DIY Beauty Hacks That Make Your Life Simpler

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning, and you manage not to hit the snooze button for the umpteenth time, the next thing to worry about is how to get ready for the day. For lazy girls, putting on makeup has to be one of the most challenging morning chores. You can end up spending several minutes or even hours curling your hair and contouring your face while trying to psych yourself up for the day.

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But you don’t need to spend hours trying to look your best. In fact, with some simple hacks and tips, you can find a workaround to some of the most difficult aspects of your makeup routine. This way, you avoid the stress of getting ready for the day and can get to more serious daily tasks as soon as possible. In this piece, you will find some of the most helpful tips for styling your hair, getting rid of puffy eyes, and organizing your closet, amongst others things, all while using items found around your home. Here are 45 of the best lazy girl hacks that will improve your daily life.

Curl Up Your Eyelashes with a Blow Dryer

There are different types of mascaras designed to help you curl up your eyelashes. However, there is a simple trick to doing this without having to wear fake eyelashes. You can turn your eyelash curler into a sort of hot roller to curl up your lashes using a blow dryer.

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To do this, turn the heat up on your blow dryer and allow it to blast hot air on your open eyelash curler. You can now use the heated eyelash curler to curl up your lashes before using mascara to lock the curl in. The heat will help the eyelash maintain its shape for a longer time.

Tea Bags for Eye Bags

If you tend to stay up all night or work long hours, you will likely end up with puffy skin under your eyes. Getting a good night’s sleep will fix this problem, but for someone that’s always on the go, getting time to sleep isn’t always an option. One simple hack to eliminate purple-colored eye bags under your eyes is to use green tea bags.

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The teabag should be slightly warmed up with lukewarm water and placed over the eyes. It has anti-inflammatory properties and will help get rid of the puffiness in your eyes within a few minutes.

Comb Out Fuzz and Pilling

If you have wool or fleece sweaters, one of the things you’ll most likely have to deal with it is a buildup of fuzz or piling in the arm area of your sweater. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this. You can remove pilling and fuzz using a fine-toothed comb.

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Simply sweep the comb over the area with pilling on your sweater. The comb should pick up all the errant pieces leaving your sweater looking as good as new. It’s a simple hack you can pull off in just a few minutes so you can get going with the rest of your day in no time.

Teabags Can Clear a Stink

On days when you decide to wear your shoes without socks, you can end up with terribly stinky shoes. While there are many sprays that you can apply to make your shoes smell nice, there is a natural workaround for this as well. If you have tea bags in your home, you can easily fix a smelly shoe.

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Teabags absorb the smell and will leave your shoe with a fresh tea essence. Leave some black tea bags inside your shoes overnight to get rid of a bad smell. You will wake up to nice smelling shoes by morning.

Highlight with Your Phone Flashlight

Applying makeup is close to impossible when your bathroom is poorly lit. Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle through putting on makeup in your bathroom when you can simply use the flashlight built into your phone.

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You can maneuver your way by applying makeup using one hand to blend your makeup and the other hand to hold the flashlight. This way, you get to create a perfect look before you step out the door.

Erase Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are perfect for any occasion as they can be paired with pretty much any outfit. The only problem with them is that they can get scuff on them very easily, which can be quite unattractive. Luckily you can remove scuff marks from your suede shoes using nail files.

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To erase scuff marks on suede shoes to restore their appearance, use the buffing side of the nail file to polish the shoes gently. This will remove the marks and leave your shoes looking just as good as new ones once again.

Darken Your Lashes with Mascara

There’s no problem with fake lashes other than the fact that they sometimes look too fake. However, there is a much better way to enhance the appearance of your lashes without using overly fake lashes. Consider buying mascara that gives your lashes a darker appearance.

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You can also buy enhancers that help to accentuate your lashes. After using them for a while, products like the Lash Rejuv Eyelash Enhancer promise to give you fuller and thicker eyelashes. It might not give you the instant dramatic effect that fake lashes give, but that’s the point in making your eyelashes retain a natural look while still looking great.

Tone Your Skin with Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only are toners costly, but it can also be difficult to find the one that works best for your skin. If you have been having trouble finding the perfect skin toning product, consider using apple cider vinegar for the job.

