Behold the Weirdest Fashion Trends You Will Ever See!

We can never pretend to know much about fashion, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that $56,000 for “grass-stained pants” defies sense. Fashion, as we all know, is arguably the best way to show your inner individuality. But what if you can’t seem to discover a style that you like?

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Perhaps your dreary clothing has you feeling confined and caged in. Perhaps you’re seeking a little motivation. Here are some more unusual dress trends that can fulfill your inner misfit. We’re not sure who came up with these bizarre outfits, but one thing is certain: the people who wore them never faded into the background.

From the Fashion Runway to the Retail Store

We’ve all wondered why we haven’t seen the lavish dresses or clothing from Fashion Week on the market. Why don’t high fashion models dress in “regular” clothes? This is because fashion is more than just about looking good or conforming to the norm; it is also an art form and a means of self-expression.

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However, there are instances when we see this frightening show of such unusual attire. But it is the least unexpected of all, because who in their right mind would purchase that? This cloth has the appearance of feathers, but we’re not sure what it is. We do know, however, that there are far too many colors for our eyes to process.

Shut from the World

There is no greater item for quickly updating your appearance than a new pair of fashionable glasses. It’s no surprise that spectacles are so popular. They’re a must-have feature in every fashionista’s wardrobe. A new pair of trendies, eye-catching glasses may dramatically update your style, whether you use them with prescription lenses, as blue light-blocking glasses, or just as a fashion statement.

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Shutter shades have never made more sense in the history of fashion. These items became extremely popular, flying off the shelves, especially for parties and other nightclub activities. And we’re still perplexed as to why. These glasses don’t do much; they block out the sun while also blocking your eyes. For this one, best of luck to you and your eyes.

The Sky’s Camouflage

Camouflage, and, indeed, anything military, has long been a favorite motif of the fashion industry, which is obsessed with uniforms like few other things. For almost as long as we can remember, debate has raged over whether such stylistic appropriation is, well, acceptable. The answers to these questions are still a mystery.

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But yes, indeed. Who doesn’t like a well-dressed military man? It’s just a shame that not all of these military-graded clothes are as fashionable as they claim to be. Would you not love some lovely blue camo, tapered at the leg and matched with heels? It is, without a doubt, the ideal approach to entering the battleground. Is it possible to buy it in pink as well? (We are asking for a friend.)

Crocheted Clothing in Various Styles

Crochet dresses are usually a showstopper, and there’s something appealing about their 1970s vibe. They’re a great summer garment that may be worn alone as a see-through cover-up over your swimwear or with a slip dress beneath if the knit design is too big. They go well with both sandals and boots! Don’t be afraid to experiment with strong patterns and colors.

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Are you considering turning your grandmother’s old blankets into cool new sweaters? Great! But don’t do it, at least not in this way. This style of design belongs in only one area, and that is in an elderly lady’s bedroom. We have to agree that, as bad as it appears, this is a fairly inventive method to manufacture a sweater.

Puffy Jackets Aren’t the Only Thing

Puffer coats are a wintertime necessity, but though they keep you warm their practical design frequently leaves much to be desired. Why not make a puffer a part of your outfit instead of just putting it on for warmth? These coats are quite the sight when paired with the scrunchies.

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We’re not sure which to focus on: the boys’ indecisively created jackets, which appear to exhibit just about every design out there in one item of clothing, or the terrible pink and blue jackets worn by the ladies, which seem like they belong at a disco party. There’s so much going on in this photo that we could run out of time talking about the leather-meets-denim pants. Let’s simply skim over everything. Next!

A Relic from the Past

Over the last several years, it’s sort of felt as if we’ve been living in a time capsule, with trends from the 1980s and 1990s making their way back into the spotlight. Scrunchies are a relic of a different era. Archeologists will be digging up scrunchies (this odd hairstyle that lasted luckily only a few years) thousands of years from now and wondering why.

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Do you think they’ll assume it’s for the hair? Why, after all, does a hair tie have to be so puffy? No one seems to have satisfied answers. It will certainly wind up in a museum, where visitors will examine the hairpiece in an attempt to comprehend 1980s fashion trends and why anyone in their right mind would wear a puffy velvet hair tie with a neon jacket.

Perhaps a Member of the Dragon Clan

A leather jacket is one of the few pieces of menswear that exudes attitude, tradition, and unvarnished masculinity. A decent leather jacket is one of the few long-term partnerships you’ll have in fashion, if for no other reason. They’re made to last, to age with you, and to go with more things than you’d think.

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This is one intimidating jacket, maybe appropriate for a martial artist. Or are you a biker? Though it appears incredibly durable and super kitschy, it’s unclear what this really intense gold and white artwork is. It might also be a terrific gang member’s uniform! We’re not sure if it’s because it’s awful or because it’s a bit menacing looking, but it screams “keep away.”

The Christmas Tree Shirt

Christmas is frequently thought of as a happy holiday filled with family gatherings, tree decorating, and gift giving. Everyone enjoys Christmas, and there is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than getting into the holiday mood. Of course, the easiest way to achieve this is to work up a sweat. Christmas sweaters used to be something only your grandma wore, but today they’re adored and flaunted by a wide range of people.

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It’s difficult to say no to a decent reindeer or snowman sweater, but this tree-themed top goes above and beyond. The lights and tree wrapped around the sweater may bring you good cheer for the holidays, or they may just make you feel depressed. Do we really want to know? Not at all.

The Irreparable Uggs

Thankfully, Uggs have faded away over time, but there was a time when they were completely ubiquitous. Then there were the knock-off versions of Uggs that afflicted our universe. These items were clearly of poor quality, which was made worse by their appearance.

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It was difficult to believe that anyone would spend their money on these shoes. These shoes lacked a proper sole and resembled slippers more than anything else. Everywhere, Ugg-footed wannabees with falling heels and tangled imitation-sheep wool wandered the streets. Hopefully, this fashion disaster will not be repeated.

