Hilarious Game Day Signs That Are Hall of Fame Worthy

Every true sports fan knows that cheering the team on is not something you should take lightly. Yes, we enjoy the game. But also, this is a responsibility. You always show up to the games dressed in your team’s jersey, hat, face paint, and, of course, a sign.

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These signs can be anything from words on a piece of cardboard to our favorite player’s face. Just as players bring their A-games, fans do, too, with the many clever and witty signs that stand out. We’ve put together some of the best sports signs that’ll make you laugh.

Setting the Right Priorities

Sometimes in life, we must make difficult decisions. This woman believed she made the right choice, so she made a sign to brag about it. She and her boyfriend of four years were considering marriage before Game 1 of the 2011 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.

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She really wanted a ring, but when her boyfriend suggested World Series tickets as an alternative, she agreed, vowing never again to bring up marriage. And what a choice she made. She witnessed the extremely dramatic Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, and her photo went viral.

When You Marry the Enemy

This is true love. If a couple’s love for one another can survive the rivalry between the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos, then it can overcome anything. This married couple dressed in their respective team colors — the husband in red for the Chiefs and the wife in orange for the Broncos.

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And they attended a Denver vs. Kansas City game. Their marriage didn’t prevent them from making fun of one another. When you marry a Denver supporter and are a die-hard Kansas City fan, things are likely to become heated whenever the two teams play. Love really conquers all.

What True Sportsmanship Looks Like

Sports signs at sporting events or games are usually in support of one team to the point where they make fun of or insult the other. It’s a competition, anyway, so that’s how it should be. But this fan goes against the purpose of sports signs.

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He’s not your regular sports fan with his sign: “I just hope both teams have fun.” We know the most important thing is to win and get the points, but we feel he has a point. The purpose of sport is rooted in having fun, so why not enjoy yourself?

Oversharing at the Game

Who else thinks this Gonzaga student might have overshared on his sign? Although we’ll give him points for supporting his alma mater’s team (San Diego State University), those points don’t add up to his grade-point average, which, according to this sign, isn’t that good.

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It looks like his parents won’t be happy about it either. His GPA could be going down because he’s attending basketball games instead of studying. We completely understand the love and passion for the game, but we don’t condone failing your classes because of sports.

He Understood the Assignment

Sports games usually feature thousands of fans cheering on their teams. But don’t be fooled; not everyone knows why they’re there. This fan showed up at a big football game and was even prepared with face paint and a huge sign. But he had no idea why he was there.

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He probably just wanted to appear on television or to shout at the top of his voice. He was also honest because his sign shows that he doesn’t know “what we’re yelling about!!!” At least he understood the assignment. As long as he’s yelling, nobody can tell the difference.

Desperate for a Job

When you’re desperate for a job, there are many things you can do. Games usually have thousands of people, so why not try your luck? This James Madison University graduate had one goal when he made this sign: find a job. The job market is difficult for a recent grad.

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While this is an unorthodox method of job hunting, it’s still worth a try! It caught our attention and made us laugh, meaning he isn’t lying; he has pretty good marketing skills. And who could turn him down with those ground-breaking achievements on his resume?

Aaron, Will You Marry Me?

Fans love their favorite teams and some players so much that they would do anything to get their attention. This woman is a big fan of Aaron Rodgers, and she appears to be willing to do anything to be married to him, including breaking up with her current partner.

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She already said she didn’t know the person she attended the game with (her boyfriend or husband). And a lot of attention is being drawn to her brilliant “Marry me Aaron?!” sign. Aaron Rodgers may be a great catch, but we doubt her partner will like this sign.

Not Brothers for the Night

Did you think married couples were the only ones who support different teams? Try brothers! These two brothers surprisingly grew up supporting rival teams. So, you can understand things might get messy when they play against one another. Messy enough for them to deny their blood.

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The brother on the right is a Los Angeles Angels fan who supports Mike Trout. The brother on the left is a Detroit Tigers fan, willing to denounce his ties with his brother. It’s impressive that they even sat close to each other at a game like this!

The Refs Are at Fault

Blaming the officials for a loss is something we’ve seen regularly at games. It’s either that or there was something wrong with the court or field. Did these guys lose due to a bad call? Well, these fans at this college basketball game where Stanford lost to Dayton thought so.

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They deserve some points for their very eye-catching way of letting the officials know how they felt, but we don’t think it will help their team. These poor guys gave it their best, and they didn’t seem very pleased with how the game was going. There is always next year!

We Feel You, Buddy

What happens if you love sports but are an introvert? Unless you want to sit on your couch and watch every game on TV, there’s a chance you’ll eventually attend a game. The problem is that you’ll have to be surrounded by a whole bunch of people.

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For those who hate crowds, maybe you’ll want to carry a sign like this with you. Not only to the next game you attend but to pretty much any place you’ll find crowds. In fact, you might need this at the store during the next Black Friday.

Too Cheap to Buy Tickets

Not everyone has the financial ability to buy the tickets for every sporting event they want to attend. And we can’t blame them. Tickets aren’t exactly cheap! It appears that this man devised a brilliant way of enjoying a game of baseball without having to pay.

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But he wasn’t going to do it discreetly. Instead of secretly enjoying something not everyone knew about, he wanted people to know that he was too cheap to buy tickets. We bet he didn’t last long because they must have quickly barred access to his little viewing platform.

That Must Have Hit Home

Every team has that one player that rival fans love having a go at. Hunter Pence, a former right fielder for the San Francisco Giants, is a guy that rival fans love to hate. They have found creative ways to slander him, and it didn’t stop until his retirement.

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Rival fans loved using game signs. Although we are unsure if the claim that Hunter Pence cannot parallel park is accurate, it would be quite shameful if it were. Hunter Pence’s internet trolls spread like wildfire, but it’s all in good fun since his supporters love him, of course.

