Hidden Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

We often overlook tiny details that could truly make our lives easier as we go about our daily business. There are many things in our homes that we all know how to use, or at least we thought we did. But what if we’ve been misusing some of them?

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That’s right. However, don’t blame yourself because the inventors of these things failed to tell us. Don’t worry, though. We’re here with some incredible tips that will make your life easier and faster by using these unknown features on things you presumably use all the time.

The Gas Icon Arrow Serves a Purpose

Everyone has been unsure which side the gas tank is on your car at least once, especially if you just got the car. Most people must get out of the car to confirm which side they should go to when they pull up to the gas station.

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But this can be time-wasting. However, every car has a feature that indicates which side the tank is on. So, the next time you need gas, just look behind the steering wheel and find the arrow beside the gas icon. Whichever way it points is where your gas tank is.

An Efficient Way to Use Your Microwave

Since they are so small and can only hold about one item at once, microwaves can sometimes be inconvenient. You must heat one dish at a time when you have guests over for dinner and want to prepare something. We discovered a way to prepare both at the same time.

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This can speed up your cooking time. Place the first plate in the microwave where you will heat it. Then take a mug and turn it upside down to use as a base for the second plate. You’ll have room for two dishes and waste less time.

Get Your Beer Chilled in Minutes

Nothing tastes better than a cold beer on a hot summer day. However, there are times when we forget to put the beer in the refrigerator and have to wait an hour for it to get cold. That’s frustrating. But there is a method to make the beer cool in ten minutes.

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Wrap the beer in a moist paper towel, and then place it in the freezer. Set a timer for ten minutes or less since the beer may explode if you leave it in there too long, creating a mess that no one wants to deal with. Enjoy.

The Loops on Shopping Carts Have a Purpose

It could be hard to pack everything into the cart without crushing some of your fresh groceries when you go on a big grocery shopping trip. Items like eggs and softer fruits are always neatly stacked on top of all the other groceries, but they could still fall and crack.

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Rather than crushing fresh groceries, hang bags on the loops beside and behind the shopping cart. This will create more room and make it easier to keep the fragile items upright. These bags would be useful for bringing groceries into the house too. Who else didn’t know this?

Keep Your Computer On Even When You Step Out

Sometimes you step away from your PC for a few minutes only to come back and find it in sleep mode. This can be frustrating, and while we could easily turn it back on by entering our password, we would prefer it to stay unlocked and waiting for us.

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If you don’t want to go to the settings but you must step out briefly, you can leave your computer on by placing an analog wristwatch beneath the mouse. The watch’s ticking will keep your PC active until you’re back.

The Drawer at the Bottom of the Oven Isn’t for Storage

Most times, maximizing available storage space is the goal in the kitchen. That’s why people usually think the oven’s bottom drawer is for storing baking pots and pans. But that’s not what it’s for. There’s a more specific use for it that could benefit you.

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The oven’s bottom drawer serves as a warming drawer. When preparing a large meal, you can turn on the drawer and store any dishes that are done cooking before the rest so they won’t get cold on the counter. We didn’t know! In our defense, we don’t cook much.

Keep the Tin Foil Intact in the Box

Isn’t it annoying when you need a piece of foil, but the roll keeps slipping out of the box? Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal, there’s an easy fix right there on the box to hold it in place. The box has tabs to hold the roll.

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And we have just learned about it today. Almost all aluminium foil boxes have perforated tabs on the side that you can put in to prevent the roll from slipping out of the box. Now we know! But we feel the makers should’ve made it clearer.

There’s an Expiration Date on Every Beauty Product

We bet you don’t look at the bottom of beauty products when you buy them. Even if you do, it’s usually for a second or two. No one is interested in deciphering those symbols there. But those tiny symbols tell you when you should throw the product away.

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Depending on the product, practically every cosmetics item container has a small “6M,” “12M,” or “24M” written on it. It says how long you have to use the product after opening it before it goes bad. To avoid having any expired products sitting around, we should all check our products.

The Slotted Patches Are Not Useless

We bet you’ve never used the slotted patch on your backpack if you have one. Most people mistakenly believe it to be decorative. However, it has an important function. Originally created to carry equipment like axes or knives, it is known as a lash tab.

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The lash tab can now be used to secure anything to your bag. It is often used by hikers to hold their sleeping bags or other items that won’t fit inside the pack. If you overpack like we do, this will help you save more space in your backpack.

How to Fill Your Blender Efficiently

Do you ever feel like the bottom of your smoothie constantly has lumps that weren’t fully blended? You could be filling your blender incorrectly. There is a better way to do it than the way we have always done it.

