Expecting Their 11th Baby, Parents Never Dreamt of What Was to Follow

Alexis and her husband, David Brett, had not planned on a large family – not to say a house bursting with nine kids. But when Alexis was expecting her 10th child, the parents thought that nothing could surprise them any further because they had parenting experience spanning two decades.

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The couple never anticipated in their wildest imagination that what the doctors would tell them would leave them in tears and without words to express their least-expected surprise.

Laying Down Family Roots

The beginnings of the family and the task of rearing kids started with the parents. For a bonded, happy family numbering 13, the seeds of the family can be traced to a couple of years before David and Alexis met.

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Both hailed from the UK. They met in 1998. It was love for them. They were engaged in railway work, on the line running from Aberdeen in Scotland. After their meeting, both changed careers – particularly Alexis.

A Change in Careers

Both began in railway work at Aberdeen. Initially, they were colleagues; they soon began dating. It was romantic!

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Then, Alexis moved on to another path in her professional life, opting for the nursing profession. David stayed where he was and trained to become a locomotive driver. It was great!

A Magical Bond is Created

Alexis and David dated for three years. Then, the unexpected happened –something none had foreseen. It was not immediate; another couple of years passed before their bond reached new levels.

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Life was full of bumps and trials. But despite the odds, the couple continued to emerge victorious by handling matters together with mutual trust and faith.

Another Three Years Went By

The love between the two continued to grow. Without a doubt, David and Alexis knew they were meant for each other. Everything was fine, but even then, they had no plans for a large family.

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The couple spent three years together before they discovered that Alexis was expecting! They had been extremely careful to use protection; however, they accepted their new fate with good grace.

Moving Onto Another Phase

Despite the unexpectedness, the couple was delirious with joy. Both were in love and realized that this was naturally what fate had in store. They now stepped forward to enter another phase in their lives and plunged headlong into it.

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Eight months after Alexis discovered she was pregnant, she and David decided to marry. They wanted to seal their love with vows of holy matrimony, wanting to warmly welcome their firstborn.

Newly Married Become New Parents

How time flies! David and Alexis went from expectant parents to newly married to becoming parents within a couple of months. The year was indeed eventful as their love bore its first fruit.

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The rapid changes in their lives were huge, but they were inspired by the experience. However, it was merely the start of another chapter in their love story.

Hand in Hand, They Face New Challenges

First, they took different career paths with Alexis moving into nursing; then their relationship turned to marriage and parenthood – all threaded by love. Next, two became three. The Bretts crested the waves hand in hand.

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David and Alexis had neither planned nor expected a family but when it happened, there was no dearth of excitement. They each came from small families, one of the reasons why they never imagined parenting a mega one.

Campbell and Harrison

Their first child was a boy, Campbell. He was the apple of their eyes. However, they had no idea that the family story had just started.

The wedding was followed by the birth of their first child, since then things began to double. In 2001, there was one child, but within 2 years, Harrison joined the fold.

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The second child also was not planned but when the new baby came David and Alexis were beside themselves with happiness.

Two Becomes Five in Five Years

Their family members initially were two – Alexis and David. The family soon became four, as the parents welcomed sons Campbell and Harrison. But surprises did not stop there. A third son, Corey, entered the scene. Now, the family numbered five.

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The first unplanned pregnancy was both accepted and possible. But when it happened two and then three times, the strain on the emotions must have been tremendous. Alexis and David were made of different stuff, though, and were joyous with each new arrival. These were the first branches spreading out, for more was in store.

David and Alexis Came from Small Families

David and Alexis hailed from small families and as such their planning would have been similar. It was something they were used to. But fate thought otherwise and sent their lives down another track.

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Alexis told The Mirror that the decision to have a big family was never a conscious one. She was an only child; David had just one sibling, and both were used to mini families. She just kept on getting pregnant, but each time, they were happy with the situation.

Four Strapping Boys

Despite being careful and using contraceptive methods, Alexis repeatedly became pregnant. These repeated happenings surprised not only them but others, too. Each newcomer was like the unfolding of a miracle. In 2005, Corey was born. After that came Lachlan, the fourth boy, in 2008.

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Alexis explained that the jump from two to three to four was big. At that point, their entire regime – bedtimes, holidays, and transportation – had to be changed. And this wasn’t even the end of her giving birth!

More Boys – Another Six!

