Daughters Who Wore Their Mothers’ Wedding Dresses and Looked Stunning

While many contemporary weddings might be too lavish or even tacky, some couples want to stick with tradition and express their love for their family. Many young brides choose to honor their family by exchanging vows in gowns that once belonged to their mothers and grandmothers.

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Without the support of our family, our wedding days wouldn’t be as memorable. So why not honor them with a pleasant act to make it even more special?! Here, we’ve compiled a list of brides who made their wedding day more special with their moms’ wedding dresses.

The Dream Romantic Beach Wedding

Many girls dream of tying the knot in a romantic beach wedding, but not everyone realizes that dream. The few who do must make it special, and this girl absolutely did. The big question for her (of course, after “will you marry me?”) was what to wear for the big day.

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Since it was a beach wedding, it would no doubt be breezy. But she found the perfect solution. It was her mom’s classic wedding gown, but the lace collar and long sleeves didn’t stop her. She only needed to get rid of the unnecessary fabric to transform the dress.

A Few Adjustments and It Was Perfect

Even though her mother’s wedding gown was too old-fashioned for her taste, she insisted on wearing it. There were many adjustments to be made, but it was worthwhile because she ultimately succeeded in turning one dress into two. High-neck wedding dresses are less common these days.

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So, the bride didn’t think twice about wearing the dress. The dress was given one last touch: a lace covering and a train made out of an old skirt. The remaining material was used to make a dress for her niece, who stood as the wedding’s flower girl.

Same Dress, Different Eras

The first time you look at this, it might appear as though these dresses from mother and daughter aren’t the same. But just look closely, and you’ll see it’s indeed the same dress. It’s incredible how the same dress can look so different after the bride adds her unique style.

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The mom’s original design was a romantic long sleeve lace dress that was popular in her time. And years later, her daughter tweaked it into something equally elegant – a mermaid-like gown with a corset and accessories to match. The simple jewelry and lovely bridal hat are just wonderful!

United by Blood and Dress

This picture alone is enough to describe how special the relationship between a mother and her daughter can be. No wonder this daughter chose to dress in a way that would make her mother feel even more special. It was definitely going to be her mom’s dress.

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The new bride chose a simpler wedding look, going for a sleeveless gown with no veil. And she looks as stunning as her mom did in the photo they are both holding. That picture was taken decades ago. What a way to make your mom feel special.

All It Took Was 34 Years

This girl not only wore her mother’s wedding gown on her special day, but she also wed on almost exactly the same date her parents exchanged their vows. Her mother got married on December 11 in the left picture, while the image on the right was taken on December 12.

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That was 34 years and one day later. This mom has some great maintenance skills. She preserved her wedding dress for more than three decades in case the daughter ever wished to wear it. And the bride proudly donned her mother’s bridal dress after making minor adjustments.

Three Daughters, One Dress

As if having your daughter wear your wedding dress on her big day wasn’t incredible enough, imagine watching two of your daughters wear it. This mother of three must have felt on top of the world after her two daughters walked down the aisle in her wedding gown.

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The first daughter was so in love with the dress that she barely changed anything. The second, however, made it more modern to fit what she had in mind. Both styles look fabulous, and this mom did a great job raising these wonderful daughters with honor.

It Was a Wish Come True

Most women who want to get married seek professional advice for their dresses before making a decision. But some are lucky to have those professionals in their families. This beautiful bride happens to have a seamstress as her cousin. It was definitely going to be a glorious wedding!

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She dreamed of a modern sleeveless gown that would be perfect for her body and personality. And this cousin got to work immediately. You can see she did such an incredible job modifying this dress. Getting someone who knows you to help plan your wedding is a blessing.

Some Dress Transformation, but Same Gown

Many people consider their weddings to be the most important day of their lives. No wonder they don’t want to leave anything to chance. This pretty lady dreamed of the day she would wear her mother’s gown for so long but needed some professional help to make it fit.

