Irritating Customer Encounters Waiters Had to Experience

“Customer is King” is an age-old mantra people continually use in reflecting the importance of consumers/customers in every business. While this saying indeed is true, some customers let that get to them and continue to act condescendingly to those who serve them. These acts have continued to provide not just dissatisfied employees, but also traumatized individuals.

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Although every job has its peculiarities, working in a customer service position remains one of the most challenging roles, especially in the business industry. It’s never easy to cater to public needs day in day out or constantly get yelled at for things beyond your control. That is not to dispute the fact that the customer service role can also be highly pleasurable. The following are some shocking encounters wait staff have had to contend with.

Less Mess, More Message

People handle stressful life situations differently. To some, it may call for taking a walk and to others, taking a nap or listening to relaxing music. What happens when such individuals cannot process these emotions appropriately because they have to be at work? That could just be the reason for this staff member’s absent-mindedness and ultimately, the lack of a pen.

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While poor service is no fun and no one continues to advocate or give reasons for a disgruntled staff, having to make a mess with the ketchup didn’t pass the intended message either. Nothing beats communication when used effectively. Constructively voicing out the concerns might have been the right way to get the staff out of their shadows and act appropriately in the working environment.

No, Not the Math!

Favors, irrespective of the measures, become more honorable when done appropriately. Giving the waiter a tip after the meal is indeed an applaudable act, but that would have been honorable to the least by just writing the actual amount. The waiter who might have to spend the rest of the shift running around can be saved the stress of looking for a calculator by writing the intended tip amount.

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A little bit of humor also does no one harm; however, this action might cost the waiter a little time, which is particularly important in this line of work. The gesture was appreciated, and hopefully, this waiter finds someone in the nearest future who doesn’t have to make favors to have a little math quiz by the side.

Nothing Short of Outrageous

Accidents continue to happen in diners now and then. Few are laughable, many startling, and others are nothing short of frustrating. Dirty silverware, drink spills, foods debris, mustard stains, and so on are some of the ongoing issues customers continue to complain about. While these gripes about the negligence of diners continue to remain relevant, this particular customer’s behavior is rather outrageous.

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The restaurant has even had to pay for this man’s entire bill, but that didn’t deter him from still carrying out this horrible act. There are sincere ways to complain about bad service or food rather than litter the table shamefully. Being rude to the restaurant staff won’t make up for the bad experience, and neither did littering the table.

Keep the Change!

There’s a thin line between being cocky and generous, and it’s all dependent on the attitude of giving. In this scenario, it’s most definitely the former. The generous customer, who would have decided to leave no tip at all, had left a whopping $1.46 for the waiter just because they knew collecting the change would not have been rational. Surprisingly, they were generous enough to call it a tip.

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While giving, no matter how slight, continues to remain an attractive act. It was pretty evident that if the change had been significant, these customers would still be willing to let go of a tip? Probably the next time dining, they will be generous enough to drop a whopping $0.58 as a tip; you just never can tell.

Now That’s Horrible

A lot of people continually go through life with one hurdle or two to cross. There’s no point in making an already hard life more difficult for the next person. No one owes anybody soothing words nor a tap on the back, but a thoughtful character continues to go a long way in alienating struggles others might have to cope with.

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Customers will continue to retain the right to give a tip or not -everyone does the same with money. While it also continues to remain unclear how the waitress service has been or presumed to have been and thus warranted the zero tip, nonetheless, they could have just avoided the insidious comment and cause the waiter no emotional strain.

Not Funny

It is surprising how teenagers can become so unruly these days. This group didn’t bother to hide their flaws and went ahead to give their server a hard time. The waitress, who was assured that nothing was wrong with her service, found it difficult to understand what led to the actions displayed by these girls.

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The simple unsaid rule to tipping is to give a reasonable amount or don’t bother at all. These girls were not without some extra change to spare and leaving a penny as a tip just for the humor, is just far from it. There are better ways to show some sense of humor without having to insult someone else.

A Little Bit of Politeness Will Do

Working in a restaurant serving a lot of people can be fun. It means you get to see and meet a significant number of people, including Jack, a regular customer, and in some rare instances, you never know, a celebrity might walk in to dine. A celebrity entrance will attract attention, and it should be a rare opportunity to serve them, shouldn’t it?

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Well, that is not always so, and an excellent example in this case. If this Jackie Chan is a famous movie star, then this is far from being applaudable. Celebrity or not, there’s no point in being rude to the server. It would have cost nothing to pay the bill without having to insult someone.

