Hit or Miss: The Most Outrageous Fashion Moments from Coachella

There are a handful of festivals that resonate deeply with locals and people from all over the world. One of them is the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Every year, the event goes beyond just a desert rock concert to an artsy, week-long, spring carnival.

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The Revolve Festival, invite-only pre-party, is a popular fashion event during the festivities. What began as a two-day dusty rock festival in Indio, California, in October 1999 evolved into an annual cultural gathering. Check out some of the wild festival attendees’ and your favorite personalities’ greatest Coachella outfits ever.

Lady Gaga’s All-Black Appearance

Lady Gaga needs no introduction. Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the American singer-songwriter, performing artist, and actress is known for her flamboyant costumes. And she didn’t disappoint in this case either. The diva fashionista presented herself in a stunning black vinyl outfit. She was dressed in a Mugler coat.

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It was three-quarters in length and had high shoulders similar to Batman’s suit (pardon the reference). The prominent accessories were an oversized black captain’s hat and shiny lace-up boots. A wide belt with studs served as both a belt and a flashlight, shining into the crowd from the buckle area.

Karol G’s Standout Blue Suit

Born Carolina Giraldo Navarro, Karol G is a Colombian singer, songwriter, and businesswoman. She has dabbled in a number of genres such as reggae and sertaneja but is best known for her work in reggaeton and Latin trap. On this occasion, she drew inspiration from the blues . . .

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. . . not the music but rather her hair and clothing. Decked out in denim, she donned a patchwork jean bodysuit made of belts. Knee-high boots made from a pair of jean legs contrasted the leotard. She also had a mane of flowing blue Smurf hair on top of it all.

The Couple’s Sprinkle Spotted Colors

Most times, the costume inspirations we see at Coachella are from individuals. But once in a while some couples come onto the scene and stun us. This ranks as one of our favorite Coachella creations on this list. That’s because it looks so simple.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It proves how you can create a masterpiece of an outfit by using elements and materials we can all find at home. This duo made sure to wrap everything in colorful, fluffy balls and used every accessory they owned. We are sure they enjoyed art the most in school.

The Flowery Damsel Appearance

Coachella Festivals never disappoint, especially when it comes to people’s creative outfits. You sometimes get the feeling that these people dedicate months to thinking up their next costume. This stunning artwork, which was displayed at the 2019 Coachella Festival, took a lot of effort and creativity.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

You could spend hours looking at this and keep finding new details. Just look at the hidden butterflies on this festivalgoer’s head that look like they want to escape the flowered garden. This one certainly turned the dress into a masterpiece and brightened the festival.

Clark Kent Came to the Festival

It turns out that Lady Gaga isn’t the only one who can look like a superhero. This guy was so heavily invested in appearing “otherworldly” that he even made sure both shirt and pants passed along the message. He appeared as Superman with space-looking aerobic pants. He’s really out of this world.

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

We have no idea what is in his hands, but we have a feeling it has nothing to do with Clark Kent. If you want to recreate this style, dig out that Superman top from your closet, and pair it with these sky-designed aerobic pants. Top it off with confidence!

Peter Pan and His Babe

Although some festival costumes are ingenious, others draw inspiration from things we see around us or have seen. This one is from one of our favorite childhood characters. This couple, spotted at the 2018 festival, reached out to their childhood memories to introduce what we call Peter and Pinterest Pan!

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And as far as we’re concerned, they’re still out there partying. Thumbs up for transforming such a simple idea into an unforgettable Coachella moment (who hasn’t been Peter Pan at some point in their lives?). We all have, so why not take it to the festival?

Butterflies in Your Belly

Not everyone has been lucky enough to be in love. Those who have say it sometimes feels like butterflies in your belly. Well, this stunning girl certainly brought butterflies to many people’s insides. Coachella may be held in April, but this multicolored Mayfly certainly lived more than a day!

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Although this belle wasn’t generous with fabric, that hat definitely took the style to extremes. There’s something about the hat, the butterfly-inspired outfit, and the fishnet that will make you stop and stare. Then the look in her eyes will finish you off. She just has it all.

Did Anyone Find Nemo?

Here’s another reference to one of our favorite animated films—Finding Nemo. We all loved it, didn’t we? This guy’s posture looks sad, just like how the movie made us feel at times. No one recognized him at the 2016 Coachella Festival because he was in disguise throughout the parade.

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

He hasn’t been seen since, and considering he was the only Nemo around, we can see why. We’ll cut him some slack because he at least tried to make the costume look as original as possible, even adding a realistic water feature. He almost looks like a real fish.

Laís Ribeiro’s Stunning 2018 Appearance

Born Laís Pereira de Oliveira, the model is best known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret angel. As one of the hottest models in 2011, the Brazilian goddess arrived at Coachella in a classic outfit. She posted a photo in a pose with the Ferris wheel lit up behind.