Couldn’t Think of Anything

Judging from the jersey she’s wearing, this woman is a fan who came out to support her team. She knew fans bring signs, but she couldn’t think of anything to write on hers. Nothing was going to stop her from having a sign, though, and she brought one regardless.

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And she was super honest. Finding a slogan to support your team shouldn’t be too difficult, and if you still can’t find one, you can always clap your hands. Instead, she decided to go with a little comedy, which is how she came up with this.

I Can’t Feel My Face!

It’s incredible how die-hard football fans travel to support their teams wherever they go. Football supporters know that it will be quite cold when their club plays in a place like Seattle during the winter. So, they prepare themselves by wrapping up in layers of warm clothing.

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But that doesn’t always work. During this specific game, the Seahawks supporters were so numb from the cold that they could hardly feel their faces. These fellas must be true fans since they showed up in the bitter cold and gave a shout-out to The Weeknd’s hit song.

The Only WWW the Leafs Have

Signs are usually in support of your team, but sometimes you find signs that attack the club, players, or management. This fan was so disappointed in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ inability to win three games and thought about the best way to attack his own team.

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He came up with something brilliant. Even though the joke is clever, it’s a little bit depressing to make fun of your own team. We get that supporting the Leafs can be tough, but we believe he ought to save that sort of criticism for the opposition.

A Message for the Judge

Football is a wonderful sport, loved by millions of people. It’s so important to this Louisiana State University student that he risked breaking the law to watch his team live. And he also didn’t mind telling the whole world what he had done, either. We hope it was worth it.

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It would be terrible to annoy the judge only to see your team lose. Hopefully, he didn’t get into too much trouble because an excuse like “I was at the big game” doesn’t sound like it will hold up in court. Maybe he has something better to tell the judge.

Boise Isn’t a City, and Neither Are…

Some schools have “State” in their names, but they aren’t really States. This Boise State student grew irritated by people telling him that Boise isn’t a state. He then made a sign that explicitly acknowledged the taunts and then explained why they were ridiculous, as an enlightened college student should.

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Of course, we all know Boise isn’t a state, but neither are a ton of other schools with the word “state” in their names. Although we admire this student’s composure in handling the situation, we don’t believe it will stop the taunting. At least he made many people laugh.

A Small Price to Pay

Seeing their team hit a home run is the dream of every baseball fan. And this Texas Rangers fan came up with an ingenious way to encourage his team to do just that. His sign says he will give them his piggy bank’s money if they hit his brother.

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His parents don’t seem bothered about the fact that he wants to hit his brother with a baseball, and neither does the brother. They all seem indifferent. Although we don’t know how much money he has in his piggy bank, we wonder if it’s worth it.

We Know What We’d Rather Have

There are always some digs that happen off the ice when Russia and Canada play hockey against each other. For instance, this sign, held by a Canadian fan, compares the president of Russia to poutine, the national cuisine of Canada, which consists of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

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And the fan claims that there isn’t much competition in this situation. Although it may not be the most elegant way to support your team, comparing the leader of Russia to a dish of Canadian cuisine can make for a hilarious sign. We all know what we’d choose.

Is Cameron Wake That Good?

We all have our favorite players, and we’ll go to any length to defend and support them. This is one way to make your point about how good a player is. This Miami Dolphins supporter showed his appreciation for his team’s defensive end, Cameron Wake.

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The costume and the sign combine well for a hilarious match. After dressing up as Jesus, there was only one thing missing. So, he put up a sign that read: “Cameron Wake is my dad,” claiming his favorite player is none other than God himself.

Taking It Too Far

If you’re a sports fan and also a fan of dark humor, this one is for you. Some sports fans are rude, and here’s one who proves our point. He’s not cheering for anyone or anything in particular, and we don’t even know the team he’s rooting for.

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You’re going to hell if you laugh! The sign he brought to the game wasn’t to support any player or team but was mainly for the person seated behind him. We can’t see the guy whose face is being blocked by the sign, but everyone thinks it’s pretty funny.

Throwing Shade at Michigan Girls

When sports fans are having a go at their rival teams, no one is spared. From the coach to the players and even the city where the team plays, everyone gets some heat. But this Ohio State girl has thrown some serious shade at girls from the University of Michigan.

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We’re not sure what the goal is, but it has something to do with supporting her team. She’s snarky, but there’s no denying she put a lot of work into making her sign. We like how she added a floral crown in the Snapchat style to her O for Ohio.

We All Do, Kiddo

Although we agree with the message on this sign, we’re not sure it’s being put up in the right place. Most times, the signs we see at sporting events are controversial, and we don’t agree with them all. But we can definitely stand behind this one.

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But if there are lactose intolerant people who are watching the game, they might not be the biggest supporters of this sign. Either way, we can’t think of any sport in the world where this sign would be relevant, and this was probably an attempt to just hold up a sign.

The Husband Sets the Right Priorities

Someone will have some explaining to do because it doesn’t look like there’ll be any presents under the Christmas tree this year. This man claims to have lied to his wife, telling her he was going Christmas shopping. But he only wanted to go watch the game.

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She probably wouldn’t have let him go if he’d told the truth, and he was desperate to be there. His wife would probably have guessed if he’d told her while wearing that dolphin suit. We hope someone else buys the Christmas gifts so they don’t have a disappointing holiday!

Your Long-Lost Brother

We don’t know if this is a rival fan, but this is one way to catch a basketball player off-guard in the middle of the game. This fan brought a sign claiming to be the brother of former NBA star Dirk Nowitzki.

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If he’s a rival, then he was probably hoping to distract Nowitzki during any key moment on the court. We’re not geneticists, so we can’t verify his claim, but making this kind of statement would shock the player. Do they look alike? Err…we’ll stay out of this one.

