Four Siblings Change Through the Years in the Same Photo

The Before and After and the 10-year challenge photo trends that everyone is doing now are not new. Many people take pictures in the same way they did years ago. But, looking back at these pictures, it is like you are traveling down the years, with each picture having a story and effort behind it.

Let’s take a look at the 80s and 90s with these sisters.

First of the Many, In 1975

The photographer, the husband of one of the sisters, Bebe Brown, was Nicholas Nixon. He took the first photo of the sisters Heather, Mimi, Laurie, and Bebe. It was not just any one-time photo. The sisters decided to make it into a family project and continue the tradition for as long as possible.

Source: YouTube

One constant theme for these pictures is that there is no caption: only the date, time, and the viewer’s imagination. The sisters were in their early twenties and mid-teenage when this first photo happened. The no-caption mystery leaves the situation of the photograph to the audience’s imagination.

1976, Is That a Pattern Right There?

Coincidental, or on purpose? We do not know, but the four sisters always had the same attire for these pictures. In all these pictures, at least two out of the four sisters have similar-looking clothes. In this particular picture, you can see Maurie and Bebe in a similar dress.

Source: YouTube

The sisters may have had a detailed plan to look serious in their pictures. Or it may just be the audience and media dissecting each piece of the picture and looking too deep into details. We can never tell if the sisters were serious or seriously playful just from these photos, but judging by the dedication they put in into these pictures, they seem to be rather joyful.

1977 Is That Pop Culture Influence?

This year’s photo had the sisters switching their styles up. They are now dressed in sweatshirts, flannel shirts, and vests. The Star Wars episode IV was released in 1977 and had many Americans lunging deep into the franchise and the references.

Source: YouTube

Though there is no straightforward merchandise or any hints in the pictures about the sisters being Star Wars fans, who can tell? Maybe they greeted each other with the famous phrase ‘May the force be with you’ or maybe they were not at all into it.

1978, The Picture Screams Grease

The most popular film of that time, Grease, had its impact on a lot of college kids. There were leather jackets like T bird and heavy musical themes all over the country. In this picture, the sisters are sporting tank tops and striped shirts just like the cast do in the film’s final song.

Source: YouTube

The picture is only above the waist, so we can’t see any leather pants. Steive Nick’s and Fleetwood max were also the most talked-about works during this time, so maybe the sisters at least saw those movies?

1979 and Their Pictures Enter a New Decade

The sisters have successfully kept up their project till the end of the 70s, and it looked like they were switching up their wardrobe to greet the 80s. Though some of their attires still look the same, you can clearly say that some growth is happening.

Source: YouTube

The song ‘My Shanora’ by the Shank was making everyone shake their booties that year. Maybe the sisters had a joint jam session too. These sisters also seem to be high on fashion as their styles are never out of trend, even today.

1980 – A Joyful One

Switching up the style of their usual photos as the new decade arrives, sisters seem to be happy and caught in a relaxing moment in this picture. They seem to be hugging each other and in the middle of laughs and conversations. This photo is also a close-up shot above the waist. It’s nice to see them happy in the picture.

Source: YouTube

Were they celebrating any happy moments? Did any of the sisters get graduated or married? Or maybe this picture is just the one taken before the sisters get into their positions and pose with their usual serious poker faces. Either way, they look gorgeous as always.

1981 Entering Adult Life? Or Enjoying Summer?

The sisters are lounging around in a park in this picture. But they have their serious faces on, so what phase of their life were they in at that time? The minimum wage in 1981 was $3.10 for an hour. So may the Brown Sisters, except Bebe, entered the working and wage-earning stage of their lives.

Source: YouTube

Comparing to the minimum wage today, the early 1980s minimum wage is half. The cost of living and the prices of products were also almost half when compared to today. That is how it was in the past years, low cost of living matching that of their low wages, but as we all know, there have been drastic changes through the years.

1982 – Battling the Winds

The sisters seem to have significantly grown into their young adulthood and are battling the winds of life and the weather in this picture. They are all dressed in cozy padded jackets and sweaters, and the wind is blowing the hairs out of place. Maybe the sisters were on vacation.

Source: YouTube

1982 was indeed a more than average chilly year as the snow had covered over 75% of North America’s population. So were the sisters trying to show the future generation some hidden message regarding the year, or was it just coincidence? It’s up to your imagination.

1983 –Did the Sisters Play Jenga?

The famous blocks stacking game of Jenga was introduced this year. The game had many people hooked on it with its simplicity yet complex method. Wonder if the Brown Sisters stacked up a set. The picture though is another close-up shot where the sisters are dressed up in a floral dress and their usual shirt styles.

