Cringeworthy Family Snaps to Make You Feel Better About Your Own Family!

Every family has an album of old snaps. These usually see the light of day during the holidays or when someone is feeling nostalgic after a glass of wine or two. The problem is, most of the snaps contained within these albums are usually enough to make you cringe!

The good news is that there is always someone who has worse family photographs than you do, and this collection certainly shows that!

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When you look through your old albums, the snaps you see will either make you smile in fondness or make you want to hide behind a cushion. Whichever option you end up going for, these are memories that will stay with you forever. What you don’t want is someone else to see them and for them to go viral for everyone else to laugh at. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened with these photos for these poor family members!

The Brady Bunch on a Tree?

At first glance, this photograph looks charming. However, think about how much trouble it must have been to get everyone into position in order to take the photo in the first place.


Perched up there, looking uncomfortable as can be, this family resemble the Brady Bunch with their cutesy smiles. However, you can’t help but wonder whether those smiles hide gritted teeth and thoughts of “get me down from here!”

Spot The Odd One Out

Teenagers go through phases and from looking at this photograph, you can only assume that this teenager was going through her goth stage! We have to assume those are her three siblings, all dressed in beach attire and ready to swim.


Can you imagine going swimming in that attire? Difficult, hot, and not so easy to handle the waves! You can bet that when she looks back on it now, she cringes in embarrassment but probably a little fondness too. At least she went to the beach!

Say Hello to Breakfast

Trying to capture a precious family snap whilst your children are small isn’t the easiest thing. That’s probably considered to be an understatement for this mom and dad who certainly had their hands full on the day.


Not only is one child busy looking his father’s pockets, but his brother is busy throwing his breakfast back up. The baby doesn’t want to look at the lens either! At least the mom and dad look great!

You’re Squashing Me!

There are many, many things we could say about this photograph. Firstly, wow. That’s some flexibility right there. Secondly, is it us or do their facial expressions look rather pained? Thirdly, can you imagine that poor child’s embarrassment in later years?

Source: Pinterest

We can only assume that this family are hugely into yoga and dance and they wanted to show off their skills in a baby photo to remember. It’s certainly a memorable one, but perhaps not for the right reasons!

Somebody Call a Stylist, Quick!

There is no question that this is mother and daughter. It’s a literal mirror image! However, dressing the child in exactly the same glasses, hair, and similar clothing? It’s a snap this little one will look back on and wonder why, oh why!


Of course, it all comes down to the style of the time. Perhaps when this photograph was taken, this type of look was all the rage. And that curly hair is seriously impressive and something many people use a lot of products to try and achieve.

The Return of Annabelle

At first glance, this photograph looks rather cute. It’s just a brother and sister smiling at the camera on their front porch, right? Look behind the door and prepare to be shocked! Is it Annabelle from the horror movie? It certainly looks like her!


Thankfully, it is not a ghostly child but the little sister who obviously didn’t want to be part of the photograph. She was obviously sulking and refusing to go outside but maybe her parents should be a little more mindful of what they dress her in next time!

Cool? Not So Much!

We’re not sure if this is three brothers or a father and two sons, but either way, they are NOT cool. Pointing to a personalised car registration plate saying ‘cool’ doesn’t make you stylish either.


Check out the moustache and the mullet hairstyle! What about the gold chunky medallion and the aviator-style sunglasses? It’s all a little ‘70s gone wrong for us and it doesn’t stand the test of time very well at all!

Step Away From The Terrified Cat

There are too many things wrong with this photograph but perhaps the worst is that the cat really does not want to be photographed. Either that, or it’s so extremely proud of its nether regions that it wants to capture them on film.

Source: Pinterest

The outfits are also extremely questionable and as for the cheesy grin with the galactical background? This looks like a photograph they would have paid actual money for and in that case, they really should demand their money back!

Mrs Santa Took a Wrong Turn

We’re confused by this photograph, but not as confused as “Mrs Santa” who clearly bought her outfit from an adult store by accident. Firstly, latex is never a good idea for a family setting and the length of the skirt? Questionable.