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Thankfully, she got it. The picture was shared on Instagram by a company that updates old wedding dresses, and we can see that there was a huge amount of work and dedication put into modernizing this dress. Most of the material had to go, but it’s still stunning.

Dressed for the Special Day

Not many people can keep things for so long, but this mom took good care of her dress from decades back. It looked just as new when her daughter wore it for her big day. We can’t even decide who looks better in these pictures.

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Thanks to the timeless and elegant gown, these two ladies look mesmerizing! The daughter didn’t need to make too many adjustments before saying “I do.” She just needed to pass on the long gloves and veil, and she was ready for a life-long commitment with the man of her dreams!

Overexcited About Mom’s Dress

This girl was so in love with her mother’s wedding gown that she couldn’t wait to try it on and see herself in the mirror. It appears as though the bride-to-be barely adjusted the gown, so she must have really fallen in love with it.

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She even chose to keep the veil and puffy sleeves, both of which were fashionable in the 1980s. As it did on her mother many years ago, this wedding dress looks gorgeous on her, and based on the smile on her face, she is equally pleased with it.

What a Perfect Dress Looks Like

Some wedding dresses are so perfect and timeless that they can be worn over and over again by different generations. And they would never look old or from a different era. That’s what you call a classic dress, and this wedding gown below is one of them.

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The only thing the daughter didn’t fancy about her mom’s dress was the hat, so she got rid of it. We can live with that – they’re not in vogue anymore when it comes to wedding dresses. Everything else was perfect for her, and she was ready for her big day.

We All Want a Happily Ever After Story

After meeting her husband via a dating app, this woman said YES to him after ten dates. She began looking for a dress and then ran into her mom’s bridal dress from 35 years ago in a closet. She tried it on, and it fit perfectly.

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According to her, “My dad saw me, and his eyes started tearing up. He said: ‘Your mom will always be with you.’ Her mother had kept this gift for her, and she couldn’t be happier. “My Sleeping Beauty will be always in my heart,” she said.

Little Adjustments for a Big Day

When you look at old wedding dresses, you will notice that the sleeves used to be much more prominent. Well, it was the prevalent style during most of our parents’ time. Short, puffy, long, cap – just name it. But the newer generation of brides have changed the trends.

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And this beautiful bride isn’t an exception. She wanted her mom’s dress for her wedding day but wanted a sleeveless dress. She wasted no time in getting to work and redesigning the gown. We love how she kept her makeup and hairstyle minimal and classy for her dream wedding.

Old or New, You Can’t Tell

What happens when a daughter wants to wear her mother’s old wedding gown for her special day, but it doesn’t quite fit her style? Well, she apparently found the answer and decided to share it with the world! And we absolutely love what she did.

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This bride found a way to combine some retro-inspired elements with her own chic style. And the end result? Magic! Although it obviously involved getting rid of some excess material, it was worth it in the end. The bride was very happy with her dress as she walked down the aisle.

That’s a Happy Bride

As we’ve seen many times already on this list, many brides prefer sleeveless gowns since it’s the trend. This bride is no exception. She got rid of the sleeves and turned her mom’s classic wedding gown into an elegant and sophisticated piece of art.

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If you look deeper, you’ll find some similarities. But we bet you don’t have to look too hard to find the resemblance between mother and daughter in these pictures. If not for the glasses, we probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference! Her smile shows how happy she is.

A Story Waiting for 32 Years

This mom kept her wedding gown for more than three decades, and it was absolutely worth the wait. Unlike other brides, the daughter retained the sleeves and pretty much didn’t change anything else. The quality of the two pictures is the only thing that gives it away.

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Both mother and daughter look identical! As it appears, their fashion taste and face aren’t the only identical thing. Mother and daughter both love flowers. They chose a rich bouquet for their big days, and the daughter even went as far as replacing the veil with a flower crown.

