Childbirth is More Than Just Natural; It’s Magical and Wild

Whether new or experienced, all mothers have experienced childbirth differently. Although some may seem to like it, the pain and their reactions to it are never the same. We will get to meet different mothers during childbirth and learn the weird things they had to do.

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How did these women survive the gruesome process of childbirth? We’ll find out how they had to create sounds to ease contractions, for example. Here is where we squash myths and speak the truth, as well as learn some wild history.

The Difference in Labor Experiences

The joy of being pregnant tends to be a glimpse of happiness compared to the true joy of holding the child. This is despite all the gruesome stories and tales surrounding the labor process, which, when simply put, is the real act of conceiving.

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Every mother’s labor experience is quite different. This is observed with the great divide between “new mothers and old mothers” regarding actual labor time. It has been observed that the latter of the two mothers tends to have a relatively longer experience than the other.

The End is Greater Than the Means

The considerable debate surrounding the means of giving birth is a debate with no end in sight. This tends to overshadow the real reason behind the debate – the ability of the mother to give birth successfully. And it’s the mother’s call.

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The noble idea behind C-sections has always been to save the baby at the expense, sometimes, of the mother. With C-sections becoming more popular today than since they were first recorded in the 1500s, the idea behind it remains the same even in today’s world.

The Pleasures of Child Birth

The experience of giving birth today, despite the horror, has proven to be enjoyable all in all. As observed today, more women are starting to find joy in the whole idea of bringing life from an often messy “dark place.”

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Labor also has a sneaky perk most people fail to talk about. The most sought-after feeling of the “big O” has been experienced during the painful process of childbirth due to hormones —definitely no pleasure without pain… I guess?

The War Against Pain Management

The controversies concerning pain management during labor have been up for discussion. But it is important to note that people did not believe in managing this pain until recently, and it was considered taboo in extreme cases.

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The absurdity continued until Queen Victoria defied societal norms while conceiving her eighth child, Prince Leopold. Although the physician, John Snow, was criticized for it, he discovered a much more bearable childbirth experience. A true unsung hero, if I may.

The Obscurities in Pain Relief Methods

As observed with all societal taboos needing change, it is often tricky and challenging to turn the odds in your favor concerning sensitive matters, and childbirth did not defy that trend. But as pain relief became quite the norm, it came without control.

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American doctors took pain relief to the next level during the 1900s as they began administering heroin to ease the pain of childbirth – a method that brought a lot of controversies regarding the effect that heroin had on the person. But could they have known?

Pregnancy as a “Death Sentence”

The Renaissance Era, between the 14th and 17th centuries, was indeed a dark era for pregnant mothers as this was evident in the high risk of child mortality. Pregnancy was synonymous with getting a “death sentence.”

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But with the progress in medicine worldwide, there was also notably a substantial increase in the number of successful childbirths. Although giving birth is generally much safer today, the risk of it has not been entirely extinct.

A Better Birth Experience

With the advance in medicine, there has not been substantial progress in the quest for long life, but it has allowed us to take control of our body and its metabolism. The advancements in medicine have opened our eyes to a lot about childbirth.

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As was customary in the Middle Ages, women in labor were expected to bake a cake. The cakes were called “groaning cakes,” and there are no two meanings to them. Baking this cake was thought to speed up the birthing process (a big laugh for us cake lovers).

The Water Splash with Childbirth

As observed over the last couple of decades, there has been a new and relatively common system of childbirth called water birth. Waterbirth is labor that takes place in warm water. A warming new development if you consider it.

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The first recorded water birth was in France in 1805. This was a sharp contrast to the Egyptian pharaohs being birthed in cold, shallow waters many centuries ago. Mothers were placed in a warm bath as it was observed to help the struggle in labor.

Safety in En Caul Birth

During pregnancy, your baby is surrounded by an amniotic sac, and this fluid-filled sac protects your baby from injury. This sac usually bursts just before labor and fluid is released. This is often referred to as water breaking. But it’s not the same for all mothers.

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There is something called an “en caul birth.” It is when the baby is born while still inside the amniotic sac. En caul births are extremely rare, with it notably only happening in one out of 80,000 births. If you happen to be among those, there’s no cause for alarm as your baby is safe.

Cleanliness Saving Lives Behind the Scenes

Childbirth was extremely dangerous many years ago, but during the 19th century, it became much safer. Women in Austria during this time were still dying. 25–30% of women giving birth in hospitals died of infections.

