Whoever Wrote These Hilarious Restaurant Signs Deserves a Raise!

Have you realized that there are many options to choose from any time you try to eat out? Well, it turns out that even restaurants have realized there are quite several them. In return, they’ve upped their marketing game to large signs outside their front door.

Source: Reddit

From clever wordplay, creative designs, and unfortunate mistakes, these signs can be hysterical. That way, you can eat your meal along with a hearty laugh! But other times, the signs can turn customers off and send them away. We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurant signs! Bon appetit!

An Incredibly Special Deal

We’ve seen some great deals at many restaurants, but this one is incredible. Bring your girlfriend for 5% off on your order. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it gets better. Put a ring on it, and you’ve got yourself 10%. Woah! Sweet, right? It still gets better.

Source: Reddit

Bring both in, and you’ll get your entire meal for free. How cool is that? A small piece of advice: After doing this and saving your money, you’ll be the one that needs saving. Are you willing to risk being homeless because your wife took everything from you?

No One is Paying for That, Sir

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a staple of fast food. If you’re craving some crispy chicken and sides, there are not many better places than KFC. We’ll agree, it’s not everyone’s favorite eatery, but if this sign is anything to go by, an employee is already fed up with it.

Source: Reddit

Instead of advertising an unbeatable feast, a crucial letter was missing that completely changed the message. We’re sure everyone who saw this got a pretty good laugh. Whether the letter was stolen, fell off, or they just didn’t have it to begin with, this sign gets a laugh from us, too.

Socrates? Hold My Beer…

Heads up: El Arroyo has some incredible signs, and we have many of them on this list. But this one will stop you. This Austin-based restaurant has moved from dad puns to cheeky jokes. As we stop to get some food, they’re also giving us some food for thought.

Source: Facebook

People must really like their food for them to have this much time to explain what clapping is. But quite frankly, they make an interesting point. El Arroyo loves stuff like this. Before you know it, you’ve been staring at their sign for an hour and need to eat.

How to Prove You Love Someone

We’ve all heard about the five love languages, right? Physical touch, acts of service, quality time, words of encouragement, and gifting. Well, this sign has cleverly checked a couple of those boxes with one solution: buying a round of drinks. Well, who would have thought?

Source: Reddit

Looks like Dr. Gary Chapman needs to take notes! There’s buying, which is a gift. There’s the time spent sitting together and drinking – quality time. And then doing something for someone, which is an act of service. What are you waiting for? Show your loved ones how much you care!

You Shall Never Thirst Again

There are some pretty great deals at the golden arches, but this one takes the cake. From a $1 hamburger to a $1 soft drink of any size. That’s right, even a 50-foot drink, according to this sign. You’ll agree, no deal will ever top that.

Source: Tumblr

If you need a quick meal but don’t have a lot of money, McDonald’s is the place to be. As a perk, you’ll have lots of uses for that drink cup once you’re done. You could collect rainwater, build a DIY swimming pool, or use it as a dumpster.

No Wonder You Need the Ad

Anyone who has ever run a business knows that customers are their lifeblood. If you’ve also managed a restaurant before, then you’ll like to serve people quickly so they can leave and give their spot to a new customer who will pay you more money.

Source: Tumblr

This restaurant, Bob’s Grill, wants to do the same thing but has taken a different approach to make sure people don’t linger longer than they need to. And that’s making their feelings clear. Just so you know, this isn’t the place to bring your friends to catch up.

El Arroyo’s Mother’s Day Celebration Sign

El Arroyo is back at it again with a sign that’ll draw a nervous laugh from every student. Honestly, we’ve all done it before – you’re stuck on a math problem, and instead of calling out Ms. Lewis, or Ms. Smith, or Ms. Johnson, you call your teacher “Mom.” Sound familiar?

Source: Facebook

We think she’ll be glad that she comes off as a motherly figure to the kids in her class. And El Arroyo hoped the sign would go viral on Mother’s Day. It doesn’t market much in the area of food, but it’s funny. Maybe you’ll end up buying a meal.

Only Food Has No End

This restaurant has a message. Friend. Best friend. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. They all come to an end. But food is the only thing that won’t leave you. So, step in alone and eat some of this restaurant’s food. We don’t want to be that guy, but…

Source: Reddit

…food is also the only thing on that list that can give you obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and higher clothing costs. We’re sure if you visit this depressing restaurant with a few of your friends, the owner will be happier than just one person walking in.