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Ribeiro captioned it, “I loved way too much this outfit.” With jewels dangling from her hips all the way to her necklace, we do too! Sparingly accessorizing and letting that piece speak for itself was a great choice. And her festival hairstyle with matching martial buns was perfect.

Like Clouds in a Dark Sky

If you’re a fashionista, you probably feel there’s no style you’ve never seen. It’s true that fashion comes back, but some styles are so ingenious that you probably have never seen them before. If there’s anywhere to see these styles, it’s at Coachella. And here’s one!

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We have no idea if this was homemade or designed by a popular designer with a big imagination. It’s quite . . . different. The full-length body overall’s fluffy white decorations that resemble clouds stick out prominently on his body, but alas, they sure won’t get this guy too far up.

Katy Perry – a Coachella Diva

Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, Katy Perry is another American singer and celebrity who needs no introduction. She has had a huge influence on pop and style, especially in the 2010s. When getting ready for a fun weekend in 2013, Katy Perry wore a Dolce & Gabbana mini skirt.

Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

The pop sensation wore a halter bikini top by the same designer with the whimsically painted skirt. The skirt was originally long, but Katy cut it into a shorter form. We are mystified as to how she managed to navigate the festival grounds with those white platform sandals.

A Coat of Many Colors

Festivals are undoubtedly one place to find the most stunning costumes. The Coachella Festival is especially known for the many colorful outfits we see, and this spectacular piece was spotted at the 2014 festival. This guy appeared in a one-piece overall that covered everything, including his face.

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

And he came as the colors of the rainbow! We love it when partygoers use their clothes to make a powerful statement. In this case, their statement would be, “I didn’t think about the logistics of going to the john when picking out this outfit.”

Granny’s Leftovers Came in Handy

When we said that anything goes at the Coachella Festival, we meant ANYTHING. There are no boundaries, and you’re free to explore to find what you want to wear. This guy’s quest for a Coachella-worthy outfit took him to his grandmother’s sheets as your pants. Well, just go for it!

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images

All you need to do is find that colorful top that will make it perfect. It should have a few streaks of color and even match a bold hairstyle. Then your outfit will be complete. This dude completely understood the assignment and went all out. Grandma would be proud.

An Appearance with Rubber Ducky

There are no rules for the costumes at the Coachella Festival, so you’re free to go wild with your imagination. As we’ve already seen on this list, the event is also an opportunity to connect with your childhood and take a trip down memory lane with your favorite iconic toys.

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

So this guy didn’t think twice before placing a large-sized rubber ducky on his head. With a Red Bull can and an enormous grin from side to side, he was prepared to party. By 2014, the Coachella Festival had become renowned for its costumes and delivered a promenade of fashionistas.

Something about the Way She Looks

There’s something about this outfit, the facial expression, and the body posture that stops us in our tracks and makes us stare longer. And we’re sure she had the same effect on people who saw her at this Coachella Festival. The costume is like wearing shoes and floating on a cloud.

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images

But it wasn’t only the outfit that was spectacular. Her stunning tattoos go perfectly with everything. This gorgeous partygoer’s body is adorned with tattoos that enhance the plainness of her outfit. Some people have the grace and charisma to stand out without putting in too much effort.

Bad Girl Riri Shows How It’s Done

If there’s someone who does basically everything better than her peers, it’s Rihanna. Whether music, style, grace, or fashion, she’s head and shoulder above everyone! She doesn’t miss, and she certainly didn’t when she showed up to Coachella donned in a full Gucci bodysuit and covered in Swarovski crystals.

Source: Instagram/@badgirlriri

This was fresh out of the Milan Fashion Show runway. Other Coachella attendees and Instagram fans couldn’t get enough of this sparkling ensemble. She topped it off with a customized cut-up Gucci tee and ripped jean shorts. The last bit was the gorgeous shades that took our breaths away!

Inspiration from the Middle East

You’re not allowed to take inspiration only from your childhood characters. With thousands of distinct cultures in our world, you shouldn’t limit your imagination. This partygoer had to work to make the outfit a masterpiece by adding a Middle Eastern touch. Who cares if you’re not from there?

Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images

She guaranteed her spot on this list with a matching bikini top and bottom with grandma’s latest macrame design embroidery. For the icing on the cake, she added the yellow sunglasses! As we’ve already seen and will still see, there’s no limit to how daring you can be at Coachella.

The Outfit with the Speedos

Okay, everyone’s style is different, and what resonates with each person will differ from time to time. We’ve seen some great styles already, and some could’ve been better. This is another fantastic piece, and the biggest problem we have with the Coachella outfit is the Speedos.

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

With such an upscale top-to-bottom knitted onesie, we expected a more sophisticated bottom part. The two costumes resemble a before-and-after scenario that shows what is left after all the fringes have been cut off. We’ll assume she wore a bandana over her face because she wasn’t feeling the Speedo either.