Source: YouTube

The way Nixon took this particular picture makes it seem like the viewer is part of the small circle the sisters are standing in. It looks like they were having a conversation when Nixon called them, and they all turned to the camera. So the viewer also gets he feels that they are a part of the sisters’ conversation.

1984 –Photographer Cameo?

This picture looks like it was taken against the sun. You can see the sisters glint their eyes. Here you can also clearly see the photographer Nixon’s shadow. The photo is one on the beach on a windy summer day. How were the beach outings during the 80s? Looking at this picture, you can get a vague idea.

Source: YouTube

Notable events in the year 1984 were Apple launching its first Mac commercial and the popular movies ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Star trek III.’ Also, baby on board stickers on cars were popular this year to let emergency workers identify babies in vehicles. Wonder how the daily lives of these sisters were.

1985 – The One Decade Milestone

Hats off to the dedication that Nixon and the Brown Sisters kept in to continue this tradition. It is also heartwarming to know that the sisters have stuck together for ten years and are still going forward happily. It’s not a rare thing to witness sibling breakups, but our brown sisters seem to be stronger than ever.

Source: YouTube

The sisters are now in their thirties and late twenties. The most memorable event for young people this year was the Coca-Cola company introducing their ‘new coke’ to the world. Isn’t it interesting to know the starting points of most things that we use in our daily lives? The sisters are fortunate to witness the birth of many amazing things in their lifetime.

1986 –The Closest

This picture seems to be the closest shot till now. All of the sisters look happy, and there are traces of smiles on their faces. It looks like their personal lives have been going smoothly, but let’s not assume. The picture is an above waist close-up shot of the four sisters.

Source: YouTube

The top song this year was ‘That’s what friends are for’ by Dionne Warwick. The sisters, too, seem to be having a strong bond, as they say in the song. Also, there was a movement to fight hunger and homeless this year. It was called Hands Across America.

1987 –Switching Up the Photo Positions

It looks like Nixon wanted to shoot something different this year. In this picture, we can see that Mimi and Bebe are standing in the center. The sisters’ wardrobes have changed drastically, and you can tell by the jewelry and top Mimi is wearing that the sisters have aged and have become fully-fledged adults.

Source: YouTube

The top song was Faith by George Michael, and a fun fact is that you could buy a can of coffee Campbell’s soup for 99 cents. The famous movies were Big Men and Beverly Corp Hill II. You could get a gallon of gas and a dozen eggs for less than a dollar.

1988 –Girls, Your 80s Fashionista Is Showing

In this picture, we can see Laurie wearing a classic 80s cheetah print tee. The other brown sisters have also switched up their fashion looks. It looks like they are wearing graphic tees. Are the colors of those tees and prints as neon as 80s fashion was? Wish we could get a color version of this photo.

Source: YouTube

1988 was the year digital cell phones were invented! A basic necessity today was born when these sisters were still thriving. Wonder if they were as excited as we were when we got our first phones. The movie Rainman was the most famous one, and the Olympics had many people hooked this year.

1989 – How Fast Time Flies!

Just as quickly as you read till here, the years seemed to have passed. We are now stepping into another decade with the Brown sisters. In this picture, Mimi looks all grown up! Or maybe it’s the new jewelry addition. Heather is also hiding behind Mimi. Some viewers speculate that perhaps she was pregnant and did not want to show.

Source: YouTube

You would not believe what happened in 1989. The World Wide Web was invented, and the first episode of Simpsons was aired! Uff, how the time flies. Is it possible the Brown Sisters were as internet geeks are we are today? Who knows? Even the price of the song Walkman also dropped at that time.

1990 –Another Cold Day

It looks like it was a cold autumn day that this picture was taken. The sisters are embracing each other and are huddled up in comfortable denim and fleece jackets. The winter wear in the 80s ad 90s was also pretty chick. Simpson’s shirts were popular this year. Did the Brown Sisters give them in their wardrobes, though?

Source: YouTube

1990 was the beginning of the grudges year. Many changes occurred, and seeds were laid for most of the big future companies. The gruesome thing was that either half of the population were criminals or the victims of crimes this year. Photoshop, text messaging, and Google were started this year.

1991 –Most Resemblance Between The Sisters

You must have observed that as people age, their features come out, and the resemblances between their family members come out. In this picture, anyone can tell that they are sisters. They look exactly the same. Though some of them have the healthy wrinkles of aging, they still look lively.