Sure Way to Send People Away

We’ve seen signs that have gotten laughs out of all. Some have made us think, and others save money. But this one is aimed at making people cry. These people say nothing is special in or out of the store. We always think we’re destined for great things.

Source: Reddit

However, this store owner is set on hurling us back to reality, saying maybe we’re just not special. We have a weird feeling the restaurant’s name…uh…GNTRBT, probably has some sadistic meaning, too. Hopefully, the owner allows their guest to at least enjoy their coffee, bagels, or whatever they offer.

No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Yelp has been a mixed bag for many businesses worldwide, with positive and negative reviews circulating at the same rate. Someone had the brilliant idea to turn a Yelp reviewer’s comment that this restaurant had the worst meatball sandwich of his life into a sign. Really?

Source: Reddit

How bad can a meatball sandwich possibly be? Everyone likes a meatball sandwich. Maybe he didn’t like the bread they used. Or was it the meat? It’s possible they used a kind of meat the reviewer isn’t a fan of. Either way, this sign would pique people’s interests!

Read Between the Lines

Every business needs to focus on attracting customers to its establishment. Offering clients something they want is one of the quickest ways to draw them in, and this sign appears to do just that. There were certainly many consumers who entered with cash in hand and were ready to spend.

Source: Reddit

But if you look at the sign a little more closely, you’ll see that it was merely a smokescreen for the Olympics. Hey, the Olympic games are fun too, right? Getting some ice-cold drinks, hanging out with the boys, and watching some archery. Nothing is more fun!

Another Reason to Read Closer

Who doesn’t like free beer? Seeing this sign advertising free beer might surprise you, but it’s important to read between the lines! Just make sure you check properly and you’re not missing any vital information. Imagine going in to enjoy free beer from 40 different taps!

Source: Reddit

Just make sure you go in with your wallet, too. Or at least have another way to pay because you will. Of course, it’s not free. Why would they give away free beer? Well, we’ll ask the same questions. Hopefully, people were calm enough to read that sign.

Figuring Out Where to Eat

Get used to seeing lots of El Arroyo signs because they’re the kings of hilarious and corny restaurant signs. This sign highlights the difficulty that many people, particularly couples, experience – choosing a restaurant to eat. It gets you thinking, though – just like all El Arroyo’s signs.

Source: Facebook

If you and your significant other can find a place you like to eat, then you don’t need to check any zodiac signs or compatibility tests. Y’all are soulmates. But wait, this is the first time we’ve seen an El Arroyo sign that actually has something to do with restaurants!

They All Look the Same to Us

Most restaurants just list the kind of drinks they have, but this restaurant has taken a somewhat different approach. Every drink, including traditional soft drinks, lemonade, tea, and “strawberry,” was photographed separately. Even though it may not be particularly necessary, it will undoubtedly be useful for people who have eyesight problems.

Source: Tumblr

Or simply those who like to point at their preferred drink. But the images of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, and tea could all actually be the same drink. Additionally, the small drink size costs $1, which is a far cry from the amazing discount McDonald’s recently offered.

Some Pizza for Thought

Here’s another great sign. Unlike El Arroyo, this one tells us what the restaurant sells, and it’s a great deal. But really? One dollar pizza? That’s definitely a steal. It’s also funny because the Philosoraptor, a classic internet deep thinker, is here wondering why every pizza isn’t as affordable.

Source: Reddit

We 100% agree. This is one sign that ticks all the boxes, and it’s the kind of sign that is funny and passes the message. A good sign. Also, this restaurant has a seriously talented person on its payroll. They made their best impression of the inquisitive and thoughtful raptor.

This is Your Last Warning

Words just aren’t enough in some restaurants. Especially if the establishment in question is foreign or serves ethnic cuisine. Things must have gotten quite bad at this restaurant for the owners to put out a sign pleading with customers not to flip over the tables.

Source: Reddit

Judging by how it is written in English and Japanese, it doesn’t look like a nationality problem. Plus, a stick image just to get the message across. Maybe this is a result of Yakuza deals gone wrong or terrible sushi. Or maybe the tables just look so flippable.

Only at The Alex Restaurant

Yes, the poem is kind of silly, and it might make some people laugh, but we doubt many people saw it and decided to stop in. Let’s talk about their name choice – “The Alex Restaurant.” Is Alex the owner of the restaurant? Are all their employees named Alex?

