These Teens Wore Their Mom’s Vintage Prom Dresses

Whether you were present or not, everyone pretty much remembers what happened at prom. It’s time to take a trip down memory lane to see these daughters who decided to make theirs a little bit special by going vintage. Not succumbing to fleeting fashion trends is impressive!

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We love that these teenagers chose to recycle (and save money) by wearing the dresses their mothers wore to their proms back in the day! Some of the results are spectacular (okay, maybe not all). But we’re definitely in the mood for a fashion throwback! Shall we?

You Can Never Go Wrong with Black

We don’t need Anna Wintour to remind us that black is the most iconic color for clothes. Black can never go out of style, and quite frankly, we’ve got several examples from famous Met Galas that prove it. We get the feeling that even this teenager knows this.

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And going by this fabulous black dress, so does her mother. She changed the design slightly, removing the cape-style shoulder coverings from her mother’s gown. The mermaid-style bottom, on the other hand, is one of our favorites. She’s looking incredibly stylish in her black choker!

Just Needed a Few Tweaks

This teen chose her mom’s simple, black, strapless dress from years back with an A-line skirt. It’s giving us a Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe. The bare neckline contrasts with the more conservative length. Although it’s not exactly how her mom wore it, she looks stunning regardless.

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All she needed was a few tweaks, and boom, what a sight. Gosh, this looks like it belongs on the Met Gala red carpet! She has completely changed her mother’s vintage dress by removing the trim, stockings, gloves, and potentially the corsage. We absolutely love everything about this one!

Her Mother or Her Sister?

It’s normal for moms and daughters to look alike. But have you ever seen a mom and daughter look like twin sisters? These two are the spitting image of one another, almost like photocopied documents! That dress looks so new that you wouldn’t know it’s 20 years old!

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This girl went all out for her mom’s look—even tiny details—swinging earrings, shoes, and just look at her wrists! Switch the picture quality, and you might not know who the mom is. We also love the high neck and the little silver detail on the black background.

Like Mom, Like Daughter

We’ve all seen cute pictures of children recreating their parents’ pictures. How adorable is that? Now imagine wearing your mom’s prom dress to prom and striking a similar pose with your date! This is one of such cases, and it looks just perfect, doesn’t it?

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We love it when teenagers not only wear their moms’ dresses but also pose for the same photo! While the perm didn’t quite make it into the picture, the gorgeous dress did! We love the exquisite neckline with a hint of risqué, and we’re all for it! Gorgeous!

The World Looks Better in Velvet

Who doesn’t like some contrasting textures and fabrics? This teen practically replicated her mother’s style (she’s even wearing pearls). And without the white gloves, it looks a lot more modern. Looking at some of the pictures, it looks like the gloves were quite popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

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She looks absolutely ravishing in that deep burgundy velvet. Although the white lace looks different, it’s still cute. They didn’t quite hit her mom and her date’s pose, but who cares? They look ravishing nonetheless. And that tie? Looks like the lovebirds planned this out!

Colors Change, but Class Is Permanent

We’ve seen styles come and go down through the years, but nothing quite beats a strapless dress that’s just below the knee, does it? It’s a very 1950s Dior classic that may never go out of style. It always looks fashionable regardless of the year. And this pretty girl agrees.

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Although she chose a different color, it’s clear that it doesn’t change anything! Colors can change, but class is permanent. This teen ditched the lengthy white gloves (which makes it look formal and older) in favor of some lovely, gold, strappy heels! It’s amazing!

The Lady in Red

We enjoy a good vintage moment, and this is one of our favorites! Even though the daughter chose not to wear the wired pearls in her hair (well, maybe they’re flowers, but let’s call them pearls), she looks stunning in her mother’s vintage prom gown!

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We think not wearing the pearls was a good call as that time is now behind us. The dress’s color hasn’t faded, and the glittery buttons are the ideal finishing touch. Also, kudos to her date who donned a bowtie that matched her dress. It’s really adorable!

Already Ready for Marriage

Everyone knows that story—the high school heartthrobs who went to their proms together and ended up getting married. Looks like these couples couldn’t wait to live the reality. This teen looks like she only made a quick stop at the prom, and her destination is at the altar.

