Creative DIY Projects to Upgrade Any Backyard

Did you know upgrading your backyard can add value to your home? A cool backyard is also a great place to unwind with your favorite drink after a long day. And no, you don’t need a big space. Some designs can help you make the most of your space, regardless of how small it is.

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You could turn a boring backyard into a place of relaxation and meditation. Or, it can also be where you host parties with your loved ones. That’s why we’ve put together this list of more than 30 tips that can inspire you to envision endless possibilities with upgrading your outdoors.

Stick to a Theme

Choose a theme before starting. Themes improve the aesthetic appeal and style of a design. If you’re a fan, consider using an era as your theme. Buy vintage furniture and decor to best capture the intended era. Scandinavian design is popular because of its amiable, tranquil, and straightforward vibe.

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Try to choose a site outside that will catch the sun. Define the space next by adding furniture like couches, rugs, cushions, and huge outdoor planters. Bear in mind that Scandinavian design emphasizes minimalism; avoid over-accessorizing, but don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and neutral colors.

DIY a Deck or Patio

Picture a nice place to unwind after a long day in your background with a newly-designed patio. It’s the best place to enjoy nature from your home without getting wet if it rains. Add cozy furnishings to the area, such as a lounge chair or an outdoor couch with a coffee table.

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Make sure the deck boards are always “bark side up,” meaning the rings must be turned down. Turning the rings up gives you a cupped feature that only exacerbates warping and water damage. Next, pay attention to the board space. You don’t want dirt and tree debris.

Light Up a Tree

Give the trees a faery glow by hanging lights from them. There are different kinds of lighting to set the mood you want. Bright lights give it a more playful vibe, whereas white lights reflect minimalism. LED lights are the best because they are energy-efficient and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

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Starting from the bottom, arrange them section by section around the tree – the LED lights zigzag across its quadrants. To add depth, tuck some lights further into the branches and place others closer to the front. Push the connectors deep into the tree branches to hide them.

An Outdoor Rug Can Do Wonders

An outdoor rug is a final design piece that can complement a patio or deck. Taking your shoes off and stretching your feet on the rug’s texture feels great. Outdoor carpets are often made of synthetic materials. This means acrylic, nylon, polyester, or manmade polypropylene. They’re economical and long-lasting.

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No wonder they’re popular choices among most homeowners. They can also withstand snow, sleet, rain, and sun. The best outdoor rug materials for wet, humid, and rainy regions are made of polypropylene. Additionally, synthetic outdoor rugs quickly dry after absorbing water, so they are safe for use on wood decks.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are widely used by exterior designers to create the illusion of extra space. You can choose antique mirrors to give your garden a fantasy appearance or contemporary mirrors in crazy shapes for an edgy look. You can also experiment with how the light reflects off of them.

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Cleverly positioned mirrors can effectively double the number of plants, which is great if you are on a tight budget. A gothic-style window mirror placed behind an evergreen plant in a city garden can transform a plain white wall by casting light onto the plants. Get creative!

Relax Your Mind With Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are an excellent outdoor accessory. They come in all shapes and materials, including metal and cane, to create ambient sounds. Their gentle melody is wonderfully tranquil and soothing. You can hang as many wind chimes as you like and enjoy the sounds of nature, even inside your home.

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In some parts of Asia, wind chimes are believed to bring good fortune and are used in Feng Shui. The gentle tickling sound from them ensures the energy lingers on and moves gently in your space, attracting prosperity. Wind chimes can be made of wood/bamboo, ceramic, or metal.

Get Artsy and Paint a Mural!

Although it depends on your preferred art, a mural can improve the theme of your home and outdoor space. Roll your sleeves up and paint something personal. You could also hire a local artist to bring your vision to life. Consider painting the mural on a wooden surface.

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Don’t shy from using strong designs and bright colors. Things like exotic palm trees and snowmen painted on the fence can give your outdoor space a truly distinctive aesthetic. Acrylics are among the most lasting and widely available paints for outdoor application. Many artists use them to create murals.

Build an Outdoor Family Theater

An outdoor theater is a great place to share moments with your loved ones. You can also include a fire pit in its midst. The entire setup could be in the middle of the backyard or up against the fence. You’ll need to invest in a projector and screen.