It’s a Global Event

We’ve already explained that Coachella is a chance to borrow from every culture in the world and get creative. People gather at the festival from all corners of the world, and they also come from East Asia. And this festivalgoer got some Asian magic in her eyes.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It only required a classic Chinese fishing hat, a Japanese oriental fan, and a pair of fully embellished translucent leggings. This young lady was all set to have a good time and had a refined yet intriguing glint in her eyes. She was ready for Coachella!

Devon and Sydney Lee Carlson

The Carlson sisters are the cofounders of the phone case brand Wildflower Cases. Starting this company was only the first step in launching their careers, and these two influencers are who every girl wants to be. The sisters are two peas in a pod. Devon is wearing a red snow hat.

Source: Twitter

She added a bare midriff for a chic look. Sydney went for a creative black mesh bodysuit with yellow police crime scene tape that covers her strategically. They were photographed with a metal gate behind them, giving the picture an edge. The caption was simple—”just hanging out.”

Backstage Shot of Anitta

Known by her stage name Anitta, Larissa de Macedo Machado is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and businesswoman. The stunning Brazilian singer wore a lovely costume showing support for her country colors. She put on a display of a lifetime while matching the frames of her sunglasses.

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

This was photographed during the Coachella Festival in 2022. She upgraded the outfit with feathered armpieces and thin fishnet tights. To show she’s a stage animal and not just a pretty face, she adorned her chest with heavy metal chains, cracking the soft and delicate image.

A Wild Leopard at the Coachella

You can draw inspiration from your childhood heroes and other cultures when dressing up for Coachella. And if that’s not enough, you can get inspired by wild animals and nature too! Here’s another good example of someone’s interpretation of an open festival where any costume goes.

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images

This girl’s gentle appearance contrasts with the wild leopard shorts, and the short black top/bra keeps her look simple. We can practically picture her screaming to her music, dancing to her favorite animal tracks, and escaping to nature. A beautiful combination of both animalistic and minimalistic.

Find X in the Equation

Anyone who has been to the Coachella Festival know that people go wild! The costume choices are daring, and it shows how much risque you’re willing to take. Many costumes leave much to the imagination. But even these dresses can be great works of art.

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images

This outfit only needed two little Xs to finish it and make it look suitable for the event. The festivalgoer’s smile and tiny kitten ears are both embellished. Kitten ears, a translucent top, pants covered in silver glitter, and two Xs that mark the spot—Coachella would be lit!

Magical and Mystical Feeling from Doja Cat

Some celebrities will always stun no matter the occasion, and Doja Cat is one of them. Born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, Doja Cat is a successful American rapper and singer. But costuming the Grammy-award-winning singer must have been an incredible achievement. She changed her outfit five times during her performance.

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images

She went from radically shredded bodices to a zebra-themed halter and pantsuit. According to her costume designer, a top hip-hop stylist for female artists, her production was intended to be extreme, impossible-looking, and inspired by aliens, which is why she wore a strappy style and had spikey hair.

Friends with the Wind

Sometimes when you see a dress, you can almost know the personality of the person. This beautiful dress is as free as this gorgeous girl’s spirit. Although wearing a bodysuit of some kind underneath is essential here, there is something about the way it waves in the wind.

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images

It seems like it’s beckoning us to join in on the fun. There is nothing that needs to be added, and the dress’s white embellishments add some intrigue. They say less is more, and sometimes the things that are the most modest and simple stand out the most.

In Sync with the Festival’s Theme

If we had to describe Coachella, we’d say it’s a mix of Bohemian, Indian, and rock star. It’s like flowers, tattoos, crowns, music, dream catchers, soft colors, feathers, ice cream, balloons, fresh fruits, food trucks, and pool parties all joined into one event. There’s a standout theme every year.

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images

It seems like the 2016 Coachella Festival had a flower-power-wear-your-mom’s-curtains theme. This bathing suit nearly matches the flowery sign at the back. The Marilyn Monroe look-alike did a great job choosing the exact design (but the wrong color) and posture to show her true calling.

Coachella and the Wild West

No, this was not a mistake. Earlier, we mentioned how there were many festivals that resonated deeply with everyone. The Wild West Festival is one of those. If you thought this guy mistook it for Coachella, you’re wrong. He was certain of the festival he was headed to.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

He knew he could have his say, and he took advantage. Adorning the body with multicolored feathers is reminiscent of the wild Midwest. He combined that with blue stripes on his face and arm, and he was ready to be the chief of the event on the earthy dance floor!

It Only Needed a Flowered Tiara

We can never get enough of flowery costumes. Although the next example isn’t predominantly flowers, the delicious-looking colors were all the festivalgoer needed to transform her dress to the next level. You need near-perfect dimensions to pull off an outfit like this. It covers little but says so much!

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

This lovely lady stands out, thanks to her gorgeous floral headpiece. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is the ideal setting for flaunting a perfect physique in a perfect outfit that is minimal, free, and must be comfortable for dancing. With those shoes, we bet she did come to dance.