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The low back, high neck, and floor-length hemline make it look formal. The hair also has a bridal vibe, But hey, it was her mother’s prom gown, and she wanted to put it on. Who cares if it seems a little bridal? We’re big fans of recycling and going retro.

Black Lace with Bold Blue Hair

Black dresses will never be outdated. And lace will always have a place in the iconic clothing patterns. Now imagine both in one dress. Well, we can clearly see the difference in the years here—and that vivid, blue hair is obviously not from the 1990s.

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But then, the 1990s were all about self-expression, so it wouldn’t surprise us. The black dress, on the other hand, complements her fair skin and hair perfectly. We particularly like this style since the dress is fitted but not too tight, and the lace pattern adds a touch of elegance.

It Doesn’t Look a Day Old

We didn’t believe it the first time we saw the picture of this dress. There’s no way this was worn decades ago. It doesn’t look a day old, and anyone could sell this to you for a good price today, don’t you think? Another classic black dress!

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The fluid, drapey skirt contrasts beautifully with the elegant, high neckline and cut-out arms. This teen looks like her mom from over 30 years ago! This is probably one of our favorite ones. Go, girl! Also, kudos for opting for vintage as a nod to your mother’s very chic style!

Cherry with Some Sugar Icing

We cannot get enough of teenagers recreating their mothers’ prom pictures and their dresses at the same time. It’s just so adorable. This one look special, and we can’t help but think of this as a cherry with sugar icing strewn on top because the sheer overlay looks like that.

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We’ll chip in here and say it looks a bit Christmassy, but who cares? This gown is still giving us heart eyes 30 years after it was first rocked by her mom! The choice to execute the identical pose with her date is our favorite feature of this photo comparison.

Shiny, Glittery Flashback with Sequins

Sequin dresses and all the sparkles, shimmer, and glitter that come with them may not be as popular as they used to be, but they remain fabulous when worn well. Look at those dazzling turquoise sequins! We’re getting mermaid vibes from this. The exquisite bluey green is stunning!

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And this teen chose to match her makeup to her dress, which really brings her eyes to life! It’s so lovely to see these vintage dresses get a new lease on life and new energy when they’re worn by the original wearer’s daughter! It’s just amazing!

Chanel or Something Like That

This dress is strikingly close to a ’90s Chanel gown that has been all over the Internet! The simple black dress with gold chain straps is quite fashionable. It’s the ideal complement to a classic LBD. These timeless dresses are a must for every woman’s wardrobe.

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And this lovely teen has one from her mom! The dress is a moment in itself, all thanks to her simple hairdo and a cute corsage from her boyfriend! It also has a cheeky slit that adds a little extra oomph. This vintage prom dress craze has us completely smitten!

Classic Raquel Welch Vibes

No doubt this dress looks like it was made today. It looks like it’s from one of the biggest luxury brands. Although it was first worn by her mom in the ’80s, those straps in the midsection are on so many dresses online today. You’ll be surprised.

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The black-and-brown contrasting animal-print design looks so well on her skin tone that it’s almost tailor-made for her! This teen, like her fellow teenagers, chose to modernize her clothing by not wearing gloves. Wait, now that we think about it, this dress gives us vintage Raquel Welch vibes!

An LBD Is a Timeless Piece

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your LBD, here’s one. Make it mini, and embellish it with sequins! But wait, this mom was definitely light years ahead of her time. Her daughter’s choice of prom dress makes it look like she bought it off the rack today!

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This teen looks gorgeous in her black stiletto heels and long, flowing curls! We love it when something vintage is modernized and looks just as fantastic as it did the first time it was worn! You won’t get many better reasons to add an LBD to your wardrobe than this!

Red Is Not for a Woman Who Hides in the Corner

This teen is the spitting image of her mother, and she chose to even make it glaring by wearing her prom dress. Red is undoubtedly a standout color, and it flatters almost everyone! This teen chose to wear her mother’s old prom gown to her own prom.

