40 Terrible Bed Ideas That Will Give You Nightmares

Imagine returning home after a long, exhausting day, and all you want to do is find solace in the comfort of your bed. We’ve all been there. That’s because our bedrooms are supposed to be a place where we can rest and sometimes relax when we want to kick back.

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That’s why it makes sense for your bedroom to be soothing and relaxing. Apparently, not everyone thinks so. We’ve put together this list of terrifying bedrooms that are practically straight out of a horror movie. Grab your armrest and prepare your mind; some of these designs could give you nightmares!

Time to Rest…in Peace

We’ve all seen vampire movies or read a novel about them before. Not everyone is a fan, but vampires have gained a lot of popularity, especially since the debut of the “Twilight” books and films. But we believe that this person went a little too far with their obsession.

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Imagine redesigning your bedroom with coffins! Crazy, huh? This person certainly doesn’t think so. You’ll agree this couldn’t be comfortable because it’s made of hardwood. But if you’re one of those who feel this could be fun, it’s part of a Dracula-themed AirBnB place. It’s creepy, but that’s the idea!

Feeding the Baby to a Shark

Okay, honestly, who thought this was a good idea? Babies spend a significant part of their day sleeping, so they need to have a bed that makes them feel at ease. Someone should inform this parent. Just look how terrified this newborn baby is in the boat!

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We honestly don’t know what this parent is trying to achieve here. Instead of putting them in a beautiful, peaceful boat, they put them in a ship that is being eaten by a shark! It’s no surprise that the baby is wailing; who wouldn’t be? Poor child.

Connecting to Your Roots

This bed seems to be a good idea, but the reality is somewhat different. Who wouldn’t want to spend the night resting in the trees? It sounds like it could be a great idea, right? Well, it always seems like a great concept until you go through with it.

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You might not want to stay here. At least, we don’t. First of all, imagine the spider webs or snakes you might find on your face when you wake up. You’ll also be sleeping with other animals in your “bedroom.” We’ll have to pass on this one too.

We All Have a Dinosaur Within Us

There’s a saying that dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the earth, but they’re alive in our imaginations. Whoever designed this bed had a brilliant plan in mind. Designing a dinosaur bed for your child sounds cool! It’s just a bummer that their execution didn’t match the idea.

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This T-Rex bed is disturbing and terrifying! It also doesn’t appear to be the most comfortable bed in the world from the look of things. Having those teeth protruding out at the end right under your feet might be a bit unsettling! We hope this child sleeps well at night.

A Night in Shining Armor

Aluminum foil helps a great deal when cooking because it keeps your meal warm. It’s also not too pricey. But we bet if you look up the uses of aluminum foil, you’ll never find ‘bedspread’ anywhere on the list. This person had different ideas, though.

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Seriously, how do you come up with an idea of covering your walls, bed, and table with foil? It doesn’t even seem like a good idea if you think about it, much less actually follow through with it! What a terrible idea! It will be so noisy and uncomfortable too!

Rocks in its Bed Makes the Stream Sing

We don’t even know where to start. There’s a lot of stuff happening in this picture, and we’re unsure where to begin. There are real rock walls, a bizarre choice of color scheme. Then the door leading to a strange place is troubling.

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That’s not even all. Don’t get us started on this person’s bedding designs. What the heck are those designs?! Whoever designed this space should seriously reconsider their approach to interior design. How could so many things be wrong about a room? It’s truly awful!

What Are Those Posts?!

It’s common to have different bed styles throughout the world, from hammocks to three-poster beds. But we’re not sure what to name this one. Maybe a low-hanging bed? Whatever it is, it certainly looks odd! If you think this is the most bizarre one, wait until you see the rest.

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To begin with, the bed is too low to the ground and doesn’t appear to be large enough to accommodate a full, comfortable mattress. Then there are the odd-looking posts surrounding it. Why? Just why? Who allowed these horrors to take place?! And who owns this bed?

