Lady Life Hacks We Can Definitely Live Without

There is a plethora of life hacks available on the Internet that may make your day-to-day tasks simpler. Many individuals have benefited from life hacks, whether utilizing a new substance to clean surfaces, figuring out how to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer, or making the most of limited space in storage containers. Some of these may have even become part of your daily routine.

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These hacks are just brilliant and deserving of all the praise. Some viral hacks for women, on the other hand, may appear to be fantastic at first but ultimately set you up for failure no matter how many times you attempt them. These hacks are inconvenient and may potentially make your predicament worse. We’re here to protect you against hacks that might make your life more difficult.

Use a Credit Card to Draw Your Eyeliner

Any makeup look needs a feline or elegant eyeliner to finish it off. While getting ready, women strive to get the ideal wing. It might take hours to apply and tweak the eyeliner so both sides appear the same. To get this perfect, you’ll need a lot of practice.

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There’s a popular beauty technique on the Internet for creating a feline flick eyeliner using a credit card as a guide. However, it doesln’t really make a stylish line, and it takes the same amount of time as freehanding. You could even end up with smudged, too-thick eyeliner.

A Glass to Plump Your Lips

In this era of Instagram, saying you want a “plump pout” conjures up images of opulently huge, pillow-like lips. For some, though, seeking bigger lips means wanting something supple and smooth. In recent years, many women have made it a mission to attain lush lips without having to visit a plastic surgeon for fillers.

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It all started with cosmetic businesses making lip glosses with pepper-infused formulations. They irritated their lips enough to promote blood flow, giving them a fuller appearance. However, the newest fad is to vacuum you lips with shot glasses to puff out you mouth, but that often results in swollen or bruised-looking mouths, which no one can hide.

Ski Goggles to Keep You from Crying

This might not be as strange as it appears. On the other hand, who has time to look for ski goggles before cutting an onion? Who remembers to put them on and wear them the entire time? In this case, being an adult is very simple. In less than a minute, you can cut the onions without shedding a tear.

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You might not even weep as much as you do for other grown-up obligations, if you know what we mean. Only a few people will understand this technique, so put on your brave pants. Also, try not to hack off the onions’ roots before you’re finished since that will help keep their “spiciness” in check.

Concealing Dark Circles with Crimson Lipstick

Dark circles under your eyes, sometimes accompanied by bags, may elicit unwelcome comments about how exhausted you appear. Less sleep and more computer time may aggravate the black circle problem beneath your eyes. Even the most powerful concealers may not be enough to cover them.

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Concealers may also leave a gray tint and even patchy skin if you neglect color correction. Using red lipstick does not color-correct the dark circles, so this is another technique to forget about. After mixing with concealer, it may highlight those dark circles and bags even more. Instead, maybe go for a light salmon-colored concealer.

Use Hair Conditioner to Keep Your Legs Silky Smooth

Wouldn’t it be great to see some dual-power action for your favorite hair products? Shaving your legs takes a long time and requires a lot of work. And if you don’t use the proper items, they can irritate your skin even into the next day. There are many shaving cream alternatives to try, including oils and body cleansers.

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Using a hair conditioner to soften the hair before shaving is one such alternative that some people have tried. It may make your legs feel silky, but it will not allow the razor to glide easily across your skin. Furthermore, you may have subsequent burning and itching.

Using Concealer in Lotion to Fake a Tan

The sun is shining, and whether you like it or not, you’ll get some color this summer. It’s nearly impossible to keep a tan in the cold. That might explain why so many people use spray tans to get that perfect, sun-kissed look before a party or function. There’s a plethora of special creams that may provide a tan in as little as a few hours.

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You may also try faking a tan on your legs and arms with a dark concealer mixed with lotion as some online users recommend. However, we advise you to proceed with caution with this one. It could work if the concealer doesn’t rub off on your clothes. And good luck with that.

Fork for Nose Contouring

If you want to add dimension to your nose, whether you want a long, elegant one or a perky one, contouring can help. Makeup tips that make getting ready in the morning easier and more efficient are popular among women. Many makeup artists put these techniques to the test to see whether they work.

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You can use a fork to contour your nose and make it appear smaller. We all have distinct shapes and sizes when it comes to our noses. Some people can’t make straight lines with a fork because their noses aren’t symmetrical. As a result of this hack, a fork may make your nose appear larger and crooked. This one is best avoided.

