Amazing Home Hacks You Need in Your Life Right Now

Daily chores can be a tiresome grind, and some things just seem way much harder than they should be. Thankfully, we have home hacks. These are little tricks that will make your life a whole lot easier and save you plenty of time and stress.

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One such hack is attaching your car’s air freshener to your ventilator, a machine that pushes air into your environment. If you want your home to smell nice, you can simply take an air freshener from your car and attach it to the ventilator inside your home. That way, your house will smell nice, and that certainly won’t take a lot of your time.

Saving Your Space by Using One Hanger

Sometimes when we go shopping for new clothes, we run out of space in our closets. If you don’t want to go through your collection to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, you can simply hang two pieces of clothes on one hanger.

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Removing the tab from a soda can and placing it on a hanger is a simple solution. You will save some space, and also you will save some of your time. This is a simple hack to gain some space in your wardrobe and allow you to hang all of the items you want.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner Vents in the Dishwasher

If you’ve been using your air conditioner for a very long time, the chances are that the vents are pretty dirty. If they are not cleaned often, they will indeed have a lot of dust collected. However, there’s a simple solution: to clean your air conditioner vents quickly, simply put them in your dishwasher.

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That’s it! Who would have thought you could put your air conditioner vents in your dishwasher? Well, now you know you can! After they are cleaned, make sure to blow-dry the water droplets before putting the vents back into the air conditioner.

The Perfect Place for Your Key

You surely have been locked out of your house before accidentally. People usually hide their spare keys under the rug at the front door. But that’s a problem; burglars know about these spots. If you don’t want to risk a burglar finding your key and entering your house, there’s an alternative solution.

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You can put your spare key into a bottle of pills and then glue a label or something onto the bottle. You can then bury the bottle anywhere you want. We’re sure the burglar won’t know how to find it, but you can quickly dig it up in emergencies.

Using Clips in the Freezer

There’s probably a lot of room taken up in your freezer from the frozen vegetables or fruits. It’s hard to keep bags sealed, but clips can help you with the problem. It will also help keep them organized, as many freezers can be a jumbled mess.

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Clipping the open end of your frozen fruits or veggies is all you have to do. It will free up space in your freezer, and you will easily see what you have and what you’re missing. You can even hang them up on the rack if you have the space.

Organizing Your Closet with Pot Lid Racks

If you want to organize your closet, you can simply use pot lid racks. You can organize your wallets, purses, or anything that takes a lot of space in your closet. This can be an ingenious alternative to just throwing all of your prized possessions into one drawer.

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When you get dressed, you will have all the choices there for you, and you just need to pick one. The pot lid racks are a very easy and cost-effective solution. The alternative would be to have something made to order which would be very expensive.

You Can Store Fresh Herbs in the Freezer

All the people who love cooking probably buy fresh herbs often. However, there’s the problem. Most of the time, after cooking, there are some herbs left in the packaging, and they are being thrown in the trash as they spoil quickly. You don’t need to do that anymore!

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You can simply put herbs in the freezer! Just chop them and then place them in an ice cube tray with water to cover the herbs. It’s a simple solution to save those herbs, and you won’t have to waste all the fresh herbs left in the packaging. It would be a shame to throw it all in the trash, wouldn’t it?

Opening the Door with a Rubber Band Hack

We’ve all been there… You’re coming home from grocery shopping, taking the groceries from your car, and at the same time trying to enter the house. You simply can’t open the door with your hands full of groceries. There’s one simple hack: tie a rubber band to your doorknob.

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This will prevent the door from latching, and all you have to do is just push the door to get inside. However, don’t forget to take the rubber band off at the end. That’s unless you want it permanently this way. If so, it’s better just to remove the whole door latch.

Shoe Organizers Can Be Used for Different Things

If you have a shoe organizer at home, you can store other things in it, not just shoes. If you have cords or plugs around your house or any smaller items, you can store them in your shoe organizer.

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It’s a great place to store many items. You can store anything there. While this is a great hack, you might not even know that shoe organizers exist. If you don’t, you should also go out and get one because it was designed to easily store your footwear, and you may need it for that too.

Using a Pringles Chips Can to Store Spaghetti

Usually, spaghetti comes in plastic bags that are practically impossible to close once opened. Also, the noodles left in the plastic bag become stale, and they can start falling out as well. You usually end up with a broken mess of spaghetti.

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Well, we have a solution for you, simply use a can of Pringles and store your spaghetti in there. Of course, you have to clean the can first and make sure it’s all empty, then after that it will become the perfect can for your spaghetti pasta. It will also save you money—you won’t have to buy another container.