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After countless lives were lost, doctor Ignaz Semmelweis figured out that student doctors were dissecting cadavers and delivering babies without washing their hands! Infections were rising from the dead. This brought about the washing hands principles in hospitals.

The Big Heart Experience

The joy of motherhood experienced during pregnancy is a luxurious feeling. It seems to be a love that only mothers genuinely understand, and it just happens to be just sufficient for every pregnancy. This is evident in the increase in their hearts, literally.

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As observed during pregnancy, there is a substantial increase in blood in a mother’s body by up to 50%. The heart beats faster and stronger to support both the mother and the tiny human developing inside her stomach, making the heart grow more prominent.

Unpregnant Men with Pregnancy Symptoms

The socio-emotional experience that comes with pregnancy requires an emotional and physical rollercoaster ride. The constant body change is often misunderstood, even by your partner, but it’s entirely possible to take them along for the ride.

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As strange as it might seem, some men experience pregnancy symptoms. ‘Couvade Syndrome’ or ‘Sympathetic Pregnancy’ as it is called, is when some men experience similar symptoms to their pregnant partners. So, the experience is, in fact, mutual.

Tears Practice in the Womb

The crying session at birth is more from the mother than the child. This comes from hearing or seeing your child, or maybe it’s sleep deprivation. Whatever it is, it’s just a terrible feeling. Studies have shown that babies cry silently in the womb 28 weeks before they’re born.

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Before you get too sad and all mushy, scientists believe that this is just their way of practicing communication, and it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a terrible host or they need a makeover.

The Nutritional Value of Pregnancy

The stories of pregnant women and their crazy cravings are not a myth. Some even discover new tolerances for foods that they couldn’t stand previously. Their abnormal food cravings just happen to be quite a pretty standard.

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‘Pica,’ as doctors refer to the term, is the non-food craving ability of pregnant women. They often experience cravings for non-nutritional substances like soap, chalk, paper, and stones. Cravings like these often point to nutritional deficiency among pregnant women.

A Record-Breaking Pregnancy

Each woman’s birthing experience is quite different, and so is their length of pregnancy. Typically, a woman is pregnant for about nine months or 40 weeks, but it can go on for up to a year. At this stage, the woman is more than ready to meet her baby.

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The most prolonged pregnancy ever in history is recorded to a woman named Beulah Hunter from Los Angeles. She carried her baby three months longer than most women, giving birth only after 12 and a half months. Now that is a case of literally holding on to the record.

The Height of Twin Pregnancy

People often say they wish they were taller not only cause of how certain clothes will look on them, but so they could reach any height they set their heels. It seems the world revolves around taller people. It’s not very different when it comes to pregnancy.

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A study was done on women over 5 feet 5 inches tall and how likely they fall pregnant with twins. They found that taller women have higher protein levels released from the liver, increasing ovulation and confirming the theory.

A Big Foot and a Big Tummy

Your body undergoes many notable changes during pregnancy, and most of these changes revolve around growth. The most obvious of these growths is your belly, but people fail to notice the growth in the feet as they can grow up to one full-size bigger.

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These growths happen for a couple of reasons. Due to changes in weight, the ligaments in our feet loosen, and our arches drop. This change causes the feet to swell and become more extensive, but this change is a temporary one.

The Link Between Heartburn and Hair

Over the years, advancements in medicine have proven many theories, both wrong and right. One such belief was that pregnant women who experienced heartburn were more likely to give birth to a baby with a head full of hair.

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This theory was confirmed by a group of researchers at John Hopkins University. It was observed that high levels of certain hormones can result in heartburn during pregnancy and is the same hormones for the growth of hair in your child.

Stimulating Labor Through Contractions

When something is a common practice, all sorts of theories go. This case is the same for pregnancy. For a long time, people have theorized different ways to bring on labor. But as years went by, only one scientifically proven method passed the test.

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This method involves nipple stimulation. This method attempts to trick your body into thinking that you are feeding your baby. This stimulation then causes the release of a hormone called oxytocin that brings on labor by initiating contractions.

Getting the Smile in Natal Teeth

Many women expect to be met by a gummy child after birth, but babies can be born with teeth. Studies show that for every 2,000 babies born, one will be born with a tooth. While it’s pretty rare, natal teeth, as they are called, are quite possible.