The kids look happy at least, although perhaps not when they look back at this photograph when they’re grown. In that case, it will probably be one of those snaps that gets put to the very back of the album, or destroyed altogether. It’s probably for the best …

All The Colours of The Rainbow

Ten out of ten for effort. Each family member is a colour of the rainbow, arranged in an arc shape to capture the moment. However, if you’re really going to go to all of that effort and use all of that paint, wouldn’t you have painted the feet too?


Despite the shoe mishap, it’s a great photo moment for when the kids are older. You also have to say that mom and dad look like they put far more effort into their own face painting than the kids’!

This Boy Needs a Warning

When puberty hits, the hormones start flying all over the place and boys start to notice certain things about girls. It seems this young boy is noticing two very obvious things about this bride.


Perhaps it’s time for his father to sit him down and have “the talk”. It’s probably not one of the most save-worthy photos for this bride to want to keep on her big day, but it’s certainly one to embarrass the boy with when he’s older!

In Case You Weren’t Aware, She’s Pregnant

Gender reveals are obviously old news and now we have pregnancy reveals – as if the growing bump wasn’t making it obvious enough! This mother-to-be and her son are obviously big basketball fans and decided to turn the soon-to-be-new-arrival into a basketball. Charming.

Source: Pinterest

You have to say the photo would have been more special and a little more save-worthy is the mother’s face had actually been in the shot too. As it stands, we have no idea who this mother-to-be actually is!

Even The Cat Looks Confused

Oh no, no, no. If you’re going to send a Christmas card, make it a fun and attractive picture, don’t sit there with a glass of wine and pretend you’re eating fondue in front of the fire, whilst dressed in extremely questionable attire.


We have no idea what this pair were thinking or whether they were serious or joking, but let’s hope it’s the latter. Even the cat looks like it has no idea what’s going on, which quite frankly, neither do we!

Caught in The Middle

These two family dogs are obviously cute and cuddly most of the time but when asked to pose nicely for a photograph, they decided to bring up some unresolved issues. The poor guy in the middle looks half amused and half terrified at being squashed between two warring mutts!


The fact that the other family members find the whole thing hilarious tells us that perhaps this is something which happens a lot. Maybe these two dogs are simply rowing over something small, like who stole who’s bone.

This is a Joke, Right?

When you first look at this photograph you could be forgiven for cringing so hard that you stay in the same position for minutes. However, the good news is that the photograph was completely staged as a joke. Phew!

Source: Pinterest

Upon seeing one too many ‘past times’ photographs, this family decided to do their own. Finally, a family photo with a sense of humour and not taking themselves too seriously! If only the fondue guys were joking …

An Ode to Denim & Mullets

The early ‘80s have a lot to answer for. Questionable fashion choices, a huge amount of ripped denim, bright eyeshadow, and of course, the famous mullet hairstyle. It seems this family were huge fans of the hair ‘do, to the point where they all decided to adopt it.


If you want an image of exactly what the ‘80s looked like, this is it. Even the young boy is rocking the mullet and oversized, acid-washed denim. We wonder whether he ever shows this photo these days? Probably not.

At One With Mother Nature

Capturing the last month before giving birth is a wonderful idea, however do be careful how you do it because you’re not going to get the same moment again! This mother-to-be somehow decided that the picture wouldn’t be complete without a goat.


Maybe she’s a huge fan of goats, or maybe she just thought it represented motherhood somehow. Either way, it’s a photograph both she and her unborn child are unlikely to forget in a hurry!

Showing Off Their “Joy”

Staged photographs look great when everything goes right. The problem is that when you involve either children or animals, the chances of the snap going right are extremely slim. That’s exactly what happened here. Maybe they were being ironic?

Source: Pinterest

Holding a sign that clearly says ‘joy’ with three young ones screaming at the top of their lungs is a total contradiction but let’s be honest, it’s a more accurate description of life with children than anything else!

We’re Confused, Send Help

There is nothing about this photograph that makes sense. Absolutely nothing. Firstly, why is the guy in the middle facing away from the camera, and who is the girl sitting on his knee looking extremely uncomfortable?