Camouflaged to Perfection

Camouflage patterns are excellent and make a terrific fashion statement. They allow you to go entirely unseen through the undergrowth. If you’re well-hidden, you can tactically engage your foes, and if you’re out in the woods, your clothes will help you blend in with the backdrop, making it more difficult for animals to see you. Unless you’re Paris Hilton, of course.

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Of course, the Paris pink skin-tight “camo” dress is ideal for the wild. Not to mention the clumsy speed-booster boots that will let you run through the woods. We’d like to blame the year for this one, but we believe it’s all down to Paris.

Epic Wardrobe Faux Pas

Whoops! Yes, celebrities are exactly like us, which is why their attire might be a bit misbehaving at times! If you click through the internet you get to watch Jennifer Garner, Nicki Minaj, Lindsay Lohan, and more, suffer from some of the most awful wardrobe catastrophes, from broken zippers to ripped crotches to shapewear exposes.

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By being naked and wearing a waistcoat, tie, and fingerless gloves, Ashlee Simpson attempted to replicate the traditional formal dress appearance. Is this posh-looking homeless man working for us? No. What were we thinking at the time? We have no idea. Another example of trends that should be left in the past is this one.

The Denim Style

The problem with finding the ideal pair of jeans is that there are so many choices. This clothing set can look fantastic right now and will continue to look fantastic in a few years. Few people could have created a look as iconic as this. Back then, Britney and Justin could get away with pretty much anything, but even this was tough to accept.

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The famed musical power couple may have gone overboard with the denim. Also, what’s up with the bejeweled neck and the denim fedora? When you have that much celebrity, a denim fedora can seem like a fantastic choice. We’re not sure if we should blame them—or their terrible stylists at the time. Or maybe it’s only been a decade. Whatever the case may be, this is a thing of the past.

Hair Disaster

Most of us have had a bad hair day or a horrible haircut at some point in our lives, and when it occurs, it feels like the end of the world. However, some people have gone to the other extreme and had huge hair catastrophes that resulted in humorous incidents. Oh, those were the emo days. How can we forget the famed “scene” hairstyle with the exaggerated side bangs and the thick eyeliner?

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Granted, if you were 16 in the early to mid-2000s, that style may occasionally look really great. However, the appearance we’ve got here is a tad out of hand. We don’t know how it turned into a beehive, but the striped bangs are a touch too much. We’ll forgive her this time because the photo quality suggests it’s a 2008 flip phone.

World’s Oddest Pair

It is every shoe designer’s dream to create shoes that are both attractive and innovative. Some people, on the other hand, just want to make a statement. They seek to express the most imaginative side of their minds. They make items that are just meant to be looked at and not used. Only such nefarious brains could have come up with the world’s oddest pair of shoes. Some fashion trends only function in a specific century, and only in that century.

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These pointed poulaines are an example of this. These shoes from the 15th century belong in their original location, and no one should be wearing them now. That is, unless you want to seem like a lord from the 15th century in Europe. Then, simply put on a pair of scarlet tights, a big white shirt, and maybe a leather-suede waistcoat, and you’re ready to go.

The Toe Shoe

The world is an odd place to live in, and the people that inhabit it are much stranger. However, if you want to learn about the craziest things, you should learn about certain people and their lots of not-so-amazing innovations and accomplishments. Take a look at the toe shoe.

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Now, as we’ve seen from the countless photographs here, fashion trends may go horribly wrong, and the worst of them frequently have to be both terrible and impractical. However, when it comes to the toe shoe, this just checks one box. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s appealing. These so-called “barefoot” shoes are completely ludicrous and should only be used when running really quickly on a track.

Siamese Twin Shoe

The issue with shoes is that they’re made for your feet, and feet are all constructed similarly. Granted, some people may be missing a toe or have an excessive number of them, but for the most part, a foot is a foot. Unfortunately, this shoe missed the memo and was designed for a leg with a completely different foot on the other side.

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It everything makes sense. This is not only physically inaccurate, but it also appears to be perplexing. We’re perplexed by the additional twin shoe on the other side. Perhaps it serves as a ruse to get you to go in the direction you want to go. Whatever the cause, this should not be allowed to continue.

Fuzzy and Furry

There’s a huge universe of nail art out there. You name it: crazy colors, stick-ons, jewelry, beads, and so on. And some, despite their flamboyance, may look stunning. The fur on nails, however, is where the line is drawn. Not only does it appear as if you have a serious hormone issue emanating from your fingers, but can you imagine scratching an itch with that?

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There’s nothing like scratching an itch with a powerful pair of nails to make you feel good. Fuzzy and furry fingernails sound like a nightmare, if you’re going to scratch your nose every time you feel a tickle. While fashion isn’t always practical, this appears to be excruciating.

A New Meaning to Shoelaces

Shoelaces are such a seemingly insignificant thing. It was never meant to be the main event—merely it’s a length of thread designed to be looped through the grommets of a shoe. This sneaker offers shoelaces a whole new meaning. We’re not sure what the attraction is of wrapping a rope curtain around a shoe.

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It doesn’t appear to be especially attractive, nor does it appear to add anything beneficial to the shoe; in fact, it appears to be pretty dangerous. Stepping on one of these ropes may easily result in a terrible fall. Falling from that height isn’t going to be nice, especially given the size of that heel. Let’s create some shoes sans the ropes, laces, tassels, or whatever you want to call them.

The Blackberry Bag

The fashion industry is generally tough to break into, but if you start your own business with accessories like handbags and bags, you might be able to break in. We are huge fans of blackberries (or mulberries.) They’re delicious fruits that you may gather from a little blackberry bush.

