Australia Is Truly a Land Like No Other

Australia is a country that houses giant lizards, unlike the petite geckos found around in America. Interestingly, they are not scared of humans, and so they go everywhere. I mean, you wouldn’t slouch in the dark if you were a big, bold and beautiful one, would you?

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This picture shows a monitor lizard that could grow as long as six and a half feet and weigh as much as 30 pounds. Australia has precisely five families of Lizards. They include Dragons, Geckos, Legless lizards, Monitors, and Skinks. They also have goannas.

The Giant Center of Australia

The Uluru rock, also known as Ayer’s Rock, is a rock that stands alone in the center of Australia. Of the monoliths in the world, Australia takes the credit for housing the largest monolith in the world. It is such a recognizable feature in the country that it also serves as a popular tourist destination.

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It is also noted as a feature that is sacred to the indigenous Aboriginal tribe, the Pitjantjatjara. They refer to it as the Anangu. The rock is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a site with a lot of historical attachments.

Australians Swear a Lot

I wouldn’t want to think this is an occurrence because Australians are all by themselves on that island but boy, do they swear. It is safe to say swearing is a love language peculiar to the citizens. A lot of words that are considered taboo in simple conversations among Americans are commonplace among Australians.

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It is not uncommon to have your ears pierced by the worst of words in a conversation. When you come visiting, don’t stare in surprise due to the profane words you are sure to hear. Don’t also shake your head thinking, “I know my friend she’s not like them.” It is a city thing!

It’s Macca’s Around Here, Not McDonald’s

On the topic of Australians shortening their words, they wouldn’t tell you the location of the closest McDonald’s to you; you would see a proper Aussie show you the gold-designed arches of Macca’s. The inscription on the sign reads, “Macca’s,” so it is not just slang for the local folks who live around; it is accepted in the country.

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Don’t be worried about not fitting in when you get to Australia; you would get along and pick things up easily. The fads around here don’t get popular for a short time; they come to stay.

The Magpie Breeding Season

Apart from the talk about natural features and historic sites, to a strange set of pigeons, Australia’s native pigeons, to be precise, are also known as the Magpie. These kinds of birds are known to be destructive in their breeding season.

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This means if you happen to step out during their breeding season, which locals also call their swooping season, you may likely experience an attack from the birds. Cyclists have created countermeasures to secure their heads from the birds; they wear rubber spikes that wouldn’t hurt them.

World Cockroach Racing Championship Event

It appears as though every country has some strange kind of event they are known for hosting, and Australia isn’t left out. Brisbane gets to be the host of the annual world cockroach racing championship. The picture showcases a bunch of cockroaches running around on the floor.

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How weird! It started as a gambling event at a casino that evolved into a well-known racing event for cockroaches. These creatures are one breed of very fast Arthropods, so I guess they should also have a day to decide who is their Bolt.

Kangaroos Are Popular in Australia

One of the most beloved animals in Australia has to be the Kangaroo. This mammal is known to have a pouch where it rears its young ones that are born immature; it also has a coat of arms. It is identified as one of the country’s national symbols because although Kangaroos are popular around the world, most of them live in the wilderness of this country.

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While this mammal could be amusing when interacting with humans, they have a dangerous side tied to their hind legs. This Kangaroo in the picture must have gotten to the top of that house with its powerful hind legs. Another beautiful day to enjoy the view.

29 Years to Visit the Beaches

Australia is not always about what is dangerous or hunting for your life; there are amazing sites that would draw you to it. This country is popular for housing over 10,000 pleasant and fair beaches, and if you have to visit a beach in a day, you will spend 29 years attempting to visit it all.

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While Australia has a lot of remote and desolate areas (areas too arid even for growing crops), the beaches are the center of tourist attraction. When you come visiting, stuff your hands with goodies for eating!

Of Course, a Stinging Tree Is Here Too

Back to gory details in Australia, there is a warning sign for a stinging tree in the picture. You can’t visit Australia and not be familiar with this tree. Its scientific name is Dendrocnide Excelsa, but it is referred to as the giant stinging tree.

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The peptides contained in this tree’s petite hairs look very much like spider venom. We can’t say why this tree injects passersby, but you will feel severe pain and distress if you brush any part of you against the tree.