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Other things you’ll need include a video source, a stand or table to place your projector on, an outdoor projector screen (it can be as simple as a plain white sheet), and powered speakers and speaker stands. Your video source could be a DVD or Blu-ray player, laptop computer, or a media streamer.

Unique Fire Pit Designs

Why not spice up your DIY fire pit ideas for your backyard? Complement a simple steel fire bowl’s plain design with a creative fusion of paving ideas. This might be as easy as placing a small block of paving slabs in the middle of a uniform patio.

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Or, consider bordering a focal design with a row of little pavers. Paved circles look fantastic with circular fire pits in the middle, but for a more contemporary aesthetic, try filling a piece of paved patio with toned gravel or slate chippings. It’s the perfect place for a roaring fire!

The Best Way to Hide Your Trash Can

There is no concrete, hardware, or glue in this project. Just hardware store vinyl materials, a hammer, or a rubber mallet. You’ll need around three patterned inserts, six solid inserts, and four 3-tier post kits. Although there are a few options, consider going with a herringbone pattern.

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After the necessary measurements, drive the stakes about halfway into the ground, place the posts on top, and slide the inserts into the grooves of the posts. This is a much better way to hide garbage cans, particularly if many people go past this area of your home every day.

Create a Backyard Fountain With an Old Tractor’s Tire

First, you’ll need to find a tire for your pond. The one shown is around 5 to 6 feet wide. Cut the tire’s top or sidewall using a reciprocating saw, then wash the tire clean. Lay the tire where you want your new pond to be.

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Then, outline the area with a hose or some spray paint. Then it’s time to begin the excavation. A pond liner’s material should be able to withstand sun exposure and holes. As the pond starts to take shape, the pond’s sides will be filled in with soil.

Add String Light Planters to Your Backyard

Although optional, we suggest staining the 4x4s with a dark walnut stain and sealer. Using corner braces on two sides, attach the posts to the planters. This will keep them secured while the concrete dries. Next, position the 4×4 inside the barrel, then fasten it to the bottom with screws.

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Add concrete and fill the barrel with water. Using two bags and roughly a 50/50 water mixture, fill your planters a little less than halfway. Drill multiple holes just above the surrounding concrete of the barrel before planting flowers. Adding rocks can also help with drainage.

Make a Fish Pond the Focal Point

Small fish species are a lovely addition to outdoor decor. They add distinctive colors that enhance the overall appearance while swimming through the water. Plus, they provide children with wonderful opportunities for learning and bonding. They will see the fish grow and learn how to care for them.

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Koi are perfect pond fish. They can withstand a variety of temperatures. But ensure you have space in your pond for those little fish to grow big. Goldfish come in a variety of breeds. The long-bodied kinds, sometimes called comets, do well as outdoor pond fish.

Decorate Your Backyard With a Fountain

Listening to water trickling against the rocks is a glorious sound. Fountains can be customized to fit your style – from a small fountain against your home’s wall to one that is larger and more grandiose in scale to make a stronger statement. The rules differ for informal and formal gardens.

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If the garden has a formal layout, the fountain should be the central focal point. For informal designs, the fountain should be in a corner or along a path. Stones accent a fountain perfectly in a contemporary setting. Depending on the texture you like, try river stones or gravel.

Place Mood Lighting in Your Backyard

You can set the mood and control how much or how little light is available during the day or night by lighting multiple areas like the patio, pool, etc. Fewer lights mean a moodier atmosphere. It’s important to note that when it comes to external lighting, less is more.

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If you would like a romantic vibe, then candles are better than light fixtures. Candles come in different sizes, and you can spread them throughout the backyard inside votives, jars, or grouped in trays. Candles highlight the stone and wood texture, adding to the visual experience.

Add Brick Pavers to Your Garden Area

First, remove the old mortar from the salvaged bricks using a hammer and chisel. You’ll need the mortar for this project. Next, prepare the place where you intend to place the bricks. Then, rototill and rake. Before forming your pattern, spread newspaper and sand over the area that has been scraped.

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Newspaper is a weed barrier in multiple layers and is also biodegradable. Now, make your pattern. Create a base for the bricks out of clean, dry sand, and then spread it over the bricks to fill in any gaps and “tighten” the pad. Edge the project with the raised bed and the shed.