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Natal teeth are nothing like neonatal teeth that are visibly present after a few months old. They are weak and often loose, and to avoid any choking, doctors may need to remove them to make the big gummy smile even wider.

Baby’s First Wild Ride

It is a fact that childbirth is one of the most challenging and painful experiences in the world, and a painless delivery is all but a myth spread amongst friends. This mother had a quick delivery that got her to feel more pressure than pain.

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She had reached 10 centimeters when the nurse told her to alert her if she felt any pain, but before anything could be done, her baby’s head was sticking out with its body flying right out; she had to give it a quick catch.

The Unending Woes of Defecation

The embarrassment that follows, the stares, and the smell of defecating whiling giving birth is one no mother wishes to go through. Still, childbirth will go its way regardless of your status in society or your wealth and popularity, so you are not above this reality.

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This sweet mom had it the worst and kept emptying her bowels, push after push, yet she gave it her all and wouldn’t back down until her baby was safely delivered out of her. Her boldness and courage need to be studied.

Making Weird Sounds is Normal

During labor, making myriads of sound is practically normal regardless of what animal you unintentionally mimic. We’ve heard the low “om” and the loud feral roar of a lion. We even heard about the woman who had her husband play the didgeridoo on her belly.

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This particular mom struggled with her contractions, and she remixed the sound exercise of humming a low “om” or “mm.” As it worsened, her “mm” turned to a full-on “moooooo!” Poor mama, she was so embarrassed, but we can’t blame her; contractions are no jokes.

Early Language Classes in the Womb

Your baby’s ears develop around your 23rd week of pregnancy at a rapid speed. Everything that you can hear, your baby can hear too. While they may start talking only about a year after birth, learning about language begins earlier in the womb.

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It’s never too early to start talking, singing, and reading to them. During this time, your voice is your baby’s favorite and go-to sound. It might feel strange since you can’t see them but always remember that they might be listening.

Natural Born Swimming Abilities

We frequently think of babies as not being able to do anything by themselves. Although they can’t be left in a swimming pool alone, they possess natural-born swimming abilities. Something fishy was going down in the womb.

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Newborns naturally hold their breath when dipped underwater while holding them, allowing them to move their arms and legs and make big splashes. Although there are no restrictions to taking your baby swimming, watch out for their temperatures.

The True Mark of Birthmarks

Birthmarks are skin abnormalities that may present themselves when a baby is born or even a few days later. The most common birthmark is the stork mark, which is usually present at birth and is often a pale pink patch found on the baby’s head and usually disappears within six months.

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Birthmarks generally are no cause for concern and are more common than most people think. They could indicate something that needs urgent treatment, though, so the best thing to do when you find bumps or coloring on your baby’s skin is to call your GP.

Blurring into Reality

When babies are born, they are short-sighted. Everything further than eight to 12 inches is often a big fat blur. Only upon reaching a few months old will your baby’s vision develop enough to focus on things directly in front of them.

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The three months after giving birth is often referred to as the fourth trimester. During this time, your baby will learn to focus on toys, bright colors, and shapes in front of them.

The Bony Way of Existence

On average, adult humans have about 206 bones in their bodies, and since we’re much bigger than babies, we expect to have more bones than them. This is wrong, though, as babies are born with 300 bones, which will get harder and eventually fuse.

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An adult skull is a solid piece of bone, but it is three pieces of bone joined by cartilage in newborns. This is why your baby’s head can pass through the birth canal effortlessly. With time, these bones fuse to form one solid bone.

The Natural Art of Breastfeeding

Many people believe that since breastfeeding is a natural thing, it comes naturally to both mothers and babies, but that is farther from the truth. Against popular belief, babies need to learn how to feed on their mother’s breasts.

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A newborn has a tiny stomach and will need to be fed more and quite often. The first few weeks of feeding can be pretty frustrating for the new mother. This happens to more women than often talked about and is plenty of help out there.

Small Size with a Small Appetite

At first, all babies do is eat, sleep and poop, which is basically all they can do. Newborns may eat often, but they don’t eat a lot. They have tiny stomachs that can’t hold enough food to last them a long time.

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A newborn stomach is the actual size of a hazelnut. However, it doesn’t stay that size for long and begins growth almost immediately. After a week, a baby’s stomach is the size of an apricot, and after two weeks, the size of two large hen eggs.