Kids, an Excuse?

Having kids is such a fantastic feeling. Of course, that comes with many responsibilities and additional expenses, but that should never be a reason not to be generous. If parenting teaches something, it does teach how to care for others. Using the kids as an excuse not to be generous doesn’t seem right.

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The customer, who was not willing to give any tip to the waiter, was looking for an excuse to make themselves better. They should have thought up something else or nothing at all. Giving remains a choice the customer can decide upon without having to bring in the kids. Everyone has expenses that call for scrutiny, and probably on the next eat-out, they can probably budget a bit for a tip on the next eat-out.

Rude and Offensive Advice

The real motive of this customer’s comment continues to remain unclear. However, while it is easy to regard the statement as sincere advice, giving unsolicited advice will continue to remain rude and inappropriate irrespective of the motive. Obviously, in this case, the comment is without permission and thus regarded as an intention to insult.

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Words are as powerful as who says them. In addition to not giving the server any tip, getting unsolicited advice from a random stranger can be rather annoying. Individual career decisions remain theirs to make, and if the customer has an observation, the bill remains a wild place to state them. This comment will continue to remain rude and offensive.

Over-Sensitive Customer

What is the second-worst thing to having an impolite customer? It should be having an over-sensitive one, and this scenario is a good example. Dealing with insensitive customers will breed a lot of negative experiences as they are almost impossible to please. Although this customer thinks otherwise, wishing someone a “blessed day” is no attempt to preach to them but rather an alternative to saying have a “good day.”

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Goodwill messages could take different forms and patterns, but obviously, the customer does not have this one. The over-sensitive customer who was not in a good mood could have come up with a better way to ease the displeasure. While this customer has passed the message, there are better ways than being rude and mean towards the server.

Taking Advantage or Just Poor at Math

People continue to run out of cash periodically, but there’s nothing as logical as living within your means when that happens. In this scenario, it is difficult to ascertain if the customer was poor in math or was taking advantage of not paying the $0.4. The plausible answer is most likely the latter.

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A little bit of politeness on the part of the customer to explain being short in payment would have been more reasonable than having to make a mockery of the waiter and still ask them to “keep the change.” To avoid such a show of shame next time, the customer might want to review the price of items and make a budget based on current financial capacity.

A Little Bit of Sympathy Never Hurts, But…

Having a little bit of sympathy for the next person never hurts. It just shows we all are human, after all, but why issue out a sympathy card out of the blue? Did the server make it that obvious they were going through a difficult time? Issuing the card shows that the customer is perplexed about the sort of sympathy the server needs or is just petty, which would be ridiculous.

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There are several ways to show sympathy in this scenario, and leaving a tip just about sums it up. For a person working in a highly demanding low paying job, the tip would have resounded better. Giving the sympathy card shows an attempt to mock the server, which the customer could have avoided.

An Alternative to Gratuity

A group of over 21 people dining in a restaurant would create a huge mess, lots of shoutingk, and plenty of laughter. The least this group could have done was extend their smiles to the waitress in the form of a tip while they don’t have to bother about who’s going to have to clean up the mess left behind.

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For restaurants like this, which don’t bother themselves with charging a gratuity for large groups, it would have been more appropriate to extend a trip to the waitress if not for anything but the troubles. An opportunity to dine with loved ones remains memorable, and maybe this group was too engrossed in the discussions that they couldn’t attend to tipping the waitress; the next time will tell.

Religion Preaches Kindness

There is no other better way to introduce religion to someone, if not with a little more kindness. This customer lacked that. There was no point in making the waiter believe they had been generous enough to leave a tip behind, only for it to end up being a fake bill with a lot of preachy text written all over it.

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Getting the attention of someone in such a sensitive situation should be something other than a money trick. By doing this, the intended message will not get passed as the customer already succeeded in pissing the waiter off at the first instance. Next time, they should be more generous to leave an actual tip instead.

Not a Clear Head

Individuals who had stayed long enough in a customer servicing position know it’s better to accept customers with their peculiarities and that there’s no point in fighting it. Guess that’s what the server had to resolve in this scenario. While the customer might not necessarily be rude, at least he was honest about his current condition.