Is That a Compliment?

We love dogs but naming a pet after someone can be tricky. Has that ever happened to you? What would be your response if someone told you they named their dog after you? This New York Rangers fan was trying to get former hockey player Sean Avery’s attention.

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So, she wrote in red, white, and blue ink that she named her dog after the iconic player. She certainly loves her dog, so we think he should be flattered, but it’s still a strange way to support someone during a game. It definitely brought a few chuckles.

No One Said It Isn’t

The incredible thing about sports is that there are many of them. You can choose whichever one you like and become a fan. We really have no idea what this fan was trying to do by pulling a huge sign saying “Golf is fun too” at an ice hockey game.

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No one said golf isn’t entertaining. It’s certainly a fun sport, but this guy is nowhere near green grass. It seems someone must have gotten their sports mixed up. The sign caused some confusion because it’s been placed somewhere the hockey players can see it clearly.

Making Fun of the Deflategate Scandal

Everyone loves to hate the quarterback Tom Brady, especially if he’s not on your team. In fact, pictures of “Sad Tom Brady” always go viral on the internet. These memes seem to make rival football fans feel better about the number of Super Bowls Tom Brady has won.

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Here, these Buffalo Bills fans are referring to Brady’s 2015 “Deflategate” scandal where the Patriots were accused of deflating footballs, which breaks the rules. The fans are making fun of sad Tom Brady as well as the football scandal at the same time. They seem to be enjoying themselves.

A Sign From Heaven

Earlier, we saw a fan mimic Jesus and say something about Cameron Wake being his dad. This Pittsburgh Steelers fan has done something similar, but this time he has a message from his dad — God. It’s a direct instruction from his dad on how to win the game.

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We think if that message is really from heaven, the Steelers had better listen to it. But if God was truly supporting them, maybe they would’ve won a Super Bowl since their last time in 2008. Perhaps they didn’t listen to his dad’s advice, and now they’re being punished.

Love Like No Other

Unlike some signs we’ve seen on this list, this Dayton Flyers Fan isn’t rooting for any particular player. Instead, they’re holding up a sign that shows how much they love the University of Dayton basketball in general. And they want everyone to know great their love is for the sport.

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What better way to prove the depth of your love than compare it to one of the most celebrated loves we know? That’s why they chose to compare their love for Dayton basketball with how much Kanye loves himself. They’re cheering their team and poking fun at the artist!

Extra Motivation for the Team

Fans are usually called the extra man on the team. Their cheers are often the extra motivation teams need to push on for victory, especially at their fading moments. And this Kansas City Royals fan brought her A-game when it came to motivating the team to win.

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If the team wins, then she gets a puppy. We’re not sure the players could see this sign from far out, but hopefully, they were playing their best. From how happy the fans look in the picture, we think she’ll be going home with a new pet.

You’ve Mixed Things Up, Fella

Someone seems to be confused here. We’ve seen a couple of blunders already. But mixing up a football game with a Nickelback concert is even worse than not knowing which sport you came out to watch. This guy was just heading to a rock concert for the night.

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However, he ended up at the Ohio State vs. Michigan State game. He was either completely confused or just trying to make everyone laugh. In any case, he got the attention he was after because his sign wound up on television. We’re sure he still enjoyed the game, though.

It Is What It Is, Mom

We aren’t even mad that this kid lied to his mother because he seemed to be so happy to be at the soccer game. While going to school is crucial, there are times when it’s OK to skip a day to attend something truly memorable, like Brazil vs. Switzerland.

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We respect this young man’s priorities, but he should be honest with his mother the next time since this sign would have outed him anyway. We don’t support abandoning school, but you can retake exams. On the other hand, crucial games like this happen only once.

The Long-Lost Brothers

We’re not supporting any sort of mockery of professional sports players and their appearances, but somehow, we know this sign would bring smiles to a few Celtics fans’ faces. A fan saw similarities between former basketball player Pao Gasol’s look and an alpaca’s. So, they made a sign about it.

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They brought their sign to the game between Gasol’s San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics. The sign is only a lighthearted joke, though, and we doubt they meant anything sinister. The Spaniard went on to have an impressive career, so we doubt he would care too much about this.

I Have a Sign, Too!

Here’s another example of a fan who doesn’t look like they want to take a stand on anything. This fan was watching an Iona vs. Kansas game a few years back and sat with the Kansas fans. But he wasn’t really cheering for either team.

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Even their sign shows they don’t care about who is playing; they just love “Sports!” It’s great that he loves sports this much, but we think he was missing the whole point of holding up a sign at games. Well, maybe it doesn’t matter if he’s having fun.

Doesn’t Sound Like a Loyal Girl

The two girls in this picture are sharing a controversial sign, so we’re not sure which one of them is making the offer. Maybe they both agree with the sign because they’re willing to dump their boyfriends for former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. Do their boyfriends know about this?

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Maybe they were cool with it. Tebow was at the peak of his career when they did this, but last we heard of him, he was playing for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. He’s now a free agent. Hopefully, these girls didn’t make any drastic decisions that they couldn’t take back.

The World’s Best Husband

Although we hope he’s exaggerating and his wife isn’t actually on the verge of giving birth, this man is clearly demonstrating how committed he is to the Los Angeles Angels. He just couldn’t miss out on the game and probably snuck out of the house.

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But he wanted to look out for her. Although we have no way of knowing if his expectant wife finds the sign funny or if she was offended, we can be sure that when the baby arrives, it will be raised to be an Angels fan as well.

Ball Wars at Syracuse

When it comes to basketball, Syracuse is renowned for being quite competitive. So when Duke Blue Devils and Syracuse Orange meet, there will undoubtedly be some hostility in the crowd. Let’s face it; we know there are a lot of science fiction lovers in the stands.

