Extraordinary People Show How Wild Genetics Can Be

When people are born, they have their own set of genetics that determines how they look. While some choose to alter their appearances with surgery, there isn’t much you can do to change your genes. Many people have brown eyes or brown hair, but some are born with unique genetics that make them stand out.

A women taking a selfie showing her unique eyes
Source: Reddit

Whether you see the differences as a blessing or a curse, you’re sure to be stunned by the distinctiveness of these people’s looks. From two different eye colors to birthmarks that make their hair white, these interesting photos show the world how wild genetics can be.

The Same White Patch

Although it looks like this woman and her baby are cosplaying Cruella de Vil, the white patches in their hair are actually because of a genetic mutation. They have poliosis circumscripta, which is not a spell from Harry Potter, but it causes a prominent white streak in the hair.

A women holding her child showing the same hair color
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The mother passed down this unique genetic condition to her son, and they are rocking the white patch of hair. Poliosis circumscripta, traditionally known as “white forelock,” occurs because of decreased or absent melanin in the hair follicles. It can occur in other hairy areas, like the eyebrows or eyelashes.

Sunflower Eyes

It probably comes as no surprise that the most common eye color in the world is brown. Meanwhile, it is very rare to have eyes like the ones seen in the picture. This woman has remarkably rare eyes with a sunflower and web-like design. They are also unique because of the yellow tint.

a picture of a sunflower looking eye
Source: Imgur

Her eyes look similar to something you would see on a cat. The doctor said she had the “weirdest eyes he had ever seen,” but we think they are stunning. Just when you thought there were only a handful of eye colors, you find out there are even rarer colors.

A Double Dose of Uniqueness

If there is one thing we can all learn from this list, it’s that people are incredibly unique. This man is a great example of that because he was born with vitiligo and heterochromia. Vitiligo is a condition where people develop white patches on their skin due to a lack of melanin.

a man showing his unique eyes and facial hair
Source: Twitter

Depending on where the vitiligo develops, it can also turn patches of hair a lighter color, as you see in the picture. He also has heterochromia, which causes the eyes to be two different colors. When you combine these two genetic conditions, you get a person you will never forget.

Bifid Thumb Twins

When this person ordered groceries, they had no idea their delivery man would have the same genetic condition. There is a 1 in 1,000 chance that someone could be born with a bifid thumb, formally known as pre-axial polydactyly. That’s a mouthful to say, but it’s not as hard to explain.

Two people showing their unique thumbs
Source: Twitter

A bifid thumb is when a baby is born with two thumbs on one hand. The thumbs can be separated or appear fused together, as seen in the picture. One in 1,000 chances seems rare, but it is more common than you would think. Some people have it corrected with surgery.

Behind These Hazel (and Amber) Eyes

While she is not the only person with heterochromia, this genetic condition never ceases to amaze us. It is more common to have a brown eye and a blue eye with heterochromia, but her appearance is stunning. Her amber and hazel eyes show how the condition affects people differently.

a woman with unique set of eyes
Source: Reddit

Her dark hair and light skin bring out the bold colors of her eyes. Most cases of heterochromia are hereditary, but a disease or syndrome can also cause it. On rare occasions, eyes can change colors after certain diseases or injuries.

Disney Princess Eyes

Big eyes are often considered beautiful because they remind people of Disney princesses and cartoon characters. This little girl was born with large eyes due to Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome. Many people compliment her stunning eyes, but her parents never know how to react.

a kid with large set of eyes
Source: Twitter

Her big eyes are adorable and rare, but the syndrome can lead to vision loss or blindness later in life. Most people who compliment her don’t know how her large eyes can affect her vision as she gets older. Those problems haven’t affected her yet, and hopefully won’t in the future.

