Embarrassing Moments of Liars Exposed On Social Media

If we ever made an “Internet 101” rule, the first law would be to “never trust the internet.” We’re not saying everyone on the world wide web is a liar, but so many people are desperate to go viral that they don’t mind sharing fake news.

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That’s why whatever you see online, take it with a pinch of salt and verify. We’ve curated a list of people who, in a bid to go viral and become internet famous, chose to lie and share false stories. Some of them are hilarious; others are just sad.

Chris Didn’t Say That

You’ve probably heard the word “clickbait” before. That’s because most media sites love sensationalism, so they’re asked to write article titles in a way that grabs the public’s attention immediately. But this doesn’t make it right to change the idea in a report just to get clicks.

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In this photo from a popular Irish news source, actor Chris O’Dowd said in an interview that he wanted to play Irish characters only. Actually, he said something quite different, and he even confirmed as much in a reply to the piece. We’re sure the author was a bit embarrassed.

The First Cybertruck Driver

We all had that uncle or aunt who always gave us gifts. And it isn’t a surprise that they were our favorites and we looked forward to them visiting. However, we don’t think that anyone, not even those who buy expensive gifts, can compete with what this uncle did.

Source: Reddit

He apparently bought his nephew a Tesla cybertruck that, should we say, hasn’t even started production. It’s unclear whether he lied intentionally or confused reality with a dream. If the latter, what a dream he had — he could genuinely describe how it felt to drive a truck even Tesla hasn’t test-driven.

The Secret Beta Tester

Gamers gather ’round. This one is hilarious. Before getting a new game, you usually want to know what other people think about it — unless it’s the popular ones you already play. While we know no product can escape stereotypical hate reviews, this is on a new level!

Source: Reddit

This person claimed they had completed a game and disliked it. But the game hadn’t even been released yet. Or maybe they were a beta tester during the development? We strongly doubt it. Although feedback is great for companies, this doesn’t look like they were trying to be helpful.

Not Scotland, and Not Even in a Pandemic

Look, whatever diet you are on, just make sure you are doing what’s best for you and it’s something you enjoy. The user who posted this photo tried to be cheeky by claiming that no one in Glasgow would ever buy vegan food, not even during a pandemic.

Source: Tumblr

But that exact image had already gone viral a few years ago, and it was from Houston during the Hurricane Harvey disaster. So, many people easily recognized it and called the user out. Apparently, Glasgow has several vegans, and whatever they tried to do was quickly rebuffed.

That’s Something You Didn’t Know

If you’re an introvert or a little shy, it can be hard to post your pictures on social media. But posting pictures of other people without their consent and posing as if you were that person would be far worse. This was exactly what this girl did.

Source: Reddit

Unfortunately for her and luckily for other social media users, she was busted by the real person in the pictures she shared. Whether they are shy or not, this is a weird behavior that we don’t encourage. This is something they definitely didn’t know.

Guinness World Record for Best False Rumor

Although he’s still a liar, we can’t really blame this guy because it seems he had good intentions. He posted on Twitter that Nyakim Gatwech, a model, made it into the Guinness World Record for the world’s darkest skin tone. The post was shared by several popular news media outlets.

Source: Twitter

So, that might explain why many people were misinformed. But it was debunked. The best source for such news — the official Guinness World Records account, responded to his post by stating that no such category existed. This is why we should double-check pretty much anything that we share.

Don’t Believe All Before-and-After Pictures

When you’re planning on going for a procedure or treatment, especially with a dentist, it’s normal to want to see a “before and after” picture. Although most companies explain everything in detail, people just want to know if going through this would be worth it.

Source: Tumblr

Whether the business was a bit slow or they wanted to convince people to come to their clinic, this practitioner edited a picture to trick people into believing the effectiveness of the procedure. The difference is clear, as many people noticed. We’re sure no one trusts them anymore.

Trying to Peddle False Narratives

The desperation of media houses to create sensational news is sickening. While trying to create some buzz, a popular tabloid published a story of how Radio1’s presenter, Maya Jama, left her work with Tinder’s most right-swiped man. Since she was single, they made it sound like a big deal.

Source: Twitter

But that wasn’t even the end; they also edited the picture in the article and made up the story out of thin air. She caught them right away and responded by exposing them. That was a disregard for her privacy, so we hope she wasn’t bothered by them again.

