Laugh at My Pain: People With Hilarious Self-Irony Pictures

Let’s face it – we’ve all experienced epic fails at least once. Embarrassing incidents happen to everyone, even celebrities. Some of us are lucky that there was no camera lurking around to record one of our most awkward moments. However, the important thing isn’t always the failure itself.

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It’s how you react to it. Sometimes people laugh at their embarrassing moments to avoid everlasting humiliation or just to save face. And that’s exactly what the people on this list did, proving that self-irony can be the go-to action in any situation. So, keep scrolling to laugh with them!

For the Love of Ralph Lauren

If you’ve ever been in love, then you know love can make you do crazy things. Really. Tattooing your lover’s name on your body definitely has to be one of those things. But what happens when (OK, if) you guys break up? Or worse, what if they dump you?

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Well, this guy has the perfect solution. He tattooed Lauren’s name on his wrist when he was in love. Unfortunately, Lauren broke his heart. He chose to cover up the tattoo rather than resort to getting it completely removed. At least Ralph Lauren won’t break your heart.

Dad and Mom Were at My Graduation

Graduating from college is one of the biggest days in a person’s life. Not everyone gets to reach that point. But it feels even more special when you can celebrate with your loved ones, especially your parents. But what if, for some reason, your parents couldn’t make it?

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It must be disappointing, right? Well, what are friends for? They even took pictures of the occasion, so their friend had something to hold onto! Seriously, we know it’s all staged and is clearly a joke, but well… this is yet another classic self-irony.

How Would I Know?

Leonardo DiCaprio is unquestionably one of the greatest actors of his time and is one of Hollywood’s most powerful figures. He has been nominated for several awards for his superb performances over the years, but he didn’t win his first and only Oscar until 2016 for The Revenant.

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If you asked us, we think it’s criminal that he didn’t win it for so long. But finally, he did. You can see him in this picture shortly after receiving the honor. Of course, the legendary actor had to crack a joke about never having received an Academy Award.

Think Safety First…After I Do This One

It’s always good to prioritize safety in whatever you do. That’s why this person is hanging a “Think Safety First” banner, only that he’s not taking his advice. Who needs a ladder when you can just use the railings of the staircase? No better way to break your fall, right?

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We’ve all heard “practice what you preach.” This person would do well to keep that in mind. Otherwise, they’ll just look like a hypocrite. Maybe the person who decided to turn the staircase railing into a sort of jungle gym shouldn’t be the one to put up a safety warning.

At Least They Did Their Best

You would almost think that this couple intentionally drove into this sign to make it funny. But that would be crazy. It was actually an accident. However, this picture is the true embodiment of irony. Of all the road signs they could crash into, how come it was this one?

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That sign literally thanks drivers for driving carefully. We don’t know what caused this accident, but it doesn’t seem like they were paying the sign any attention. Or maybe they paid too much attention and forgot to watch the road. Thankfully, they can laugh because no one was injured.

It Doesn’t Look So Different, Does It?

There are many social causes today. One of them is showing people that we can express our individuality. And people are really finding ways to do that. Ultimately, it’s vital to embrace our uniqueness and celebrate what makes each of us special – because we all are.

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That’s essentially how these guys felt when they were getting ready in the morning. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way we had hoped. They all hoped to highlight the importance of individuality, but by showing up in identical T-shirts, they utterly missed the mark.

This Is Why I’m Bald

Your body will inevitably change with age. And age brings thinning hair while most people become bald. But going bald doesn’t mean you can’t make light of your condition. This guy certainly had an ingenious idea. Despite going bald throughout the years, he has continued to live his best life.

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He even tattooed a goat on the bald spot to make fun of his hairless head. In order to make it appear as though the goat is nibbling on the few remaining hairs, he also had the tattoo artist add some grass. Pretty smart, to be fair.

No One Noticed Her Haircut

High School was fun, wasn’t it? OK, maybe not for some people, but at least you could find one good memory. There’s nothing worse than getting all glammed up, whether you got a haircut or had your nails done, only for no one to notice.

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It sounds childish, but it could sometimes hurt if no one notices your new ’do. Ghufran would know how that feels. She definitely got multiple haircuts throughout, and no one cared. But we can’t blame anyone, can we? She wore a hijab all year round! Still a good joke.

Finally, Freedom at Last!

