Karma Really Came to Knock These People Down to Earth Again!

Confidence is one thing, but arrogance is something quite different. When you see arrogant people being given a quick knock back down to Earth, it can be quite amusing. Of course, we should never laugh at someone else’s misfortune, but some people just deserve it, right?

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When someone who is far above their station is knocked back down to where they’re supposed to be, it’s almost like karma had a helping hand in proceedings. It’s like the universe was muttering, “not today, my dear, not today!” and decided to show them just where they should be. Of course, watching all of this play out is quite amusing, whether we admit it at the time or not.

Let’s check out a few people who really did deserve karma to come and knock them off their pedestal. Perhaps from now, they’ll learn that humility is a far better asset than over-confidence, every single day of the week!

Math Teachers Aren’t Known For Their Comedy Skills

Math is obviously not this student’s best subject. Not only did they actually get less than 50% on their test, but they tried to be smart and outwit their teacher. It’s never a good idea to try and outwit a math teacher!

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Pretending to use a ‘connect the dots’ pattern, the student was hoping for a full score, but in reality, they only got a measly 8 answers correct, out of a possible 22. Perhaps next time focus on studying and not being smart!

Social Media And Families Just Don’t Mix

It’s sometimes a better idea to not add your family members to your social media feeds. This is especially true if you have a younger sibling who loves to post snidey comments left, right, and centre.

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This young woman decided to post a car selfie, innocently enough. What she didn’t bargain for was her younger brother’s smart mouth. Whether you agree with his comment or not, who is in the right and wrong here?

Don’t Mess With The Sister

Picking up someone else’s phone is never a good idea, and in this girl’s case, she earned herself a verbal roasting from his sister! Whether you believe the sister was right in being so brutal is another thing altogether.

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Upon innocently asking about her brother’s flight, the “girlfriend” answered the text, assuming another girl was texting her man. The sister wasn’t impressed and obviously made the so-called girlfriend feel pretty terrible about answering a phone that wasn’t hers. Oops!

Always Thinking The Negative Gets You Nowhere

What do you think? If a guy has his phone out on the table in a restaurant but it’s face-down, does it mean he’s cheating? Is he trying to hide messages from you? This girlfriend found out rather publicly that her guy wasn’t cheating at all and maybe she shouldn’t be so negative.

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It turns out that the guy regularly has his phone face-down because he wants to give his full attention to his girlfriend and doesn’t want to be distracted by his phone flashing with messages all day long. That told her!

Crashed And Burned!

We all know that Stephen Hawkings was one of the most intelligent men to ever exist. Some also think that John Oliver is also quite funny. It turns out that Hawking isn’t one of them if you look at this conversation between the two.

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Asking about Hawking’s belief that there are countless parallel universes out there, he asked whether he was smarter in one of them. apparently yes, but there is also a universe where Oliver is quite funny. Ouch!

Even Disney is Down For Burns

Disney films aren’t known for their quips and sarcastic remarks, but the Hunchback of Notre Dame is one which certainly has comedic value. Upon complimenting Esmerelda for her male-like fighting, he receives a quick-witted burn right back.

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Esmerelda retorts that Captain Phoebus isn’t a bad fighter either, for a man at least. Some could take that as a compliment, but we all know it was meant as a rather sarcastic retort! Who can blame her, these Disney “heroes” aren’t known for their humility much of the time.

When Apple is Out to Get you

Apple watches are pretty amazing things. They don’t only tell the time, but they cover a whole range of other useful features too. What you don’t need, however, is to be told that you’re unhealthy and sensitive!

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Back in the day, the Nintendo Wii used to be the device that was known for its rather cutthroat, savage remarks, but the Apple Watch is clearly trying to go one better! Will knowing that you’re unhealthy and sensitive brighten your day? Probably not!

Perhaps look up “bravery” next time …

We all know that Kendall Jenner looks great, that’s a given. However, assuming that eating grilled cheese and fries before attending the MET Gala is bravery is a little far from the mark. Access was quickly put in their place.

