A Landlord’s Revenge Against His Nightmare Tenants

There are always rules and regulations that act as guidelines in each aspect of life, and renting is not an exception. In fact, it is common knowledge that every house put on rent has specific rules and laws that the house tenants are expected to follow.

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Of course, these rules are put in place for several reasons, which primarily have to do with the house’s safety. It is understandable because nobody will want any damage to the houses they worked so hard to renovate to perfection. Here’s a tale of how a landlord dealt with his tenants that caused unnecessary damages to his house.

The Landlord and His New Tenants

Thomas Ravaux, a house owner, had just put the finishing touches on the renovation of his house that he intended to rent out to any nice tenants that come along. The house was as close to perfect as it could be, and he was proud of the job he had done.

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He received an offer from a new couple who were willing to rent the house, and they looked just as nice as he had hoped. The rules of renting were pretty straightforward, and he knew it. He also expected that these new tenants of his were aware; they looked nice enough after all.

Receiving the New Tenants

Tom was happy with his new tenants, so he wasted no time in accepting their proposed stay. His new tenants were equally ecstatic with what they saw; the house was renovated as well as they would have imagined it to be; it was almost the house of their dreams.

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The landlord had done his job of getting the house ready. He had the walls repainted, the wooden floors polished, and he made sure the plumbing and drainages were all in the best conditions. He prepared the house to serve his new tenants well.

The Perfect Landlord for the Perfect Tenants

Thomas Ravaux was a perfectionist, considering the great condition he had left this house and the other houses he had for rent. He had always taken his time to ensure that he left no stone unturned when preparing any of his houses for new tenants.

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Unlike some careless landlords who hardly concerned themselves with preparing a house for new tenants, Mr. Ravaux was careful. And like every other landlord, he hoped his new tenants would be equally careful in taking care of this awesome apartment.

Not a First Timer

Judging from the amount of effort the landlord had put into keeping this house in its best shape, it wouldn’t take too much thinking to figure out that he was not new to it. Indeed, he was not a first-timer, and he had lots of experience on the job.

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He also must have had an issue or two with terrible tenants in the past, but his new tenants appeared nothing like them. He was a near-perfect landlord, and these were his perfect tenants, or so he thought.

The Viral Pictures of his Perfection

As would be expected from any caretaker who had done a good job, Ravaux didn’t hesitate to take photographs of his perfectly looking renovated house. He also felt the need to upload some pictures of the house on the internet, and rightly so.

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These pictures attracted several positive reviews from friends and followers on different social media platforms, and everyone appreciated the immaculate condition of the house. The paperwork was done, and the landlord handed the keys to his new tenants.

The Forgivable Mistake

The tenants moved into their new home, and everything was going smoothly, but things started to get sketchy when it was time to pay the first rent. The tenants didn’t act accordingly, and the landlord, who didn’t understand why, assumed the couple forgot the due date.

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He decided to give them more time, but there was still no response after months. He was getting worried and wondered why his seemingly nice tenants have been silent about their overdue rent.

What Could Have Gone Wrong?

The landlord even contacted the bank to confirm if any payment had been made, and he was informed that the tenants hadn’t paid a dime. Then, he decided to reach out to his uncooperative tenants through the phone to find out the cause for the 14 months delay.

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He put several calls through to the apartment, but he was surprisingly met with no reply. It was clear that they were avoiding his calls, and Mr. Ravaux immediately figured out that his tenants had ghosted on him deliberately.

A Visit to the Apartment

After his unfortunate finding, the landlord reckoned he has been patient enough and decided the next course of action would involve visiting the tenants personally. He was bent on getting to the root of the matter sooner rather than later.

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He drove to the apartment, and several rounds of knocks on the door yielded no response. It was after some minutes that he found out the house was empty. It’s a good thing he brought a spare key along, and he opted to use it to open the doors.

The Note on the Wall

Just as the landlord was about to unlock the door with his spare key, he noticed a note on the wall that read “Ring the Doorbell.” The landlord became even more puzzled but did as he was instructed. There is no harm in trying, after all.