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But don’t apply apple cider vinegar to your skin directly. Rather, mix one or two tablespoons with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray a cotton pad with the apple cider solution you have made and rub it on your skin before moisturizing. It is effective for clearing up breakouts and reduces over secretion of sebum.

Don’t Grind All Your Coffee Beans

You can store your collection of makeup brushes flat in your dressing table drawer if you have one. But it is more recommended to keep them stored upright, and we have a perfect hack for this.

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You can store your brushes in a square or circular glass filled with coffee beans. Fill the glass with some ungrounded coffee beans and put your brushes with the handle down in the container. The coffee beans will hold up the brushes.

From Hashtags to Smokey Eyes

Here’s a simple makeup hack for those who have a hard time getting the perfect smoky eye shadow. This trick involves drawing a “#” symbol (also known as the hashtag) on your eyelid with the eyeliner. Then, you carefully smudge this eyeliner over your eyelids.

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This will help create a perfect smokey look. You can further enhance the look by dabbing some glitter on top of the eyeliner to complete the look. Achieving the perfect smoky eye effect can be hard, but this trick should make it a lot easier for you.

Double Your Pillows to Avoid Puffiness

Most people wake up with a puffy face even after a long night’s sleep. This can be due to natural causes but can also be caused by sleeping on your pillow. You are likely to wake up with a puffy face if your pillow is not elevated.

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Using two pillows helps to elevate your head above your body. This helps to drain water away from your face when you sleep and prevents water retention, which is the main factor that causes puffiness when you wake up.

Dry Nails Faster with Water

Doing your pedicure and manicure at home has its perks. You get to save on a lot of money and do so at your convenience. The only problem with this plan is that it might take a while for your nails to dry. Fortunately, you can avoid that annoying wait by using ice water.

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Dip your freshly painted nails in a bowl of cold water for some minutes. This will cause the polish to harden faster. This way, you won’t have to wait for a long time before you can go about your activities or worry about getting them scuffed accidentally.

Home-Made Lip Mask

It’s difficult to keep your skin from getting dried and chapped during certain seasons of the year. Of course, you can simply get a lip balm to moisturize your lips. However, a natural alternative works just fine, and you probably have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen already.

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You can make your lip masks with honey, sugar, and olive oil. You’ll need about one teaspoonful of each. Mix them to make a paste that you can dab on your lips. You can wipe off this paste after five minutes. This natural lip mask will leave your lips feeling and looking soft, and you can repeat it anytime you feel it getting chapped.

Be Strategic with Your Perfume

When it comes to smelling great, buying the right perfume is only half of the job. How you apply the perfume has a major impact on how long-lasting the effects of your perfume will be. If you have been using the good old spray in the air and walk through the cloud method, you have been doing it all wrong.

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Rather than spray the perfume into the air or randomly on your body, strategic applications to specific parts of your body will ensure that you get the best effects. Check the photo above to see the best parts of your body you should focus on when applying perfumes.

Pad Up Your Buns with Socks

If you admire a thick-looking bun on people, but your hair is not long or thick enough for the job, this might be a simple solution for you. All you need to get your own thick and lush bun, even if you don’t have thick air, is a pair of scissors and a sock.

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Use the scissors to cut off the toe area of an old tube sock. Roll up the sock until it forms a circle with a hole at the center. Next, place your ponytail through the hole in the middle of the sock and wrap your hair around it until the sock is completely covered.

Better Cheekbones Contours with a Spoon

Contouring your cheekbones with makeup can help accentuate your face and achieve a stunning look. But most ladies find this difficult to do. You can find help in an unlikely place by using a regular spoon for the job.

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To use your spoon as a contouring tool, cup the apple of your cheeks with the spoon and angle it downward slightly. You can then apply a contour or bronzer below it using your brush. Continue doing this until you have blended your makeup perfectly.

Magnetic Strips for Metal Accessories

Magnetic strips are quite helpful in the kitchen. They allow you to easily hang your kitchen knives on the wall and de-clutter your sink. You can have something like this in your bathroom to hang metallic items like tweezers, bobby pins, and nail clippers.