Source: YouTube

Did you know that the 1991 Nirvana songs ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was named after the deodorant one of the band member’s girlfriends wore? The World Wide Web gained more popularity. The Gulf War happened this year. Beauty And The Beast and the Terminator II were the most popular movies.

1992 – Is There Another Little Life in This Picture?

Until now, all the pictures taken have always kept the girls’ private lives a mystery. There were no marriage rings or baby bumps seen till now. The photographer did a good job in concealing such aspects but not in this particular picture. So they are finally revealing something other than the usual.

Source: YouTube

The Brown sister Mimi wears a gorgeous dress, and is that a baby bump underneath? Heather and the other sisters seem to be looking adoring at Mimi and the baby. It looks like all the Brown Sisters are mothers or wives by this time. So we are entering another phase of their lives with them.

1993 –A Late Night Shot

Different from all the others, in this picture, the Brown Sisters are posing for the picture in the night. They look a bit tired and disheveled, but hey, isn’t that what adult life does to you. They are dressed in cost sweaters; maybe they were having a family dinner or something at this time, who knows.

Source: YouTube

The microprocessor Intel was invented in 1993. A fun fact is that a gallon of the gas price went up to more than a dollar while the dozen eggs price stayed almost the same. This hints at the increasing demand for petroleum and the start of many economically tight situations. I hope the Brown family is keeping up with the changing world.

1994 –Oozing Coziness

This picture looks similar to their 1986 one. They are all huddled up together and are happily staring at the camera. We can even see smiles and peaceful expressions. Though as they age, they have now switched into sweaters and typical mid-age women fashion. No more camera-conscious serious faces.

Source: YouTube

A most notable moment from 1994 was that Greenday was performing at the Woodstock, and a mug fight broke out right in the middle of the performance! Cue so much chaos as everyone was covered in mud and did not know who was who. Even the band’s guitarist was mistaken for a fan and was thrown into the crowd.

1995 –Let’s All Join for a Group Hug!

In this picture, you can clearly see how they have aged. Their face wrinkles and changed hairstyles, for one, are a screaming hint. Unlike the early pictures, in this one, all the sisters are hugging each other. Doesn’t it feel good to know that they stuck close through almost 20 years for now? Another striking feature is that we can see wedding rings on their hands in this picture.

Source: YouTube

A horrendous fact about this year is that 37 people were killed in a vending machine accident. The machines fell on them and lead to the deaths. Another sad event was that in Tokyo, a nerve gas incident killed and injured thousands of people on the subway across the world. Thank God that our brown sisters are still healthy and thriving.

1996 –Another Nixon Cameo

Just like the picture from 12 years ago, we can see Nixon’s shadow in this picture, but here the shadow is almost covering his wife’s face. The sisters are once again dressed up for the weather. Maybe it was a nice chilly autumn day. It’s good to see that even Nixon is healthy and kicking after these many years.

Source: YouTube

Do you know what major thing was introduced to the world in 1996? Pokémon! Yep, the favorite anime of all time was born this year. Also, the New York Yankees became the World Series champion after 18 years of dryness. Looks like this year was better than the others in some aspects. Tickle me Elmo was also introduced in this year itself.

1997 –Windswept Hair

This year’s picture has the sisters looking like they are some sort of pop band members. With the windswept hair and tank top looks, they are still dashing young even though they have aged significantly. This year is important in history because Princess Diana took her last breath this year. Wonder how our brown sisters reacted to the news.

Source: YouTube

Though it was the end of a celebrity era when Princess Diana died, many other famous celebrities were born this year. For example, the supermodel Kylie Jenner, the boy band BTS’s Jung Kook, and the singer Camilla Cabello were born this year. Also, this year was a revolution in the music industry, not just because many famous singers were born, but because was launched, which helped people download and listen to all the songs all over the world.

1998 –The Sisters Gush Over Bebe

Bebe is in the front in this picture, and it looks like the sisters are holding her and pushing her forward to look good in the picture. It looks like in real life, too, the sisters were very supportive and always put the others first. You can see how dramatically Bebe has aged, though.

Source: YouTube

Just like the sisters put Bebe first, the US put females first as for the first time, female life expectancy was over 79%. The technology, entertainment industry, and the general cost of living were rising. The famous rappers like XXtentacion and Juice WRLD were most listened to. Windows 98 was also launched this year. Wonder how the Brown Sisters were keeping up with all these.

1999 –Hugs, Winds, And Jackets

If you observed well, most of the pictures where the sisters have aged are taken on windy days. Did Nixon have a meaning behind this, or was it just coincidence? Here though, the sisters seem to be seeking warmth from each other, and it looks like a rather chilly and windy day.