Source: Reddit

Maybe only Alexes are allowed to eat at the restaurant? If that’s the case, then we can see why they’re struggling to find customers. Can steak be blue? Yeah, we know extra-rare steak is called blue steak by some people, but they might want to stick to what people know.

Can You Just Tell Us About Your Food?

So, we all know the lyrics, “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.” Gen Z will attribute it to Nicki Minaj, but Sir Mix-A-Lot sang it first in “Baby Got Back.” So, what is this doing on a list of restaurant signs? We’re asking the same thing!

Source: Facebook

As usual, El Arroyo chose a corny way of spinning the lyrics. It’s a weak attempt, but at least they’re trying. The sign is punny…and corny. But at least they’re having fun. We would, however, like for them to tell us a little bit about their food though.

Following the Boss’s Orders

Following orders is a cornerstone of the give-and-take relationship that makes working with your boss easy. We doubt that the boss will be pleased to learn that the sign-writer took his instructions too literally, though. The sign here is meta, meaning it’s only interesting if you’ve got prior knowledge.

Source: Reddit

These kinds of signs are good for getting social media traction. They’re also hilarious, which means they’ll get a laugh out of other passers-by and us. But like many other signs, we don’t know anything about the restaurant, their food, or if there are specials.

Who Would You Rather Fight?

This sign will stop you dead in your tracks and get you thinking. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses? Hmm. Wait, are the ducks working as a team? Do the animals know they’re not the normal sizes they should be?

Source: Facebook

Does the enormous duck see you as a big slice of bread? Will this be a fight to the death, or can you run away? Most importantly, can’t we settle our differences with dialogue rather than violence? Don’t blame us; we just need some clarification. This one is thought-provoking.

I Am a Social Vegan

Come on now, El Arroyo. Really? This can’t be your best sign. It may take a second to understand the corny joke here. But as soon as you figure it out, you’re going to groan, roll your eyes, and go across the street to Taco Bell.

Source: Facebook

There’s no way you’re rewarding that, which goes against the purpose of a sign. It’s not even “creative” because we’ve heard the joke countless times. What does El Arroyo sell, though? Do they even cook food? Or is it just a bunch of writers thinking up the next witty sign?

Just Pretend it’s the 1990s

There was a time when you could investigate someone’s eyes without it being weird or have them look at their screen. Back then, a coffee shop was bustling with conversations over a nice, regular, black coffee. Back then, if the phone rang while you were out to eat, too bad.

Source: Facebook

This store doesn’t have Wi-Fi like many do these days, but they’ve seen some positives in that. Now they’re trying to bring back those days. And we’re fully in support! Maybe people will use this opportunity to take a break from their devices and just…talk to other people.

There Are No Menus

Yet another sign that thinks a threat is the best way to bring in money. When you enter a restaurant or cafe, you usually look out for the menu, so you know what to order. But this cafe doesn’t think so. No menus, and you get served “what you deserve.”

Source: Tumblr

We’re curious. What could they know about their customers to serve what they deserve? They don’t know us. They don’t know what we’ve done! Or…haven’t done! But the sign is false. Are we really going to be served what we deserve or what the people working there think we deserve?

Sounds Good Enough, Right?

Here’s an idea; if you’re struggling to get good reviews, just give yourself one and the customers will flow in. Easy, right? This restaurant owner seems to think so and is being honest with us. The thing is, we’d expect that the owner of a restaurant eats at their place.

Source: Reddit

But does the recommendation go deeper? Is the owner happy with the food? Do they agree that it should be improved? How about the service? Then there’s the quality of food compared to their price and the speed of preparing it. Did they consider all that?

Should You Eat Our Meat?

Now, this is what we’re talking about. This sign ticks all the boxes and is also interesting to read. First, immediately we see this sign, we already know what kind of food this restaurant serves: meat. Honestly, it’s more than we can say for some brands – El Arroyo, fall out!

Source: Facebook

Second, we can see that they’re interested in advertising their food and going at it hard. And third, they’re funny. Every ending to this flowchart gives us something punchy, pushing us to try their food out. It isn’t that hard, is it? Some restaurants can learn a thing or two.

We Could See That Coming

El Arroyo has given us some sharp wisecracks, but this one…not so much. OK, the pun is there – the mean is the average in a collection of numbers – but it’s so obvious. Any seventh grader would’ve seen the punchline coming from a mile (or worksheet) away.