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You don’t need a large magnetic strip for this. A small strip can easily be installed on your wall. Not only does this serve the purpose of tidying up your bathroom space or dressing table, but it also makes it a lot easier to find the items you need.

Keep Your Leather Boots Crease-free

Knee-high leather boots are very famous fashion items for fall. However, they can be challenging to store away when they’re not in active use. Creases are bound to appear that will make the leather appear old and worn.

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A simple hack to preserve the appearance of your leather boots is to place a Styrofoam noddle inside the boots. They help to keep your boot sturdy and prevent creases. This also makes it easier to clean the boots when you need to.

Clothes Pegs and Corded Earphones

One of the biggest issues with using corded earphones is that you have to deal with occasional tangling, damaging your earphones in the long run. But there is an unconventional solution for this problem. Music and clothes peg doesn’t rhyme, but this simple trick brings both together.

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To keep your earphone cords from getting tangled, you can wind it around a clothes peg and pass the earphones through the grooves of the peg. You can use a decorative clothespin to make it even more attractive.

Remove Stuck Lids Easily with Rubber Bands

Opening the lid of your nail polish can be a big struggle. This often happens because the nail polish tends to dry under the lids causing it to get stuck. But there is a simple workaround for this problem. An old trick has been used for years to easily open jam jars and other bottles with a lid in the kitchen.

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Wrapping a rubber band around the lid of your nail polish can help you unstick the lid quite easily. The rubber band helps you get a firmer grip on the lid to twist it and unstick the lid easily.

No Iron? Use a hair straightener

Hair straighteners can do more than just straightening your hair. There are plenty of other possible uses. But you most likely didn’t know that you can use a hair straightener as a makeshift steamer to get rid of creases and wrinkles on your shirt before stepping out for the day.

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You can use a hair straightener to iron your cloth by running the straightener over the wrinkled area. You don’t have to step out of your house with a wrinkled shirt as long as you have a hair straightener.

Use Bobby Pins to Apply Glue on Lashes

The last thing you want is to have your lashes coming off after a while because the glue was not properly applied. If you are applying fake eyelashes, here is a helpful tip to ensure they stay on for a long time.

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You can apply fresh glue to your eyelashes before fastening them with a bobby pin. You will find that your lashes stay on longer when you do it this way. Bobby pins have small rounded ends that make it perfect for applying glue on lashes, so it stays on for longer.

Keep Your Cords Organized Ribbons

We all have many devices that come with cords, from chargers to headphones and audio jacks. Keeping all these cords from getting jumbled up and tangled can be difficult. To avoid this, you can use ribbons to organize your cords.

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Cords can be folded up neatly and tied up with ribbons. This will prevent them from getting tangled up. You can also assign a specific color of ribbons for each device, so everyone recognizes their cords easily, and no one gets them mixed up.

Too Many Keys? Nail Polish can Help

If you are like most people, you probably have a lot of keys to keep track of. From your office doors to the one for your front door, the back door, and so many other places, telling which key is for which door can be tough, especially if they all look the same.

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Now you can say goodbye to the days of trying out all your keys till you find the right one for the door. With a little nail polish, you will be able to tell your keys apart more easily. Just paint the top of each key with a different color, and you’ll be able to identify them better.

Silicone Sponge Over an Absorbent Sponge

You can make your makeup session a lot less messy and get things done faster by using a silicone sponge instead of a regular absorbent sponge. For one, it won’t soak up all your oil and facial products.

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Another major advantage of using an absorbent sponge is that they are easier to clean. This helps you save time on cleaning, and you can get ready and get out of the door faster than you’re used to.

Lip Balm for Unruly Brows

Having trouble keeping unruly hairs on your eyebrows in check? You are not alone. Most people find it difficult to fill their eyebrows with errant hair everywhere begging to be plucked. But you don’t have to go to extremes to maintain a nice-looking eyebrow.

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A simple solution to hold the stubborn hairs in your eyebrows in place is to use colorless lip balm. In addition to helping, you maintain primed and neat eyebrows, lip balm is also rich in vitamin E, which can boost eyebrow growth if that’s an extra advantage you don’t mind.