Source: YouTube

Well, the earth, though, was not as calm as these sisters in that year. There was the Oklahoma tornado outbreak and the hurricane Floyd. Many lives and settlements were lost. On a brighter note, 1999 was a very impactful year in the movie industry. Some of them were ‘Fight Club,’ ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and ‘election.’ Wonder how many of these the Brown sisters watched.

2000 – Say Hello to the Decade of All Decades

Yes, the sisters have entered a whole other century and have taken us along with them. This picture is remarkably different because this is the furthest they have posed from the camera. It kind of shows how far they have come with this project. They are enjoying their late middle age with another day out on the beach in this picture.

Source: YouTube

As the first year of the 3rd millennium and the 21st century, this year was named culture. The world population also hit 6 billion this year. Also, as the good things in the world increased, so did the bad. The hole in the ozone layer had grown up to the size of 11 million square meters. You can say that this year was the start of many drastic things.

2001 – The Sisters Are Rocking the Vacation Vibes

Did the Brown family have a yearly beach vacation tradition? Was it at these vacations that Nixon took these photos? Either way, it looks like the sisters and their families always met from time to time and had family dinners irrespective of their individual family lives. Unfortunately, you don’t see much of that bond in families nowadays.

Source: YouTube

The most eventful thing this year was 9/11. Islam extremists hijacked US planes, and Osama Bin Laden’s Letter to America read many motives towards violence. Thank God the world grew a bit from the year of drastic terrorism. Another side, Destiny’s Child’s music was very popular this year.

2002 –The Sisters Sport Polo Shirts

Just like you see in the old movies, the sisters are wearing similar polo shirts in this picture. The trend never went out of fashion as you can still wear a polo shirt, maybe deck it with some of today’s fashion and still look the coolest in the room.

Source: YouTube

It was Queen Elizabeth IIs golden jubilee this year. Eminem’s lose yourself had many youngsters turning to hip-hop. Also, do you know what movies grossed the highest this year? Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Lord of the rings! Yes, we are slowly entering the familiar era.

2003 – The Sisters Are Keeping Up With Technology and Trends!

In this picture, we can get a clear view of Heather’s phone. Now how many of you remembered using these old phones? How many of you do not even know what they are? It’s crazy how technology changes for each generation. Mimi is also sporting a new haircut! Good to see the sisters living their best lives.

Source: YouTube

One fun fact of this year is that Dunkin Donuts with a handle for dipping coffee came back into play. Even the food industry was seeing so many changes. Did the Brown Sisters like McDonald’s? I think they did. Fashion changed drastically as tattoo chokers, jeans without back pockets, and butterfly clips were the trends.

2004- Shoreline Candid?

Here the sisters are posing near a shoreline and look like they had a great time. Laurie is caught looking in the opposite direction. Was it something Heather said, or was she looking at other family members? Their children perhaps? You can clearly tell that Laurie is growing into the old age days.

Source: YouTube

Looks like this year is, once again, a tough one. The deadly bird flu plagued over ten countries all over the world, causing a pandemic. The Indian Ocean tsunami destroyed many lives, and the terrorist attacks were not dying down that much. Looking at the sisters’ faces, we get the reminder that no matter what bad things are happening, we should stick together and move forward.

2005 – Laurie Dear, Look into the Camera Please

This year Laurie is again looking away from the camera. Did she finally give up interest in these pictures or did Nixon want to capture an image different dorm the other seriously posed ones? I think it’s the second. The sisters’ hands are now wrinkly and weak.

Source: YouTube

Live 8 concerts were held in July of 2005. Another disaster hurricane, Katrina, made major damage. Star Wars episode III and chronicles of Narnia, the Lion Witch, and the Wardrobe were famous. No matter how the technology and climate were changing, the pop culture craze remained the same. Were the sisters watching alongside their children?

2006 –Squinting Against the Sun!

It’s a sunny day for this year’s Brown sister picture. This picture really makes us want to go back and look at the first-ever picture of this thread, right? Unfortunately, all the sisters have aged and are showing wrinkled. They still look healthy, though, so that’s a win.

Source: YouTube

The sisters have now aged and are at that stage where they sit back and watch the changes in the world passively. This year Blue Ray replaced DVDs, so no more DVDs for the Brown Sisters. Going through so much change must have been nerve-wracking and anxious, but they are doing fine till now.

2007 – Mimi Is in the Back

The sisters have switched up positions once again. In this picture, you can see that Mimi is standing at the back while Heather and Bebe are upfront, standing tall and proud. If you focus on their hands, you will get the friendly grandmother vibes that take you up for a warm hug and gives you excellent advice.