Nobody on their wedding day imagines that one day, they will be signing divorce papers and leaving the love of their lives. When couples walk down the aisle, everyone wants to spend the rest of their lives together. But unfortunately, almost 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.

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One day you’re happily married; the next, you’re signing divorce papers and deciding who keeps the kids. Although many people consider divorce to be a negative ending, certainly not this person. They’ve found something positive about it and are even celebrating their newfound freedom. The start of a new chapter!

A Twin Named Teresa

Yearbooks are great, aren’t they? They are even better when you find them years later and reminisce on the good old times. But imagine finding out you have a twin after you’ve already grown up. And not from your mother – you find out from your school’s yearbook.

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You find out because your twin’s picture is located right above your faculty picture in the yearbook. Thanks to twin telepathy, you also wore the exact same outfit, took the picture in the same place, and had the same pose. But jokes aside, this is a funny mishap.

What Do We Say to the God of Death?

Accidents can be ghastly, and they’re something we don’t wish on ourselves or our loved ones. The next poster said, “My friend, who has been in a coma for three months and presumed dead, texted me this.” Imagine getting this kind of message from a friend that you’re worried about.

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You see a notification on your phone and check to see who it is, only to find out that the friend you’ve been mourning has woken up. Considering they sent a duck-face selfie like it was just any other day, this ex-comatose friend has a great sense of humor.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Quite frankly, this guy looks like a cool dude with a good sense of humor. And who better to have those characteristics than a doctor? Great combination, if you ask us. We can’t imagine how tough it must be to be born without a limb or to lose one.

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But as they say, laughter is the best medicine. And we know this doctor will agree. After all, he’s holding a baseball bat in his prosthetic socket while posing for a photo. This picture is yet another example of how self-irony can be helpful in any situation.

Remember the Sloth in Zootopia?

This would certainly be funnier for those who’ve seen the animation Zootopia. We all know that the DMV is one of the worst places to be. The staff is unfriendly, and the lines are so ridiculously long that you best believe you’ll be spending your entire day there.

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One DMV employee knows the difficulty all too well and chose to poke fun at it by dressing up for Halloween. It’s not just any outfit, though. He donned a Flash the Sloth costume from Zootopia (2016). Due to how slowly DMV lines move! Get it?

A New Workout Plan

This next person nailed what self-irony means. If you don’t like going to the gym to sweat it out but still enjoy drinking, then maybe you could learn a few things from this person. This person loves unwinding with a bottle of wine after a long day at work.

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They also know they won’t make it to the gym. So, what’s the solution? Well, create your own home workout plan to burn the calories. And they did. Although they are drinking all the calories they are concurrently burning off, it’s still better than doing nothing at all, right?

Harry Potter From Wish

This one is bizarre but still hilarious regardless. It’s been more than 20 years since the first Harry Potter movie was released. So, it’s expected that the actors would’ve grown, including our dear Daniel Radcliffe, who played the titular character. But we’re sure even he would’ve been taken aback.

Source: Tumblr

This fan looks more like Radcliffe’s famous character than he does! He probably felt like wizardry got real for a second when he saw himself walking toward him. But jokes aside, it looks like Radcliffe wasn’t fazed about the chance meeting. Maybe it happens more often than we think.

An Important Life Lesson

When you continue doing the same thing, it often becomes second nature to the point that you can essentially complete the task while closing your eyes. This truck driver obviously became too desensitized to the message on his truck. Otherwise, he would not have found himself stuck in this situation.

Source: Reddit

He’s literally stuck. He probably read the slogan too many times while climbing into the truck and barely gave it a thought. We can all see the irony in this situation. Hopefully, his boss also sees the humor in this, and he gets to keep his job.

Why Does No One Talk to Me?

You could honestly be the nicest person in the universe, but if you have a resting (you-know-what) face, everyone would automatically think you are completely unapproachable. We’re sure many people know this feeling. This pretty lady just found out why no one talks to her.

Source: Flickr

She’s a sweet gal whenever she’s talking to someone. But once she’s alone, her looks immediately change, and she seems fierce or like she hates everyone and everything. After getting a picture of herself while sitting alone in the class, she knew she wouldn’t approach herself with that look.

Keeping People at Arm’s Length

To be honest, this lady isn’t wrong. Her arms really do look long enough to tie her shoes without bending over. But how come? Does she really have abnormally long arms, or was someone just messing around and Photoshopped her arms to look that long?

