Exquisite Mega-Mansions That Nobody Wants To Buy

The title of this article might have you thinking – are these mega-mansions haunted that they aren’t selling? Well, rest assured that none of these beautiful mansions are scenarios similar to Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill posing on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards / A photograph of a backyard with a pool lit up at dusk / The view of a driveway leading up to a mansion / Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell laughing together at a film premiere

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So how come these luxurious and expensive mansions are on the market today, but no one is willing to buy them up? The reasons vary for most of them, from a bad rep that the mansion owner has earned to overvaluation or high property taxes. Whatever the reason is, the truth is that these breath-taking properties have zero takers on the market. While we usually expect poor, run-down houses to be in such a situation, it certainly comes as a surprise that nobody wants to buy these magnificent homes of reputed celebrities. Read on to find out more about the situations that have led to this!

Gibson Just Can’t Sell

Mel Gibson has had his French home on the market for more than a decade, with no takers. The mansion price was initially listed for $14.5 million in 2010, but the prices soon dropped to $11.8 million in just two years.

Source: realtor.com

Gibson eventually removed the property from the market but put it back on in 2019 for its initial asking price. What is the reason for this property remaining unsold over all these years, despite having a breath-taking ocean view and the actor’s personal touch? We suspect high property taxes!

Russel And Hawn Are Tired Of Renting

Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn did a profitable business out of renting their magnificent Malibu beach house property for $95,000 a month. The couple, however, decided to sell the Balinese-inspired beachy retreat. However, no one wanted to buy this beauty.

Source: zillow.com

Despite the market’s disappointing reaction to this Broad Beach home, nobody can deny its glorious features, including a flagstone courtyard, a two-story great room, and a remodeled chef’s kitchen.

50 Cent Overestimates His Home

Rapper 50 Cent could not find any buyers for his Farmington, Connecticut mansion for more than 12 years. He was finally able to sell the luxury home (complete with 52 rooms, a recording studio, and several basketball courts), but only when he slashed the price by 84%.

Source: homes.com

Real estate expert Dolly Lenz suspects that the reason for 50 Cent’s unsuccessful attempts is that the rapper quoted a ridiculously high price for a luxury home in Farmington, Connecticut.

Hill And Mcgraw Want To Get Out Of Tennessee

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are a celebrated couple who owns a sprawling mansion in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. While the luxury home, which stands on 750 acres of land, boasts five bedrooms and ten bathrooms, the couple has found it challenging to find any buyers.

Source: tennessean.com

The location of the mansion might be the reason for this. Leiper’s Fork is an unincorporated town with a population of merely 650 people. With nothing much to do in this small town, it’s understandable why nobody wants to move there.

Agents Are Surprised By Hilfiger’s Residence

Tommy Hilfiger and his wife are attempting to move to Palm Beach, Florida, but are having some trouble selling their chateau in Greenwich, Connecticut, for a whopping $47.5 million. However, they have not got any offers so far, which has surprised agents.

Source: corcoran.com

The house was only put on the market recently in 2020. Originally called Chateau Paterno, it has beautiful water and rose gardens, a guesthouse, a greenhouse as well as a four-bay garage.

Jordan Tries To Sell His House With Air Jordans

The famous sports star, Michael Jordan, has had his 52,000-acre house on the market for nearly nine years now, but nobody seems to want it. The basketball player had to reduce his asking price from $29 million to $15 million and even went so far as to throw in a free pair of rare Air Jordans along with the house.

Source: justluxe.com

Despite the price reduction, experts speculate that the luxury house might still be way too expensive for people.

Lopez Has To Drop Her Prices

International pop star Jennifer Lopez seems to be having trouble selling her beautiful dwelling in California, a theatre and a recording theatre and dressing room. The 17,000 square-foot Hidden Hills home was initially listed for $17 million in 2015.

Source: chicagotribune.com

However, the singer had to lower the price to $12.5 million when she found that she was not getting any offers. She still seems to be unable to sell the magnificent house, the reason for which remains a bit of a mystery.

Stallone And His Palatial Home

Yet another California estate that is stubbornly remaining unsold. This one belongs to legendary actor Sylvester Stallone, who listed his beautifully designed home (heavily influenced by his Italian ancestry) in 2010 for $4.5 million.

Source: wprost.pl

The exquisite La Quinta property, however, had trouble selling. Stallone attempted to reduce the price of this home (which has an eat-in kitchen and a dedicated wine-room) several times but to no avail.

Ellen Just Can’t Flip This One

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are known for their ability to flip houses and make a handsome profit. But this has not been the case for this L.A. Condo, which was initially listed for $8 million.

Source: Twitter

However, Ellen had to drop the price to the price she bought it, which means she will not profit from this swanky condo. But not to worry, this entertainment and talk show host can afford a loss of this size!

Lawrence’s Mansion Remains Unsold

Popular actor Joey Lawrence listed his luxurious Spanish estate for $3.2 million in 2010. While this does not seem much compared to some of the outrageous prices, we have seen before on our list, and people are still not rushing to buy this one up.

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Despite dropping the price by a few hundred thousand dollars, Lawrence has had no success with the mansion, which boasts a movie theatre, a sauna, and a master suite.

Lauer Has Trouble With His Fairy-Tale Estate

Matt Lauer owns a sprawling Waterfront estate in The Hamptons, New York, which resembles a fairy-tale setting, with a pond with a bridge, a private beach, a deep-water rock, two guest houses, and even a tea cottage.

Source: YouTube

Lauer, who now wants to move out of New York, has listed the house for nearly $44.8 million for this residence. However, the bad reputation he has recently received for his NBA career might be the reason that this splendid home remains unsold.