That Wasn’t a Production Mistake

Remembrance Sunday is observed annually in the United Kingdom to honor the role played by military personnel and other service members during past conflicts. Several political figures are asked to participate in the celebration by laying a wreath in the cenotaph that has been set up.

Source: Twitter

But as it turned out, the prime minister laid his wreath backward. This is seen as disrespectful, so the media used footage from the same event three years prior to cover the clip. But their plan was quickly foiled because several people noticed and called them out.

That’s News to Brent Spiner

It seems many people get access to some behind-the-scenes leaks that we never knew about. Lately, social media has been filled with several posts about previously hidden “facts” about shows and celebrities. And for a moment, it seemed like we had just stumbled on another shocking behind-the-scenes fact.

Source: Twitter

Although this sounds fascinating, we should always double-check the info we read because there are many inaccurate stories on social media. This user posted the supposedly original idea of a Star Trek character played by Brent Spiner. It was quite interesting information because even Spiner had never heard about it.

You Didn’t Hear About Women Authors

The user who posted the picture explained how J. K. Rowling, the author of the critically acclaimed Harry Potter series, spurred readers’ interest in previously unheard-of female authors. We understand that Rowling is undoubtedly a role model and inspiration for a younger generation of women writers.

Source: Tumblr

But it’s also important to take a step back and examine how much women have contributed to and inspired literature as a whole. In fact, Japanese novelist Murasaki Shikibu wrote The Tale of Genji, the first novel ever written, almost a thousand years ago.

Looks Can be Deceiving

The fact that this post has almost no factual information is just hilarious. This user posted a picture of how N’Golo Kanté, a soccer player, went from being poor to winning the World Cup in 2019. Honestly, we love inspiring stories like this, but not when they are outright lies.

Source: Reddit

Firstly, he is not the man on the left. Second, there was no World Cup in 2019. And why call sugarcane garbage? There are so many lies here that this hurts our eyes. They could’ve just shared the real story without lying, and it would still have been inspiring.

Portraying Brie Larson as a Starving Artist

Sadly, the media has a propensity to distort information to create a compelling narrative. According to this story, despite appearing in many of the platform’s films, actress Brie Larson was upset when Disney refused to give her a free subscription to its streaming service.

Source: Reddit

That, however, is far from what actually happened because she made the comments during an interview on a popular show and was obviously joking. Since saying it the way she said it wouldn’t lead to clicks, this news outlet wrote a sensational headline that could cause rumors to spread.

That Looks Like a Filter

This user posted a striking picture of a man feeding what appears to be a group of mallards and swans. A picture was taken in two locations and then combined into one image to make this astounding positive/negative feeling. The image itself is fine.

Source: Reddit

In fact, we love it, but the person who shared it stated that it was a color photo. It didn’t take long before someone with a keen eye and a few others pointed out that the author had edited it in their studio. So, he was lying after all.

Ouch, Looks Like You Do Advertise

Advertising plays a key role in showcasing your product to its audience. Even if their products are already popular, most companies spend lots of money on ads yearly. What’s better than having millions of customers? Well, a billion customers! That’s why ad budgets reach millions of dollars.

Source: Twitter

Advertising isn’t a bad thing, so we don’t understand why the RAID: Shadow Legends team would lie about it. After claiming they don’t sponsor their game, a YouTuber responded, claiming they had proof of them doing that. We’re sure they started considering coming out and telling the truth.

Sadly, They’re Not Gone

This person shared on social media that their local animal shelter was empty because all the dogs had been adopted. As expected, the post went viral because it was so heartwarming. We wish it was true, but unfortunately, the story was a little different from what really happened.

Source: Tumblr

A shelter employee later explained that the dogs had been temporarily moved to Northern rescue groups because the local shelter was shut down for disaster relief. On a brighter note, if you want to adopt a dog, there are still plenty of these guys to choose from!

Are You Sure It Isn’t a Pyramid Scheme?

Nothing is more irritating than someone who keeps trying to lure you into a pyramid scheme. The most annoying part is when you’re told the pyramid scheme isn’t one — when it clearly is. We know it must be challenging to encourage people to invest, given their recent decline in popularity.