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For maximum efficiency, the liquids should be put in the blender first, followed by the solids. You’ll get a smooth smoothie because the spinning liquid at the bottom will suck the solids down and mix everything evenly. Frozen fruits or veggies work best for this method.

Peeling Oranges without Making a Mess

It can get messy when you peel oranges. The juice spills everywhere as soon as you dig your fingers into the peel, leaving you with a sticky mess. However, there is a mess-free and quicker way of peeling all citrus fruits, including oranges and clementines.

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Once the peel’s top and bottom are removed and its side is slit, the peel should unroll into a neat row of orange segments. You should do this for your kids’ lunches so they won’t have to struggle to peel oranges at school. We wish we had known this earlier.

This Is How to Heat Food in the Microwave

Do you ever feel some parts of your food are cold while others are hot even after heating up the leftovers in the microwave? If you pile the food on a plate or leave it in the container, the heat won’t be evenly distributed. Here’s what you should do next time.

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Before putting the leftovers in the microwave, first make a small hole in the center so it will reheat evenly. That way, you won’t have to worry about reheating your food multiple times because every part will be at the same temperature. Why did no one ever tell us?

An Easier Way to Peel Bananas

If you’ve ever seen a monkey eat a banana, you’ll notice that it doesn’t peel from the stem side. This is how we’ve peeled bananas all our lives until now. In our defense, it seems that’s the function of the stem! But there’s a better way to peel bananas.

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You should peel your banana from the bottom side. That way, you won’t squeeze the fruit. While some people may say it’s odd to take advice from monkeys, this can change how you eat bananas. This method also reduces the stringy pieces. Are you still doubting?

The Quickest Way to Clean a Blender

No matter how clean it appears after you make something in a blender, the scent will always linger inside, making cleaning it a tedious task. Actually, there is a simple method that is both quick and efficient for cleaning your blender and making it smell good.

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Rather than scrubbing it, pour some water and dish soap in and blend it until it’s clean. Then pour out the water and rinse. This will save a ton of time and ensure that the blender is free of any bits of food you might have missed during cleaning.

Staplers Have More Uses Than One

You might not have known this (we certainly didn’t), but every stapler has several uses. Did you know that every stapler has different settings to control how loose the staple is? You can control the bend when you staple something by rotating the metal plate on the stapler.

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The most popular setting causes the staple to bend back on itself, securing the papers tightly. However, by turning the metal plate, you can simply remove the staple from the documents by bending the staple that it bent outward. This helps when you have a thick stack of papers.

Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk

Do you remember the Milk Master 2000 infomercial that Joey appeared on in Friends? Even if you don’t need to buy any special equipment to pour milk without spilling, there is a right way to hold the carton, so the milk doesn’t splash everywhere.

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Not only is it easier to hold but pouring milk from the carton’s longer side will result in less splashing. Pouring your milk this way allows the extra air inside the carton to displace the milk for a smoother pour. Now no one needs to cry over spilled milk.

The Extra Piece of Fabric

Have you ever wondered why brand-new clothes come with an extra fabric piece and a button sewn to the tag? Although most people know that the button is meant to replace one that comes off, the extra fabric is commonly mistaken for something to fill a hole.

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But it’s really for another purpose. The extra piece of fabric is for you to test how your clothes react to different detergents. If you want your clothes to remain in the best condition, then you should first test the material with detergent before washing it.

You’re Using Too Much Toothpaste

Every time we watch a toothpaste commercial, the person uses a long line of toothpaste covering all the bristles. Although it seems like common sense to follow what we see in such commercials, using that amount of toothpaste may hurt your teeth in the long run.

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All you need is around the size of a pea’s worth of toothpaste to clean your teeth. Large amounts are used in advertisements for aesthetic reasons but using excessive toothpaste can wear down the enamel on your teeth, leaving you with sensitivity and long-term problems.

Always Choose Wooden Hangers for Your Clothes

We always thought people who used wooden hangers in their closets did so for aesthetic reasons only. That’s because we didn’t know these hangers were functional. Wooden hangers are the best option for your closet because they were made with a specific purpose in mind.

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A particular kind of wood is used to make wooden hangers, and this type of wood deters moths and other pests from damaging your clothing. They also help prevent your outfits from getting wrinkled. Let’s ditch the wire hangers and replace them with sturdier ones like these.

A Dispenser on the Tic Tac Container

Eating one Tic Tac at a time is almost impossible. That’s not because they come out of the bottle fast but because they’re like any delicious candy. For people who have a bit of self-control, there’s an easy way to get only one Tic Tac out at a time.

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The lid’s seal can get one mint out, so you’ll have one ready to go if you flip it upside down and open the container sideways. On the other hand, you could remove the white plastic and empty the whole box into your mouth. That’s what we all do anyway.