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The customer incoherency explains the name, but the server was patient enough to deal with this customer with less enjoyable sloppiness. Even the sloppiest customer needs to be satisfied, don’t they? Hopefully, this customer can find a well-relaxed place to enjoy his order, and hopefully, when they send the order, they do that with a clear head.

Pride Goes Before

While we are uncertain of what transpired before this ridiculous comment, this customer left behind some unkind words, which will hurt this unfortunate server. The customer decided to be unreasonably mean, and that’s widely inappropriate. Being kind may cost nothing, but a hurtful word does cost a lot.

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In the end, the comment is a clear indication of how proud and demeaning this customer can get. Hopefully, this comment does not affect this server more than necessary. Hopefully, in a manner of time, the server should have more polite and kind customers who would be willing to help alienate the impact of this ridiculous comment.

More Change to Keep

This customer took the ‘keep the change’ phrase literally and came with change- plenty of it. While the aim for doing this is still unclear, it is slightly humorous but widely unnecessary. Counting the change will take the unfortunate server some deal of time which they could have used for more productive things.

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It is uncertain as to what will make specific customers act in the manner with which they do. The only reasonable logic is an attempt to mock their servers, whom they rarely regard. Irrespective of the argument, acts like this continue to remain unacceptable. Hopefully, the good customers will make up for the faults of the few unreasonable ones.

Any Message Passed?

It is uncertain what the customer in this scenario was saying or what they aim to achieve. However, if the intention was to irritate or confuse the waiter further, then it was indeed achieved. The incomprehensible note did nothing but reaffirm the customer’s intention to leave no tip behind for the unlucky server.

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While there remains no offense in leaving no tip behind, indirectly insulting the waiter with the note remains unattractive and uncalled for. If the customer was unhappy with the service or needed to give comments that could help improve services, there was a better way of doing that than leaving a pointless note.

Open Communication Is Always Best

For most servers, having to wait on multiple tables and customers per day also means having a good understanding of how condescending customers can be. On the other hand, customers never seem to disappoint, and this scenario is a clear example. Being impolite and inconsiderate never achieves the aim, and it will remain best to express complaints politely.

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The note left by this customer is one of the numerous comments which doesn’t achieve the results intended. Repeatedly demeaning a server with ridiculous comments will never make them less of a human, nor does it help them serve you better. Whenever possible, maintaining an open communication technique is always best.

Career Decisions Are Personal

The successes of most dining experiences are always dependent, amongst other things, on the server doing their job appropriately. If these individuals didn’t take long stands and lengthy shifting hours continually serving customers, there wouldn’t be diners worth visiting. Having to give ridiculous comments about this individuals choice of a job will continue to remain improper.

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Giving these unsolicited and inappropriate pieces of advice, as in this scenario, will continue to irritate. The wait staff and other diners’ employees try to make a living and do not need belittling comments. The customers are never in the right place to offer career advice. Career choice is a personal decision everyone makes by themselves.

Incomprehensible Rationale

The reasons behind the actions of some unruly customers are hard to comprehend. Not only that, but it is also surprising how some customers take up the extra time to write some ridiculous comment on paper which would give them no benefits. In this scenario, would the customer have taken it lightly if also called the same at their workplace?

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The rationale behind a diner service is to get served appropriately and if that falls short, complain appropriately. Making a ridiculous comment on bills will rarely change anything. It only shows the insensitivity of the customer. To continually get the best from these services, it is best to follow the complaints procedures without trampling on people’s egos.

Not So Impressive Off-Court

Unfortunately, known celebrities and superstars are also known to display less than par attitudes to giving. One person whose stories have been making the rounds is the famous NBA star, LeBron James. This player has reportedly been seen giving a server a $10 tip for a meal that cost $800. This attitude doesn’t befit him.

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The NBA star, who has been labeled stingy for this with his recurring behavior of giving measly tips hasn’t seemed to change his ways. There are even specific times that he forgets to give altogether. Compared to the lavish lifestyles that celebrities are prone to living, we would expect that this individual is generous sometimes as to give a reasonably tipping.

Irritable Remarks

It is surprising how customers continue to have one irritable remark even with how some waiters try so hard to please them. Dining in a group means there’s the possibility of continued chattering and noise. Still, this customer is offended that the waiter had to speak loudly to subdue the other continuous voices.

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The waiter, who should have received a tip for trying to get the job done, doesn’t need the further ridiculous comment. After all, these customers got the meals they ordered. If the waiter’s voice was thunderous and is something to bother about, there are ways to relay your concerns without insulting.