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Students at both schools are also widely considered to be exceptionally intelligent and creative. This leads up to the creative sign that reads, “Duke, I am your father.” He absolutely nailed it with his deft wordplay and Star Wars reference! This would bring a smile to Duke’s face!

Can’t Miss That Sign

One of the disadvantages of game signs is that they’re usually so small that the players can’t see them. Sometimes, the fan is lucky, and the camera spots it, but if they want a player’s attention, they might never get it. However, these huge signs are unmissable.

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The fans under it won’t be able to see the game for a brief moment as the signs are passed across the pitch, but it’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make. Apparently, this was a crucial game, and they wanted their team to know winning was non-negotiable.

These Jerseys Are Uncomfortable

Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale was in hot water in 2016 after ruining some of the team’s vintage jerseys and was punished with a five-game suspension. He had claimed that the jerseys were uncomfortable for him, so he cut the collars. Fans always support their favorites no matter what.

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And that’s exactly what this fan did by writing a sign that read: “You’re right, Chris, these jerseys are uncomfortable,” while wearing a midriff-baring shirt that was several sizes too small. Funny, even though not exactly what fans might expect to see. Sale knew his fans were behind him.

Who Is the Biggest Loser?

We’ve seen a few rivalries on this list, and here’s another example of the one between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. This Broncos supporter really turned up the heat by disparaging Kansas City with creative wordplay. She set her DVR to record the show, The Biggest Loser.

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But instead of the reality show, it keeps recording the Chiefs’ games, meaning the Chiefs are the biggest losers. Ouch. That must have hurt. We’ll give this sign some points for not mincing words. It’s clever and straight to the point.

Brett Favre Is a Naughty Boy

Sports is full of fun, but there are several scandals, too. Brett Favre got into trouble back in 2010 for reportedly texting game-day broadcaster Jenn Sterger. Although the evidence cleared him and he was only handed a fine, it appears that some fans couldn’t wait to continue the joke.

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These Minnesota Vikings supporters wanted to get in on the act and put out a sign about the scandal. They wanted to make it seem like he was texting them, too, but we’re quite sure he wasn’t. Regardless, it must have drawn a few chuckles on game day.

They Couldn’t Think of Anything

We’ve seen signs like this already, and here’s another hilarious example. It seems that not everyone can come up with amusing and clever writing to put on their game day signs. We’ve already seen one woman struggling to come up with anything to push her team to victory.

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This guy wanted to go to the game but just couldn’t come up with anything creative. So as not to waste time, he was honest and went to the game with his signs. The fact that he is completely surrounded by game day signs that say something makes this even worse.

Really Pence? Do You?

Fans often taunt rival players, but have you noticed some players usually find themselves at the end of the jeers more often than others? For a while, Hunter Pence seemed to be the MLB player with the most signs written about him. And these weren’t always signs of support.

Source: Imgur

Being the player everyone loved to hate, he was used to these signs with his name at nearly every game. Here are two excellent examples: saying he collects mattress tags and that he eats his cereal with a fork. They may not be true, but they’ll make you giggle.

They Don’t Like Sidney Crosby

During his playing days, Hunter Pence got several strange insults thrown his way on signs. But he wasn’t alone, and there are still many players today who have their names on funny signs. One of these victims is Sidney Crosby, as evidenced by the signs from N.Y. Rangers fans.

Source: Imgur

These game day signs were throwing some serious shade his way — from him sleeping with a nightlight on to liking his own social media pictures and staying in the shallow end. Everything sounds hilarious, but the only one we’d be upset with is that we’d been in Hufflepuff.

The Tony and Eva Joke

While we know this is an oldie, it’ll forever be a goodie. This young stud felt it would be amusing to make fun of NBA player Tony Parker. He first met the actress Eva Longoria in 2004, and the two married three years later.

Source: Imgur

Rumors of adultery plagued their relationship throughout, and in 2010, the pair finally filed for divorce. We’re not sure whether this stud played a role in the marriage crashing, but we kinda doubt it! Anyway, we’ve heard this one many times, but it still brings a chuckle.

Hunter Pence Isn’t Getting Away Easily

We’re back to Hunter Pence again. This guy didn’t have it easy during his days, did he? The comments on the game day signs involving Hunter Pence are hilarious because of how creative they can be. We’ve never really seen these signs have something really negative on them.

Source: Imgur

But it’s interesting to see what some people consider to be insulting. After all, what’s wrong with no-fat, no-whip pumpkin spiced lattes? Or is it just the facial expression he’s making that is oh-so-wrong? Please send us the answers on a postcard before our next Starbucks trip.

The ‘I Like Turtles’ Sign

Memes are one of our favorite things on the internet. And signs are one of our favorite things during games. When fans combine these two things, they usually create magic. Who could ever forget one of the best viral moments in history? “I like turtles!”

Source: Imgur

It seems these Maryland fans wanted to show off their meme knowledge. You’ll also find a Star Wars reference in the corner. Good job, guys. The placards were aimed at former Maryland and Duke Blue Devils player Kyle Singler. So, we can call this a double whammy.

A Game of Where’s Waldo

Don’t we all enjoy playing Where’s Waldo? It appears that these sports fans wanted to create their own game for other fans to enjoy. But after you’ve found Waldo, you might also find some shade, too. These two don’t seem to be the biggest Colorado State University fans.

Source: Imgur

While they might be wearing the school’s colors, the sign suggests the team doesn’t have a lot of talent. We’re not sure why anyone would want to burn their team, but if you ever need an example, there you go. It still makes for a funny sign.

Sounds Like a Family Feud

We all love watching an episode or two of Family Feud, right? It’s not just the ridiculous answers that people come up with that keep us coming back for more, it’s the face comedy genius Steve Harvey pulls! It gets us every time!