The Rearview Mirror Tab Helps You See Better at Night

Let’s face it, we still have no idea the function of every little part of a car, but we did eventually figure out what this tab on the mirror does. Press this option to slant the mirror downward, which will direct the light away from your eyes.

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This is especially useful if someone’s high beams are too bright. It can also be used on mirrors with the tab to go from day to night mode. Some people might say this is common sense, but we admit we didn’t figure this out early.

The Complete Usefulness of a Utility Blade

Although we don’t use utility knives frequently, they are a common item and can be very helpful in specific situations. However, if you don’t use one regularly, you might not be aware of some of its hidden capabilities. Here are a few of them to blow your mind.

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For example, the blades have perforation marks. As such, you can snap the top blade off when it gets too dull to use. Also, the handle features a slot on the rear that you can slip onto the edge to break it off in a quicker and safer manner.

An Easy Hack to Floss Your Teeth

Even if you floss regularly, the dentist will probably still tell you that you should floss more. It’s like a default thing that all dentists say so you can take extra care of your dentition. Although flossing is simple, there is a better way to do the job easily.

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When you tie your floss in a circle, the tension increases, making it easier to maneuver. That means you’re less likely to lose your grip. And on your next check-up, your dentist will surely notice how clean your teeth are. You heard it here first!

A Simple Way to Load Your Dishwasher

Does anyone else’s mother lecture them on the right and wrong ways to load dishwashers? To reduce the number of dishes that needed to be hand-washed, we always stuffed the dishwasher as full as we could. There is a proper way and a wrong way to fill a dishwasher.

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The dirtiest dishes should be placed in the center of the dishwasher because that area has the most cleaning power. Place them on the lowest rack toward the spray arm. Remember to not use large items to block the detergent dispenser or the soap won’t distribute evenly.

Protect Yourself from Germs by Covering the Toilet Seat

As you might expect, public restroom seats are covered with germs, and crouching isn’t always a choice when you really need to go. There are toilet seat covers in many bathroom stalls, but for years many of us have been using them incorrectly. Yes, there is a right way.

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The middle flap of a toilet seat cover should be folded forward to shield you from the center of the toilet seat. When you’re done, flip the cover back, and it will neatly flush down the toilet. The seat covers are also suitable alternatives if you urgently need oil blotting paper (a fresh one, obviously).

Keep Your Cake Roll in Good Shape

After you’ve spent hours making a flawless cake roll, the time comes to cut it. You spent all that time perfecting it, and because it is so soft and delicate, you don’t want to ruin it with a knife. There’s a smarter way to go about it.

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Grab some handy-dandy dental floss instead and use that to consistently get clean cake slices. Of course, you don’t want to leave wax flakes or spoil the cake’s flavor. So unflavored dental floss that isn’t too waxy is the ideal type to use for this process.

The Importance of the Diamonds on a Measuring Tape

Regardless of how often you use a measuring tape, you’ve probably never noticed one of the markings on it. If you have one in your drawer, pull it out right now, and you’ll notice it has black diamonds inscribed along the top. Do you know why they’re there?

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The diamonds are spaced every 19.2 inches. This is to help people accurately space the floor trusses for a 48 T&G subfloor with a span rating of 20″ o.c. If you have no idea what that means, then don’t bother. You’ve probably never worked in professional construction.

Do Your Nails and Still Open Cans Easily

Have you recently done your nails and found that you struggle with opening soda cans? We’ve got a trick that can help you out. There are other methods to crack open the soda tabs if you have long nails and don’t want to damage them.

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But this is the simplest. Turn a bottle opener upside down, and then slide the flat part beneath the tab. You can quickly open any can without damaging your nails. A key or a thin coin that can fit under the tab also works with this approach.

The Purpose of the Pointy Part on the Tubed Medicine’s Cap

Do you ever find it difficult to open the safety seal on brand-new ointments? Since it is so tiny and nearly impossible to pull off completely, using the tube cap to open it makes it easier. If you also struggle with this like we used to, here’s a solution.

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Use the pointed part of the medicine cap to break the safety seal. Simply unfasten the cap, turn it over, and press the pointed end into the seal. Most brands typically print this as part of their box’s directions, which, to be honest, no one ever reads.

Keep the Plastic Disks On

When we were younger, we would get bored and peel the plastic disks out of bottle caps. We now know that if you did this, the drink would unexplainably become flat or begin to seep out of the bottle. Without these tiny discs, the cap leaks, and the drink loses its carbonation.

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They serve as a seal for the cap. We knew there was a reason the manufacturers put them there, but we didn’t know what would happen without it. So if you’ve ever wondered about the purpose the discs serve, here it is. We wonder why no one told us earlier.