Jokes on You, Jerk

Unfortunately, customers continue to think they have the right to boss waiters around simply because their job is to serve them. It doesn’t end in that; some go-ahead to give flippant commands like the case of this customer’s ‘take that’s. Well, it remains the waiter’s job to collect the bill from the customer not because they listened to this raucous comment, but it’s a matter of obligation.

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Unfortunately, the customer didn’t stop at the command but also gave an additional comment and drew up a funny face. It’s rather apparent that this customer has some concerns with this waiter, but more importantly, it shows the customer was awful and a jerk.

Uncalled For

If you were a wait staff and walked down to a customer’s table to observe this, how would you have felt? Nasty, isn’t it? Scenarios like this are uncalled for. Although it doesn’t answer the many other questions one might have, this picture says a lot about the customer and their rebelliousness.

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The picture shows the customer took some time to create this rude message. It makes one wonder what the server must have done wrong. Regardless of that, the customer’s rudeness was far louder. There are certainly better and more responsible ways to relay the grievance without stooping to an offensive act.

Verbal Tippers

Although customers are always too quick to give ridiculous comments about lousy service, the same is not so for a brilliant service. Those who eventually do, say it in the form of flattery and never enough to warrant a significant tip. In this scenario, the waiter got complimented by customers for his extraordinary service and great attentiveness, but hardly anything to show for it in tips.

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It was rather disappointing for the waiter to have received less than 3% for a meal of $127. That doesn’t correlate with the endless praises he had been receiving. It is genuinely insulting not to tip the waiter after you have commended them for an excellent job. Cash tip is going to resound better with the waiter and ensure they continue the excellent work.

Audacious Customer

It is becoming the norm for customers to give unsolicited advice continually. In this scenario, the customer was offering the wait staff comments on how to improve their services without even obtaining the necessary permission. No matter the intention for doing that, it will continually come off as irritating.

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The pretty lousy customer would have best left extra cash at their tables instead of this unsolicited suggestion. No one is ever going to consider the comment from a rude and audacious customer. There are better ways to treat dissatisfaction, and politely speaking to the manager would have been better than the note.

Truly Broke?

Some customers come up with pretty lame and uncandid excuses just to avoid giving a tip. An example of one of those many excuses is the one in this scenario. For one reason or another, the customer decided to go with the “broke excuse” even though they could afford to buy a $16 meal.

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Broke in the true sense of the word would have meant enjoying the meals at home as they don’t have extra cash to spare. That is not the case in this scenario, and the server knows that the customer is not without money but just unwilling to give. Hopefully, some other customer who are not “broke” would be willing to drop some extra cash.

No Human Decency

Not everyone has the barest human decency, and the customer in this scenario doesn’t. It remains very shocking that someone would have to behave so cruelly to their fellow humans. Constructive criticism remains the best way to go about it if the server wants to comment on their server’s appearance.

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Leaving such terrible comments behind is no way to treat others. Most organizations have formal channels to pass grievances when one receives a lousy service without attacking personally. Let’s hope that this customer has learned some new manners and never insults servers again.

Refrain From Assumptions

In an attempt to please customers, wait staffs do too much. Some end up being appropriate; sometimes, they are unnecessary. This case is an obvious example of an unnecessary one. There was no need to say something they weren’t sure about, especially something that personal.

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Luckily for this server, the customer didn’t blow it up beyond proportion, but that’s a clear warning sign to refrain from saying things carelessly. The following customer may not likely be as docile as this one, and they could get themselves into an embarrassing situation. If you’re not sure of what you intended to say, say nothing.

An Angry Tipper

There are different types of customers wait staff that you continually come in contact with. There are friendly, proud, audacious, and most definitely, angry customers. This scenario is an example of an angry customer. The message left behind for the waiter shows signs of apparent anger, but who or what is responsible for such emotions is still unclear.

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From indications, the customer was offended with how the restaurant cooked their steaks, but they never gave the server the chance to make amends. Instead, they left- possibly in anger- a few pennies as a tip with the words, “Ur tip, huh.” If that isn’t dripping with condescension, then what else will? It would have been best to communicate the wants and needs to the staff appropriately.

Broke College Kid

While those who attended or are attending colleges can relate to this, the definition of broke is still a little bit vague. There are different definitions to define a broke college kid, but none of those ever mean an individual who could afford to eat a meal worth over $30 in a restaurant.