The Obsession With Vegemite Is Real Around Here

You may be wondering what vegemite is? It is an Australian food paste made from brewers’ yeast. There’s this song where a vegemite sandwich was mentioned; “Land Down Under.” It is the national food of the country and its people unofficially enshrined it in their constitution.

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They include the paste in almost every meal, from toast to sandwiches to soups, and some are comfortable eating it straight from the jar. It is vegetarian, almost fat-free, sugar-free, but not gluten-free. I hope you like to try out new things. Vegemite should top your list of new meals to try out when you come visit.

Guinness Record for Christmas Lights

Australians have this affinity for overdoing everything; an example is a family from 2013 that made it to the Guinness world records for having the most Christmas lights on a house. I like to think they were walking on sunshine. The Richards family used over 500,000 lights for their display.

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Another family has also created the record for the largest LED light on display from America a year after. Still, we remember the Australian family as the pioneer for the extreme display.

The Giant Widow Maker Pinecone

There is a giant pinecone fruit from a 120-year-old Bunya Pine, and the fruit could weigh as much as 22 pounds. The fruits are very high up the tree and could cause serious damage if they fall on your head.

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Nobody has tried figuring out if it’s normal for the pine tree to grow fruits this large. We are all about safety first, so the town where the tree is located has issued a warning advising all to stay away from the tree.

The Endearing Mischievous Local Wildlife

Koalas, Wallabies, and Wombats are a few of the many cute and cuddly wildlife that have made Australia lovable for the rest of the world. These creatures, aside from being cute, could cause mischief too.

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The picture shows a Wallaby who thinks it is high time toilet paper gets installed in the living room. The citizens have rescued a lot of injured wallabies from the wilderness in the past, and they could make great family pets. They have been introduced to countries like France, New Zealand, and the U.K, where a few of them live in the wilderness.

Steven Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter Found Home

In a lot of ways, the crocodile hunter bodied Australia in character and personality. He was that Australian who dared to swim in the mud with huge crocodiles; he lived with a killer accent and would have gone for a broadcasting job if he wasn’t so enthusiastic about animals.

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Steven Irwin was everything the average human imagined when thinking about the land down under; he was living the Australian dream. Sadly, his life was cut short by a sting from a sting-ray, but his daughter Bindi took up his legacy to become an animal preservationist.

The Great Barrier Reef

There is yet another natural wonder in Australia, and that is the Great Barrier Reef. It is a wide display of coral located on the northeastern side of the country by Queensland. It happens to be the largest coral chain system globally, and it houses thousands of varying marine wildlife species.

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The vast array of coral is being protected almost completely by the government as a national marine park. Still, with the challenge of human and maintenance, the park faces several pollution and climate change threats.

Tasmania says, “Forget Me Not”

The little island located after the southeastern edge of Australia, Tasmania is a state in Australia. Most people in the country know it because of the Tasmanian Devil on Looney Tunes. Tasmania is a state in Australia accepted to be part of the continent in 1901.

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The state’s history is quite similar to the rest of Australia’s history. You shouldn’t find it weird that Australians gave Tasmania a nickname; Tassie. It is who they are and what their nicknaming conventions are.

More Animals Hunting After Your Life

Australia still houses a lot of extremely dangerous creatures. Of such, we have the blue-ringed octopus and the funnel-web spider that could also be deadly and vicious by nature. These two creatures are just a couple of examples.

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Australians are fearless humans who have learned not to be worried about these animals no matter how dangerous they could be. If it were you living in Australia, you might just never leave home.

Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie

One of the most often quoted words in Australia said to have a back story is, “Throw another shrimp on the Barbie.” Barbie is a short word for Barbeque. The saying became popularly accepted in Australia from a series of ads on tourism in the 1980s that starred Paul Hogan, AKA Crocodile Dundee.

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Australians shrink in disgust when they hear Americans quote it because the original quote said “Slip,” and not throw. It stuck with the Australians and has been added to the American vocabulary of Australian clichés.

Get the Dingoes in Control

In the 1920s, the Australian government began constructing the Dingo fence in the southern part of Australia because dingoes were getting out of control. The fence was completed in 1946, and it is still standing to date. The goal of the fence is to keep dingoes away, contained, and far from areas populated by humans.