Retro Styles at the Music Festival

Who says you can’t go back in time to look good today? Anything is possible at Coachella, and this woman proves it superbly. We saw amazing classic attire at the 2017 Coachella Festival, and while they may appear simple at first glance, trust us when we say they are masterpieces.

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images

Each and every piece of clothing this lady is wearing contributes to the way she looks all together. The low-cut, red flare top looks great with transparent yellow colors. The snakeskin boots and extra-wide-cut open bell bottoms in denim give the vibe that they had a splendid time.

Decked Out in Red, White, and Blue

Red and white are obvious color combinations. Add blue into the mix, and you’ve got yourself something spectacular. We’re sure the US national flag agrees. All this girl needed to complete her look was a wide-brimmed hat. It’ll keep the sun away, and it adds to the “I’m all red-white-and-blue” vibe.

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images

Once more, we see how the Coachella Festival is seen, and because of its costumes, it gives people a place to go when they have a lot to say but nowhere to say it. Coachella is much more than just rocking a killer look and having a good time.

Adding Perspective to the Costume

As we said, the Coachella Festival is more than having a stellar look and a good time. There is no doubt what the next fashionista on the list is about. She is a diva, and she’ll captivate you with just one look. This goddess is the eye in the sky.

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

And she’s about to hit the earthy dance floor. From the top to the bottom parts of her outfit, she is adorned with multicolored glitter that reflects her grace. Then she grabs all the attention with a huge eye centerpiece to create a really memorable look!

Have You Ever Seen a Transparent Hoodie?

We’ll admit that while some styles show originality, not all of them make much sense to us. Was this transparent hooded coat meant to keep him out of the rain, or was there a different meaning behind it? Of course, there’s a lot to talk about the hoodie.

Photo by Katie Stratton/Getty Images

But we don’t think it’ll keep him dry and warm. We can’t remember the last all-white Coachella Festival, so the colors must have been a personal choice. The matching white sneakers are a nice choice. This dude is all about holiness, purity, and transparent clothes.

Leonie Hanne’s Unique Armor

Leonie Hanne is a German fashion influencer, model, blogger, and social media entrepreneur. She has collaborated with fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, and Cartier. So she’s definitely the fashion diva. And she brought with her some truly spectacular fashion to the Coachella 2022 style.

Source: Twitter

She appeared in sparkling rhinestones with butterfly earrings. Her crystal-embellished AREA dress blends stunningly with a nude bodysuit for the magic! Sharing the post to her 4 million Instagram followers, Hanne captioned the post “crystallized butterfly.” Although she wore several other outfits, this one stood out the most.

Anything He Could Think Of

It looks like this guy couldn’t decide what to wear to the Coachella Festival, so he chose anything he could think of. He sure did have a lot to think about. It appears he finally drew inspiration from the chair filled with clothes in the corner of the room.

Photo by Katie Stratton/Getty Images

On the other hand, it could be a case of his having so much to say. We can see he’s Superman with a pride flag. He’s also a professional swimmer with excellent retro binoculars. And finally, it looks like he’s telling us he’s also Doctor Dolittle. Go Doc!

When the 80s Turn Up to the Dance Floor

There are not many costume inspirations we love more than retro-inspired ones. There’s just something about vintage styles, and we love this 80s-inspired look. It is a nude body suit with animated red lips. We’re not sure if the extra piece of clothing is a train or a cape.

Photo by Katie Stratton/Getty Images

But whatever it is, it looks great, and we love its inclusion. To top it off, this beauty added a shimmering silver, lip-shaped bag, and the precisely matched gray hair is the icing on the cake. Outstanding! We can’t get enough of this look, and neither did fellow festivalgoers.

Smile for the Camera

If anything, this list has proved that there’s literally no place people can’t pull fashion inspiration from. These girls were inspired by emojis! But it looks like they must have selected the wrong emoticons. We would expect a wide smile plastered across those pretty faces.

Photo by Katie Stratton/Getty Images

But alas! There isn’t. There is a bit of contrast. These denim pants decorated with multicolored flowers look wonderful with yellow mustard corduroy jackets. We can’t explain why they’re not smiling, but we suggest changing the emoji in the future or, better still, putting on a happy face.

The Three Hawaiian Musketeers

Hawaii. How lovely! One of the best vacation destinations. If you’re a native of the state, then you must be a fan of beaches. What better way to show how proud you are of your roots than going all decked out in palm trees at the Coachella Festival?

Photo by Katie Stratton/Getty Images

The three Tropicana musketeers even went with matching ties to the 2017 festival. Their dark sunglasses inject an air of sophistication, but we won’t be surprised if people mistook them for security guards. Still, they’re one of our highlights on this festival list.

The English Boater School Uniform

Have you ever seen an outfit that reminded you of something or someone else? We bet you’ll find many such costumes at the Coachella Festival, and this is an example. This lady’s choice of color has a striking resemblance to the English Boater School uniform.