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After all, there are several ways to retain and save up money which does not include having to eat out. A financially challenged student knows how to save money and not going out to is at the top. Having to continually use one’s student status as an excuse not to tip the server who did their best remains rude.

Better Luck Next Time

Customers can sometimes do the most terrifying of things. The customer in this scenario is most definitely one of those. While this customer’s words weren’t mean or rude, the attempt to ask the waiter out while paying for the food is a bit tacky. There are times when a person can show attractiveness to the opposite gender, but it’s not when you’re about to pay for your meal.

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It’s even a little bit more unnerving to have to comment on all her tattoos as they may tend to be more personal. Asking someone out is never a crime, but there are situations when that becomes inappropriate, such as this. The diner should just have paid for the bill and add some extra cash to it as it. You never know, he might bump into her on the street.

Bad Giving Habit

Not everyone possesses the habit of giving, and surprisingly, that could also include some of our favorite acts. Sadly, it might disappoint some of Rachel Ray’s fans; she’s also one of those reported to be lacking in this skill. It is shocking because this TV personality knows more about the food industry and how hardworking wait staff can be.

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It is reported that regardless of the size of the group or service rendered by the wait staff, Rachel Ray is known to give nothing more than 10%. The personality is known for trying to help people save money in making their meals, but no one would think that she undermines the efforts of wait staff and skips out on well-deserved tips.

Nothing but Cruelty

Tipping is one of the few ways to help a wait staff out financially. It’s one of the few gestures that also makes staying on the job worth the effort. Having to make a joke out of tipping is just not funny but also wrong. The customer in this scenario is nothing short of cruel.

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On the other hand, there is also a one-off chance that this could be a scam. Why would anyone be willing to make things difficult for this low-earning individual? It just doesn’t add up. Irrespective of the actual situation, a $100 bill would have made the waiter’s day, and there was no point tricking them.

Not a Fan of Math

Math is one of the most unattractive subjects to many people, definitely to this customer. Almost anyone could have figured out this simple calculation, but it’s evident that this customer isn’t even willing to try. The tip remains attractive, but the server would have appreciated this gesture a little further if it had been calculated.

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In giving, sometimes, the effort is as significant as the gesture. Simple use of a calculator or something could have helped the customer ascertain the intended tip amount and wouldn’t have made it seem like they care less. Either way, we sometimes hope they take it upon themselves to make such little calculations in the future.

Laughable Yet Irritating

The guy in this scenario is one of the few laughable but somewhat irritating cases of some extreme customer actions. It’s rather irritating because he was still on a date. It is also apparent that he’s no longer interested in the date and might just call it off instead. Leaving a good tip is no excuse to disrespect the server and his date, likewise.

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The customer, who had no issues with the meal and the service rendered by the server, was also interested in something else at an inappropriate time; While the server would most likely have appreciated the tip but was most likely uninfluenced by the number he left behind. Who would love to go on a date with someone who has a record of being disrespectful to his date?

Strange Kind of Tip

Not everyone that can read and write can comprehend what is being communicated. But that makes one wonder if this customer’s case is an issue of comprehension or was just an attempt to be a jerk. The tip requested in this scenario is not the strange comment the customer chooses to offer.

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The customer, who has a great tip to offer, could have left advice about the sun’s bad qualities to someplace where such bits of advice are essential. In this scenario, the server needs a cash tip that the customer was sure to avoid. Leaving a tip for the server to buy some sunglasses instead would have shown considerations on the diner’s part.

Two Cents

The customer in this scenario needed a better service next time, so he gave his two cents which are remarkably insulting. Irrespective of the two cents you might want to consider in this context, they are far from being applaudable. Offering the server the two cents does nothing but insult and demean their personality.

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The diner’s whole action made no sense. There are better ways to get the complaint to the wait staff than outright demean them. Insulting them by giving two cents yields no results and never will. If this customer wishes for improved dining results, there’s a need to look for a better complaint technique as two cents won’t do the intended.

Carwash Tokens?

It is uncertain why this customer would give a carwash token to replace some cash tip, of all things in the world. Either the customer made a mistake, or was attempting a joke that is now widely inappropriate and unwelcome. Carwash tokens are not something you give unless you’re sure the person has a car which is hard to determine, as in this case.

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The tip, although not entirely useless, cannot replace the regular cash tip. More pronounced and appropriate measures exist to compensate the server for an excellent service that doesn’t include a token. Extra cash does all the work. Next time, the customer should consider the universal cash tips instead. For now, this remains a thankless gift; unless, of course, the server has a car.