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The fence is being maintained by those whose properties share a mutual border with the fence, and they get grants from the government for its maintenance. It is expected that dingoes would move to the north instead of disrupting farmlands in the south.

Australia Runs a Huge Sheep Industry

The most popular and widespread livestock in Australia is sheep. The wool and meat from the sheep are being processed by the largest industries in the country. The country houses as much as 63.7 million sheep, and the wide open spaces in the country are used for sheep farming.

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Sheep farmers have something to worry about as different deadly animals live in the country. In the past, dingoes and pythons have eaten sheep, which calls for extra carefulness on the path of the farmers.

Australians Use Slangs, Too

Another thing that is striking about Australians is the way they loosely use their language. The word Aussie, for example, is slang as well. The most confusing of all is when an Australian responds “Yeah, Nah” and also proceeds to add “Nah, Yeah.” They both mean the complete opposite, and if you are not familiar with them, you can mistake Yes for a No.

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A hint to understanding is knowing that the last word is where the answer lies. Australians would be more than happy to initiate you into using their vocabulary as they don’t take themselves so seriously. In no time, you’ll be speaking like one.

Leaving the Door Unlocked

You would expect Australians to be extra cautious as really dangerous animals surround them, but then, many of them have their doors opened and unlocked. It surprises outsiders and visitors how trusting the Australians can be with their homes.

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We probably don’t have to worry too much as snakes can’t open doors. They are very friendly and accommodating, so they get along so well with each other; this explains why they wouldn’t need to lock their doors in areas that aren’t so populated.

Shark on a Golf Course

What would you do if you go out for a quiet rendezvous by a golf course, and you get to sit atop a dune by the sea so that you can enjoy a moment of quiet to yourself. Then you turn to glance at the water, and you see the fin of a shark sticking out of it?

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Well, it is a common sight in the land down under; if you happen to see a sight like that, just turn away and continue enjoying your evening, or not. Run off if you like but don’t attract attention; everybody else would find you weird.

A Lot of Venomous Snakes

You already know Australia houses a lot of deadly creatures. We have seen a few up and would be seeing more before the end but for now, let us discuss venomous snakes. Do you know that of the 25 venomous snakes mentioned in the world, 21 of them live in Australia?

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I am just as surprised as you are. Among these venomous snakes are the Eastern Brown Snake, the Inland Taipan, and the Mulga snake. These names should strike fear into you. Snakes are everywhere in Australia, even in the toilet or on a plane’s wing.

Home Is Where You Are, With Classic Rock

Are you a fan of classic rock? Welcome home! The thing is, you would never hear an Australian refer to it as classic rock. You would instead hear its American name, AC/DC. They call their top band “Akka Dakka.”

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This short-form fits into their lifestyle of shortening syllables in their words. The band was created by Angus Young and his brother Malcolm in 1973. No matter what genre you have heard them sing, they still call their music rock and roll, which is not a problem for us.

It Is Raining Pink Lakes

The lake, as seen below, is one of the many appealing pink lakes that Australia houses. Like the others, the Lake Hillier gives the land a mélange of brilliant color. Scientists have recently discovered that the lakes have this color due to a unique combination of microbes, algae, and halobacteria.

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These lakes can be compared to the dead sea with the amount of salt contained in them. The Lake Hillier is known to have recently lost its pinkish color, but who knows, scientists may just be able to restore it.

The Solar Radiation Could Get Intense

Some areas in Australia can be extremely hot, especially the northwestern axis of the continent. This happens during summer, which is winter in the northern hemisphere. As shown in the picture below, asphalt isn’t secured during the summer, and your arms can be burnt by the seatbelt when things get extreme.

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It is so intense that Australians resort to cooling their wears in their fridge before going out to face the scorching radiation. It appears some things can sincerely be hotter than fire in Australia.

All the Crazy Signs

Inscriptions and signposts are positioned in places so people can easily find their way around, issue a warning of danger ahead, and, importantly, regulate traffic. Signs can also help to make things easier between drivers and pedestrians.