As for the woman in the sunglasses, why is she holding a cleaning broom, and wait a second, is that Ozzy Osbourne? We’re confused, and we need to clarify this rather odd photograph immediately!


At first glance, this photograph isn’t anything too crazy but when you look a little closer, you can see two major problems. Firstly, the mother clearly isn’t feeling the moment, as she grimaces rather than smiles.


Secondly, it looks almost like the three girls in the photograph are all naked from the waist up, thanks to the strapless tops they’re wearing. At least, we hope they’re wearing something – we can’t really tell from the photograph itself!

The Child Contortionist

Again, this is another photograph that looks quite sweet and regular when you first glance at it, but look down. Go on, look down at her feet. Ew! Yes, it looks like her feet are on backwards and she’s somehow contorting her entire body.


We can only hope this is some kind of camera illusion and that we don’t have a talented contortionist on our hands. Despite that, she looks like a sweet little girl and if her feet weren’t on the wrong way, it would be a snap to save for future years.

Plunging to New Depths

Kids often love the strangest of toys. You can spend a fortune on the latest toy, only for your child to fall in love with the cardboard box it came in. It seems this little girl is crazy for plungers.

Source: Pinterest

The rather worrying thing is that she seems to have quite a collection of them and is sitting there looking oh-so-proud of them. If you wanted to make her feel embarrassed when she’s older, show this photo and it would certainly do the trick!

Are There Birds Nesting in There?

There are some trends throughout history that we look back on and smile about, and some that we want to forget. When it comes to questionable choices, the ‘80s dishes them up in abundance. Check out the hair for one – are there birds nesting in there?


How much hairspray did they use? We have to wonder whether they’re still trying to get rid of all that excess product even now! One thing’s for sure, they probably wish this photograph didn’t exist.

The Denim Domino Effect

Denim is a wardrobe staple for all of us, something we go-to on a regular basis. However, this family seem to have a rather unhealthy appreciation for denim – all of them. The photograph idea itself is cute, albeit uncomfortable, but the clothing?


We can only imagine how the oldest sibling feels with four others laid on his back. He’s smiling, but wait a minute, is that a grimace? If so, it could be at being forced to wear denim on denim yet again.

Dad Appreciation Day

We can only assume that this father has a rather inflated sense of self. He must have, to put himself all over one side of the photograph, with his adoring family squashed into the other corner. What happened to sharing the limelight?


Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time, but we have to wonder what his family felt about it at the time and indeed, whether this photo ever sees the light of day now!

It’s The Only Way We Could Get Him To Behave …

Children and posed photographs don’t really go together all that well and it’s often that they start screaming and having a tantrum when you ask them to sit still and smile. For this family, perhaps letting their son wear his favourite mask was the only way he would behave.

Source: Pinterest

The other child seems content enough, but who knows, maybe he was bribed with candy! You can never predict how your children will react when a camera is pointed in their direction but at least they got a snap to remember out of it!

Get That Camera Out of My Face!

This little boy is adorable. His parents seem super-proud of him and want to share his younger years with the world, and remind him of his cuteness when he’s older. This probably isn’t the photo they expected, but it’s a classic nonetheless.


The little boy probably hadn’t seen a professional camera before and back in the day, those cameras were huge. So, you can’t blame him for looking a little scared at a huge piece of machinery pointing in his direction!

Look At Us, We’re the Coolest Family Around

Cool or smug? You decide. Personally, we think they look a little smug and the collective sunglasses do nothing to take that away from the snap. It doesn’t even look that sunny in the studio, what do they need sunglasses for anyway?


Again, we have to blame the influence of the ‘80s for this horror-show of a photograph. It’s likely this family will look back on and it wonder what they were thinking. Memories, eh? They’re not always things you want to recall!

What Are They Looking at?

This photograph is confusing on many levels. We have no idea who the girl is, blown up to a larger level than everyone else? Is she even related? Secondly, why is everyone looking into the distance?