Source: Facebook

Of course, some kids who think they’re so smart and privy to some FORBIDDEN math knowledge will laugh. But most of us will roll our eyes and walk past the El Arroyo sign…and restaurant. And we’re sure it happens more often than the restaurant will admit.

Who Wants a Free Concussion?

How many of us have entered a restaurant and taken a picture of our food? Yeah, almost everyone, especially at fancy restaurants. But this restaurant thinks you shouldn’t do that here, for your own good. Sounds like someone is fed up with people whipping their phones out every second.

Source: Reddit

And for what? Snapping pictures of their food for the ‘gram, instead of just digging into their warm meals. If the meal gets cold, you might not enjoy it as much, and you leave a bad review. Do them a favor and take a picture of the empty plate instead.

Happy Whatever Doesn’t Offend You

El Arroyo is using the same old tactics of using letters to form words and then building sentences using those words. Here, they’re wishing us a “happy whatever doesn’t offend you,” which is a murky way of wishing people a happy [insert celebration] day.

Source: Facebook

These El Arroyo signs are obviously not built to help the passers-by out but to get the restaurant noticed. To make sure they’re trending. Just like a stamped ticket, you show your buddies a photo of the most recent sign, so they know you’ve been out of town lately.

A Drink Solves All Problems

You sometimes need a pick-me-up. You just want to go someplace where you can enjoy yourself and temporarily put your concerns behind you after a long day. Sometimes you want to be the fun person and take the party vibe to others, or you want to celebrate with your pals after hearing some good news.

Source: Tumblr

Whatever the case, this bar, eatery, or diner (we can’t say since they’ve refused to tell us what they are) has a solution for you. They’ve got something that will help your need to cool off or rejoice. Just enter, have a drink, and all your problems are gone.

That Sign is Saying Something

Just like the uneatable KFC meal we saw earlier, neon signs have the delightful habit of malfunctioning in silly ways. In this case, the neon sign has done us a favor and produced something hilarious. But we want to know if this restaurant truly deserves such a crude fate.

Source: Tumblr

Is it a place you go once and then swear you’d never go again or tell your friends to avoid? Or maybe you see the sign and still happily walk in for the second time this week to get your favorite egg rolls or sushi. This one’s hilarious.

A Strict Dress Code

If you love wearing socks with a pair of sandals, then maybe this isn’t the best restaurant for you. And no, we don’t think it looks good. If you need warmth, why not just wear shoes? But if you feel like wearing sandals, then don’t wear socks.

Source: Reddit

This restaurant has a dress code policy, and it’s only for these types of people. If you think this fashion faux pas looks cool, you’re barred from entering – as you should be. But not just fancy restaurants: If you’re wearing that, you shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.

How Did the Hipster Burn His Tongue?

Hipsters have become a joke and a punchline, and over the years, the number of people who call themselves hipsters has dropped dramatically. But quite frankly, we’ve all become hipsters one way or the other since we’re always looking for the new cool thing or the latest trends.

Source: Reddit

And if we adopt this new style, trend, or activity, then we have superiority. Here’s a simple joke on this sign. At least it tells us that this store sells coffee. Although there’s no other information, it’s still a better try than El Arroyo and is funny.

The Simplest Sign in the World

We’ve seen signs that took us a second to understand. Some were threats, and others were just jokes. But this one could well be the most straightforward sign of all time. You know that thing that comes out of chickens and other birds? Of course, you do. EGGS.

Source: Reddit

With an average of just 70 calories, an egg is a lean protein that’ll taste great and keep you full. Remove the yolks, and they’re an even heart-healthier meal. Whether an omelette, hard-boiled, or scrambled, this restaurant serves eggs. Simple as. No time to explain further.

Just Take Another Look

At first glance, this sign appears to suggest something negative about the restaurant’s meals. But a clever play on words plus a nod to the well-known musician Snoop Dogg culminates in a restaurant name that is unique, humorous, and makes you yearn for some hot, delicious Vietnamese soup.

Source: Tumblr

Hopefully, people took a second look. In our book, creating a sign that not only describes the type of food you sell but also makes people smile is a win. With the promise of some bubble tea and other Vietnamese cuisines, this small restaurant looks to be a hit.

Purring Your Way to More Savings

Who doesn’t like saving some cash? We’ll admit that there are many places with odd requirements offering guests to do one strange thing or the other. But this sign takes the cake for the weirdest. If you can meow ten times while you order, you’ll get ten percent off!

