Hilarious Sports Signs That Almost Took Attention Away From the Game

If you thought campaign slogans were funny, think again – because we have compiled a list of a whole new funny for you. We always knew sports fans were a little crazy, but exactly how crazy they can get is something we didn’t know – until now. From false accusations to shocking declarations, you’ll find it all at a game.

Sports slogans
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And it’s not surprising that you get all kinds at a game because fans come from all walks of life and all sorts of perspectives on life. Some bring team jerseys, some bring posters. And while most make do with simple “Go, Team, Go!” signs, others go a bit further in hopes of catching the camera. Have you ever seen signs that say “I Didn’t Know What to Write” or “If My Team Wins, I’m Getting a Puppy”? Well, if you didn’t, then read on below for some of the most audacious signs that people actually brought to the game.

I Take Thee, World Series

When this lady’s boyfriend jokingly gave her what seemed to be a predictable ultimatum, the answer she gave took him by surprise. The boyfriend of six years said she could either have an engagement ring or World Series tickets, and his smart girlfriend chose the World Series tickets. After all, boyfriends come and go (even if they were your date six years ago at a Cardinals game) but the World Series is the World Series.

Woman holding up a sign about her decision to take World Series tickets over engagement
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Maybe his heart wasn’t really into the proposal, or maybe she was offended by the fact that he gave her an ultimatum in the first place. Whatever the case was, she chose to make him wait a few more years before he could dare to propose again. And maybe next time he’ll do it straight up instead of beating about the bush.

Cereal-Killers and Forks

There’s nothing like having a bowl of crunchy cereal with warm milk. But some of us have pet peeves, and this cereal lover’s nightmare come to life is people eating their morning cereal with a fork! Can you imagine that? It’s probably why he thought the best insult for the opposing team would be to accuse their player of eating his cereal with a fork.

Man making fun of Hunter Spence
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Hunter Pence couldn’t have, in his wildest dreams, imagined the accusations he would have to face at his games. But he is used to the hate (could it be because of his spinal disorder?), and still manages to keep up his impressive statistical record. No fork-hating fans can keep him from his game, that’s for sure! And you have to admit, eating your Cheerios with a fork sounds like serious fun.

When All Hell (Water) Breaks Loose

This guy has some trouble in store for him when he goes back home. Instead of holding his wife’s hand as she goes into labor, he is waving a sign at a game – that, too, in bad humor. His pregnant wife is definitely not going to be happy when he returns; she may even have had the baby without him.

Man telling his wife to call him when her water breaks
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For all his concern, this man definitely deserves the Husband of the Year Award – Worst Husband, that is. He probably coerced his wife into agreeing to let him come at such a crucial stage in her pregnancy. But what is most surprising is that he doesn’t look the type who would just leave his wife like that and runoff. But appearances can be deceiving, can’t they?

Twins Separated at Birth

Celtic fans are usually quite die-hard, but sometimes they take things a tad too far. These Celtic fans held up a poster for the Lakers player on the opposing team, comparing him to a llama. Sounds like a joke gone too far? Well, maybe it did, or maybe it didn’t – because llamas are not as offending as the Celtics may have thought.

Player being compared to a llama
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But the joke’s on the Celtics because llamas are beautiful, furry creatures with extraordinary talent. So comparing the Lakers player to a llama may even have been a compliment. After all, good looks and a long, lean body go a long way in basketball, don’t they? The Lakers certainly may think so, which is why the joke probably fell far from the mark.

Lucky Charm, Known to Disarm

Most people don’t believe in superstitions, but some like to think that there are such things as lucky charms, numbers, and even underwear. And that’s exactly what this young lady declared at the game. Her sign admitted that she was wearing her lucky underwear. What exactly makes underwear lucky? We don’t know. But she sure bypassed the rabbit’s foot and four-leafed clovers for a reason.

Superstitious woman holding up a sign about her lucky underwear
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Most people would prefer keeping such information secret, but she probably thought it best to pass on that knowledge to her team for some, well, morale-boosting. Who wouldn’t feel supported knowing that their fans are wearing lucky undergarments? And maybe the star player is wearing his, too, so that makes for a greater probability of winning, right?