Awkward Moments in Public, Caught on Camera

We’ve all heard the saying, “Dance as if no one is watching!” For those who haven’t, it’s simply saying that you should always be yourself regardless of the situation or the number of eyes that are on you. Sometimes, doing your thing is a great way to live life.

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But other times, it can also make you look awkward. And it’s in these moments that we truly appreciate the invention called the photographic camera. We’ve curated a list of some moments where people did awkward things in public, and someone was there with a camera at the right time!

Spiderman – No Money at Home

Have you ever been cash-strapped and needed to get somewhere? You have to figure out a way to get there, even if it means imitating your favorite superhero. It looks like he’s doing pretty well…for now. We don’t want to imagine what happens if the bus hits a pothole.

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He also probably didn’t think anyone would take a picture. Or, maybe he did and just didn’t care. A man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, right? Luckily for us, this person whipped their camera out quickly and got this picture of the low-budget Miles Morales.

Less Talk, More Working Out

Many people spend a great deal of time in the gym. We have no problem with this because we strongly support everyone trying to crush their fitness goals and stay healthy. But as it seems, working for that summer body and looking good isn’t just a human desire.

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This parrot looks to be getting in shape to look good for the lady parrots! Imagine going to the gym and getting your sweat on only to look over your shoulder to see a parrot outdoing you! As awkward as this is, it is also funny.

How to Avoid Conversations

If you’re shy and generally appreciate it if people don’t try to start a conversation with you – we’ve got a solution. Or, maybe you just think public transportation is too cramped and you need space. This woman and her pet snake are giving you some hints.

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Maybe this animal is for emotional support, which is fine. It’s just that it can be a little awkward for other people. The person carefully took the photo without her or her slithery friend’s knowledge. We wish they had taken a picture of the line so we could avoid it.

One in a Melon Hair

Every now and then, we all have different ideas pop into our heads. It could be about fashion and what we plan to wear to an event or even for the coming year. But sometimes, we just can’t decide what we want and may end up with something like this.

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On the other hand, when you accidentally stumble on someone with this weird hairdo, you get the golden chance to take a pic. That way, you know what you shouldn’t do. Dyeing your hair red is a bold choice, but doing this is just taking it to another level.

By Prayer and Supplication

Richard Roundtree said, “There’s nobody more opposite from John Shaft than a kid who worships a banana as his god.” When some people are having a really bad day, they sometimes visit a place of worship to say a little prayer. Who knows? Maybe it’ll get better.

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Perhaps that is what this guy in a banana costume is doing at the local fruit market. Whatever is going on in his life, we are certain that he didn’t expect anyone to be there to take a sneak pic of this. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Not a Fan of Dirty Seats

Everyone knows that public transportation seats are usually dirty. They don’t get much cleaning, so if you’re big on hygiene, this guy has a solution for you. Just hang out like him whenever you’re on the metro. But if the seats are so dirty, are the handrails any better?

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He most likely didn’t think that through. This is a strange way to ride the metro, and we hope he didn’t kick anyone’s face while getting up there. On the bright side, at least he got a few stretches in. That could be handy, especially if your job is hectic.

He Didn’t Skip Leg Day

Leg exercises work all of the major muscle groups in your body, which promotes healthy movement patterns in daily life and enhances overall athletic performance. Looking at this, we have so many questions, but it seems this man didn’t skip leg day. We find it to be an odd sight.

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How did they carry each package to the top? Moreover, how is he pedaling that bicycle? The woman in the background seems stunned. If this person hadn’t taken a good picture of it, we wouldn’t have believed it. Imagine explaining this without picture evidence.

He Was in a Hurry

You slept late last night. Your alarm wakes you up, and you hit snooze because why not? A few minutes of sleep won’t hurt, only for you to wake up and you’re already late. So, you scramble and in a frantic run, dress and head to the train station.

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This is the reality of some people, and we think it is for this man too. Due to the panicky run, you think you have everything, only for you to get to the station and realize you’ve forgotten something important. Well, this man just decided to go with it.

You Can’t Tell Me What to Do

Thousands of people go to the airport daily. If you have that many people in one place, you’re bound to see odd things. That’s why no one is telling this woman that she’s wrong about how she’s handling her baggage – because you see strange things like this.