Source: Reddit

While we appreciate art and will say the drawing is good, it has nothing to with cats. The idea of a whole restaurant pretending to be cats and meowing their way to saving money sounds hilarious, though. If the staff doesn’t get sick of it, we’re sure it’ll be fun.

Fastest Way to Know You’re a Father

This looks like the cheeky, male version of that El Arroyo sign we saw before. If you work in one of these professions, which are known for their seductive tendencies, particularly when that lonely wife gets them in her sights, maybe you should also be celebrating Father’s Day.

Source: Reddit

The sign tells us nothing about what they sell or even their name, but if you walk in and say you work in one of those professions (or as a pizza delivery driver or maybe a groundskeeper), you might get a cheer and a free drink.

Managers for the Pineapple House

Burger King is commonly referred to as the little brother of McDonald’s, the “king” of fast-food burger stores. But many people still prefer their food to the golden arches. Burger King has been trying to branch into humor, and this sign will definitely get a chuckle.

Source: Imgur

Especially from the millions of people who enjoyed the cartoon show while they were kids and still do now. We think they might struggle to find someone willing to manage this establishment because Mr. Spongebob Squarepants has a reputation for having a hard-to-manage working style.

Wait a Minute…Did They Just Talk About Food?

El Arroyo has stunned us here – they’ve actually given us some idea about their restaurant and what they sell with this sign. How incredible. As usual, it’s one of their silly jokes that they want people passing by to take pictures of and get them trending.

Source: Facebook

But we can assume that they sell Tex-Mex. Well, the sign is true because no one wants a small taco. It’s just that we still don’t know if it’s beef or chicken. Are there fish tacos? Perhaps a special blend with the perfect mix of rice, cheese, tomato, and guacamole?

Err… We’d Rather Not

Now, this is the kind of style that makes a restaurant trend, but just not for the right reason. Well, the sign wants you to eat there…but hold on a sec…WHAT ARE THEY SERVING? Ah well…shame we’re not into all that…OK, not to be disrespectful; they probably taste good.

Source: Imgur

There’s no way they’ll broadcast that sort of thing without already perfecting the recipes. Right? Uhm, hey officer, could you go and speak to Jessica? Just ask a few questions, especially about the kids. We’re just kidding; that’s the name of the restaurant, but this sign is hilarious.

Not Much of a Secret Anymore

Wendy’s, we really expected better. You claim that your burger meat is always fresh. That it’s never frozen, but you’ve just revealed the secret to the whole world. Your secret recipe is your people? Are you sure your name isn’t…Jessica? Hmm. And you’re even hiring now.

Source: Facebook

How are we sure it’s not because you’ve run out of patties?! We heard of the popular news from 2005 when a visitor said they saw a finger in their chili bowl. Although it was dismissed as false and the visitor was arrested, maybe Wendy’s needs to change this sign.

It Would Have Made Headlines

The song by Bus Stop says everybody was kung fu fighting. But according to this El Arroyo sign, there’s no way it was everyone. They’re right. There would have been a global panic. Fights would’ve spilled into sports arenas, bars, homes, and other places that don’t normally see physical violence.

Source: Facebook

El Arroyo has decided to speak out because they’re sick of people exaggerating how common the kung fu fights were. We appreciate you bringing up a valid point, El Arroyo, you mysterious king of the weird signs. Maybe one day you’ll provide us with some useful information.

On the Road to Recovery

Many people struggle with addiction. By realizing how crucial it is to have control over your own life and how vital it is to those around you, the sign-writer has ensured that he or she is on the road to recovery. But hold on a sec…

Source: Tumblr

…we’ve just been handed a note. Oh, come on now! Really? No. No. No. This sign is making fun of a really serious situation. Hokey Pokey? That’s a serious addiction that is no laughing matter! People are struggling with it. Wait, hold on now…we’ve just been handed another note. Oh…

Here’s Something You Didn’t Know About Elephants

Given that El Arroyo drip-feeds people with little bits of information about themselves, we’re inclined to think there may be some hidden meaning here. This is a restaurant telling us that “anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant.” What do they mean? Are there tacos made from…the…the…other white meat?

Source: Facebook

Are they part of the illegal ivory trade, or do they engage in destructive and sadistic elephant poaching? OK then, well, hello, is this the office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation? We have something you may want to look at. Don’t forget to look into the wastebaskets, please!

