These Two Women Won at Life by Losing It All

We all have our motivations for making changes in our life. It could be that you need to change for your health, or perhaps you want to take revenge on those who betrayed you. These two women have their own reasons but share some amazing results.

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Here we look at some of those inspirational stories. With the right support, medical help, and personal growth, you can have a huge transformation. Here’s how two women won at life by losing it all.

The Amazing Story of Amber Rachdi

Amber Rachdi stood out in her local neighborhood, Troutdale, Oregon, because of her weight. She weighed 657 pounds, and this made her famous in the village. One of the challenges people who are overweight face is mobility, and Amber was no exception.

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She lived with her weight issues until she was 24 when she knew she needed to change. The change was too big for her to do it alone. When it was time, her help came in the form of a television show named “My 600-lb Life.”

Doctors Gave Her Some Harsh Truths

Obesity is a severe health issue, and dealing with it must have been devastating for most of her life. Each time Amber visited a doctor, they would remind her of the threat to her life to the extent of giving her a life limit of 30 years if she did not do anything about it.

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Those comments and threats must have gotten to her. The weight also caused her emotional and physical pain, hence the urge for a change. Although the change Amber was going to make was not an easy one, she was lucky to be surrounded by people who had the right tools. This was a huge step because she could now see her dream and desire almost coming true.

The Problems Started Early

When she was a kid, Amber was different from her mates. To begin with, she ate more food than them, which led to her weight gain. Every time she ate, she did not feel full. Also, at five years, this young girl weighed 160 pounds, which is hugely unhealthy.

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Physical exercises like running and walking usually help with weight loss, but Amber could not do any of these because of her weight. She would run out of breath every time she ran or played with the other kids. Lack of exercise and her feeling hungry constantly led to more weight gain.

It All Started a Vicious Circle

Obesity comes with insecurities because of body size. Amber constantly felt insecure because of her body, and she could hardly exercise. Also, as she continued getting bigger, her knees could not support the rest of her body. Besides, she felt judged by people.

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The insecurities continued worsening, and she could only turn to food for comfort. Amber was dating Rowdy at that time, and these issues made it challenging for her to cope with school. Later, she dropped out and moved in with Rowdy.

She Started Using a Scooter

Amber’s weight gain led to an increase in the amount of food she ate. She started having five meals a day, alongside the extra sugar from the candies and desserts she liked to snack on. Although she had a desire to stop eating that much, it was hard for her to stop.

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Her body weight made her feel like a failure. She could hardly do things for herself and could even ask for help to do the little things. Cars became small for her, and walking was a problem. She mainly used a motorized scooter to move around.

She Found Some Help

The weight gain was shameful for Amber, and she did all she could to hide it. However, her parents knew what she felt because they could hear the doctors’ threats if she did not lose weight. Besides, her parents were very supportive even with the new journey she was about to undertake.

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Amber was still skeptical about it because she was unsure if “My 600-lb Life” would solve her problems, but she did not have an alternative because failure to go down that road would not do any good.

The First Step Was Embarrassing

The first step was for Amber to meet with Dr. Nowzaradan, but they were in different regions. The doctor was in Houston, and moving to Houston from Oregon, you have to fly. Amber had another problem here.

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One, she could not fit in one chair, meaning she would need two tickets, and worst of all, she could not fit in the rows. Before getting to the plane, her wheelchair broke. The dad had to wheel her in a luggage cart which was embarrassing to her daughter.

It Was Time To Break Bad Habits

Amber and her family tried everything, and she finally met with Dr. Nowzaradan. The doctor said that Amber’s family and boyfriend could have helped her overcome the weight gain if they had stopped her from eating a lot. However, this was difficult for them because they were not constantly with her.

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Also, Rowdy, Amber’s boyfriend, liked big women, but Amber’s weight was now not attractive. Amber had to follow a strict diet if she was determined to lose weight, and the starting weight loss goal was 17 pounds. The doctor said that hitting that target would qualify her for gastric bypass surgery.

She Qualified For Surgery

Amber achieved her goal by losing the 17 pounds the doctor set, qualifying for the surgery. Before the surgery, she complained of chest pains and had to be taken to the hospital, where she was discovered to have an anxiety attack. Amber had PTSD because of her weight, and she needed therapy to get past it. Besides therapy, she also required surgery to help, and she also needed to exercise and get a healthy diet.