Weight Gain Due to Weight Loss

Any noticeable change to your baby sends any new mother into panic mode. It is understandable, but it is common for your baby’s weight to drop within a few days of being born. It doesn’t mean your baby is malnourished, as is often believed.

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It’s very typical for a baby to drop between five to ten percent of their body weight after being born. This happens because babies are born with some extra fluid and hence need to shed it out. The weight loss should return within two weeks.

Dealing with the Messy Situation

Newborn waste products are a sharp contrast to their cute personality. The first diaper change is, at most times, the most alarming. Their first poops contain a dark, sticky substance called meconium which consists of materials that your baby ingested while in the womb.

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It is essential to make sure that your baby poops usually, but how often should it be? As every baby is different. While some poop a lot, others don’t. The main aim should be figuring out what is normal for your baby and what isn’t.

Surprises Out of the Nappies

Funny-colored poop isn’t the only thing that nappies hide. The extra fluids that babies carry when they are born may also cause their genitals to be swollen. When they are born, baby girls have some of their mother’s hormones, which shows in their nappies.

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Baby girls often have a creamy, white discharge or a mini period during the first few days. Your baby’s body adapts during the first few days, and these changes are entirely regular. But if you doubt it, do see a doctor.

Familiar Sounds from the Womb

It is pretty overwhelming for newborns in the real world. Between new sights and noises to take in, it sometimes gets too much. All babies need to hear are similar or familiar sounds that remind them of their womb time.

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Just the sound of your heartbeat when you hold them close to your heart can regulate their breathing and calm them down. Babies have also been known to enjoy the sounds of washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and the hum of car engines.

The Heightened Strong Senses

Babies are born with an extreme sense of smell. While your new perfume smells nice to you, it might be too much for your new baby. Their favorite smell will be your natural scent, and it helps to soothe them when they’re upset.

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Just like their heightened sense of smell, so are their tastebuds. They have more tastebuds, and unlike adults, they’re not limited to the tongue but are all over their mouth. Your baby didn’t just absorb nutrients while they were in the womb; they tasted it.

Sleeping Beauty like “Sleeping Beauty”

After the long wait to meet your tiny human, you just want to play with them. But every time you turn around, they’re sleeping. While this may be attributed to their full stomachs, babies require sleep to develop naturally.

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A good sleep routine is essential for a newborn. Unfortunately, it won’t work until they’re around three months old. You must note their sleepy cues and put them down for a nap while encouraging them to develop good sleeping habits.

The Incredibly Fast Learning Experience

Upon birth, your baby’s brain develops at a fast rate. This is because they’re trying to take the new world all in. Constant trying to make sense of the world around them the opportunity to learn all the time constantly.

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It’s essential as a parent to take advantage of this stage in your baby’s life. As silly as talking, singing, and reading to them seems, their brains take it all in. Studies show that the more their exposure to words, the better their language skills.

Spotting the Differences Between Boy and Girls

Boys and girls are different, and that is not surprising. The surprise is that at birth, boys’ and girls’ brains are different as well. The extent of the differences is still being debated, but research has given us a general idea.

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The boys’ brains seem to grow faster within the first three months, particularly in the region controlling his movement. Quite contrary, girls are said to have better eyesight and hearing in the beginning. The care they receive has a more significant impact on their development.

The Little Foghorn That Could

A woman told us about her time in labor with her son. She tried warning her doctor, who pushed her concerns off as gas and encouraged her to keep pushing. According to him, she was feeling pressure from the baby. What happened felt like a foghorn.

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During labor, obstetricians need to place their fingers inside of a woman’s cervix to determine whether or not the cervix has become wide enough for the baby to come through. While knelt in front of her open legs, this woman let out a powerful, resounding noise.

Painlessly Easing Out to Reality

As we are all very much aware, labor can be excruciating. To relieve this mother of her inevitable pain, the nurses offer various medications after checking the mother. For some people, these medications can cause a myriad of side effects.

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The medications given to this mother had such a strong effect on her that they knocked her out cold whenever she wasn’t contracting. During one of these naps, the soon-to-be mother dreamt that she was at the movies with her husband.

Magically Soaring through Childbirth

One mother, a lifelong Harry Potter fan, discovered a fantastic trick to get her through the pain of labor. It is common for obstetricians to suggest Lamaze, a method of childbirth that involves psychological and physical preparation in various techniques.

