Innovative Designs To Ease Your Life In Any City

Are you tired of hunting down for a place to sit every time you go around a city? Streets and public areas never seem to have enough places for taking a moment to rest. While setting up more benches may seem like the solution, space is hard to come by in cities.

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These creative flower seats might have just solved both the problems and added a few more benefits. They are foldable, providing you a place to sit and save space in the city. Moreover, they add some beauty to the surroundings and are easy to keep clean.

Natural Elements an a Dull Environment

These unique park benches add a splash of creative architecture to an otherwise average-looking city street. The curves on the benches add some design and natural elements in contrast to ordinary-looking benches. This adds both practicality and beauty to the benches, which are just waiting for you to come and relax.

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Resting on these type of benches will bring you close to nature with its wholesome pack of fresh air and greenery. The potted areas that you see on the bench are slots, which you can fill up with all kinds of plants or colorful flowers to add some creativity and more life on the streets.

Open Spaces for All

Space comes as a luxury when designing anything in the big cities, and oftentimes, multipurpose areas can be a great way to make up for the lack of space. These picnic benches have mechanical handles that allow you to push them into the ground to create clear open fun spaces .

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This feature allows your kids to have as much fun as they want running and playing around in an open space. Also, you can simply choose to bring the tables up again for lunch or push them in when you need the open area again for more activities.

Lighting Your Path all the Way

This next one is a jaw-dropper, with its stunning beauty and brilliant technological innovation. Cycling is a very popular activity and the most preferred means of transportation for people concerned with protecting the environment. This beautiful and thoughtful design lights your path and adds more convenience to the experience.

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The brilliant design of these cycling paths allows you to safely cycle in the dark and create an incredible sight at night. The paths light up as you ride or walk across during the darkness, making it an exhilarating experience. It removes the need to set up obstructive street lamps.

Bad Car Parking Experiences

We’ve all had that annoying experience in the parking lot where you try to squeeze in a tight space between two cars. Also, sometimes you get stuck in a spot because of cars parked right behind and in front of yours. This innovation is here to solve all of these problems.

Photo by Meriç Dağlı/Unsplash

With the cars parked in a circular way around a roundabout, you can easily park your car and never worry about other vehicles blocking your way out. This amazing parking lot also makes it so much easier for you to find a good spot to park in and saves you the trouble of remembering where you parked as well.

Say Goodbye to Harsh Sunburns

Sunburns are a grave and concerning problem for everyone, especially during hot sunny days. Being bald especially means having a hard time and falling victim to harsh sunburns during peak summer days. Even a simple activity like sitting down can leave them with extreme burns on the top of their heads.

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These huge hat-shaped shades, attached to benches, allow you to enjoy the nice weather in a relaxing way, away from the threatening heat of the sun. It also protects you from rain, and the large quirky designs add some nice design to the dull streets.

Billboards are Everywhere You Look

Let’s face it. Billboards are everywhere in the city. Every corner you look, there’s a billboard screaming at you in the face, advertising a product or event. While most billboards clearly lack creativity when they’re put up, this particular company brings in a fresh perspective to the whole idea of billboards.

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The brilliant design of the billboards provides people with some shade whenever it’s pouring rain or even from the hot sun. The smart design makes up for the large chunk of space billboards tend to take up. Smart advertising like this reaches the public in better ways and builds a positive opinion.

An Extra Cushion of Protection

Are you tired of constantly worrying about scratching your cars when using public parking lots? Well, you wouldn’t have to if these car protectors were used in your city. With these car protectors placed strategically in public parking lots, you are sure to get an extra cushion of protection for your cars.

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This brilliant innovation allows you to squeeze your way into any parking lot with ease. With them, you wouldn’t have to ever worry about scratching a car next to you or vice versa. You can simply park your cars and leave knowing that they are in a safe and protected space.

The All-In-One Modern Day Mirage

This solar-powered tree is like an ideal modern-day mirage providing you with various amenities out in public. The tree gives you some shade, a place to sit down and rest, and some drinking water from a water cooler with electricity to charge your devices whenever your battery runs low in public.