Flattening Your Ground Beef before Storing It

You must have eaten ground beef before, and you know that it is a great option for a last-minute dinner. Sometimes you’re in a hurry, want to eat your meal quickly, but you have to wait forever for the beef to thaw.

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Before this hack, you might just think of eating something else, as you can’t be bothered to wait. Instead, you can flatten your ground beef in a bag before storing it in the freezer. This way, you’ll have greater control over the portion sizes, and it’ll thaw much quicker than before.

Storing Jewelry in an Old Bottle!

Sometimes it can be hard to store your jewelry, and you can make a mess on your dressing table with it. You might think to get a jewelry box, but many aren’t good enough. Even worse, without organization you can lose some pieces underneath your furniture by not storing the jewelry properly!

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An empty bottle can be a simple solution and a great way to store your jewelry. It will keep it well-organized, and you can also save some money by using old bottles and not buying some fancy boxes.

Using Labels for Cord Identification

Sometimes, trying to find a power cord for your TV can be a hard job, especially when it’s mixed with a lot of other cords and wires. When all those cords get mixed up, it becomes a mess, and you need to start following wires and cords to see which one belongs to which device.

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Nobody has time for that. To figure out which cord belongs to which device more easily, you can simply use labels or some paper, tape it onto the cord, and write what it is for. That way, you’ll save yourself some time and stress.

Using Pool Noodles for Your Boots to Keep Them Upright

When autumn and winter come, women go straight for their loved warmer boots. But during the summer, when the boots are in storage, their condition can suffer. The tall part is usually flopping down, and it can spoil the boots’ nice lines.

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For the boots to stay tall all the time, you just have to put pool noodles inside. Cut the long foam noodles and place them into both boots. That way, your boots will look better when winter arrives! One pool noodle will probably be long enough for all of your boots to be properly supported.

Hooks Are Perfect for the Holidays

If you are a DIY fan, you surely know that hooks are one of the best options for holidays. These sticky hooks can serve as a great option to help hang anything on the wall, and the holiday decorations are included.

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You can use them for the decorations on the front door. You just have to place the hook in a way that the decoration will hang on the  door for everyone to see, making it look great for the next Christmas holidays!

Fixing Carpet Dents Using Ice Cubes

You might be familiar with carpet dents. When you move the furniture, the dents won’t go away. That’s a huge problem for some people. If you want everything to look great and be able to have guests come over, you can put ice cubes in the dents.

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When the ice has melted, there will be no dents anymore. Just make sure to wipe up all the excess water. This can take a while to work, but it’s much easier than doing a lot of other things manually. It’s a great hack that can save plenty of time.

Saving Stripped Screws and a Rubber Band

Sometimes everything goes well when you are working, and you see that one stripped screw. It’s lost its grooves and it keeps you from being done with your project. If you use a screwdriver, it is practically useless, and all that happens is just you becoming more and more stressed.

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There’s a solution, put a rubber band between the screw head and your screwdriver! The screwdriver will now get a much better grip, and the screw will come out more easily using this method. Try it out yourself if this happens to you.

How to Hide Your Router

Twenty years ago, life without the internet was a reality for many people. Today, it’s almost unimaginable to live without Wi-Fi. We all have a router at home, which provides us internet connection. Sometimes, you just want to hide it because it does look a little ugly.

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You can try finding or buying a decorative box and cut out a hole for all the wires and cords. This way, it will look a lot better than just seeing the router blinking away in your home. You just need to be careful not to block it too much and affect the connection.

A Wine Cork as a Clip

Most of us eat chips sometimes. When you need to close the bag of chips or some other partially used snack, you can use a wine cork as a clip. This is a perfect hack for all of those wine drinkers out there who are never short of a cork.

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If you want to save yourself some time and don’t want to spend all day searching for a clip, simply use the wine cork. Slice it partially in half in the middle and use the slit to close the bag of chips. It’s a simple method, saving you time and energy.

Using Desk Organizers in the Kitchen

Pantries in our homes can easily become messy. All those different food bags become mixed together, and you get lost trying to find something you need. This can be especially annoying if you’re following a recipe and are battling against time.

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There’s a solution. You can use your old desk organizers to organize different smaller items. You can attach them to your wall to place larger items that are now on your shelf. Easy, if you have skills. These organizers are ideal for spices, but they can be used for plenty of other stuff.