Source: Imgur

And it looks like Harvey thinks Kansas State beating the Razorbacks is another ridiculous idea. That surely wouldn’t happen, right? Well, according to Steve’s face, he doesn’t think so. And neither does this game day sign! But these are only fans trying to support their team.

Brent Burns’ Man Bun

Not everyone likes man buns. Everyone has their preferences, and if a certain hairstyle isn’t one of them, it’s totally fine. However, it looks like these fans aren’t big fans of former Sharks and current Carolina Hurricanes player Brent Burns. But it’s not just the player they don’t like.

Source: Imgur

They don’t like his game and his man bun. Since they don’t like these two things about him, they found a creative way to blend the two and put it on a sign. So, both the hair and the way he plays are a big bag of garbage.

Even Forrest Gump Got Into ’Bama

We’ve had the privilege of watching several classics down the years. You can say what you like about Forrest Gump, but he’s undeniably one of our favorite film characters of all time. On the other hand, he could also be one of the most dim-witted movie characters ever created.

Source: Imgur

Although not specifically stated in the movie, Forrest attended the University of Alabama. It appears these fans wanted to prove that perhaps even Forrest Gump could have succeeded as a player for the Crimson Tide. He might have even given Johnny Manziel a run for his money!

The Family Trade by Barter

We’ve already mentioned earlier that sports tickets aren’t the cheapest things to get. So, when you have one, especially for a big game, you should make the most of the experience. It looks like this guy was desperate to get his hands on even one ticket.

Source: Imgur

And he would go to any length, even selling his sister for the chance to go to the game. The fact that he actually carried a small picture of his sister around with the sign makes this even more hilarious. We wonder if he struck a deal with anyone!?

Getting Revenge Against a Cheating Partner

Is there anything more satisfying than exacting swift, severe revenge? We don’t think so! It looks like this woman got the best possible retaliation against her cheating ex. We think he was a passionate fan and may have even had plans to join her at the game.

Source: Imgur

But after learning about his unfaithfulness, she decided to take his ticket and went alone or with some of her friends instead. It could even be with a new man! This won’t take the pain away, but we hope she at least felt some relief and her team won.

Hunter Pence Used to Act?

Are you tired of the Hunter Pence signs yet? Neither are we. This might even be our favorite one so far. We definitely gave it a second glance. These sports fans are sure that Hunter Pence resembles Marv from the Home Alone movies in every way.

Source: Imgur

We have to admit we never thought about it, but when you see the pictures side-by-side, the resemblance is quite uncanny! Daniel Stern played Marv in the first two Home Alone movies. Perhaps Hunter Pence is related to the American actor? These fans may be onto something.

Is It OK to Visit?

We don’t know this kid’s mom, but we sure would like to visit her house soon. Making a sign about your favorite wrestler is commonplace when going to see WWE matches. But this fan didn’t care about any wrestler and only wanted to make a sign about their favorite meal.

Source: Imgur

Their mom must have been thrilled to see her child on television, holding a sign marketing her lasagna. In fact, we think the kid should have gotten a large portion of lasagna just for the compliment. That aside, when are you free to host us for dinner, please?

Hunter’s Hunt for Beards

We could create an entire article out of game day signs aimed specifically at Hunter Spence. But for now, we’ll just find the Pence references and put them here. And this is another example of a fan taking a dig at him. This one is from a Royals fan.

Source: Imgur

Many people love beards, but we’re sure not everyone thinks growing beards is a competition, except this guy. In fact, he thinks he’s winning the competition against Hunter Pence. Even if Pence hit many home runs, this is one place he can’t beat his opponent.

When Does the Rebuilding Stop?

“Rebuilding” gets thrown around often in sports. It’s used when a team is going through a growing process, so fans can be patient despite losses. But from the look of things, this Cleveland Browns fan is tired of losing. The Browns have pieced together just three winning seasons since 1990.

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It’s no wonder he looks so dejected. We don’t know which is worse; the look on the fans’ faces or the sign that says “Rebuilding since 1964.” Even if they haven’t had many reasons to, we love how they’ve stayed dedicated to their team despite all the disappointment.

Chase Daniel’s Unique Diet

Footballers follow specific diets to keep their bodies and performance at a top level. And here’s one that is very unique. This fan claims that Chase Daniel follows a very strict diet that includes the contents of his nose. We’re not entirely sure if these are rumors or facts.

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But we appreciate the effort made to put them on a sign. We wonder if Chase Daniel saw it while replaying this show. He must have either thought, “Oh man, I finally got busted!” or, “Yeah, so what?” But it’s Chase Daniel, so something tells us it’s the latter.

Lee Corso Picks His Nose

Athletes aren’t the only ones that find themselves at the other end of taunting signs from fans. And as it turns out, Chase Daniel isn’t the only guy that likes picking his nose. Different fans have turned the ESPN initials into different things, and here’s a creative one about Lee Corso.

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In fact, the broadcaster saw the sign, and it was so funny to him that he decided to show it during his broadcast. As they say, if you can’t laugh at yourself… When asked if the claim was true that he really picks his nose, he simply replied, “No comment.” Hmm…

What Will Muschamp Listens To

Why are sports fans always using Nickelback to get at athletes? From what we can deduce, saying that people listen to the band is one of the biggest insults. That’s why it’s quite common to see similar game day signs. Here’s an example of another one.

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This fan apparently believes that former player and current football coach Will Muschamp is a big fan of Chad Kroeger and his crew. And so what, really? We think he’s somewhat a “Rockstar.” Get it? Haha. That’s all we’re willing to say about it now.

What CBS Stands for

If you’ve ever answered “Card Board Sign,” then you and this Broncos fan may have something in common. This girl who is lucky to be attending the Super Bowl is holding a sign up high to make sure everyone at the game can see it.