Build Raised Garden Beds From Reclaimed Bricks

Line up the first bed with the deck and use string to mark it off before digging out a tidy rectangle from the grass to serve as the foundation. Fill this with a mixture of MOT and sharp sand, and level it along each side and across from one side to the other.

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The MOT base should be covered in mortar; then, the bricks should be placed on top, balanced with a spirit level tool, and hammered into place with a mallet. Continue until you reach the desired height. Fill them with topsoil and a compost mixture. It’s time to plant your seeds and plants.

Create a Walkway Using Pavement Mold

We recommend one 80-pound bag of concrete for every 2ft of the walkway. After measuring the space, use a spade to dig out the sod. Dig a trench 2-4 inches deep and fill it with gravel. Crush and level the gravel before turning the concrete mix into mud-like consistency.

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Place the stencil shape at one end of the walkway. Use a trowel or shovel to pour the concrete into the mold while patting it down to ensure the mix fills the mold. Lift the form straight up to avoid snagging and damaging the wet concrete pavers, and hose the mix immediately.

Start a No-Dig Garden

First, decide what shape and size you want your no-dig garden to be. Then proceed to level the space that will serve as your bed. After that, spread the newspaper 10 to 20 layers thick and moisten. The next stage involves applying a layer of blood and bone meal and then rewetting.

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Spread alfalfa, then a light layer of bone and blood meal, and then more water. Place a layer of straw on top, add a thin coating of bone and blood meal on top of that, then wet again. Add a 2-to-4-inch thick organic compost on top. Water the area. Then, it’s time to plant!

DIY Concrete Garden Balls & Globes

After preparing your recipe and spraying cooking spray inside the glass spheres, fill your spheres with the concrete mix. Your recipe should have the consistency of a thick cake batter. Add water if it becomes too thick. With gloves on, smash any bits of peat moss, so it’s easily pourable.

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But avoid getting too wet. You want them to be as spherical as possible so avoid filling the glob’s neck. Set it inside a plastic bag and give it a few days to dry completely. After, smash the glass with the side of a hammer. Into the garden!

Make a Stock Tank Pool

You can get a range of galvanized stock tanks in a variety of sizes and designs from most farm and feed stores as well as their online counterparts. Make sure the stock tank you choose has an interior coating that prevents corrosion, such as a heavy-duty zinc G90 coating.

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This type of coating is designed to withstand harsh weather. It is necessary if you want to keep your stock tank pool in good shape for many years to come. Setting up your own stock tank pool is really just a weekend project, and there are detailed instructions available.

Paint the Concrete in Your Backyard

First, clean your porch of all dirt. To give it a thorough cleaning, you can add Tide Oxi to warm water and scrub small sections. Once it has dried, mark the edges with the exterior painter’s tape. Use a long straight-edge ruler to determine the width of any desired stripes.

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Paint with base or background color, first allowing to dry, then paint in the pattern. Use concrete paint and a small roller. Make one coat, then wait until the next morning to make another. Although it takes roughly 4 hours for the tape to dry, we recommend that you wait 10 hours before gently removing it. That’s it!

Create Magic With a Trellis or Trent

If your yard has a pathway, you can make the most of it by constructing a trellis or a tent to add style. Grow a flower garden and mix other foliage plants all around it. You can drape a curtain and add seats to turn it into an outdoor living space.

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When using a ladder as a trellis, ensure sure the feet are firmly planted in the ground. This prevents being blown over by high wind and ripping of the plants by the roots. Branches can also be used to build a teepee or as a support for chicken wire or twine.

Make an Easy-to-Plant Garden

To create evenly-spaced indentations for your seeds or plants, simply place a muffin tin into the soil. Use the tin as a guide to line the remainder of your plot or raised bed. Muffin tin can be used to space different types of seeds, but not all.

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Plant bulbs like carrots, beets, parsnips, onions, and vegetables that need just about 3” of seed spacing in the muffin tin. The ideal soil is one that has recently been tilled and aerated. Rock, hard, or clay-rich soil may work well with the muffin pan method of indenting the soil. High-quality tilled soil is the best.