Photo by Christian Vierig/GC Images/Getty Images

Once you see it, you can’t get it out of your mind. The way she merged two clothes is what we like best about this. There’s a black evening dress underneath the blue, red, and white top. She can either play a schoolgirl or transform into the girl’s mother.

More Than Just Music

Here’s another creative outfit we love so much. Since you can wear it wherever and whenever, this top is another excellent example of how Coachella is more than just music. This lady has many things to smile about, thanks to the butterfly earrings that blend beautifully with the cheerful pattern.

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Although we would have preferred a skirt in a different color, this mix-and-match look appears to work. Anything goes at Coachella, and this woman has proved that you can keep it simple and still get all the attention. She definitely stunned other festivalgoers with this look.

Shanina Shaik’s Colorful Bohemian Look

Generally, models are fashionistas and will always stun. But Australian model Shanina Shaik is a fashion goddess and will steal the show in a completely different way. She certainly stole the show at the 2015 Coachella Festival. We see a glimpse of her Middle Eastern ancestry in her outfit.

Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images

She wore a colorful outfit with a native theme and had henna designs tattooed on her hands and up her wrists. We really want to know where Shaik got her gorgeous jewelry! You don’t always see something with that much detail on something of that size.

Nina Suess’ Zara-Inspired Look

The avid fashion followers will have heard of Nina Suess. She’s a content creator and stylist in high fashion and also a cofounder in the art business. She’s part of the Fendi family, so you should know she’s got the fashion thing on lock. Her next outfit is simple yet majestic.

Photo by Christian Vierig/GC Images/Getty Images

It could’ve easily been assembled by some of us. She matched a Zara blue button shirt with Louis Vuitton boots, topped off with Dior sunglasses. She then transformed her outfit from casual to daring with the Levis short denim. She was certainly ready for Coachella!

The Sun Is Also a Star

If people are drawing inspiration from wild leopards and butterflies, why not the sun? Everyone who goes to Coachella wants to shine! And this person undoubtedly does with her nod to Beyonce’s lemonade style. We can’t get enough of this brightly colored outfit that obviously got other people’s attention too.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s a stunning, full-length yellow dress with layers upon layers of fabric that appear to go on forever. The golden headgear is the ideal fit and brilliantly and delicately projects her light. We don’t think there can ever be too much sunshine in your life, and she shines brightly.

A Work of Heart

We can’t stop staring. Everything about this image is breathtaking. If you thought only Byzantine artists had difficulties, think again. There’s nothing like being too late in time when it comes to mosaics. This masterpiece is so stunning that we can stare at it for hours and not get tired.

Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images

The small details make the outfit glow. This skirt has a design that resembles a kaleidoscope and carries you on an endless journey. The color selection is amazing, and the accessories are glam everywhere. And there’s the smile that will make the whole world stop and stare for a while.

Color Is All a Girl Needs

It’s incredible what colors can do to your look. As long as you have the right combination, you can have a basic outfit with an excellent color scheme and look like a fashion diva. Add that to the right jewelry, and you’re definitely good to go.

Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

All a girl ever needs is one pair of huge, fluffy earrings. If you’ve got those locked in and the right colors, then you’re ready to party! This dudette made a great choice because her face is the center of attention, and what a lovely face it is.

More Than Meets the Eye

Quite frankly, there are costumes that will always stand out. There’s no way these clothes can be ignored, and we’ve seen some examples already. It is impossible to miss someone marching around the Coachella grounds in this outfit. At first glance, it might just look like a standard military uniform.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

But as you get closer, the real details in this guy’s clothing become clear. If you look closely at the bottom, you can see that it is made of numerous layers of clear military print camouflage that are tightly wrapped around his immaculately sculpted torso.

Breaking All the Color Rules

Sequin is one of our favorites, and it always works regardless of the dress it’s on. In most cases, the more sequins, the better. When you look at this dress, you’ll find that all the elements have meaning, and we love the unexpected feature at the bottom of the dress.

Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images

A metal fence made of barb wire streams around the bottom edges of the garment, joining the stars, birds, and flowers. It’s powerful, inspirational, and unmistakably Coachella. If you’re not a musical artiste but you’ve got something to say, Coachella is the place to be. And your costume is your voice.

Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

We’re not sure if this beauty had the same thing we had in mind when she thought about this outfit. But that Valentino belt bag looks like it’s at the right place at the right time. Without it, this would look like any other Sgt. Pepper Lonely Heart Club fan.

Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

However, accessorizing the costume added the glam that was missing! All she needed to upscale her look from a fan to fantastic was the Top Gun shades, and she was ready to go. Oh, wait . . . she wasn’t going to forget the Givenchy boots, was she? She was ready for the dance floor.

Gizele Oliveira Dressed in White

We mentioned earlier how models can do it all when it comes to fashion. And when you’re a supermodel, there’s no outfit you can’t turn into a masterpiece. Only a supermodel like Brazilian diva Gizele Oliveira could get away with walking down Sunset Boulevard dressed like this.