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This patient decided to forgo the mundane way of doing things and make things a little more magical by reciting passages from her favorite Harry Potter books to reduce pain and facilitate delivery without unnecessary medical intervention.

A Scary Kid Scaring Kids

This poor mother had a slightly different story to tell. When she and her partner discovered that she was going into labor, they dashed to the car and rushed to the hospital to get stuck behind a school bus.

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The mother-to-be was so engrossed in the pain of her contractions that she didn’t realize that the school bus in front of her was full of children watching her scream at the top of her lungs for minutes—a perfect advertisement for contraceptives.

The Mailman Rang Twice

This mother rang twice. We can either assume that this mysterious mother has one mischievous sense of humor when it comes to her husband or that those medications that we all know can cause a patient to become delirious did just that.

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We have one naughty mother on our hands, and she was doing extracurricular activities with the mailman. At every contraction, this mother repeatedly shouted the name “Joe!” over and over again, even to go so far as saying, “The mailman will be so happy.”

Alice Dreaming in No Wonderland

This funny story had us spitting out our coffee. Oh, the things a good-looking doctor can do to us! As a woman, it can be difficult enough to go to the gyno. Luckily for us, doctors don’t give a hoot about what’s going on down there.

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This particular woman was preparing herself for labor when what she describes as “the hottest doctor I’d ever seen” came in to check her cervix. Upon checking the cervix, the patient’s doctor remarked, “She’s got quite a lot of hair!”.

Speaking of the Inner Devil

This story is an excellent example of why many parents choose to know their obstetricians well before giving birth. Lying down on your back with your knees spread wide is compromising enough, but imagine if you were in that position.

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This mother woke up and chose violence. This fierce mother and midwife were already pushing when a strange man wearing a cardigan and cargo shorts walked in. She freaked out, yelling, “get the old man out!”.

Say No to Drugs

Fentanyl is a synthetic drug that is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent. Its effects can include extreme happiness, drowsiness, and confusion. Its more dangerous effects can include problems breathing, unconsciousness, and addiction.

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This particular mother didn’t want to be given drugs but presumably gave in as her contractions became more painful. Out of it due to the fentanyl, this woman said to her husband, who stood alongside her, “I don’t like the drugs, but the drugs like me.”

The Hallway of Memories

Demerol is another synthetic drug designed to lessen severe pain caused by things like childbirth and surgery. Its effects can include muscle movements that you can’t control, drowsiness, mood changes, and these are some of the less dangerous side effects.

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This mother doesn’t even remember the embarrassing thing she did, and it’s probably for the best. This new mother-to-be was given a dose of Demerol and took a stroll down the birthing ward hallway without any clothes on.

In need of a Noise Permit

Home births are a popular decision among many mothers. Home births have many benefits, including the ability to give birth surrounded by your family and friends. Home births also have a myriad of risks that can include increased risk for neonatal seizures.

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This poor woman had intended to make her child’s birth as straightforward as possible by giving birth in the comfort of her third-floor apartment. The baby had just started to crown when there was a knock on the door. Her neighbors had called the cops.

Tapping out in the Moment

Some parents decide to opt for painkillers during labor. Whether or not this particular mother decided to is quite unclear, but we know that the struggle was almost too much to bear, like for many mothers.


This exhausted mother had been in labor for so long and was in so much pain that she just couldn’t suffer a moment longer. This mother threw caution to the wind, turned to her husband, and said, “I can’t do this anymore. Let’s go home”.

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

We’ve already learned about the possible side effects of Demerol. They range from mild symptoms such as nausea and drowsiness to more concerning side effects such as confusion and seizures. This mother learned the hard way.

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Imagine giving birth on a cold and barren planet, millions of miles away from the world you grew to know and love. This imaginative mother was already lightyears ahead of us. One potent dose of Demerol sent her off to a planet far away.

Playing it Safe with Pregnants Mothers

This next story can be interpreted in one of two ways, either relatably hysterical or just plain heartbreaking. We’ll go with relatably hysterical as our next lighthearted mother finds her story to be an amusing one to tell.

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Mothers are some of the strongest creatures on the planet. You don’t want to mess with a mother as they’re likely to send you back to the womb! This is true for humans, as well. Tick off a mom but never while she’s in labor.