Upgrade Your Lawn With a Rock Garden

You need to remove the sod first. Start along the fence line and roll it. Set the edging bricks in position once all of the sod has been hauled up along the house. You will want about 64 of these so-called “bullet edgers” for this project.

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Lay down newspaper over the soil before adding rock to help prevent weeds and grass. Ensure you thoroughly moisten the newspaper before covering it with soil or rocks. Pour three sacks of stones onto the garden bed. Then give it a gloss by sealing it with a concrete sealer.

Line Your Backyard Space With a Fence

Besides being great for privacy, you can also make your fence stylish. Some people prefer marble or color on their fence, while others are a bit more sophisticated with dark wood or cast iron. You can also get creative with the fence’s height. Remember, the taller, the more privacy.

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Plants can also camouflage an unsightly fence, while vertical planting gives your landscape visual cohesiveness. Since it uses vertical space, gardening along the fence line could add a new dimension to your space. Narrow-growing, easily controlled plants that hug the fence line are great for small gardens with limited space.

Elevate Your Backyard With Stairs

Stairs make your backyard seem more spacious. For instance, you can add stairs to lead from the patio down to the pool. It’ll guide your guests through different sections and keep your yard organized. Depending on your preference, you can build stars with different materials such as tiles or mosaics.

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Garden stairs aren’t as formal as indoor stairs, so there’s no need to follow specific measurements. You can DIY the stairs according to the garden theme. Stone is the most popular material for building steps. However, some homeowners also enjoy using rustic wood, railway sleepers, concrete woods, and bricks.

Be Creative With a Garden

Don’t be boring; be creative with your garden. Vertical gardening is an excellent choice if you have limited space. You can also get an outdoor shelf for your aromatic herbs and complete the makeover with a pond. You’ll get a mystical and enchanting ambiance. Growing your food is rewarding.

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We recommend you plant vegetables from seed in spring, including strawberries and blueberries. Start them indoors in biodegradable peat pots. Then, move them to a tiny plastic greenhouse outside once they have sprouted until they appear to be large and sturdy enough to be planted in the garden or containers.

Build an Outdoor Dining Space

This is ideal for people who frequently host large dinner parties with loved ones or just love enjoying their meal in the sunshine. Choose the perfect long table and let your creativity work wonders with new chairs and fluffy cushions. Design with a set of tableware in mind.

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Then, combine it all with the patio furniture to make it all come together. For a simplistic appearance, choose bar stools and a table that will fit on the railing. In addition to saving space, it also offers a place to relax when dining al fresco!

Create a Cozy Nook

If you like reading outdoors, then this design is for you! Do you like a cozy place or a fireplace with some blankets and pillows? It could be both, so keep that in mind when looking for a place in your backyard to create an outdoor nook.

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It doesn’t have to be a big project. All you need is some creativity. It could be minimalist with large cushions and pillows plus a throw blanket if you become cold. Consider a mosquito net, so those annoying insects don’t disturb you. Just make sure it reflects individuality.

Bring the Warmth Outdoors With a Fire Pit

You can set a fire pit in the grass or closer to your home by the patio. Add some chairs to make an inviting place to have friends and family after a hectic day. Ensure that your fire pit is placed on a level surface, not less than 10ft away from any structure.

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We recommend 20-25ft away from anything in a wide-open space. It shouldn’t be close to trees with low-hanging branches, bushes, woodpiles, or any other thing that could ignite if it comes in contact with the flame. Don’t forget there are laws against fire pits if they become a nuisance to the neighborhood or a danger to anyone’s health.

Add a Hammock and Swing Away

A hammock can come in handy when you want to read a book or relax and think. Hammocks come in different colors and styles that you can choose from, depending on taste and backyard style. You can also get two, so one sits at the other end of the yard.

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You can hang your hammock from any two solid objects, such as fence posts, trees, garages, houses, and 4′′ x 4′′ x 8′ posts, by using heavy-duty screw hooks, tree straps, chain, or high-test marine nylon rope. Hammocks shouldn’t swing too high. And keep an eye on the kids!

Create a Raised Garden Bed Using Cinder Blocks

We’re using a garden that is 18 feet long and 4.5 feet wide. First, measure and mark the area for the garden bed. Then, begin leveling the ground by digging a few inches into the ground. Place the blocks in order, keeping them as level as you can.