Source: Tumblr

However, there is obviously something wrong if you’re trying to hide the system from people so they participate, particularly when there is evidence that it is a pyramid scheme. Something similar happened in this instance, but this person wasn’t fooled. Thankfully, they saw through the deceit.

Old Cartoons Are the Best

We all have our favorite cartoons, and normally, these were the ones we watched growing up. But it doesn’t mean we should claim they were the best shows, especially if we know nothing about the other ones. And that’s exactly what happened here.

Source: Twitter

This user claimed past cartoons didn’t cover serious societal topics that the present ones do. But this was immediately debunked by another user who came up with facts. We hope the first guy gave those old cartoons a try. We’re sure they would be surprised by their thought-provoking nature.

In Your Best Interests

Elon Musk isn’t someone you want to mess with. He’s one of the world’s richest people and didn’t get there with only luck. But as you’ll expect, not everyone is a fan of him, and Sharon Weinberger would agree. She even called him out online after visiting his SpaceX facility.

Source: Twitter

Considering Elon uses Twitter often, we have a feeling she expected a response, but she still didn’t see this coming. Elon obviously put her in her place because the policy she complained about was in her best interests. It’s a shame the journalist didn’t already know that. Yikes.

So Close to Being Dead

This is another reminder of why we shouldn’t make light of things we know nothing about just for internet fame. The OP in the picture joked about how we shouldn’t text while driving, which sounds like good advice. It looked like they didn’t mean any harm.

Source: Reddit

But what initially looked like a social media user sensitizing their followers turned out to be someone who didn’t know what they were talking about. The crash in the picture they posted happened from a brake failure, not from the driver’s ignorance. Thankfully, the driver escaped the collision unscathed.

The New TikTok Challenge

This is something we don’t understand. You don’t need to be an avid social media user to know about challenges. We’ve all seen trending challenges in the past — some of us even took part. But we don’t think what only two people did should be labeled a “viral” challenge.

Source: Twitter

We hope the kids are safe, and we don’t recommend trying this at home. But spreading this news and making it sound like it is a challenge could cause a countereffect of more people trying the challenge. That could cause more problems. We’re glad this person called them out.

Proof That the Seller Is Real

Most of us have bought items online from people we don’t know. There’s always the struggle of knowing whether they’re real, but we just take a leap of faith. We also have to be careful of scammers. But this time, the buyer was the scammer.

Source: Tumblr

This guy sure didn’t expect this to happen when he wanted to sell his video game console. The seller claimed they would send a code to prove that the seller was real. Apparently, they were trying to hack the seller! We’re not familiar with this because it’s fraudulent.

Stealing Someone Else’s Story

Have you ever had that friend who you told a joke they’d heard from someone else but claimed it was theirs? This looks similar. When asked about the dumbest things we believed as children, this user stole someone else’s story that they shared three years ago.

Source: Reddit

They didn’t even bother editing to make theirs seem real — everything was word for word. Their plan worked, and they got internet famous as they wanted. But they didn’t expect the story’s author to show up and call them out. At least the comment made us all laugh.

Doesn’t Look So Close, Does It?

This is one annoying message we’ve seen on social media. Hearing that an asteroid could hit our planet will interest many people, so the media loves stories like this. That’s why this tabloid posted this news that undoubtedly caused unrest. But it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds.

Source: Twitter

A 4.1km asteroid closing in on the Earth would surely scare anyone, especially when NASA confirms it. This tabloid went as far as saying it could end human civilization. But Noah Rothman quickly pointed out how far away the asteroid would be. We can go back to bed now.

Actually, It Is a Western

We bet you’ve met the guy who thinks he’s the Martin Scorsese of cinema. This social media user got called out for being a stereotypical cinephile who knows everything about movies. They were insistent that The Mandalorian was not a western show but rather a samurai-inspired one.

Source: Twitter

What makes this so hilarious is one of the show’s producers came on and confirmed that it was indeed a western. Oops! They came off so strong and rude, and it made the humbling even more satisfying. We don’t think they would know better than the show’s producers, would they?

Since You Missed Environmental Science Class

When you read something that sounds suspicious, the best thing is to do your research to confirm how true it is. In this photo, someone claimed that streaming Netflix for one hour causes more emissions than driving 4 miles. That sounds outlandish, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

Source: Twitter

While some people may have seen this post and run with it, another user came to the rescue and explained how false the claim was. In fact, watching a Netflix movie causes fewer emissions that driving to your neighborhood video store to rent a movie. Always do your own research!

