Horrible Bosses: 40+ People Called Out Work Culture

When it comes to work culture, things have changed quite a bit over the past few years. There was a time when people put up with whatever poor treatment and low wages their bosses threw at them. However, more people are realizing there is more to life than working endless hours just to be unappreciated.

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Employees have started standing up to their bad bosses, and the interactions are shocking. It’s almost unbelievable how managers think they can treat their employees. We’ve collected the most hilarious posts from people who have truly had enough of their employers. Keep reading to see how people called out toxic work culture.

No Time to Relax

At first glance, it doesn’t seem so bad to get home at 6 PM and have the evening to yourself. However, when you give it a second thought, it’s crazy how much of your day is spent at work. The other hours in the day are spent commuting to the office or thinking about work.

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There is little time in the week to relax, which is not the norm outside of the US. Many European countries follow the motto of working to live, meaning they allow themselves to have lives outside the office. It seems those people are much happier than those who live to work.

Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

While discussing your salary is often considered taboo, people sometimes ask their co-workers about pay to see if they are being treated equally. Many places don’t pay fair wages, which is another discussion. But prohibiting employees from discussing their pay with each other should be against the law.

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This person posted that McDonald’s employees were told they would be suspended if they discussed their pay with others. Are they being threatened because they might realize how much more they’re worth and leave? This rule appears to be against freedom of speech, so employees could fight the suspension with legal action.

Promote From Within

It’s easy to figure out if a company is good or not by the way they hire management and higher-up positions. If you want to work at a certain company, find out if they promote from within. If they outsource senior-level positions, it could be a red flag that there are no real growth opportunities.

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If you see a company that doesn’t invest or believe in its loyal and knowledgeable employees, run away as fast as you can. Why would anyone want to work for a company that claims to have promotion opportunities but looks to hire outside people for managerial positions?

Something’s Not Adding Up

We aren’t mathematicians, but something isn’t adding up here. If a Big Mac in Denmark costs less than in the US, how can McDonald’s afford to pay their employees $13 more per hour with paid vacation and benefits? Although people in the US and Denmark work for the same company, they are treated differently.

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McDonald’s in America has the means to treat their staff better, but they choose not to. Many European countries like Denmark treat their employees much better whether they work in food service or Hitech. Moving to Europe seems pretty great after seeing this comparison of salaries.

The Right Way to Strike

When workers go on strike, it affects more than just their employers. For example, when public transportation employees go on strike, it disrupts everyone who relies on buses and trains to get around. It makes it hard for people to feel sympathy for the strikers.

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However, strikers in Japan understood the assignment. Instead of not doing their jobs, the bus drivers continued on their regular routes but didn’t charge riders. Therefore, the strike only affected their employers because they lost revenue. That’s one way to have their demands met.

Better Wages

It’s a sad day when you realize an inanimate object gets paid more money than you. The parking spot in Toronto costs $27 per hour, meaning it makes a decent living wage when most people struggle to survive on hourly wages less than that.

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While we know the parking spot isn’t actually being paid, it’s frustrating to see how much people have to pay for parking when they earn less per hour. When prices go up, but wages stay the same, you know there is a problem with the system.

Know Your Worth

Many people have finally realized they are worth more than companies are willing to pay. Many employers expect people to do enough work for four people while being paid an unfair amount. Instead of letting companies walk all over us, we need to stand up for what we deserve.

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If another company is willing to pay more for the same position, then why stay at a company that doesn’t pay enough? This prospective employee was told to look elsewhere, so they did just that. It left the interviewer in shock, rightfully so.

Just an Idea

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world worked reasonably? It seems like such a simple idea that gas companies, who make billions every year, could earn just a tiny bit less instead of increasing their prices. It would make the world a much more affordable place.

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Gas prices make everything else more expensive, so if prices were lower, regular working people could afford to travel even just to and from work. However, it’s hard to imagine a world where the rich fuel giants didn’t have so much money and power; that would be too simple.

Sock It to Them

Companies often fool their employees into thinking they are getting great perks by putting free snacks in the kitchen or a ping pong table in the break room. It’s an excuse not to pay their hard-working employees the bonuses and raises they deserve.

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Instead of getting the bonus he was promised for doubling the profit goals, the company gave him a pair of socks. That’s the biggest slap in the face to someone who works hard for their money. No one wants to receive socks as a present, especially if they were promised money.

Money Is the Problem

Kim Kardashian recently received a lot of backlash for saying that “nobody wants to work these days.” However, the problem isn’t that no one wants to do their jobs; it’s that people aren’t being paid enough for even menial labor.