Source: Pinterest

Maybe they’re looking for the girl, and in that case, she’s behind you! Seriously though, this is a car crash of a photograph on so many levels and the woman at the bottom of the photograph doesn’t even look that impressed.

The Classic Male Model Pose

At first glance, these guys look like a bunch of magicians, and then when you look more closely, you wonder whether they’re a male dance troupe. From the similarities between then, we’re assuming that they’re actually brothers, which doesn’t make the cheesiness of the snap any less.


If you’re going to photograph three brothers together, make them wear some clothes and smile a little! Secondly, the background is super ‘80s, making this whole photograph one they probably wish they could forget about.

Following in Her Brother’s Footsteps

At first glance this photograph looks cute but then you spot the rather murderous look in the older brother’s eyes. Then, to make it worse, you spot the same look on the little girls’ face. It’s all a little to chilling for words!


Let’s hope they were just in a bad mood and really didn’t want to take the photograph, but let’s be honest, the look of total fury and rage on the little girl’s face makes us not want to be anywhere near her!

Buy One, Get Six More Free

You have to hand it to this photographer, he managed to arrange these seven siblings in perfect height order, to create this domino effect. It looks a little like those Russian dolls you buy in stores – you buy one doll and you end up with six others inside!


Capturing your growing brood can be done in many ways but even though you have to smile at how cheesy this photograph is, it’s one which will probably be framed and hung somewhere in the house, taking pride of place.

They Just Love Rabbits

Taking posed photographs isn’t a bad thing, but you do need to be careful of the theme and make sure that you’re not going to cringe in years to come. Do you think this couple thought they would cherish this photograph for decades?

Source: Pinterest

They obviously love their rabbits, and whether they went on to have their own children or not, they already have their hands full with their furry brood! Rabbits may look cute, but they multiply like crazy!

It’s Enough to Give You Nightmares

Did this child actually sleep after this photograph? Or, did he have nightmares for years? We’re probably going to have nightmares after seeing it ourselves! It’s the ultimate in creepy and we can’t even work out what is going on.


Sandwiched in the middle of his mother and father, this little boy looks a little scared and when you look at their faces, you can see why. They’re wearing his face as a mask. It’s weird, it’s scary, and it’s something you should never do!

Everyone Get in The Shot!

This photograph shows that embarrassing snaps existed long before colour cameras and iPhones! With various family members looking in different direction, and the odd uncle planking sideways on the tree branch, this is one of the oddest snaps we’ve seen!


You have to give it to the guy in the tree – staying still and looking serene whilst balancing on a thin branch is a talent. They even got the children to stand still and look at the camera which is another talent in itself!

Calling Back The ‘80s

We’re assuming this family were so impressed with their new phones that they wanted one for everyone, and two for each child! Then, they wanted to show off their new purchases with the cheesiest photograph in history.


Look at the size of the phones compared to what we have these days. It’s hard to remember phones ever being that big. It’s also hard to remember fashion being as bad as it is in this photograph.

A Disaster of a Photograph

Firstly, we have the guy doing a nosedive into the water from his surfboard. If that wasn’t comical enough, we have 7 people in shot who are all showing exactly what they think about the photograph from their facial expressions.

Source: Pinterest

Nobody is looking where they’re supposed to, nobody wants to be there, and the nosediving surfer just won’t get out of the shot. It’s a catastrophe, but it’s one which certainly adds some humour to evenings spent checking out old photographs!

Someone Take Me Away From All of This

This photograph is obviously staged to be goofy and wacky, which makes it look great, but then you spot the grumpy male family member at the back and you have to wonder whether this is all at his expense!


Maybe he never smiles, or maybe he’s looking at his madcap family and wondering what went wrong. Either way, it’s a great photo to look back on. We just wish we could read the guy’s thoughts!

If Looks Could Talk …

The mother is the only one in this photograph who looks like she wants to be there! We have the father who looks like he’s suddenly remembered that he needs to be elsewhere, and a little girl who really wants to be anywhere but there.


Perhaps it’s the dress they made her wear, or the fact that she much preferred to be out playing with her friends. Either way, she’s not impressed and from the fashion on show, you can’t really blame her!