Haha! Looks Like a Bot

Social media is filled with many fake accounts and bots. They don’t have any usefulness and, most times, cause more harm than good. So, it’s best to steer clear of them and their dangerous links. We’re also glad that most social media bots aren’t as advanced.

Source: Tumblr

This makes them easier to spot. This bot’s programmer probably thought they were slick, but they didn’t see this coming. The clever user exposed the bot by exploiting its responses. Or maybe they were also a bot? That would be even more hilarious, but we’ll never know.

Getting Schooled by the Professor

As long as you’re respectful, it’s okay to engage in social media debates every now and then. Besides being respectful, it’s also important to know what you’re talking about, or you’ll just end up like this guy. He had contrasting opinions with a woman on the climate change topic.

Source: Twitter

He was so sure of what he said that he even recommended she spend some time in a climatology class. He didn’t know that she was not only capable of exposing his ignorance but also a certified professor of climatology. Time to disable your account, fella.

The Partnership He Didn’t Know About

Partnering with a well-known person is one of the most effective ways to promote a product since their positive opinion of it usually convinces their followers to give it a try. However, what happened here doesn’t seem to have been a partnership. In fact, the complete opposite.

Source: Twitter

As seen in the image, the YouTuber had his picture used in a gaming chair advertisement for years before finding out about the ad or the company. We agree with him completely on this. No matter how comfortable the chair might seem, this is unacceptable. They could even sue.

Playing Games on the Internet

This looks like something that would be perfect for a sitcom. But even though we think it’s funny, hearing that it’s not original puts a damper on things. As it turns out, this event didn’t happen to the person who shared it. We’ve seen something similar already.

Source: Twitter

The user just reposted a photo that had already been online for a couple of days. And they went viral for a moment. Until another user realized this and called them out. But honestly, we can’t help but wonder if burning your controllers like this was worth the joke.

He Had a Wonderful Day

The band Slipknot is popular for many things, most especially its members. Their faces used to be hidden from the public until curiosity and scrutiny outed them, including bassist Alessandro “V-Man” Venturella. A fan identified his unique tattoos after the music video for “The Devil in I” went live.

Source: Twitter

After his identity was revealed, his phone blew up for hours with notifications, as expected. Several media outlets reported this and said he was outraged by the revelation and had gone ballistic. But V-Man came out to debunk the reports saying he, in fact, had a wonderful day.

Still Beautiful, but Not From Ireland

Unlike many of the posts we’ve seen on this list, we’re not going to blame this person for the picture they shared. It’s possible that they merely got confused and didn’t do some research. They claimed that the kids were Irish when in fact, they were actually Dutch.

Source: Twitter

It was also not just any random picture on the internet but a shot for Vogue. Many people have the stereotypical idea that all Irish people are redheads, so we think that’s what happened here. On the other hand, they are probably Irish and wanted to show some pride.

Grandpa Is Very Much Alive and Well

There’s nothing wrong with posting your grandparents online. But don’t forget the “your.” Some people are so desperate for cheap internet fame that they don’t mind doing anything. This user shared a sad image of their grandpa, who recently passed away. But fortunately, grandpa is still very much alive.

Source: Reddit

And the thing is, that wasn’t even their grandpa to begin with! We can’t imagine how this grandson must have felt scrolling through social media only to see someone post an obituary of his grandpa. He called it out, and thankfully, the account of the false grandson got deleted.

Uh-Oh, Something Looks Fishy

We don’t know why this person reached out to the artist, but we’re sure they had ulterior motives. The random person texted the artist posing as a famous online community claiming they were impressed by the artist’s work and wanted to promote it by allowing him to design their logo.

Source: Reddit

As this was such a huge community, it would be an honor for the artist. After getting their handle, the artist did a little bit of research and found out something was off. That’s because it was all a lie, and this wasn’t the real platform.

The Not-So-Famous Model Aunt

This user claimed that the lady in the picture they posted was their aunt, a former model who spent the 1980s working in Italy. Well, they got one thing right — the woman in the picture is, in fact, a 1980s model. But that’s about it.