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When she started treatment, Amber also joined a well-being class, where the lessons would be on preparing healthy meals at home. She also started taking short walks, hoping to get to the ultimate goal. The young woman was motivated, and she started documenting her journey and sharing it with her followers.

The Weight Started Falling Off

Amber did not give up on her journey. She continued working hard by taking walks and practicing healthy eating habits. Her legs got stronger, and she lost 92 pounds. Walking was not as painful as it used to be.

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She also joined the gym, which she couldn’t go to before. Even her dress sizes changed by four sizes. Her parents headed back to Oregon to wait for her when they heard that she was coming home.

Still a Long Way to Go

By the time her surgery was close, Amber was very proud of herself for losing 267 pounds. However, weight loss comes with looser and hanging skin, which was Amber’s new problem.

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She went to her doctor, who promised her help with the loose skin, only if she lost another 140 pounds. That was still a lot for Amber, and although she was determined to be slim, she wasn’t sure if she’d get there.

Her Relationships Improved

A determined person always gets what they desire, and this was the case with Amber. Within no time, she lost 420 pounds. The weight loss helped her gain more confidence. At least she could show her body in pictures.

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She also started being more self-content, a feeling she always wanted to have. She had a better relationship with the people around her, including her friends and family. She even felt the urge to go back to school and get a degree and a job, which would help more in getting confidence.

She Became an Inspiration

As Amber continued her weight loss journey, she got a huge following in her social media accounts. She later announced that she was engaged. However, Amber’s engagement news was shocking to many people because she had broken up with Rowdy, her boyfriend.

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Amber’s weight loss journey was too much for him to handle at the time. Also, besides losing weight, Amber wanted to keep her social media followers inspired because most people fought with weight loss. Many people listened to her stories and got inspired, and that’s how she kept her followers.

Amber Was Happy To Help Others

This young and determined lady created multiple Facebook pages, where she shared with her followers about her weight loss journey. She also openly answered questions about getting obese, the gastric bypass surgery, and how her hard work got her to where she was at that time.

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However, she did not share her diet plan with the followers. This is because the plan was only suitable for her body. After all, it is tailored to personal needs. Sharing would be misleading her followers. Also, she kept this information because she is not a doctor or a nutritionist.

She Still Gets Recognized

Weight loss changed how Amber felt about herself, and she started enjoying life more. She feels good not because the scale reads fewer pounds but because she can now fit in cute dresses and walk without difficulties.

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Feeling healthy has also increased her self-confidence. People still recognize her every time she walks down a street because of “My 600-lb Life”. Dying her hair blonde makes her feel better because she can better identify with the crowd.

Taking Control of Your Problems

People suffer from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. They are stigmatized and feel bad about themselves because they cannot stop eating no matter how hard they try. However, Amber’s case was different. She had a disorder that caused her to gain weight.

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Also, her hiding behind food to hide her emotions made the weight gain more. However, she got to where she was because she did not blame her weight gain on external factors. She instead realized what she wanted and took responsibility. Self-pity and denial were an option, but sitting and blaming herself could not solve the problem. The best decision she made was to start the show.

The Doctor Was Crucial

Amber owes her success to Dr. Nowzaradan. Most people who are obese take shortcuts by going to surgeons for surgeries, but Amber’s surgeon advised against it. He said that losing weight is not about weighing less on the scale but more about self-control and lifestyle changes.

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Even with the surgery, you could still go back to being obese if you are not careful with what you eat. Every time a patient goes for an operation, this no-nonsense surgeon gives them a weight loss target to hit to qualify for surgery. These challenges are not for the faint-hearted, and most people give up. Exercising and sticking to a diet plan are some of the ways you can lose weight.

Surgery Wasn’t The Only Answer

Although the gastric bypass surgery helped Amber lose a lot of weight and get to where she is now, she is not a firm believer in the surgery. When asked about it, she says that although it can do a lot to help, you still need to put in the effort, like changing your lifestyle and exercising. If not, you could gain the weight back even after the surgery.

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Amber does not talk for the sake of it. She does the things that she talks about. Besides, she also goes to the gym and exercises healthy eating habits. This young lady stopped eating fast foods, and most of her meals are prepared at home.

She Needs To Keep Working

The changes Amber went through are not easy, and she is an inspiration to very many people. It took her months of hard work and consistency because she had a goal to achieve. She became famous with her weight loss journey, and she uses the fame to encourage people who are going through what she went through.