Source: Reddit

Or maybe it has something to do with the angle or lighting. It has to be the angle. We’re sure she must have felt unsettled when she scrolled through the photos for the first time. But maybe the best way to get over it is to make a self-deprecating joke.

This Person Sucks at Their Job

There is nothing quite like some good ol’ Chinese food, whether you order takeout or eat in a restaurant. Chinese food is one of the most satisfying cuisines, from egg rolls to lo mein, especially when you know you’ll get a fortune cookie after eating.

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But what if you received a fortune cookie that looked like this? There is a cookie and a fortune, but shouldn’t the fortune be inside the cookie? From the look of things, it’s safe to say the job wasn’t as well done as they claimed.

Failure Is Not an Option

We’ve all heard our fair share of motivational quotes down the years. And this mug has some words, too: Failure is not an option. It’s ironic because even the cup has failed to completely do its job. The handle broke off while the person was trying to drink.

Source: Tumblr

While all the motivational quotes are good-intentioned, life can be tough. And this picture proves that. Fortunately, this person knows how to laugh it off. Although she knows that her mug failed her today, she is still willing to take part in some self-irony and own the day.

Doing the Best I Can

We’ll say it: Bumper stickers are one of the best inventions. Yup. We’ve seen all kinds, from funny to flat-out weird. Sometimes, driving down the freeway and seeing several cars with different types of stickers, license plates, and even spare tire covers adds to the fun of driving.

Source: Tumblr

Look at this photo. Although some people would typically simply mount their Jeep to their RV, this clever owner chose a tire cover that gives the impression that their small Jeep is doing all the work. We all know it’s the RV doing the job, but it’s hilarious.

When You’re Bad at Your Job

This is quite possibly the biggest self-irony we’ve seen so far. This guy is a parking inspector. He is expected to monitor parking lots and streets to enforce local parking regulations. In some cases, inspectors can even arrange to tow away vehicles parked unlawfully.

Source: Imgur

But while on duty, he parked his truck in the wrong location. As a result, another parking inspection officer arrived and put a boot on the vehicle. Sorry man! No one is above the law. Not even you. We really hope nobody told his boss.

The Old Fart Table

If you’ve been to a decent restaurant, you’ll find that some people reserve tables. But it’s a whole new level when the restaurant reserves the table on your behalf, without asking. This group of men visits this restaurant together every day. So, the restaurant made a gesture.

Source: Imgur

They reserved the table and gave them a sign to claim their table. Honestly, they deserve this honor for living so long. What the sign says makes the gesture funnier, especially considering these “old farts” didn’t even notice (or care) about the name of their table.

An Ugly Sweater Competition

We’ve all seen an ugly sweater before. Heck, you could be staring at one in your closet right now. Although this isn’t the first time, we’ve all seen an ugly sweater just like the one, and the dude’s mischievous smirk as his boss looks at his own reflection is golden.

Source: Facebook

While the store manager may be wearing a traditional ugly sweater, we can’t help but give props to his employer for that clever getup. This looks like a really nice company to work at, though. We all know the friction that happens in boss-employee relationships today.

If Wishes Were Horses

Scottish playwright and novelist J.M Barrie once noted, “Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” It looks like this person took that statement and ran with it!

Source: Facebook

As we can see, they wished hard enough, as Barie said, and yup, they now weigh exactly what they want to. So, dreams really do come true! But who are we kidding; they better get serious with those fitness goals because summer is always just around the corner.

The Dentist’s Precious Waiting Room

Dentistry is quite an important profession. That’s why people want to trust the best dentists to handle their teeth problems. Is there a better way to show off your dentistry expertise than a “before” and “after” of Gollum from the popular adventure series, The Lord of the Rings?

Source: Reddit

It looks like this person’s dentist works in his profession during the day and is a painter at night. That would make sense because we think there are better ways to prove your skill as a dentist than hanging this painting in your waiting room.

All Women Want Is a Gulp of Oxygen

There is no denying that being ill and having to stay in the hospital can affect your mental health. It is understandable that it can get extremely depressing if you have frequent hospital stays. But as we’ve mentioned before, laughter is the best medicine. And this guy agrees.