Open Eight Days a Week

A restaurant that opens six days a week is good. Make that seven, and it’s a blessing. That’s why many restaurants pride themselves on opening all week. But one restaurant had the guts and the chutzpah to stay open EIGHT days a week and still stay closed on Sundays!

Source: Facebook

You’ve got to admit that you don’t see that every day. We have no idea which restaurant this is, but they must have some pretty mind-blowing food to alter time in such a profound way. Either they’re slinging some futuristic meal, or the sign creators are just dumb.

Not Sure People Want to be Reminded of That

Scientists have been trying to find just how cold-hearted and unloving something can become. That might explain why you’ve not seen the person who brutally tore your heart into a billion pieces. Well, this store has a message for you. We get that they’re trying to market their product.

Source: Reddit

But they might be reminding people of a memory that they’d rather keep locked away. As you drink the beer, you can pour your heart out in tears as every cold gulp reminds you of how cold-blooded he/she was. Great sign; at least we know they sell beer.

Woof! It’s the Cops

El Arroyo again. They’re doing their best to give people food for thought, but we hope these people are eating their food…for mouth. Here’s a sign talking about how dogs see K-9 units on the street. This would be hilarious to any potential customer that stops by.

Source: Facebook

But once again, it doesn’t tell us anything about the restaurant, the kind of food it sells, their prices, or special deals. Maybe one day we’ll see a sign telling us what they’re selling. Or maybe we’ll just keep seeing these funny signs without eating their food.

Eat Here or Else

What other way to get people to eat at your restaurant than threatening them? They say that money makes the world go round, and this sign gets right to the point when it says that they need visitors to stop in and spend some of their money.

Source: Tumblr

So, they can use that money to buy their own food later. The sign is succinct and conveys its message in just seven words. The problem is that you and I can make our own food and won’t starve. But maybe someone will see this sign and pity them.

A Solution for Every Problem

If you’re on the street with nowhere to go, this restaurant has several solutions for you. Are the pangs of hunger doing damage to your belly? They’ve got meals for you. Do you need to cool down your throat after a long day of working nonstop?

Source: Reddit

They’ve got drinks for you! Or maybe you’re alone, and there’s nobody to comfort you during this rough time. The management has got you! They will get you drunk. What a way to tell us about your store and company culture. Genius. El Arroyo? Yep, that’s right.

Another Classic

Starting the meal with a chilled beer is something millions (maybe billions) of people around the world like to do. Although cracking a second one halfway through the meal isn’t as popular, some people still do it. But what about after the meal and right after dessert?

Source: Reddit

Now, that is certainly unusual. Not to the guys at this bar. With these people, beer makes the world go round. Here, it’s beer all day. They worked all day making that beer, and there’s no way they’re going to let it go to waste! DRINK UP!

A Bar with Naked Bartenders?

Most of the restaurant or bar signs we see talk about the food or drink you’ll get when you stop by. But some of them know there are some other things they can offer to increase customers trooping in. Sure, you’ve got to be a…. special place…to offer those…advantages.

Source: Facebook

That’s why this sign did some font trickery by emphasizing the few specific words that many people want to see while leaving the rest hidden but still readable. Therefore lawyers tell you to read the fine print. Well, our hearts go out to those who rushed in.

Entering Their Rebellious Years

With the state of the economy, any restaurant that clocks 13 years deserves to be celebrated. The food business is a difficult one, with many new places popping up every now and then just a few blocks from each other. And others are going out of business.

Source: Tumblr

“Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn” is a unique and mouthful name. They’ve also been in the biz for 13 years, and as they enter teenagehood, they’re about to get restless and WILD. When we think about teen years, we imagine young adults going to high school. But not restaurants.

They’ll Get Used to It

Ed’s Real Scoop is taking the El Arroyo approach and giving us some food for thought. They’re saying something about the man who started lifting his hands up for a high-five. It must have been a tough time for him as he spread the word about his new technique.

Source: Reddit

But who invented the high-five? There are many stories. Some say it was the famous basketball player Magic Johnson. Other accounts say baseball players Dusty Baker and Glen Burke did. But we’ve also heard it was college basketballers Wiley Brown and Derek Smith. Nobody knows. Maybe because nobody cares.

You Don’t Want to Get a Noise Complaint

It looks like this business is fed up with the cops coming in every time someone tries their frozen treats. We think this sign is trying to say that their stuff tastes so good that once you eat some, the only thing you’ll think about is the next bite.