Vitiligo On Half the Face

Vitiligo wasn’t a well-known condition until Winnie Harlow took over the modeling world and showed off her unique skin. The condition causes decreased melanin in certain spots on the skin. People can develop larger white patches as they get older.

a man showing his unique face
Source: Instagram

This man has vitiligo on half his face, which stands out against his deep skin tone. It’s striking because it also affects half his beard, which makes him stand out even more. Some people might feel embarrassed to look different, but it enhances their individuality.

A Special Little Girl

Many people go to extreme lengths to slow down the aging process and look younger than their age. However, they might not know that a syndrome called Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome or Neonatal Progeria causes babies to age rapidly. Within the first year of their lives, their appearance changes greatly.

a woman taking a selfie with her daughter
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Unfortunately, the syndrome is quite scary because their bodies age rapidly, but their brains can’t keep up. These babies can deal with arthritis and dementia at just one or two years old. The syndrome often leads to death at a very young age.

A Vitiligo Map

Vitiligo is not as rare as some might think, as you can see from this list. Some have sought experimental treatment to reduce their white spots or stop it from spreading, but others embrace it. This person saw that their vitiligo created a unique design on their hand.

a picture of a hand with map like features
Source: Reddit

Instead of trying to hide it, he tattooed an outline of his spots because it looked like a world map. We love how he found something positive in his vitiligo because many people feel self-conscious about it. Some people might mistake it for an intentional tattoo.

Heterochromia in One Eye

There are several types of heterochromia, meaning it can be in both eyes or one eye. Instead of having two different colored eyes, this person has one eye that’s two colors. Their iris is split vertically, with one half blue and the other green.

a closeup of an eye showing two colors inside the pupil
Source: Reddit

In some cases, the iris is split horizontally. The distinct colors in their eyes are hard to miss because blue and green are rare eye colors. Only two percent of the world has naturally green eyes. Heterochromia is usually not harmful and doesn’t influence the quality of vision.

A Lack of Collagen

Collagen is often mentioned in the beauty industry because it helps the skin stay young and wrinkle-free. The protein plays a role in strengthening the skin and keeps it elastic and hydrated. However, some people aren’t able to produce collagen due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

a picture of girl showing her unique skin
Source: Instagram

EDS is a connective tissue disorder that inhibits the production of natural collagen. Those with EDS often wrinkle prematurely and lose elasticity in their skin. It also affects the joints and blood vessel walls. Collagen is much more important than we thought.

A Beautiful Birthmark

Birthmarks aren’t uncommon and can appear on any body part. Sometimes they are hidden, and other times they are right in the middle of a person’s face. This adorable little boy was born with a large birthmark on his face that goes across his eye.

a kid with unique birthmarks on his face
Source: Imgur

While he might stand out from the crowd, it makes him one of a kind. Pigmented birthmarks, like the one in the picture, can vary in color. Although they are usually not harmful, they can pose an increased risk of skin cancer because it is like a large mole.

Elf Ears

Many people dress up like fairies or elves for Halloween and wear prosthetic pointed ears to complete the costume. Sometimes, people are born with pointed ears due to Williams Syndrome. The syndrome mostly affects the ears but can also affect the lips, jaw, nose, and cheeks.

a picture of elf like ear
Source: Reddit

It doesn’t sound so bad because they would never have to buy fake ears to dress up like a woodland fairy. People with Williams Syndrome might not like their pointy ears, but some would pay to have that ear shape. Some people get surgery to have pointy ears.

Natural Highlights

Everyone has a unique set of characteristics that make them different. From your hair and eye color to your face shape, each person has a distinct genetic makeup. This baby was born with a birthmark on her head that gave her natural highlights.

a picture of a child with unique hair
Source: Reddit

People might mistake her light patch for something she did at the salon, but it’s all natural. As she gets older, she could dye the rest of her hair to match it or embrace the different colored streak. It will be interesting to see how it changes as she ages.