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Quick fixes will not give you lasting results, so you have to work hard. Amber’s followers love her more because of her ambition to continue losing weight even after losing the first few pounds. She knows that the weight loss makes her feel better, and the moment she stops working towards maintaining her body, she will gain the weight back.

A Brilliant New Attitude

Besides the physical changes, another very significant change in Amber is the personality spackle she has developed. This is all because of her new body. When you spend time with her, you can see the light on her face and smile.

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Amber enjoys life more and has even gotten into better relationships. She feels good about herself and celebrates the smallest wins, even her relationships. Amber got married, and she keeps a dog for a pet. Her social media is all about positivity and encouragement to people who are on a journey like hers.

This next story is about Samantha, a woman whose revenge was losing weight.

How a Single Mother Achieved the Ultimate Revenge Body

You probably only hear about revenge bodies in movies and TV shows, but they are not that uncommon among women. This Californian mother was kept secret by her boyfriend because of her weight. He did not even show her to his parents, and worst of it all, he cheated on her.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

The single mother decided to lose weight as revenge, and in the process, she lost 204 pounds with the help of a gastric sleeve, a change of diet, and exercise. She also did plastic surgery. Here is how her journey unfolded.

She Was Focused On Her Daughter

Samantha Rawley is a single mother to Alexis, aged 11. This 30-year-old mother never stops thinking about her beautiful daughter. After she gave birth to her, Rawley got into real estate because she needed a source of income.

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Since she was young, she has always had a big body, which led to the bullies from her age mates. She felt the urge for a change because her daughter was also growing older.

Confidence Was Never an Issue

Rawley’s confidence was different from the other people who struggle with weight gain. She felt positive and confident even in her big body. This Canadian mum was never really sad about her weight, and she did not beat herself up for it.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

Although she was happy with her new body, she knew she needed to change her lifestyle for better health. The importance of this was for her to be present as her daughter grew older. Rawley also says that her self-love was because it is important to appreciate yourself in all stages of life. She confirms that losing weight is not easy.

Dating Wasn’t Working Out

Rawley says that dating while she was big was not easy. Her last boyfriend inspired her weight loss journey. Alexis’s mother recalls how she dated this guy in secret and was never introduced to his friends and family.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

Rawley was not happy because she was constantly trying to please him. However, after feeling not enough, she thought it was too much and had to do something.

Rawley Was Betrayed and Embarrassed

In 2018, the worst happened. Rawley’s boyfriend started dating another woman in public. They had not broken up, and Rawley felt disrespected. It was embarrassing for her but ignited a fire within her soul and inspired changes.

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The guy would post the other woman’s pictures on his social media, unlike Rawley, who remained a secret. Rawley realized that she had to do something, and she had to change her mindset. She didn’t want to be a secret anymore.

The Journey Had Started

Rawley wanted a change in how she looked, and although it took her a bad relationship to realize this, she was finally doing it. Being kept a secret by her boyfriend hurt her feelings. She knew that he did not show her off because of the weight, and she felt the urge to do something about it.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

Although she was always confident in her big body, the single mother knew she could do better. Therefore, she began her journey, resulting in some incredible results and an inspiring story.

Her Diet Was The First Step

Rawley was determined to revenge by losing weight, and she thought the best place to start was with her diet. Before then, she would eat two cheeseburgers and ten chicken nuggets in one sitting from McDonald’s.

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She preferred binge-eating in the evenings, so sometimes, she would skip the other meals in preparation for this. However, diet alone would not help with the weight loss, so Rawley had to get something else.

Rawley Wanted a Gastric Sleeve

Besides diet, Rawley chose to get surgery to help with the weight. In September 2018, she got gastric sleeve surgery. Her mother had gastric bypass surgery in 2002. However, Rawley didn’t want that type of surgery because of what happened with her mother.

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The gastric sleeve was a good choice for her because it was less invasive. The surgery could also aid in her weight loss journey. However, Rawley went through complications she wasn’t informed about after the surgery.

She Didn’t Get Enough Advice

Rawley got a surgeon to perform her gastric sleeve surgery, but first, she met a psychiatrist for approval. At this time, Rawley wanted to find out more about the surgery and see whether or not it was going to be right for her.

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The appointment took only 20 minutes, which she says she would appreciate better if it was more because she was not well prepared for the aftermath. She was only denied eating solid foods after the surgery.