A New Purpose for the Beverage Dispenser

Everyone likes to party sometimes, just to have fun and forget about the stress accumulated through the week. Unfortunately, we do the laundry more than party, and so many things take space that have no use throughout the rest of the week.

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Why not give a beverage dispenser a new use and make laundry day a little easier? Take the dispenser, fill it with detergent and place it on a shelf right above the washing machine. Just count the seconds you need to dispense detergent into your measuring cup, and then just let the gravity do its job.

Make an Organizer for Condiments

If there is something that you find in any refrigerators around the world, it is the endless bottles of condiments and sauces for every taste. When you feel inspired to cook Thai, or maybe keep it simple with ketchup, the sound of bottles rolling inside the fridge when you open it is well known.

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All you need in this case is that egg crate you planned to throw away. Use it to keep the bottles face down in each spot, and then you can organize your fridge. You can divide them, from sauces for a perfect burger to those condiments you use only in fancy dinners, and those for day-to-day use.

Stop Looking for Lost Nails All the Time

From weekend projects to repairs around the house, hammers and nails should never be missing from any home. But no matter how useful they may be, it is also easy to lose them. Here is a little hack if you hate looking for that last nail.

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Use a hot glue gun to stick a little magnet to your hammer handle in a place that will not bother you when using it. It is perfect for storing nails. Make your project easy, and be sure that you will never waste time looking for the needle in the haystack. Just make sure you take the remaining nails off the magnet before actually hammering away.

Don’t Lose Time Detangling Cables Again

You will find a drawer full of cables from two decades ago in every home. For any situation that will require a cable, there is a backup for any problem you encounter. But finding that one cable you truly need in there is, well, not an easy job at all.

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So for this, just use your empty toilet paper tube. Cut them into strips, and write the type of cable it is with a Sharpie pen. Search a little faster now, and don`t lose time exploring for a cable that may or may not even be there.

A Secret about Your Fan

A fan in the hot days of summer is heaven on earth. In winter, everyone misses a little of that warm breeze and hot sun. Many people don’t realize that your fan can be equally useful in cold weather.

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Many fans have a little switch that changes the direction in which the blades spin. This takes the rising hot air and pushes it back down into the room. This happens because cooler air has a bigger density than hot air. The blades help by redirecting the warm air, according to the appropriate switch position.

A Little Trick to Keep Your Car Scratch-Free

We all fear that something may scratch the car and leave a dent, from small, narrow garages to driving backwards in reverse to save that perfect just-found spot. Because of that, many people take their time when parking and go about opening the door very carefully.

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Taking care is a good idea, but just loosen up some stress. For that calm moment, just take a foam pool noodle and cut it in half, and then attach it to the wall of your garage. Now, a little impatience while opening the door won’t give your car a new paint job, and this is an even better hack if your kids are not careful around the car when they play.

Use Essential Oils Differently

Bathrooms are not the most pleasant-smelling environment, but that should not intimidate you in the war with the odors. All of the ideas suggested might be only temporary solutions, from using candles to putting up air fresheners.

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What you can do now is choose your favorite oil, put it in the cardboard roll part of the toilet paper, and then let the work do its job. In this way, the pleasant smell will last longer, and each time you take a piece of paper, the whole smell will give a fresh scent to the entire bathroom. Make things easier and gain the freedom of choosing exactly the scent you want based on which essential oil you use.

A New Storage Place for Wrapping Paper

With each holiday there come presents, and with each present there comes an infinite amount of wrapping paper for you to once again find storage for. From basement to attic, and then back to the basement once again, this is a bother each time you search for places to keep the accumulated paper wrapping.

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So just make things easy and go find an empty garment bag to fill it up with all the paper you received around the year. In this way, you get a good place to store them, know exactly where to find them in times of need, and have an easy storage spot in the back of the old closet to hang it where it will least bother you.

Save Some Time Cleaning Your Pet Fur

Cleaning fur from carpets and sofas is one of the downhills of owning pets; there is always more and more hair, and as hard as you may try to clean it every time, no effort will show satisfying results. Here is an idea to help you do a little less work the next time you clean up after your cat or dog.

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Use a squeegee first to loosen the fur from the carpet, taking out the bigger clumps before vacuuming. This way, you will save time cleaning and have a sparkly clean house. This is even a better idea if you own multiple pets who leave a lot of fur. But just remember to use this technique a few times. That hair sometimes reappears, and seems to come right out of thin air.

A Faster Way to Clean the Blinds

Cleaning is not the best activity one can think of spending time with, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in a fast and efficient way. And with all the chores that may need to be done, there will come a time when you need to clean the blinds, perhaps the hardest task in cleaning the house.