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A Syrian woman read the remark and quickly retorted. Can you blame her? Eating fried food is hardly the epitome of bravery when people in war-torn countries are hiding from bombs, bullets, and beheadings. Next time, grab a dictionary and actually bother to look up the meaning of the word!

Don’t Blame The Youth

It’s true that if you’re sitting in a priority seat on public transport, you should always give up that seat for someone who is disabled, elderly, or pregnant. This is just an unspoken rule of etiquette. However, trying to shame young people for not doing so, can often backfire.

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This disabled woman was trying to shame two young girls for not giving up their seat for her. What you can clearly see in the shot is a spare seat next to them, which she could very easily have sat on. Well, that backfired!

It’s All in The Name

When you have a disagreement with someone or you break up with them, you might be tempted to change their name in your phone contacts, so you can feel a sense of revenge whenever that name pops upon your screen. What you need to do, is remember who it is.

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Of course, you could argue that perhaps this woman was just trying to make it clear that they had indeed changed the contact’s name to something negative. Maybe they knew who it was all along and just wanted to point out that they thought they were a waste of time!

Check Your Privilege, Daniel!

Finding a parking space can be tough, so we do have a slight amount of sympathy for this poster. However, turning your wrath on disabled drivers using parking spaces they’re clearly entitled to us, is something else.

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Apparently, after 5pm, all disabled drivers should be tucked up in bed and remain there until the next morning. God forbid they may want to go out and enjoy the perks of life! Next time, if you’re going to go after someone, look for those who are actually parked illegally.

Look at Me! I’m Gorgeous!

Posting a selfie has become a regular thing these days, but there are people who aren’t satisfied with a few likes and they want true and major attention instead. Take this young woman for example, who made up a story about being bullied in school, only to turn into a beautiful swan in her later years.

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It turns out, the girl was never bullied or called ugly at all and the story was just for attention. She was quickly called out by someone who used to go to school with her. Lesson of the day? Be careful who you lie to, it will come back to bite you!

It’s Time to Get Your Facts Straight

If you’re going to rant about something political, it’s probably best to make sure that you know what you’re talking about before posting it publicly. This person was made to look quite the fool by suggesting that Amazon should replace regular libraries.

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As you can see, it’s clearly cheaper to rent books from a library compared to buying them from the Internet giant; and you don’t have to be a genius to work out why! Perhaps next time they should just keep their ideas to themselves.

No, You Cannot Cook!

We can only hope this poster was showing the world their extremely charred food out of humour and sarcasm. Let’s hope they don’t actually think that it looks good because it’s definitely not going to taste it with that amount of charcoal attached to it.

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Next time, perhaps learn how to turn the food over occasionally and make sure that it cooks evenly on both sides. Completely burned doesn’t look good and it certainly doesn’t taste good either.

Always Say “No” to Drugs, But Not Mints

Parents want the best for their children, so when this concerned mother found a tin of what looked like pills in their child’s car, they immediately panicked and went crazy, assuming they were taking drugs.

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Upon receiving a barrage of messages, the mother was asked to taste the “pills” to find out what they were. She quickly realised that her anger was misplaced – they were mints and the driver was simply trying to have minty-fresh breath, not get high!

We Don’t Have Time For Game Playing

How would you feel if you blocked someone on social media, only for them to send you emails to get their words across to you? Slightly concerned? A little worried you were being stalked? That’s how we would feel, for sure!

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So, when this woman suggested that you should marry a guy who finds other ways to contact once you’ve blocked them, you can’t blame the retort for being slightly savage. Who wants to be chased by a stalker? Certainly not us!

That’s Not You Dude

At first, this photo looks seriously impressive. Wow! Look at the guy doing a flip in Colorado! He must be so talented, right? All that professional, fancy gear and able to do turns like that. Good for him.

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What you then realise is that the guy probably never went to Colorado in the first place and instead screen-grabbed the first impressive snowboarding picture he could find on Google. When you do that, you’re sure to get found out pretty quickly!