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And she made a great choice because she looks stunning! She clearly understood the assignment too! Just look at her glasses and the smile across her face. It’s almost like her mom time-traveled! It’s made even more spectacular by the sweetheart neckline and slit. We cannot get enough of it!

We All Need a Bit of Sequin and Satin

We’re drooling over this sequin top and black satin skirt! It has a princess-like vibe to it, but it’s so stylish! She modernized her mom’s dress by removing the gloves and opting for a simple mani. The gloves were a big deal in the 1980s and 1990s.

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But not anymore, and like other girls, she ditched them. Brilliant! And hey, we’re all about repurposing and recycling clothes because it not only saves money but also saves the planet a little bit. Imagine how much less carbon footprint if all girls wore their moms’ dresses.

Halloween or Prom? Who Cares?

This vintage number looks a lot more vintage than previous dresses we’ve seen on here, but we’re really digging the green taffeta skirt that’s bursting out of the bottom of the black bodice. It’s adorable! We’ve seen lots of teens lose their gloves. But this one chose to be different.

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She wore the gloves with her dress as a tribute to her mother! And it looks better than we would’ve expected. She did tweak the look a little bit by adding some black heels and a choker. This gorgeous teen has definitely made the dress hers.

A Princess at the Prom

The corseted dress with the bursting skirt was a huge fashion in the 1980s and 1990s! So it’s no wonder that this teenager’s mom wore it to her high school prom. Her daughter loved the princess vibe it gave and decided to wear it to her prom night too!

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The attractive corset cinches her waist and sculpts her figure. Sure, we know it’s flattering, but it’s also a wonderful tribute to her mother. We’re sure seeing her daughter in the same dress she wore to her own prom made her mother tear up a little.

Same Place, Same Clock, Same Dress

This picture appears to have been taken in the same room as the previous one, with the same blue carpet, grandfather clock, and dress. What a special picture that’ll last forever! The teen looks a bit younger than her mom did, but still 50% of her mother.

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She chose to make that 100% by wearing her mother’s prom dress, a purple gown with a translucent black overlay (this has been tweaked and removed). She kept the embroidery on the neckline and hips, but she felt it would be modern to remove the glittering black mesh on top.

When in Doubt, Wear an LBD!

You’ve heard it before, and you’re hearing it again—every girl needs at least one LBD! If you don’t already have one, you should stop what you’re doing and go buy one! We’re talking about this little black dress that will never go out of style.

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This ’80s mom went all out for her prom (the gloves look nice here). She had to have been the best dressed! Her teen daughter pulled off a similar look. This halter neck black mini is one of our favorites, and it still looks great after all these years!

A Beautiful Princess at the Prom

This teen not only looks like a carbon copy of her mother but she chose to replicate her mother’s style too! This peachy pastel pink is just stunning! It looks like fresh spring blooms. This teen chose to wear the identical dress that her mother wore to her prom.

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However, this is with the exception that she removed part of the ruffles and put a red belt around her waist for a splash of color. She appears to have borrowed her mother’s pearls for her prom night. Also, is it just us, or do their dates look similar?

Striking a Pose with Dad

The photo on the left was taken at a military ball in 2003. The photo on the right was shot just before the daughter’s senior prom in 2016. The handsome gentleman must be ecstatic to be posing with both his wife and daughter. They both look ravishing in the dress.

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Although the two photos were taken over a decade apart, the dress appears to be a timeless classic. What a great pairing of a strappy top and a glittery blue! Even after 10 years, it’s clear that the mom had a great eye for fashion, and her daughter agrees.

Fashionable Mom, Stylish Daughter

After all, isn’t that what this piece is about—moms who have passed down their vintage prom gowns to their daughters? This time, we noticed a minor change to the dress’s top. The daughter removed the puffy sleeves and replaced them with a halter neckline with white satin straps.

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It’s the same dress, but it’s clear from the changes she made that just like her mother, this teenager has a great eye for fashion. She looks stunning in her mother’s prom dress, which considering the slight alterations to the top must have become hers now.