Source: Imgur

If you’re looking for a meal that will hit the spot regardless of what you’re craving, then a hot and fresh burger with some ice cream will surely do the trick. People go in there grumpy but leave happy. Well, as long as there’s no police involved.

Some Advice for the Kids

Parents need to always keep control of the car when they drive their kids around. If the kids were on the wheels, they’d be pulling into every drive-through they saw, especially those that serve delicious treats, such as Dairy Queen. It looks like they know it, too.

Source: Tumblr

Not only does the sign have the store’s phone number, but also a piece of advice for the kids – to scream! Scream for ice cream and scream until the dad or mom has no choice but to stop and buy everybody a Blizzard. Honestly, even the parents want to stop.

We Hope You’re Hungry

It’s tough to pick a name for your business. That’s why there are many different platforms that generate names. It’s even trickier for the food industry. So, most people just go for the name of the owner, like McDonald’s – or maybe the founder’s daughter – such as Wendy’s.

Source: Tumblr

You may also consider characters like Burger King, Dairy Queen, Popeye’s, and the like. But some restaurants take an entirely different route, such as this one called “Lick-A-Chick.” We wouldn’t be surprised if this chain isn’t national. The name doesn’t sound appetizing and surely attracts the wrong kind of clientele.

Where Everybody Wants to Eat

You can get everything you need at Sherill’s. Yep, everything. Not only do you get to fill your hungry stomach, but you can also fill up in other ways. Whenever you shop in Tipton, Indiana, you’ll get plenty of gas whether or not you bring your car with you.

Source: Reddit

What else do you think of Sherill’s offer? Maybe toys and games? There’s gas. What type of gas, though? Helium is a gas. Do they have something to fill the party balloons with? Or is it the gas that comes out after eating? We’re sure the kids laugh at this sign.

Almost Fooled Us for a Second

Nothing makes a restaurant sign unforgettable and hilarious like a little bit of poor English. This is one of those that you have to read twice. Although it’s difficult to tell where this sushi restaurant is located, it appears to be in a country where English is spoken.

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But it was founded by someone who needed a little help choosing the right name. Actually, these modest stores always have something good to offer. Everyone can enjoy Japanese sushi and rolls, especially if they’re craving something a little foreign or need to eat something from their own country.

No One Likes Small Subs

There was a time when six inches was enough to fill anyone up. But we’re in different times now, and this Subway agrees that people need more nowadays. If you want to fill a hole, then here’s a solution; go to your favorite sub shop and get 12 inches!

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It doesn’t matter what type of footlong you crave; you can make it perfect – just for you. Just head to the most famous sub shop in the world. But we can all agree that it’s not always about the size – it’s more about the service. Right?

Fill in the Gaps

Valentine’s Day is a time to make choices. Do you try to find a sustainable relationship, or do you grab the nearest bottle and bid sobriety goodbye? This sign has gone straight to the point and made a decision. With tequila, you always know what to expect…

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…a kick on the tongue, a warming sensation in the stomach, and a delightful buzz in the head. If you go on a date, you might potentially experience those things, but you also might find many other things, such as a kick to the head or something worse.

Oh Really? Who Could’ve Thought?

We don’t know what kind of eatery put up a sign like this, but you can’t argue that it doesn’t convey some wisdom. A diet consists of eating the right foods in the right quantities; if you consume too much or too little, you can throw your life off-balance.

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It’s just that they may have missed the most important point – the core of any diet is that you need to eat food! We already knew that, wise one! It might come as a shock to some people, but you do have to eat food to have a diet.

You’d Better Call Soon

There is no better spot to take your guy or gal on February 14 if they want to feel like royalty than a stunning restaurant like White Castle. Don’t delay; this place will undoubtedly fill up quickly on a romantic evening. Get dressed up in your Valentine’s Day best.

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Or maybe it’s a fashionable suit and tie to share a bucket of sliders with your special someone. No matter what time of year it is, pick up the phone and dial; otherwise, you might miss the opportunity to take your partner somewhere they can experience true love.

That’s Quite a Let-Down

Some people find it hard to go a day without working their way toward a great physique. Those people care deeply about their bodies, but sometimes everyone needs a day off. Of course, it can be a major let-down if a friend invites you for pie and lattes…

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…but you end up at a yoga studio instead. Nothing stops you from stopping in for a treat after exercising hard, even if Pilates doesn’t burn enough calories. Making it a habit, though, will undo any weight loss you might have achieved. Remember, abs start in the kitchen!