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We believed these delightful, tiny, mushy berries had a distinct aesthetic that would be intriguing in the fashion industry. The blackberry purse has arrived. Granted, this is an intriguing bag design, and the creators drew some rather unusual inspiration, but this Mulberry bag, especially when coupled with the chains, just doesn’t work. In fact, it almost appears to be a fashion faux pax.

Japanese Fashion Trend

Some of the world’s strangest fashion trends are known to be found in Japan. And this picture, in this scenario, is no exception. This fashion trend, known as Manba, has grown extremely popular among young Japanese ladies who date guys who have a minstrel show obsession.

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The style comprises mostly of dark skin and thick makeup, which is surprising given Japanese women’s more refined ideals of beauty. Manba fans have their entire faces painted dark brown, their eyes contoured with dazzling white paint, and their hair dyed a million various colors. Oh, and don’t forget the dayglo clothing and excessive pastel-colored cosmetics.

Eye Jewelry with a Twist

Some cultures are inexplicable, and this is an example of such. This is a trend we wouldn’t advocate attempting at home, because it originated in the Netherlands. The eyes are normally a region of the body that is overlooked in fashion, but the Dutch evidently determined that this needed to change.

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This bizarre eye jewelry is a new procedure that includes little metal studs being placed into the eye, which appears to be a poor idea. This fad began more than eight years ago in the Netherlands, and while the Dutch claim it is a completely safe surgery, eye specialists all over the world disagree. No fashion fad is ever worth putting your health at risk for. Ever!

What a Plastic Comeback

This is an intriguing topic, but like many intriguing questions, it lacks a clear answer. Some people are so obsessed with bags that they are prepared to spend more on them than they would for a car just to acquire one. And for the vast majority of us, a bag is an essential item.

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Don’t we all have a see-through purse at one time or another, ladies? Since 2018, they’ve been making a strong resurgence. While these purses have a distinct style, there are undoubtedly more ecologically responsible alternatives. Besides, we’re not too keen on having every passerby see what we’ve got in our luggage.

Footwear from Outer Space

Let’s face it, everyone, especially women, is obsessed with shoes. I’m sure all the females reading this can relate to the fact that shoes are at the top of every girl’s shopping list. But if you’re thinking wacky shoes, like in unusual colors or patterns, or deadly heels, I’d like to put a stop to it! These shoes seem like they belong in a cyberpunk spice girl’s closet, and they’d be more at home on Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element. Dsquared2.

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An Italian fashion brand introduced these shoes at a runway show in Milan a few years ago, clearly planned to go viral and startle most buyers. We enjoy how bright and vibrant these are, but we’ll have to pass. They appear to be really uncomfortable, and the half-sports-shoe, half-heel feel doesn’t appeal to us.

The Shoes Are Made of See-Through Plastic

If you’re a shoe aficionado, be warned: you’re buying some shoes at your own peril! These translucent, plastic shoes, which have been popular for a few years, have made a strong reappearance in 2018. The only problem is that while some individuals appreciate how their feet appear beneath them, they aren’t particularly comfortable or breathable.

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That makes sense, because we have no idea who came up with the wonderful concept of making a whole shoe out of PVC! Yes, the transparent heels may appear fashionable and futuristic at first, but once you’ve walked in them for an hour and start to feel the sweaty mess, you’ll change your mind, we guarantee.

The Sneakers with Socks

Ugly shoes have climbed to the top of the fashion world. Of course, “ugly” is a subjective adjective that has always had its own attraction. Some of this footwear might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Vetements and Reebok collaborated to create the sock sneaker, the ultimate sock and shoe combination.

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The style is still gaining popularity. The sock sneaker, which resembles a sock with sneaker soles below, is for individuals who can’t be bothered to put on frigid shoes over their warm socks in the morning, or for those who constantly forget to wear socks with their sneakers. Is it practical? Fashionable? Not at all.

Meat-Based Knee Patches

Don’t blink or you’ll miss out on the next strange denim trend. These unusual denim styles are cropping up all over Instagram, and if you’re not paying attention, you could miss the latest and craziest twist on blue jeans. These are, once again, jeans that have been given an edge, and they are probably the oddest fashion trend on our list.

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This time, though, it entailed adding meat knee patches, since why eat meat when you can just wear it? We’re not sure where or who started this trend, but we’re not fond of it. What’s the connection between food and fashion? It’s never a good combination.

A Skirt or a Trousers?

We don’t need to inform you that some fashion design concepts are fantastic and others are complete disasters. Fashion Nova, a Los Angeles-based fashion label, is known for its colorful and daring designs, but they may have gone too far this time. Look at those cage trousers!

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When you’re undecided about whether to wear a skirt or pants, whip out these cage-like trousers and have the best of both worlds. Granted, it defeats the whole point of wearing pants in the first place, but it’s an intriguing thought, nonetheless. Even if it’s simply to witness the looks on people’s faces as you go down the street, we think it’s worth a shot.

Jeans with Only One Leg

In recent years, we’ve seen a variety of “strange jeans” emerge, including zipper butt jeans, plastic kneecap jeans, thong jeans, “invisible jeans,” and more, and the trend doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon. Jeans appear to be the ultimate fashion trend, and standard jeans will no longer suffice. People are yearning for something unique, and the fashion world continues to provide.

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Take, for example, these one-leg jeans. This is a 2019 fashion trend that you can already see a lot of women wearing in Ukraine and surrounding countries. Two-legged jeans have apparently become far too conservative. Personally, we like the two-legged denim jeans of the past. But, well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Jeans with an Asymmetrical Cut

Out-of-the-ordinary jeans can be found almost anyplace these days, including at quick fashion outlets, which has led to customers yearning for something different. You can’t decide whether you want wide-leg trousers in the manner of the 1970s or narrow, tight-leg pants in the style of today? Don’t be concerned! We’ve come up with a solution for you! In fact, a Ukrainian fashion label did.