Snake in the Bed

Many people who have seen the popular series “Vikings” wouldn’t like the idea of lying anywhere near serpents. Either this person hasn’t watched the series or is okay with it regardless. We understand that some people love sleeping with their pets in bed. That’s normal, right?

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Pets give their owners some extra comfort. But we feel there are some pets that this is more suitable for. Have you ever heard of anyone sleeping with a snake in their bed?! Well, now you have. It’s hard to think there’ll be any sweet dreams on this bed.

A Bed for the King

Having a bed fit for a king or queen sounds like a dream come true. That’s why we have king and queen-sized beds. Sadly, we have a sneaky feeling that this bed is not quite as grand as it appears. If anything, it seems to be excessively royal!

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The vintage style of the bed and the rest of the room screams medieval – and not in a good way. While this person wants their bedroom to ooze royalty, it’s giving the vibe that you could have your head chopped off in this room. Nobody wants that!

Sleeping in a Human Trap

People draw attention from almost anything. And this person got theirs from a mousetrap. Most of us have seen a mousetrap before or at least know how it works. You place some food on the trap, the mouse eats it, and they get caught beneath the box.

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Apparently, that has given this person an idea of how they can design their bedroom – of all places. Instead of food, a “human trap” entices people inside by promising them a comfy bed. We’re not sure who would accept the risk of sleeping here. What if the branch breaks?!

Wayne Manor Estate, 1007 Mountain Drive

If you’re familiar with “Batman: The Animated Series,” you’re familiar with the address above. And if you’re a fan of the superhero or bats in general, we’re sure you’ll like this bed. Your beloved winged friend has been carved into the headboard!

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For the rest of us, it’s creepy. After all, who wants to sleep in a bed that reminds them of these ferocious creatures? The only less-frightening thing about the room is the lighting around the bed. It is beautiful. So, you could improve the room with a few changes.

Find New Roads…in Your Sleep

Not everyone is familiar with Chevy’s slogan of Find New Roads, but this person has taken the search for new roads to their sleep. We’re all familiar with a race-car style bed, particularly one for kids. But, we doubt you’ve ever seen a car bed like this one.

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It’s an old Chevrolet that’s been converted into a bed! You have to be a huge Chevrolet fan to think up something like this. Still, it’s kinda strange to transform your bed into one! We hope it’s cozier than it looks, or this ride won’t be beautiful either.

Precious Stones

Gemstones are something everyone craves, right? Or at least most people. So, sleeping on a bed of pearls seems like a dream come true. But what about sleeping inside an oyster? We’re sure that doesn’t sound nearly as appealing! But it definitely sounded like a dream to this person.

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There are countless flaws in this oyster-shaped bed. Firstly, we’re not sure about the color choice. A bed this white would be a struggle to keep clean all the time! In addition, there is a hinge at the back. What if it landed on you while you were sleeping?

Resting With the Angels

Quite frankly, it sounds like a great idea, which is more than we can say about some of the other beds on this list. Here is another example of a bed that would have been best if the owner had left it as an idea in their head.

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Imagine sleeping in a bed decorated with angels and cherubs. Sounds fun, right? Think again. There’s just some creepiness to the way the angels are perched at the edge of the bed. We imagine they’d be frightening at night, and they’d be tricky to avoid in the dark.

You’re Missing the Point

Correct us if we’re wrong, but the fundamental concept of a bed is to be comfortable, right? This person apparently doesn’t think so. We’re not sure if this bed is really as tiny as it looks or just the result of some poor camera angles.

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In any case, it’s a strange-looking bed, and we’re curious who owns it. Just look at those massive curtain rails! We’re not sure why somebody would want them to be this huge. Perhaps they were made for a monarch or another prominent person. Whatever the reason, it’s odd!