Just Trying Mom’s Gown On

Did you ever imagine wearing your mom’s wedding dress as a kid? This girl certainly did. But not only as a kid; she also brought that imagination to life on her wedding day. She may have tried the dress on for fun, thinking it would be a disaster.

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But looking at the mirror, she knew it was the perfect gown for her – the dress of her dreams. She didn’t need to look any further and didn’t have to change anything. It was perfect just that way. Here’s another example of a mother and daughter in sync!

Three Generations of Magic

We’ve seen wedding gowns being worn by two generations, but this family took it a notch higher. This wedding gown was so lovely that three generations wore it as they walked down the aisle. Well, we can see why they all loved the dress so much.

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This gown is so magnificent, and the fact that none of the women altered it is a true testament to its exquisite and timeless beauty. You can’t say no to a gown like this. This gown will make any bride speechless, and we can almost imagine ourselves wearing it.

Nothing Feels Better Than Making Mom Happy

This beautiful bride made her mom the proudest mom when she took her wedding gown for one more walk down the aisle. But her mom keeping this dress for 41 years is equally impressive. How did she keep it new for that long? That’s some serious maintenance skills.

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She kept it for a reason, though – in hopes that one day, her daughter would wear that same gown too. This mother got her desire, and her daughter got her dreams. The daughter even took a vintage-style photo to look almost like her mom! Mother must have been proud.

Grandma to the Rescue

Although every bride on this list must be lucky to be able to wear their mother’s wedding gown, this bride’s story is even more special. Not only was the dress worn by her mother, but it was also designed by her grandmother. Look at that gown. Class is truly permanent.

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It must have been an emotionally overwhelming moment for these three women. For three generations to be so connected this way is something you don’t get to see often. Thankfully, grandma was also present to witness her work of art in action one more time. What a day!

All Perfect, Nothing to Change

We aren’t sure if this pretty lady wore her mom’s dress for her special day or was just trying it on. But we think she absolutely should! This daughter had already planned her wedding day and got her modern wedding gown before wondering what her mom’s wedding dress would look like.

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She went into the box and was surprised at how great the vintage wedding gown looked on her. She looks superb in this picture. It may be unusual, but her smile shows she loves it. Who knows? Maybe she ditched her modern dress for this one.

Walking Down the Aisle 38 Years Later

This girl wanted to recreate her parents’ wedding in her mother’s gown 38 years after they got married. From the picture, we can see that both mom and daughter are minimalists and their styles are simplistic. The bride went with a straightforward and exquisite look.

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She knew she still had to make some adjustments to make the dress fit her perfectly and also match today’s trends. All she needed to do was to remove the neckerchief and the straps, and voila! She sealed the deal by taking her wedding photos in nature.

Modernizing Her Mother’s Wedding Dress

If you think white wedding gowns are cliché, then who says you need to follow the convention? This is YOUR big day, and hopefully, you never need to do it a second time! Why not do it in your style and something you’ll remember forever? That’s what this bride did.

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She defied the convention to marry on her own rules, and we love it. This mother and daughter got married wearing a 1973 pantsuit. And they pulled it off incredibly. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and happy about your choice. Their faces confirm they loved it.

Same Place, Different Decade

When you start digging into the closet and looking through old family stuff, you never know what you’ll find. That’s what happened with this girl. Her family sold their house, and while moving, she discovered her mom’s old wedding gown. Well, we don’t know if she plans to marry.

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But after discovering the dress, she loved it so much that she wanted to immortalize the moment. She took a photo in the same place that her mother did decades ago, wearing the same dress. We hope she also saved the dress to wear on her own wedding day.

The Eyes Tell the Story

We’ll be the first to admit that times have changed, and many dresses that were worn some decades ago don’t look as appealing today. That aside, you’ll need some luck to fit into someone else’s clothes. Even though that person is your mother, it doesn’t always fit.