Curling Hair with an Empty Plastic Bottle

Most of you are aware that everyday styling of any type can damage your hair. Many social media trends exist such as curling your hair with straws, socks, and empty bottles to make it appear easy. For this bottle hack, you’ll need to cut the top of the bottle and add a tiny rectangular window to accommodate your hairdryer nozzle.

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Insert your hair inside the bottle, and twist it to make a curl. This procedure will cause your hair to tangle rather than curl. You may burn your fingers and melt the bottle at the same time. Ladies, pick your fights.

Repair the Damaged Hooks by Sewing the Bra Straps Together

We’ve all had our fair share of bra issues throughout the years. We all know how fragile bras are and how fast they degrade when wash and dry them in the machine. Because they are fragile, the back bra hooks are the first to be damaged or fall out. As a result, you won’t be able to put your bra on the same way again.

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Some people recommend stitching the bra together instead of using hooks. This hack might cure the problem, but how will you get your bra on if the back doesn’t open? That might lead to even more annoyance and discomfort.

Using Flour to Bake Your Face

You probably already know how to contour and highlight your face, but there’s one trick that women are using to enhance their makeup game. Baking is a cosmetic procedure that lengthens the life of the foundation. It entails applying loose face powder to your face and letting it sit for 10 minutes to set your makeup.

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The powder is then wiped away with a powder brush. You might imagine that flour or starch would bake your concealer and foundation the same way that actual face powder does. On the other hand, the flour just might create uneven traces on your face and might even irritate your skin. The flour also might leave little white sprinkles on your clothes.

Maxi Pad for Shoes That Are Too Big

When you wear properly-sized footwear, you establish a sturdy platform for your feet to support your body. Internet users claim that ill-fitting shoes that are too big may be saved by placing a maxi pad inside. That is a celebrity insider secret. The cushion will fill in the gaps, and the shoe will fit more tightly, ensuring your comfort.

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It may also help avoid blisters on your feet. The pads help absorb sweat and odors too. If that is what you want, go for it. It might just make your shoes seem smaller and could keep your feet from slipping around. Just don’t take your shoes off in public.

Whiter Nails Using Lemon Juice

The trouble with nails is that they are easily soiled or discolored. The harsh chemicals in nail polish makes our nails change color. Lemon juice is used in various DIY hair, skin, and cleaning hacks. It works well for certain hacks, but it isn’t particularly successful for nail whitening.

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Even if you clean your nails with a lemon slice or soak them in lemon juice before wrapping them in foil, your nails will remain yellow. Because of the acidic nature of lemons, your nails may weaken and shatter. We recommend using lemons to clean hard surfaces rather than your sensitive nails.

Toothpaste to Cure Pimples

Everyone aspires to have beautiful skin. Acne and pimples affect everyone, and they generally appear suddenly overnight. Pimples are persistent, and they might show up on your face just before some of life’s most important occasions. Toothpaste works well for polishing silver jewelry and removing dead skin from dry feet.

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Some people, on the other hand, believe that toothpaste also has skin-healing abilities. You may have seen folks use it to dry up a pimple or reduce swelling. Applying toothpaste to your pimple, however, might aggravate it by generating a chemical burn, redness, and irritation on the affected skin.

Fitting Clothes with Bobby Pins

We’ve all done it. We fall in love with a piece of clothing on the rack, only to have our hearts shattered when it doesn’t fit the way we want it to. The safety pin hack for altering clothing may allow you to wear garments that are too big for you.

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To pull in that fabric, use safety pins. This may work on mannequins, but it won’t work on you because you’re an active human who moves about all day. When you move, the safety pin may pop open and even come out. And it’s not a good substitute for a clothing accessory.

Using a Cleaning Sponge Instead of a Beauty Blender

Sometimes we wonder what life was like before beauty blender makeup sponges. It wasn’t as perfect as you had hoped. Applying foundation using a sponge has long been the preferred method for most women. It just received an upgrade with the addition of a beauty blender that makes a perfect, silky foundation. It also keeps the skin from appearing cakey and unnatural.

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Beauty blenders are usually expensive. As a result, many people may attempt to apply their makeup using a common dish sponge. The sponge, it turns out, doesn’t give the face a flawless finish or absorb excess foundation. A beauty blender it’s not.

Vaseline for Stretch Marks

Most of us don’t want to have stretch marks, and if we do, we’re very self-conscious about them. Stretch marks appear on the skin due to gaining or losing weight. It happens when collagen breaks down and stretches the skin, resulting in permanent lines that are lighter in color than your normal skin tone.