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Still trying to wrap his head around the reason for this weird note, Mr. Ravaux made for the doorbell with a rather puzzled look on his face. And as if that was not enough, what he found at the place of the doorbell did nothing but intensified his curiosity.

The Damaged Doorbell

If whoever left the note on the wall had intended to piss the landlord off, they were not unsuccessful as his agitation was clearly displayed over his face. He was outraged, and why wouldn’t he be? The doorbell was damaged, and the sight of it was nothing to write about.

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The doorbell had been destroyed, and the top was pulled off as if it was being reconstructed. At this point, Mr. Ravaux knew that the note was intended to bring him to this finding and was almost clueless as to what next to do. But he went ahead and did as the note had ordered.

All an Unpleasant Trick

As soon as the landlord pressed the button on the bell, he was greeted by a disturbingly loud, unpleasant noise. This was a planned prank, and if he had any doubts about anybody being in the house, every trace of it was eliminated.

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He damned the consequences and decided it was time to put his spare key to use. He sank his key into the keyhole, and as soon as it was unlocked, he swung it open and made his way into the abandoned building, where he found something that made him more furious.

The Empty Abandoned Apartment

It was already crystal clear that the suspicious tenants had abandoned the place, but the real highlight was how they left the house. Everything was out of place, as if a natural disaster had occurred.

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The smell from the apartment was very unpleasant and irritating. Could it be from the bags of garbage scattered all around the house, or was it a product of all the dirty dishes left unattended? He couldn’t tell, as he just observed the disaster site completely speechless.

More Trash and Damages

The landlord could barely believe his eyes as he proceeded further into the house. He threaded as carefully as he could to avoid hurting himself in all the mess. It was one garbage after the other, and it was difficult to tell the difference from a dumpster.

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He also noticed that the family had kept a dog because there were leashes and dog furs everywhere. The mess was so much, and it was almost as if the entire house had been turned upside-down. How could a family with three kids live so recklessly, he wondered?

All a Very Big Nightmare

Now, as if the trashed house wasn’t enough of a nightmare for the landlord, he started to notice cracks and holes along the walls, too, as he ventured deeper into the house. It was so heartbreaking to see that his lovely house had been torn apart by his terrible tenants.

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If he had previously imagined any damage on his well-kept house at any point, what his eyes were witnessing was far beyond the reach of his imaginations. If this was all a dream, it’s the worst he has had. But alas, this was reality, and it was coming at him very quickly.

What an Ungrateful Family

If anyone had told him initially that this is what would become of his house in such a short period, he would have laughed and shrugged it off as an unbelievable joke. But it was all unveiling before his eyes, and it was a little too late to control the damage.

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Not in any world would he have imagined that the house he worked so hard to put in order would be damaged so badly. He gave his tenants a dream house, and they went ahead to show their ungratefulness by trashing it.

The Damage was Beyond Heartbreaking

The heartbreak was unavoidable at this point, and there was nothing he could do to avoid it now. He tried to hold himself together as he made his way to the kitchen, expecting it to be nothing different from the rest of the house.

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His guess was right. The kitchen wasn’t spared either, and he could see dirty dishes, takeout containers, and boxes of trash all over the place. If the smell in the living room was bad, this one was terrible, and the rotten food remnants in the fridge didn’t help at all.

What Can he Do Now?

The landlord was gutted; he was livid with his tenants for condemning his once so beautiful house. He had seen enough of the tragedy, and it was time to go, but there was only one thing in his mind as he made his way back to the front door: revenge!

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In all his frustration and regrets, Ravaux knew he couldn’t let this act of disrespect go unpunished even if he wanted to; trust me, he didn’t want to. All he could think of on his way back to his place was how he could get them to pay for their crime against him and humanity.

Time to Plan a Revenge

The ruthless family deserved to pay for what they did to his beloved house, and he was going to make sure of it, no matter what it takes. He immediately contacted his lawyer to confirm how to go about it the legal way. He also sent him the pictures of the trashed place as proof.

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He approached the neighbors for intel and found out that the house had been empty for several weeks. However, none of the neighbors could accurately tell the exact period that the family had left the house.

