Game-Changing Kitchen Hacks To Upgrade Your Cooking Skills

While many people love home-cooked meals, the idea of spending a lot of time in the kitchen isn’t something we all like. That’s why we look for efficient ways to get the food done quickly. Luckily, there are easy things you can do to reduce the time it takes to cook.

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And you don’t have to buy anything. We’ve compiled a list of the most inventive culinary tips that will undoubtedly improve your experience the next time you cook. If you want to amaze your friends and family with some remarkable cooking skills, here are incredibly useful tricks! Bon appetit!

How to Preserve Herbs Longer

How many of us have watched helplessly as our herbs begin to go bad before we have a chance to use them all? There must be a way to prevent them from spoiling or drying out so quickly. Well, we come bearing good news – yes, there is a way.

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Simply add water and olive oil to an ice tray with the herbs, then freeze. And then it’s time to use them; remove them from the freezer and set them on the dish! Voila! You’ll have kept your herbs in good condition for longer than you used to.

Stop Water from Boiling Over

Everyone who has cooked a meal will already be familiar with this kitchen problem. Not only is it frustrating, but you can also make a huge mess when boiling water spills over your pot and onto the stove. This happens while cooking different types of food in boiling water.

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If you’re tired of it, we’ve got good news! That wooden spoon in your hand can do a lot more than stir the sauce. Simply place it over the pot. You’ll notice that the wooden spoon will immediately stop the water from overflowing as soon as it starts to boil.

Peel Fruit with Your Microwave

Who else is tired of peeling fruit? While some people don’t see any problem with it, others are fed up because it can be a total pain. It’s even worse when you have to peel a lot of fruit for more than one person. Thankfully, there’s an easier way to peel fruit.

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If you want to save time on your cooking by making the fruit-peeling process faster, simply use the microwave. The peel of your fruit will become easier to remove after being microwaved for as little as 20 seconds. You’ll save about 10-15 minutes in seconds!

Keep Plastic Wrap in the Refrigerator

It can be frustrating when you try to store your food, and the plastic wrap just keeps sticking to itself. How do you avoid this? Keep it cold! The plastic wrap will stretch much better and more evenly the next time you use it if you keep it cold.

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So, stick it in the refrigerator. There are two reasons why the material loses some of its stickiness when cold. First, cooler air cuts down on the annoying static electricity. Second, when the plastic wrap is exposed to a different climate, its molecular composition, which is polyethylene with extra adhesives, changes.

Use Parchment Paper to Make Cupcakes

This is something that can affect everyone. Imagine you find a straightforward muffin recipe and decide to make a small batch for you and the kids. However, you soon discover that you are missing a muffin pan and cupcake liners. Don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there before.

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Luckily, you won’t need to run to the store to buy last-minute cupcake liners; all you need is parchment paper. Simply cut the parchment into squares, then press them around a mold that’s around the same size as a muffin cup. And that’s it!

A Better Way to Clean Wooden Cutting Boards

Despite how great they are, wooden cutting boards can be extremely difficult to keep clean. If you don’t properly clean them, bacteria can start to build up over time, and what’s worse is that you might not even realize it. Of course, this isn’t hygienic and poses health risks.

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If you want a safer, healthier, and faster way to keep your boards clean, we’ve got an idea. Simply split a lemon in half and coat it with coarse salt to properly clean your cutting board. Then use it to scrub your cutting board before rinsing it with water.

An Easier Way to Pit Your Cherries

Pitting cherries can sometimes take too much time. And although this would not be a problem if you’re just eating a snack, it could become a very time-consuming task if you need to pit a lot of them for a meal or a large group of people.

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There’s an easier way to do this called the “chopstick” method. Simply put the cherry on top of an empty beer bottle or in between two fingers. Then, take a chopstick, and press the pit out of the fruit into the container. You’ll get more done in less time.

Adding Salt to a Cast Iron Pan

Your iron pans can rust over time if you don’t properly care for them. You might have to get another one sooner than you expected. This trick isn’t about cooking food faster, but it’s a great hack to learn if you want to keep your pans in great shape.

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Rather than letting your pan get damaged, and forcing you to buy another one, you can use salt to prevent the rust in the first place. Instead of using dish soap, scrub the cast iron pan with salt, and you should notice a difference in no time.

Prevent Your Microwave from Drying Your Food

Although microwaves make our lives easier by cooking food faster, they can also make it drier. Microwaves bombard water molecules with energy when heating up food. As a result, they begin to move around faster and heat up. Our meals may lose moisture as the water turns to steam.

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This makes them stiff and rubbery. There’s a way to stop this. Simply put some water in a cup and toss it in the microwave alongside the meal you’re preparing to reheat. By doing so, some moisture will be produced, preventing the food from drying out and becoming overly rubbery.