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Asymmetrical jeans-trousers with one fitted tight leg and one broad leg are one of their most recent inventions. These pants blend the best of two fashion worlds and eras into one single jean, making them ideal for when you can’t pick which jeans to wear. Would you put these on?

Tulle with Chainsaws

In their Spring 2010 collection, Vior & Rolf, an Amsterdam-based design house, created this wacky fashion trend. It’s a high-end tulle gown with chainsaw-cut portions. A chainsaw, to be specific. It’s a whole collection, not just one outfit! However, the one seen below is without a doubt one of the most terrifying.

Photo by Karl Prouse/Catwalking/Getty Images

Apart from Katy Perry wearing this identical dress at an awards show (which she looked stunning in! ), there have been a few A-list celebrity sightings and, most entertaining of all, individuals attempting to mimic the trend at home by cutting out bits of their dresses! It appears to be sufficiently ventilated, at the very least.

The Poncho/Duvet

The Duvet Dress Challenge was established when people began to consider what other bits of their bedding, they might use to create clothes. It includes snatching the duvet or blanket off your bed and turning it into a dress, just like its predecessor. Despite the fact that it may not be the most attractive item of apparel, we adore the duvet/poncho fashion trend that Mulberry gave to the world in 2017.

Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

The poncho, which resembles a duvet cover with a hole on top, appears to be quite comfy, and even though we’re sure it’ll set you back ten times as much as your genuine duvet cover, it’s worth a go. We can confidently state that this is every lazy girl’s fantasy.

Straw Hat Dress Is a High-Priced Item

If you’re planning a summer vacation, this might be the ideal fashion trend for you. What do you usually need while you’re on vacation in the summer? Right, a straw hat and a lightweight dress? It’s now possible to have both at the same time! In 2017, Jacquemus, a well-known French luxury fashion designer, debuted the straw hat dress, which is made up of eight different-sized straw hats sewn together with black ribbons as straps.

Source: Teen Vogue

And hey, if $3000 is a little out of your price range, you can always go to your local store and buy a couple of hats to make it yourself! We have our doubts about this one; after all, isn’t all that straw itchy? How will you be able to sit comfortably? What’s the best way to clean it? Or, for that matter, spot clean it?

The Torso-Free Sweater

We’re used to seeing bizarre outfits on runway models, and our standard response is “It’s fashion, baby!” However, even conventional stores occasionally have unusual clothing for everyday use. Are they going too far with fashion trends? We all like sleeveless shirts, but how about shirtless sleeves?

Source: Tumblr

No, we aren’t attempting to be smart; there is such a thing. Calvin Klein began selling these ”torso-less” jumpers for at least $2000 in 2017. It’s undoubtedly a fashion statement, but we don’t think it’s the most practical. What good does it do you to keep your arms warm if your torso is cold?

Car Mat Skirt Balenciaga

If you thought peplum shirts and asymmetrical denim were crazy, wait till you see these outlandish fashion trends. They’re not only strange, they’re also pricey. In 2017, Balenciaga, a luxury design label, debuted a leather skirt that resembles a vehicle mat. That’s right, you read that correctly.

Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

On the brand’s website, it’s referred to as the ‘Car Design Skirt,’ and it’s available for the low price of $2,495. So, we think you can sell anything for hundreds of dollars if you sew the name of a high-end fashion label on it. And, hey, a $5 car freshener is always a nice touch!

Jeans with No Crotch

Fashion, as we all know, is a way to express oneself, and some individuals like to do so by wearing transparent pants and boot trousers. Some take fashion even more seriously. These crotchless jeans, often known as cowboy chaps, were first presented by Asos in 2018.

Source: Tumblr

At £75 a pair, you may feel “liberated and reckless” walking around in these bright jeans, according to a model who wore them for a full day out in the city. Maybe we’re just being old-fashioned, but isn’t that one of the major reasons for wearing trousers to cover your whole leg? Besides, you’ll have to make sure your underwear is always brand new and in excellent condition, which, let’s face it, isn’t always the case.

Pants with Fried Chicken Legs

Pants can reveal your personal style, occupation, and whether or not you’ve recently acquired weight. They’ve always been a part of your wardrobe and have been a component of fashion for decades. There are various styles of pants, including one that resembles a chicken. Yes, there are pants that are modeled after fried chicken legs!

Source: Twitter

You can get them for five pounds on Amazon, and they’re now trending on social media. We’re sure these chicken-leg, carrot-looking pants are wonderfully comfortable if you can gather the confidence to wear them. And, hey, if being slim and sexy isn’t your first concern, these are absolutely worth a shot!

Jeans Made of Clear Plastic

You’re lying if you think denim jeans will ever go out of style. They’ve always been a part of your wardrobe and have been a component of fashion for decades. However, you probably have a lot of pants that you don’t know the name of their style. You’ll be an expert on the subject after seeing these sorts of pants.

Source: Pinterest

Keep in mind that the term “jeans” may not even be appropriate in this case to describe this piece of, um, plastic. Is it really possible to call them jeans if there isn’t any denim involved? Topshop launched these plastic jeans—which are effectively just putting a plastic bag on your legs —in 2017, and we’re not great fans. Oh, and did we mention that each of these leg-shaped plastic covers costs $100?

Ripped-Style Stockings

Stockings are versatile garments that may be used with practically any ensemble. Stockings can be worn under your clothes to make them appear more sassy and sophisticated. One of the most helpful elements of wearing them is that it helps to cover any poky little hair that may be sprouting on your legs.

Photo by Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

One of the less shocking fashion trends on our list, we’re confident any professional woman in her 40s or 50s would be appalled if she saw this on the street. Even the tiniest rip in a stocking used to be considered a sign of unkemptness. Ladies, that’s it. Ripped stockings have since become a sign of “indifferent coolness,” and you can now see this sloppy/sexy fashion trend on just about everyone. What a difference a generation makes!