Source: YouTube

So what happened in the world this year? Well, the first iPhone was introduced, which cost around $599 at that time. Imagine how the people must have felt then. Did you know that Emma Watson almost quit Harry Potter this year? Well, thank God she did not. Also, Beyonce went on her big break, and the Britney spears breakdown happened.

2008 – Nixon’s Fingers Photo Bombed!

The sisters are all snuggled up together in this close-up shot, and the cameraman’s fingertips can be seen in the upper right corner. Well, did age finally play its hand on Nixon’s skills? Maybe not. It’s fantastic to see that the sisters are still sticking together in good spirits even after almost 30 years.

Source: YouTube

Well, the world in 2008, though, was not as peaceful as these sisters. The stock market had experienced a major drop, and another version of the great depression hit America. Apart from that, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, and Reese Witherspoon were in their prime this year.

2009 – Peaceful Brown Sisters

The sisters look like they have seen a lot and have accepted a lot of changes in life. Heather is leaning her head on Bebe. Maybe the sisters were reminded about all the things and changes they had been through along the years. This picture screams nostalgic thoughts.

Source: YouTube

This was the year the song Teach me how to Dougie was played and had many people hooked up. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden stepped into office this year. They made America better and earned a good name as president and vice president.

2010 – Another Decade, Another Story

In this picture, sisters are gazing off into the distance. All except Bebe are looking at something other than the camera. It looks like Nixon wanted to capture a moment that resembles the sisters gazing into their old-age lives. Or maybe he wanted only his wife to look at him via the camera. Either way, it’s a sweet message.

Source: YouTube

This fact seemed rather bizarre. A settlement in Greenland, Moriusaq, had the popular of three. Just three. And then it even dropped to 2. Those folks have a whole wide land to themselves. This year, Scooby doo fruit snacks and funky-looking kids’ snacks were famous. Did the sisters spoil their grandchildren with them? Oh, how time flies.

2011 – Cuddled Up Through the Years

In this picture, Mimi is hugging her two sisters, and Heather holds on to Mimi’s arms. Even though many years passed, the sisters’ nature to cuddle or touch each other in any way possible did not change. In fact, it only grew strong. Well, it makes sense because after all the years of living life, you go back to your roots in your old age.

Source: YouTube

Did you know that the words, or rather acronyms, OMG and LOL, were added into the Oxford dictionary this year? Imagine the sisters’ reaction when one of their grandchildren used these words on them. The famous TV reality show Dancing With The Stars was most popular this year. The sisters could’ve watched it.

2012 – The Sisters Survived the Supposed Apocalypse

We all know the world was supposedly going to end in 2012, right. There were many movies made about it and many rumors. But well, that that not happen and the sisters are once again back with their traditional yearly picture, but this time in the dark.

Source: YouTube

This year, Barack Obama was re-elected as the president. Master card and Viisa had major security breaches that will stay forever in the books. There was another hurricane, though, called the hurricane Sandy, but thankfully it did not drown the whole world and end it.

2013 – and We Have a Break in the Thread

After keeping up the project for nearly 39 years, the sisters finally take a break for four years. We hope it’s not something bad. The sisters are now old so maybe the health issues were finally showing up? Either way, just like any boy band, let us hope they come back with a blast.

Source: YouTube

Just like the sisters took a step back from the photographs, Pope Benedict XVI resigned. He was the first pope to resign in over 600 years. Also, a partial shutdown of the United States happened for the first time in 17 years. Finally, in pop culture, HBO canceled the show enlightened. It looks like there were many close-downs this year.

2017 – Back with a Blast for the Last One

After going on a semi-hiatus for four years, the sisters have come back to take their last photo of the 40 pictures thread and go on with their final days of life. Though there has been a break, the picture style and the way the sisters cuddled did not change much, showing us that the sisters are still happy.

Source: Twitter

Nixon, the photographer, did an amazing job taking up this project and taking the world through the decades with these pictures. The project must have ended, but the love and memories did not. Let us hope that wherever the Brown sisters are right now, they are happy.

Next, watch as a father and daughter grow old with their series of the same photos of 35 years.

1980 – The Beginning

Hua Yunqing, the father, and his daughter Hua Hua are the adorable father and daughter pair we will be following through the years here. This first picture was taken in front of the river when the family was on a holiday trip. It was taken in Zhenjiang, China’s Jiangsu province.

Source: Facebook

After the picture came out, the father Yunqing decided to make this a tradition. He thought that once his daughter grew into adulthood, it would be a great gift to capture their memories throughout the years into these pictures.