A Flawless (Floorless) Bed

We’re sure the first time you look at this bed, you’ll think it’s pretty cool because it appears like it’s floating on the ground. But, wait a minute. The real question is, how is that possible. And we’re certain it’ll get creepier when the lights go out.

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So, how is that possible? Perhaps they’re using mirrors or something akin to make the bed appear to float. It’s either that or there’s a monster holding it up. That shouldn’t be a surprise on a list where we’ve seen coffins as beds, but we still hope it’s the first.

Velvety, Velvety, Velvety Dreams!

You’ve had the phrase “the stuff dreams are made of,” right? You’re about to see what nightmares are made of. Look, we’ve got nothing against velvet. We even think it’s a beautiful material to use in your bedroom – as long as you use the right amount of it.

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This person didn’t. They’ve overused it and have turned their room into a nightmare. This bedroom feels like it’s fresh out of the 1970s! The worst part is that the velvet isn’t even a shade that compliments the decor. Instead, it’s a hideous faded yellow and pink!

Really? Even the Baby’s Cot?!

We saw a shark swallowing a baby earlier. This one probably tops that. As this bed shows clearly, it’s not just adult beds that can be frightening. It is designed for a baby, yet it appears vicious rather than peaceful. Imagine those upturned legs, for example. Then the color…

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What did the designer have in mind? Let’s not even get started on the color of blue that this person chose. It’s extremely repulsive! Giving a child a bed like this seems unfair because it makes us feel so uncomfortable. We’re sure this baby cries a lot. Who wouldn’t?

The Pyramids of the Forest

Here’s another idea that should have just remained an idea. In theory, sleeping outside among nature and its sounds seems a pleasant and tranquil thought. The reality is somewhat different because there are several bugs and other things to keep you on edge. But that comes nowhere close to this!

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At the very least, you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing you sleep in a tent! Quite frankly, this glass pyramid seems to be more of a punishment for someone than a peaceful hideaway. We strongly advise against doing this unless you are extremely adventurous.

Safe in the Bird’s Nest

What’s going on here and why are people choosing to sleep in beds that look like animals? Are we missing something? We know they say a bird is safe in its nest. This looks unsafe, and it’s also probably the creepiest of the animal beds

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That’s because it’s hideous. First, look at the bird’s face! At least, they’ve managed to connect the rest of the room into the idea, with the bird nest decor and claws under the bed. That doesn’t make it any less weird, and you won’t find us here!

I Need a Doctor

We’ve all been to a hospital before. Hospital beds have a spooky vibe to them. Perhaps it’s because they appear so colorless and basic that they automatically become unsettling. This individual decided to bring the creepiness into their own house by getting their very own hospital bed!

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The curtains around the bed give the impression that it is a ward in a psychiatric hospital. We have so many questions. Firstly, can someone please explain why there’s so much sheepskin on display? It looks like a sheep has exploded all over the bedroom floor!

Thinking Inside the Box

So far, we’ve seen quite a few spooky bed designs simply because they’re so just over the top. But for the first time, the problem here isn’t eeriness. The issue with this one is how simple it is. It’s literally nothing more than a box!

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We can only imagine how painful it would be if you rolled over (like anyone would) while sleeping and hit the sides! This could only be used as a severe punishment for someone because there’s no way this would be comfy to sleep in. What a nightmare!

A Bed of Stones

Many of the designs on this list make you wonder what the designer and owner were thinking. Most beds are made of wood, and some are made of metal, which is quite normal. But a bed built of rocks and stones? That is bizarre, right? Who would think that?

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Well, here is someone who not only thought about it but also did it! This must be a nightmare to sleep in and has several other issues. For instance, how are you going to raise this to vacuum underneath? It’s way too heavy for that.

The World Is Your Oyster

Wait a minute – another oyster bed?! What is going on, people?! Are we missing something? We’ve already seen one bed designed like an oyster, but this one appears to be the ugliest oyster on the list. It’s a horrendous shade of blue, and it’s also far too sharp!