The Star Trek Bagel Head Look

We understand that some fashion styles are unimaginable. Body mod enthusiasts in Canada have uncovered the oddest trend in body eration. It didn’t persist long in that country, and it’s currently largely found only in Japan’s underground scene. Bagel head is a quick method that people employ to change their appearance.

Source: Twitter

You will undergo a technique that involves injecting saline under your skin in order to get this gradual effect. It causes a forehead protrusion, which is thankfully just transitory. This strange protrusion is then moulded into whatever you like, though in this case they make it look like a bagel. Do you have a hunger pang? We’re in the same boat.

Jeans with Mud Stains

Every year, just when we believe trendy jeans are a thing of the past, they reappear with renewed strength, and we should brace ourselves for the worst! So a year or two ago, or even ten years ago, mud on your beloved pair seemed innocuous and even stylish. PRPS’s designers had a brilliant concept. They decided to create a pair of filthy jeans.

Source: Pinterest

Yes, they made jeans that already had dirt marks on them. We’re not sure which is more perplexing: the fact that these weird dirty jeans were actually put into production or the fact that they were completely sold out at Nordstrom. Hopefully, only a handful were created, and they were bought as a costume idea or a laugh. Nonetheless, these natural-brown Barracuda jeans with a straight leg are lurking on people’s legs.

Wouldn’t You Love See-Through Boots?

We’re loving what fashion has to offer, from classic riding boots to suede booties to whimsical animal designs. Some boots, on the other hand, are simply mixed with emotion. Whether you like him or not, Kanye West is constantly in the news. Kanye West’s infamous Yeezy collection included these strange boots.

Source: Imgur

We’re mystified as to how these sold out for $700 a piece. These clear PVC boots became viral on Instagram, showing up in the feeds of all of our favorite Instagram influencers. Everyone wanted to be the first to flaunt these outlandish boots. In addition to the see-through vinyl boot, the heel is constructed of plexiglass and is totally see-through. These can’t possibly be relaxing.

So Much for a Bit of Sparkle

Your beards are gorgeous in their natural state, but if you want to spice things up a little, we’ve got just the thing for you! Glitter beards, here we come! Men, add some glitz to your beard. Ladies, remind the males in your life that a little glitz never harmed anyone. It’s easy to get the ideal glitter beard.

Source: Instagram/@thegaybeards

Choose a glitter color (we like silver or gold because it’s so traditional!) Simply dunk your beard in the glitter or rub it into the magnificent beard hair, and voilà! You’ve now got a glitter beard. Shine your way into your next meeting and leave a trail of glitz and glam behind you.

Your Grandparents’ Fashion Is Cool in Tokyo

What goes around, they say, comes around. This concept is especially true in the world of fashion. It’s amazing how rapidly things can change and become the norm all throughout the world. Tokyo’s street fashion is usually a lot of fun. People are often shocked by the number of wacky fashion trends that emerge from this enchanting city year after year. They’re known over there for their wild haircuts, vibrant colors, and layering.

Source: Tumblr

Despite the fact that there are trends in Japanese street style, the styles appear to err from year to year. During Tokyo Fashion Week in 2018, these two outfits were spotted. If you ask us, they’re quite cool! We adore that yellow stitched number that he manages to make cool, despite the fact that it seems like it belongs in our grandmother’s closet!

Is It True That the Fanny Pack Is Back?!

The 1980s are instantly recognisable. This is where your favorite fashion trend originated! Fast music, sporty vehicles, television in every home, and new materials that revolutionized the globe characterized this incredible decade. The decade of the 1980s is making a comeback! The classic ’80s fanny pack is making a tremendous comeback. High-end designers are releasing their own versions of the fanny pack, and they’re selling like hotcakes!

Source: Facebook

We’re not sure we’d buy this fanny pack. It’s obscenely large and overstuffed with padding that isn’t required. We are enthusiastic about the comeback of the fanny pack, though we would choose a more basic model. We believe that a tiny one is ideal for carrying the items you need with you at all times.

A Bikini at an Unusual Location

Do you think wearing a pair of nude pants is strange? There’s even more to come. This next fashion trend was devised by a Chinese accountant named Zhang Shifan, who will leave you absolutely perplexed. Facekini is the name of this strange face mask. Yes, it’s effectively a face bikini.

Photo by Feature China/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

These masks, which are made of the same fabric as swimming suits, are (somehow) incredibly popular in Asia! Facekini masks are designed to shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. This appears to be a very practical idea until you actually put it on. The facekini is for you if you want to be mistaken for a burglar. Otherwise, some SPF and a cap are recommended.

Pants That Don’t Look Like Pants

We’re all for the leggings as pants trend, but when we saw these leggings, we couldn’t believe our eyes! The hue of these leggings is nude, not a basic color. They are almost identical in color to the skin. Wearing athleisure in everyday life has become increasingly trendy.

Source: Facebook

This is where the difficulty with the nude leggings begins. It’s difficult to determine if she’s wearing trousers because she appears to be going down the street entirely naked from afar. The woman in this photo stated she thought the color of her pants was cute at first, but then she realized she looked nude in them. #Fail.

Right? Men Can’t Wear Crop Tops

Do well-dressed men tend to flaunt their wear? Yes, to a certain extent. But it has nothing to do with ego or vanity. It’s because they understand how valuable their possessions are and how properly they should be displayed. Not only well-dressed men can flaunt their wear, but some half-dressed males can also put on a good performance.

Photo by Catwalking/Getty Images

Every season, crop tops are at the forefront of fashion trends, but what about crop tops for men? To hide their bellies, we’d probably prefer regular men’s clothes. For whatever reason, we don’t want to see a hairy guy belly. We can’t think of a decent reason to show off those joyful trails and beer bellies! Even if you have a six-pack, we recommend skipping the crop top; it’s just too uncomfortable.