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It seems as though she’s a Denver Broncos fan, but we have no idea why she thinks it’s important to take a stand for those three words. Maybe someone just handed it to her since she wanted a sign. Don’t tell her, but we’re quite sure “cardboard” is one word.

Even the Mascot Got the Heat

As we mentioned earlier, no one is spared from the taunts. In this case, even the poor mascot got some heat from rival fans. This fan seems to have a problem with the Oklahoma Sooners’ mascot. This shows not only NFL teams get insults thrown their way.

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Even college football teams aren’t spared! However, as their name references the settlers that relocated to the ‘Unassigned Lands’ — now called Oklahoma, we love how they have a wagon as their mascot. It kinda makes sense, but this fan used it to taunt them.

There Was One Thing Gandhi Hated

Sports fans will reach for anything and anybody just to throw shade at their rival teams. Mahatma Gandhi was well-known to be peaceful and loving, so we bet this sign must have hurt. Gandhi is recognized as one of the leaders of the civil rights movement.

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He fought for equality for all — well, except for Ohio State, according to this Spartan fan’s sign. Don’t you love the extent to which people go just to show their dislike for another team? You’ve got to respect the creativity in this sign and the great Photoshop skills to boot.

Two Jokes in One

This Alabama supporter seemed to believe that Ohio State had it easy on the NCAA schedule. But it didn’t stop there. They also believe Tom Brady can’t handle a hard football. Imagine trolling someone, and another person got hit by crossfire from the same joke!

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This is a case of two jokes in one. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to attend NFL games to see hilarious signs. We could even say collegiate football fans are more unforgiving than NFL games with these signs. Maybe it’s the creativity that comes from being a student.

If Marshawn Lynch Can…

This fan obviously doesn’t think highly of the admissions process at the University of California! Marshawn Lynch played for the school from 2004 until 2006, and he did some impressive things while there. He even became the school’s second all-time career rusher, only bested by Russell White.

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He was later drafted in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills but ultimately ended up playing for the Seattle Seahawks, where he played until his retirement in 2019. All that didn’t stop these fans from having a go at his intelligence.

Get Outta the Way

Many people create their game day signs in the hopes that they will make it on television, and we believe this one has an important message. One fan wasn’t at all pleased when the crowds raced to see this game and get in front of the presenters.

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The library is barely visible in the corner of the image, and it appears as though the crowds are blocking it. Maybe they need to get there because they have an important paper due. Or perhaps they just knew that this hilarious sign would be shown on television!

Taking Your Date to Olive Garden

From who should pay and what kind of clothes to wear to wear to go, everyone seems to have some rules about date nights. As far as we’re concerned, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking your dates to Olive Garden. At least you’ll get free breadsticks!

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What’s better than free breadsticks? Of course, it isn’t the fanciest or the most expensive place to take a date, but we can’t think of any other place to get that many breadsticks! Although it’s still hilarious, we think this sign is actually a compliment.

Are We Still Talking About Sports?

This fan doesn’t seem to know anything about the team he’s supporting, as evidenced by the generic sign he’s holding up. It’s hilarious because that sign could fit into any sport and still not make any sense. He might have been forced to attend the game by his friends.

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Either that or he just didn’t have anything better to do with his time. In addition to not knowing which team he supports, we are also unsure of the sport he is watching. However, we like his spirit, and he at least has a win with that sign.

A Reference to Air Buddy

If you’ve ever seen the comedy “Air Bud” from 1997, you’ll completely understand this reference. In case you haven’t, we advise you to watch it right away. The Disney film gave rise to a franchise focused on Air Buddy, a Golden Retriever crossbreed who appears as Buddy.

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Buddy had some serious basketball skills and shot hoops. Although we like the reference, we can’t help but feel that this fan has his priorities mixed up. You are wearing a Scooby Doo costume, mister. Well, there’s almost nothing you won’t find on game signs, and this proves the point.

Some Love for the Bun

We mentioned earlier that everyone has their preferences when it comes to hairstyles. While some fans loved making fun of Brent Burns’s man bun, others appreciate them and even know how dangerous they can be. For example, Joakim Noah averaged 11.3 rebounds per game in the 2013-2014 season.

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This was when the NBA player played for the Bulls. He also averaged 2.2 steals each game. We can’t say if his bun had anything to do with the impressive numbers, but this fan certainly thinks so. And he put out a sign to warn the opponents.

Have You Seen Luongo?

During the 2012–2013 season, Roberto Luongo handled his demotion with class and poise. In fact, he and Corey Schneider shared responsibilities. But it felt like every game he did play ended in a defeat. Fans couldn’t help but notice the Canucks’ goalkeeper was basically absent.

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And even though he was nine years into a 12-year contract, he knew his time with the team was running out. Luongo’s time with the Canucks came to an end in March 2014, one day before the NHL trade deadline, when he was unexpectedly moved to the Florida Panthers.

The Fresh Prince of Mississippi

Nothing beats a mix of football and pop culture references. This sign is a good example. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of the best shows of all time and one of our favorites! It features quarterback Dak Prescott as Will Smith, and this is such a creative one!

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Following three straight victories over teams ranked in the top 10, Mississippi State shot up the standings and turned those polls on their head. However, we wish someone had taken the time to create the entire Fresh Prince rap. That would honestly be the best!

Pop Culture and Sports

We can’t get enough of this pop culture reference, and so do fans because this is yet another example. Everyone knows how spooky the Stanford tree mascot is. So, it appears that this Dayton supporter thought of a clever way to make it into a game day sign.

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Yup, they dug deep into their creativity and came up with something ingenious. Who knew you could combine the mascots for Stanford, Dayton, Pitbull, and Kesha into one funny sign? Also, that song will now live rent-free in our heads for the rest of the day.