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People would be much more excited about their jobs if they were paid reasonable amounts matching the cost of living. It seems like a simple concept that companies don’t want to accept. Kim wouldn’t say the same if she was expected to work for a few dollars an hour.

Work-Life Balance

Depending on where you work, some companies don’t understand that people’s lives outside the office are more important. This person gave his company four months’ notice that he would be taking a vacation. At the last minute, his boss tried to decline his vacation request.

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His boss said he couldn’t go on vacation because the company “needed him badly.” Instead of missing out on the important moment he had planned for months, the man took his vacation anyway and proposed to his girlfriend. It looks like he made the right decision.

The Proof Is in the Timestamp

If your job isn’t affected by sticking to a strict time schedule, why would it matter if a person is late by a few minutes? Would four minutes at an office job really make that much of a difference in the day-to-day work? Probably not.

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This is even more frustrating because the person has proof they were not late. Their boss clearly can’t read a simple timestamp that shows their employee was on time. Maybe their boss should get a technology lesson to learn to read a timestamp.

The Irony of It All

Isn’t it hilarious (in a sad way) that executives call people greedy for asking for more money when they themselves earn more and more money each year? It’s laughable in a cry-yourself-to-sleep sort of way that we have been conditioned to worry about asking for “too much.”

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It’s easy to forget that company executives get yearly bonuses and six-figure salaries while those who work very hard barely earn enough to pay rent. It’s a lesson to all of us that we should become more comfortable demanding fair pay.

First Impressions

Someone once said, “If you are 15 minutes early, you are on time. If you are on time, you are late.” Showing up early to a job interview helps you make a good first impression. However, that rule is a two-way street between the interviewer and interviewee.

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When this person arrived for their interview, they were on time and waited for the interviewer for an hour. That shows the company doesn’t care about their employees or potential employees’ time. This person dodged a bullet by finding this out sooner than later.

Retirement Plans

Just when you think there will be a day when you can stop working a relax off your savings and retirement plan, you’re wrong. The sad fact of life for most people is that we go to school, get jobs, and work until we are nearly dead.

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Even when we reach retirement age, most don’t have enough savings to stop working. It really makes you rethink working a job you don’t enjoy. How many people can say they actually can settle down and quit their jobs at 65? Not too many.

Telling Them What They Want

If there’s one thing big corporations hate, it’s unions. While you would think that asking about unions is inappropriate during a job interview, some companies allow these questions. Instead of giving an honest answer, people tell the interviewer what they want to hear.

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Everyone has the right to join a union for the benefits and fair wages. If companies offered these basic things to their employees, they wouldn’t have to worry about workers forming a union. It’s pretty simple if you think about it, but some still don’t get it.

Millennial Mindset

Everyone complains that millennials are the worst, but this generation hasn’t had an easy time. While our parents’ generation was able to buy houses and save money, we have been alive for two recessions and a pandemic without an increase in wages.

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The generation before us complains that they have trouble retiring, but millennials won’t be able to afford retirement when the time comes. Most millennials can’t even afford to buy homes due to rising interest rates and the high cost of living. It’s hard for us to sympathize with boomers.

What’s Child Labor?

Why let people enjoy their childhoods when we can start working them to exhaustion starting at age 14? They barely experienced their teenage years, but let’s allow companies to make them work till 11 PM. This was Wisconsin’s solution to the labor shortage.

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Is this really the only solution they could come up with to address the labor shortage? If working conditions for adults are poor, they must be even worse for children. What has the world come to if this is what we are allowing?

It’s a Stretch

Are we missing something? When did it become illegal to grow the same potatoes Lays happens to use for their chips? Unless these four Indian farmers are using the potatoes to make knock-off Lays chips, there is no harm in them growing that specific kind of potato.

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This massive corporation has billions, yet they are taking the time to go after four Indian farmers who are just trying to make a living to support their families. There is too much corporate greed in the world we live in.

No Thanks

Let’s play a game! Is this picture from a horrifying dystopia or a local temp agency office? If you guessed dystopia, you are sadly wrong. You might think someone would have to be out of their mind to put this in an office, but the world is a wild place.

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In an ideal world, everyone would enjoy their jobs, but most people are simply going to work to do their jobs and go home. No one wants to get extra work for working hard. Even if you have the best job, everyone needs time to rest.

Ok, Boomer

We know boomers can be sensitive when we argue with them about how life was a little easier in their day, but that doesn’t mean we are saying they didn’t work hard. Boomers often say how entitled millennials are without thinking about the economic differences.

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Wages used to match the cost of living, and college cost thousands of dollars less. If that were still the case today, they probably wouldn’t hear millennials complaining so often. If only they understood why so many of us are in debt these days (and it’s not because we don’t work hard).

We’re All in This Together?