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Well, welcome to Australia, where everything is not only extreme but also very different. You can’t blame them though; the presence of many deadly creatures has informed many signposts. Take this sign displayed in the picture, for example.

The Egg-Laying Mammals Are Here, Too

If you paid attention in elementary science class, you would remember we learned that there are only two egg-laying mammals in the world; the duck-billed platypus and spiny echidna. They are both native citizens of Australia. Yeah, you read that right. You won’t find them anywhere else in the world.

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The study of these creatures is a very important aspect of the biological theory of evolution. They both happen to be the only examples that are alive of mammals that can lay eggs. How fascinating!

The Australian Version of Wolves Are Dingoes

Legend has it that in the late 1990s, a family moved to live near the Uluru rock and were met with doom the day their two-month-old baby was pulled away by a dingo. Although they didn’t go through the guilty verdict eventually, many courts charged the parents as guilty, saying a dingo couldn’t eat their child.

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Well, we can only say we know that the continent has housed as much as 10,000 to 50,000 ferocious animals who have lived like a part of the family for thousands of years. The livestock farmers have them to contend with.

Rabbits Found Their Home Here, Too

A significant part of the history of Australia, which has become one of its issues, has to be the introduction of foreign animals to the ecosystems. The continent has been a delicate ecosystem for thousands of years until foreign animals got introduced. One is the rabbit.

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Rabbits are everywhere in Australia now, reaching the billions. What’s worse? These animals can eat everything! The country has made significant efforts to cut down on the population, as these creatures are held for the extinction of many native species.

The Australian Bush, Cliffs, and Everything In-Between

Like the United States has so much forest, most of Australia is uninhabited wilderness. Australians vaguely call it “The Bush.” You may be thinking they are referring to simple areas with trees and plants, but in this continent, the bush is an area that is not habited.

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It is believed that the word Bush is closely related to the Dutch term for a forest. The immigrants from South Africa are actually Europeans but eventually settled in Australia. They brought the term with them, and it has come to stay as a native word.

The Greeks Stay in Melbourne

This continent is known for housing immigrants from all over the world. One group that has filled Australia in mass is the Greeks, who came to the continent in 1850 during Australia’s gold rush. As it is, Melbourne holds the largest population of Greeks in any city that is not Greece or Cyprus.

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The number hits about 173,000. While the Greeks still hold the basic tenets of their culture dear, they have ensured a good relationship with the continent as Australia is involved in economic trade with Greece, worth more than AUS $140 million.

Australia Is the Only Country-Continent

Australia is the only country that also occupies the entire continent in itself, and this is one reason Australians have never been more than proud to identify with their country. They have also learned to be self-sufficient as they are an island alone in the middle of the ocean.

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Now, Australia may not necessarily look so big, but it is about the same size as the United States. It doesn’t look so big because uninhabited wilds cover the major part of the landmass.

People Go Shopping With Their Feet Bare

If it is your first time grocery shopping in the country-continent, you may be dazed when you look down to check it out. They have an entirely different opinion about wearing shoes, apparently, and you would find Australians going into places with their bare feet.

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This also portrays the people of Australia as the fun-loving, happy, liberal, and carefree people they are, without so many uptight ideologies revolving around their way of life.

The Giant Bats Are Flying

A perfect horror movie would be waking up one morning and looking out your window to see these huge bats staring at you. They are so enormous; they could pass for a flying fox. This mega-sized bat that could also weigh the same as a small child is one of the four megabats in Australia.

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They feed on fruit, pollen, and nectar; we also wonder how they could live there. They can weigh as much as two pounds, and many of these species in the continent are endangered due to various reasons.

There Are Camels in Australia?

When Australian wildlife comes to mind, the camel may not be one that makes the list, but Australia has them crawling all over. Herds roam all day in the bush; so much so that they can export camels to the Middle East.

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They came into the country first in the 1800s, and the population has only exploded since. They export a relatively small amount of Camels, but it is still very impressive. They also export the meat of Camel for dishes all over the world.

Tolmer Falls, Another Natural Attraction

You would agree with me by now that Australia is blessed with natural landmarks and appealing locales. One of the examples of a center for tourist attraction in Australia is the Tolmer falls, located within the Northern axis of the continent.