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Solar power is definitely the power of the future, and this genius solar-powered tree rightly proves so. The energy from the solar panels ensures that the water is constantly filtered and cool and lights up the USB port at night. The tree provides all these unbelievable features without putting harm to the environment.

The Next Level Public Restrooms

Most public restrooms are a nightmare with scribbled walls and some unhygienic and busted toilet fittings. But this public restroom in the form of cubicles in Tokyo, Japan, is nothing of that sort. These public restrooms take a physical appeal to the next level, with their crazy colors and hygienic maintenance.

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The transparent-looking walls turn opaque when it’s occupied, all the while maintaining its exquisiteness. The whole thing shrieks of elegance and an innovative use of technology, which actually defines the entire layout of the city. These brilliant restrooms take the entire public restroom experience to new heights, and more cities should consider them.

Strolling Down the Bumpy Roads

Looking after kids is no easy task, especially younger ones who need to ride the stroller when you go out for walks together. Although strollers can ease the burden of always carrying your child, they can also easily add more difficulty, particularly while navigating through rough surfaces that weren’t designed for your strollers.

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However, this shop comes to the rescue by providing test surfaces for your strollers before buying them. This innovative idea enables you to get your needs, as most cities don’t have the best road works in every area. The shop has all kinds of surfaces to give you a feel of the real deal.

Never Leave Your Bike Again

Love cycling around the city but dread the need to carry your bikes up a flight of stairs every time? You can forget about the problem with this simple yet clever innovation. This simple mini ramp allows you to take your bike easily up the stairs alongside you, without any hassle.

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The whole task of carrying your bike up a flight of stairs can often make you wish you took other alternatives. But with this brilliant innovation, you can easily ride around the city without worrying about ever having to go through such an experience. It is something that will encourage more people to cycle.

Get Yourself on the Move

These benches will get you moving whenever you sit on them. Are you confused? Check out the signboards right next to them. The signboard on the side of the bench shows you different exercises that you can perform with the help of the benches. So why not make the most of it?

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The signboards are a creative way to instruct people to perform workouts and encourage them to exercise subtly. You can’t come up with excuses to sit idle when there’s a sign showing you how to exercise right next to you. Simply sitting idle on benches now sounds almost guilty.

No More Wobbling in Shame

Do you ride a bike or a cycle? If you do, then you know all about the trouble of stopping at a red light struggling to balance on one foot while people in cars sit back comfortably. But don’t worry now, these simple stands at the traffic light are here to save you.

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These clever innovations provide you with a handle and footrest to help you relax as you wait for the lights to turn green. Now you can ride with ease even if you have to stop at traffic lights and smile without jealousy as you look at the people in cars.

A Green Hero with a Plus Sign

Crossing the road is not an easy experience for everyone, especially for old or disabled people who have it much harder than the rest. This particular traffic light offers you an extra option; a green man with a plus sign that stands for extra time while crossing the street.

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You just have to scan your card and enjoy the benefit of crossing the street at your own pace. This feature is ideal for people who have a hard time keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyle of many major cities. It also makes city life far more accessible and enjoyable for them.

Say No to Plastic Please

Plastics are a major cause of environmental concern, and everyone needs to play their part in reducing their use. With this brilliant water fountain, you can easily contribute to the cause. It has a small screen that lets you know how many disposable plastic bottles you’ve saved just from using it.

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This information on the small screen encourages you to ditch the plastic for something more environmentally friendly. You should stick to carrying your own reusable bottles and use public water fountains. Cities should set up more innovative ideas like these to encourage and adapt to a more sustainable way of living.

Art Pieces to the Rescue

Daily commutes to work or school can get dull over time. During dull times like this, art pieces around the city can brighten up your day and give you a reason to smile as you start your day. This particular design on an escalator is one such example.

Source: Pinterest

The design is a hilarious art piece depicting an endless supply of donuts feeding Homer Simpson’s mouth. The design also makes you a part of it when you take the escalator down as you become an image heading into Homer Simpson’s mouth. This comical design is sure to liven up the start to the day.