1981 – One Year In

Yunqing was very dedicated to this project. He even wanted to keep the location the same, so the family went back to the river location to take this picture. It looks like it is the mother who is taking these pictures.

Source: Facebook

It looks like Hua Hua got to know what a camera is and how to pose for pictures as in this picture, she is holding on to her father’s hand tightly and smiling into the camera. This was the year China’s one-child policy came out, so did Hua have any siblings? Let’s hope we find out as they grow old.

1982 – Three Years Old, but Still the Same

Here the father and daughter are smiling wide. Hua Hua, though, is wearing the same dress. I think it was planned as the family plans the trip every year for these pictures, so how hard would it be to get back in the past year’s clothes.

Source: Facebook

She is sporting a cute pixie hairstyle and is holding her hands behind her back. Did she already grow up, and was she saying things like ‘Dad, I am a big girl now, I don’t need to hold your hand’? Well, that is what most 3-year-olds adorably say anyway.

1983 – We Can Almost Measure Her Height Growth

This picture was taken from a bit far compared to others. Maybe they wanted to show how her daughter is growing taller and taller by the year. As she is standing next to her dad, we can take reference points and see her height grow.

Source: Facebook

We can even see a pagoda in the background in this picture. It makes us wonder how China was in the year 1983. The Hu Na diplomatic incident happened in 1983. She had to flee from her hotel and take refugee with some friends as she feared prosecution because she was not joining the Communist Party of China.

1984 – The Splash of Color Finally Came In

This is the first color picture of the series and this article. China had always been ahead of everyone in the technology section. Hua Hua is wearing a cute pink dress, and her hands are clutching onto it. It looks like she had a very fun day playing around.

Source: Facebook

You can see the pagoda in the background in its full glory here. The added color makes it stand out. Hua looks like the proud father who would brag about his child to everyone who would listen. He even looks very dignified in his white button-down shirt.

1985 – Fun Day in the Water

The father and daughter look like they went into the water this time. They are drenched from playing in the water and are wearing water goggles. Hua Hua is smiling so wide in this picture that you can see her baby teeth and the gaps between her teeth. It must have hurt from all the teeth shedding.

Source: Facebook

The father, Hua, also looks dashing in his swim gear and goggles. The father-daughter bond must have grown as he taught his daughter how to swim. Legacies are being passed on at a very early age. Anyway, the drenched hair and big smiles make us want to go for a swim day.

1986 – Here Come the Bowl Cuts

It’s the mid-1980s, and the father-daughter pair is starting to switch up their styles. Hua Hua’s signature pixie cut looks almost like a bowl cut. She is also wearing a cute red ribbon. Well, we all know bowl cuts were famous in the olden days in China.

Source: Facebook

Hua is wearing some cool goggles. Is he stepping up his role as the cool dad now that his daughter is slowly growing? Looks like it. Hua Hua is still wearing the ruffles dress, though. She has been wearing ruffles for almost three years now. Were they her favorite or the parents’?

1987 – Hua Hua Is in School and Is Rocking It

She is now in second grade, and she already looks like the cute, talented girl from the next class. Wonder what her favorite things were in school. Hua Hua has switched up her fashion, though; she is wearing a printed frock with cartoons on it.

Source: Facebook

Hua is wearing orange-tinted glasses, though. Was he a fan of Elton John? Who wouldn’t be. Well, one thing that was happening in China during that year was the Indo-China war. The war ended with a standoff and the prime minister of India being invited to Beijing to settle things out.

1988 – A Wide Shot

Till now, we have only seen vertical photos, but this time, we have a wider shot. We can see the pagoda clearly. Hua is wearing a hat and denim shorts. It looks like it was a summer day there. Did they have a blanket picnic or just a fleeting visit? It’s up to our imaginations.

Source: Facebook

Hua Hua is back to the bowl cut and ruffle dresses. She looks polite with her hands folded behind her back, though. The Wildlife Protection Act came out in 1988 in China as the animals, specifically Giant Pandas, were nearing endangerment. Hua Hua would love the pandas, so good thing they are safe now.

1989 – On the Brink of Another Decade

Hua Hua is almost up to her father’s shoulders! She has grown well and elegantly until now. Can’t wait to see how she overgrows her father’s height. She is wearing white summer shorts and a top. As China can be very cold sometimes, it’s fair to think that this was their yearly summer vacation tradition.

Source: Facebook

Hua has also switched up. He is now growing into his middle-age years. He is still keeping up with the trends as here he is wearing the all-time classic black shades. It definitely is a summer day. They must have skipped getting into the water, though, as they look fresh in their neatly pressed white clothes.