A Little Crazy at Best

The drugs our doctors give us quite remarkably give free rein to the imagination. Even an epidural, a well-known anesthetic often offered to patients during labor, can cause delusion—all to try to reduce the pains of childbirth.

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After the effects of her epidural had kicked in, one young mother dizzily asked her mother, “Is that you? You go to tell me what lotion you use!” She had been rubbing her thighs. Her mother almost made it two moms wetting themselves due to laughter.

Mothers Are People Too

We often forget our mothers had to go through the process of the labor themselves. This young mother didn’t realize when her husband left her side and her mother, the soon-to-be grandmother, took his place to give the tired father a break.

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As a terrible contraction took hold of the young mom, her mother attempted to comfort her by telling her that the contraction would be over soon and that everything would be all right. The mother shouted, “You have no idea what this feels.”

Not Even Stealing a Wheel Chair Could Stop Me

The assumption that labor might take hours is not for all, and this baby decided to prove the statement right. This baby was eager to arrive into the world and kept pushing its way through even though it was far from the hospital.

Source: Reddit

The father became a superhero and tried to save the day by being supportive, and he tried to get to the hospital as fast as possible. After they got there, he stole a wheelchair from an elderly woman put his wife into and pushed her to the emergency room, but immediately she stood up, our dear baby was welcomed into the world

Not Built for the Sight of Blood

Once in the lifetime of women were they feared because of their menstrual blood. There was a myth about the menstrual blood being of something of power, which was only made up so women could be respected and put in positions of authority.

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Another myth was that the sight of blood was too gruesome for women to handle. This is a myth because certain people of all genders find the sight of blood disturbing, and so did this aunt; when she watched her nephew get his blood drawn, she fainted, hit her head, and had to be administered.

Mothers Usually Have a Six Sense Abot Birth

Researches from various sources report that labor can last on an average of 4 to 12 hours or longer, and this young mother expected the same. Still, she suspected the baby would come earlier, but the midwife said it wasn’t time yet, to her surprise.

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She was told her contractions were not close enough and were sent back home, and she did, but she knew it was time. Her husband waited with hoping the contractions might happen overnight, but nothing came. By morning and under 4 minutes, the baby was born.

Gynecologists Have Seen the Worst

The hospital is one place where you’re prone to see the weirdest looking persons, from a sexually active grandma with a 12-inch strap-on to a woman with three breasts with milk in all three and a soon-to-be father who couldn’t stand his wife’s epidural needle and he vomited.

Source: Reddit

For a woman in labor, you cannot hold them responsible for how their body reacts. This mother farted directly into her OBGYN’s face through her genital organs producing a queef (fart-like sound produced from air trapped in the vagina).

Constipation is Completely Natural During Delivery

Many new mothers always hope for the perfect birth, but that doesn’t exist, although in some rare cases pushing a human out of their body went smoother than planned. While for some, they struggled with constipation, and this is quite common.

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They, of course, do not like this and prefer to have a mess and poop-free delivery, but that didn’t work out for this new mother. She continued to hammer on the fact that she needed to defecate but kept pushing out her baby, and instead of pooing, she farted and farted even more.

How Uncomfortable is Breastfeeding?

Men watching women breastfeed could be uncomfortable because most believe it to be too sacred to sexualize and do not want to be caught staring; that’ll be embarrassing. So, how did this new father save his friend from the uncomfortable situation he found himself in.

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While his wife was wheeled out of the delivery room, she took out one of her breasts to feed her beautiful newborn son, which caught her husband’s frat brother off guard. He realized how to shocked his friend was and took him to the cafeteria.

Anaesthetic Effect That Scared the Nurse

The psychedelic effects of epidurals cause pleasant uncontrollable joy and are sometimes referred to the recreation drugs for the patient and could even result in a loss of bladder control, but its symptoms are specific to individuals. Although the process to reduce side effects is still in the making.

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This nurse was caught off guard and feared the anesthetic might have affected this mom beyond the typical side effects prone to users that she began to ask a series of questions to determine if the mother was in a healthy state of mind.

A Costly Medical Error That Could Have Been Worse

This nurse not only missed the timing to share such terrifying news but caused an error that could have affected the child’s life. The poor mother was getting stitched up after a successful C-section from the birth of her first child when she was informed of terrifying news.