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Just don`t give up yet and listen here: take a pair of longer tongs and a microfiber cloth, then roll the cloth around the tongs and keep them in place with a rubber band. Now you are ready. This is a perfect way to clean the difficult spots on the blinds. Start at one end of each blind slat and rub the tongs the whole length. Then go onto the next ones, moving from end to end, collecting all the dust and leaving the home blinds perfect.

Upgrade Your Closet Hangers

We tend to stack up on clothing hangers because they are easy to use, and they allow you to not have to fold the clothes every single time. Even if the hangers work great and are an easy way of doing things with your clothes, it does not mean that they come problem-free. Clothes can fall off of them and end up in a pile on the floor, but here is a solution to that…

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Using nothing but a hot glue gun, create a straight line of glue dots spaced evenly along the hanger to stop clothing articles from falling off them. This is the way you can stop sweater shoulders from getting loose, dresses from folding over, and have a better time searching the racks without worrying that something may fall again.

Store Plastic Bags More Efficiently

Every household has that little space designated only for the plastic bags that accumulate after each spontaneous shopping spree. They take up much space, are annoying to deal with, and you never find a good one in times of need.

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Use an empty box of tissues and put the plastic bags in it. Then, using the looping handles of the bags create a chain of bags that will give you a new one each time you take one out. Use this method to store them all and find that perfect bag when you truly need it.

Store Spray Bottles with a Rod

From cleaning and home renovations to car repairs and around-the-home projects, there are a lot of spray bottles around the house. They sure take a lot of space and are hard to organize, right? They can be tricky to deal with, these bottles, but here is a helpful piece of advice.

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Use a tension rod, the light metal bars with a spring, that you can find everywhere these days, to store the bottles all in one space. Put the rod in your kitchen cabinet full of cleaning products or in the garage next to the motor oil. Put your spray bottles behind the bar and it can save a lot of space. You’ll have them all sorted and since they are easily visible, it will be much easier to find the right bottle next time you need to use it.

Ceramics Can Help You Sharpen Knives

A good cook always has a perfectly sharp knife with him at any time. They are very important in the kitchen because cooking with dull-bladed knives can be a burden. You then have a harder time cutting ingredients and even have a higher risk of injuries. You simply need a good knife.

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At times you may lose the sharpener that is designed to renew the knives. But there is a quick fix to that: just use the bottom of a ceramic mug to revive the lost knife. Then you can use the kitchen knife again to chop those vegetables. But remember that this is still a potentially dangerous tool, so always be careful when using it.

How to Save Water

With the current environmental crisis on our hands, we need to think of solutions that can help. In that regard, saving water can be an accessible way to protect nature. Here is a simple solution that isn’t going to affect your lifestyle negatively.

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Using bricks or a piece of heavy plastic, place them in the water tank of your toilet. This will reduce the water that accumulates in there and significantly reduce the water wasted each time you use the toilet. Saving even that one liter of water can both reduce your water bill and do some good for the environment.

Keep the Garbage Bag in Place

Throwing garbage into the bin can make the bag fall down inside and loosen the loops we use to take it out with. This leaves you searching inside the bin, reaching down for something that will help you get everything out in one intact piece.

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There is a simple thing to do to correct this problem: use some plastic command hooks to keep the bag’s loops in place. Adhere just two of them to the outside of the bin, placing them upside down, and put the loops  of the bag under each. The bag will now not fall inside the bin. By doing this, you will have a fast handle to take the trash out without any mess.

Reuse Shower Curtains Hooks for Clothes

Getting back to the clothing and organizing problems, a few tricks will help anyone become a little more organized and help save space and time by doing so. This is a genius hack that we loved.

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For this hack, we will use a simple shower curtain hook to hang things like pants and scarfs inside the closet. Using the hook that is usually for a shower curtain will provide perfect support for any piece of clothing with a loop attached to it, which means your favorite pair of jeans will always look great.

Always Have a Backup Paint Jar

After searching for the perfect color you will use in the living room, you have peace of mind knowing it will look great. Then over time, you get bumps in the walls from the children and even some little scratches;  the walls can always get chipped, and the color then will be scratched away.

Source: Reddit

For that repair, you only need a random jar you may have in storage and a paintbrush. It’s advisable to always save a little of that room’s paint to have prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Then, run get the jar of saved paint, a brush, and heal that corner into which you bumped the sofa. Make that small accident history!