Keep Power Bars Out of Sight

When you have a television, computers, and a bunch of other gadgets plugged into a power bar, you’ll have a lot of cords to contend with. Having all those cords exposed and all over the place can ruin the appearance of your room.

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A simple hack hides your power bar and all the cords plugged into it inside a decorative box. You can cut holes on the side of the box and pass the cords through the hole. This hides the cords effectively, and your shelf space can look chic and organized again.

Get the Lighting Right

How “on flick” your makeup will appear sometimes depends on the lighting of the room you’re in. This means checking yourself in the mirror inside your brightly lit bathroom will most likely not give you a true picture of how you will look when you step out.

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You should adjust your standards for checking your makeup by doing so somewhere that replicates the likely lighting condition of where you are going. This will give you a more accurate presentation of how people will see your makeup when you get there.

Don’t Retire Your Broom Yet

Brooms are an essential cleaning tool that’s a must-have for every household. But when your brooms have outlived their active cleaning life, they may still find some use on your dressing table. You can remove the bristled head of the broom and use it to hold your makeup accessories.

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Brushes, scissors, and eyeliners can be stored in the brush bristles. The bristles are strong enough to hold everything upright. In addition to serving this functional purpose, the broom also has an aesthetic purpose. It gives your bathroom vanity a rustic look that’ll impress anyone that sees it.

Home Made Skin Lightening for Dark Armpits

Skins come in various tones, colors, and textures, and each skin type comes with its own unique set of challenges. For some people, the challenge is that their skin gets darker after shaving. If you don’t like your under-armpit getting darkened this way, you can lighten it up naturally using some simple home remedies.

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You can whip up your own natural skin lightening cream using a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. Applying this mixture once a day will begin to lighten up your skin. You should see impressive results if you keep up with this regimen for a couple of weeks.

Turn a Tic Tac box into a Bobby Pin Box

Bobby’s pins are tiny and can easily get lost in strange places. They may end up on your bathroom floor, under your sofa cushions, on your bed, and in a lot of other places. Keeping your Bobby pins organized can be quite challenging.

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Fortunately, a Tic Tac box is just the same size as a bobby pin, so you can easily use this box to hold your pins. This way, you keep them organized and from getting misplaced. You can also slide a pin out easily when you need it by slipping it through the hole at the top of the Tic Tac box.

Brite Smile for a Bright Smile

Sporting pearly white teeth are the perfect way to brighten up your appearance and keep yourself looking bright and youthful. Good oral care is the best way to maintain healthy-looking teeth. However, if you desire instant teeth whitening effect, you can use a teeth whitening pen-like Best Brite Smile.

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There are different types of teeth whitening kits designed to brighten your smile instantly. The best types are portable and built with flexible tips that make it easy to apply teeth whitening gel on your tooth effortlessly.

Bottle Bangle Holder

If you’re a big fan of collecting fancy-looking bottles, there’s a pretty cool way you can make use of them. The tall and skinny shape of these pop bottles and beer bottles makes the perfect bangle bracelet holder.

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It’s a better way to organize your bangle bracelets compared to cramping them all in your dressing table drawer or a tiny box. You can easily loop the bangles over the top of the bottle and stack them on top of each other. You get to show off your collection of bangles in a pretty and fancy way. Organizing them this way also ensures you can see each one clearly and easily find the one you need.

Save Cost with Product Sampling

In your younger years, it’s easier to find a single beauty product that works for you and settle into a routine using that product. But as you grow older, the same products you were using in the past may not work for you any longer.

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To avoid wasting money on various products to find what would work great for you, a simple trick is to sign-up for free product sampling programs. There are plenty of these online and in stores that allow you to try out the products before you make a purchase. This helps you save money and ensures that you find just the right product for your skin.

Use Vaseline for Longer Lasting Scents

There are a lot of neat ways to make use of Petroleum jelly or Vaseline. From moisturizing your lips to making your teeth shine, Vaseline is known for many different things. One of the impressive ways to make use of Vaseline is to use it to make the scent of your perfume last longer.

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Apply a slick of petroleum jelly behind your ears or on your neck before spraying a spritz of perfume on top of it. It will make the scent of the perfume cling on for a long time and help you smell fresh for longer.