Rocking The Family Shirt

Do they really love this shirt or is it a joke? From the little girl in front’s face, we can only imagine that she’s not the biggest fan! If you look down, it also looks like she’s just had a little accident so perhaps that explains the expression of ‘oops’.

Source: Pinterest

Let this be a lesson – when your child says they don’t want to take a photograph because they need to go to the bathroom, believe them and wait for the snap until later! This is a photograph she’ll probably want to forget.

When You Go Down To The Woods Today …

If you look at any horror film over the last 20 years, the majority feature spooky woods as a setting for a mass murder or some other creepy goings-on. So, it makes perfect sense to take the entire family down to the same kind of spooky woods for some photographs, right?


From the looks on their faces, we wonder what they saw, and what the baby is actually doing. It is transforming into a wolf? Is it about to turn into a ghost? Either way, it’s terrifying and a lesson to never go to the woods!

The Dog Didn’t Read The Scene

Check out this adorable photograph. Several generations all sandwiched together in the garden, enjoying the sun and capturing a special moment. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Even though the little baby is fast asleep, it’s a picture to cherish.


However, not everything is quite as it seems. Look at the background on the left hand side. Look really closely. Can you see it? Yes, we’re talking about the dog who couldn’t wait to go to the toilet. What great timing.

We’re Coming to Get You

At first glance this photograph looks genius. Each member of the family has their own windowpane, almost acting like a photo frame. It’s cute, right? It is until you look at their facial expressions as a whole.

Source: Pinterest

Look for a little longer and it starts to take a more sinister turn. They look like they’re staring in at you from outside and they’re trying to get into your house. It’s quite terrifying and makes you want to close the curtains!

Positioning is Everything

Everything about this photograph at first glance seems wholesome and beautiful. It’s just a mother, father, and two daughters having their family shot taken to hang on the wall. That is until you see the position of the dog on the father’s lap.


The fact the dog is looking at the camera with a strange expression really doesn’t help matters. This just goes to show that positioning really is everything in photographs, and this one is probably best kept hidden!

The Practical Joker of The Family

This little girl is obviously the practical joker of the family and here we see her jokingly licking her brother’s ear as the photographer is about to press the capture button. Whatever way you look at it, it’s genius timing!


Of course, siblings are known for their rivalry and jokes, so we have to question how long it took for the little brother to grow up, see the photograph and take his revenge at the best possible moment!

A Family That Cleans Together, Stays Together

This family obviously just discovered the wonder of handheld vacuum cleaners and they seem extremely pleased with their purchases! Why they all needed one is a mystery but maybe they just like to be clean?

Source: Pinterest

You shouldn’t leave anyone out however, and that means the baby may be feeling a little on the side lines. The grandma looks like she’s wielding her vacuum a little unsafely; maybe they should give that one to the baby!

Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Chicken? Check!

When you imagine your prom day, you think about dresses, hair, makeup, corsages, etc. But, do you imagine chickens? Apparently this trio do! Maybe they’re the family pets, or perhaps it’s some kind of tradition that’s passed down through the generations.


Either way, let’s hope they didn’t actually take the chickens to the prom – can you imagine the mess? And, let’s hope the chickens didn’t ruin their beautifully arranged prom dresses too. Chickens can be messy creatures!

The Art of Sulking

Most people love gondola rides. They take you over the city and you get to check out the sights from the air. You also get to have a souvenir photograph taken to remember the experience by. It seems this sibling didn’t want to remember the experience at all.


Everyone else looks relatively happy and he looks miserable. Did they have an argument mid-flight? Was he scared of heights? We can only imagine what made him look quite so sulky on what should have been a fun experience!

What a Dummy

The 80’s gave us fashion horrors, including shoulder pads and hair bigger than the Eiffel Tower, but where did the ventriloquist dummy come from? Here we see four sisters, their pets, and their dummy.

Source: Pinterest

It’s all a little odd, in fact it looks quite sinister on second glance. We can only assume the photographer wanted to fill the gap in the middle somehow and decided that a rather terrifying ventriloquist’s dummy was the way to do it.