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Honestly, this is just one of the little things you see in airports. But it still deserved to be documented. All this person needed to do was reach into their backpack gently, grab their phone, and take the picture. Luckily for us, they pulled it off quite well.

The Drip Goes Hard

People-watching is one of the best things you can do in life. Seriously. You not only get to learn about many different personalities, but you will also see some funny and incredible things too. If you need a piece of advice on where to get started, we suggest public transportation.

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When you put hundreds of people in one place, you’re bound to find something unusual. Just make sure your camera is with you and ready because you might run into someone who loves to dress this way. Clearly, they’re in their own world with this drip.

No Vacant Seat? No Problem

If you’ve been to any government facility, you’ll know that you sometimes stand in long queues. Since no one wants to stand for hours, people resort to sitting for a bit before their names are called, or they get what they want. But, you don’t always get seats too!

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What’s the solution? Well, you can just bring your own chair. It’s a solution, but taking a chair everywhere you go sounds weird and stressful. It looks like this man doesn’t mind, though. Apparently, he’s too tired of standing, and he did something about it. Strange? Yes. Clever? Absolutely.

No One Will Take You Seriously

Personal trainers can sometimes be intimidating. They’re in terrific shape, and then there’s you. But, you’ll agree that this trainer feels confident in his masculinity to the extent that his choice of outfit didn’t matter. If he didn’t, there’s no way he would’ve been able to rock this singlet.

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We bet he must have gotten awkward looks while wearing this because who wouldn’t take another look? It might not matter so much if it was a lion or maybe a tiger. A cute fluffy kitten just looks unusual to us. But, who knows? Maybe that’s just us.

He Would Like a Bite Too

A girl’s gotta eat, right? You’ll understand better if you live a fast-paced and hectic life. Every second counts and that includes the little time you have on the metro. But, if you’re eating something this big, maybe plan to share it with the hundred-something other people on board.

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Clearly, the rest of the people in this metro look hungry, too, especially the gentleman. Didn’t momma teach you to share? The man looks like he could risk it all for that chicken. But seriously, though, wouldn’t a sandwich be the best option given the circumstances?

One Step at a Time

Humans have loved building tall buildings for centuries and even millennia. A little bit of history and you’ll know ancient humans were fascinated about building tall structures. If you need any proof, just take a look at the pyramids of Egypt! But, what are these construction workers doing?

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This picture makes you wonder about the methods used in modern construction. And we’re sure that’s why someone thought it was important to take a picture so the whole world could see this awkward moment. We think this looks dangerous, though. Construction workers, could you please explain this to us?

Be Comfortable and Feel at Home

Sitting in one position for a long time can take its toll on you. People who have taken long flights or regularly take long metro rides will understand how uncomfortable it is to the body. We understand you may need to stretch, but this is taking it to another level.

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This man slipped out of his shoes and sprawled out just like he would in his living room. Must have been a long day. The person who took the picture couldn’t believe it and quietly captured the awkward moment for us to see and have a little laugh.

Fashion for All Times

This man doesn’t look like he cares that he’s the subject of everyone’s attention – okay, except the lady on the sidewalk who is just fixated on walking her kid home. The gentleman is content and happy about his style choices, and we find that amazing.

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But, it doesn’t stop us from wondering what he was thinking when he wore this, especially considering he’ll be on a bike. How does he pedal in those heels? That alone is a good reason to whip your camera out and take a picture of this moment.

When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

You’ve heard the popular saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” But that applies to other places, too, including Las Vegas. After all, that crazy city was the only place where this unusual occurrence could have been captured. It can only happen in Vegas.

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Well, at least the women waiting in line at In-N-Out have something to stare at as they wait. The best part is that the person even caught one of the gladiators vlogging. Now, that is absolutely hilarious. It truly has a case for the coolest queue of all time.

Holding on to Dear Life

When people want to move, they usually get a moving truck to make the process easier and faster. But, we all know how expensive moving trucks are. So, if you already have a truck, why not just stack all your stuff and get going? That’s what this person thought.