Just a Slight Tweak . . . and Voila, It’s Perfect

This gown is another perfect illustration of a terrific black dress. When in doubt, always choose black! We’ve seen countless examples in this article, and here’s another stunning demonstration of the power of a black dress. Her mom looked brilliant decades ago, and so does she!

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This teen repurposed her mother’s old prom gown and wore it to her own prom! The keyhole neckline is daring, and the beaded collar lessens the need for jewelry. What a great example of effective dressing. This form-fitting basic black dress is one of our favorites.

The Pose, the Color, the Dress! Gorgeous

Take a look at that pose in the two pictures! All the props are there, and the gown and shawl are the same. We’ll never get tired of teenagers recreating their parents’ pictures. And guess what else we love? Yes, wearing your mom’s prom dress to your prom.

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This teenager decided to travel back in time 30 years and take her mother’s prom gown for her own prom! She looks stunning with a strong, red lip and delicate waves. If the weather allows, we’re confident she’ll update her style even more by removing her shawl.

The Stunning Eggplant-Colored Dress

This cross-back gown in eggplant color is just lovely! The dress’s body-fitting design and long skirt complement the cool, cross-back detail, and we’re here for it. The dress suits the daughter just as much as it suits the mother! You’ll agree with us that this dress looks modern enough.

Source: Tumblr

It looks like something that was bought off the rack or online today, doesn’t it? The fact that she may not have needed to add anything and could just wear it exactly like her mother highlights how stunning this dress truly is. Her mother was well ahead of her time.

Just the Same, but Different

What a stunning gown! We like this look since it’s lovely and airy while also being trendy in a boho-chic way. The off-the-shoulder design (which has now become a modern way of wearing the dress) is incredibly lovely and completely changes the look of the dress and the wearer!

Source: Reddit

It’s also a fantastic color—nearly a plum burgundy—and it looks fantastic on this teen! We love that she opted to wear her mother’s dress, especially when it’s so lovely! But the best bit for us is that smile on her face. She loves it. We do too.

Still the Same after 19 Years

This teenager looks stunning in her mother’s dress! The Slytherin-green gown with the subtle slit down the leg is exquisite. We like how this dress fits, as it flatters both the mother and the daughter’s figures. We’re starting to sound like the fashion police, aren’t we?

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But it’s true! We’re so happy this teen chose to go down memory lane with her mother and wear the same dress! It’ll also be a proud moment for the mother. What a beautiful daughter, and she’s done justice to that lovely dress from 19 years ago.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Black

We’re big fans of black and also fans of LBD. These two combinations mean we can never go wrong. Simple, classy, and sophisticated. What a combo. And it looks like we’re not alone, especially with how different mothers and daughters have styled classic LBD dresses over the years.

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This dress with the cross-over neckline and beaded details is gorgeous! Both mother and daughter are adorable, and the dress fits perfectly! What about that smile? We love that these teenagers are repurposing their mothers’ prom gowns—much more environmentally friendly than purchasing a new gown, right?

Sequins and Azure Blues for the Win

This dress is glorious! Even after all these years, this blue sequin vintage piece from the 1980s is still a hard hitter. The dress is stylish and simple in style, with the lovely blue sequins serving as the focal point. It’s oh-so-chic with the side slit and sling straps.

Source: Imgur

Then look at that color! The azure blue is just beautiful. It’s to die for! We’d want to wear that dress to our prom if this were our mother! If she plans to have a child someday, then we’re sure they’ll also want to wear this dress.

From Generation to Generation

Remember how we just said the lady in azure blue needs to pass the dress down to her child? Well, someone heard us! In 1962, a great-grandmother with exceptional taste wore this vintage outfit for the first time. This exquisite piece was also loved by three generations of ladies!

Source: Reddit

And they followed in the great-grandmother’s footsteps! Light pink satin and a bow at the back are just about all you need to hit the princess look. Then the great-granddaughter put the icing on the cake by pairing the fabulous dress with a bejeweled hairdo.

The Dress Is Now Hers

No disrespect to mom because we think she looks gorgeous in this dress, but it feels like she made the dress for her daughter! These two are so identical that we’re having trouble telling them apart! Perhaps it’s the dress or the fact that they’re mother and daughter.