Wet Wipes Containers Are Perfect for Bags

With each visit to a store, comes a new plastic bag. You could avoid that collection by starting to use a special bag that is eco-friendly and stylish enough for your walks to the market. Save money and the environment at the same time. But still, there may be a lot of plastic bags already accumulated at home.

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For that, you only need a wet wipes container to store them perfectly in one spot. The cap will also be very useful because it allows only one bag to come out at a time from the container. Now you can stop the mess of searching through that drawer full of things to find the bag you need.

Get Inventive with an Ice Cube

Candle wax can get anywhere, and accidents with these drips can ruin furniture. That doesn’t mean you should throw away all your candles out of fear for that new sofa you just brought home from the shop. A simple trick to get the candle wax off any surface is to take an ice cube, put it in a plastic bag, and let it sit on the wax for awhile.

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It will cool down the wax and make it easy to remove, not leaving any mess behind. Do not try to rub the wax off or use some chemicals to clean it. That could only make it worse—and you may end up destroying for good that fine piece of furniture.

Make Scratches Disappear with Toothpaste

Let’s admit it. Scratches are everywhere. Of course, accidents can happen from time to time. If you have kids or pets, things tend to get a lot trickier. True, in time your furniture will have signs of wear and tear, which is normal. However, that is no reason to panic or spend money on some new and expensive furniture. The solution to this problem is sitting right in your bathroom.

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Toothpaste can be used to get rid of a lot of scratches. All you have to do is just rub it on those unwanted marks. You will see how they will just smooth out. Don’t forget to use a circular motion when doing this. A damp towel can come in handy to clean up the rest of the toothpaste.

Sticky Residue Shouldn’t Be a Problem

Everybody should reuse old jars and bottles. It is economical and great for the environment. But what should you do when you want to relabel them, and the old residue is still there? The simple answer to your problem is cooking oil.

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By rubbing some oil on the sticky part using some cotton, you will see how the old adhesive comes off pretty easily. Now you can use the bottles as you would like. You could even transform them into decorative pieces and place them on your windowsill.

Straws Could Be the Flowers’ Best Friend

Every house should have a big vase of flowers. However, it seems so sad when they start to get all floppy after all the trouble of buying the flowers and getting an appropriate vase. Their life span is indeed short, but we should at least try to keep them standing for as long as possible.

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For this, all you need are plastic straws. Place them around the individual flower’s stem, and you will see how they won’t be able to drop. What is even greater is that it does not affect their health. Standing straight, the flowers should look even more beautiful than they already were.

Use Nail Polish to Fix Window Screen Holes

Let’s say that you were looking out the window, when you saw a small hole in your window screen. What to do now? The solution is very handy and costs only a few dollars or less. Nail polish can fix your problem.

Source: Tumblr

Just pay attention to the color. It is best to go for transparent nail polish. You wouldn’t want your window screen to have a patch of red or green. However, note that this works perfectly for only small holes. If the hole is too big, you will need to replace the entire thing.

A Magic Eraser to Fix a Messy Ceramic Top

Having a cooktop made of ceramic is a great alternative to other stovetops, but unfortunately it’s not easy to clean. You may have tried baking soda or vinegar, and even something greater than these go-to solutions. Technology isn’t helping much either, and yet there is a solution we can share. The Magic Eraser!

Source: Tumblr

This type of sponge has a microporous structure that allows you to clean even the most stubborn stains or burn marks. The Magic Eraser has the perfect texture for tough stains and oil buildup. You can find one at any grocery store.

Light Up Your Kitchen

Fancy cabinet lighting is not something that many of us can afford. Common people, who usually have a low budget, deal with dark cabinets as part of a normal life. This can be annoying if you’re trying to find some cereal or a jar of jam.

Source: Pinterest

However, walking through your kitchen supply area with a flashlight or candle is unnecessary. The easy solution is to install some LED lights to gain more light. Just put them on the shelves, and you will be able to see everything. What is even greater is the fact that they are pretty cheap.

Clean Your Blender with Dishwashing Liquid

One of the most difficult things to clean in a kitchen is a blender. It can be a real headache, and it can be pretty dangerous. Don’t ever stick your hand into the blades—you could seriously cut your hand!

Source: Facebook

Fortunately, there is a safer way. Just try dishwashing liquid. All you have to do is add the dish soap to your blender. Don’t forget two cups of warm water. Just wait until the food residue washes away. It’s the safe way and, of course, it’s efficient.