Milkshake Tip

Most people usually have one tip to offer to the server. Unfortunately, this customer’s tip isn’t money-related but rather a personal craving. The customer in this scenario wants an extra milkshake refill, which they are unwilling to pay for. Why demand an extra water refill when one can get milkshakes instead?

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Unfortunately, unlike soda, water, and other beverages that are much more inexpensive for anyone to offer to the next, milkshakes are not always so. The restaurant can’t offer extra refills of milkshakes. If this customer insists on that, they would have to pay for it. It is just rather painful that the server, in this case, got no cash tip.

Program Error

These days, calculating proposed tips for customers is never done by the server. Instead, it is calculated automatically through the cash registers computer system. Unfortunately, the server, who has no control over the tip amount printed, was confronted by this customer as being terrible in math. The motive for this remains unclear.

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Of course, if the customers have noticed some errors with the amount the computer is printing, they should have called the server’s attention to it than come out as confronting. The customer seemed delighted in the service and was ready to give generously. Hopefully, they don’t have to do the calculations manually again.

Wrong battles

Anyone who frequents diners will often know there’s the possibility of receiving wrong orders once or twice. While that can remain annoying and frustrating, some are worse than others. This scenario is just a case of a missing lemon which others would classify as just a minor inconvenience. Apparently, they are far more than minor to this customer.

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This unreasonable customer, who had not complained about a missing lemon in their order, had decided to use that as an excuse not to give the hardworking server any tip. The customer would have been offered the lemon if they had complained appropriately, but instead, they decide to let it out on the server. Hopefully, this customer learns to be more expressive in the future.

Just a Thoughtless Customer

Workplace etiquettes remain vital in any establishment; however, it was out of place for the customer to attempt enforcing one in this scenario. The customer remains in no place to tell the server if to eat or not, let alone pen down the comments. If the server was truly eating in an unsanitary way, they could have communicated these concerns through the right channel.

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To make things worse, the customer had doubled their unkindness to not only calling names but also refused to give a tip to this hardworking server. Who knows if the server was also on their break when they decided to have something to eat? Hopefully, this thankless and thoughtless customer goes to learn some better habits than a complaining.

A Deduction?

It is laughable how some customers think they can just do anything and get away with it. Well, it doesn’t work that way, and not in this scenario. This customer, who needs some schooling, needs to learn that they will have to pay for the meal, irrespectively of how they presume the service must be.

Source: Reddit

However, the customer, who can retain a choice on if to tip or not, need not make any deductions from the original bill. While they got the math right, the deductions remain rude. Shockingly, the customer thinks they could get away with something like this. Hopefully, this customer learns not to try this anywhere next time.

‘Single Mom’ Excuse

Most single moms go through many challenges, including financial struggles, and almost any server would understand that. While no one will ever decide how this customer spends her money in this scenario, giving the excuse based on her situation is relatively lowly as it doesn’t add up.

Source: Reddit

It is difficult for any server to believe this woman has some financial woes and couldn’t afford a tip when she could have a night out drinking with friends. This woman spends her money where she wants to and on what she desires. Sparing a few more dollars as a tip wouldn’t have hurt her if she wanted to, but she decides to keep it instead. Hopefully, she doesn’t set a bad example for her kid.

Need to Grow Up

Teenagers are some mischievous fellows that waiters have to contend with now and then, and this scenario is no different. While we strongly want to believe that their parents raised them well enough, it’s still surprising how they would choose to act in these manners. Mistreating waiters is no way to have fun.

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These teens, who probably are not financially supporting themselves, can afford to go out to eat, so why can’t they give the server a tip? Instead, they left the table with a mess that this unfortunate server will have to clean. The server would not have expected a good tip from this group, but a mess falls short of being appropriate. They surely need some growing up to do.

Underage Drinkers

Although underage drinking remains a severe offense strongly frowned at by the law, plenty of underage people keep trying to get an alcoholic beverage before they are legally capable of doing so. This scenario is a clear case of one. When it comes to dining out, servers need to continually be on the lookout for these kids trying to get their hands on some alcoholic beverage.

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Clearly, in this case, the waiter or waitress has had to crack down on these rule-breakers attempting to get alcohol. These customers then try a payback by teasing the wait staff with a proposed amount they would have given as a tip if they had allowed the drink. That clearly shows how immature these customers are.