Getting to Work

With all the information he had gathered, Ravaux knew it was time to get to work if he wanted any revenge. He didn’t hold back. He had no time to dwell on how his tenants had betrayed his patience and kindness to them.

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While he worked to put the place back in order, he thought of the best way to get back at his tenant. He couldn’t face them, as anyone sick enough to cause such damage could not be reasoned with. After all, the tenants were over a year behind on their rent.

The Next Course of Action

As Ravaux thought his plans over, he figured the best way to punish the guilty tenants was to pay them back in their currency. Yes, that was his perfect plan, and he would follow it through to the end.

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He wasn’t going to hold back. After all, the tenants didn’t have any remorse in their hearts when they deliberately tore his house apart, room by room. Perhaps, that was why they avoided his call for so long; it was all starting to make sense.

Taking the Right Approach

Mr. Ravaux was a very cultured man, and he was always cautious about playing by the rules. Hence, he knew he needed to go about the whole thing the right way. And if he was going to do this the right way, he must avoid cutting corners.

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He got a few witnesses and took them to the scene, where he showed them the degree of destruction and damages his tenants left. He needed to have enough proof of the incident before staging any payback.

Time for Payback

Next, he employed the services of professionals to help with cleaning the apartment and taking out all the mess the tenants had left. But he ordered them not to throw the trash away, as he had other plans for what to do with the trash.

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He had drafted a master plan for getting his revenge, and the trash was a major part of it. So, the landlord hired a truck and ordered that all the trash be loaded. His perfect plan was in motion, and he felt relieved with each step.

The Best Revenge Ever

It was all part of his perfect revenge plan, if you wonder why the landlord was very deliberate about the trash. And what can I say? Revenge is best served cold, after all. The truck was filled up and ready to get underway.

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The landlord planned to do to the ungrateful and rude tenants exactly what they had done to him, so he made efforts to locate their new home. His search was successful, and he found out the tenants had moved to a new house somewhere downtown.

Time to Pay the Tenants a Visit

He headed off to visit the tenants, and he arrived at the location soon enough, along with the truck-full of trash. Talk about paying one in their coin, and this would be the perfect example. It was tooth for tooth, trash for trash.

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It was delivery time, and Ravaux filmed with his camera as the truck moved front and back, depositing the dump right outside the tenant’s front door. It immediately created a scene, as passersby stopped to watch what was happening.

The Sweet Smell of Revenge

The landlord couldn’t hide the satisfactory smile on his face as he watched the truck deposit the whole trash in front of his old tenant’s new home. Other people gathered at the scene were puzzled at what was happening, but they kept watching anyway.

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He extended the same curtsey to the tenants as they had done to him and his house, and he felt no regret at all. He uploaded his video of the scene on YouTube and other channels, and it immediately generated a lot of mixed reactions.

Mixed Reactions on Social Media

The video gained more attention than the landlord had even expected, and he couldn’t have been prouder. Before long, the video had gone viral, and several comments followed, but not all of them were as the landlord expected.

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While most people supported what the landlord did and applauded his approach, others didn’t take it so well and insisted that the landlord take extreme measures. However, the landlord didn’t care much as all he wanted was to enjoy the result of his revenge.

Not the Best Revenge?

As earlier stated, some people who witnessed the revenge scene and other followers online were not impressed with the landlord’s action. They suggested that the landlord had only created a problem for another landlord, as his former tenants were only renting this new apartment.

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However, their notions were all but wrong, as Mr. Ravaux had taken extra time to do research and ensure that the responsibility of clearing the trash fell to his tenants. He also checked by the books to ensure all his actions were legal and not out of line.

Were His Actions Warranted?

While some people accepted the landlord’s explanation, others still insisted that he was wrong and his actions were not justifiable. They mentioned that the mess the tenants made was not worth this degree of retaliation.

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But the landlord was quick to dismiss their claims by providing pictures of his trashed house. He made sure that the damages they caused him were displayed, from the damaged doorbell to the holes on the house’s walls.