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Stretch marks are normal, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. These irregular lines make some people feel self-conscious. Stretch marks are said to be reduced by using Vaseline. While it will nourish your skin, it will not permanently remove those stretch marks.

Fixing Dried Up Mascara with Contact Lens Solution

We heard somewhere that while inner beauty is important, a dash of mascara never hurts. Mascara is the magic wand that every girl uses to make her eyes seem larger instantly and her lashes look perfect. Mascara is one of those beauty items you must replenish frequently since it dries out so quickly.

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Several hacks are popular in the makeup hack world, including soaking the tube of dried up mascara in hot water or adding contact lens solution to it to liquefy the contents. This hack can rehydrate the dry mascara. However, it will alter the mascara and make it smear. And your eyes may become irritated due to the change in formula.

Beetroot as a Lip Stain or Blush

There’s a product for a natural, long-lasting blush on the cheeks and lips—lip and cheek tint. We all want to switch out our chemical makeup with natural alternatives now and then. Beetroot, a rich red color, is an important ingredient in natural and vegan cosmetics.

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Hair companies have also used natural products like beetroot in hair dyes. Using beets as a blush and lip stain seems logical, but it can bes difficult to manage the application. It’s also difficult to mix it and remove it. Patchy red stains can be left behind, which may not offer the ideal natural effect you’re looking for.

Wool Socks to Break in Your New Heels

When you put on your fresh new pair of heels for the first time, there’s nothing quite like that huge smile and feeling of confidence. Walking in new shoes can be unpleasant, and they may require some break-in time before the big event. The thick material of the shoes can sometimes result in blisters and wounds on your feet. For this problem, several individuals advocate wool socks.

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Wearing thick, wool socks to break in your heels is a ridiculous trick that’s circulating the Internet these days. It’s inconvenient to wear them and will cause your feet to sweat. Furthermore, your heels may lose their form over time, making you even more uncomfortable.

Hang Your Garments in the Hot Shower Instead of Ironing Them

Do you ever feel envious of other people’s clean, neat clothing? That’s perfectly common, but there’s something you can do about it. This hack is useful for people in a hurry or who live in a dorm. It might seem like using a steam iron to eliminate creases in clothing. However, it is insufficient to make your garments completely wearable.

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More heat than shower steam is required to eliminate wrinkles and straighten creases. This technique will just leave your garments wet and possibly stinky without eliminating the creases. Why not omit this step and use an iron or even a hairdryer instead?

Bright-Colored Pencils for Eyeliner

It’s not easy to apply eyeliner. You’re going in clueless, especially if you don’t know the correct tips and strategies. There are many beauty hacks available in the makeup world. One of them is that colored pencils can be used as eyeliner or eye shadow if the tip is softened in water before application. But the pretty color may smudge as soon as you apply it.

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The color may last for a while, but it will flake away from your eyelids after it dries. Because colored pencils are not designed to be used as cosmetics, you may get an infection or allergic reaction in your eyes. Why? There might be lead inside those colors. Nobody wants that to come in contact with their eyes.

Make Your Lip Balm with Candy, Gum, and Vaseline

Allow us to let you in on a little secret: lip balm may do much more than comfort your lips when they’re dry. You can manufacture your own with various ingredients, and you can even modify the colors with crayons and eyeshadows. Vaseline is flexible and may be blended with anything, although it isn’t always effective.

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Vaseline can dehydrate your lips. Combine Vaseline, mint gum, fruit candy, and food coloring in a bowl. Microwave it for a few seconds, and then mix everything as thoroughly as possible. After combining these ingredients and using them as lip balm, you’ll be surprised at how sticky your lips become.

Hair Ties to Keep Your Gear Shift in Place

Ladies, hair ties are no longer merely for your hair. We understand how silly it sounds when you read this aloud. This hack makes no sense, and its existence and popularity are bizarre. But it looks like you can hold your gear shift together with hair ties.

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But how secure is this? Will your gear shift be okay with those hair ties? We don’t see the value in this, and it might even be a little dangerous. Simply keep your hair ties in your hair.

Using Shaving Cream on Your Face

Any skincare program should include the use of face care products. It’s the first step toward a healthy-looking complexion by eliminating dirt, oil, and pollutants from your skin. Shaving cream is sometimes used for cleaning stains and even giving yourself a facial.