Light it Up all the Way

Have you ever experienced the trouble of spotting out traffic lights at nighttime? If you have, you’ll be glad to know that some great innovations solve this problem. These brilliant LED-lit traffic lights light up the whole stand with green and red lights.

Source: Reddit

This brilliant design makes sure that you do not make any mistake of missing out on the lights and reduces the risks of accidents. The feature also adds a nice sight on the street and adds to the vibrant vibe of a lively city. It’s the perfect mix of practicality and good design.

AI Robots – The Future is Now

We all know that AI robots have an essential place in the future, and part of that future is already here with these amazing robots. These smart speeding ticket robots come up to your car whenever you go over the speed limit and automatically issue you with a speeding ticket.

Source: NBC

To add to the experience, the robots come with a police hat to match the role. You should definitely drive safer and be more careful knowing that these little robots are out keeping a watch on the streets. Technology never fails to disappoint us, and these innovative advancements take policing to the next level.

Sanitize Without Making Contact

The coronavirus has taken its toll on everyone around the world. Now, more than ever, people are more concerned and aware of the importance of keeping themselves sanitized. Sanitizer stations have popped up everywhere at city hotspots and will continue to do so. These foot-operated sanitizer stations are a great innovation in this regard.

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Since the sanitizer stations are foot-operated, you don’t even need to press it to get the hand sanitizer out. It’s an immaculate way to stay safe and clean while avoiding pesky bacteria that tend to accumulate in crowded places. This sanitizer station should be encouraged more to prevent mass outbreaks.

Wheelchair Mats are Here to Save the Day

Beaches are lovely places, and everyone loves visiting beaches. Taking a walk on the beach can be fun, but isn’t always a fun experience for everyone, especially people with disabilities and particularly those in wheelchairs. But these long wheelchair mats are here to save the day and knock your troubles out.

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This long wheelchair mat has the looks of a real road, and it makes it so much easier for disabled people to access the beach. This smart innovation allows disabled people in wheelchairs to have the same experience while strolling down the beach. Amazing ideas like this make cities much more friendly and inclusive for everyone.

Trashcans are Smarter than Some People

These smart trashcans may be the best way to combat human ignorance and stupidity when it comes to littering. Most people ignore segregating wastes when dumping them. But good thing this smart trashcan can spew out waste that’s not meant for them. They even stop accepting waste when they’re full.

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These smart trashcans can even notify the local municipality whenever they’re full so that someone can come and clear the trash. Some of the trashcans even use advanced solar power to compress the trash when they’re almost full, saving a lot of work. These trashcans should definitely earn a spot in every corner of the city.

Solar Inventions are Taking Over

Solar-powered inventions are everywhere you look these days. These bright solar-powered lights are an example of how brilliant these inventions can tend to be. The streetlights provide visible light and serve as a great resting spot for passers-by to sit and relax.

Source: Reddit

The fact that they’re shaped like beautiful flower stems makes them a pleasure to look up at and adds so much more value to it. Beautiful innovations like this need to be set up more around city streets, and hopefully, they can replace all the ordinary and dull-looking streetlights.

Cycle Without any Guilt

Riding a bike certainly helps the environment, but it can be a hassle going around the city with one. The worst cases are when you’re about to miss the metro, but you have to carry your bike on with you, or when it’s crowded, and you feel like you’re taking up way too much space.

Source: Tumblr

Times like this may make you decide to ditch the bike next time you go out. But this brilliant design saves you all these troubles by including an allocated area just for bikes in front of the train. You don’t even have to pick your bike up since the platform is leveled with the ground.

Ever Heard of a Bus with a Mini Library?

Reading books needs more encouragement these days, especially with the advent of smartphones and laptops. Many people have stopped developing the habit of reading books because of these devices. This bus looks to encourage its passengers to pick up a book and start reading again by adding a mini-library right on the bus itself.