The Evidence He Provided

He went ahead to provide more pictures of the damage done to the furniture he had so kindly provided for the tenants when they first moved in. He also explained how the house was almost impossible to stay in due to the unbearable smell from the mess made.

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He then tagged the witnesses and legal representatives he had taken to the house, and they all attested that the house was intentionally trashed. He felt justified in his heart, and the public soon saw enough reasons for his actions.

How the Junk was Cleared in the End

Many people feared that the innocent new landlord would be forced to take care of the mess created in the vicinity of his house. But they could not have been further from being right as the tenants were forced to clear the pile of a mess they attracted.

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Mr. Ravaux had won, and he was very pleased with his win. He had gotten the tenants to take responsibility and clean after their mess, and that was a plan executed to perfection for him.

The Conclusion of the Story

The story went viral, and the landlord was congratulated for his win both online and offline. His ideal approach to the whole situation was the trending topic for a while, and other landlords who had been through the same commended him as they lamented about their own experiences.

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The couple was shamed for their actions, and if they learned their lessons, they would know to treat their new apartment better. Satisfied by the success of his revenge plan, Mr. Ravaux went back to his house and started the renovation process again.

How the Whole Incident Played to the Landlord’s Favor

Although Mr. Ravaux’s plan had gone in a way that seemed so perfect, he still had his luck to thank that the tenants were already out of the house at the time he went to visit.

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He would have faced a lot more challenge trying to evict the tenants, as housing laws in the States favored tenants more, especially when it has to do with eviction. But lucky for him, he didn’t have any of that to deal with as the couple already left on their own accord.

How it All Went Down

These past weeks had been hectic enough for him at work, but it was nothing compared to the endless nagging he always had to deal with at home. This neighbor had been given him sleepless nights, and all he could think of as he reluctantly types her name into the search bar was a way to escape from her grip.

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His eyes could hardly believe what they saw as he clicked on the search icon. This is it! This is the way out he has been looking for, and he knew it. He knew he now had the upper hand against his nemesis of a neighbor with the dirt he had found. It was time to get back at her.

Build-Up to the Story

Kristopher Hess was a security man who worked for a firm somewhere in town. He had to work a 16-hour shift each day and barely had enough time to sleep. Between the plenty hours at work and the struggle to get some sleep when he’s off, the young man hardly had time for anything else.

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He had just been informed that his best friend was coming into town, and he couldn’t have been happier. He felt a tingle down his stomach, and it was a feeling of excitement. He finally had something else to look forward to aside from work.

The Excitement and Anticipation

His friend was coming in on the 4th of July weekend, and he was so excited. He couldn’t wait to hang out with his childhood friend again, but he had to wait for the weekend anyway. He even went ahead and took a leave for the weekend because he wanted enough time with his friend.

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The anticipation was killing him, but he didn’t mind. After all, it was the first time he would be having any fun in months. He went further to restock on snacks and drinks. If he was going to be a host, he might as well be a damn good one.

The Very Bad Suggestion

It was the 4th of July. Kristopher and his friend, Mark, sat outside enjoying the warm breeze on the afternoon of Independence Day, with cans of beer in their hands. It had been a while since the rain stopped, so everywhere was hot and dry as would be expected in summer.

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They reckoned they could have more fun than just sitting and drinking beer on an Independence Day afternoon. His friend suggested that they put on some fireworks to help get them in the mood for celebration.

Off to Get the Fireworks

Kristopher agreed to his friend’s suggestion, but not without a little hesitation. They had signed up for a weekend of fun anyway, and what better way to kick it all off than a good fireworks performance. So they took some money along and headed off to the fireworks store.

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Some minutes later, they emerged from the store, all stocked up with enough fireworks to last them the day. They had sparklers, cake, bottle rockets, and roman candles, among others. If they were going to perform some fireworks, they were intent on doing it big.

Reaching for Much More Fun

They got home with the bundles of fireworks they had gotten with satisfactory smiles. They were going to put on a big show, and they had just acquired the resources needed for the cause. They couldn’t wait to get started on their adventure.

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While they waited for the dark to kick off their show, Kristopher suggested that they take some sparklers to the backyard and work out some tricks as they wait. His friend, who was all out for a fun weekend, agreed immediately, and they headed outback.