Source: Reddit

Our man may have been in the hospital for a long time and is dressed in a hospital gown and walking around with an IV, but he’s trying to prove he’s still got game. The ICU has nothing on him, and he’s about to show he’s the ultimate catch.

New Ride, Who Dis?

If he hadn’t posted the second picture of himself, this Snapchat user would’ve completely fooled us into believing he got a new car. Well, that was actually his goal – to fool his followers into thinking he got a whip. We bet there were many congratulatory messages in his DM.

Source: Reddit

Only for him to let them down by revealing he’s still on the bus. He looks unimpressed about his situation in the second picture, but at least he’s got a great sense of humor. It was also important he quickly outed himself, or someone could’ve spotted him.

Celebrating National Donut Day

Have you ever wondered why cops are often associated with donuts? Well, that’s because many officers work long hours. They’re usually called in to work odd hours without much chance to get a proper meal. So, there aren’t many food options in those wee hours.

Source: Reddit

And donuts seem like the closest. Former chief of the Seattle Police Department said, “Graveyard cops in the ’40s and ’50s had few choices. They could pack lunch, pray for an all-night diner on their route, or fill up on donuts […]. They were cheap and convenient.”

A Little Compliment Will Make a Difference

Whoever you are, getting a compliment can make all the difference. Sometimes, all a girl needs is a kind compliment to brighten up her day. That’s what it sounds like this little lady needs. She hasn’t gotten a compliment in a while, and it’s really gotten to her.

Source: Facebook

In fact, she’s started to think she looks like the magnified reflection of herself in her makeup mirror. Well, dear, why not give yourself a compliment if no one else will? After all, they say learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

A Makeup Hack You Didn’t Know

Please don’t tell us everyone knew about this makeup hack, and no one told us! Honestly, whether this girl was trying to make fun of herself or not, we can’t help but see the genius of wearing goggles in the shower. Those who wear makeup would relate to this better.

Source: Facebook

We’ve all had those days when you’ve carefully applied everything – eyeliner, mascara, and concealer. It’s all perfect, but you need to wash your hair, and you don’t want to risk messing up anything! What do you do? This girl has shown the way. Get a pair of goggles!

One in a Million

We’re back again with another fortune – only there’s no cookie this time. Look, if you want to write a “You are one in a million” fortune, maybe it’s best to ensure the person who you’re sending the fortune to doesn’t get it twice. But what do we know?

Source: Reddit

We think if that happens, then there’s no way the person feels special – they’re technically not one in a million anymore. So, we’re not surprised that this person asked if they’re now two in a million. Maybe two in a million is still unique, but we’d prefer the one.

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

If you’ve ever wished to see a superhero or an avenger in real life, just turn to your mom. That’s a real-life Wonder Woman. Giving birth isn’t easy. And as you can see, this new father can vouch for that. Except he wasn’t the one who gave birth.

Source: Reddit

We’ve seen many reactions to women giving birth and passing out on the floor is one of them. We’ve seen it many times. This is proof that men aren’t built for the kind of pain that giving birth brings. Forget science now, pushing a human out of your body?!

She’s Not Listening, Bro

“It’s like talking to a brick wall.” How many of us have heard that statement? Yep. Basically everyone. When people say this, it means the person they’re talking to doesn’t listen or react. And this user took that sentiment to another level by posing in front of a brick wall.

Source: Flickr

The caption makes it funnier – “Just me and my girl having a disagreement.” Whenever he and his partner argue, this is exactly how he feels – like he’s talking to a brick wall. Everything he says just goes through one ear and out the other. Communication is essential, ladies.

Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be

This picture was so well-timed that we genuinely believe the photographer deserves some sort of medal. The phone is positioned perfectly in front of the dude’s face in this Japanese restaurant so that he’s actually the anime character whose face is on the back of the iPhone.

Source: Reddit

Even the guy’s hair matches perfectly with the anime character, whether it’s the color or the position. Let’s ignore the upset look on the anime character’s face for a moment. But wouldn’t you agree that this is a perfect match? With that hair, he could be Light Yagami!

No More ‘Where Are You From?’ Questions

China is undeniably one of the biggest global manufacturing countries. In fact, it could be the biggest. Whether it’s clothes, electronics, or toys, we all know that almost every product is manufactured in China. And when you flip them over, you’re likely to find the signature “Made in China” label.