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How many times have you hit your leg on your bed? You’ve probably lost count. We can only imagine the pain those sharp edges would cause if you hit your limbs! They may have been aiming for “The Little Mermaid,” but it appears more like “Saw.”

Need to Feel Safe in Bed

This is what happens when you ask a bitter ex to design your bedroom. Many of the entries on this list appear to be unintentionally dangerous. But, it’s obvious someone created this entry to cause pain on purpose. Why would anyone want to sleep here?

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Besides the angry ex theory we proposed, there is no reason why anyone would want to sleep under so many barbed wires above their bed. At least we can’t think of any! You could easily slash your head if you rose too quickly! This is utterly ridiculous.

Taking the Sea to Bed

This is arguably the nicest bed we’ve seen so far. The only problem is that these beds appear to have been plucked from the early 2000s! If you didn’t know or can’t remember, this wooden “wavy” pattern was highly fashionable at the time. Not a bad throwback!

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However, we can’t say that these are particularly popular right now. If you have something similar to this in your bedroom, it will make the entire space appear old. Take, for example, the candle-shaped chair! We think you are long overdue for a bedroom facelift.

Going Back in Time

It’s time for another throwback, but this time it’s even further back – the ‘80s! Okay, maybe you weren’t alive at the time. But this was a time of unusual patterns and designs. This bedroom embodies the style to a tee! We’re not promising the designs were aesthetically pleasing then, though.

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This may look OK in a bedroom (we’re trying to be nice), but we cannot imagine having an entire house decorated in this fashion. To be honest, we’re not sure this is still suitable for a bedroom. Hopefully, no one has a room that looks like this.

Time to Go Hunting

Some people prefer the classic, woodsy style for their bedroom because it seems more comfortable. And if done right, it looks luxurious too. That’s quite correct, and we agree. But not this one below. We just can’t accept a bedroom that looks like this one below. It’s just bad. Awful.

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We’re asking the same question – why will anyone want their bedroom to look like this? It looks like something straight out of a fairy tale, but not the good one! For all we know, those twisted branches around the bed look like they’re for an evil queen.

Taking a Ride in a Chevy

At this point, there has to be something about Chevrolet that we’re missing. We thought one Chevrolet bed was enough, but it appears that these are quite popular since here’s another! The user has added some rear lights this time to make it look even more unique.

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It’s quite odd! We imagine that the lights are particularly irritating at night when you’re trying to sleep. The owner even added wheels to this bed to make it seem more realistic. You’ll agree with us that this is a strange choice for a bed.

Bedroom of the Faceless Men

We’ve seen different levels of creepiness on this list, but this one takes it to an unmatched level. The bed is badly ruffled, and it also has some strange-looking woodwork faces on it! Perhaps they are a piece of cultural art that we don’t know about.

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Look, we respect cultural art pieces, but whatever these are, we find them quite creepy! Whoever sleeps in this room should consider redecorating as well as ironing their bedsheets. It’s dreadful to see these looking so drabby. Can someone please tell them to sort this out ASAP?!

Sleep to the Sound of the Ocean

Water beds were quite popular in the 1990s. Quite frankly, sleeping on a bed made of water was (and still is) quite a unique experience! However, it appears that this person did not grasp the message and is confused about what an actual waterbed is.

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We need someone to tell this person that the water is supposed to go into the bed, not beside it! This is disastrous on so many levels. If you rolled out of bed too quickly, you’d land up in the icy cold water! Why would anyone do this to themselves?

Sleeping on the Bear

While we understand that this one might be designed for kids, it doesn’t make it any less creepy! Just look at the bear’s face. That alone is a bit disturbing. And then there’s the use of pink throughout the room. It seems to be quite unnerving, and we dislike it.

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You can say it’s an innocent design for the kids, but we honestly can’t think any child would have a good night’s rest while tucked away in this strange bear bed. Then they added a shade of pink dress to it, making it look like a nurse in a hospital.