Alexis’ body kept reproducing gifts without fail. The babies kept coming and coming, and she was pregnant for nearly all of the 2010s. During the following years, the couple welcomed another lot of six(!) children. Wonder of wonders – all of them were boys – Brodie, Brahn, Hunter, Mack, Blake, and Rothagaidh.

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All were warmly embraced as new family members. The parents were happy and content for now the chain of surprises seemed to have ended. In 2019, Alexis was expecting again. But there was a slight difference this time.

Nothing in the World Would Make Them Change Things

It’s difficult to picture for most – not one or two but 10 bouncing boys stomping around inside the house. Most probably, the pair was happy with each new pregnancy, but what were their feelings regarding 10 little boys?

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In an interview with 7Newa.xom.au, Alexis said that many assume that they have a house full of kids because they kept trying for a baby girl, but that’s not true. They were a complete, happy family and change was not what they wanted.

How Did the Impossible Become Possible?

In 17 years, Alexis and David became parents of nearly a dozen boys. It seemed like a miracle.

But how could there be as many as 10 unplanned births? Alexis spoke frankly to The Mirror, offering that she was perhaps “immune to contraception”! They had both been careful about protection but nothing worked; she continued to become pregnant.

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Confronted with the 11th pregnancy, the surprise left them speechless because this time around provided a different scenario.

Boys are Boys

Raising 10 children is anything but easy. Rearing so many together was another challenge altogether. They were amazed – so many boys! They were the first in the UK to have 10 boys in a row. And they were content.

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Many rumors swirl around the couple “trying for a girl”, but Alexis always refuted that. They were happy with her boys. Right now, she quipped, she wouldn’t even know how to handle a baby girl. A big change was in store for them – something they could not imagine.

They Knew How it Worked

Alexis’ mind was full of inspiration, and this largely contributed to the couple’s happiness with the repeated pregnancies. Thus, when news broke that baby No. 11 was on the way, they already knew the drill by heart.

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The couple thought that after being gifted with 10 sons, what could possibly surprise them? Very soon, David and Alexis, discovered that life still had a trick or two up its sleeve.

Another Added to the Nest

To prepare for baby No. 11, the couple did nothing extra apart from routine examinations and the like; neither did they worry unnecessarily.

However, even when the focus was on the gender of the baby, the two were complacent that another boy was on the way – 10 would now be 11. The expansion of their family had left them very satisfied.

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The couple wanted the boys to join them in the excitement about their newest impending arrival and decided to throw a gender-reveal party. You can see where this is headed, right?

A Toast for Each Son

The couple was sure that Baby 11 would also be a son, but that didn’t mean there was nothing to celebrate. David and Alexis felt excited. It called for a celebration. They wanted to ensure that each of their boys knew that they were special individuals.

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During the gender reveal, Alexis and David were faced with the most surprising news relating to the family tree. It was something that neither they nor others had expected.

Revealing the Gender Calls for a Party

There are multiple ways by which the baby’s gender is disclosed to everyone – even news about twins. The Bretts followed the classic option, requesting their doctor to write the gender on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope.

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Alexis told 7News.com.au that they thought of a small gender reveal since their sons were already excited beyond words. She admitted that she had never thought she was capable of producing a baby girl. As a result, they did not give any serious thought about knowing the gender of the baby.

Alexis ‘Gobsmacked’!

Most of the people were sure of the gender – a boy. Nevertheless, excitement surrounded the envelope. When the family finally unsealed the envelope, they were full of queries.

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Continuing her chat with 7News.com.au, Alexis said the envelope revealed that Baby 11 was a girl. Initially, she thought there must have been a mistake! The news left her “absolutely gobsmacked.” When she realized that there had been no mistake, everyone was surprised, to say the least.

A Fresh Challenge

No one had anticipated this! There’s nothing wrong with giving birth to a daughter, but this situation was a horse of a different color. Everyone was shocked when realization dawned that a girl would soon join the crop of boys.

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Before learning her, newest baby was a girl, Alexis had spoken about how she had no idea how to raise a girl. Hence this new pregnancy – Alexis’ 11th, would bring new challenges for the parents and the boys as well.

Alexis No Longer a Lonely Only

The parents took up this new challenge with their best foot forward. They were thrilled at the prospect of caring for a baby girl. In an interview with 7New.com.au, Alexis admitted that if it had been another boy, the family would have been equally happy, but now the thrill was because she was no longer the only female in the family.