Source: Reddit

While this woman isn’t one of these products, she wanted to make it clear that she indeed comes from China. So, what better way to pass the message across than tattooing the origin label on your shoulder where everyone can see it? For sure, no more “Where are you from?” questions.

With the Snap of a Finger

All Marvel fans know exactly what they’re looking at. For those who prefer DC or just aren’t a fan of superheroes, let’s fill you in quickly. This mom has transformed her boy’s cast into the Infinity Gauntlet – it’s one of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful objects.

Source: Facebook

The Gauntlet holds all six Infinity Stones. So, now her son no longer possesses a broken hand; instead, he possesses infinite power! In fact, all he needs to do now is to snap his fingers, and he could wipe out all of humanity! Woah. Easy there, bro.

It’s All Fun and Games

This guy’s hand doesn’t want to leave yet. All jokes aside, this image is packed with self-irony. This Snapchat user obviously knows how to goof around and have a good laugh, especially when it’s at his own expense, just like the prosthesis doctor we already saw on the list.

Source: Facebook

His facial expression may look like he’s frustrated, but we’re sure it’s all part of the act and makes the joke even funnier. Maybe the hand has some kind of next-level AI and is trying to pass a message? Nah, we’re just rambling now. But, great joke.

Getting a Tan on Vacation

Who else thinks people with prosthetic limbs would make great comedians? We’ve seen a couple on this list already, and here’s another hilarious person who has found a way to make light of their prosthetics. With such a great sense of humor, life must be a great adventure.

Source: Tumblr

Even if you didn’t go on a beach vacation like you told your coworkers, stain and varnish products are available. Not so you can restore that old piece of furniture, but to tan your prosthetic limb. Your coworkers will then be convinced that you had a vacation in the sun.

On the Cover of Forbes Magazine

We’ve all heard the lyrics to Bruno Mars Billionaire – “I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine. Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.” Being on the cover of magazines like Forbes and Vogue is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people. And so is flying first-class for some.

Source: Tumblr

If you’re a high school government teacher and you buy yourself a first-class ticket, you’d better make the most of it. This was this guy’s way of showing the rest of the first-class passengers and possibly the flight attendants that he belonged there. It doesn’t get much bigger than this.

A Tried and Tested Diet Plan

Many people struggle with weight problems and try to lose some in the gym. While some people are successful and get their dream bodies, others give up as soon as they don’t see any result. But this poster had something funny to say about losing weight.

Source: Tumblr

His joke can be interpreted in many ways – it just depends on your perspective, really. The obvious one is that he’s broke. Hence, he lost some pounds. It could also mean that he’s so broke that he can’t afford to eat well, which makes him lose weight, too. Funny guy.

When You’re Looking for Work

The unemployment rate is increasing daily. More people are out of work, and it looks like there aren’t enough jobs. You’re not only stressed about putting food on the table, but idleness brings boredom! While this is a serious issue, this person has added a funny twist.

Source: Imgur

Since they’ve been jobless, this person chose to represent what their job hunt looks like. This is self-irony at its best! But wait. The best comedians we know take a serious situation and make it hilarious. Maybe this person has inadvertently found a career in comedy! Someone call Dave Chappelle!

Looks Like a Perfect Fit

We are aware that good costumes are appreciated at certain events and places. Before you choose the best costume for you and the occasion, you usually have to go through a number of options. It’s obvious that this man is wearing a specially made costume.

Source: Facebook

Costumes that feature various body parts may open a unique market for costume manufacturers! We’re all for body positivity, but maybe this is his idea of burning fat. We’ve seen lots of crazy calorie-burning practices already and wouldn’t be surprised if this is another self-mockery.

Always Think Outside the Box

The technological world has grown to become a multibillion-dollar industry. That’s because they know that besides the hardware, you need the accessories, too. With IoT being a big deal lately, everyone is inventing new solutions and thinking outside the box. And this guy has figured something out.

Source: Tumblr

Actually, we can’t say if he’s a genius or if he’s just on a tight budget. But either way, he could have just created a life hack that many Mac users would probably find useful. And our man isn’t trying to hide it. How have we never thought about this?

One Size Fits All

When you’re a kid, irking the grownups around you might feel like an Olympic sport, especially if they have a great sense of humor like this father. What does dad make of this, though? From the look of things, dad also finds it to be funny.