Photo by Christian Vierig/GC Images/Getty Images

The fashion diva, who is best known for walking in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, showed why she’s considered superb with a crop top and Dior underpants. The net pants are an outrageous addition, and who can rock it better than Oliveira? After all, Coachella is about how daring you can go.

A One-of-a-Kind Costume

If you want to have fun at the Coachella Festival and still desire to stand out, go for a unique outfit. Everyone will take a second longer before tearing their eyes away. A gorgeous top for a gorgeous festivalgoer, this was custom-made, meaning it’s one of a kind.

Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

This creation is amazing for a pattern and design that would typically work for house accessories. The perfect shirt, white-framed sunglasses, a stunning red hat, and striped pull-up socks—she is set to command the dance floor. All she needs are some vintage roller skates from the 1970s.

The Pink Milking Cow

We’ve all heard of the saying “everything isn’t always black and white,” right? Well, clearly this woman has, and she is expressing that clearly. Who said all milking cows are only in black and white? This party animal went above and beyond and did a fantastic job.

Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images

Who else has the feeling that this is one yet-to-be-discovered supermodel waiting in the wings? Even her shades blend perfectly, being transparent and pink. The style is accentuated with a strapless top and belt that match the way-up-the-thigh boots. Howdy, cowboy, and have a great Coachella as well!

Kim Petras Sizzles with Black and Yellow

Kim Petras is a German singer and songwriter, and you have to agree she looks absolutely spectacular in black leather! She exudes power, thanks to her short, flared skirt, fitted zip-up halter, studded collar, and matching wrist straps. The yellow eye makeup enhanced her appearance. Mesmerizing!

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Petras started recording music as a teenager. The German singer was assigned male at birth, but her two parents changed it to female when she was age two. As such, she was one of the youngest people to undergo sex reassignment surgery. She looks enthralling in her Coachella outfit.

“I Have Many Regrets; Fendi Isn’t One of Them”

Everyone has their favorite designer brands. There’s just something about these designers that make you feel they were made specifically for you. And what a way to show that! This unique outfit shone brightly at the 2019 Coachella Music Festival. This person wanted the world to know they love Fendi.

Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images

They stepped on the earthy Coachella land with the Fendi design printed over half of the top and half of the bottoms. This party princess was never leaving her favorite designer behind, and she showed that even the biggest names could fit into any outrageous festival.

Impossible Is Nothing to James Charles

James Charles Dickinson is an American makeup artist and beauty YouTuber. He opened his YouTube channel posting makeup tutorials while working as a makeup artist in his hometown of Bethlehem, New York. James Charles rocked an impossible ensemble in deep red and gold during Coachella 2022.

Source: Twitter

Even Doja Cat could not match the ragged appearance that outdid everyone else’s. His ripped appearance flowed about him like rippling flames and looked like seaweed floating in the water. James’ fashion didn’t even stop there. This wasn’t the only outfit that stunned in 2022.

Pure Angel, Hot Demon

This is a blend of bunny, Jessica Rabbit, and a Swarovski collection. There’s a hint of innocence with the colors, but this outfit itself contrasts with anything pure. Although this stunning woman has very little clothing on, she is one of the richest girls in the area.

Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images

We like the idea that this young girl, no matter how opulent and fashionable she desired to be and how much bling bling she had with her, was never going to leave Miss Comfort home and instead came in her Nike flip-flops. She still rocked the show regardless.

When William Wallace Dropped By

For this next Coachella outfit, we’ll start breaking it down from the bottom to the top. We start with the Black Dr. Martens, a must in every closet. Looks like a great start. Going further, we see Holly Hobbie leftovers with what looks like a full-length blue checkered skirt.

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Next, we see William Wallace’s influence in the semi-cape, semi-tartan-train style of the attire. This partygoer thought that a little Moulin Rouge just could not hurt and added a multi-chained necklace as a grand finish to maintain some modesty and elegance. They definitely put a lot of thought into this.

Beneath the Deep Blue Sea

We’ve already said it before, and we’ll say it again—when it comes to Coachella, anything goes! If what inspires you are under-the-sea creatures, then go for it. Dive beneath the deep blue sea, and unearth your magic! It didn’t take much to create this masterpiece for the mermaid look.

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

A net, glittering sequins, and a pair of ankle boots—people can be inspired by anything, and we’ve already seen some daring inspirations from this list. So why not go for it? Remember, there are no limitations, no boundaries, and definitely no judgments. Coachella happens once a year, fellas!

The Power of Golden Shorts

Less is more, right? You don’t have to be so elaborate every time. Going for a minimalistic approach can do all the tricks, and this person clearly shows it. You can say so much with so little. Did you think a pair of golden, sporty shorts would devalue the wearer?