No Fingernails

It might seem like fingernails are something everyone is born with, but that’s not always the case. There is a condition called Anonychia, which causes people to be born without fingernails or the ability to grow them. It’s not life-threatening, but fingernails are useful.

a picture of fingers with no fingernails
Source: Reddit

Fingernails help us scratch, pick things up, and protect the nerves under the nail. They also keep viruses and bacteria from getting into your body. Those without fingernails, like the person in the picture, can get sick more often. It is an extremely rare condition.

Temperature Sensitive Fingers

Hands and feet often feel the effect of cold temperatures quicker than other body parts. When the temperature drops, keeping your hands and feet warm helps you survive longer. Some people are less sensitive to the cold, but those with Raynaud’s Disease are more sensitive to cold temperatures.

a picture of a hand with various skin colors
Source: Reddit

Raynaud’s Disease makes arteries that supply blood flow to the skin to narrow in response to cold or stress. The affected body parts, such as fingers and toes, turn white or blue due to the lack of blood flow. Once the person warms up, their skin returns to a normal color.

White Eyelashes

As we have seen, vitiligo affects each person differently. Some people have lighter patches of skin, and others have white patches or hair. This man has fair skin, so the white patches are less noticeable on his skin, but it also affected his eyebrow and eyelashes.

a man showing his unique eyelashes
Source: Reddit

It looks like he put a thick coat of white mascara on his eyelashes. It’s unusual to see someone with naturally white eyelashes, which makes him stand out. He also has light-colored eyes, which must be striking against his white lashes.

Embracing Her Differences

Many syndromes can affect the eyes to make them different colors or sizes. However, Waardenburg Syndrome causes a person to be born with wide-set eyes. This is the case for Stef Sanjati, who embraces her unique look and shows off her differences.

a woman with unique eyes and hair color
Source: Instagram

Another symptom of Waardenburg Syndrome is having bright blue eyes. There is no way to miss her crystal blue eyes. She also had changes in the coloring of her hair because of the syndrome. Unfortunately, hearing loss is also common with Waardenburg.

Double Split Eyes

Here’s another person who was born with heterochromia. Instead of having two different colored eyes or one eye with split pigment, he has split pigment in both eyes. Half of his eye is green, and the other half is blue. From a distance, it’s hard to notice.

a picture of a man with split pigment in both eyes
Source: Reddit

He almost looks like he came right out of a Marvel movie, and his eyes can look into someone’s soul. All of his sharp features are stunning, but his eyes make him exceptional. Many people would love to have his beautiful eye color.

Twins with Achondroplasia

These twin sisters are nearly identical. They are alike in so many ways because they were born with Achondroplasia. It is a genetic disorder that causes people to be born with larger heads and short arms and legs. Achondroplasia can also cause people to have prominent noses with a flat nasal bridge.

a side by side of Twins with Achondroplasia
Source: Twitter

At first glance, the twins look like anyone else their age, but it becomes more noticeable as they grow up. They will be shorter than the average person, but that doesn’t make them any less adorable or capable of achieving their dreams.

That’s Not From Branding

Your first thought might be that this is a tattoo or a branding mark, but it’s actually the result of a rare condition known as Dermatographia. Someone with this condition is very sensitive to scratches on their skin. Any small scratch can cause a scar.

a picture of an arm of a person having Dermatographia
Source: Reddit

The scars are hard to get rid of, which makes it frustrating to get any little scratch. It might seem like a cool party trick, but it will last for a long time. It’s not serious, but it can be uncomfortable. The condition is also called skin writing sometimes for obvious reasons.

Very Long Arms

If you have ever struggled to reach something on a high shelf, you must have wondered what it would be like to have longer arms. Generally, your arms are the same height as your body from tip to tip. On the other hand, some are born with extra-long arms disproportionate to their body.

a girl with long arms standing
Source: Reddit

It might help them reach things or give good hugs, but it can also be frustrating to find clothes that have long enough sleeves. This girl always struggles to find clothes that fit her arms. She must need custom shirts for the winter, so her forearms aren’t cold.