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Next, place landscaping fabric and hardware cloth beneath them to keep pests and weed out of your garden. Then, add soil to the blocks. Plants can then be planted directly in the blocks. You can add the second layer of blocks filled with dirt and backfill the sides with soil.

Build a Gravel and Paver Patio

First, take a few minutes to sketch out your plan. You don’t need to be a talented artist – just a modest sketch that helps you visualize the area and what you want will do. Next, designate an area to indicate where you will be excavating with spray paint or chalk.

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You must dig to the right depth after installing your edging. You should dig 2-3 inches deep if you plan to lay pavers or pea gravel. Keep a tape measure nearby at all times and check both corners of your space to make sure your depth is consistent.

Add a Grill to Your Outdoor Space

You can add a grill to a patio beside the pool, or it can have its own space. The shape and style will depend on your needs and style. Should you barbecue on the grass? Absolutely not. Grills should be far from any inflammable materials such as trash bins.

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Grills should also not be close to low-hanging branches, mulch, hedges, or any other similar materials. Make sure the area around it is clean. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, you’re advised to place your grill at least 10ft away from your house.

Build an Outdoor Cart

You want to give your guests great service anytime you host an event, right? So, why not invest in a mobile car cart and fill it with drinks and mixers? It’ll also double as extra storage space for easy-to-retrieve grilling equipment close to your grilling area. An outdoor bar cart can withstand any weather.

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Most of them even fold up during winter. It’s a great idea to stock up on the essentials such as mixing tins, shatterproof glasses, liquor, reusable straws, and other ingredients for making cocktails. That way, you won’t have to bring your bottles inside at the end of every night!

Heat Things Up With a Hot Tub

Hot tubs can be installed above ground or below, just like pools. You can set it up on your patio or above ground next to the yard’s fence. Adding one of these is such a wonderful and enjoyable treat. But never set it up on the ground or on grass.

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Instead, it needs a strong base to support the full weight. If your hot tub is near wet grass and dirt, it will be susceptible to bugs and moisture. The most popular surfaces for installing hot tubs are a reinforced deck or a level concrete pad.

A Playground for the Kids…and You

Make your background more fun for the kids with a playground! It doesn’t have to be a full-blown playground if you don’t want. Just something small with a swing or treehouse. Ensure the area is free from sharp debris and large rocks. Mow the grass as low as possible.

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Inspect the ground for evenness and smoothness to avoid stumbling, and add a foot of sand and mulch under the play equipment. All play equipment that’s elevated should have enclosed railings. Remember, there are many possible dangers on a playground, so safety should be a top priority for parents.

Nothing Extra; Keep it Minimal

Picture one part of your backyard, then visualize features around it. It could be a hot tub, pool, or a big bubbling fountain. If you’re short on ideas, imagine how you like to entertain guests and family. For example, is grilling a favorite family activity? Then make it the focal point.

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Gardening in a manageable area is another way to keep your backyard simple. Instead of creating a “garden” around the yard, concentrate on one or two areas. Alternatively, you can grow a couple of your favorite garden plants in many big containers. Include some ground cover plants or no-mow grass.

Color and Plants Work Well Together

Add some color in a natural way. Buy fresh blooms from a nearby gardening store, then arrange them throughout the yard. Bring color to your yard with red roses and vibrant cacti. Color is healing, transmits special energies, and helps you feel revitalized when you enter the backyard.

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Warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red can give the garden a vibrant feel while also making a large garden bed seem smaller or a distant bed appear closer. Cool tones like blue and purple create a calming ambiance while making a small garden bed appear larger.

How About a Pizza Oven?

Love pizza? Then you really need to think about getting a backyard pizza oven. Add it to the grill for the complete outdoor dinner party. Besides being functional, this feature also gives the place a lot more flair. Outdoor pizza ovens are typically made of stone, brick, or concrete.

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But they can also be constructed on a wooden deck. Outdoor pizza ovens come in many designs. The outdoor, gas-fired brick oven is useful since it provides a sizable cooking area for pizzas (or other meals) that must be baked at high temperatures. Another choice is the traditional wood-burning outdoor pizza oven.