Shirts with a See-Through Pattern

We all like to follow the latest fashion trend, but if you wear it to your office party, the HR department will have a chat with you! Someone is going to get in trouble with these sheer shirts. Sheer shirts are becoming increasingly trendy, but they are also a member of our weird list.

Source: Flickr

They’re see-through tops that, while they may look great, aren’t appropriate for most circumstances. Celebrities and models all across the world are wearing sheer shirts, with some even going nude below! While we wouldn’t recommend going completely nude underneath these thin tops, there are ways to make this wacky trend work and look beautiful.

Sweaters with Endless Sleeves

A warm long-sleeved hoodie or sweater is one of our favorite things to wear. Long sleeves keep our arms warm and can also be stylish when worn with specific clothes. They might even be the ideal gift for someone who appears to have everything from cufflinks to the nicest pair of ties.

Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, designers have gone a touch too far with these extra-long sleeves that never seem to end. These long sleeves would be useful for keeping your hands toasty on frigid winter days, but we can’t think of another use for them. In our opinion, these never-ending sleeves are not practical and look ridiculous. We’re going to give it a pass.

Jeans Optical Illusion

Jean trends today are a little too intricate. Isn’t it true that every designer yearns to create something spectacular out of denim? Would you like to become a real-life optical illusion? If you answered yes, we have just the right pair of pants for you. This pair of jeans appears to be two jeans in one. Why? We don’t know.

Source: Pinterest

These aren’t your average jeans; they have two zippers, two sets of buttons, and two pockets. These double jeans, which retail for $880, are everywhere. Perhaps the high selling price is due to the fact that you receive two pairs for the price of one. In any case, it appears to be a high price to pay to look ridiculous.

Heart Is on the Butt

You don’t have to be proud of your butt to put your heart on your butt! Women have been wearing and appreciating these heart leggings, which are part of the “athleisure” trend. Wearing your heart on your butt is always a smart idea, whether you’re at the gym or just hanging out.

Source: Twitter

People will almost certainly do a double take, unsure if they are staring at your pants or some bizarre illusion. These remind us of the style from the 1990s, when people wore pants with “juicy” or “love me” written on the buttocks. This appears to be a significant improvement over that!

Huge Chanel Handbags

We don’t know who else these were designed for if they weren’t made specifically for giants. The Chanel handbag is a timeless classic. It’s one of those everlasting classics that everyone seems to own or desire. It has been the same for decades, and the public adores it.

Source: Pinterest

Chanel appears to have decided to profit from their fan base by releasing a new bag line, a range of extremely large Chanel purses. It is huge and impractical, to put it that way. Chanel appears to understand that today’s individuals have a lot of stuff and want to be able to carry it all with them at once. These bags are so enormous that they should come with a warning label!

Pants with Windows to the Body

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” goes the ancient adage. While they are most likely referring to displaying physical characteristics that people find appealing, the next strange fashion trend is all about displaying your good old knees. Instead of having shredded knees, this pair of jeans features clear knees.

Source: Reddit

Leg windows are what they’re called. Isn’t it strange? These lovelies are available at Nordstrom, a high-end retailer, so you can bet they’ll sell quickly! According to the product description on the website for these jeans, the plastic panels display your knees and provide a futuristic feel. Who thought knees were the way of the future?

Convert Those Converse into Pants

Epic fashion flops, as you’ve probably seen, aren’t limited to small, up-and-coming labels. Even well-known organizations make blunders that are sometimes too large for us to overlook. If high top shoes aren’t quite high enough for you, then our next fashion trend is for you. Converse jeans are high-tops that never go out of style!

Source: Tumblr

They go all the way up to the waist and become pants. High-tops have taken on a new meaning. Lace up your Converse all the way to your belt buckle. They never seem to quit! We’re sure they’re nearly impossible to get on and off. Maybe there’s a rear zipper to make it easier to put on and take off? In any case, we’re not sure we’ve got the patience for this.

Possibly the Most Uncomfortably Uncomfortable Shoes Ever

Some people are drawn to things that are out of the ordinary. Who knows if you’re a member of the group. If you like meatless meat and meatless hot dogs, these heelless heels might be right up your alley! We’re not sure how they can still be called heels since they don’t even have a heel, but they’re selling like hotcakes.

Source: Reddit

This weird style is being pumped out like crazy by high fashion designers as well as smaller designers. Unless you’re a dancer, walking on your toes seems unpleasant and strange. If ballet isn’t your style, stay away from these heelless heels and opt for a classic heeled heel instead.

Jean-Style Thong

Remember those strange jeans with the zipper down the back that we showed you? This pair of deconstructed jeans, on the other hand, is completely insane! This denim has been worn and sliced all the way up the back to resemble a large denim thong! Definitely not in style. It was more of an unintentional miss.

Source: YouTube

We can only imagine that this appeared on the runway once and caused a stir. If you enjoy wearing lingerie, this pair of jeans could be ideal for you! People went crazy for these at first but soon found they weren’t very practical. They quickly became accessible as a costume in Halloween stores. That sounds a little more appropriate.

A Skirt That Allows You to See Through

So far, we’ve shown you clear-knee leggings and clear boots. There is clearly a pattern here. This plastic scrap, also known as a plastic skirt, is next on the clear clothing trend list. We don’t know what this one is composed of, but it appears to be ordinary plastic.

Source: Twitter

There’s nothing like getting draped in trash to get you ready for the runway! This transparent skirt will undoubtedly draw attention to you. You may spend a little sum attempting to obtain this item of clothing. If you obtain one of these, make sure you wear something presentable underneath it, because it will leave nothing to the imagination.