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Having said that, it warms our hearts to see that this beautiful bride looks just as stunning as her mother did in the same dress some decades ago. The dress even looks like it was made for her. You wouldn’t know it wasn’t new if you didn’t see the old picture!

Classic Wedding Dresses Are Forever

Many brides begin feeling the heat a few months before their big day. They become stressed out as they worry about making the day perfect. And one of the biggest causes of their worry is their wedding dress. Even those who buy a brand-new dress often need some adjustments made.

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That’s why it’s amazing to see that some women not only choose to wear their mother’s wedding dress but also do not need to modify or change any detail. This girl is an example. She looks stunning in her mother’s gown, and we can’t see many alterations.

It Was Made to Last

Earlier, we mentioned how high necks are no longer in vogue, especially when it comes to wedding dresses. But that doesn’t mean no bride in the world will ever want to wear it for her wedding. Every dress finds its owner and this one found two owners!

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The dress clearly made mother and daughter happy on their respective big days. The elegant vintage gown needed no tailoring as the girl felt it meant more to wear it as it was. To her, the only missing piece to this dress was her smile, and she radiates!

She Wore It All Just Like That

How many brides do you see these days wearing a hat? We bet you haven’t seen many because neither have we. That’s because they aren’t as trendy as they were back then. But when this bride decided to wear her mom’s gown, she had no plans to alter anything.

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And that included her mother’s hat as well. Her red hair complements the champagne wedding gown perfectly, making it look like it was originally made for her. If she left the hat on for the wedding ceremony, then she might bring the style back. You never know. Fashion is fickle.

Only for the Rehearsal Dinner

This girl loved her mother’s wedding gown so much, but she couldn’t decide whether to wear it for her big day or not. So she compromised. While she bought a more modern gown for the wedding, she still wanted to put her mom’s vintage dress to good use.

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She made some adjustments to the dress by making it shorter and getting rid of the sleeves. And then she proudly donned it for her rehearsal dinner. She also wore a pearl necklace just like her mom, and that happy face shows she loved the look.

It Looks Like Some Time-Traveled

If you have plans to get married in the future, then it wouldn’t hurt to try as many wedding dresses as possible before choosing the one that fits your style. We’re sure that’s what this bride-to-be was thinking when she decided to try on her mother’s wedding gown.

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And her grandmother’s as well! But eventually, she didn’t want to waste time on getting adjustments, so she just bought a modern dress that matched her expectations. It was a great ceremony regardless. Mother and grandmother didn’t mind because her happiness comes first, and this was her day.

A Dress to Remember

Check out this touching story from Marisela Guajardo. “When I was younger, I used to ask my mom where was her wedding dress, but she said she didn’t keep it. I knew that my day would come; I will get married in a dream dress. Six years ago, my mom was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer….”

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“…and I started to understand that cancer doesn’t mean death, it means fight. I quit my job to take care of my mom full time, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done…I remember one day when she said, ‘Don’t worry, my mom and dad are here for me.’ That day, I knew I had to say goodbye. That was her last day.”

Did Someone Say Throwback Thursday?

We know all these brides look incredible in their moms’ dresses. But the most amazing thing about these dresses is that they all have a story behind them. This bride was planning a wedding for her sister when she realized how important their mother was to them.

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It was at that moment she decided that she would honor her mom by wearing her wedding gown when her time to get married came. And as you can see in this picture, she kept her promise. It’s even more special considering the dress was made by her grandmother.

Only Mom Knows Best

If we didn’t already know, we could be fooled into thinking that the brides in these pictures are the same person. We have a feeling the mom must have burst into tears on seeing her little girl walking down the aisle looking exactly as she did some decades ago.

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Kudos to mom for preserving the wedding dress perfectly so that the only thing her daughter needed to change was the veil. She opted for a longer one. But everything else checks out – from the gracious posture to the calm look. She is her mother’s daughter!