You Can Sleep in Your Backyard

This is a cozy substitute for lounge chairs. Grab a book, lie down for peaceful meditation, or take a nap. A swinging bed is another entertaining choice. These outdoor beds are sold in different styles to suit your preferences. You can also use it for sunbathing in the summer.

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Outdoor beds must be waterproof, and if not, they must be stored in protected areas. They must also be resistant to the sun and inclement weather. However, all bed types are made to be comfy. They have comfortable upholstery and are smooth to the touch.

Add Stump Solar Lights

Remove the solar light from the post it is attached to before building these stump lights. Identify which paddle bit will complement the solar light post the best. In this case, the 13/16 bit works nicely with the cheap single solar lights from your neighborhood hardware store.

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Then, make a mark in the middle of your stump before drilling your hole. Drill to a depth of 3/4″. Rub beeswax on your stumps once your hole is drilled. Apply the beeswax generously and repeat it several times. Next, put your lights in the holes you just drilled.

Build a Shed to Store Tools

Keeping garden equipment in a stylish tool shed can make your backyard better. To stick with the overall theme, you could design it to be a miniature version of your home. Anyone will be able to go right up to the shed if you line the route leading there.

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Did you know it’s cheaper to build yours than buy a pre-built shed? That is if you have all the necessary tools. But, you won’t need any special tools. The best foundation for a shed is gravel, while the best foundation for a garage or shed without a pre-built floor is concrete.

Add a Gazebo for a Fairytale Backyard

Gazebos provide a place where you can go outside while getting shade from the rain or sun. You can organize a private, romantic dinner for date night. Curtains add to the privacy and aesthetic appeal. There are many structures and styles that fit into your home’s theme.

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The simplest way to support a wooden floor is by using patio stones. They make a strong foundation when the ground is mostly flat and the structure is less than 14 feet long. Remember that extensions and innovative designs, such as gazebos, can significantly increase a home’s value.

Distinguish Your Backyard With a Pergola

Any outdoor area, such as a patio, would benefit greatly from the addition of a pergola. To make it look cozy, you can add plants and wind chimes. It’s an alternative way of increasing garden privacy. There are many pergola options that’ll suit your style and backyard theme.

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A pergola can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $6,000. Expect a wooden pergola to last about five years with minimal maintenance. You can even extend its lifespan to 12 years by cleaning, staining, or sealing it once a year. It’s another way to increase your home’s value.

Who Doesn’t Like a Backyard Waterfall?

You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to build a waterfall in your yard. Water cascades are incredibly soothing. There are numerous ways to build a backyard waterfall. However, if simplicity is what you’re after, all you have to do is basically make a hole in the ground.

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Then, line it with a rubber membrane, and pile stones inside to raise the waterfall to the desired height. The pump should be positioned on the pond’s bottom. If you close your eyes, it’s easy to picture yourself relaxing next to a gushing creek in the middle of the woods.

Make a Home for the Birds

Do you enjoy watching birds? You can set up a nice birdbath and choose from a variety of stylish bird feeders to attract local birds to your garden. Hummingbirds will start visiting your feeders quickly if you add sugar water! Zoologists say birds are drawn to the color red.

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Birds use red to protect their nests and to attract mates. A dash of red will draw more birds to your feeder, even though some seed-eating birds prefer blue or silver ones. You can use a seed combo that combines safflower, oil sunflower, and striped sunflower but not millet.

Add a Garden Swing

Incorporating a swing into your landscape can be beautiful. You can paint it any way you choose, or even decorate it with flowers. You can relax after a long day of work by sitting down and slowly rocking back and forth as you take in your garden’s scenery.

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An egg-shaped mesh swing also looks decorative. Add a black swing and some comfy cushions in bright colors to complement it. Kids love swings too. Add a fancy slide and swing set or a simple surfboard-style swing to your backyard garden. It is incredibly calming and easy to use.

Add Mosaic to Backyard Walkway

Mosaic makes beautiful walkways. You can do this by arranging stones or tile pieces in different designs and forms to give your surroundings a burst of color. You may even commission a local artist to do a unique design. Many people prefer thinset over adhesives for wet and outdoor mosaics.