Spilled-Paint Tights

When wearing dresses or skirts, tights or pantyhose are a must-have, especially when the weather turns colder. But function aside, if they’re unusual enough, they can truly dress up an ensemble. Melting tights enter the scene. This artistic pantyhose are made to appear as though you’ve spilled a whole bucket of paint down your legs! What a creative idea.

Source: Pinterest

These are an expensive way to decorate, costing around $50-$60 per pair. For a cool and vibrant effect, use them under a skirt or a dress. You’re sure to turn heads, or at the very least, make folks wonder if you’re a starving artist – or if you got some paint thrown at you for no apparent reason!

Nothing but Pants

As we previously stated, fashion from the past is slowly making its way into the present, but this is entirely different. Everyone wore high-waisted jeans in the 1980s! Then, in the 1990s, ultra-low-waisted trousers were all the rage, completely dethroning high-waisted pants. High-waisted pants have reclaimed their place in the spotlight.

Source: Reddit

Individuals all around the world have begun to wear high-waisted jeans and high-waisted pants once more. These pants, on the other hand, truly elevate high-waisted to a whole new level. These pants are so high-waisted that they double as a shirt. You don’t need anything else than these jeans. It’s a full body jumpsuit that’s sold as full body pants. Weird!

Cruel-Laced Shirt for Men

Fashion can also be downright cruel. What was she thinking with her three-quarter-length trousers, straw hat, and men’s Uggs? And why were we listening to her in the first place? This next strange fashion trend is the ideal gift for the man in your life whom you dislike or simply want to troll. The lacey men’s shirt has arrived.

Source: Pinterest

This lace-based take on the classic men’s button down is fully sheer and finished with a little ornamental pussybow. Whoever designed this has our admiration. We’d like to delve inside their heads and figure out how things came to be. We don’t want to put gender stereotypes on anyone, but any male who walks up wearing this should be questioned about his fashion sense.

Strange Eye Tattoos

Regardless of our feelings regarding this upcoming fashion trend, we strongly advise you not to do it at home. The following trend is exceedingly hazardous. Scleral tattoos are essentially eye tattoos. They alter the color of your eye’s white portion. We’re not sure why somebody would do anything so risky.

Source: Tumblr

It is possible to lose your entire eye if the procedure is performed poorly. The procedure begins with the injection of a dye into the sclera, or white area of the eye. This is an issue with which we strongly disagree. In fact, this type of tattoo is forbidden in the state of Oklahoma. We believe that other states should join the bandwagon.

Jeans with a Butt Zipper

This next fashion statement is really risky, and it originates from denim, which is one of the most popular clothing items for freaks. Do not be deceived by the appearance of this pair of jeans. These jeans have a zipper that runs the entire length of the backside! You must always be aware when wearing these cutting-edge jeans.

Source: Twitter

Someone could step up behind you at any time and unzip that weirdly situated zipper. We’re not sure what this zipper is for, and we’re also not sure how someone could sit in these things comfortably. That zipper appears to be inconveniently situated. Ouch! You know what to do to avoid unneeded embarrassment.

We Adore How Our Customers Dress

High-end fashion labels also have the biggest influence on some fashion fails. If you believe that dry cleaning is an unnecessary expense that should be reserved for special occasions, we are confident that you will not purchase this $700 gown. This thin overlay dress was released by high-end designer Moschino during the debut of their Fall 2017 collections.

Photo by Pietro D’aprano/Getty Images

This dress was unveiled alongside a line of other garbage-inspired garments. This dress is described as a slip-on on the Moschino website. Sorry, Moschino, you haven’t fooled us; we know what this is all about! They also left a paper tag on the outfit that said “We Love Our Customers”!

Fashion by Lolita

Fashion outfits aren’t the only source of controversy in Japan. Brand names might contribute to the strangeness as well. Did you know that the term “Lolita” was coined to describe a particular style of Japanese streetwear? In the 1970s, it became a popular word. Lolita’s style is layered and understated.

Source: Twitter

It’s based on children’s attire from the early 1900s, which keeps it modest and put-together while yet looking adorable. Basically, you resemble a charming, vintage historical doll! Lolita is a term that has sparked some debate. The term was popularized by Vladimir Nabokov’s novel “The Nymphet,” in which an underage “nymphet” had a connection with an older man.

Ikea Has a Tote Bag

The first thing that comes to mind when you see a huge blue tote bag in the wild is IKEA. Perhaps this is why people have started making their own outfits and accessories from these massive Ikea mainstays. While donning an Ikea bag dress sounds appealing, we prefer the original form, which is a huge bag.

Source: Facebook

Who doesn’t love those old carriers? Those bags can fit absolutely anything in them! They’re ideal for transporting chairs, sporting items, laundry, and just about anything else! The straps comfortably go over the shoulders, and it’s a pretty practical small item, not to mention a terrific way to recycle!

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge and Huge Lips

Some of the worst epic fails are in the field of body augmentation. Women nowadays appear to believe that the bigger the lips, the better. Big lips are clearly in style right now, and some people will go to any length to obtain them. Kylie Jenner’s social media following skyrocketed after she received her new lips.

Source: Pinterest

People began to believe that if they had huge lips, they would get popularity. Young girls turned to Instagram to learn how to get the luscious lips they saw on Instagram. At that time, the #kyliejennerlipchallenge began. People were putting their lips in water bottles to make them swell up and appear as if they had had injections.

A Shiny Tongue

We showed you the glitter beard trend earlier, but are you ready for the next glitter fashion trend? Glitter tongues, here they come! This wacky fad appears to be largely popular because of the odd photo opportunities it provides. Thank God, a lot of people agree that it’s a weird fashion, because we couldn’t imagine spending an entire day with glitter on our tongues.