Cohen’s Penthouse Takes A Hit

The business magnate, Steve Cohen, is the owner of a beautiful Manhattan duplex penthouse, which was put on the market at an insane price of $115 million in 2013. Interestingly, this was the price Cohen bought the penthouse for.

Source: Twitter

Predictably, Cohen had to lower the price, which went down to almost $57.5 million, nearly a 50% cut from the initial asking price! We suspect that property taxes and the high cost of living in Manhattan might be the culprit here.

Nobody Wants Wilzig’s Townhouse

Entrepreneur Alan Wilzig, who is the inspiration for the iconic movie “Wolf of Wall Street,” has had a golden touch for almost everything except his townhouse in New York, which went on the market for $44 million in 2014.

Source: Facebook

Four years later, the price dropped drastically to $18.5 million in the hopes of snatching a buyer. The toned-down and mellow appearance that the house has attained over the years might be the reason that it remains on the market today.

Forge Mansion Is Haunted

Vincent Forge Mansion is a centuries-old mansion in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania. Built from stone and two-story high, the villa has a fascinating history, including a forge and a Catholic Boys summer camp.

Source: Pinterest

While the National Register of Historic Places added it to its list in 1984, nobody wants to buy this charming home. The reason for this is spooky, as rumors abound that a ghost haunts it.

The Halston Penthouse Is A Hit And A Miss

Roy Haston had a hand in designing this beautiful and minimalistic penthouse, constructed by famous architect Paul Rudolph. Despite its brilliant design, Halston is having trouble selling the property.

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The two-story penthouse was initially listed for $38 million in 2012. The price, however, soon dropped to $21 million. Despite being a party location on the Upper East Side for several years, no one seems to be even remotely curious about Halston’s penthouse.

Palazzo Di Amore – The Most Expensive Home In America

There was a point in time when the Mediterranean mansion, Palazzo di Amore was the most expensive home in America. Jeff Greene, the real estate mogul, bought the estate for $35 million and attempted to sell it for $129 million.

Source: Facebook

The mansion boasts a reflecting pool, a waterfall, as well as an entertainment complex. Despite being located in one of the most luxurious places globally (Beverly Hills), the property remains stubbornly unsold.

The Aiken Estate Has A Creepy History

Located in Savannah, Georgia, the Aiken Estate was built in 1855. Home to celebrated American author and poet Conrad Aiken and his socialite wife, Anna, the house is now on the market for more than a million dollars.

Source: Pinterest

However, Aiken’s troubled history with mental illness and his troubled relationship with his wife has led to rumors of ghosts in the house. These rumors are enough to keep everyone far away from the gorgeous home.

Granot Loma Is Too Old

Granot Loma is a brilliant, 26,000 square-foot mansion off the coast of Lake Superior, Michigan. This is yet another house that the National Register has listed for Historic places for its rich history and beautiful artifacts and paintings.

Source: YouTube

However, the historic nature of the house might be the reason it has remained unsold. The house belongs to one of the co-founders of General Motors, who had to reduce the house price from $40 million to $20 million over the years.

Neverland Ranch Is Never Being Sold

The 27,000-acre mansion located in Los Olivos, California, originally went on the market for a whopping $100 million. Owned by Rockstar Michael Jackson, one would have thought that this property would have been sold in a matter of days.

Source: Facebook

However, Neverland Ranch (now called Sycamore Valley Ranch) stands at a much-depreciated value of $31 million and no interested buyers. The ranch has been riddled with financial difficulties, with threats of foreclosure over the years.

The Stone-Wall Mansion Is Too Heavy On The Taxes

The beautiful Stone-Wall mansion owned by Steel magnate Henry Clay Frick II looks like it has been taken out of a fairy-tale. With a wine cellar, a home theatre, stone walls surrounding the estate, and a home theatre, one wonders why no one wants to snatch up this beauty.

Source: YouTube

High property taxes might be the reason. Despite its reduced price of almost $33 million, the taxes on the so-called “Frick” estate is bound to take a hit on anyone’s wallet.

Golden Gate Glamour Is No Longer Glamourous

Golden Gate home has been designed in the classic Old-World Glamour, complete with intricate design, tactile textures, rich materials, and artisanal ornaments. Located in Los Angeles, California, the magnificent property boasts eleven bathrooms and seven bedrooms and elevator access to the roof.

Source: Pinterest

With San Francisco being one of the most robust real estate markets globally, it is a mystery that this property has remained unsold, despite its discounted rate of $29 million.

Richards Prefers Beverly Hills To Hidden Hills

Denise Richards, the famous star of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” is the owner of one of the most beautiful estates in the country. Located at Hidden Hills, California, the gigantic mansion is home to a waterslide, a wood-fired pizza oven, and a swimming pool.

Source: Twitter

The estate has remained on the market for more than ten years, even since Richards moved to Beverly Hills to be closer to her famous show’s filming. It has been speculated that Angelina Jolie herself rented the house for $30,000 a month after her split with Brad Pitt.

The S.K Pierce Mansion Is Possessed

The very essence of the haunted New England, this beautiful yet cold-looking mansion has remained on the market for years. Hopeful tourists visit every year in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a paranormal at this mansion and leave it with a 4.8-star rating on Facebook.

Source: Pinterest

The three-story abandoned home was a modern marvel at the time of its construction, which boasted of a cistern that caught rainwater for its sinks, as well as a tunnel that connected it to the factory across the street.

8 Mile Road Mansion Has No Buyers

The legendary rapper has caused 8 Mile Road to go down in history as the line that divides the haves from the have nots, and this particular mansion certainly belongs on the more affluent side of the road. The estate also overlooks the rapper’s own home.

Source: Pinterest

Built-in the chateau-style, the house is made with a spiral staircase and a grand stone fireplace. Surrounded by beautiful gardens on all sides, we wonder why no one is interested in snatching this estate up.