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Thinset is made of portland cement (also used in concrete) plus polymers, which give it a remarkable amount of adhesion and strength. Use a dust mask when mixing thinset powder, but you can also control dust by scooping and stirring the powder carefully and avoiding pouring or dumping it.

Build a Secret Spot

Does a hidden place sound intriguing to you? A place where you can temporarily shut down and escape reality. Incorporating some Charleston hidden garden design ideas is one way to create your own secret spot. This design creates a unique and enchanting ambiance in the space.

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The first characteristic that all Charleston gardens have is a well-defined entrance, typically with an arbor and a gate. Installing a traditional garden arch over the entrance to your secret garden is really appealing. You can grow vines on the arch so that it is eventually covered with greenery.

Invest in a Potting Table

If you enjoy working on gardening projects, consider building your own potting table to store your tools. You can also modify the table to suit your needs by adding drawers, shelves, and even a stainless-steel sink. It can be as straightforward as an old table.

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Or, you can also DIY a potting bench from salvaged wood or transform reused furniture, like an old dresser. It should be painted to coordinate with the decor in your outdoor room. Similar to kitchen counter height, 36 inches is the most common height for potting benches.

Inject Some Personality Into Your Planters

You can paint your planters to match your style. You’ll find some fascinating ideas online. It’s easy to decoupage your terracotta pots. You will need ornamental napkins (with cut-out shapes), a paintbrush, mod podge, acrylic paint, scissors, and other items. Paint your pots first and allow the paint to dry.

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Cut out the flower shape (or other shapes) from the napkin while the paint is drying. Mod podge the napkin, then slowly glue it to the pot. Ensure there are no air bubbles trapped by smoothing it. Apply a coat of mod podge to seal the entire pot.

Bring the Beach to Your Home

Do you always miss going to the beach? You can change a portion of your backyard to replicate your favorite beach. Buy regular sand and dump it at the chosen area. You can then buy beach furniture and decorate the area with a fire pit, along with other furnishings.

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Now, you can dig your feet in the sand whenever you want. Although it will take lots of sand to make your beach, it’s still a more elegant and affordable alternative to regular yards. The ideal sand to use is tropical beach sand because it’ll give that seaside feeling.

Add an Outdoor Shower

If you use your pool throughout the year, you might want to think about building an outdoor shower. You can completely cleanse the chlorine off of your body before entering the house. An outdoor shower will also help you avoid dropping mud all over your pristine home after a long afternoon of gardening.

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You don’t need complex drainage systems for outdoor showers, especially if you place them far from home or if the terrain naturally slopes in a way that keeps water away from the building’s structure. There are various drainage options, depending on the area, soil type, and local laws.

An Alternative to Instant Concrete

Thanks to Sika’s new Post Fix, tasks that once required instant concrete can now be done quicker and easier. Sika Post Fix turns complicated DIY jobs into simple ones and is ideal for posts made of wood, PVC, metal, and concrete. Instead of 60 kilos of quick concrete…

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…1.1-kilogram bag of Sika Post Fix can secure one average-sized post into the ground. The easy-to-mix, water-free solution doesn’t need any additional tools. Just mix the contents in the bag before opening, pour the mixture into the hole, and watch as it immediately expands to seal the post.

Construct a DIY Fire Pit in a Weekend

Use flag markers to lay out the space and visualize the circular fire pit area and pathway. When planning, keep in mind the length of your edging stones (6 inches) so that no stone cuts are necessary at the edges of each walkway. Set the stone fire pit kit without adhesive.

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Drive a wooden stake into the ground, tying a thread to the end, and use that point as the center of a full circle. Remove the flag markings and spray paint the lines. Sweep the area to get rid of any grass using the STIHL Yard Boss fitted with the Bolo Tines Cultivator Attachment.

Upgrade Your Backyard With a Pool

Perhaps you want a pool with lighting so you can swim at night, or maybe you want a saltwater pool because it has been proven to be better and more soothing during the day. Your home’s value can rise by 5 to 8% if you install a pool.

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Remodeling your patio and pool could revitalize your backyard and increase the longevity of your investment. Every pool needs routine maintenance and cleaning. There will be more wear and tear on outdoor facilities that are near water and the sun, so you’ll need to budget for ongoing maintenance.