The Opposite of Vitiligo

We have already discussed vitiligo a few times, but this appears to be the opposite. This woman has Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which causes patches of brown or black skin to appear on different body parts. It’s usually harmless but increases the chances of skin cancer.

a picture of a woman with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus
Source: Reddit

In rare cases, surgery is performed to remove some patches if they are at risk of becoming cancerous. Otherwise, it is harmless. This girl has embraced her skin, and it looks like she is always wearing an elegant black glove.

Striking Blue Eyes

When people see these boys, it’s hard to ignore their crystal blue eyes. The color against their dark skin makes them pop, and it’s a result of Waardenburg Syndrome. The symptoms appear differently in each person. The previous girl had wideset blue eyes, but these two don’t look the same.

a side by side picture of man and a child with crystal blue eyes
Source: geo.rock888

Their eyes almost look like they are glowing, and it’s incredible to see something so striking. Many people are born with blue eyes, which usually change within a year, but people with Waardenburg Syndrome never lose the bright blue color of their eyes.

His Hair Grows Everywhere

Many people spend hundreds of dollars getting laser hair removal or extra time shaving and waxing. It is a luxury that some of us have, but others have genetic conditions that cause excess hair growth. This man has a genetic mutation called Hypertrichosis, which causes hair growth all over the body.

a picture of a man with a genetic mutation called Hypertrichosis
Source: Reddit

People with Hypertrichosis often grow thicker hair in unusual places, like the face. Men often have to shave their beards every day, but most of them would complain if they had to shave their entire face. Since it’s a hassle, this man embraced his condition.

Two Sets of DNA

Most people have one set of DNA that determines everything about them genetically. However, in very rare cases, a person can have two sets of DNA with the code to make two separate organisms. Humans or other organisms with this condition are called chimeras.

a woman showing her unique two-colored skin
Source: Reddit

The term is typically used in relation to animals, but it can occur in humans too. Chimeras can happen naturally in humans if a fetus absorbs its twin. It can also occur if a person undergoes a bone marrow transplant. This woman is a chimera, which is only noticeable because of the line on her stomach.

He Has a Mini Toe

Most people are born with ten fingers and ten toes, but if we have learned anything from this list, it’s that there are always exceptions. Some people are born differently, like this person with six toes on one foot. It might be hard to notice because the extra toe is so tiny.

a foot of a man with a mini toe
Source: Reddit

The sixth toe looks like an ingrown nail on his big toe, but it has its own toenail. It could probably be removed with surgery because it is so small, but it doesn’t seem to bother this person. It’s hardly noticeable if you aren’t looking at his foot closely.

Double Cowlicks

When you hear the term double crown, you might think it has something to do with royalty. However, it’s not what you think; it’s actually a term to describe someone who has two cowlicks on the crown of their head.

a picture of a little boy with two cowlicks on his head
Source: Reddit

Most people have one cowlick that always turns in the same direction, but those with a double crown have two cowlicks that turn in opposite directions. This little boy has a double crown, and he would probably never notice because he can’t see the top of his own head.

A Teardrop Pupil

It’s not every day that you see someone with eyes that look like this. Not only does she have a rare eye color, but one of her pupils is different than the other. This condition is called Coloboma, which causes irregularities in the pupil. It can change the pupil’s shape and color.

a woman showing her teardrop like pupil
Source: Reddit

This woman has a teardrop-shaped pupil in one of her eyes. Her pupil is also not in the center of her iris like the other eye. It’s rare, especially because it is only in one eye. People must wonder if she is wearing a special contact.

A Wild Mane

Have you ever rolled out of bed and your hair looks like a complete mess? Strands are sticking out in every direction, and it looks unmanageable. Well, imagine if your hair was stuck like that no matter how much you brushed it. That’s the like of Shilah Madison.

Selfie of a girl showing her unique set of eyes
Source: Reddit

She was born with a unique condition known as “uncomfortable hair syndrome,” which causes her hair to always look like this. It can be painful because the hair often breaks off at the roots. There’s not much she can do to tame it because her hair is so fragile.