Leave Me Alone, I’m Out of Office

Mothers are savage sometimes, especially when they’re attempting to have a little ‘me’ time, and really don’t want to be interrupted. This mother was focused on her treadmill time and really didn’t want anyone to call her text her.

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When her grown child decided to do just that, simply to rely in a sarcastic way, the mother decided to pull out full-on “mom” speak and quickly shot down any chance of another message coming her way!

Pick Your Battles Wisely

When a girl told her boyfriend that he owned too many video games, he wasn’t about to take the comment laying down. He wanted to retort in a way that showed his gaming collection wasn’t to be trifled with.

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Shifting his attention to the bathroom, he decided to take a photo and share it all over social media, calling out his girlfriend for the amount of toiletries she owns, versus the games he owns. Who do you think is right?

Burned by Your Own Daughter

Gordon Ramsey is known for his witty remarks and huge confidence. It’s hardly surprising, he is one of the best chefs on the planet. However, when he decided to use his confidence by pretending to interview his daughter, he found that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

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Upon asking her what it is like to be the daughter of the best chef, she quickly retorted that she isn’t Jamie Oliver’s daughter! That’s quite the sting considering Ramsey is known to be far from Oliver’s biggest fan.

I Don’t Miss You

We all dream of having that one moment when we bump into an ex or they call you and you have the best retort to hand. No thoughts, just a quick retort that truly burns. When that moment comes, is anything better?

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This person had a text from their ex, telling them how much they missed them. The Simon Cowell meme at the end is really the icing on the cake. Could they have timed and executed that burn any better? We don’t think so!

If You’re Late, Don’t Bother

This professor has clearly had enough of students handing in their assignments late. Sometimes the best way to make a change is to be brutal, which is exactly what the professor did when they told students to put their assignments in the bin if they’re late.

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Do you think it worked? Probably not. The students in the photo don’t look particularly bothered by the sign and are chatting away like nothing has happened. Maybe they won’t be so unbothered at the end of the year when their grade is on the floor!

Don’t Show Yourself Up

Many people use social media to reach out to public figures and make contact. It’s one of the more innovative ways to use the Internet. However, some people just want to be smart and nothing else. That’s exactly what happened here.

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If you’re going to reach out to a celebrity, make sure you’re saying something of value. Being burned by a public figure is nothing short of embarrassing when it’s on such a public stage!

Could They Be Any More Brutal?

When you have the hots for someone, you’ll do pretty much anything to get their attention. When texting, you try your best to keep the conversation going and you try flirting in outlandish ways. It’s great when it works, but horrific when it goes wrong.

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This person tried to play the ‘are we meant to be’ card, only to be told in no uncertain terms that they were basically second best. Ouch and double ouch! Perhaps next time stick to subtle flirting and don’t be quite so out-there.

Don’t Mess With Tom Anderson

Whether you believe MySpace to be a success or a bit of a failure, there’s no denying that its founder, Tom Anderson, has done pretty well for himself through its sale to News Corp. half a billion dollars? Not bad at all!

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So when someone tries to deliver a burn on Twitter, you can’t blame the guy for having a go right back and flaunting his wealth. Lesson learned – if you try to burn Tom Anderson, you’ll end up in flames!

The Direct Way Isn’t Always The Best Way

Trying to tell your crush that you like them is hard. This girl decided to just go for it, but do it in a way which made her look coy and cute. Did it work? Not at all. It was nothing short of horrendous.

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At first, the exchange looks like it could be going in her favour, only for the big question to be answered in a pretty negative way. Next time, stick to texting Jenna and dreaming of what could have been.

The Epitome of Ungratefulness

If someone takes you out for a meal, you’re grateful for whatever they buy you and you say ‘thank you’ right? What you don’t do is splash it all over social media and make fun of what you assume to be their lack of money.