Hang Up All Your Pots and Pans

Nobody wants a cluttered kitchen. There is no use in having a clean kitchen if it is disorganized and full of pots and pans all over. Maybe your biggest problem is space? Don’t worry. You can make some space even in small areas. If you were used to stacking everything, just forget it and start hanging things up.

Source: Pinterest

Use a corkboard in your big cupboards and place them on the inside of the cabinet. Don’t drill holes, but instead you should use adhesive hooks. All your pans and pots will be hung with ease now, and that will give you more space.

Hang Up Everything That You Need

When sticking up hooks, anybody will find that available space has endless possibilities. You will realize that even bigger utensils like strainers, larger spoons, or knives can be hung. No place to store your towel? Just hang it. Can’t find any place for those utensils? Just hang them on the wall.

Source: Twitter

It is really up to you to buy a storage rack or use a corkboard. A messy kitchen can be frustrating, but finding simple solutions like this one just suggested can save you plenty of time and stress. Everything will be easier to find.

Just Clip Your Toothbrush

You may not know, but bathroom surfaces are the perfect place for bacteria. Your bathroom may seem clean, but leaving your things on the counter is not a wise decision, especially when it comes to your toothbrush. This is maybe the most important item that you would want to protect from getting  infected with bacteria.

Source: Imgur

The cheapest solution is also the easiest one. The toothbrush needs to be elevated above the counter. To do so, you will need a clothespin. Just clip your toothbrush and place it above the counter surface, and now you won’t need to worry about those germs.

The Perfect Soap Dispenser

Why should you wrap an elastic band around your plastic soap dispenser? This is a marvelous way to get control of your hand soap dispenser usage. You don’t want to be wasteful. A rubber band around your soap dispenser is the ideal way to prevent you from squeezing all your soap away.

Source: Flickr

The secret is to wrap it around the dispenser, making it tight enough to limit the pump action. This decision will also save you some money. You will not run to the store every week to buy new soap bottles.

Fitted Sheet and Suspenders

Just when you think that your bedroom is spotless, your fitted sheets just slip right off the corners of the bed. Trying to keep them down yourself is not a permanent solution. Of course, nobody likes to sleep on a bare mattress.

Source: Pinterest

A bed sheet protects the mattress and improves your sleep. To avoid this situation of shifting sheets, just find a pair of suspenders. All you have to do is clip them on each side of the sheets that lay across your bed. After this, your sheet will stay put without an issue. You will never think about this problem ever again!

Drill a Hole into Your Trash Can

You happen to see something gross when you thought it was time to remove the garbage bag from the bin. The bag is so sticky, and it holds on to the bin a bit. It is not only gross but also messy. This is a common problem that many people have.

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Don’t worry. Fortunately, you can solve this issue with the help of some household items. Just drill a hole into the trash can. Make sure that it is at the bottom of it. This will help you get rid of this kind of problem, allowing any spills to drain away from the bin, ready to be mopped up afterwards.

Tennis Ball Can Protect Door Knob

When you share a home with somebody, all kinds of problems may arise. One of them is noise. Let’s say you like everything quiet, but your roommate is an extrovert who loves loud music. This can often be tiresome. What could you do? Of course you can’t silence them all day long.

Source: Reddit

To avoid the loud sound of an angry door handle, you can simply use a tennis ball. Just place it over it. Cut the ball open and use it to wrap around the doorknob. This way, whenever the door hits the wall or whatever is behind it, it will just bounce right off, silently.

Any Foam Noodle and Your Car Door

Do you live in a noisy city with heavy traffic? Do you find yourself often in the situation of parking near walls and buildings? Opening a car door when you find yourself in a very confined space can be difficult. Also, you wouldn’t want to scratch a car belonging to someone else either.

Source: Tumblr

Your only solution is an old foam pool noodle. Cut it and then place it over the door handle. Now you won’t scratch your door car ever again. You can also use it for your garage walls to avoid damage from bumps. Now your car is safe, and you don’t need to worry again when you get out of your car.

Your Beloved Painting Can Cover Your Alarm System

If you have ever lived by yourself, you are certainly aware of all the benefits of having alarms for pretty much everything. They are one of the few things that keep us safe. However, they are not so pretty. They could look rather ugly, depending on the model or chosen technology.

Source: Pinterest

You shouldn’t remove them just because of their look. You could, instead, do something pretty easy, and that is to decorate it. Take your most loved piece of art from your whole house and just use it to cover your alarm system. It’s easy, cheap, and it could look great.