Source: Tumblr

She is neither their aunt nor Italian. Sadly, the guy chose a very well-known person to call their aunt in an attempt to get away with their post, so it didn’t take long for people to catch on to the lie. Next time, some research could be helpful.

Their Friendship Isn’t a Big Deal

Many celebrities have had to deal with fake news about them that go viral, which is just sad. As this photo shows, a well-known media outlet claimed that John Legend said he and Kanye weren’t really close friends. Yes, he said that. But they’ve made him look bad.

Source: Twitter

For things like this, it’s important to add some context because the statement was only an excerpt from the interview. Since the journalist didn’t do her job, Legend had to explain that while they were friends, he didn’t feel they were close enough to talk about grief and other personal topics.

Not Everyone Is an Activist

Questionable journalism will never end, will it? It’s becoming shameless now. In this case, someone suggested that the U.S. national anthem be changed to John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Since that wasn’t enough to create the buzz this news tabloid wanted, they modified the report claiming it was said by several activists.

Source: Twitter

No disrespect to John Lennon’s song because we all love it, but only one person suggested the change. We doubt many people share the same opinion about changing the national anthem to the tune. But the author of the article just imagined other people would, too, and went with it.

Not Breaking, Not True

The fact that the “breaking news” that this user shared didn’t even have a reliable source makes it clear that it’s false. This sounds like something someone thought about and decided to post. Or maybe they were paid by the association of parents tired of their kids’ gaming addiction.

Source: Tumblr

According to him, video gamers should restrict their gaming sessions during the pandemic because gaming is a threat to internet bandwidth. We don’t know how many people believed this, but it was quickly debunked. Actually, streaming movies on Netflix consumes 30x more data than video gaming does. Oops.

When Your Tenant Knows the Law

If you don’t want problems, we advise that you respect your landlord. But that doesn’t mean you should let them walk over you. You should call them out whenever they’re wrong about something. The landlord in this photo demanded that their tenant eradicate the annoying bedbugs in their apartment.

Source: Reddit

Landlords usually remove bedbugs, but after claiming it was the tenant’s responsibility, it soon backfired. The tenant pulled out the law and showed him that it was, in fact, his responsibility to eradicate the bed bugs. We’re sure the expression on his face would be priceless.

Give the Author His Credit

One of the most beautiful things about art is that it can inspire us to create other beautiful pieces. But taking an artist’s art and using it that way isn’t inspiration or creativity. That’s a problem, and an even bigger one when you don’t credit the original artist.

Source: Twitter

This TV show’s creators took this illustrator’s work and used it to promote their series without their permission. Whether this was intentional, it’s a shame that it ended up like this. Hopefully, they gave proper credit to the author or at least paid handsomely for the art.

Our Meeting Wasn’t Awkward

Another blunder from the media. There’s really no end to shameless journalism. When there’s a big event, media outlets usually report on the smallest details and sometimes neglect the big occasion just to get the clicks. This tabloid described the meeting between Caitlyn Jenner and Ricky Gervais at the NTAs.

Source: Twitter

According to the tabloid, the meeting was awkward and tense. Gervais came out soon after to debunk the report saying they had a cordial conversation. He even tagged Jenner in his reply so she could confirm his statement. This was shameless journalism that was just for clicks.

Two Sides of Rural

When some people try to make a point, they don’t mind being partial. The person who posted this comparison was clearly biased in favor of China because they could have chosen a nicer image to represent rural America. The first image captures an idyllic, peaceful, and natural rural setting.

Source: Tumblr

It’s an image you might expect from that area, but the second image doesn’t quite look like one. In fact, we think it seems more like a suburban neighborhood with all these cars, locals, and a highway covering up the mountain that’s still visible in the photo.

Should Rolls Be Baked or Not?

These posts, which usually contain a shocking fact that is false, are common in today’s social media. A user shared a picture of some King Hawaiian rolls as if they had recently discovered the importance of preparing food before eating. As expected, the post quickly went viral.

Source: Twitter

In response, Chrissy Teigen and the official King Hawaiian page denied this. Quite frankly, one of the things that make these buns fancy is because you can eat them out of the pack. It’s sad to see how many people believed this. Always do your research.

When You Try to Play the Victim

Even though we don’t know for sure what happened in this case, we believe it wasn’t good. According to a patient’s review, they had a problem with the receptionist who attended to them when they went to their doctor for an appointment. It looks like they were the problem.