That’s What You Call an Ad

We don’t know about you, but we think this restaurant has a poet on their payroll. Storytelling is a key element of advertising, and they’ve done it superbly here. There are many ways to describe biting into a hot dog. It could be a good or bad experience.

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But a “thunderous pop” is top tier. We can almost imagine digging into one right now. Pink flesh is an odd choice, though, and there’s some ambiguity there. In a list where we’ve seen a restaurant asking us to eat at Jessica’s family, we may want to clarify that first.

Pick Up the Call

When you see this on your phone’s screen, then you know work time is over, and it’s time to go to your favorite watering hole. Nothing feels better than answering a call from your good friend. And who says beer isn’t a friend? It’s always there for you.

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It may get you into trouble, though, but so do all good friends, right? Not only does this bar have a nice artist among their staff, but they’ve also told us what they sell in a clear and concise way. That’s a great ad, and yes, we’re answering the call.

That’s a Crime in the Culinary World

We know this establishment probably had good ideas. But there’s too much ambiguity here. On the one hand, it sounds like a good thing. There’s this popular slang that when you “murder” something, you’re doing it well. Like killing a dress. Maybe that’s what they mean. Or maybe not.

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Maybe they’re doing it really bad and destroying our favorite Mexican cuisine. They’re probably making them in a pretty bad way that they’re killing the dish. We’ll just have to go in and see for ourselves, right? It has to be an undercover job, but don’t forget your badge.

That Sounds Like a Good Deal, Right?

Nothing beats stopping in for a drink and knowing you’re getting a good deal. This bar is ready to give you some good deals that’ll save you money. Just like any business, this establishment knows offering its customers great deals will bring them back. Now they have a special offer.

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All you need to do is order a “buy one, get another free” drink, but you’ll pay for two. Sounds like a good deal. Except it isn’t. We’ve all seen many smokescreens deals in the past, and here’s one. But they’re funny, so we’ll probably have a bottle…or two.

Who Doesn’t Like Turkey With His Clothes On?

There are many funny and clever signs on this list, but this one stands out. We genuinely have no idea what this message is trying to convey. We’re already scrambling to catch up since the word “special” is missing a letter, but “turkey with his clothes on” absolutely defies logic.

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All we can make out is that it comes with the sides or fixins, like some people like saying when they want to feel fancy. But what if you buy a turkey that has been dressed at the Burger Nook? That will only raise more questions.

Time to Ditch the Calendar

It can be hard to stay organized if you can’t go outside, maybe because you live in a boiling desert, a snowy wasteland, or for some other mysterious reason. But don’t worry, our favorite funny sign restaurant is happy to help you figure out the exact day if you lost count.

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We just passed Octember, meaning the corn is just about to start growing, and all the apples will soon fall from the apple tree at once. Also, Danuary, the month-long festival, is just around the corner. Everyone should get their hockey sticks out for the grand parade.

Soup of the Day

Keep one step ahead of your enemies if you have many of them, and never let them beat you. Eventually, they will be unable to make a comeback other than to cry sweet, delicious tears. Come in right now for a bowl of that refreshing drink.

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It will satisfy your test like nothing else. No enemies? No problem. Just take the empty bowl outdoors and throw it at an unknown person. Bring the bowl back inside and fill it. We wonder what else this establishment sells. Perhaps they have some fajitas.

We Know What to Choose

If you’re walking down the street and you see this sign on the way, it should be enough to stop you in your tracks. There are just two choices: You can go left and have a nice, maybe cold drink. Or you could continue on and risk being a bear’s lunch.

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We all know what we’re choosing. What will happen if you keep going, though? We don’t know but Bob “Eaten by a Bear” McGillicutty may have some answers. Have you ever wondered what happened to him? Yep. You can figure that out while we sit for a cold drink.

Can’t Fool Us, PJ

Papa John’s Pizza tells many lies these days. For example, they claim to sell pizza and not some old cardboard with shredded yellow crayons on top. No, it’s not your tastebuds. But the biggest lie will probably be claiming that their dough is actually fresh.

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It certainly doesn’t feel that way to us. Then the sign takes it further by claiming it is even fresher than the Fresh Prince himself. We all know that’s “cap.” A word of advice; we hope he doesn’t see this, or the sign-writer could get smacked across the face.