Some Issues Started To Happen

The surgery required Rawley to feed on liquids until three weeks were over. She lost appetite during the recovery, which made abstinence from food easier.

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Her stomach would feel uncomfortable every time she ate, and she could hardly keep water down. She developed kidney stones because of failing to take water, and the pain was unbearable.

She Had To Go Back To the Hospital

After getting kidney stones, Rawley had to go to the hospital to have them removed. It lasted for nine days, and she could visit the hospital twice for check-ups.

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The throwing up became worse, and Rawley could do it 20 to 30 times a day, even on an empty stomach. It made her feel like she was dying, and she wrote a will for her daughter. It was a scary time for Rawley.

Other Problems Came To The Fore

The young woman started another complication of going numb in her lower body. She realized this when one day she could not feel a razor on her body.

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The numbness continued going upwards to the chest, which started worrying her. She had been using cannabis to help with the throwing up, but there was no change. The doctors blamed the numbness on the cannabis.

Things Started To Get Better

Many tests were done, and the results proved that the numbness was not due to the use of cannabis. It was due to thiamine deficiency, and this was because Rawley had a dangerously low B1.

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She would get some injections in the butt thrice a week. It took her a year to feel normal, and during her sickness, she lost 67 pounds. This was not how she wanted to lose weight.

Rawley Has a Tragic Realization

Rawley’s complications after the surgery made her create awareness for other people. She felt bad because this was not given as a warning before going in for the surgery. Also, even after falling sick because of the deficiency, most doctors did not check for it.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

Among her followers was a 23-year-old woman who suffered the same complications as Rawley’s. She found out that the woman succumbed to the deficiencies, making her feel that the surgeons were responsible for telling people the side effects.

A Healthier Diet Followed

Rawley was able to fix the problem and get her life back. She continued with her diet, and one of her resolutions was to eat healthy food and stop binge-eating. It was time for her to start losing weight the right way.

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Also, the surgery did not affect her appetite much. She gets hungry, but she can control it by choosing what to eat wisely. The positive decisions started to come.

She Started Eating Well

Rawley’s meal plan changed drastically. Her breakfast comprises one egg white, half bread, and a fruit. Her lunch includes a chicken wrap with spinach and buffalo sauce, and she eats salmon or chicken with vegetables for dinner.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

The 30-year-old lady also walks around the neighborhood to exercise, and she also started going to the gym. Rawley knew that she had to change her habits to get the ultimate revenge body.

Support Was Always There

Rawley lost 203 pounds in her weight loss journey. She owes the success of her journey to the support of her family and friends. Also, she is careful with what she eats when she goes out on dates.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

Although the surgery had adverse effects, Rawley says that she recommends it. Her complications are very rare, and she just wishes that people could receive the best advice before making huge decisions.

The Loose Skin Had To Go

Losing a lot of weight leaves you with loose skin, and you have to get constructive surgery to tone the arms, legs, and stomach. Rawley spent $20,000 for the procedure, which she says was not very painful.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

She also says that the arms heal faster than the other parts. She also did a tummy tuck and breast lift which were not very painful. Her thighs took the longest to recover.

Not Looking Back Anymore

Rawley says that the revenge body made her realize that she was not happy all that time. It shifted her mind, and she is now happier than before.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

The mother says that she feels like she has broken through her ceiling and that she is not looking back. Rawley says that although she was determined to lose weight, she didn’t know it would be as much as she lost.

Becoming A More Involved Mother

Rawley is pleased about the weight loss, and she can now do more things with Alexis. She could get rides in Disneyland, which was impossible because of her weight.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

She is even the coach of Alexis’s football team. She has been close with her daughter, and the transformations have strengthened the relationship.

Rawley is Happier than Ever

This young woman says that she is very happy and grateful that her weight loss journey was successful. She is the happiest she has ever been. She also says that the journey has taught her a lot.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

Many people said that she went for the easiest way to lose weight, surgery, and she feared she would gain all of it back. However, she says that the surgery for her was a tool to aid in the journey.

Why Not Check Her Out?

Rawley’s next step is to create awareness about the complications that result from VSG surgery because nobody told her about them. Her social media accounts are growing, with over 27,000 followers on Instagram.

Source: Instagram/@therealslimsammii

Her IG handle is @therealslimsammii which she started after being inspired by other people’s progress. She will be part of the confidence panel for people undergoing gastric surgery. She said that her main focus is to make a difference in mental health while losing weight.