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But the thick shaving cream has ingredients that may not be good for acne, and it may cause dry skin and pimple outbreaks. Shaving cream might also block your pores, resulting in blackheads. As a result, unless you want enormous pimples and deep blackheads, it’s never a good idea to cleanse or wash your face with shaving cream.

Place a Wooden Spoon on Top of a Boiling Pot of Water

Boiling water may be difficult if you don’t have a few tricks. This hack predates the Internet, and some people believe it may be used when cooking pasta or even heating soup. The wooden spoon is supposed to keep the liquid from boiling over and spilling out of the pot.

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This technique just might work in some circumstances. The problem is that the hot water will heat the spoon, making it too hot to handle it when needed. As a result, there will be more commotion and danger in the kitchen.

To Use the Restroom, Use a Bottomless Bag

This may be one of those viral women’s hacks that don’t work, but many may be persuaded to give it a shot. The hack may have come from a frantic bride who wanted to use the restroom on her wedding day but didn’t want to take off her gown.

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Imagine a bride going to the restroom in a large, bottomless plastic bag to safeguard her dress. It’s amusing, but it might also cause you to trip while walking and rip your clothing or end up on the floor. Your wedding night might be ruined as a result.

Use an Ironing Board as a Cosmetic Vanity Table

If you don’t own an ironing board, you may not know how to iron. However, you may use a lot of cosmetics when getting ready and need to put them somewhere handy so they’re easy to find. As the Internet says, arrange your belongings on an ironing board so you can get ready quickly and without having to buy an extra table.

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Now, there’s no problem with this hack, but you might want to keep your supplies on a table instead of using an ironing board. Before an event or a night out, you don’t need to make anything simple or difficult. And that ironing board just might seem completely out of place.

Using a Nail and a Hammer to Open a Bottle of Wine

Maybe it’s wine Wednesday, or maybe it’s simply a really difficult Monday and you decided to splurge on some expensive wine to reward yourself. You may, like many, also find it difficult to open that bottle of wine. Mastering a corkscrew may require a lot of practice.

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And that just might be a good reason to come up with another way to open a bottle of wine. And it also could be an extremely risky hack. Uncorking the bottle with a nail and hammer sounds like more work than using a corkscrew, which is a lot safer. And what will you do with that nail that’s stuck in the cork?

Using Glue to Paint Your Nails without Making a Mess

We’ve learned through years of trial and error that most beauty procedures are best left to the pros. For some people, applying nail polish might be a pain. And the nail polish chips off in pieces while you’re rushing to get ready. This trick involves putting a coat of glue on your nails before painting them to prevent that from happening.

Source: YouTube

The glue will also prevent discoloration of the cuticles and fingers. Once you’ve finished painting your nails, you may find that removing the adhesive takes a long time and could make you late for the party. In the end, this hack isn’t worth it.

Make a Beautiful Eyeliner Using Dental Floss

Eyeliner is a cosmetic must-have, but it’s also the most difficult to apply. There are several eyeliner tricks for people who have a lot of trouble with makeup. This is one of those women’s viral hacks that don’t function but look great in images and movies. It shows you how to use a dental floss pick to apply your eyeliner.

Source: Tumblr

Put some eyeliner liquid on the floss and place the floss on the outer corner of your eye. Then tap the liquid onto your eyelid with your finger. This hack would be fantastic if it worked, but it just results in non-identical lines, which are even more difficult to repair. It seems like a disaster, and we have no idea who came up with it.

Draw and Fill In Your Brows with Handy Tape

Even the best makeup artists have trouble drawing eyebrows. This might be a do-it-yourself project for eyebrow stencils that you might find or see on the Internet. Cutting strips of tape to frame your brows in a desirable and natural shape and then filling them in with a eyebrow pencil is the concept.

Source: YouTube

For some people with sensitive skin, applying tape to their face and removing it can be uncomfortable. Furthermore, the tape’s adhesive, which is not dermatologically safe, may irritate your skin. If you don’t get the shape right, your brows will look spotty and uneven.

Foot Gloves Made of Plastic

It’s very normal for individuals to dislike their feet, which they often see as a little nasty. Some people may not be interested in trying this insane hack since they also dislike socks. But this is a popular hack aimed at women who do not work and are likely to spend their days at home. It serves no purpose and does not appear nice enough to wear in public.

Source: Twitter

Wearing plastic gloves and thong slippers on your feet is maybe one of the most ridiculous ideas we’ve ever seen. It’s acceptable to forego plastic gloves in favor of toe socks for comfort. It may not appear to be fashionable, but believe us, plastic gloves will never look as good on your toes as these do.