A Spark Too Much?

They got to the backyard and wasted no time as they reached out, and each grabbed one sparkler from the bag of fireworks. You could see the excitement on their faces as the sparklers came on; it was obvious they were reliving childhood memories.

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They waved the sparklers in the air as they watched the bright lights it emitted. Little did they know that trouble was lurking, and these sparklers had everything to do with it. As they continued to wave their newfound love, two sparks contacted the ground and started a fire.

The Huge Fire Outbreak

The dry grasses on the ground immediately fueled the small fire created by the sparks, and before they could do anything about it, the fire had spread through the small bushes and was slowly building up into an inferno.

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Confused and scared, they both tried what they could to put off the fire, but their best efforts proved futile as the fire kept spreading fast. Terror had gripped them, and it got even worse when they noticed the fire approaching the neighbor’s fence.

More Trouble for the Boys

Kristopher’s hands trembled as he took the phone and dialed 911 while his friend continued to pour water on the fire, but it made no difference. The fence had already caught fire when his neighbor, Patricia, ran out to help.

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The fire had engulfed Patricia’s fence, and the guilt the young men felt multiplied by a hundred as she joined in the desperate attempt to subdue the hungry flames. Little did they know that she was the bigger trouble, and her burnt fence was an opening.

The Post-Outbreak Surprise Package

Kristopher returned to work the next day after the fire had been put out successfully, but he couldn’t be more livid with himself for all the damages he had caused. He had wasted his free day and wasted his money as well on the fireworks that only brought him trouble.

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He went home after work, stressed from the day and the incident from the previous night. He just wanted to get into his bed and sleep it off, but that was not to be the case. He was greeted with the most unpleasant surprise he would have expected as soon as he opened his door.

Huge Debts to Pay

If he was angry at himself before, the surprise package he was now holding in his hands made him hate himself more. Patricia, his neighbor whose property was affected by the fire, had sent him two financial quotes; one for the burnt fence and the other for the damaged lawn.

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The alleged debt totaled a whopping $10,000, and Kristopher knew he was in for it. Where could he get that amount of money from, he wondered, still holding the paper in his hands. Not knowing what to do, he took the bill to his dad and showed him the quotes.

Something Certainly Didn’t Feel Right.

At first glance, his dad noticed no company badge or logo on the paper and knew immediately that this quote was false. He stated that professionals had not prepared the quote, and the estimate wasn’t right.

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His Dad also advised that he not pay a penny to her, not yet at least. The neighbor had also demanded that he pay her water bill for the next three months, stating that the new lawn will need plenty of watering. Kristopher’s father wasn’t taking any of these, and neither was he.

Taking the Bull by the Horn

Patricia was definitely out to extort him, is what he thought as he recalled that her old fence was already bad, and her lawn was dry and uncared for. Why else would she be asking for a mahogany fence and a new lawn with trimmed flowers as a replacement?

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He looked up a contractor’s number and called him over to estimate on his own. In no way was he going to sit and watch his neighbor use him so unfairly. He was determined to get to the root of the matter, but unfortunately for him, his neighbor was equally determined to get what she wanted.

More Trouble from the Troublemaker

The contractor arrived on the agreed date, and they headed out to estimate the damage. But just as the contractor got to work, Patricia ran out and started to challenge them for working on her fence without her permission.

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Kristopher wasn’t fazed because he knew he was on his property and within his legal right. He even tried to explain himself to her, but she didn’t care for an explanation, as she ran back in and called the cops on them.

Getting the Correct Estimate

They couldn’t do much when the police arrived because he and his contractor had not trespassed into her property. The contractor finally concluded his job with the fence and found the estimate of the damaged fence to be only $1,200.

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He also contacted his friend, a lawn care expert, and they went in and estimated the damage in the yard. He wasn’t too surprised when the damages on the lawn were estimated at $800, and the entire damage summed up to $2,000 only.

The Neighbor’s Refusal of the Estimate

Kristopher went back to his neighbor and presented the new estimate to her. However, she refused his proposed new estimate, stating that she didn’t know his contractors and did not know what they were doing for all she cared.