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Maybe safety is just a myth? What could possibly go wrong? As long as you’re careful, everything will be fine. Right? Whatever they were thinking, we’re sure they didn’t think anyone would snap this safety hazard. If they did, we’re sure they would have waved and given us a smile.

Another Way to Hold it Down

This is another picture of someone presumably relocating. Moving is labor-intensive. Usually, people save the bed for the last, and laying your head in-between houses could be a good idea. However, given the circumstances here, we doubt this guy will be getting any shut-eye. He looks quite uncomfortable.

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We can see why. He’s holding the mattress down to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s also a hazard because everything can come crashing down in a split second. Relocating usually involves lots of multitasking, but this guy takes the cake. So, we’ll give him some credit.

A Precarious Place to Sit

Whenever you find a really nice spot, you become blind to everything happening and only focus on that spot. Maybe that’s what happened to these people because it appears that they picked the worst place to sit. It looks like a dangerous place to chillax for the afternoon.

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As this person said, we wonder if they saw the huge rock behind them. Who knows? Maybe that spot has the best view of the park, and they were willing to risk anything for the beautiful scenery. The photographer decided to take a shot before you know…whatever happened.

One Too Many Transactions

We wonder how this happened and why no one thought to clean the mess up. It’s a fair question, and we’re sure the person who took the picture was asking the same too. The mass of receipts will probably make it difficult for anyone to use this ATM.

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Also, this seems dangerous. Not only the physical danger but the amount of financial information on the receipt doesn’t sit right with us. It’s a good thing that ATMs give us the chance to print a receipt or not. If you know you don’t need one, why print it?

Delivery Services Are Becoming Expensive

Many retail stores offer delivery, and it’s usually a good option for some of us. But, it also costs you extra, and if you’re on a budget, that extra cost could be a surprise. Hence, it’s understandable if you’re unwilling to pay. Of course, you can take your food home yourself.

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No one is gonna stop you because it’s yours already. It seems like that’s exactly what happened here with this man and his new computer. We hope the driver didn’t have any reason to step on the brake abruptly, or it could’ve been a totally different picture.

Why Would You Do That?

There are so many things wrong with this picture, and we don’t even know where to start. Okay, let’s try. When it’s raining as much as it is in this image, we understand that they may have a flooded yard and would definitely need this tube.

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But, is it legal to pick an irrigation tube from a construction site for personal reasons? Not only did this person get a picture of an unusual situation, but they could have documented a crime, especially with the number plate visible. Also, isn’t it dangerous to leave your door open?

Who Needs a Tow Truck?

It’s quite dangerous to leave an accident in the middle of the road. That’s why we have two trucks to do the job. But what happens when you can’t find a tow truck? What do you do? This man took the problem into his hands.

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He just loaded the crashed car into the back of his truck. At least it’s a truck too. And now it can tow. This isn’t something you see every day, so we’re not surprised that this person took a quick picture of it. We hope they were driving slow and safe.

There’s No Tiptoeing Around It

Just like the many entries on the list, we’re struggling to find a reason why this person did this? Did they want to prove that their toes were extraordinarily flexible? Or, maybe they had been walking a lot and wanted to stretch their feet to give them a little air.

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Regardless, we still don’t think this is normal, and just looking at it makes us uncomfortable. We’re sure we’re not alone, and that’s why this picture exists. The person sneaked this photo when they noticed this incredibly bizarre situation because this is not how you wear these.

Beware of the Dog

We can’t find the right words to describe how we feel about this. Creepy? Pretty close. Shockingly bizarre? That sounds more like it. Uncomfortably awkward? Yes, maybe. These are the things that come to mind when we see this rug. We understand the love for your pet.

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But, you’ll agree that there are less weird ways to remember your pet. We’ve never seen anything like this and obviously, neither has the person behind the camera. That’s why they pulled the camera out. There are no words that can describe how we feel right now. How about you?

Photo Shoot on a Budget

The first time we saw this picture, it seemed like we weren’t sober. Whenever we look at the advertisement, it always seems like we’re seeing double. Maybe there’s a reason for that – because the elderly gentleman is also the elderly woman with a wig on.