Source: Tumblr

The owner responded by informing them that everything they did had been recorded by the system cameras, and that they didn’t exactly have a good attitude. This must have made everyone uncomfortable at the office. This is what happens when you try to play the victim.

Your Software’s Stats Isn’t Accurate

Seeing videos like this one are satisfying and entertaining. They show how our favorite YouTube channels have grown. Since there’s no way to get the data needed to make the videos, calculator software is used. But like some people on the list, the software’s math didn’t add up.

Source: Tumblr

One of the YouTubers on the list was forced to call out the person who made the video for misinformation. It’s a software program, so we understand something like this is expected. They even pinned the YouTuber’s comment, showing they also recognized their mistake. This will help people watching.

Let’s See Your Medical Qualifications, Doc

We’ve laughed at many false posts here, but it’s not funny when you’re endangering people’s lives. Doing your research before posting is common sense, but it’s even more crucial if the subject is medical-related. This is a delicate field, and extra attention is needed so you don’t harm anyone.

Source: Reddit

This user shared that respiratory illnesses can be cured with nebulized hydrogen peroxide therapy. But in fact, hydrogen peroxide is dangerous to our lungs! Can you imagine that? Thankfully, another user called them out. We hope the poster had their post taken down. This is so bad.

Stay Consistent When You’re Lying

Compulsive liars are usually bad at being consistent. You’ll often find that their stories don’t correlate. Everyone can create different personalities on social media, which is a gift and a curse. Having multiple personas can be fun, but you’ll be caught sooner or later if you aren’t careful.

Source: Reddit

When this user claimed to be a 49-year-old student finishing up elementary school, another user quickly called them out by browsing through their profile and finding a recent post in which they had pretended to be a 29-year-old. Maybe they need to rethink their motivation strategy.

There’s Nothing Official About That

There are so many false news articles and rumors online that the word “official” seems to make everything right. While claiming something is official might convince some people, it’s still crucial to double-check information before believing anything. Here’s an example of a random user using the word “official.”

Source: Twitter

They claimed that production for the next Guardians of the Galaxy film would start early in February 2021. But the director of the previous movies showed up and rebuffed the post. Although filming eventually began in November that year, it’s not expected to be out until at least May 2023.

At Least You Have a Phone

We all agree that everyone likes memes, right? Some are appealing because they are both hilarious and relatable. But if like this guy, you have to lie to yourself to find the relatable bit, the post kind of becomes meaningless. Or were they merely making a joke?

Source: Tumblr

In any case, they shared a lighthearted image about how some people got Apple devices for Christmas while they only got socks. Many of us can relate to the joke, but this person actually got a phone. It didn’t take long before a friend called them out.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Math Class

We all know that Bill Gates is one of the world’s wealthiest people. This one is a harmless joke about how much time it’ll take for him to spend all of his money if he spent $10 million per day. We don’t think that’s going to happen, though.

Source: Reddit

He certainly didn’t get rich by squandering his money. But it looks like this person’s math didn’t add up. One math enthusiast took the post a bit seriously and pulled out the calculator. This is hilarious because the result was far different from what the original author had claimed.

The Grandma from Minutes Ago

Do you remember being told as a kid that you were the spitting image of your parents when they were young? This girl took things to another level because she’s not only identical to her grandmother, but she’s also unrecognizable from her! The shrub and outfit have been in the family for decades.

Source: Reddit

How cool is that? Well, not so cool. We’ve used mobile phones long enough to know that this wasn’t a product of good genetics but basic editing skills. It’s her in both photos, and the only difference is that she applied a black and white filter.

A Veteran Owns the Business

We’ve seen different reviews on review sites, and here’s another. This company was surprised to find a negative review on their Yelp page. According to the customer, the company doesn’t care about veterans. We’re not sure about the backstory, but the owner gave us an idea about what happened.

Source: Reddit

Apparently, a veteran entered their store, harassed the female employees, and was then asked to leave to ensure the safety of the victims. If this was what happened, it doesn’t sound like the store has problems with veterans. But they definitely have problems with jerks and predators.