1990 – The Father and Daughter Are Twinning!

In this picture, anyone can tell at first glance that they both are related by blood. They are even posing similarly. Hua Hua is growing, so maybe she was the one who pushed her father to pose like her.

Source: Facebook

Their haircuts are also somewhat similar. They are both wearing the same shade of goggles. One thing that we have observed till now is that in none of these pictures, Hua Hua’s hair is longer than her ear level. Did she plan on having the same haircut for years? Generally children her age would want to grow their hair into pigtails and style them. It looks like Hua Hua is just unique.

1991 – Technology Cameo

Look at the gadgets they are holding in the picture. It looks like they are running into the future with the world. Hua has a pager strapped to his belt and is holding the famous old people’s purse. They look good, and Hua Hua’s hair is growing!

Source: Facebook

Hua Hua also seems to be holding a player of some sort. She left her earphones in, though. Hua Hua looks a bit serious in this photo, so did the teenage rebellion finally start? We do not know. She has also switched her fashion style from frocks and shorts to jeans and hoodie shirts.

1992 – Hair Finally Into Pig Tails!

I just said that she does not grow her hair more than ear length in the past few years, but here she finally looks like the adorable teenage girl with her twin tails and floral skirts. This is a close-up shot, and we cannot see much of the landscape in this picture, though.

Source: Facebook

She even has clips in her hair, and she is wearing a keys sort of chain necklace around her neck. She is almost as tall as her father. She really is one of the people who grow to skyrocket their height. It makes us wonder how she is at school and in sports.

1993 – Windswept Hair and Happy Smiles

In this picture, our Hua Hua is almost ladylike. She is chubby and growing. The father and daughter are not looking at the camera in this picture. It looks like something interesting caught their eyes as they are staring into the landscape.

Source: Facebook

The song Blowin’ in the wind celebrated its 30 year anniversary this year, so it makes sense that the father-daughter picture is also blowing in the wind. Hua Hua is wearing a beautiful shirt tucked into her striped shorts. If you observe, the father and daughter fashion styles are a bit the same.

1994 – Hua Hua Is Stepping into High School

In this picture, she looks very wise and professional. She got spectacles, though. Looks like she has been spending more time watching the television. The father and daughter are wearing the same color T-Shirt. Maybe they planned it all.

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Here you can see Hua’s emotions playing on his face. He is holding his daughter close. Of course, any father would be overwhelmed in the first years of their kids’ high school. She is wearing red baggy pants and a Los Angeles Graphic T-shirt, which is now coming back into the trends.

1995 – Dungarees and Bucket Hats

Hua Hua is up to date with the trends as she is wearing the denim dungaree. Her father, though, is looking professional in his tie and slacks. The pictures no longer show the river landscape clearly. Did the family get too busy to visit the place? Or is it just the picture angle? Take a guess.

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Hua Hua also has a floral bucket hat she is holding in her hand. Her hair seems to have grown a lot as she tied it into a ponytail behind her back. Hua Hua seems to be going through the awkward braces stage.

1996 – Shy Smiles and Floral Colors

Hua Hua’s smile has changed over the years. She now smiles politely and almost as if she is shy of the camera. In this picture, though, she is out of her braces. Wonder how she was doing at school, still shy or the opposite?

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Her hair, though, seems to be back at the over-the-ear length. Her father, Hua is also growing into his years. He is again with the professional tie and a face that screams experience and knowledge.

1997 – Eighteen Years and Growing!

Hua Hua has finally hit the eighteen-year landmark and has stepped out of jeans and shirts into elegant dresses. Her hair is now shoulder level, and overall, she looks very pretty. The landscape is again very clear in this picture. It looks like the family still visits the place often.

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Her father, Hua is still as proud of her daughter as he was in the very first picture. Here he is wearing a funky floral Tie. Of course, no one would think of wearing a floral tie to work these days.

1999 – Entering A New Millennium

The father-daughter pair is successfully approaching the 20 years hit. Oh how they have grown! Not only Hua Hua but her father has also aged pretty well. As for Hua Hua, she is just stepping into the real world.

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Hua Hua is wearing a pretty all-red dress. Sadly, the family broke the thread as they could not take a picture in the year 1998. Well, Hua Hua was going through major changes in school, so its pretty justified.

2000 – Switching Up Poses

Hua Hua is now on the right. Is it to signify that she has turned 21 and is now legally an adult? Guess so. Also, that tie is turning heads and making the audience question the fashion sense. Well, it’s the early 2000s. Fashion was very funky at that time.