Don’t you love it when a wealthy CEO tries to share in the misery of hard workers when times are tough but is greedy during an economic boom? When things are going poorly, we are a “family” who are supposed to work for less with a positive attitude.

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However, when the profits go up, those hard-working employees that were considered “family” do not get their fair share of the money. It’s rather frustrating because there is not much you can do about this problem except to find a company where your work is valued.

That Will Cost You More

This guy had no shame in telling his boss he could not come in on his day off unless he were paid more. It’s funny how employers think they own their employees and can make them work whenever they need, even on short notice.


This boss doesn’t feel his worker needs a day off, but this employee isn’t fazed. They understood their rights and stood up for what they deserved. If his boss can’t pay him time and a half for expedited work, then there is no reason to come in.

What a Dream

Can you imagine living in a world where you have enough money to pursue your passions instead of working a job you hate just to get by? They say money can’t buy happiness, but if most of us had money, we would have much easier and happier lives.

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The rich might look down on the poor for feeling jealous, but we aren’t jealous of the things they have. People are jealous of the rich because they don’t have to spend every waking moment working and worrying about how they will pay their bills.

We “Cerealsly” Appreciate You

If a competing company tried to poach your employees by offering them more money, would you match their salaries or give them mini boxes of cereal? This company gave out a few mini boxes of cereal to get people to stay.

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If we worked there and saw this, we would laugh and accept the other company’s offer right away. Maybe the manager thought a good pun would make their employees feel “cearealsly” appreciated. Who would want more money when they could have cereal? That’s a tough choice.

Keeping Up With the Real World

Although we love the Kardashians and know they work hard to succeed, there is no denying that they are out of touch with the real world. Life in the spotlight is not easy, but they can afford to take a break and relax whenever they want.

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Seeing Kim Kardashian work a minimum-wage job for a year sounds pretty interesting. Sure, she had summer jobs as a teenager, but it has been a while since she worked an hourly job. It might make her rethink things she said about people not wanting to work.

Don’t Stay Silent

If you see a sign like this at your job, it’s a red flag. Why else would management not want you to discuss your pay if they weren’t hiding something or treating people unfairly? The only reason a company would tell you not to discuss pay is to keep their hands clean.

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If you are afraid to talk about something, there is less of a chance you will find out the truth. Pay transparency should be normalized regardless of what kind of job or company you work for. Keep this in mind next time you feel weird about discussing your pay.

Pay Your Employees

Companies like Starbucks make billions each year, but their employees rarely see even a fraction of that money. Instead of rewarding their employees for their hard work, Starbucks would rather lose money on rehiring and training new staff to replace those who frequently quit.

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Starbucks and other similar companies have high turnover rates because they don’t treat their staff well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to hurt their business too much. They will keep making money and raising prices instead of paying employees fair wages despite having the funds to do so.

Change Is Coming

Speaking of Starbucks, at least one branch fought the company’s attempts to stop unionizing. These employees fought hard to keep their jobs and get the benefits they deserved. This employee is looking forward to their first shift as a union member.

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Companies are so afraid of even mentioning unions because they don’t want to be forced to treat their employees fairly. Wouldn’t it be such a tragedy if they had to compensate their employees appropriately? Companies could avoid unions if they gave employees what they wanted in the first place.

Putting It Into Perspective

It’s sad but true that bad things done by large companies don’t get the media attention they should. Maybe that’s because large conglomerates pay more to keep stories quiet than they do to their employees. Although $4.5 million is much more than $950, the news didn’t report the second story.

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How could someone stealing $950 worth of products be more newsworthy than a company stealing $4.5 million from their employees? It sounds suspicious that no one really heard about it in the news. Sadly, that’s just the way the world works.

Waiting for an Invasion

Are things really so bad that we are hoping aliens invade to save us from our current leaders? If aliens took over the government, we doubt their first order of action would be distributing the wealth, but some are so desperate they believe that will happen.

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Sure, things could always get worse, but at this point, it’s a risk many are willing to take. Let’s see what aliens have in mind for us. We could certainly use a bit of help here on earth, but we would only want aliens to invade if they were the nice kind.

Inflation or a Labor Shortage?

If you have been keeping up with the news, you might have heard about labor shortages and inflation making prices go up. It is a widely accepted idea, but there are parts of those reports that simply aren’t true. Many people need jobs, so how is there a labor shortage?

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While companies continue to earn billions and increase their profits, they continue to raise prices. It’s not a natural occurrence; it looks more like corporate greed. Without pointing fingers, it seems the people in charge are making this happen.

What’s the Secret?

When you are going through the interview process for a job, they usually ask for your salary expectations. While you are supposed to say what you want, there is a lot of secrecy around how much they are willing to offer or have budgeted for the position.