No More Dry Peanut Butter

If you enjoy peanut butter as much as we do, you understand how disappointing it is to reach the bottom of the jar and see that it has completely dried out. Oil was initially on top, but it obviously didn’t go all the way to the bottom.

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Trying to spread the crumbling, dried-up peanut butter is disappointing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep the jar upside down even after opening and mixing it. That allows the oils to reach the bottom. Don’t forget to keep it refrigerated so it lasts longer.

Each Plunger Has Its Purpose

Although none of us wants to find ourselves in a situation where we need to use a plunger, it is wise to know the right plunger to use in different clogging situations. There are a few kinds, but the ones with the tapered end are the most helpful.

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The large circular varieties are also useful. The flat plungers work well to unclog sink drains, but the tapered kind works better to unclog toilets. Car dents can also be removed with plungers rather than spending money at an expensive auto body shop. Don’t feel bad; we also didn’t know.

How to Fix Padlock Problems

Padlocks can rust over time and from exposure to the elements, making it difficult to turn the key. It could get so bad that you might not even be able to open it. To prevent your padlock from getting stuck, you should carry one item with you.

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Graphite is the best way to ensure your keys turn smoother in the padlock. The hole won’t ever get blocked since, unlike oil, it doesn’t gradually collect dust and other particles. A liquid petroleum jelly dip is another great way to stop your lock from ever rusting.

Ensure the Kitchen Sponge Stays Clean and Sanitized

Have you ever wondered how much bacteria a dish sponge can hold? It may shock you to realize how many minute particles are still there in those sponges after all the dishes you wash. Even though there isn’t a perfect solution, there are ways to keep a clean sponge.

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As a start, keep your sponge away from raw meat. Instead, use washable towels that you may sterilize in the washing machine later. You can put your sponge in the dishwasher or microwave to sanitize it, or you can immerse it in hot water for five minutes.

Use Dental Floss for a Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage nowadays. Making the perfect one doesn’t only require delicious meats, crackers, and cheese, but it also needs to look delectable and presentable. However, it can be difficult to cut those softer cheeses without squishing them, but there is a simple solution.

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To slice soft cheeses, use plain dental floss as opposed to a knife. Every time you use it, you will get beautiful slices, and you won’t need to clean another utensil because you can discard the floss. It’s simpler than using a wire cheese slicer.

Use Potato Peelers for More Than Potatoes

Did you think potato peelers had only one use? Think again. Potato peelers have so many more uses, and they can make incredibly paper-thin slices without the need for special cooking utensils. In addition to peeling things, they can even grate cheese into fine pieces.

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Peelers can slice onions in a flash and presumably cause less crying. After removing the potato’s skin, you may use the peeler to cut the potato into thin slices that you can bake into chips. They can also be used to shave carrots into thin slices for salads.

We Figured Key Rings Out

Nothing is more stressful than trying to attach a new key to a key ring. It takes a lot of effort to get such things open, but you know that once the key is in place, it will stay put. There’s a quick remedy for those who struggle with this.

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You don’t need to damage your nails anymore—just a stapler remover will do. Even though no one carries one of these around, you’ll find it useful in many situations. We were still in grade school the last time we used a stapler remover, but we’ll buy one now.

Keep Bobby Pins Intact All Day

Bobby pins are frustrating hair accessories. They seem to disappear the moment you place them on the bathroom counter. And they can also slide off your hair, which makes it difficult to style your hair. That could be because we’ve always used them the wrong way.

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There is a flat edge and a wavy edge on every bobby pin. Most of us put the flat side against our scalp, but the wavy side should be closer to our head. That ensures less slippage, and the ridges create a better grip for your hair.

The Black Dots on the Windshield

Have you ever thought about the purpose of the black dots on the sides of your windshield? We hope we weren’t the only ones who thought they were useful for radio signals or something similar. As it turns out, we were wrong again. The black dots are called frits.

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And they serve two purposes. First, the frits give the adhesive used to attach the glass to the frame an etched surface to adhere to. Second, they distribute heat in a gradient along the glass’s edges to shield the adhesive from UV rays and avoid cracks.

The Lollipop Stick Is Designed to Prevent Choking

We’ve never really thought about the function of the hole in the lollipop stick up until now. All we know is that it makes for a nice whistle after finishing the candy, but it is also there for safety reasons. Children are fond of swallowing things they shouldn’t.

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The hole prevents children from choking if they swallow it. It helps keep the lollipop in place. Sugar is added to the hole during production to keep the sucker fastened to the stick. The sugar ball would just fall off the stick without that hole.