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It has a nice view, and it is very easy to navigate your way through, hiking up to the top where you can see from two stations. The waterfall wouldn’t make it to the world record for tallest in the world, but it is one of the many natural sights in Australia that makes the country stand out.

The Sydney Opera House

We have talked more about natural places in Australia than man-made places as they are more popular. One recognizable man-made feature in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. Its beautiful architectural design makes it unique and easily noticeable.

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It was originally estimated to cost a sum of $7 million. The final and completed project would take a whopping sum of $102 million, which happened to be majorly founded by a state lottery. Every year, Australia records over 10.9 million visitors at the Opera house.

The Cold Is Also Extreme

The southeastern area of Australia is where the Australian Alps are. Whether you believe it or not, Australia is a very popular destination for skiing, which has seen some of the best skiing slopes in the world.

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Australia is a country that experiences varying climates coupled with terrains like deserts, jungles, and snow-capped mountains all in a geographical plane. Oh, Australia and its wonders.

The People of Australia Are Just as Wild

I don’t expect you to be surprised that the people who have lived with wild creatures and have the most of their lands given to the wilderness would be wild themselves. In some parts of the land down under, the people can be just as wild as the animals who find the country home.

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The picture shows this guy as an example, who is riding an ostrich and appears just as wild as the creature that carries him on its back. I like to think they enjoy a symbiotic relationship with these creatures where they learn just how to be wild.

Some People Put Their Clothes in the Fridge

You remember seeing where it was mentioned that Australia could be extremely hot sometimes, and people can devise all forms of ways to stay cool? Here’s one; they let their clothes and shoes chill in the fridge!

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Some Aussies do this for about thirty minutes before they go out. Don’t be surprised if you open your friend’s fridge for butter and find a T-shirt and shorts sitting pretty in there.

The Original Club for Taking It Out

It is possible that you haven’t seen the movie Fight Club yet, but this picture makes it self-explanatory. The fight club is where guys meet to settle whatever rift they have going on, physically. It is an opportunity for them to ease out their frustrations and create some sort of bond in the process. If you say the kangaroos in the continent are a motivating factor for this club, I won’t disagree with you.

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The actual meaning of the word, Kangaroo according to the encyclopedia, means “Large foot.” This supports the idea that these creatures were naturally born to fight and take out obstacles with their foot for survival.

The Built Spider Frost

A closer look at the frost covering the Park, and you may be thinking, “That looks weird; it isn’t frost.” You are right; it isn’t anywhere near frost. They are spider webs! Yeah, hell, it turns out humans aren’t the only ones clamoring for survival in Australia. During the rainy season, you should go around with a lighter and hair spray.

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Why? You don’t want to get entangled in these crazy webs constructed like bridges all over by these spiders. In trying to avoid getting drowned in puddles, they build the webs high up. What can I Say? Tough times don’t last; only tough spiders do.

Even the Police Have a Sense of Humor

We live with the reality that different people worldwide have a strained relationship with their country’s police forces, depending on which country it is. Still, it turns out even in Australia, police officers can say, “It’s showtime!”. The force in Australia has this affinity for approaching even the most severe of issues lightly.

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This picture, for example, shows off an officer who is dressed like an astronaut about to launch into space, when in reality, he’s very much around simply checking to see if cars are speeding.

Some Koalas Are Gainfully Employed

You need to believe me when I say Koalas don’t just sit still, looking pretty by a tree all day long; they can be very nosy and curious and sometimes saunter into situations that involve human beings. This picture, for example, shows off one who decided to join a news team and maybe help them get things done a little bit faster.

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The team visited the Australian Reptile Park located in New South Wales when a Koala felt like to hop in the scene and assist with crew camera handling duties. I hope we won’t have them demanding to be placed on payroll next.

Real Life Snake on a Plane

In case you are wondering, this is not a shot from a movie scene. You probably must have seen “Snakes on a Plane,” a scary movie. You may have comforted yourself with the thought that it was scripted and would never play out in the real world. It turns out, one man’s script is another man’s reality.

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This is a real photo taken of a plane that was flying over Australia. I don’t expect you to be so surprised this is happening in Australia, where snakes can stick to flying aircraft. This python was said to be three meters long!