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Difficulties were there but not insurmountable. It was all about adjustment and learning to go along with a baby girl in a family of 11 kids – 10 boys.

What is Life with 11 Children?

Eleven kids? The number seems overwhelming, but the couple shares their secret key to their success. In 2017, in a conversation with The Mirror, they learned that there’s not much difference between four children and 10 – the levels of chaos are the same.

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But 10 seems enough considering the smells and sounds in the hallway. Nevertheless, the duo felt when their little girl would be added to the bundle, they would have to gain experience anew – right from the start.

Kids Didn’t Ask to Be Born into a Big Family

The task of rearing so many is easier when the older kids share some responsibility for the younger ones. However, there was a slight difference in this family. Alexis became emotional talking to The Mirror. She said that no, the kids did not ask to be part of a big family.

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Each had their assignments – school tasks, friends, hobbies, playtime, etc. She would never try to rein anyone in. They were children and must enjoy the years of childhood – as is normal.

Alexis Crowned Super-Mom!

Although the couple repeatedly says there is not much difference in the household between four kids and 11, things were not all that easy. Both parents had chalked out their strategy, but the crown of Super-Mom goes to Alexis.

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She had a regime despite the mess and the chaos that sometimes exceeded all limits. Alexis vacuums six times and washes clothes four times daily. There is not a moment’s rest. She is without a dishwasher, and this means she is continually at the sink as well. Alexis is like a soldier on the battlefield.

All Smart Dressers

The family is very conscious about dressing smartly. It is surprising. When going out each checks the other to see that have “dressed smartly.”

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Another point – the kids don’t wear hand-me-downs. This, even though they are a bunch of boisterous boys, clothes are constantly either torn or stained as they play and eat.

Eleven Boys and a Girl, All Growing, All Eating

Whether a family of one or 13, the parents have to ensure that the kitchen is well-stocked.

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In an interview with The Mirror, the Bretts revealed that the family runs through more than 10 gallons of milk and 100 bags of chips per week. Just think how much storage this takes up in the pantry!

Super-Dad David

The husband-and-wife duo work like a dream team. Alexis spends most of her time in the home ensuring that everything runs smoothly. David contributes his bit, despite his struggle with the first signs of Parkinson’s disease. Nothing can stop him from being Super-Dad to his children.

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Alexis told The Mirror that her husband’s work schedule was family-friendly. After returning home, he plunges into his duties there. He also teaches martial arts and greatly inspires his boys. He is the best role model for them.

Date Nights are a Real Thing

Alexis and David are ideal parents and an inspiration for others. Their attitude toward parenting is worth copying. It’s now time to recall how this family started with only the two. Let’s look back.

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They are more than admirable parents. But there is another role they continue to play. They are lovers, too, in their continuing relationship, and a team in the fullest sense. Twice a month they have date nights to keep the romance alive. But that’s not the only thing that Alexis focuses on.

Alexis’ Focus is on Another Side of the Coin – Me Time

The couple knows that love is a two-sided coin. To love one’s children, one must also love one’s self. Alexis firmly believes in me time, even if it’s at odd hours.

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Alexis told The Mirror that she wakes up at the crack of dawn so she has sufficient time to take care of herself – bath, hair, and makeup. Those hours are magical to her – peaceful and silent. When the boys are awake, the system immediately starts churning.

A Dozen Bretts

In 2020, news of yet another Brett, No. 12, arrived. It was incredible but true. When another pregnancy was noticed, the Brett couple realized with surprise that they would now have a dozen in their nest. In 2021, after some medical hiccups, they warmly welcomed their 12th child and 11th son whom they named Orran.

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There is no doubt that after knowing the Brett family the question will pop up in your mind – how does the pair find these extraordinary names for the kids?

Names for the Children

The names of the boys chosen by their parents were as follows – Campbell, Harrison, Corey, Lachlan, Brodie, Brahn, Hunter, Mack, Black, Rothagaidh, and Orran. The daughter’s name is Cameron. These were unique selections.

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Alexis was all smiles when she told 7news.au.co that the name Cameron could have suited either a boy or a girl. But they both came to just love it. They had always insisted on giving the kids unusual names. But Cameron as the name for a girl is without a doubt something more than unique. They laughed because most probably people thought they could not find any traditional name for the girl.