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What message were they trying to pass? They probably thought, “nobody’s gonna notice.” Of course, we’re going to notice. If we had seen this ad, we’d surely take our phones out to take a picture just like this person did. C’mon, guys, just look at this!

Parked in the Shade

There are many cities in the world that suffer from heavy traffic. Most people who live in capitals will probably be familiar with this. And, when you’re used to this, it becomes normal. You start to become desensitized to the situation. We think that’s what happened here.

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This person felt so at ease that they used their window coverings while still driving. How do they see? They probably can’t see anything, but when it looks like the traffic isn’t moving much, you might as well get comfortable. Regardless of the traffic, this still looks dangerous.

Make Yourself at Home

We understand that where you live will influence the culturally-acceptable norms. But, we’re quite sure that regardless of where you live, there’s no way this is legal or socially acceptable. Maybe we’re wrong because the rest of the traffic doesn’t seem to be too bothered by these guys.

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What could’ve led to this? There’s no way they were homeless from the look of things. But, they decided to make the crosswalk their living room, and they don’t look to be concerned about it. This isn’t just awkward, but disrupting traffic is a weird flex. Someone call the authorities.

Behaving Like a Proper Lady

Still, on culturally acceptable norms, everyone knows that when wearing a dress as a lady, you need to cross your legs. This woman clearly knows that, but she just wanted to make sure. So, she doubled down on the leg crossing. Not everyone can do this, though.

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It’s clear that this woman is double-jointed. If we were also sitting across from her, we would certainly sneak a picture when she wasn’t looking. Hopefully, this person was discreet enough and didn’t look like a weirdo while trying to capture a moment for the netizens.

You’ve Got a Pallet Delivery

Everything has its use unless it’s useless. Each vehicle is made for a purpose, and clearly, this car is being used for a task it wasn’t designed for. But this person obviously didn’t care and decided to go with it anyway. They just wanted to get the pallets home.

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Like most of the other awkward moments we’ve seen so far, this is also dangerous because the driver can’t see out the back window. Hopefully, whoever took this picture was only taking it as proof of an awkward moment and not as a lesson for them to do the same.

A Creative Life Hack

Life hacks are a big deal. There are many social media accounts and even websites dedicated to showing you ways to do things easily. Why has no one ever thought of this handy way of eating a banana? Cut the banana in half and pick a spoon to eat.

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This didn’t stray far away from strange because we’re sure you can just unwrap the banana and eat it. But, we don’t want to be that guy, so we’ll call it genius. It’s unique, and we can see why their friend wanted to document the hack for others to use.

Who Does Your Fur?

Most people love fashion. It’s why there’s a new trend every day, and you almost can’t keep up. It looks like it’s not just humans that have caught the fashion fever. We want to know what salon this squirrel went to! We also wonder how this picture was taken.

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The photographer must have been discreet enough to not spook the tiny creature. But what really happened in the first place? We don’t think anyone can tell us, but this squirrel is absolutely rocking that color. Hopefully, whatever that pink thing is, it doesn’t pose any harm to the animal.

All the Seats You Need

That’s a lot of chairs! We wonder where they all came from, but with that many chairs, something needs to be done. Someone needs to find them a home, so they don’t litter the environment. And, it seems like someone did find them a place to stay.

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Luckily, this space was open. As far as being dangerous goes, this is quite close to disastrous. We’ve seen many strange things in our world, and this just happens to be one of them. So, it’s unsurprising that this person chose to capture it. We would too.

Quick! Take the Picture!

Most businesses frown upon customers taking photos or videos when they are in their stores. Who can blame them? This is due to the possibility that you may be working for their rivals and want to undercut their prices. In a way, this makes sense.

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However, there are instances when you just have to risk the chance of being asked to leave and take the picture regardless. This is especially true when you see something like this odd product. This photographer had a friend cover them as they hurriedly took a picture and left.

It All Begins With a Step

Have you ever thought about how roads on dangerous mountains are built? We bet you never thought about it because neither have we. Now that we’ve seen a similar project in action, we can’t help but think there has to be a better and safer way.

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And, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who think that way, especially after seeing this picture. That backhoe is poised precariously on a mountainside. The person took the photo secretly because it’s likely that the firm wouldn’t want it to become public. We can all see why.