How to Keep Stainless Steel Shinier

Anything made of stainless steel will become really dull when used for a long time. In fact, you might already notice some of the stainless-steel items in your kitchen looking really dull, especially when you don’t use the proper cleaning products on them.

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If you’ve noticed this in your kitchen, there’s an easy way to keep your stainless-steel items looking shiny as ever. You can fix this with a simple homemade mixture. All you need to do is mix water and vinegar, then spray on the surfaces before wiping.

A Quick Way to Remove Seeds from Veggies

De-seeding your vegetables could take a lot of time. It can be even more frustrating if you have more than one vegetable to de-seed, which is true in most cases. To top it off, it’s quite easy to make a mess when you’re de-seeding your veggies. But there’s a solution!

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To avoid a mess, you might have to scoop them out slowly, but really, who has time for that? So just get an ice cream scooper and start de-seeding to speed up the process. This should save considerable time and make the event much more enjoyable.

Soften Your Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is another item that can worsen over time. The sugar tends to clump together and become harder with time, which makes using it harder or perhaps impossible after a while. This happens when the moisture in the sugar evaporates. There are many ways to soften brown sugar.

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Most of these methods are reactive, such as using your microwave after the sugar gets hard. However, your sugar should remain soft for a long time if you put an apple slice or an orange peel inside the bag of sugar and then put the bag in an airtight container.

How to Peel Your Eggs Easily

As easy as it sounds, this is one of the biggest problems many people face in the kitchen. There’s really nothing like mastering the art of peeling eggs evenly. It can be annoying and time-consuming. And if you’re not careful, you may end up peeling half off.

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But seriously, peeling your eggs doesn’t have to be a herculean task. So, the next time you do it, place your eggs in the steamer basket while it suspends over boiling water for around 15 minutes. In no time, you’ll notice that the eggshell will slip off.

How to Make the Best Breakfast Eggs

It takes concentration and skill to get a perfectly fried egg; it’s not an easy process. And those that cook often will understand this. If you’ve tried without success and want to make great fried eggs, we will precisely explain to you how to make the best one.

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First, break the egg in the pan and pour some water onto it. Next, put it on the burner, and you’ll gradually begin seeing the egg becoming ready right in front of your eyes! It’s that easy, but don’t tell the chef we told you this quick hack.

Making a Homemade Powdered Sugar

Don’t you think it’s incredible how some things could be staring at us right in the face without us realizing it? This is one of those obvious things that we never thought about. Powdered sugar is often used in recipes to make something sweeter.

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But not everyone always has powdered sugar on hand in their kitchens. Therefore, you can make your own if you find yourself in need but don’t have any on hand. Simply get some granulated sugar and ground it in a spice grinder.

Your Personal Pastry Brush

There are some kitchen utensils that we may need on the spot but don’t have on hand. One of them is a pastry brush. Thankfully, there are easy and quick ways to create DIY kitchen items. A pastry brush is generally used to brush egg wash on pastries.

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It can also be used to coat a cake with a sweet glaze. If you need a pastry brush but don’t have one, try folding a piece of parchment paper four to five times. Then, use scissors to cut a fringe into the paper, and use the side as your brush.

Making a Muffin Tin Meatloaf

Unless your diet doesn’t allow you to consume meat, everyone agrees that meatloaf is delicious. But it takes hours to cook! Who has all that time? If you’re craving meatloaf and would like to speed up the process, we’ve got a quick kitchen hack for you to try.

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This also works for people who want to try something different. Simply divide the meat into individual portions using a muffin tin. Then, bake it at 450 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees Celsius) for about 15 minutes, and you should be good to go. It’s faster and isn’t your regular meatloaf.

How to Prevent Food from Burning

One of the most regular cooking frustrations, especially for at-home cooks, is burning anything when sautéing. Don’t worry; it’s not just your problem – ask any at-home cook and they’ll complain about this issue in the kitchen. If you want a solution, you’re in the right place.

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Add an ice cube to the pan to help it cool down if you see that your meal is getting much browner than it should in a short period of time. The water will evaporate, and just like that, you’ll prevent your food from burning! You’re welcome.

Use Tea to Flavor Your Grains

Grains can have a quite bland taste. Using tea is a simple way to add a little spice to it. It also has health benefits, and unless your doctor forbids it, this is a great way to spice up your grains. You’ll also be trying something new.

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Simply prepare your bulgur, millet, brown rice, or quinoa in tea-infused water. Although you are free to use any teabag you like, we suggest that you start out by trying Earl Grey, Lapsang souchong, or chai. It’s an easy way to add some flavor to your meal.

Easy Way to Create a Pour Spout

Have you ever tried pouring content out of a box that doesn’t have an easy pour spout? No matter how careful you are, you’ll make a mess. This can be so frustrating that some people even decide not to use the product at all. But here is a quick hack.