Pac-Man Tipper

Dining out in a restaurant can be fun-filled and refreshing. It doesn’t have to be a place of shocking, disrespectful behaviors and the customer in this scenario knows that. The customer, who decided to have some fun in the tipping process, added a Pac-man on the signature line.

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They, of course, did not just get creative with the bill; they also did made some good tips to the server. Servers would continue to appreciate people like this when bringing some amusement to their faces. While this gesture may not be legal, it is better than no tip at all; or a rude comment or a mess on the table.

Misplaced Priorities

Overcoming addictions can be one of the hardest things in the world, but that shouldn’t have to be an excuse not to give your server a tip, should it? The thoughtless customer in this scenario only hurt themselves. Instead, they would choose to spend the money on something like cigarettes than give it to this unfortunate server who has done nothing but give their best.

Source: Reddit

Not to sound inconsiderate, but the customer had decided to drop this rather offensive note. If the aim was to make the server see why they can’t afford to drop a tip, it did not achieve its intended purpose. It only portrays the customer as an individual with misplaced priorities. Hopefully, the server doesn’t have ever to get stuck with this customer again.

Not a Job?

Some unruly customers continue to take waiters and waitress jobs for granted, which is wrong. The waitstaff is and continues to remain an essential part of restaurants’ experiences, meeting and facilitating various customer needs. This disgruntled customer has no right to comment on the nature of the server’s job as that’s personal.

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It is irritating to see this customer leave such a terrible comment, but it’s also bizarre that they left such an amount as a tip. There are various ways they could have complained about the service rendered but not this way. Either way, we hope this customer comes to learn the best to approach to understanding how to appreciate people from all spheres of life.

No Good Excuse

People continue to look for the most absurd of excuses not to give their server any tip. The excuse given by the customer in this scenario is just ridiculous. This customer who can afford up to $112 for food could not spare an extra few dollars as a tip. There’s no excuse worth giving; it’s just grossly inappropriate.

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It remains disheartening that this big spender of a customer values nothing but food and couldn’t spare a few dollars for the server who did their best. The customer had no excuse not to give, but hopefully, this server will meet someone better who will treat them rightly.

The ‘Sorry’ Excuse

Apologizing for not giving a tip remains convenient to many people than giving itself. While the reasons behind that may be confusing, it is also rather disturbing. In this scenario, the customer who is presumed to be too poor to give a gratuity could afford to eat out and spend $35 on a meal.

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Giving a few extra dollars as a tip wouldn’t have hurt, but unfortunately, this customer chooses not to. It is clear if the customer has other exciting things to use the money on, which doesn’t involve giving this unfortunate server. We hope that someday customers like this have a rethink and appreciate those who serve them a little further.

Only an Enforcer

While customers expect a lot out of restaurants, unfortunately, the server cannot always meet all of their demands. This scenario is a case of a disgruntled customer who could not get what he wants, and it’s no fault of the server. By law, specific regions of the country require that restaurants have specifications for late-night diners in the form of a “last call.”

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This wait staff was doing their job based on the law requirements, but fortunately, this customer was not too happy. If the customers insist that the law is unfair, they will have to take it up with the elected officials and not the server, who only enforces them. Nonetheless, it remains wrong to punish the server for just doing their job.

Entitled Veteran

While we believe that veterans and active military personnel should be treated with respect, that shouldn’t be an excuse for them to belittle others. In this scenario, the veteran somewhat belittled the wait staff, and that’s highly inappropriate. This man, who thought pretty highly of himself, shouldn’t have used such words as he did.

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For the years to come, we would still be appreciative of the military’s efforts in ensuring sustained freedom. But it this man wants a pat in the back, he definitely can’t get that from a restaurant. An individual like this man, who is expected to be respected, should know better and respect the feelings of others as well.

Horrible Husband

There are so many words that could describe this customer’s actions, but we would stick with horrible. It is disappointing that this customer would decide to cheat on his wife, but it is incredibly distasteful for him to ask the server to be an alibi in the act. This customer isn’t only a cheater, but also a liar.

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It remains highly unethical that this guy would try to co-opt the server into his crime. If he had the stomach for cheating on his wife, then he should also have the stomach to bear the consequences that might result from the act. It wouldn’t be surprising if his wife got to know one way or another because cheaters don’t win in the end, neither should a rude customer.