Source: Facebook

With a book in your hand, you can stop refreshing your social media feeds and instead focus on developing your reading skills and maybe learn a thing or two from the book. Cities should incorporate these mini-libraries in other public areas such as next to bus stations or street benches too!

Smart Traffic on the Streets

How else can you add to better street traffic besides smart traffic lights? The answer is pedestrian crossing lights. That’s right. While streets can get very busy with car traffic, the same can happen with pedestrian traffic. There are times when hundreds of people walking across one place start bumping into each other.

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These smart pedestrian crossing lights at a zebra crossing let people know when to cross to the other side. This way of regulating on-foot traffic also keeps the city streets safer at night. Moreover, drivers don’t need to look up at the traffic lights as these lights are right in front of them.

Smoothening the Transition for Electric Cars

Electric cars and bikes are undeniably the future of automobiles. Many people are switching to electric cars and bikes, as they are more environmentally friendly and efficient. Some cities have taken the process up a notch by providing charging stations all across the city to smoothen the transition towards electric vehicles.

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People can stop at these charging stations and charge their car or bike whenever they are low on energy. These innovations reduce fuel consumption and are not only economical but environmentally friendly and look savvy as well. These innovations will encourage more people to make the change and take further steps to save the environment.

Remember to Take Breaks

Sometimes we all need to take breaks in our daily lives and just sit down and relax. Sure, it is essential to exercise and be on the move to live healthily, but what’s also important is to take breaks and make some time to relax your body and process your thoughts.

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These extra-long benches are ideal for this purpose as they allow people to put their feet up and take a break from the hectic city life. You can bring your friends along to chill or spend some time alone away from all the stress at work or even from home.

Check Those Steps While Walking Up

Knowing that you are cutting down or burning your calories is the best encouragement for people to take the stairs instead of an escalator. To take advantage of this fact, this city has labeled the steps with the number of calories you burn as you take each step up the flight of stairs.

Source: Reddit

It’s certainly an ingenious way to encourage people to take the stairs and comes off as a new challenge for fitness freaks to take up. Once you start taking the stairs more often, you’ll realize how much of a difference it makes in burning down those calories and keeping you fit.

Stop the Knocking Please

I’m sure you’ve faced the awkward knock on the door from someone outside while using a public bathroom. Or maybe you’ve had to do the awkward knocking yourself to check if a bathroom stall is free. This knocking menace has to stop; thankfully, this city has come up with the solution using lights.

Source: Twitter

These smart toilets are fitted with green and red lights on top to indicate whether they are free to use or in use by another person. This certainly helps end the knocking fiasco that crops up whenever you visit a public bathroom. So you can now experience a knock-free visit to the bathroom.

Is this a Balcony or a Window?

Have you always dreamt of enjoying the fresh air without having to step out of the house? It sounds like you need to build the balcony, but what if you can’t make one for various reasons? These amazing windows that convert into a balcony whenever you want are the ideal thing you need.

Source: Pinterest

They provide the same functions as windows but give you the option to convert them into small balconies. You can add these convertible windows and take in the same experience as standing on a balcony enjoying the nice view and allow some fresh air into your house.

Forget Long Lines with AI

Forget about waiting in those long lines at the medical clinic. AI has come to the rescue. These astounding robots can scan you and check symptoms without any assistance. The robots can quickly identify your symptoms, which saves you the need to go and consult a doctor.

Source: Tumblr

Talk about a real-life Baymax from Big Hero Six. Robots like these are the future of medical services and need investment from cities to produce more of them. With these robots in every hospital or medical clinic, medical services can gradually speed up and save more lives in the process.

Roads Need Some Care Too

Reflective road lights already have an essential purpose and adding these water sprinklers just makes them even more critical. Roads can build up a lot of dirt and garbage, especially during the dry and dusty seasons. Also, during the snowy winter seasons, snow and debris build-up becomes a menace to drivers and their safety.

Source: Reddit

These reflective road lights are added with sprinklers, spray water at regular intervals, prevent dirt and garbage from building up on the streets, and help melt the snow away during winter. This helps a ton in maintaining road conditions and cleanliness. More cities should add these innovations to their busy streets.