Color Corrector Alternatives

When there are red spots on your face, you can apply a color corrector to get rid of them and make your makeup appear more uniform. But there are others ways to balance your makeup. One of the simple tricks for doing this is using red lipstick.

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You can dab some red lipstick under your eyes to achieve the same result as using a color corrector. The red shade of the lipstick can help cover up dark circles under your eyes. You can also add a bit of concealer on top of that to complete the look.

Use a Spoon to Apply Mascara

If you’re like most people, you probably find putting on mascara to be a bit of work. It takes some technique to get it right, and you have to stroke it very carefully, so you don’t end up with smudges. When trying to put mascara on your lower eyelids, you can use a spoon to guide yourself and prevent a smudge.

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Place the rounded side of the spoon under your eyelashes. This will raise the lids and make it a lot easier for you to get the mascara smudged all over. Try this trick the next time you want to put mascara on.

Two Masks Are Better

Do you know what’s better than one mask? Two masks! While one facial mask works just fine, too, you can combine two or more of these masks for an even greater effect. Using two masks on your face at once makes it possible to apply different treatment types on a different part of your face.

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For instance, you can use an oatmeal mask on red areas of your skin, a moisturizing mask on dry areas, and a clay or charcoal mask on oily parts of your face. It may look a little strange when you’re applying it, but you’ll see better results when you combine masks this way.

Moisten Dry Mascara with Eye Drops

Sometimes, you might find your tube of mascara dried out even though the product is yet to expire. You should be able to use your mascara for about three months. But what do you do if you find it’s drying out barely a month or two into its use? This is something a few drops of eye drops can fix.

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Add 2 to 3 squeezes of eye drops into the mascara tube. This will remoisten it so you can spread it on your eyelashes. You can also use contact lens solutions for the same purpose, and they’re both safe for your eyes, so you have nothing to worry about.

Eyeliner Alternatives

One of the things you have to come to terms with when doing your makeup is that you won’t always have the things you need when you need them. How well you can find your way around this makes a difference between good and bad makeup in most cases.

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Your mascara is an emergency backup alternative you can use in place of eyeliner if you ever run out of it. Just dip the tip of your brush into the mascara tube and use it to paint thin lines along your lashes the same way you would have done with an eyeliner.

Contour Your Lips for a Full and Lush Look

Here’s a simple anti-aging hack for you; contour your lips to make them look extra full. You will find this better than simply going for a matte look, especially as you grow older.

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For most people, the lips thin out naturally as they age. Contouring your lips helps you achieve a younger look. Try lining your lips just outside the natural lip line with an ashy or crème colored contour, then blend. This will create a subtle shadow that adds dimension to your lips and instantly makes them look fuller.

Get Rid of Eye Bags and Wrinkles Fast

Having eye bags under your eyes gives you an unsavory worn-out look and makes you appear older than you are. There are different recommended ways to fix this, but one of the most effective methods is applying facelift products like Instantly Ageless to the bags.

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Products like Instantly Ageless are specifically designed to target areas of skin that have lost their elasticity. This makes it effective for treating eye bags, wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging. This micro-cream reveals a visibly toned and lifted skin within minutes of use, making it perfect for getting rid of puffiness and eye bags, especially when the instant effect is desired.

Add More Volume to Your Braids

Many ladies struggle with braids because it makes their hair appear thin and lifeless. If you are one of such people, you may still do a braid hairstyle by using this simple helpful trick.

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The trick to giving your braids more volume involves running a toothbrush along the side of your links and against the direction of your hair. Doing this will add some volume to your hair as you wear it in a braid. Another simple trick for thicker braids is known as pancaking. This involves pulling apart and flattening your braids a bit. This will give more width.

Switch up your Foundation

As you get older, getting your makeup right can be a bit more challenging. One simple tip that can help is to change your favorite shade of foundation and opt for a brighter & more yellow-based foundation instead. This tip is particularly true as you get past age 50. At this age, you will probably find that golden foundation tones accentuate your features better than neutral tones or reds and pinks.

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This simple hack will help keep your makeup stunning at all times. You should also be careful not to apply your foundation too heavily. It may settle into creases and fine lines on your face and make them more obvious.