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Then you’re wrong! It certainly didn’t cheapen this glamorous diva. Instead, it even enriched and enhanced everything about them! All that was needed to complete this look was an elaborate chain, the right hairdo, and a precise look in the eye. Nothing could go wrong.

Mohican Magic at Coachella

When dressing for events, most people opt for that one thing that pops out. It’s usually the highlight of their outfit and what initially draws people’s attention. It doesn’t matter what else this beauty could’ve worn, her hairstyle says it all. The blue, full-bodied Mohican towers boldly above.

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

It stands out, and it’s the first thing everyone notices. Tall like the owner and loud—a great way to challenge your hair and be daring as the festivalgoer did. If you stare long enough, you’ll see how her flawless skin complements her outfit’s colors, shades, and jewelry. Yaas, queen!

Adorable in an All-White Outfit

We’ve already seen a few all-white outfits, and every one of them has something special to it. That’s because you can never really go wrong with white. Even if it looks like a tablecloth, it’ll still stand out in a sea of people at Coachella.

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

We’re not sure why they chose the brown biblical sandals. It doesn’t do the outfit justice, but we don’t think they put too much effort into their outfit. It was always going to be a simple look—seductively modest, to be specific. It’s not flashy, but it works.

The Lawn Next Door

We’re going to admit that the next-door neighbor’s lawn looks greener than ours. If not, then this next outfit is. We can imagine them sitting outside on the staircase, thinking about what to wear for the next Coachella while staring at the well-manicured lawn in front of them.

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

And then it hit! The next outfit could be growing grass or maybe seaweed at its prime. Well, whatever the intention was, the execution was immaculate. The dress looks spectacular even if we can’t see the shoes. But by the look on her face, her lawn is greener than ever.

A Smile Is the Best Makeup

According to this Instagram user, the butterfly on this festivalgoer’s face, which is hardly visible, took three hours to create. It took three whole hours to make a single pink butterfly only she could see. Her clothing as a whole is more stunning to us.

Source: Tumblr

The fact that she is wearing white and has a huge smile on her face (which, in our opinion, is better than the butterfly makeup) makes her look even more incredible. It doesn’t matter if she puts on a transparent gown. She’s adorned with stars, and that smile is breathtaking.

Spiced Up in Black

Like white, you can never go wrong with black. We saw how Lady Gaga and a few others stunned in theirs, and this woman also does the same. The outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but it definitely gives the dancer free room to show her talents.

Source: Twitter

The floral decorations on her chest provide vibrancy throughout the entire performance and highlight how today’s ballerinas are very different from those of the past. This dancer was ready to hit Coachella’s earthy floor, and she sure stunned everyone at the festival with her outfit and dance moves.

Harry Styles Is Sparkling

What did we expect? The guy’s name is literally “Styles.” English singer, songwriter, and actor, Harry Styles began his musical career in 2010 as a solo contestant competing in the British music competition The X Factor. Fans couldn’t stop gawking at his black Gucci sequined jumpsuit at Coachella.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

It glittered with every move, and the plunging V-neck put his many tattoos on display. The attractive former boy band singer let the coat slide off his arms to expose the stunning outfit. We can almost imagine him flinging his coat into the air in front of ecstatic fans.

A Goddess at the Festival

Have you ever seen an outfit that convinces you the wearer is a goddess? From the body shape, the look in her eyes, and the costume itself, this festivalgoer looks like a Greek goddess. You could spot her from afar not because of her looks but the glowing ornaments.

Source: Tumblr

She was covered from head to toe, and she shone brightly! Other-worldly. Her entire appearance is embellished with diamonds, gemstones, and glitter in a variety of colors and patterns. In case someone couldn’t take their eyes off her, she also added some little touches to the area around her eyes.

Daniel Lismore Makes His Mark

Some fashion creators are more popular than others. A few of them have their own trademark styles, and when you see a masterpiece, you just know who designed it. This is what happens when you give Daniel Lismore some fabric and tell him to create anything that comes to mind.

Source: Facebook

Lismore is a British fabric artist renowned for his outrageous fashion choices. One thing is certain, though. Lismore’s reputation as one of England’s oddball dressers is certainly reinforced by this unusual ensemble. We don’t know what inspired this design or who is hiding behind all those layers.

When You See the Rainbow

We all hope to find our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There have been quite a few rainbow-inspired outfits on this list already. This lady found her pot of gold, and she wasn’t ashamed to share it with the rest of the Coachella Festival attendees.

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

It’s obvious she put some thought into this masterpiece, from the bridesmaid’s parasol and the fluffy tutu skirt all the way down to the huge platform pink boots. Even her book of dreams seated comfortably in her hand is the right shade. That’s what you call going down to detail.

The Queen of the Land Is Here

Earlier, we saw someone who probably found inspiration from their lawn. Apparently, green works, and they’re not the only ones to be influenced by the green earth. This green queen will undoubtedly be a staple on the dance floor, and no one will stop staring.