Masking Tape Can Save Your Walls

You have just bought some lovely paintings, and now you have to hang them up. The next logical step would be to put them up on the walls right away. But wait, as you will first need some important tips. Before you hammer the wall, just use masking tape over the area.

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This simple trick prevents any cracking in the walls. Now you can forget about crumbling walls and chipped paint. It is important to take care of your house, and this simple hack will save you time and energy further down the road.

Remove Odor from Your Home with Charcoal

Removing odors from your house can mean something more than just buying an expensive essential oil. Some people use way-too-expensive air purifiers to clean the air in their rooms. You must know that some of them contain chemicals and could be toxic for your general health.

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Unlike all these complicated solutions, charcoal can save your air by removing bacteria and many allergens. Simply put the charcoal into mesh bags and place them around your home wherever you feel like you’re needing some fresh air.

Homemade Cloches Using Just Old Bottles

Do you have a beautiful garden and want to do your best to take care of it without much headache? Take an old bottle, which could even be one from your old milk jugs. Remove the bottom of it, and now you have the perfect protection for your vulnerable plants and flowers.

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Protecting them from harsh weather can be difficult, but things could get easier when applying cheap and manageable tricks. You can even use them in winter when wanting to protect your garden from frost. Don’t forget to remove the cap so the plant can get enough air.

Paint Rocks and Redecorate Your Home

Firstly, just find some large rocks, paint, and some brushes. Think of a theme. It could be a holiday like Valentine’s Day or just a chosen color that matches your whole house. Secondly, think about the places where you would see them fitting in around your home.

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Finally, paint the rocks and let them dry overnight before placing them wherever you like. You can use these to frame your favorite plants. This great hack can also change up a dull room. Or, take a bowl and fill it with colorful rocks. You can be as creative as you want. There are endless possibilities!

The Multipurpose Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used for many purposes and is a must-have product for your kitchen because it serves as a lifesaver in needy times. Dirt, oil, and many other stains can be cleaned if this hack is used properly. All you have to do is get a cup of water and add some teaspoons of baking soda to it, then blend.

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You can either put this mixture into a spray bottle to allow it to reach all those nooks and crannies or keep it in the bowl. After cleaning the area with a suitable material like a scrubber or cloth, do not forget to rinse off the place with water.

Essential Oils on the Go

There has been a lot of hype related to essential oils because they are great for the environment and user-friendly. Organic products are being marketed as zero waste, due to natural and chemical-free ingredients, which create a smaller impact on the environment.

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A great way to incorporate some of these oils into our daily routine would be to clean things in the home, as it leaves furniture smelling fresh. In addition to that, combining these oils with vinegar and baking powder would do wonders for the house in other cleaning projects—and be chemical-free!

Use Paper Bags for Your Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are used in every flavorsome recipe and are staples in a household. They have the magic to elevate a bland dish to an aromatic one and are easily available in the house. But the problem is that these vegetables tend to go bad if kept for a longer period.

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This is why they should be covered to increase their life. A paper bag works well for this. All you have to do is get an average paper bag and make holes in it with the help of a puncher. In the end, insert your onion and garlic and just put a paper clip on the bag, after folding it multiple times.

The Garlic Smell Repellent Technique

Garlic is the best thing that happened to the culinary world. It not only tastes delicious but smells good too. Still, its strong smell does not leave easily, and there are times when you do not want the smell anywhere near you.

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If you have used garlic with your bare hands and want to get rid of the smell, you should try this method. Simply take a silver spoon and rub the tips of your finger on its back. Then follow by washing hands with soap and water, and hopefully, the pungent smell will go away.

Bye Bye Stinky Sneakers

Everything about sneakers is cool until they start smelling, which could eventually make your personality stink—because this foul smell does not go away easily. It will haunt you whenever you meet someone, and the embarrassment that comes with it is simply not worth it. If this smell gets into the sneaker’s lining, then it’s going to be difficult to remove.

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This persistent smell can be eradicated by following a process. Start by washing those nasty shoes and letting them dry. Then spread some DIY powdered deodorant inside, followed by stuffing the footwear with newspapers. Keep them in this state for at least a night, and then put the sneakers in the freezer for a couple of minutes.

Aesthetic Spice Organizing Jars

Moms like storing stuff at homes in an organized manner. Most often, there are a lot of jars of baby food lying around in the house, which can be collected for other uses. With some effort and an aesthetic skillset, these baby food jars could be reused very cutely, and no one would realize their origins.

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Spices can be put in the same kind of jars, making things look quite organized. DIY labels can be printed out to avoid confusion, and you can match them to the kitchen’s color palette as well. The best part is that these jars are quite spacious in size, and their transparency makes the spices easier to find.