Nail Remover Before Nail Polish

Everyone has had a problem with their nail polish chipping off at some point. Next time, you can try this simple trick before you paint your nails to keep the polish from chipping off easily.

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The trick is to apply nail polish remover to your bare nails first before adding the nail polish on top of it. This helps to get rid of natural oils that might be on your nails. These natural oils make adhesion difficult and removing them first ensures that the polish stays on for longer. After the nail polish remover dries up, you should paint your nails first horizontally, starting from the tips then vertically downwards.

Sunblock is Important

Whether stepping out or staying inside, be sure to use sunscreen to give your skin the protection it needs from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You should use a sunblock with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating of 30 or higher

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The higher the Sun Protection Factor of your sunblock, the greater the protection you get from using it. Some lotions, moisturizers, and makeup products also contain sunblock (usually with an SPF rating of 15). You should also use an eye cream with an SPF rating of 15 to prevent sun-aided crow’s feet. Your lip balm should contain sunblock too.

Use T-Shirts Instead of Towels for Curly Hair

The conventional way most people dry their hair is by using a towel. While this is efficient, it is not recommended for those with curly hair. Using towels on your curly hair can damage the curls. If you have curly hairs, instead of drying it with a towel, simply pat it dry with the towel and then roll it into a t-shirt.

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The fabric of the t-shirt is more breathable compared to a towel. This will allow the curls to form again as the hair continues to dry. You can also use a good quality curl cream to preserve your curls.

Straws can Keep Your Necklaces from Tangling

Each time you get a soda pop or any other drink at a restaurant, you’ll most likely get a plastic straw with it. Disposing of the straws after use is not recommended because it is bad for the environment. You should hold on to it and find another use for it instead.

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One of the ways you can reuse plastic straws is to use them to separate your necklaces. Adding a segment of straw to your necklaces will keep them from getting all tangled up inside your jewelry box. You are doing the environment a world of good while making life easy for yourself and protecting your jewelry.

Fancy Magnetic Board for Your Makeup

Magnets are pretty impressive. There are different creative ways you can use magnets around the house, and one of them is for organizing your makeup. You can buy a magnetized board, add a chic frame for effects and stick small magnets to the bottom of your makeup products.

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This way, you can easily stick your compacts and eyeshadows on the framed magnetized board on the wall. This magnetic makeup board helps to save space and gives your dressing table an impressive look.

Cute DIY Scheduler

To keep track of their activities for the week or month, people often use fancy schedules and calendars. But if you are up for a creative project, you can make your own cool and impressive scheduler using simple items you can find around your home.

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All you need for your DIY scheduler is a strand of string, multicolored paper, and some cute clothespins. Adding an activity to your schedule for the week is as simple as adding a piece of paper to the clothespin you have made.

A Nest for Your Wired Electronics

Hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers are a few of the corded appliances you will find in a lady’s arsenal of makeup items. It is easy for the wires of these appliances to get tangled up if not taken care of, and things can get quite frustrating.

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To keep the cords of your blow dryer and other appliances from getting tangled up, you add some hooks on the side of your bathroom vanity and hang them on it. This gives you the needed space to hang these hair-styling electronics, so they don’t get tangled up again.

Refresh Your Lipstick with Translucent Powder

Most lipstick adverts tend to claim that they can last for up to 24 hours. But it is common knowledge that this is hardly true. Most only last for a few hours, and you will need to reapply the lipstick at some point during the day.

Source: Twitter

However, you can make your lipstick last a little longer, so you don’t have to reapply it too often by using a translucent powder. Brushing a thin coat of this powder on your lips will ensure that the color stays vibrant for a longer time. Carry some translucent powder with you when you step out in case you need to freshen up your makeup.

Beachy Waves with Braids

How do Victoria’s Secret models always manage the perfect hair? They don’t get such perfect hair by simply throwing it up messily. What you see in pictures typically takes several hours to look as good as it appears.

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There are simple tricks that can help you achieve similar results too. To give your hair a perfect beachy look, braid the hair in sections and curl up the ends. Leave the braids like this for a couple of hours before removing them, and your hair will form stunning-looking full beachy waves.