A Smile Is the Best Accessory

Not many people find their mother’s wedding dress in good shape. If you’re lucky to find it still in great condition, why not try it on and also take some silly pictures while you’re at it. That’s actually how some daughters decide to wear their mother’s wedding gown.

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Who knows? You might also like it enough to adopt the gown for yours. Well, this girl decided to pose for some photos as she wore her mom’s dress. As it turns out, it not only fits perfectly, but she looks absolutely gorgeous. The smile is just perfect.

Waiting Patiently for the Big Day

It’s no secret that many women dream of their wedding day years before they get married. They imagine what it would feel like to get married to their Prince Charming and sometimes even practice for the big moment. But finding the perfect dress is perhaps the most important part of the story!

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This girl is just like that. She hasn’t met her knight in shining armor yet, but she’s definitely prepared for her big day. She tried her mom’s wedding dress, made by her grandmother, and fell in love with it. Apparently, she has no intention of buying a new one.

The Seamstress Worked Magic

This wedding dress has sat patiently in a closet since 1987. The mother probably just kept it to keep the memory and never imagined she would one day see her daughter wearing the same gown she wore more than two decades ago. Well, it was always meant to be.

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Like other brides of today, this daughter wasn’t a big fan of the sleeves. But we’ve got to put our hands up and say what a terrific job this seamstress did. She completely modernized the classic piece and made the bride the happiest woman in the room on her big day.

Who Wore It Better?

This bride was super busy getting ready for her big day, but she still found some time to have some fun while at it. As her mother kept reminiscing about her own wedding day in 1992, the daughter decided to indulge mom in a game.

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This one is called “who wore it better?” We can’t decide who since both look beautiful. Even though the bride looked so cute in her mother’s classic wedding gown, she still opted to wear a brand-new wedding dress for her special day. We bet she looked ravishing too!

The Definition of Old but Gold

Vintage will always remain in fashion. We’ve seen many chic, classic ensembles. It just depends on whether you’re a fan of it or not. Nowadays, more brides are opting for retro-style wedding gowns and accessories, and we think this beautiful bride is one of them.

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Although this bride-to-be was only trying out her mother’s classic wedding gown, she still looked brilliant in it. All she needs is a few pieces of jewelry, a lovely bun, and the love of her life, and she’ll be ready to walk down the aisle.

The Perfect Body for That Dress

This mesmerizing wedding dress was designed to flatter the bride’s figure – and these two ladies must have felt that way when they wore it. Although puffy sleeves are not much in style anymore and many brides don’t like them, it’s incredible how great both mom and daughter look.

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The classic mermaid shape coupled with a big bow at the back brings the elegant look together. It is just the way every girl dreams of her perfect wedding gown, and this daughter gets to live it just as her mother did some decades back. That’s one happy mom.

It Must Have Brought a Special Feeling

Imagine finding the love of your life and walking down the aisle with them to say “I do.” Trust us, not everyone gets the opportunity to do that, and those who do should cherish it. This bride was already over the moon even before her wedding day.

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What made the day more special was that she exchanged vows with her soulmate in the same dress that her mother did. Her mom was touched by the gesture and even volunteered to make the necessary alterations, such as removing the sleeves. It was all perfect.

Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

We think it was Da Vinci who said the beautiful words above. And those words still ring true today. This beautiful bride decided on a simple but elegant look and was delighted when she learned her mom had kept her old bridal gown after so many years.

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Even better is that the gown matched her fashion tastes – like mother, like daughter. She didn’t think twice before deciding to wear it, since it also fit her like a glove. The bride was still in great shape. Sometimes the best choice is the simplest one. And here’s an example.

A Dress That’s Two Decades Apart

Another stunning bridal dress has been revived by the proud daughter. We would never have realized that the dress had been sitting in the closet for 26 years because it is in such immaculate condition. The daughter doesn’t even mind the puffy sleeves’ outdated appearance.

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That’s because of how well the garment fits her. She is eager to exchange vows and doesn’t need anything else to make her day memorable. And let’s not even mention how pleased her mother must be. This is the kind of story you tell your kids for years to come.