John Carpenter Is Alive and Kicking

If you’re going to write about someone’s death, it’s common sense to double-check (and even triple-check) to confirm if they’re really dead. If you don’t, you’re only going to offend someone who is already old but is still very much alive. But that’s exactly what Rotten Tomatoes did.

Source: Twitter

They put out an article to reminisce about the best movies directed by John Carpenter. The article’s author didn’t do the basic due diligence. Even if there are a few deaths in his movie, Carpenter is still alive. A simple Google search could have avoided this unacceptable blunder.

I Can Explain; It’s Not What It Looks Like

People like posting images of their dogs doing silly things on the internet. But do you know why they love posting these pictures? Because these pictures are “aww”ed over. Everyone likes cute puppy pictures, so sharing one will likely get you a lot of likes or upvotes.

Source: Twitter

However, this person didn’t give any thought to their caption. They thought that adding more drama would attract more attention, but they were unaware that their photo had clearly been staged. No dog unzips a cushion intentionally to cause a mess. All that mess for a few upvotes.

Go to the Gym!

We know you want to market your product, but it’s wrong to use someone’s pictures without their consent. The internet is a big place, but one way or the other, the picture will make it back to them. So, what do you do in that instance?

Source: Reddit

This company used pictures of a woman who lost weight to promote their product that presumably helps in losing weight. The pictures found their way back to the woman, and she claimed she lost weight through diet and exercise. Also, 251 pounds sounds a bit insulting. She wasn’t that big!

Mark Hamill Had to Speak Up

Mark Hamill is undoubtedly a legendary actor. That’s in part because he portrayed Luke Skywalker, one of cinema’s most iconic characters of all time. He made a triumphant comeback with his recent appearance in the new Star Wars trilogy. Hamill has appeared in several movies over the years.

Source: Twitter

But we think this moment right here could well be his career highlight! A news agency claimed that the actor said Watchmen was his favorite movie, to which he replied, “No I did NOT.” The emphatic caps lock and the fact that the movie isn’t that bad made this hilarious.

A Filter Takes You Back 40 Years

Internet liars appear to be becoming a lot lazier these days. They don’t really care as long as they get a few hundred likes before they’re caught. Unsurprisingly, this person was exposed so fast because they hardly put any effort into their false post.

Source: Tumblr

They only tried to pass off a present soldier’s picture as an old military image by applying a sepia tone filter to it. A lazy effort. Nearly immediately, the real person in the photo stumbled upon it; he told everyone he was the one in the picture.

The Lowest Peak in the Mountain Range

There aren’t many Game of Thrones characters who are as intimidating as The Mountain. The man is extremely imposing and powerful, and that trait is not merely inherent in him. He really is that huge and strong in person. For heavens’ sake, the guy owns world records in powerlifting.

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Well, this post tried to imply that despite his size, he’s still smaller than his brothers, but that simply wasn’t the case. He was quick to clear the air. The guy doesn’t even have brothers. Be careful; you don’t want to upset a guy built like a mountain.

‘Am I a Joke to You?’

A lot of people are guilty of this, so we understand this person’s frustration before making the post. Honestly, we can be stingy with grammar, especially when texting online, so we don’t care when we mix “your” with “you’re” or “I am” with “am” as long as the recipient understands.

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But many people take these things personally and even go out of their way to correct every grammar mistake. Chill! We’re not writing a school essay. This person claimed that the word “am” doesn’t exist in the English vocabulary while using it! Really? So, who needs grammar lessons now?

Completely Misinterpreted What He Said

While it must feel great being a celebrity, this list has proven it can be annoying, too. You go out of your way to do interviews. You choose your words carefully so fans can understand what you mean. Alas! The media still completely misinterpret you when the article is posted.

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And what for? So the outlet can increase its clicks by lying that you said something controversial. We would be irritated. This website misrepresented what the Apex Legends game director actually said, giving the impression that he said something completely different. He took time to reprimand them.

The Artist Came with Evidence

Here’s another example of someone sharing an image that wasn’t even theirs in an attempt to gain karma on Reddit. They uploaded a picture of a unique and well-made crest on the Minecraft board, where they inevitably got thousands of upvotes. But only for a little while.

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Unfortunately for them, the post’s original author spotted it and exposed them. In their defense, they never claimed they made the art but only thought it was a cool design. But this is still open for interpretation. In any case, always credit an artist when using their work.