Don’t Throw Old Shoeboxes Out

Earrings are typically small, which means they can easily get misplaced or lost somehow. You can imagine the frustration of discovering that one of the pairs of your favorite earrings are missing. Fortunately, there are innovative ways to store your jewelry to prevent a situation like this.

Source: YouTube

If you have a shoebox that you no longer use, you can convert it to a container for your earrings. You can punch holes into the top of the lid and insert your earrings into this hole. This way, your jewelry is safely secure and can be stored in your closet.

Sparkly Manicure for the Holiday Seasons

Dressing up to match the theme for the season is a big deal for most people. Some sparkly nails are a perfect mood lifter for the holiday seasons, and you probably have everything you need for a festive manicure in your closet. All you need are multicolored nail polish and some sparkly ones.

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To start, paint your nail in your desired base color, such as green or gold. Next, coat the tips of the nails with some sparkly nail polish. This will give your nails an impressive ornamental look like jewels on your Christmas tree.

Baby Shampoo for Dry Shampoo

Everyone is aware of the wonders that dry shampoo can do for your hair. You probably didn’t know that you can make your DIY dry shampoo, and all you need is baby powder. Asides from helping you with chaffed skin, baby powder can also be used as a dry shampoo.

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If your roots are starting to look a bit too shiny, you can simply add a sprinkle of baby powder and pat it into that overly greasy part of the root. It will effectively get rid of that greasy shine and also give your hair a fresh smell.

Shower Cap for your Shoes

One of the little things that you might find challenging when packing for a trip is how to pack your shoes. The underside of your shoe will most likely be dirty, which will make it difficult to pack along with your neatly washed and iron clothes.

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If you run into an issue like this and there is no time to scrub your shoes clean, you can simply grab one of your shower caps and place your shoes inside with the sole facing down. This way, any dirt on the shoe will be collected in the shower cap, and your clothes are not stained.

Shine your Jewelry with Nail Polish

Jewelry adds some light and sparkle to how you dress. But your jewelry may not sparkle forever. Crystals may become a bit dull sometimes, and silver can fade as well. One way to revive the sparkly looks of your jewelry is by adding a coat of nail polish to them.

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You can use clear nail polish to shine your jewelry the same way you use it to shine your nail. Just a topcoat of clear nail polish can extend the lifespan of your jewelry for up to a year.

Free Up Closet Space with a Purse Hanger

If you have many clothes, shoes, and accessories, finding space for all of them in your closet can be difficult. One hack to maximize the space in your closet is to hang your purses, and you don’t even have to buy hooks for this.

Source: Twitter

Just get some shower curtain rings and place them on the clothing bars in the closet. You can use each of these rings to hang a purse. This leaves you with more room in your closet for other items such as your shoes and bags.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Shoe Odors

Baking soda has to be one of the most popular kitchen hack products. One of the applications of this versatile chemical is in getting rid of nasty smells and bad odors. Baking soda is often used to get rid of bad odors in smelly fridges.

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You can also use this property of baking soda to get rid of bad smells in running shoes. Just wrap a small quantity of baking soda in some tissues and place it in the shoes. The bad smell should be gone by morning, leaving your shoes smelling nice and clean.

Band-Aid Nail Art

It can be difficult to get a cool polka dot pattern on your nails. But you can make this a lot easier and do so faster by using a band-aid. After you have painted your nails with your desired base coat, place the polka dot part of a band-aid on your nails after the coat has dried.

Source: YouTube

Color in the color of the polka dots that you want over the band-aid. When you are done, peel off the band-Aid, and you’ll have neat and great-looking polka dots. This is quite easy, and it takes very little time to create the pattern you want.

Remove Makeup Stain with Shaving Cream

Asides from red wine, makeup is another thing that can leave a nasty stain on your clothing that can be quite difficult to wash away. However, there’s a simple hack to get rid of tough makeup stains. You can use shaving cream as a stain remover.

Source: YouTube

When you have a makeup stain on your clothing, spray some shaving cream and leave it in to settle. You can leave it on the stain overnight. The next morning, you can wash the stained garment, and the stain should be removed.