It Needed Some Slight Alterations

Even though the dress is a little puffy and may not seem like the “perfect fit,” as many people will say, it appears that the bride is quite confident and at ease in it. You know you’ve chosen the perfect wedding dress when you try it on and say, “That’s the one!”

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This picture alone is enough proof that this girl has finally found “the one,” and she appears absolutely radiant. Although we are unsure how her mother looked in this gown, we can imagine that she was moved when her daughter decided to repeat it on her special occasion.

Going the Extra Mile

Can you differentiate between these two? If you can’t, then you’re just like us. This daughter decided to go one step further after trying on her mother’s vintage-style bridal dress. She even found the headband and her mother’s old veil. What’s worth doing is worth doing well, right?

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It’s even more impressive that she is holding the exact flower bouquet that her mother did on her wedding day some decades ago. This is so heartwarming, and we’re speechless. We can imagine that’s the same feeling her mother had. She must have been so proud of her daughter.

Timeless Wedding Gowns Are Priceless

Most of the brides we see today usually choose lavish wedding gowns, including huge, inflated wedding dresses. But there are others who prefer a more simple and refined appearance. This beautiful bride found exactly what she wanted her gown to look like in her mother’s wedding dress.

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It’s incredible how a dress can be just as fashionable today as it was decades ago. The young bride appears comfortable in her dress, and she should most surely don it on her special day. If she didn’t, that would be unfortunate!

Out of This World

These days, it’s extremely rare to find bridal gowns with a surreal design such as the one in this picture. Since the Instagram pictures of the dress had no accompanying descriptions, we are unsure of how old it is, but it must have belonged to this family for many generations.

Source: Twitter

The girl in the picture wears a lengthy bridal gown with elaborate handcrafted embroidery, which makes her look extremely captivating. She looks confident in wearing the dress, and why shouldn’t she? It’s incredible. She doesn’t even need to change a single aspect of this unique gown.

A Spitting Image of Her Mom

If you brought a Photoshop guru in to brighten the old picture, you’d think these people are the same. But nope, they’re different. As hard as it may be to believe, these pictures were genuinely taken in different decades. The identical duo looks gorgeous in their beautiful wedding dress.

Source: Facebook

The outfit still looks great after all these years and is yearning to be worn. It looks like the dress needs some tailoring, but it doesn’t appear the daughter cares much. She seems quite content wearing it, and would look stunning as a bride.

A Classic and Timeless Wedding Gown

We would not have been able to tell the difference between the mother and daughter if it weren’t for the clarity of the images and specific features, such as the red cups in the left picture. It’s difficult to understand how an old dress could feel so contemporary.

Source: Imgur

Especially considering how many years have passed. The bride only needed to remove the sleeves and the veil to feel at ease wearing it because of its timeless beauty. Now we know why people invest in classic pieces. They’ll always be perfect regardless of the trend.

Same Altar, Same Dress

We’ve seen many brides wear their mothers’ gowns, and we’ve also heard some touching stories. Here’s another one. For many people, family is the most important thing in the world. And to some people, maintaining family traditions comes first. This bride looks to be one of those people.

Source: Facebook

She went above and beyond simply by borrowing her mother’s wedding gown, which only needed minor alterations, and getting married in the same church as her parents did. Her children carrying on this amazing family legacy would be wonderful. Imagine generations marrying at the same altar and in the same dress!

The Eyes and the Dress

Earlier, we mentioned how little girls dream of their wedding day and their Prince Charming from early on. We probably wouldn’t be able to tell these two women apart if it weren’t for their different hairstyles. This daughter shares her mother’s eyes, smile, and now her mother’s stunning wedding gown.

Source: Tumblr

Although it’s unlikely that the girl will get married anytime soon, she should certainly keep this wedding dress in mind for the day she does. It looks absolutely adorable on her. It would fit well and make the mother very happy with a few minor adjustments.