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Since not every box you buy from the store comes with an easy pour spout, you can make yours easily to pour faster and avoid creating a mess. Simply cut off the box’s corner carefully using a serrated knife. You’ll notice that you no longer spill the contents.

The Rest of the Wine Is Useful

Regardless of how good a bottle of wine is, we sometimes find ourselves not able to finish the bottle and not knowing what to do with the leftover. What if we told you that there’s a way you can use up the rest of the wine in the kitchen?

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If you don’t intend to drink it but want to use it after some days, here’s how to salvage it. Simply put the wine into the ice cube tray and put it in the freezer. You can add the cubes into a wine spritzer, a dinner dish, or even sangria.

Easy Way to Chop Up Squash

Although butternut squash is delicious, preparing it in the kitchen can be rather difficult. It’s one of the reasons why, despite its delectable nature, many people avoid eating it unless there’s a special occasion. Does this sound like you? No problem!

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You can make the preparation process more fun by using this trick. Simply microwave the squash for two to three minutes in the microwave. You’ll notice that the squash is a lot simpler to seed, peel, and cube, and your squash-eating experience will become better.

Make Fruit Ripen Faster

We’ve all been there – wanting our fruit to ripen faster. Sometimes, it just seems there’s no easy way around it, and we’re stuck waiting. For example, fruit like peaches, avocados, and bananas take a while to ripen. And then suddenly, they’re already overripe!

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What if there was a quick way to control how your fruit ripens? Actually, there is a way. You can prevent your fruit from overripening by placing it in a bag and tossing it. This will retain the concentrated ethylene gas and cause it to brown more quickly.

Prevent Tomatoes from Rotting

Are you really an at-home cook if your tomato has never gone bad? It’s something that virtually everyone has experienced, and thankfully, there’s an easy way to delay the rotting. Use this quick and easy trick if you want your tomatoes to last longer than normal.

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When storing tomatoes, place the stem end down. As a result, it will be more difficult for moisture and air to enter the stem scar, keeping them fresh a little longer. It can also help to store them at room temperature. This will cut down on regular grocery shopping.

Prevent Fruit from Browning with Lemon Juice

Since we’re on the topic of fruit, we have another trick that can help you out. While cutting your fruit and storing it comes with some advantages, this doesn’t mean there are no disadvantages. Although it makes eating it easier, it also speeds up the browning process.

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Thankfully, there’s an easy way to prevent your fruit from browning. All you need is another lemon to help out. Simply squeeze some lemon juice over the chopped fruit or drizzle it with a mixture of honey and water. That ought to stop it from browning too quickly.

Easy Way to Remove Eggshell Pieces

Whether cooked or fried, an egg is a top-tier meal. But it also comes with its stress sometimes. When boiled, the shells are difficult to remove, and it’s the same thing when you break them open. If some eggshells drop into the yoke, there’s a hack to get them out.

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Instead of poking your fingers in each time, try something different to remove eggshells from your eggs. Simply use another eggshell to remove the rough portions. If you do it carefully, the bigger eggshell in your hand will act as a magnet that scoops the little pieces easily.

An Easy Way to Remove Excess Fat

The added fat that comes with stocks, sauces, and stews is something that nobody really wants. Imagine if we could have all the sweetness of the stocks without having to remove anything. Although it is delicious, it isn’t very good for you. So, here’s how to stay healthy easily.

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Simply use a spoon to skim an ice cube off the top of whatever liquid you have to remove some of this fat. The fat starts to harden and rise on its own as a result. Then gently use a spoon to easily scoop it out.

Boil a Potato Before Peeling It

Peelers were unquestionably a breakthrough invention when they were introduced, but it turns out, there are better ways to peel a potato. And if you really think that’s the best way for you, by all means, continue. We just think there could be a better way.

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Just boil the potatoes. Once you want to take them out, place them in a bowl filled with water and ice. In a couple of minutes, you’ll notice that the skin will start peeling off by itself without you doing anything while you focus on other things in the kitchen.

Extract More Lemon Juice with This Trick

Using all the juice that fruit has to offer might be challenging at times, particularly when it comes to lemons. It’s usually like this when it comes to citrus fruits, especially lemon. If you find it hard to get all the juice from lemon, there’s a trick.

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To make the process effective, refrigerate the lemon before using it. Take it out and then put it in the microwave for around 15 to 20 seconds. Then, roll it out. Finally, slice it lengthwise and squeeze as much liquid as you can out of it using tongs.

A Better Way to Pit Stored Fruit

Pitting some fruit is a problem everyone faces. While some people will think they can do this easily, it can get tricky when you have to do it for many people. Or if it’s a stored fruit. Have you wondered if there’s a faster way to pit a stored fruit?