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This should be a transparent part of the hiring process, but it is typically kept private so they can offer as low a wage as possible. If you see salaries advertised as “competitive,” ask the right questions to find out if that is true.

So Over It

It’s no wonder why this place is short-staffed. The employees keep quitting because of bad management. Instead of nicely asking this person to cover a shift, the manager demanded they come in without an option and threatened them with life insurance.

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It is nice to see someone standing their ground when they know they deserve better. Now that three employees have quit within a week, maybe this manager will learn to treat the staff like human beings who have lives outside work. However, we doubt this manager will change their ways.

No Compassion

Nothing is more infuriating than telling someone about what you are going through and having them try to one-up your sadness. Does anyone have sympathy anymore? This person’s father passed away, and when they couldn’t fill in for someone else, their boss had a shocking response.

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Instead of allowing this person to mourn their loss on the only day they don’t have to work, the manager turned it into a game of “who had the worse tragedy.” We would have had the same reaction after reading those messages.

Sharing Isn’t Caring

Here’s another example of having to share only when it benefits someone else. This woman worked at a restaurant where tips were never pooled until a kind person tipped her $4,400. Everyone wanted a cut of her money, so pooling tips was suddenly allowed.

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Even the owner wanted a portion of her tip that she worked hard for. When the waitress refused to share her money, she was fired. Luckily, everyone else saw the injustice in this story and donated money to help her until she found another job.

Times Are Changing

At one point in the past few decades, you have probably been on the receiving end of comments like these. Millennials can’t catch a break no matter what we do. First, we are told to study hard. Then we are told we aren’t qualified for more than working in fast food.

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Even when we work hard, it’s still not enough. If flipping burgers is the only job we can get after spending four years studying for a degree, then why is it wrong to ask for a higher hourly wage? Some call millennials entitled, but no one wants to be in our shoes.


As kids, we dreamed about what it would be like when we grew up. We thought we would own a big house and have lots of money, but we could not have been more wrong. Reality has finally hit us that being an adult is not fun at all.

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We wish we could go back to being children and savor each moment. Adulting is hard, and someone should have told us how boring it would be. All we do is work, sleep, pay bills, and pray for a day when all that ends.

No Nonsense

Just like boomers complain about millennials, millennials complain about Gen Z. However, there are a few things about Gen Z that we can be proud of. That generation has grown up and refuses to take the nonsense that plagued millennials.

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If there’s one thing we can learn from Gen Z, it is that you shouldn’t put up with things when you know you deserve more. Millennials started doing this, and Gen Z is following in these footsteps. We are cheering them on and taking notes.

Timing Is Everything

This one is very disappointing. At first, you might think that the store doesn’t want their employees to get to work before they have to, but as you keep reading, you realize it’s because they don’t want employees to leave early or work overtime.

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The managers don’t want their employees to leave their shifts even a minute early, or else they won’t pay them properly. The store’s sign is reinforcing the point that they control their employees’ lives whether the workers like it or not.

Gone in a Click

When this person quit their job, they knew their company didn’t appreciate everything they did. However, the manager didn’t realize how valuable their employee was until it was too late. Soon after the person quit, the manager deleted their company email to prevent them from having further access to it.

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Unfortunately, deleting that email also removed all the events from the company calendar for the next three years. Now they have to pay someone to restore the calendar when their time could be better spent doing their actual job.

The Good Old Days

The ‘90s were a great decade where families could afford homes on a single salary. For example, the Simpsons owned their fictional home on a single salary from Homer, who didn’t go to college. Although it’s a cartoon, that was considered normal in the ‘90s.

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Their lovely detached home in the suburbs was once affordable for the average working person. It was a wonderful time to be an adult. Even Monica and Rachel from Friends could afford a large two-bedroom apartment despite not having high-paying jobs.

No Holidays for You

This is another manager who forgot they don’t own their employees. Instead of asking this worker if they could work on Thanksgiving or offering them more money to work on the holiday, the manager demanded they come in. The manager didn’t even care that they previously approved vacation time.

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Instead of giving in to the rudeness of their boss, they quit. Why put up with such awful treatment when you can find a job elsewhere? Props to this person for taking control of their life and standing up to injustice.

Teacher Problems

There is nothing wrong with being a bartender, but it is sad to look at the pay difference between a bartender and a teacher who spent years in college just to be paid less. How is it that someone with two masters makes $20,000 less than a bartender?

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It is no wonder why good teachers aren’t sticking around. If we paid educators the amount they deserved, more dedicated and qualified people would want to stick with teaching. This girl should have stuck with bartending and avoided student debt.