Source: Imgur

The delicate lace and embroidery on the neckline are a subtle and sensual way to pull the attention up to the face, and they contrast nicely with the classic black sheath style. The slit is sumptuous and adds a lot of excitement to the dress!

As Sweet as Candy

We have to give credit where credit is due, and credit is certainly deserved here. This gown has not only stayed in excellent shape for the past 25 years (1990–2015), but it also fits both of its owners flawlessly. We especially admire the pendant and earrings’ meticulous attention to detail.

Source: Imgur

The mother chose a white pendant and earring set, while her daughter chose an intricate geometric pattern. Both look spectacular! It’s wonderful to know that mother and daughter are stylish. And the candy red dress sits perfectly on both of their bodies too. What a moment!

Proud of Her Little Girl

We’ve seen lots of adorable pictures on this list, but this is one of those that melt our hearts away. So cute! This teen modified her mother’s dress by reducing the long, pale, pink gown and removing the sleeves! She’s made it her own, and her mother is clearly pleased!

Source: Reddit

Although the dress looks nice on her mom, too, her daughter has clearly modernized it and lessened the princess vibe a bit. Mom and daughter look like they’ve got a great eye for fashion. That mom must be clearly proud of her not-so-little girl.

Throwback to the 1980s

Talk about bringing the 1980s vibe back to life! The dazzling electric blue peplum dress hasn’t changed a bit since it was originally worn 30 years ago by this teen’s mom! The ruching and peplum are quite vintage, especially with this fabric, but we love it!

Source: Facebook

By removing the gloves and stockings and replacing them with a pair of plain, black pumps, this dress is brought into the contemporary time. We’re all for this style, and judging from that big, beautiful grin on her face, this teen seems like she’s happy with her vintage choice.

Not Going Out of Style Anytime Soon

There’s nothing like a mother’s love. And what a beautiful mother this is. She’s also incredibly proud of her daughter for wearing her prom dress from years back. She even shared it with her followers on Twitter. “Hands down, my baby wore it better than me,” she tweeted.

Source: Reddit

The dress’ design is simple, and it’s unlikely to go out of style. The gown is royal blue with lace straps that add a unique touch. That teen must have been ecstatic, knowing that no other girl would show up in the same dress. Great dress!

Mom’s Polka Dot Prom Dress

We’re not sure why the mom in the photo seemed so stunned. She must have seen something, and we’ll take a guess. Perhaps it’s because she realized that her 15-year-old daughter will one day wear her senior prom dress and look absolutely stunning just as much as she did then.

Source: Facebook

Okay, we’re reaching. Of course, she didn’t. As far as we know, she didn’t see a vision. We’re going to act like the peacock-style back of the dress isn’t there because we’re not big fans. But overall, the young lady did pretty well and looked absolutely fabulous in the dress.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

The mom in the picture on the right seems to be overly happy standing in front of the boys when the picture was taken. She felt like honoring her idol, Marilyn Monroe, by posing in a “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” style posture. Her daughter had different ideas.

Source: Facebook

She made some changes to the prom dress to make it more modern. She took off the straps, ditched the flowers (who can blame her), and replaced them with a pearl neckless. And the final piece? Beautiful. We’re glad her date joined her with matching colors. What a gent!

Not All Prom Dresses Can Be Reworn

Okay, everything has been adorable so far, right? Maybe not everything is cool, though. And we’re not going to pretend. Someone needs to tell today’s teenagers that not all old prom dresses can be worn again. Let’s take a look at this one, for example.

Source: Tumblr

It looks more like a costume than a prom gown. The mother (on the left) appears to have accepted this, but apparently, the daughter didn’t get the memo. We do appreciate the solidarity with her mother, though. She has probably always wanted to hit that particular pose.

No Dry Cleaners in the City

Here’s a greyish-purple silk gown with off-the-shoulder detailing and the right length. It may appear that the photo on the left shows a marriage proposal but trust us when we say that it is prom night. This dress had a lot of potential. It looks like a great dress.