Fits Like a Glove

Although decades have passed since it was first worn, this wedding dress doesn’t look a day old. In fact, it even looks more stunning now than it did when this woman’s mother first wore it to exchange vows with the love of her life. How incredible is that?

Source: Tumblr

Kudos to the mother for keeping it in great shape. The bride who chooses to walk down the aisle in this dress will be the luckiest bride in the entire world. Its understated style exudes so much beauty and elegance, not to mention the sentimental importance that it carries.

There’s an Uncanny Resemblance

It would be a shame if these two women didn’t wear the same dress on their special day since they have so much in common, including gorgeous hair and a lovely smile. Perhaps the daughter was just having fun dressing up in her mother’s outfit.

Source: Imgur

However, if the girl doesn’t have any immediate plans for marriage, she should make them because this dress is so perfect for her that she won’t need to search for another one. Her face beams a smile that says it all. We can already see her walking down the aisle.

Some Things Never Change

Even though every generation is distinct and trends come and go, some things never go out of style. One of those things is making your entrance in your mother’s lengthy, magnificent wedding gown. This girl didn’t have to work too hard to fulfill her dreams.

Source: Imgur

She cherished her mother so much that she chose to keep her dress intact until the day of her wedding, without altering or otherwise tampering with the magnificent gown. You can clearly see that she made the right call because the dress looks absolutely ravishing. Two queens!

Upgrading to an Upscale Look

Here’s another bride who chose her mother’s bridal dress but made it a bit more contemporary to fit her personal style. After all these years, this stunning bridal gown still appears brand new. We don’t think it required extensive adjustments, but the daughter nonetheless wanted to update the gown.

Source: Imgur

She wanted it to better match her personal style. She preserved the dress’s neat, sophisticated lines but changed the fabric on the sleeves, giving it a more upscale, exquisite look. She can now only look forward to spending her big day with her proud mother.

It’s More Than a Dress

This mother-daughter pair has it all: a confident appearance, a stylish outfit, and a dazzling smile. It wouldn’t be surprising if the daughter chose to wear this extravagant ’80s bridal gown to walk down the aisle after inheriting everything from her mother. Maybe it needs a few adjustments, though.

Source: Facebook

For example, the extra fabric could, at the very least, be used to make another outfit. Possibly even two! It seems to mean a lot to both of them, so it would be a shame not to use it again. They both look incredible in the dress.

Going for the Trusted Simple Style

We’re sure this girl is one of those girls who tried their mother’s wedding gown as a kid. She’s obviously not the only one guilty of it. Like in a dream, she probably couldn’t have imagined wearing it to her wedding in real life.

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She’s lucky because not many people get to achieve it. The young bride needed to remove the sleeves from her dress before the big day in order for it to suit her flawlessly. She chose a timeless wedding look of simplicity and natural beauty, and she looked just stunning.

Just Having Fun With Mom’s Dress

Is there any girl in the world who has never played dress-up? We seriously doubt it. Most girls love doing this, and it doesn’t stop even when they grow to be women. We don’t do it often, but we bet trying on wedding gowns is much more fun.

Source: Tumblr

The girl in the photos certainly shares this sentiment, and she enjoyed playing dress-up in her mother’s old bridal gown. She probably won’t wear this dress as is to her actual wedding because it is so distinctly 1980s. However, the dress could easily be modified by a skilled tailor.

Not the Greatest Wedding Dress Ever

This is not a combo you might regularly see, given all the elegant, fashionable gowns with lavish embellishment on display these days. There was a time when it was a nice wedding gown to wear on your big day. But its time has clearly passed.

Source: Tumblr

Although it doesn’t look attractive at first glance, it still has a distinctive and intriguing design. It’s worth taking the dress to a tailor to give it new life because the daughter loves it, at least based on the images, which would likely make this woman’s mother very pleased.