Got Flour? It’s Actually Good for Some Rather Unexpected Things

Flour is an essential item – we all have it in our kitchen. And yes, it can be used in countless recipes, from cakes to pancakes to chicken pot pie. But, what most of us don’t think about is how it can be used in unconventional ways, like opening jars and ripening avocados.

Flour in a brown paper bag
Photo by Ivan Dzyuba / 123rf

If you’re curious as to which flour hacks are worth trying, check these out…

Ripen Your Avocados

Avocados tend to have a really short window of time when they have just the right ripeness. You want them soft, but not too soft. But a watched avocado never ripens (or something like that). If you have an avocado that you’re waiting to ripen, try some flour.

An avocado, a bag of flour, and a brown paper bag
Source: Pinterest

First, place the avocados inside a paper bag and cover them with flour. Put the bag in a room-temperature area for about 24 hours. After a day, they should be ripe. How? Well, the flour blocks any outside moisture from turning them brown.

Loosen the Grip of a Jar

The struggle is real, folks, and that means that opening a tight lid on a jar can be pretty tough. If you don’t want to ask the person around you to save the day and open the damn jar, then this will be your solution. Then again, you might just have arthritis and simply can’t open jars like you used to. In any case, try flour.

A bowl of flour next to a glass jar filled with bread dough
Photo by Седаева / 123rf

Flour is a great tool to use when opening a lid that’s just too tight. All you need to do is dip the edges in flour. It will also prevent the lid from sticking in the future!