Source: Pinterest

Do you want to know how it came about? While doing some research on this bizarre habit, it was discovered that it appears to have started in Australia. A cosmetic artist got glitter on her tongue by mistake and thought it looked cool, so she covered her entire tongue in glitter for a photoshoot. The rest, as they say, is history. If you try this, be aware that glitter might be poisonous.

Sweaters with a Big Knit

These days, big thick knit sweaters are all the rage, but this one is a little too much! Because the yarn is so thick, it looks like those large knit throw blankets that are all over Instagram and Pinterest these days. You know, the ones that are knit using your arm instead of a knitting needle.

Source: Tumblr

We all like thick blankets, but I think wearing one might be a bit excessive. Not to mention cumbersome; this beast is about 40-50 pounds! We acknowledge that wearing one of these might be comfortable, but we wouldn’t wear it out of the house. It would make a terrific blanket house sweater, almost like a mobile sleeping bag. Okay, maybe we’re now on board.

Men’s One-Piece Jumper

Even onesie fashion never goes out of style. Let us introduce you to the RompHim, if the romper is too feminine for you. The RompHim is a romper specifically designed for males. What’s the difference between a regular romper and a RompHim, you might wonder? Let us tell you about it!

Source: Facebook

Because the RompHim features a zip fly, you won’t have to strip down to your underwear as women do to go to the restroom. RompHims also have adjustable waistband tabs to help you get a better look. The RompHim’s first release, for whatever reason, sold out in less than a week. A male romper, it appears, was in high demand. Who’d have guessed?

The Perfect Shleggings!

We must agree that wearing all that clothing and underwear might be somewhat exhausting. When it comes to lazy fashion, if you’re too weary to put on your jeans, socks, and shoes, we’ve got the right thing for you! Let’s condense your morning ritual into a single step. Shleggings are here to stay! Shleggings are one-piece leggings (or pants) and shoes.

Source: Tumblr

We may have made up the term “shleggings,” but we think it has a lot of potential! After all, why not? For sure, they’re quite convenient! The nicest thing about shleggings is that they can help you save money. You don’t have to buy socks, shoes, or pants separately; you can get everything in one package!

Potato-Style Jumpsuit

Not every jumpsuit can make you look attractive, and some, like this one, can make you look like a potato. We’re not sure if this oversized jumpsuit is in style or a terrible dud (or spud!). Again, social media influencers appear to be paying attention to this weird fashion trend. They’ve been publishing images of this jumpsuit, and the public seems to like it.

Source: Imgur

At least this strange clothing isn’t blue, and it doesn’t feature a model dressed in blue, because it was giving off serious Violet vibes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We’ve been perplexed by this trend, but it’s also given us a good laugh, so we’re on board!

Eyebrows That Are Out of This World

These brows are flawless! Everyone these days seems to be obsessed with eyebrows, especially on Instagram. Every day a new wild brow fad appears in our social media feeds, reminding us that our brows are far from perfect. We love a well-groomed (but perfectly disheveled) brow, and we’re even fans of microblading, tinting, and shading.

Source: Pinterest

These brow patterns, on the other hand, are a tad excessive. What are your thoughts on this trend? Would you dare wiggle your brows? We might be able to get on board to test the first two, but the other concepts seem a little too out of hand.

Crocs That Have a Platform

Fashions can be strangely appealing. Crocs were unquestionably the most obnoxious fashion fad of the 2000s. They’ve made a comeback in some fashion, but not in the way you may assume. Balenciaga, a high-end fashion house, released its own version of the Croc platform in 2018.

Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

This simple, yet stylish, rubber shoe sold out in record time and for a whopping $850 per pair! This is a significant price increase over the original Croc, which retailed for around $30 at your local discount store. Those, of course, didn’t have the Balenciaga name attached to them, so they weren’t as cool.

Hoodies with Sleeves

Some fashion styles are deserving of praise, and we won’t hold back. We love hoodies, especially cropped hoodies, which are all the rage right now, but this fashion trend is a touch too severe for us. This hoodie is so short that it’s really just sleeves with an attached hood.

Source: Facebook

This sleeveless hoodie won’t keep your body warm, but it will keep your arms toasty. A scarf with sleeves could have been a better name for it. Whatever you decide to name this outfit, I think we’ll pass on this one and instead opt for the full-body hoodie.

Trival Boots from Mexico

First and foremost, we must comment on how amusing this appears to be. Trival Boots are a pair of sharply pointed boots. These pointy Mexican boots are frequently worn by men in the trival music scene, humorously or comically. Have you never heard of trival music before?

Source: Tumblr

Don’t be concerned! It’s a cross between electropop and Latin music. Trival music, which has only been established since 2001, is highly popular among teenagers and younger generations. Male rival dance teams would all wear these strange shoes, which would be embellished with sequins, rhinestones, and even LED lights! These dance troupes frequently compete in dance competitions, so they naturally want to stand out!

Roller Skates with High Heels

As far as we can tell, certain inventions are left up to you to decide. Saint Laurent is recognized for cutting-edge fashion and pushing the boundaries with its designs, but this latest design should never have been put into production. As if walking around in heels wasn’t difficult enough…

Source: Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent decided to double the ante and add wheels to the mix. These roller skates with high heels are extremely dangerous. Having said that, the shoe is incredibly attractive and features incredible workmanship, yet it serves no purpose. At $1995, you’ll probably only get to wear these once before they crush your legs!

Boots Made of Denim

Whoever suggested that your behind should be covered by your jeans has obviously never heard of denim boots. Give these a try if you’re weary of the same old, boring footwear. Who cares if these denim boots resemble pants that start at your toes and end at your knees? People are willing to pay over $1,000 for these items.

Source: Pinterest

These insane denim boots had been coming out from high-end brands like Versace, as well as more inexpensive ones from sites like Forever 21. We dare you to build your own pair of denim boots by slipping into a pair of your favorite cut-up jeans and donning heels