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Even the garter suspenders that were poking out from below didn’t miss. If you’re going to be green, go all out with shade-coordinated eyeglasses, a bright green necklace, and a deserving green crown. Just hand him his royal orb, and he’s ready to rule the kingdom.

If You’re Hungry at Coachella

Again and again we get to see confirmation that people actually get inspired by the strangest things. What will happen if you’re hungry at Coachella and craving some nice, delicious-looking hotdogs? Well, these girls have the solution. The hot dog duo was spotted at the 2017 Coachella Festival.

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

They surely spread all their inner flavors to other festivalgoers. Going as a basic sausage just wasn’t enough for this couple. So they spiced things up with glitter buns and a golden spread of mustard. We are sure these were undoubtedly the best dogs around.

Damiano David Dazzled in Gucci

Italian singer Damiano David is the front man of the rock band Måneskin. The band won the 2021 Sanremo Music Festival and later the Eurovision Song Contest, representing Italy with “Zitti e buoni .”And Damiano surely won the hearts of many with this dusty-rose sheer robe at Coachella 2022.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

He wore a scanty Gucci outfit made of black leather and studded details. The outfit was finished off with ripped fishnet stockings and black over-the-knee leather boots. The Europop’s cover of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” was incredible. David was photographed wearing Gucci’s patent leather flared trousers during the second Coachella weekend.

Drawing Inspiration from Pikachu

Not everyone spends months thinking up an outfit. As Da Vinci said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and some people abide faithfully by that. It looks like this party girl didn’t have much time to be flamboyant with her outfit. The costume doesn’t leave too much room for imagination.

Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

She didn’t need much to show herself with the electrifying crackling mouse. She is young, obsessed with Japanese animation, and made an effort to coordinate the color of her bikini top with the rest of her attire. If you noticed, it’s also Poké-Ball-themed. Not bad, right?

The Devil’s in Black

Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Black from the Rocky Horror Show (the bad version). This duo was all decked out in black besides wearing different-colored head horns. They knew what they wanted—sizzling hot demons. And since it was Coachella, they were going to express themselves.

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

A torn, net top supported by a barely discernible bustier was paired with a knee-length skirt and detachable finger-free glove. But we’re not quite sure about what the material on the right is made of. Whatever the suit is, they slayed it, and those boots are good for the dance floor.

Going Full Monty at Coachella

If you put too much thought into your Coachella outfit, you can end up with a masterpiece or nothing at all. This is what happens when you go to the Coachella Festival because you can’t make up your mind about what to wear. Yeah, they said you could model anything.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

They said as long as it’s outrageous, daring, and fearless. But you still can’t decide. So this guy took a bit of everything and created an outfit. Bunny ears, googly eyes, a beer can, red checkered trousers, and one hand making the peace sign are always a good idea.

Janelle Monáe’s Ravishing Coachella Style

American singer, rapper, songwriter, author, and actress Janelle Monáe is simply incredible. Signed to Atlantic Records and her own imprint, the Wondaland Arts Society, the multiple Grammy nominee was astonishing at the 2019 Coachella Festival. She chose a black, white, and red theme, and her backup singers and dancers matched.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You already know the show was spectacular. It was almost impossible not to be mesmerized by this great musician’s music with all her dancers decked out in unique black and white costumes. Apparently, she’s not only talented; we’d love to have access to her wardrobe even for a day.

The Sun’s Emperors Make an Appearance

Empire of the Sun is an Australian electronic music band formed in 2007. The duo collaboration is between Nick Littlemore of electronic dance band Pnau and Luke Steele of rock band The Sleepy Jackson. Empire of the Sun made a significant statement on stage in 2011—more than ten years ago.

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

They stunned everyone with their outfits. If only the sun had emperors they would undoubtedly look like this. Even though their music’s quality might be debatable and not everyone’s cup of tea, they remain one of Hollywood’s biggest investors in costumes. And they showed why at this Coachella Festival.

The World’s Biggest Legwarmers

This is another example of what to wear when you have no idea. If you’re stumped on outfit design like these guys obviously were, just choose one main color, get some oversized legwarmers, and find yourself a headpiece to match. Voilà, you’re ready to steal glances at the Coachella Festival.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It will work even better if you can find a way to match the color with your overall outfit. The key is to always come in pairs. So you won’t be the only one looking insanely superb. They were ready for Coachella, and they wouldn’t take any prisoners.

The Pink Cowgirl Milks the Show

If you’ve chosen to go to Coachella as a cowgirl, just make sure you’re the pink one. The pink eyeliner and pink feathered hat are accessories that are only kept for such an occasion because what other day of the year can you be so pinky-sweet?

Source: Twitter

We can’t think of any! This festivalgoer didn’t forget her nails, polishing them in the same colors and bringing that festive energy to everything. Her shimmering silver purse, the ornaments on her neck, and the beautiful smile make this a great outfit for any Coachella Festival. Howdy, cowgirl!