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This girl’s attempts to do just that were quickly shot down in flames when it was pointed out that if you rely on someone to buy your meal, what does that say about you? Next time, just be genuinely grateful and leave social media out of it.

Keep Your Deep Thoughts to Yourself

There is a reason why many people choose to filter or not add parents to their social media feeds. For starters, moms are pretty savage once they see comments from their offspring. That’s exactly what this guy found out to his detriment.

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Upon posting a deep and meaningful quote to his page, his mom decided to drop the biggest burn possible and comment for all his friends to see. Can you imagine the embarrassment? You have to say, it was pretty quick thinking by the mom!

Don’t Take Things so Literally

Watching famous people or companies battle it out on social media is nothing short of fascinating. So, when Taco Bell and Old Spice started swinging verbal punches, the whole thing was super-entertaining for followers to stay up to date with!

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Sometimes, literal things really aren’t meant to be taken that way. Stick to branding and don’t try to pull competitors down. In the end, it all looks pretty embarrassing when it’s played out on such a public stage.

Go Back to Customer Service School

Working in customer services is extremely testing. You have to be patient and bite your tongue a lot of the time, but this particular customer service worker obviously had a bad day and just decided to let rip!

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The chances of them keeping their job after this are pretty slim, however you have to say they’re pretty talented at witty retorts and maybe the original poster shouldn’t have been quite so rude about Aldi workers in the first place.

Check Before You Post

Social media allows you to reach out to people in ways you’ve never done before and it also means that your posts are seen by countless people within seconds. For that reason, always check your facts before you post, otherwise you could end up looking rather stupid.

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This poster decided that they’d figured out the real meaning of the world ‘news’. What they didn’t account for was being shot down in flames by just a strong one word answer. Is there a stronger word than just “no”? We don’t think so!

Just Say What You Mean

Trying to sugar-coat or overcomplicate something just leads to misunderstandings. This photo is a prime example of that. In this case “no active warrants” actually means that this man had no warrants out for his arrest and was therefore innocent.

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Of course, had they posted that instead, the message would have looked very bad on them and they would have had a lot of explaining to do about why they killed the wrong man at the wrong house. Just say what you mean!

I’m Not a Taxi, But Here’s a Selfie

We’re confused. Is this a serious post or just an excuse for this girl to post a glamourous, pouting selfie? It seems a little odd to rant about people wanting lifts from you if you’re just going to add a picture that has obviously been airbrushed.

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And another thing. If you’re not a taxi service, why do you want people to pay you for lifts? In that case, surely you are an unofficial taxi driver? This girl really needs to figure out what she’s doing and what she wants because we’re confused!

What is a Manger?

This series of posts is nothing short of a professional disaster. Firstly, the font screams ‘not at all professional’. Secondly, the post pinned up in answer is by a manger. What exactly is a manger? Spellcheck, people, spellcheck!

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None of this gives the best impression of the management at this particular establishment. Aren’t management supposed to lead by example? In that case, we’d hate to see what the rest of the workforce is like!

A Terrible Case of The Ex

There are only two reasons to contact an ex. First, you want to get back with them, and second, you want their streaming service login details because you lost them. Both reasons are terrible. In this case, the ex didn’t even try to sugar-coat it!

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Asking how they are and then asking for login details gives them away immediately. They really don’t care how their ex is, they just want to login and check out what’s on Hulu. At least they tried to be friendly but they could have done a little more to be less transparent.

Who Wants to Work For Free?

If you’re going to ask someone to do something for you and you’re not going to pay them, at least come straight out with it and apologise. Don’t make out that the opportunity is an amazing on, and then slot in the fact it’s not paid halfway through.

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This person was obviously attempting to get a full glam up done for nothing. Surely if they were well-known enough to be invited to Heidi Klum’s party they would be wealthy enough to pay for someone to do their makeup?

Maybe Just Buy Another Coffee Machine?

Some companies are very tight with money. Rather than paying to replace an item which has broken, they’ll just make every excuse under the sun to not fix it and to keep the money in the bank. That’s seems to be what happened here.

