Awe-Inspiring Tales of Couples That Fell in Love in Mysterious Ways

God plays a matchmaker for all of us but leaves it up to us to decide where we seize the moment and make the person ours. While you are waiting for the perfect moment to fall heads over heels in love, your imperfect picture-perfect moment can be out there! All you need to do is let loose a bit and stop adhering to society’s definition of perfection, and you will see that love comes in all forms and settings. A young boy named Wang Zi-heng at the mere age of 6, claimed to his mother that he knew who he would marry. Now we as adults might scoff at such a childish claim but in his heart, love had taken hold for his next-door neighbor Qian-Qian. When Wang’s family moved out of the province of Henan, China, everyone thought that surely this love story was over and was just fantasy.

Two Kids Falling in Love
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Fate and universe worked together to turn this fantasy into a reality and had both of them meet each other suddenly after 18 years. Zi-heng’s determination made this into a very real fairy tale, which we do not get to witness often. But if it is true love, then it surely finds its way, like it brought these two lovebirds together.

A Bombing That Led to a Man Finding His Partner

It was a truly horrific day when two bombs went off in Boston on 13th April 2013 during a marathon. The death toll was 3 but the number of injured people were in hundreds. During this devastating time, an injured man named James Castello met a nurse Krista D’Agostino and an unusual friendship started.

Patient Falling in Love with a Nurse Who Cares for Him during Rehabilitation
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The couple met because of a bomb attack but did not let that define them as they got engaged in 2013 and married in 2014. “She hates when I say this, but I’m actually glad I got blown up. I wish everyone else didn’t have to, but I don’t think I would have ever met her if I didn’t, so I’m pretty happy,” Costello commented.

Who Knew Funerals Could Be the Hotspot of Love

Lynne Love, a funeral director, got the chance to play cupid when he was arranging a funeral for the wife of Tom Lennon and husband of Isabell Bacon separately. In Wickford, England, when the director of Co-operative Funeral care found himself with two people who were single and lonely, what did he do?

Meeting of Hearts Due to Funerals

He struck two arrows and set up a blind date for Tom and Isabell. Lo and behold! The pair got married after 6 months, and Love appeared as their witness. Can you imagine going from a funeral director to a matchmaker and finally a witness at someone’s wedding? When talking about his cupid role, Love said, “I think if I died tomorrow, this would be my greatest achievement.”

Hearts Connected but Racism of Others Threatens to Tear Them Apart

Two fortunate souls who met while playing for a lottery and when they won, they split the cash in half, this is the story of Eddie and Edith. Having spent their whole lives together as each other’s sweethearts, Eddie Harrison and Edith Hill thought that they would get the happiness ever after too. Still, the villains in this story are Edith’s daughters that are fighting for custody of her.

Couple Who Gambled Together, Stayed Together
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It is hinted that the fight is truly about racism since Eddie and Edith belong to different races, but the daughters claim that it is about Edith’s house. No matter what the case is, there is a high chance that Edith might lose her house and be separated from her lifelong partner which breaks our hearts.

A Lovely Rendezvous at the Prison Cafeteria

Prison would be the last place one would think to meet the love of their life, but this is what happened for Jeana Ramsey and Edward Johnson; one was a cook who served in the chow line while other was a seasoned criminal in place for getting a stolen property and a handgun violation. After Johnson served his time and was released, the couple moved in together immediately afterward.

Bars Cannot Keep Lovers Apart
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But crime never left Johnson’s blood, and they both were arrested for a bad bank robbery where two people were killed and one was injured. It can be said that they completed the circle by coming back to prison but both were prisoners this time; Johnson for 40 years and Ramsey for 7 years.

So you who is thinking that you will never find love, get out there and find the person who matches your level of weirdness and love.