A Forked Fence for Critters

Plastic forks can be used efficiently to keep all the critters away from your house. There is no precise evidence of this theory, but it does work for some people in regards to small pests and insects. Keep inserting forks in the garden area where you don’t want the critters around.

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Though this might look a bit weird and messy, it’s okay. This is a cheap and convenient solution that keeps pests away from your plants. The blocked areas do not facilitate any traveling channels, just as barbed wire or chicken wire do the same on a larger scale. That’s why it’s overall a good solution.

Nature-Friendly Mosquito Repellent

Whenever there are plants somewhere around the house, mosquitoes come in and ruin everything by simply existing! Inviting mosquitoes over is not the intent of planting. This is why they have to be removed manually by spraying mosquito repellent sprays, which also contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging for human beings to breathe in.

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Many burning wicks, candles, and sprays contain citronella’s prime ingredient. This is the actual driving force behind the repelling products, and it is naturally present in the environment. To amplify the effect, citronella geranium can be planted with other plants like marigold, catnip, and lemongrass.

Binder Clip Hanging Sponge

Dish sponges can take up some space after you are done with the daily dose of your therapeutic dishwashing session. It would look a lot neater if the sponge was not in sight or was just not lying in the corner somewhere besides the sink. Not only is it unsanitary to keep it at the sink, but it also takes up space.

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The perfect alternative here is to air-dry the sponge, and for that purpose, you can hang it with a binder clip. It would not be able to accumulate bacteria this way, and it will look aesthetically pleasing. This binder clip repurposed offers an inexpensive DIY hack that can easily be used, saving both time and money.

Microwave Cleaning Magic Machine

Microwaves are really hard to clean thoroughly because of the nooks and crannies, which contain hard stains that are difficult to get a hold on. They are also really stubborn and dry. A lot of effort is required to clean them, and this is where this hack comes into action.

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All you have to do is warm a cup of vinegar with lemon in the microwave for a few seconds. This will make the inside of the unit smooth, as evaporation takes place. No scrubbing would be required; just wipe everything clean in no time!

Ketchup and a Little Shine

Ketchup can be surprisingly used to clean stuff. Ketchup might be a messy condiment, but it polishes silverware such as spoons and knives. Ketchup helps as a shiner, provided it is scrubbed off nicely with lukewarm water afterwards. It is proved to be a good cleaning product.

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It is quite ironic, of course, as the amount of panic a ketchup stain would bring if on a shirt is immense. But it works like magic when it comes to stainless steel!

Organic Insect Repellant Strategy

Suppose there is a pest emergency situation when it comes to your vegetables in the garden, and you cannot find any other way out except using harsh chemical-filled insecticides. In that case, you should probably consider this hack. You can make an insect-killing spray by mixing ingredients found lying around in the kitchen.

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Take some mint, dishwashing soap, garlic, cayenne pepper and put them in a food processor or simply chop them. After getting the mixture chopped, boil some cups of water and put the mixture in it. Let it simmer for about three minutes, and then put it into a spray bottle after straining out the solid pieces. This can be used to control pests efficiently.

Toothbrush to the Rescue

If you are facing any problems with the drainage of your sink, you should try cleaning the sink with a used toothbrush, and after you are done with that, put some lemon pieces in there to freshen up the whole area. Lemon not only smells good but contains some disinfecting properties.

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This should not be done too much as the toothbrush must be an already discarded one. Buying a new brush for this purpose would be expensive, but using an old one before getting rid of it can be great.

Playing with Dirt and Slime

Slimes and goo balls have been out in the world since the late 1900s, and they have proved to be cool for the kids of every decade. This is why different slimes have been making a comeback in the last few years.

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Kids even make the slime from scratch and customize it personally. These slimes are great at catching dust particles. Therefore, we are discussing them here. All you have to do is take the slime and dab it directly onto the unwanted specs, and they will then be easily caught with minimum effort.

Ironing the Way Out

Do you want to iron your way out of a sticky car situation? Well, you’re in luck today. There is a plethora of ways your car can get messed up by a dropped jellybean that has been forgotten and melted by the sun, or chewing gum that has been spitted out and never got picked up.

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These small little things can turn your car into a dumpster in no time, and you might panic when this happens, but don’t worry because it’s not that bad. Just heat an iron, take it to your car and put a paper on the exact area, and then press the iron on it for about 20 seconds or so. This procedure will clean up the mess by making the gum stick to the paper.