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While being stitched up, the nurse told her some of her blood had squirted into the baby’s eyes. The great thing about this is she comforted the mother that her baby was fine and all necessary tests had been done.

Don’t Scare a Mother In Delivery

Boundaries, people, boundaries. This soon-to-be grandma didn’t seem to get that. But how and when do you let your parents or parents-in-law know a line is being crossed, or do you believe sharing boundary details with them could come off as disrespectful?

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Our grandma didn’t mean any harm, but when a pregnant woman is fighting for her life and the life of her baby badging into the room is not the most brilliant idea and could have jeopardized the mother and child’s health, but all was fine in the end, but I hope boundary was discussed.

My New Neighbor Witnessed My First Home Birth

Not witnessed per se, they at least heard the wailing and screaming. Homebirth between 2004 to 2017 rose to 80%, and it’s still on the increase. Expectant parents are allowed to have the support of family and friends witness the birth of their child within the safe space of their home. Reddit


This new neighbor didn’t need all that information, but what can you do when your delivery day is their moving day. The noises might have made them uncomfortable as the husband caught a glimpse of the shocked look of their potential new neighbors

The Great Brown… What is That Again?

With all that pushing, defecating cannot be avoided, and as embarrassing as it can seem, it is somewhat natural, and mothers shouldn’t be ashamed. Parents will understand the scooping process when children defecate in the tub but do midwives and nurses understand this too?

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This mom, in particular, chose the tub birth at her home and, while she kept pushing the wrong hole, dropped a bomb. She was so embarrassed the midwife kept comforting her that defecation during delivery was normal, and she scooped a giant turd out of the water.

Shy Mom Tries Water Bath with Clothes On

The choice of modesty in today’s world seems foreign; we now have a pre-baby shoot with the mothers showing up their baby bumps. Of course, this is beautiful, and so are the mothers who choose to cover up.

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Like this new mom who chose modesty during her child’s birth, she was so shy she adamantly fought to be covered up. Unfortunately, her baby’s shoulder got stuck, and her husband was told to stimulate, but the fear of being touched in public made her push so hard that the baby got out.

Can You See the Dolphins too?

Anesthetics are the recreational drugs of patients because of their psychotic effects. These effects are as wild as you can imagine, and they are usually involuntary. This new mum had to endure the pain of labor because her little one wanted to be introduced into the world as soon as possible.

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After the child’s birth, she was administered the pain killers when she was being sewed up, which made her hallucinate and talk about seeing dolphins in the room. She asked her husband if he could see them too. No confirmation from him was recorded.

The Breeched Baby in the Butt

A breeched baby is a baby whose feet are positioned toward the vaginal canal instead of the head facing downward. In such a case, repositioning is done to return the baby to the normal position. Usually, a cesarean section is recommended for this situation

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So, instead of pushing the baby back in and repositioning or preparing for a C-section, she kept pushing on all four until she couldn’t anymore and shouted at the doctor to push the baby back in because it felt like the baby was coming out of her butt.

Sympathetic Father Loses consciousness

Pregnant women go through “labor pains” while their husbands go through “sympathy pains,” which is physical distress experienced when watching a loved one in pain. This father-to-be could not handle the complicated process of birthing his child that he passed out after his boy was born.

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After a gruesome labor period, a cesarean section was ordered. A beautiful baby boy was born with his mother doing fine, but the baby looked tired and stressed because of how stressful the delivery had been. When the father held him in his hands, he passed out.

The Nurse Who Never Returned

This unfortunate story begins with the psychedelic effects of anesthetics or synthetic opioids. They might severely reduce or prevent pain, but women in labor are not saved from the side effects, and this unlucky nurse was scarred for life. The mother was saved by her memory.

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She didn’t remember the scene ever happening until her husband told her that she projectile vomited right into her nurse’s face, causing the nurse to dash out of the room and never return. I hope she was able to get the vomit and its smell out.

Howling is the New Breathing Technique

Mothers have mooed like cows, cursed at the medical staff and their significant other, imagined dolphins, forced others to see, and even done the common “mms” and “oms.” But, howling like a wolf? That sounds unique and kind of fun.

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This is a true-life story of a woman in labor whose implementation of the breathing technique took a different turn. As she continuously took in-breath and released it, her body claimed ownership of the process, and during an extreme contraction, she howled like a wolf.