Extra Ear Skin

If you had an extra piece of skin on your ear, would you think to pierce it? Some would leave it alone or have it removed, but this man decided to make it stand out with an earring. It’s unusual and something you probably won’t see on other people.

a picture of a girl with extra ear skin showing
Source: Reddit

This man has embraced his extra skin because it doesn’t bother him. We know people with bumps on their ears, but we don’t think they would try to pierce them. We wonder why that occurs on some people and not others.

An Extra Tooth

When this person got regular X-rays at the dentist, they never expected to find an extra tooth. However, the extra tooth was in an unusual place: under their bottom front teeth. The extra tooth looks like it is deep in their chin.

an X-ray of a mouth showing an extra tooth
Source: Reddit

We don’t know if it has to be removed, but it looks like that would be a complicated and painful procedure. If a tooth ever gets knocked out, they can use the spare one to replace it instead of getting a fake tooth.

Born Without a Nose

You might not think about it much, but noses are a very important facial feature. Unfortunately, this little girl was born without a nose due to BAM syndrome. It’s a rare genetic disorder reported in fewer than 100 patients worldwide. The syndrome also causes eye defects.

a picture of a girl without a nose
Source: Reddit

Surprisingly, it is not inherited from the parents. People with BAM syndrome sometimes have absent tear ducts. The nose and eye issues typically require surgery, but people with the syndrome have normal to above-average intelligence and can live normal and happy lives.

A Crab Hand

Your hands are extremely important because they help you do almost everything in your daily life. While it’s possible to live without hands, it makes life much more challenging. And some people are born with different hands, like the one you see below.

a picture of an arm showing unique crab-like hand
Source: Reddit

This person’s hand didn’t develop properly, so two of their fingers got fused together, and they do not have a proper thumb. It looks more similar to a crab claw than a human hand, but that’s what makes it unique. It seems like it would be difficult to use their hand.

Not Like Other Eyes

Many conditions can affect the eyes, including persistent pupillary membrane (PPM). This condition can cause the iris to look like the one in the picture. PPM can also cause the iris to appear in several other shapes. PPM occurs when parts of the iris disappear as the pupil forms.

a close up of a unique pupil
Source: Reddit

Luckily, PPM does not affect someone’s vision. Some develop it in both eyes, while others only have it in one eye. PPM usually looks like strands of connective tissue covering parts of the pupil. However, your brain can still filter and correct the images you see.

She Earned Her Spots

Many people are born with or develop moles throughout their lives. While they are usually small spots, certain conditions can cause them to appear differently. This little girl was born with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, causing someone to have intensely pigmented spots on their skin.

picture of a child with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus
Source: Reddit

The tumor-like malformations are benign and range from tan and brown to pink and black. With or without spots, this little girl is adorable. Certain issues like melanoma or eczema can develop because of CMN but it’s treatable. She’s like a cute mythical creature.

Born With Six Fingers

Earlier, we saw someone born with an extra toe, and now, we have someone born with an extra finger. This baby has an extra finger between her thumb and pointer finger. It’s not very noticeable at first glance and doesn’t affect her health.

a picture of a baby’s hand with six fingers
Source: Reddit

Having a sixth finger could come in handy as she gets older because she will be able to hold more things in one hand. She could also become a brilliant pianist if the extra finger has full mobility. Being born with an extra finger has no clear cause.

A Random Hole

Some genetic disorders or differences are quite noticeable, but this one is hard to see. If you look closely, this girl has a small hole next to her ear. However, it is not the result of a piercing; it is a preauricular pit, which is a sinus tract under the skin that’s in the wrong place.

a girl with a small hole next to her ear
Source: Reddit

The tracts can vary in size and commonly occur on the right side. Most people don’t realize they have one until they see an ear, nose, and throat doctor for a routine checkup. Luckily, having this hole is considered harmless.