The Mick Jagger Curse

There aren’t many fans that can beat the passion of Brazilians and their love for soccer. They never fail to amuse us. They always look to have the best signs at soccer games. And this is one of them. But not everyone knows this story, so here’s some background info.

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The man you see is Mick Jagger, and at a time, he was known to be a curse on any team he supported. Brazilian fans were hoping to enact that curse. Unfortunately, Germany humiliated the Brazilian national team 7-1 after this picture. Oops! Maybe he’s now the Brazilian curse?

Vader-Shade on Jameis Winston

How many Star Wars references have we seen at sports events? Not nearly enough! In what was quite possibly the weirdest story we ever heard in 2013, quarterback Jameis Winston was reportedly caught stealing crab legs at a Publix store in Tallahassee. Trust rival teams to make fun of this.

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Even though it later turned out that staff members might have given the athlete free food out of the kindness of their hearts, the joke was nonetheless plastered over game day signs. This Darth Vader impersonator seemed eager to throw some shade at Jameis Winston. There was no escaping!

When You Miss Losing

This brings up the age-old dilemma. Is it better to reach the playoffs and lose? Or fail to make it to the playoffs at all? Losing the playoffs could be the worst feeling ever. This fan seemed to be missing the playoffs even though his team lost every time.

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The majority of Oilers supporters seemed to have serious problems with Kevin Lowe, who served as both general manager and head coach. Some even bought a full-page advertisement in the Edmonton Sun pleading with the management to let him go. That’s got to hurt, right?

There’s No Way They’ll Lose

Most athletes have some kind of strange pre-game ritual or habit that they do, especially before the big games. They could’ve started when they were young and amateurs, but it stuck with them. Some of them eat or drink specific foods. Others wear a specific piece of clothing while playing.

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Well, not only players do it because even this fan believes wearing a specific piece of clothing will bring luck to the game. This picture was taken during the ice hockey semi-finals between Canada and USA in Sochi, with Canada winning, 1-0. It looks like the lucky undergarments helped after all.

Everyone Had the Same Question

When it comes to their time in the AL East, the Toronto Blue Jays have gone through a real rollercoaster. They were a formidable powerhouse and difficult to beat in the late 1980s and early 1990s. But unfortunately for them, that fame wouldn’t last forever.

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They started losing more than they were winning. After 1993, the Toronto Blue Jays failed to qualify for the playoffs for 21 straight seasons. It seems even the players didn’t know what happened. Well, at least they still have some incredibly strong records to look back on.

Not Happening Anytime Soon

Just like Hunter Pence was to baseball, Cristiano Ronaldo is the guy in soccer that everyone loves to hate. There have long been rumors of the possibility of the Portuguese soccer legend moving to the MLS in the near future. But it looks like Americans don’t even want him!

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Many fans and critics think Ronaldo is one of the greatest soccer players ever. This guy obviously doesn’t agree. So, he merged the Grumpy cat meme with the soccer player’s first name. Considering Ronaldo has constantly trashed any talks of moving to the MLS, this sounds like a hurt fan.

We Can be Friends Forever

If you witnessed the prolific partnership between Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey, then you’ll understand this. Not only were they dangerous attackers, but their bromance was also quite adorable. And it looks like this Sounders fan was quite aware of the friendship between the soccer stars.

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This was exactly how the pair celebrated everything. They were an iconic MLS duo, and it was heartbreaking when Dempsey hung up his cleats. Since then, Martins has played for Chinese sides, Shangai Shenhua and Wuhan. We think he could follow in his friend’s retirement footsteps soon.

They Don’t Like TCU

Jimmy Fallon is one of the best American presenters we’ve seen on TV. He’s also a funny guy and keeps making us laugh, especially when he pulls out his character as a teenage girl. If you’ve not seen any of his sketches, then you need to go do that!

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It appears that this fan wanted to express his dislike of TCU by giving a small nod to Fallon, too. This proves that integrating pop culture with sports is a good idea, especially if you want your game day sign to be the one that gets the most attention that day.

A Match Made in Heaven

We can’t decide who would fight over a date with Ryan Johansen more in this case. Would it be the boyfriend who seems to think everyone on the Blue Jackets team is hotter than his girl, or the girlfriend with her cardboard “I ‘heart’ Johansen” sign?

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One person we’re sure won’t be fighting for him is the girl at the end because she has her eyes on number 13. It looks like nothing could change her mind. On the bright side, she doesn’t have a boyfriend who thinks the team is hotter than her.

Some Magic at the Game

We will never get tired of seeing game day signs that draw inspiration from our favorite movies and shows. It appears like these Gonzaga supporters want to intimidate their rivals by telling them they won’t pass. But we want to know if they hope the opponents won’t pass the ball.

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Or do they mean they won’t win? Either way, you must be quite dedicated to your sign if you match it with your costumes. Although the Gollum mask is creeping us out, who could have guessed the game of basketball would bring Gollum and Gandalf together?

Who Is Better Than Superman

This is such an adorable sign! It looks like this kid was trying to show his support for college football star Marcus Mariota back when he played for Oregon. This was before he made history by being the first player from the University of Oregon to win the Heisman Trophy!

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Talk about your day-ones! In 2015, Mariota was drafted by the Tennessee Titans, where he played until 2019 before moving to the Las Vegas Raiders and then the Atlanta Falcons. Given how much he loves Mariota, this kid would have grown up and followed him all the way.

It’s Not Your Day, LeBron

If you’re looking for some of the best sports signs, then the NBA finals are one place to find them. The San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat faced off in the 2014 NBA Finals, and it appears that Spurs supporters had something to say about LeBron James.

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They wanted James to know he wasn’t the best NBA player in that game by putting a bow on his head and a pacifier in his mouth. Since the Spurs won the championship and Kawhi Leonard was named MVP of the Finals, perhaps this game day sign had some truth after all.