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Hua Hua has also changed her hairstyle. She is now sporting the famous Asian bangs. It shows us that she really is a young adult now. I hope she is happy with her life choices and is gearing up to enter the world.

2001 – Trend Setter Huas!

Here we can see a Louis Vuitton bag! The trendiest thing in the pictures till now. It’s good to see that the family is putting up with the trends. Also, the Tommy Hilfiger polo is oozing coolness. Hua is a very cool dad.

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Hua Hua’s hair is the longest till now. Just like her and all the changes, her life is going through.

2002 – Hua Hua Is a Lady Now!

Anyone can easily tell looking at this picture that Hua Hua is all grown up. She is now into bold red lipstick and trendy haircuts. Her gorgeous dress also looks amazing.

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Dad Hua looks the proudest he has been in all the pictures till now. Even though he is almost 50 years old in this picture, he still looks young and dashing.

2003 – Fashionistas!

Hua Hua looks trendiest in this particular picture. Anyone looking can tell that she has grown into a gorgeous lady. I bet some of you are scrolling down to compare her pictures from the years.

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Hua has also upgraded from the old shades he used to wear all the time. One thing that stays common is that the location, along with the father-daughter love.

2004 – Hua Hua Has Outgrown Dad!

It looks like Hua Hua has had a major growth spurt as she looks taller than he father in this picture. She even looks chubbier and healthier. However, her dad is still wearing his signature polo shirts, and we can see that he is leaning down to let his girl take the spotlight.

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Hua Hua looks gorgeous in the purple top and black skirt. The landscape also looks like it has changed through the years.

2005 – Featuring the Very Big Camera

We wonder why Hua is holding that big camera like that. Did he grow a passion for photography in his old age? If he did, though, it would be amazing.

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Hua Hua looks grown correctly in this picture. You must have observed that she is now standing on the right in the recent pictures. Her hairstyle also seems to be very in-trend.

2006 – Hua’s Grey Hair Is Showing!

Take a good look at this picture because the next photos from here will have a major change. In this picture, we can see that Hua’s hair is graying, and his wrinkles are showing. His little girl, though, is all grown up. Though her hair is back to the pixie hair cut, she is in no way the girl from 30 years ago.

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2007 – A New Addition to The Pictures!

Yes! There is a granddaughter! Hua Hua seems to have become a gorgeous and healthy mother. The new addition to these pictures is very adorable. We will now see and grow into the years with this little ray of sunshine.

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It looks like both Hua and Hua Hua cannot handle their excitement. Hua Hua’s peace sign shows it all. Hua’s smile is big and proud.

2008 – And the Little Girl Is Growing Too!

Hua seems to have taken the grandfather role very seriously. He is keen on holding his granddaughter in his arms. The little girl, though, unlike Hua Hua, is not keeping her hair short.

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Hua Hua also seems to be taking her mother role seriously. The diaper bag she is carrying says it all. She is dressing her daughter in equally adorable clothes, though.

2009 – Hua Can Barely Hold Her Up

Oh, how the time flies. Even the grandchild is growing fast. She now seems heavy and big that Hua is struggling to carry her. She is an adorable and healthy child. We all are in awe of her.

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It seems to be a chilly day because everyone in the picture is wearing warm clothes. Remember when they used to visit this place in the summers? Yes. Cue the nostalgia.

2010 – The Granddaughter Has Now Cozied Up To The Camera

Yes, she is a small ball of naught sunshine. She cannot stand still in one place! She looks adorable, holding onto her grandpas and mom’s hands, though. She does not know that there is a big surprise coming her way!

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2011 – Oh My Goodness, There Is Another Addition!

Yes, Hua Hua is now the mother of two adorable children. Just look how happy Hua looks in this picture, holding his second grandchild. Remember when we wondered if Hua Hua had a sibling? Well, her children do now.

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Also, Hua’s first child now has spectacles as she is twinning with her mother.

2012 – Bright Sun and Bright Smiles

The family is now growing well and is all happy. The bright sun is competing with their bright smiles. In this picture, though, we can see that the people behind the camera seem to be huddled up. It looks like it’s Hua Hua’s husband and her mom who are the ones behind these.

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2013 – Oh How Far We Have Come!

The last picture the family has taken in this thread. Yes, we have now upgraded from father-daughter pictures to father, daughter, and grandchildren. Here, all the ladies are wearing matching blue dresses. The pagoda and the river have also changed a lot through the years.

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Hua once said that he would always get emotional whenever he looked at these pictures. Well, who would not?