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This coffee machine has gone one full year without being used. Rather than buying another one, they’re expecting their employees to go without or buy their own. That’s the height of cheapness! You can’t expect your employees to do their best without a dose of caffeine!

Alfa Romero Are One Step Ahead

A huge race car company aren’t going to release full on shots of a new race car before they’re ready, however they may give away sneak peaks. That’s exactly what Alfa Romero did here. Keen enthusiasts wanted more, but their efforts were in vain.

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They tried to turn up the brightness to see if they could make out more of the car’s details, but Alfa Romero had already figured they’d try that and decided to turn the joke around instead. Clever move!

Death By a Bag of Nuts

Some people are severely allergic to nuts and if they’re exposed to them, they may go into anaphylactic shock. Of course, this is potentially fatal. So, when you get into an argument with your father, you’re allergic to nuts, and he throws a bag of nuts your way, you know he’s serious.

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We can only wonder what this father and son were arguing about for the father to revert to such a powerful signal that he wasn’t impressed. Next time, steer clear of fatherly battles – he knows your weak points!

Just Say You’re Sorry

What is your take on influencers? Do you love them or dislike them? Many people follow a range of influencers, but you have to admit that when they have to apologise for something, they’re rarely as sincere as they should be.

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Here we see an influencer apologising for something but rather than just saying ‘sorry’, they decided to go all arty and pull on the heartstrings. The post got a bunch of dislikes, so the apology (whatever it was for) really didn’t hit the notes they expected it to. Karma!

Don’t Annoy The Cleaners!

Bathroom attendants have a pretty terrible job, but it’s an important one because we all need to use clean facilities. However, this team of cleaners had obviously had enough of the male visitors and their terrible aims.

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To highlight the issue, they decided to put up a rather scathing post, warning men to stand a little closer to the urinal and not to splash all over the floor. Savage? For sure, but also very brilliant too!

My Pizza Seems to be Depressed

Asking Pizza Hut to give you a quick joke inside your pizza box isn’t the best idea. Working in a pizza restaurant is stressful at the best of times, so you can’t expect a barrel of laughs from your request.

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This worker decided to post a rather dark statement, disguised as a joke. Is it funny? Not at all, but it does say a lot about how this person feels about working for Pizza Hut right now.

They Really Did Ask For That

If you’re Donald Trump’s daughter and you’re actively working by his side, you can expect a few burns coming your way on social media. Ivanka Trump didn’t expect the real Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, to chime in.

Source: ifunny.co

Clearly not impressed with Ivanka’s Star Wars post, Skywalker himself decided to let the world know his political views. It turns out he is not a fan of Ivanka’s father, but everyone is entitled to their opinion!

Siri Is Not To Be Messed With

If you’ve ever tried having an argument with Siri on your iPhone, you’ll know how hard it is to win. This robotic character has an answer for everything and never gives you the response you want. This iPhone owner didn’t win the argument either.

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Here we see that Siri has used the owner’s original insult and turned it onto them. Rather than Siri being dumb, Siri has reminded the owner that they are, in fact, dumb instead. Clever, right? You’ve got to admit, Siri has brains!

The Code is Mine

This child decided to show the world his Nintendo product code and complain about how long it was. What he didn’t realize is that there are some rather dishonest people out there, who will steal your code and use it for themselves.

Source: twentytwowords.com

Perhaps his parents should teach him about privacy and the fact that he shouldn’t post personal details all over social media for other people to see. Next time, if you want to brag about having a Nintendo product, just tell people about it instead!

Getting to The ‘Blunt’ Point

It’s true that not everyone is a James Blunt fan, and that’s fine. Each to their own. However, this non-fan was burned by none other than Mr Blunt himself when he decided to complain about the singer’s music on the radio.

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Blunt was tagged and saw the post, and decided to point out that he could easily just turn the radio station over if he wanted to – if he was smart enough, of course. Crashed and Burned by James Blunt himself!