Source: Imgur

We feel it could’ve been rocked better. If only she’d taken it to be ironed at the dry cleaners. But it looks like there are no dry cleaners in her city. And no, we’re not going to hear excuses like “it’s been tucked away for 20 years.”

Red Will Take Your Breath Away

Red is undoubtedly a statement color. It’s not a color that a woman who wants to hide in the corner wears. And from the look in their eyes, you’ll know these ladies don’t look like they want to hide. The fieriness in the teenager’s eyes matches her red-hot gown.

Source: Reddit

These two are absolutely stunning. If we didn’t already know they were mother and daughter, we could’ve sworn they were two best friends who wanted to go to their prom in the same dress. It’s heartwarming that she’s chosen to wear her mom’s jewelry too. Mind-blowing!

Wore It Better Than Mom

Have you ever seen someone wear a dress better than the original owner? If you haven’t, here’s an example. This teen, who is getting ready for her prom, has clearly left her mother in the dust. That dress was worn 20 years earlier than it should have been.

Source: Imgur

A classic black-and-white contrast, it will never go out of style and will always stand out. The gown was made for her. Her mom looks pretty in the dress, but she was only the “John the Baptist” here. That dress was made for her daughter.

Recreating Mom’s Senior Pictures

This girl didn’t wear the dress to her prom. But she wanted to recreate the pictures, and she did. She wrote on Instagram, “So today my mom found her prom dress from 1994, and of course, I just had to put it on because it was just so bad . . .

Source: Facebook

“. . . and then we decided to recreate her senior pictures, so here they are haha.” Even though she thinks that the dress is bad, we can’t help but think it has some potential. But what do we know? It does look better on her in these pictures, though.

What on God’s Green Earth Is That?

This could be a scene from the movie Back to the Future. This mom and her daughter are a complete replica of one another. In 1995, the mother wore her brilliant green dress, which could have been relevant at the time. Who knows? She probably won best-dressed or something.

Source: Tumblr

We won’t be surprised. But fast forward 20 years later. We’re now in the future. The pretty mom meets a younger version of herself who turns out to be her daughter who hasn’t realized that the shade of green she’s wearing is from the 1990s.

That Pattern Looks Familiar

We’re sure this floral-patterned dress was a big sensation in the 1970s. And this woman’s hairdo (on the left) is fit for the era she took the picture. On the one hand, the daughter’s dress is lovely. The lofty neckline looks great, and the dress flows nicely down her body.

Source: Reddit

But on the other hand, we just can’t overlook the sneaky tablecloth resemblance. Honestly, we’ve tried, but the resemblance is uncanny. Maybe this daughter could’ve passed on this one. We’re glad she looks happy to be wearing the dress, though, and maybe that’s all that matters.

Roll Back the ’80s

The 1980s were renowned for their outlandish dress styles. Ballon skirts and padded shoulders were just a few of the classic outfits that dominated the streets at the time. We love this stunning young lady’s choice of prom dress, despite the ’80’s extra-large papillon knot and the layers of tulle.

Source: Facebook

Unlike many other teenagers on this list, the daughter didn’t think there was any need to change or modify the dress. It was good to go! While we may have an opinion about that, she still looks absolutely gorgeous in her mom’s prom dress. And the smile is lovely!

Everything Looks Perfect . . . Except

The dress looks great on both mother and daughter. Great length, classic color, and the daughter wisely exchanged the heels for a pair of Converse. We know not everyone will be a fan of that. However, when it comes to the attachment on the left, there is no comparison.

Source: Reddit

Couldn’t the young daughter find an updated version of her father? We also can’t help but notice that the couple is wearing the same shoe style. Now that explains why she didn’t go for her mom’s shoe type and instead stuck to her lover’s choice. A sweet touch.

It’s in the Genes

We’ve seen many teens rock their mom’s dresses, and this is one of the best. What if we told you this beautiful gown was first worn 30 years ago? It’s a long, straight cut that will look as great on any (slim) lady as it did on the mom and her daughter.

Source: Tumblr

The floral pattern only adds to the gown’s appeal, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. The daughter has also modernized her look a bit with a choker. Then she crowned it all with a beautiful smile. This one is definitely one to retain and pass down to future generations.