long been a sign of a punk rocker or someone who refuses to conform. This guy wants to stand out, just as his hair is certainly standing on end. Not only that, but he went one step further and dyed it red!

Source: Reddit

He doesn’t seem to shy away from attention, that’s for sure. The amount of gel and spray required to keep that hair standing perfectly straight must be pretty epic. We can’t help but wonder what it looks like when he wakes up in the morning!

A Very Clever Trick!

We’ve all been there – a lecture just goes on and on, and you’ve got far better things to be doing with your time. Not only that, but you didn’t get much sleep the night before. Surely that’s the perfect time for a nap? But, how can you get away with it?

Source: Tumblr

Easy! Shave the top of your head to make it look like you’re paying attention, and put your glasses on top for added authenticity. What a genius move by this guy who was missing out on his evening’s worth of sleep.

Single-Handedly Bankrupting the Hair Gel Industry

Justin Timberlake is a pretty attractive, fashionable guy, right? He’s known for his style and his talent. However, his style wasn’t always as good as it is now. Back in his early ’N’Sync days, Timberlake had hair akin to a packet of dried noodles.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Yes, the crunchy, dried, curled look was obviously in fashion back in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s as many girls the world over screamed their affection for Mr. Timberlake himself. He even managed to date Britney Spears. Maybe noodle hair is the way forward.

Make Your Mind up!

When you decide what to do with your hair, you need to go all in. You need to make a decision and stick to it. You can’t be half and half if you want to look anywhere near decent. Perhaps someone should have told this Patriots player that piece of advice.

Source: Reddit

Half long and curly, half shaved, which is it going to be? However, it’s worth noting that his hairstyle was a prank played on him by his teammates, which means we can forgive him for his total lack of style.

The World’s Biggest Legolas Fan

Before Orlando Bloom became the international heartthrob, he is nowadays, and he played Legolas, the blonde elf in Lord of The Rings. Known for his pointy ears and long blonde locks, he still somehow managed to look hot. This guy? Not so much.

Source: Imgur

We can only assume the Legolas look was what he was after. How else would you explain the long locks and strange choppy look on top? However, he doesn’t look very happy about it, so maybe he realized a little too late how ridiculous he looked.

Mind The Gap!

The whole point of a parting is that it’s a very thin line where your hair naturally parts one way and the other. It’s not supposed to be more than an inch in thickness and show your entire scalp. He missed the memo on that one.

Source: Reddit

We can only guess that he attempted to cut his hair himself because no self-respecting hairdresser would ever put their name to this horror. Perhaps he slipped when cutting his hair and decided to put it right – badly.

I Want To Be a Dinosaur!

We’ve all seen the punk mohawk look, but this one is a little confusing. He doesn’t look like your typical punk rocker. He looks like he just woke up and decided to fashion his hair into something out of Jurassic Park.

Source: Reddit

With an awful lot of hair gel, he’s somehow created three mohawks that make him look like a triceratops. You have to give him credit for it, especially as he’s also added a cute curl at the front, just to soften the whole look.

When Your Hair Defies Gravity

Anyone who remembers MC Hammer will know that he had pretty elaborate hair. It seems this guy is a fan, but I wanted to go one further. The hairdresser who created this does deserve an award. Sure, it’s ‘out there, but it’s pretty creative.

Source: Pinterest

The shaving work is top-notch, and we can’t help but clap our hands at this one. For sure, he may get a few odd looks as he walks down the street, but he’ll also turn heads for good reasons too. Sometimes it’s good to stand out for having a different style.

Don’t Watch a Horror Movie With The Lights Off

This hair “style” makes us question our basic grasp on gravity. Surely hair is supposed to point downwards or at least slightly that way when held up with spray? How this guy managed to get his hair to stand literally on end is quite the genius move.

Source: Reddit

However, it also makes him look like he’s had quite the fright. It’s not exactly a look that’s going to catch on, and what it looks like when he wakes up is something we can only imagine. Either way, he looks pretty impressed with his creation.

Eyes in The Back of His Head

Some people just don’t want to fit in. They want to stand out as much as possible, even if the look they have is nothing short of audacious. This guy isn’t interested in fitting in, so he decided to have a face shaved into the back of his head.

Source: Imgur

It gives a new meaning to the phrase “I don’t have eyes in the back of my head” because this guy does! But, who is this person? At first glance, it looks a bit like Morgan Freeman, but it’s far too scary to be him!

Is That a Hat or Her Hair?

When we first saw this hairstyle, we thought it was a striped beanie hat on this lady’s head. We assumed she was feeling a little cold. But upon second glance, we realized that she did have one of the worst hairstyles ever seen.

Source: Onedio

Not only does she have stripes around her hair, but the blonde looks slightly green! Add to that the dodgy fringe and the mullet vibes, and we can’t help but wonder why she ever thought this was a good idea. It’s no wonder she looks miserable!

A Real-Life Egg & Spoon Race

Sometimes you really can’t help but say the words, “what were you thinking?” That sums this guy’s hair up precisely. Not only does he have some very random bird’s nest gelled to the top of his head, but he chose to put eggs in it for comedic value!

Source: Reddit

Does he like egg & spoon races and ran out of spoons? Does he think this looks good? Are the eggs stuck there too? We have so many questions and very little chance to get answers.

This Guy Doesn’t Need a Hat

When you have this much hair, you don’t need to buy hats or even scarves. Your natural mane will keep you cozy and warm no matter what the weather. However, we can’t help but wonder how he manages to keep it so perfectly coiffured.

Source: Pinterest

Surely it can’t be real. There isn’t a hair out of place. There’s not even a split end to be seen. Either he’s got some seriously good shampoo and conditioner, or he’s having us all for a joke, and he’s wearing a wig. Let’s hope he is!

When a Regular Cut Isn’t Enough

For most people, when they ask for a mohawk, they choose to keep the sides shaved and clear, so the actual ‘hawk takes the attention. Do you know the term ‘less is more’? This guy doesn’t understand that one.

Source: Imgur

Not only did he go for the ‘hawk, but he also had gradient squares shaved into the back and sides of his head. If he wants to get attention, he’s going the right way about it. The only question is whether it’s the right type of attention or not.