One Pixar Movie Won’t Hurt

If you have ever lost your significant other after a long flight and are looking for them, you most certainly wouldn’t look for him in the kids’ center. However, that’s precisely where this woman found her lover. He was just sitting with the kids, watching a Pixar movie.

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It must have been one heck of a movie. But, before the woman said anything, she took a moment to take a picture that she could use later. We’re sure she’s going to get that massage she’s always been asking for. Our boy was caught lacking here.

Dad, This Is a Bad Idea!

We imagine this cat is saying, “What is this hoo-man doing?” as the cat’s dad swings it from the ceiling, singing the Spiderman theme song. Either that or it’s thinking, “who the heck thought this was a good idea?” with some feline personality sprinkled into it.

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Even the cat’s face says it all. It is not very happy with what is going on. We kinda hope the woman got a video too, so everyone gets to see how her man spends his leisure. Someone, please tell him to put the cat down, though.

Use What You Have to Get What You Want

As we mentioned earlier, everything has its purpose – unless it’s useless. In this picture, you can see someone using a bra to accomplish a task that’s clearly not what it’s meant for. At least it makes a great picture that you can keep on your phone and show everyone.

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He must have forgotten his eye mask, and the sun was too bright so he made do with whatever he could find. To take the photo before he woke up was smart. All that’s left to do is ask for your bra back. We reckon it’ll be a fun conversation…

That’s What Shopping Does to You

You’ll understand this better if you’ve ever accompanied a woman shopping. Whether your mother or wife, most women spend a lot of time shopping. It looks like this man found the bed! From the look of things, it’s pretty comfortable and can fit a child as tall as his torso.

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When you get too hot, there is a space to stow the bedding. Simply roll it into a ball and place it on the boat’s bow. Whether this picture was taken by this man’s wife or by a random customer wandering through the store, it is definitely a priceless one.

Spiderman – No One at Home

This is for those whose husbands stay at home. When you go to work, it’s only normal that you expect your significant other who is at home to get some stuff done. But, if you go home earlier than expected, then we’re not responsible for what you find.

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It’s certainly not going to be what you expected. It seems he didn’t expect it, either. Also, he didn’t expect that she would stealthily snap a picture of him to hold over him later, but she did. Now, even the whole world has seen it.

We’re Not Going to Judge Him

We’ve all heard people say cartoons and animations are for kids. But many people don’t care. Everybody has their guilty pleasures, and that’s perfectly fine. For this guy, maybe this is what calms his nerves down after a hectic day, but perhaps he shouldn’t let everyone see this.

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That’s because many will agree that this might be an immature show to help him relax. His roommate was able to capture this image by being extremely quiet, which makes it useful as blackmail material. How long did this poor guy take to realize someone was standing behind him?

No Hot Dogs in the House

We want to know, who would be more embarrassed about this picture – the dog or the human? We can’t say, but it’s certainly a strange sight. But it’s understandable if you don’t want a hot dog in the house. It looks like this woman doesn’t.

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It’s not wrong or unsurprising that the woman is helping the dog get some cool air. We just think it looks funny. And thankfully, someone saw the hilarious situation and had their camera close to them to take this iconic picture. We’re sure they’ll be laughing about it too.

Making Sure it Works

Many people always say men are just big kids. There is lots of proof of them being big babies whenever they get comfortable. Just in case you don’t agree, this might be the proof to realize that it may be a true statement after all. But that’s okay, though.

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Growing up shouldn’t make you lose some of your childlike tendencies. But, maybe he should have checked everywhere to make sure everyone was asleep before playing with the racetrack. This person caught the big guy playing and took a picture that will be used to troll him for years.

Keeping the Doughnut Safe

Have you ever had a roommate who just couldn’t stop eating your food no matter where you hid it? Also, have you ever had your bike stolen? Now, we don’t know what’s going on here; we hope that someone was just trying to keep their snack for later.

Source: Reddit

If not, then the thief left a doughnut as compensation for the bike they stole, which, when you think about it, is kind of funny. We wonder if the person who took this hilarious but embarrassing picture ever thought about splitting the donut in half and having a snack.