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He tried to convince her that he knew the contractors, and they were experts who could be trusted to handle her properties excellently. But she refused to hear his proposal and even slammed the door at him and walked away. He confirmed at this point that she was trouble, and she wasn’t backing out.

The Daily Nagging Continues

The neighbor didn’t stop persecuting him and often paid him visits demanding her pay. The most notable of her visits was when he finished his regular 16-hour shift and went home to rest. But she immediately came knocking on his front door.

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The sleepy young man got up to answer the door, and who was it again? His nagging neighbor. He tried to tell her he couldn’t talk and needed to get some sleep, but she was unrepentant and continued with her rude speech.

Time to Take a Stance

At this point, Kristopher knew enough was enough, and he had to end this. He snapped back and told her that he was only willing to pay the $2,000 that his contractors estimated, and it was either she took it, or she forgets about her money.

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She was stunned at his response and paused for a while, and she then accepted the deal and asked to meet with him the next day. The young man couldn’t believe how easy it had gone, but he was very happy that he was finally getting rid of her.

The Unbelievable Neighbor Strikes Back

Kristopher was so happy with himself for finally standing up to his troublesome neighbor. “Someone needed to put her in her place,” he thought to himself, smilingly. He drew up a contract and stacked up the cash. He was so excited the whole thing was ending.

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He got to the meeting place promptly the next day. But he didn’t see or hear anything from his neighbor until 3 hours later when she sent him a text saying she can’t accept his $2,000 settlement and that she has got her contractors to fix the damages.

An Act of Patience

The young man was gutted again, his neighbor had played him, and he knew it. However, he decided not to act rashly in his anger and tried to avoid the neighbor instead. He watched patiently for months as her contractors fixed a luxurious fence and transformed her yard beautifully with flowers and a pond.

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He didn’t know what to make of all this; it was obvious his neighbor had planned all of it and was waiting for the perfect time to execute. As usual, he went online and updated his followers on the recent happenings.

Time for a Background Check

Kristopher didn’t deny that he was at fault, to begin with. He had always been sorry for it and could remember expressing his remorse to the neighbor on the day of the incident. He didn’t understand why she was still bent on frustrating him.

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He logged on to Facebook and attempted a search for his neighbor. The results came back, and he found some rather shocking photos of his neighbor on a community page he had been following. Now he understood why she wanted that much money from him.

What an Awesome Revelation

As surprised as he was, he finally started to piece things together. The photos he found were Patricia and her friends on a luxury vacation, living lavishly in a 5-star facility in Hawaii.

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She was living an exotic life without worry because she was expecting a fortune from him, and here he was here, worried sick of all the recent happenings. He couldn’t understand why she was so unreasonable. But again, he went online to tell his story and report his findings.

Getting Ready for the Showdown

Several months passed, and Patricia was now enjoying her newly renovated home after her luxurious vacation. She had sued him for the damages and was asking for a total of $10,300 in compensation. She had it all planned out, but little did she know that Kristopher was also getting ready for her.

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They got to Court, and he presented his case through his lawyer. He remembered to mention everything, including the endless harassment, the outrageous financial quote, and her refusal of his proposed estimate.

The Final Verdict

Kristopher patiently waited for the day of the court ruling. He was confident of a fair verdict, as he had expertly presented his case firmly through his lawyer. And when the Court passed its final verdict, it was even better than he had previously imagined.

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The jury had confirmed his case and reckoned that he even offered her more than he was supposed to pay as the lawn was already damaged before the incident. They ruled that he was only due to pay $1,200 for the fence and that his lawyer’s charges would be paid from it.

He Got his Revenge

Patricia lost the case and was now getting much less than he previously offered her. It was a big blow to her finance, and she eventually went bankrupt as a result. She moved out a couple of months later and sold the house to cover part of her debt.

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Apparently, she had spent more than she could afford during her luxurious vacation in Hawaii. Kristopher enjoyed his win and was sure to post the rest of his story online. But he vowed never to play with fireworks again, as he had learned from his experience.