Smart Parking Lights for a Smart You

Have you ever experienced the trouble of driving through a parking lot and craning your neck in search of a free parking space? Well, fret no more, as these brilliant parking lots have come up with a solution by providing “smart parking” lights at the top of every parking space.

Source: Pinterest

The lights on top of the parking spaces let you know which spaces are free even from a long distance. The green lights signify a “free” spot while the red lights mean they’re “taken.” This innovation will surely save you a lot of time in the car park while searching for a free space.

Take Me Back to My Childhood

Who knew a trip to the mall could bring you so much enjoyment and thrill. This marvelous slide lets you climb down from the upper floor of a mall with speed and enjoyment. It’s also certainly bound to bring back childhood memories and make you feel like you’re at an amusement park.

Source: Reddit

The escalator seems like a boring option with this slide around. However, this surely takes the fun shopping experience to an entirely new level. But keep caution! You shouldn’t be taking this route if you’re scared of rides because this slide has a few too many twists and turns for the faint-hearted.

Care to Meet Someone New?

Meeting new people, engaging in meaningful conversations with them, and forming connections is essential for keeping healthy. This next innovation certainly helps this cause, and it would be a great addition to any city or neighborhood. This wall with a peculiarly constructed design allows everyone to meet new people every day.

Source: Twitter

They call it the MeetWall. It is eventually solid but quickly spins around as the sensors on it feel people close by on both sides. When the MeetWall spins completely, it reveals the strangers standing on both sides and encourages them to interact with each other.

Everything is Getting Smarter

Smartphones, smart trashcans, and smart streetlights. What’s next? The answer- Smart Street Benches. Steora is a type of urban street bench that enables you to upload movies and pictures. You can then create advertising campaigns with the uploaded files on the bench and use the bench again to display them.

Source: Pinterest

The benches are Croatian-made, and the main aim of the benches is to make city life easier for people who want to advertise or promote their business or services around the city. It offers advertisers a bundle of advertising options, such as broadcasting to cell phones around the bench.

Forgot the Charger Again?

Everyone owns a cell phone nowadays. We all dread the moment when the phone battery starts running very low, but you realize that you’re not carrying a charger and can’t seem to find one either. Unfortunately, moments like these frequently happen, but with this brilliant innovation, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Source: Facebook

The ATTStreetCharge is here to save you from trouble. They are social charging hubs scattered around the street and allow many people to stand around them and socialize as they fill up their phone batteries. They are small and have unsophisticated features that make city life so much easier.

Did You Forget the Floor Again?

Multi-floor parking lots are great ways to save street space and provide enough parking spaces for everyone. But they can be annoying, particularly when you forget the floor that you parked in. This happens more than you can imagine, especially when you’re coming back from a day full of activities.

Source: Twitter

However, this nuisance is about to end, as more and more parking lots use a forget-me-not car park elevator. These elevators are just regular elevators but with a smart feature. They have a huge number on the elevator door with the word “remember” printed to remind you of the floor level.

Hammock for Comfort, People

Are you looking for a bench to sit down on and relax? Why don’t you try out these hammocks instead? This city provides its citizens with a hammock, instead of a bench, to lie down and get a good rest while they’re at it. It certainly adds to the comfort level of people!

Source: Pinterest

These hammocks, placed around the city, help people who use them to enjoy a minute’s rest, with the imagination that they’re on some tropical holiday. So next time you’re planning to take a break from a busy day at the office, consider resting at one of these hammocks.

An Escape from the Crazy Set Up

Working while sitting next to a desk the whole day is unhealthy and tiring, but it is, unfortunately, the most common scene in any office. Moreover, you don’t get time to rest from this crazy setup before leaving for home. Therefore, workplaces need to provide a place to relax for a while.

Source: Facebook

At least this office is doing it right, with their unique hanging sphere chairs, which provide you with a cozy space to relax and unwind. Imagine having these chairs in your office during break hours. You could easily get some rest away from the stress and tension of working a full-time job.