Dressed with a Message

While we’ve seen many signs, some of the best have been those where the fans dressed to match them. Look at this guy, for example. He doesn’t just have an epic sign, but he also came dressed to impress. He was celebrating Buffalo Bills’ new owner, Terry Pegula.

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Pegula promised to keep the team in Buffalo after acquiring them. The fans were obviously moved by Pegula’s pledge because the team was the only one with home games in the state of New York. In fact, they were so moved that they created these signs.

Who Is Hunter Pence’s Role Model?

Here’s another jab at Pence. This time, the goal is to lift someone else up. There’s a good chance that if you’re a Royals fan, you’ve heard of Sungwoo Lee. The South Korean is a huge Royals fan who even travels to attend as many games as he can.

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Who wouldn’t want to be Sungwoo Lee? We have a feeling that even Hunter Pence probably wishes he was the guy. Maybe the sign is right. After all, the South Korean superfan seems to be more of a lucky charm to the Royals than any of their players.

A Special Diet Instruction

We don’t even know where to begin with this sign. This fan is sending us so many mixed signals, but we’ll try to interpret it as best as we can. First, we completely understand the message on the sign telling us to “Eat More Cardinal.”

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The jaguar is devouring the cardinal bird. That makes sense, right? What we don’t understand is why they needed to look like a cow with Mardi Gras beards. Why did they need that outfit to deliver the message? Perhaps they’re saying we should eat more poultry than beef?

A Decision to Make

The “Would you rather?” game is quite simple and popular. You’re given two choices and asked which one you’d rather have. For instance, which would you rather experience not having any feet or not having hands? Two tough choices, right? That’s the point of the game!

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These fans brought the game to a contest between the Rangers and Blue Jays in 2016. It seemed like the rivalry was getting pretty heated. If you ask us, we’d rather be punched today. Nobody wants to get knocked out, whether today or tomorrow, and certainly not in October.

They Are All Anti-Stamkos

When someone likes all the things we hate and hates all the things we like, there’s no way we can get along, right? Well, these fans agree and came to this game proving that Steven Stamkos is the guy to boo simply because he hates puppies and loves taxes.

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It almost seems as though the fans made friends with each other because their signs look similar. All the shade was directed at Tampa Bay Lighting center and captain Steven Stamkos from the Chicago Blackhawks fans. If these things are true, then we’ll agree he should be booed.

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

It appears that these Thunder fans weren’t too fond of all the leg flailing that Draymond Green looked to be doing that season. In 2016, Green and a heckler — who was a current football player at Michigan State University, Green’s alma mater — ran into each other in a campus bar and Green allegedly slapped the heckler, which resulted in his arrest.

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He apparently poked him in the chest the following day as well. Although we understand that it wasn’t exactly Kung Fu fighting, we appreciate that these supporters were letting Green know that he needed to cool down. Athletes need to have the spirit of sportsmanship in them.

Looks Like a Tough Season

Unlike successful teams like the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, and the New England Patriots, fans of some other teams have experienced lots of heartbreak over the years. Since the Cleveland Browns restarted operations in 1999, they have experienced difficulties. Since then, the team has only had two winning seasons.

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They’ve also had only two playoff appearances, in 2002 and 2020. But this guy wanted to make sure that not all Cleveland Browns supporters were disappointed. Basically, if you look at things backward, the Ohio-based squad isn’t performing all that poorly. Or are they? Accept our apologies, Brown fans.

They Couldn’t Make the Trip

Fans are known to refer to a player’s behavior on their signs and even in chants. Grayson Allen, the former Duke player, made the news in 2016 for all the wrong reasons. The college basketball star tripped up Ray Spalding and commentators said it looked intentional.

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He also got into trouble with the team during his sophomore year for a foul against a Cardinals player. In fact, Grayson Allen was probably better known for his on-court fouls. It makes sense why people would create signs like this about him.

Fight for Your Right

Here’s another reference to pop culture that we love. The Pittsburgh Pirates promoted Starling Marte from the minors back in 2012. It was time for the big leagues! The center fielder undoubtedly established his position on the squad, and it appeared that fans couldn’t get enough of him.

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One fan wanted to merge their love of the Beastie Boys with their love of Marte to make a funny sign. Although he was suspended in 2017, Marte is now back. Since then, he has played for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Miami Marlins, Oakland Athletics, and currently, the New York Mets.

Bill Belichick’s Lack of Emotions

There’s a common joke among New England Patriots fans about their coach, Bill Belichick, and his lack of emotion. He always has an expressionless face, and you never know what’s on his mind. Whether during games or at press conferences, it always seems as though he doesn’t care about what’s going on.

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Despite his lack of emotion, he’s undoubtedly one of the best coaches in history. Perhaps he bottles it all up, takes his emotions home, and lets them out there. Could that be why he’s such a great coach with so much success? Maybe we should all be like Bill.

This Doesn’t Change a Thing

Athletes aren’t the only targets of game day signs. Even bosses get the heat, especially when things aren’t going too well. When Jeff Fisher joined the Los Angeles Rams in 2012, everything looked to be going well at first. However, things soon got out of hand.

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Before Rams supporters realized it, their team had lost game after game. In fact, he managed to amass the most regular season defeats of any NFL coach in history before he was fired. So, even though the team won, this fan still wasn’t impressed.

Any Chance You Could Get Fisher Back?

You know there’s a problem once rivals want you to keep a player or the coach. After the Rams fired Jeff Fisher, everyone was worried about the team. After all, he essentially guaranteed the team would lose. This Seattle Seahawks fan was concerned that they would improve after he left.

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Although it was a relatively evenly matched game, the Rams beat the Seahawks in the first game that season, but the Seahawks brilliantly won the second time around. It had been a long time since they had such a battle. No wonder the fan wanted Fisher back.