Source: Imgur

In fact, he thought it was so funny that he decided to post it online. We wonder what face he is currently making. We bet dad will remember this anytime he makes a frustrated face. That’s one way to get him to smile more often!

The First Suspect at Work

Everyone’s face is different. Some people’s faces look like they’re angry when they’re not; others look cheerful. We usually don’t have control over how our faces look. It seems this guy has that problem and decided to find out why his coworkers thought he looks so suspicious all the time.

Source: Imgur

And he figured it out. So, he shared his findings. Apparently, he has always looked like he stole something from Heaven since he was born. His face does look like he knows something we don’t. He may as well ask his parents why they dressed him this way.

This Is Wayne’s World

The comedy has done well considering that it was made on a tight budget in 34 days and released into Australian theaters on July 2, 1992, by a doubtful Paramount Pictures. What began as a Saturday Night Live sketch evolved into one of the all-time greatest cult favorites.

Source: Reddit

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey played basement-dwelling, babe-obsessed music fans. The original sketch became a film, and it was well-received. But just because you’re into it doesn’t mean you should change yourself into Garth! We’re kidding, but it’s funny that this gal made the connection.

Hitting Your Goal Weight

Everyone has a reason why they go to the gym. Some people struggle with weight issues their whole lives. Some set a goal weight to reach, so at the end of their program, they can check to see if they were successful. If they are, it’s something worth documenting.

Source: Reddit

That’s why many people share their fitness progress on social media. But what if you don’t reach your weight goals? Don’t feel bad. This woman has shown you how to hit that goal! Just stand on the box that the scale comes in, and voila! Target met.

So, Business in the Front?

If you’re old enough, you’ll have fond memories of the unique trends that were in the 80s and 90s. If you’re young, just ask some of the older people around you. One of those trends was the mullet. It had an impact on society. And apparently continues to do so.

Source: Reddit

Well, this person’s dad still parties like it’s the 90s. The “party’s in the back” flyer may have been intended as a joke about mullets, which are famously known as the “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle. If only Joe Dirt or David Spade could show up.

Recreating the Father-Son Bond

We’ve all seen those cute pictures or videos of people recreating fond memories that they photographed in the past. This is another one of those pictures. This father and his son decided to recreate one of their fondest moments. Only that there’s one big difference.

Source: Reddit

Compared to the father’s resting face in 1985, he was making a different face in 2019. Well, who can blame him? The difference in weight is quite obvious. He was probably hoping whoever was behind the camera took the picture quickly, so he didn’t get crushed.

Seeing the Good in Everything

We’ll admit that it’s quite difficult to always see the positive in situations. But it’s one trusted way to get over tough times. Life sometimes throws a curveball or two at you and will make you struggle a bit, but you’ve got to pick yourself up and keep moving.

Source: Facebook

This old dude understands that, and he’s doing the best he can to see the positive in this situation. Well, the deed was done already, so he probably thought, “Why not have a little fun while getting back on my feet?” We’ll definitely support this cause with a few $$$.

When Do You Break Tradition?

Going to the grocery store as kids was one of our favorite activities. That’s because we go to ride around in the shopping cart while our parents pick up the items. This father and daughter also had this tradition where he’d push her around the store in the cart.

Source: Reddit

But things can be a little different if you’re an adult. You can’t expect to be pushed around in a shopping cart anymore. This gal is wondering when it’s right to break tradition. Apparently, she’s “asking for a friend,” but who is she kidding? We know who needs the answer.

Be the One Who Stands Out

Many people work hard throughout their lives to build accomplishments and get awards that they and their loved ones can be proud of. It can be challenging most times, but we keep going. It can also bring jealousy when you see others achieving more than you.

Source: Reddit

But of course, you shouldn’t get jealous when this “person” is just a duck. Still, we can understand why this user feels useless around the animal. Just look at all those achievements! That’s a seriously talented and hardworking duck. Who wouldn’t want to be like it?

Just a Quick Bite

Intermittent fasting is one of the newest weight-loss programs. If done correctly, it can be very beneficial, but you must first do your research. You need to understand your body. So, if you’re trying to fast, you might want to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Source: Reddit

This dude was caught red-handed. We know he wasn’t about to break because he confessed that he had been caught. Hopefully, he hadn’t told anyone that he was fasting. If so, we believe he needs to study more diligently because it’s clear the guy doesn’t fully understand what fasting entails.