Connecting With Alien Friends

Are aliens real? We’ve got the feeling this person thinks so. They probably made this bed in case there’s an alien invasion, so these outer world species feel at home here. Don’t blame us; we have no other explanation. This bed appears to be from a 1970s sci-fi show.

Source: Facebook

Just look at those massive pillars! We reckon it’ll be hard to find your way out of bed. We don’t know why somebody would want to do this to themselves. Maybe they enjoy the challenge it poses. In any case, it’s an unusual choice of bedroom and design.

Living in Shrek’s Swamp

The designer of this bed most likely had decent ideas when they created it, but we can’t help but notice how much this headboard resembles the cartoon character Shrek — seriously! Fortunately, the area is neat, or we’d be sure Shrek lives here. Those arched lamps are so unusual.

Source: Pinterest

However, we imagine that these would be ideal for reading in bed, as they will undoubtedly brighten up the rest of the room. It would be quite pleasant if you could get past the Shrek headboard! This one’s probably one or two of the better-looking beds on this list.

Sleeping on God’s Green Earth

Here’s another one leaving us wondering if people really understand the purpose of a bed. We strongly advise against getting this bed if you intend to spend quality time outside in the garden. It looks absolutely awful and uncomfortable! A grass bed is bound to attract a slew of pesky bugs.

Source: Facebook

That gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “bed bugs!” We also don’t think sleeping on a bed made of grass is particularly comfy. The grass blades will undoubtedly bother you! Surely, this wouldn’t even sound nice as an idea talkless of bringing it to life.

The Million Dollar Highway Bed

The owner of this bed must be a cat lover, loves acrobats, or got some ideas from Colorado’s million-dollar highway. How in the world will you sleep on this?! It looks like a complete mystery and far too difficult to have any form of rest!

Source: Imgur

Perhaps it is for someone who plans to join a performing circus and needs every form of practice they can get. Or, here’s another one: maybe it’s for a child. Whoever this bed is for, it’ll certainly generate discussion at a party. It’s a different level of strange.

Three Layers of Enjoyment

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of a lumpy mattress when you can’t get comfortable no matter what you do. This person devised an unusual solution to this problem: they bought three mattresses! Well, at least, it’s not spooky compared to the other entries, right? But seriously, is this necessary?

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To be honest, this appears to be a serious waste of money and is not something we would recommend. There’s just something off about it. If you have some spares lying around, sure, go ahead and use them, but there are far better things you can use your money for.

Every Day is Christmas

No, every day isn’t Christmas. But this person wants it to be. At least that’s the only explanation we have for this awful and tacky-looking bed. We have no idea why anyone would want to have a bed in this horrifying shade of blue (no offense if it’s your favorite).

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Or why they’d want a creepy Santa Claus sitting beside it. It does make some sense – after all, “He sees you when you’re sleeping!” Ironically, Santa Claus isn’t the most awful aspect of this bedroom. And that says a lot about how terrible the color scheme is.

Suspended in the Air

Hanging beds are quite popular now. But there’s something off about this one. We’ve already seen a bed that appears to hover above the ground, but this is the real deal. It’s hanging from the ceiling with several long ropes! We’d like to know why.

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This bed is not suitable for anyone who suffers from vertigo or motion sickness. We’d be really concerned if the ropes cracked and broke in the middle of the night. You’d slam right into the ground. What a struggle! We keep asking if people actually want to be comfortable.

Death Traps in Your Sleep

There’s no other way to say it – this bed is a total safety hazard, right from top to bottom. There are just too many pointy things on a bed that are supposed to be soothing and relaxing. It’s like a disaster waiting to happen if you put this in your bedroom.

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Imagine you tripping and falling on one of these pieces. You could put your eye out. From the ceiling fan to the dressers, none of the furnishings in this bedroom appears to match the rest. Whoever designed this bedroom could use some pointers on designing and matching stuff!