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We don’t know what you’re currently doing, but we know of a faster way. Simply cut it into two equal pieces and twist the fruit in opposite directions. Then pluck out the pit with a butter knife or your thumb, and you’re done! The process is easy and incredibly efficient.

How to De-Kernel Your Corn

De-kerneling your corn can be tricky. While you can use your bare hands, there is a much faster way. Some people say it leaves germs behind, but as long as you’re hygienic, there is nothing to worry about.

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Simply place the pointed end of the corn in the pan’s center hole if you want to de-kernel it much faster and easier. The cob will consequently become stable and controllable. After that, start cutting downward with a knife. When the kernels are in the pan, you are ready to go.

Easy Way to Grate Your Cheese

Cheese is one part of cooking that many home cooks don’t look forward to. That’s because it can be really difficult to grate. Thankfully, there is a lot simpler way to grate cheese, especially semi-soft cheeses that can be a little more challenging to work with.

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Simply freeze the cheese for about 30 minutes before grating it (this works nicely with mozzarella). Make sure to begin grating as soon as you take it out of the freezer, and that ought to do the trick! We couldn’t be more grateful to whoever discovered this!

Chopping Onions Without Tears

We’ve all gone through the excruciating tears that come from cutting an onion. If this is you, then we come bearing good news. Don’t give up just yet, even though we’ve probably heard of a thousand ineffective methods. Just try to freeze your onion before starting to chop it.

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After it is frozen, start slicing it and cooking it immediately. You can also put a piece of bread in your mouth to stop the tear-producing gases from reaching your eyes. Another great idea is to ensure your knife is sharp, such as using a good chef’s knife.

A Substitute for Buttermilk

Have you ever tried making a delicacy and then realized you don’t have all the ingredients? This may stop you from cooking, or you go ahead and don’t get the desired result. One such ingredient is buttermilk. And it is an item that is in many recipes.

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It’s also something that not everyone has on hand. Thankfully, you can make your own buttermilk with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Simply mix regular milk with a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice. Although it might not be as thick and creamy as buttermilk, it is a good substitute.

Do You Need Help Opening a Jar?

Sometimes it may be impossible to open a tight jar, no matter how hard you try. And you probably have a go-to person to help you open the jar when you can’t. But they may not be around every day. So, what do you do when you’re alone at home?

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If you find it hard, try to round the lip portion of the jar with a rubber band to help with the process. You’ll be able to hold the jar considerably more securely, thanks to that trick. If that doesn’t help, place a dish towel over the rubber band lid.

How to Cut Cherry Tomatoes

Did we just say there’s a better way to cut your cherry tomatoes? Yes, we did. We understand that cutting your cherry tomatoes appropriately can be difficult for many people. We’ve all been there. Luckily, this trick will give you more flexibility and speed the next time you cook.

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An easy way to do this is to place the cherry tomatoes between two plates. One plate should face up while the other should be upside down. Then, slide your knife between the plates and cut your cherry tomatoes perfectly. Try it and see!

A Homemade No-Stick Measuring Spoon

What if we told you that you can stop making a mess when you use your measuring spoon? And no, you don’t have to go to the store to get a no-stick measuring spoon. In fact, you can DIY with an item that’s already in your kitchen.

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It’s possible to make a complete mess while measuring honey or molasses, but this doesn’t have to happen. Before using your measuring spoon, try spraying it with cooking oil; that ought to work. It all slides off thanks to the oil, making cleaning considerably easier and quicker.

Prevent Honey from Crystalizing

We already mentioned how brown sugar hardens when it has been stored for a long time. After being kept for a while, honey may harden to the point where using it becomes probably impossible. And just like you can prevent brown sugar from hardening, we can prevent honey from doing this, too.

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However, you don’t need an apple slice or orange peel to de-crystallize your honey. You only need water. Yes, you heard right. Simply submerge it for five to ten minutes in a bowl of hot water, then remove it. The honey should be in perfect condition after that.

Brew Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are pretty much in every home these days, but we won’t assume everyone has them. Sometimes, these machines may also break down. If you want to brew coffee but don’t have a coffee maker at home or the one you have is broken, here is a simple trick.

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Boil some coffee in a pot of water with the same ratio of water and coffee you normally use. Turn off the heat and give the coffee grounds a good four to five minutes to rest. Then, take the coffee off the pot and pour it into a mug. Enjoy.

DIY Foam Milk

Who else has wanted to add some spice to the way they consume their milk but just couldn’t because you didn’t have the means? Sometimes you might want to froth your milk, but alas, you don’t have a milk frother at home. Well, there’s a way!

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Just like most of the things on our list, you can do this with items you already have in your kitchen. Just put the milk you want to froth in a jar, but don’t fill it more than halfway, then start shaking it. After that, microwave it for 30 seconds.