Using a Cartoon Filter

Nowadays, thanks to social media platforms and applications, you can virtually become whoever you want to be. At least for a moment. Numerous filters and editing apps are available that allow you to transform into anything, including an animal, a celebrity, or even your own grandmother.

Source: Facebook

So, we bet she didn’t expect to see a cartoon version of herself when this Snapchat user chose to add a filter to her face! Yet, she did manage to make a fairly hilarious joke at her own expense! What do you think, though? Kinda looks similar.

Not So Psychic, After All

There is no doubt that certain people are born with a rare gift that enables them to connect with different energies more easily than others. This often endows the said individuals with the capacity for mind-reading, prophecy, and even communication with the spirits of those who have died.

Source: Facebook

But if you actually had this talent, you ought to be able to foresee the future. The irony in this situation is that this cancellation notice that informs people that something has been postponed “due to unforeseen circumstances,” was published in a psychic museum magazine! Not so psychic, after all.

We Hope It Wasn’t the Grammar Teacher

Grammar isn’t everyone’s forte, but this is just ironic. We’re sure if we gave this award to any of our teachers, they would certainly have one or two things to say. It wouldn’t be a thank-you or a cute speech about how much they love teaching.

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It would address the poor grammar used in this award. But that’s not even the worst part. This card was given to the English teacher! Now, considering that they couldn’t teach their student the difference between “your” and “you’re,” are they still the best teacher? Oops.

Safety Begins With You…Not Me, Though

Every day, we are exposed to a wide variety of advertising – on the streets and subway. We are drawn to commercials that are eye-catching and provocative. It sometimes adds to the fun of driving. And due to this, we might miss out on so many other things.

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It looks like this person found out the hard way that safety begins with them. Obviously, not the bus driver. But them. Looking at how totaled their car is: They must have gotten the message loud and clear. Also, the irony of how they learned their lesson is hilarious.

When There’s Nothing to Say

Have you ever met a new group of people in a house, and y’all just sit there in silence because you don’t have anything to say? Or maybe something bad happened, and no one is talking. So, everyone just sits in awkward silence, staring. This is similar.

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This father and son don’t have anything to say even though they both look suspicious. We think they are pleading the fifth. Thankfully, mom shared this photo with us, and we hope they broke the silence. Otherwise, it would’ve been a pretty long night for the family.

Looks Like a Confidence Booster to Us!

We know giving and receiving gifts is a love language. But have you ever gotten a handmade gift from a family member or loved one? It’s an amazing feeling. It feels even better when it’s artwork that was made specifically for you. Such a thoughtful gesture.

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This grandpa was trying to boost his granddaughter’s confidence. He wanted her to feel good about herself. Unfortunately, even though grandpa had good intentions, we don’t think it had the desired effect. Not to be mean, but it could even have the opposite effect. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Is This Sarcasm or What?

New trends and fads pop up every day on social media. It sometimes gets hard to even keep up. One of those trends is when expecting mothers post pictures showing their baby bump. Apparently, they place their hands on the bump and take a mirror selfie.

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So, this woman wanted to join the trend. The problem was that she wasn’t pregnant. But that wasn’t going to stop her. Still, if this were a pregnancy picture, it would’ve been so cute! It also shows a lot of confidence in her body, and we absolutely love that!

For the Love of Mother Earth

Governmental measures are being made in numerous places all around the world to encourage people to live more eco-friendly lifestyles. And hey, we love to hear it. We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet. The action is usually to ban or charge for plastic bags.

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It appears that not everyone got the memo, though. This gentleman wanted to emphasize how his hometown, where he was born and raised, obviously doesn’t understand what a “ban” is. Hey, at least the poster can see the irony in this photo, so that’s something.

Not the Best Quality

People commonly receive coffee and tea mugs as gifts, whether it’s for birthdays, a special occasion, or just because the gifter thought about them. Many of these mugs have some kind of message printed on them. Naturally, this can also result in some ironic statements.

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The word “Quality” is printed legibly on this mug. But we can all see what’s going on here, right? Doesn’t look like the mug lived up to its name. We’d say the quality of this mug isn’t the best, given that the handle just fell off.