Drying Those Undies Inside

Have you ever reached into your underwear drawer in the morning only to discover that it’s empty? You can wash some, but how do you dry them quickly? How is utilizing a heating or cooling vent to dry your underwear better than using a dryer or even a hairdryer? The dryer will eliminate moisture from your undies more effectively than a vent. Some hacks exist solely to help something go viral.

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This hack does not work since temperature changes may damage your underwear. And it will take a long time for them to dry sufficiently so you can wear them that day. Who has the time to sit around and wait that long?

Add Your Old Sneaker Insoles to These Fancy Shoes

Your old sneaker insoles are undoubtedly worn out and stinky. As a result, we don’t see the sense of putting them into your more expensive shoes. They’ll merely make the shoes filthy and smelly. Talk about losing out on the scent of new merchandise.

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Furthermore, because there will be insufficient room for your feet, in the end, your new shoes may not fit right. This will cause the shoes to wear out faster than usual. This hack is unpleasant to use, but it is also harmful to your feet.

Using a Heat Vent to Dry Your Bra

There are some fantastic bra-washing tips that every woman should be aware of. Here we go with the vents once more. Bras are intricately designed and cannot be dried in the dryer. It may impact the fabric as well as the hooks on the back. Hanging a bra without stretching it is the best method to dry it.

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Simply let it air dry. Attempting to dry your bras by placing them in front of a vent may not do the trick since only one side of your bras may get dry in the end. Instead, you might want to try a washing and drying bag..

How to Avoid Cutting Your Fingers when Handling Cherry Tomatoes

We adore cherry tomatoes but cutting them in half is a hassle. Some culinary hacks are fantastic for making a time-consuming task easier and faster. However, not all hacks work, and they might be dangerous to try. We’re talking about cutting cherry tomatoes inside two plastic lids.

Source: YouTube

Because these tomatoes are so small and sensitive, they will move about inside the plastic covers. When you’re merely trying to make things simpler and faster, you can cut your fingers and probably squish the tomatoes. Take our advice, and take your time cutting those tomatoes one by one.

Homemade Open-Toed Shoes

Are your new heels too tight on your toes? Don’t worry! Try this brilliant trick. We have no idea who came up with this idea or why they came up with it. If you want open-toed shoes, don’t buy a new pair. Just convert some old pumps into open-toed shoes, even if they appear a little odd and uncomfortable.

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They might not look so fashionable, but they’ll be broken in and sure to fit.And you’ll save a perfectly good pair of shoes by repurposing them into something new and crazy. Won’t it be great when lots of people notice your “new” shoes?

Grilled Cheese in a Toaster

The classic kid-favorite sandwich is already excellent with toasted bread and melted cheese, but there are many ways to improve it. Making grilled cheese is straightforward and quick if you have the correct tools. It’s a hearty and delicious snack that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. In this hack, the bread and chees are placed in the toaster, which is on its side.

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Because the cheese bubbles up and melts, the hack will fail. The cheese will still drip and stick to the toaster, making cleanup a pain afterward. It might also easily be a fire danger. Skip this trick, and save yourself a mess. You won’t even enjoy your grilled cheese if you end up with such a mess.

Cups as Speakers to Increase the Sound

Look no further if you’re seeking to listen to music in your room. The acoustics may be improved by cutting up a couple of cups to increase the sound of the music. This hack may appear promising enough if your speakers are modest and you do not have surround sound. You’ll need some cups, scissors, and tape to create this setup.

Source: Imgur

However, this do-it-yourself hack really doesn’t work. If good sound is what you’re aiming at, you’ll waste some usable cups and get no better results in terms of sound. A set of Bluetooth speakers with outstanding surround sound is recommended to appreciate music. Trust us, it will be better and last longer.

Ideal Round Pancakes Using a Ketchup Bottle

Pancakes in various forms are popular worldwide, and they make a terrific comfort meal or, for that matter, breakfast for supper. Pouring the batter into the pan might be challenging. So just put the batter in an old, clean ketchup bottle for this hack.

Source: YouTube

Squirt the batter into the pan, and you’ll have some very round pancakes. The first problem with this trick, though, is getting the ketchup container clean enough so it won’t leave a ketchup taste in the pancake batter. There may always be a ketchup odor and taste, even after washing it. Who wants tomato-flavored pancakes?