So Good it Knocked Them Out

The food industry is a lucrative one, but it can also be tricky. If you run a delivery service, you know you need to deliver food quickly. If you don’t, it could negatively affect the reviews. You don’t want to deliver cold food, do you?

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But walking out to find something like this seems as though a customer was trying to pass a message. Now that’s what you call the “Domino” effect. We just hope that their scooter wasn’t the one under everything but rather the first in the chain!

Almost Had an A+

It’s actually a big deal when a new restaurant passes its first health inspection. It is therefore understandable why this person wanted to capture the moment on camera. But when they took the picture, they were in for a little surprise. Eateries and roaches don’t go together too well.

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Even though we are sure they didn’t share the picture with too many people except their Snapchat friends, this picture still found its way to the internet. Now we can also laugh at this irony. This is too ironic. It looks like this inspector didn’t pay close attention.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

A building needs a lot of maintenance, especially if many people enter and exit it daily. So, this maintenance wanted to be very clear about the things they can and cannot fix. That sounds honest, right? But not when you just claimed that you could repair anything.

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At least they have an excellent sense of humor and understand a bit of irony. Also, they’re honest and know their limits, which is more than you can say for many maintenance stores this say. That way, you can’t claim they didn’t warn you beforehand.

Certificate of Obedience Training

Getting a new puppy is exciting for everyone involved. Sometimes, even the dogs you have before get excited. But a new pup also needs a lot of training. It needs to understand what’s right and wrong, which is why some people decide to send their fur babies to school.

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However, it seems that sometimes the lessons don’t stick, just like with children. This person wanted to show the world the irony of what they met at home. It looks like they need to find their dog a new school or maybe ask for a refund from the present one.

It’s Important to Lead by Example

How do you tell people not to do something? Simple – just put up a sign, and everyone is informed. And that’s exactly what this person’s boss told them to do. Unfortunately, the way the poster was asked to do it holds a little bit of irony that makes us laugh.

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He had to share the sign with everyone since he wanted to make sure he wasn’t the only one who had this opinion. But he’s right. This is quite ironic, and we appreciate him sharing it with us. Don’t forget to lead by example, people!

He Just Got Fired!

Just like the divorce party we saw on this list, this guy’s pals celebrated his firing! Even while getting the axe isn’t always the best outcome, if you weren’t really happy about what you were doing, you might be able to see it as a blessing in disguise.

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If you genuinely enjoyed your job, then that sucks. This guy didn’t seem to be in the mood to celebrate when his pals gave him a surprise party, so we’re guessing he was probably rather upset about getting fired. But it’s always good to see the positives anyway!

How to Announce Your Package’s Arrival

If you don’t laugh at this next post, then we don’t know what to tell you. We only needed one look at these pictures, and we were cracking up. We imagine how this poster must feel any time they get an email that their package was delivered.

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It’s always another chance to see this delivery guy take a picture with the package. He definitely has a good sense of humor and knows how to have fun at work. While the picture is meant for the label, he can’t resist hopping in with some weird faces.

Working at an Emergency Hotline

For those who love dark humor, we’re sure you’ll absolutely love this next example of self-irony. This poster works at an emergency hotline for people who need mental health assistance. Their desktop background is quite ironic…or even cringe. And it doesn’t look like they chose this picture.

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From the OP’s tone of voice, it looks like she just walked into the office on her first day of work and met the cringe desktop. We admit that we also love a bit of dark humor, which is why we find this a bit hilarious.

Sorry, Mom – It Wouldn’t Have Worked

Some parents pressure their children into choosing a particular career path. All mothers love boasting about their kids. “My daughter is a lawyer, and my son is a doctor.” Sounds like this OP used to experience the same pressure from his mother before becoming a published author!

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This writer stuck to his guns and chose to be a writer. He had to dedicate his debut book to his mom. And he made sure to explain why he didn’t choose to be a doctor and became a writer instead – “people would have died.” Thank you for saving lives!

You Must Have Missed a Step

Nowadays, we have access to just about anything online, including recipes and instructional videos for making the perfect meal. This user was motivated to give the rice dish made by a food influencer a try. The influencer was able to transform their plate of rice into a tiny bear.

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But the OP opted for a more otherworldly appearance. It also looks like they reproduced SpongeBob SquarePants’ Old Grandma’s mom! Well, as they say, practice makes perfect. Maybe after a few more tries, they’ll get a teddy bear – or at least something closer to it.