Mad at Mom and Dad? Just Look at These Scary Parents

Parents drive us crazy, don’t they? They say they want the best for us but still stress us out and somehow find a way to make us feel guilty. It can be impossible to deal with the trouble our parents cause us while also trying to be grateful to them.

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After all, they gave us life, right? However, reading these texts and posts from horrible parents will show how toxic they can be. If you think your parents are awful, wait until you see our list. You may have better parents! Some are hilarious, while others are borderline insane.

Watch Your Language, Grandma

We understand that parenting can sometimes be demanding and difficult. But isn’t part of the fun of being a grandparent that you only have to engage in the interesting aspects, like giving gifts and playing games, and not the stressful one? We all know our grandparents are sweet.

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Well, this grandmother doesn’t exactly see the fun in these activities. Instead, she becomes irate and rude because she thinks her granddaughter won’t like the presents, she has in mind. This gift-giving, in our opinion, is not really motivated by kindness. Now she may never see her granddaughter again.

We’re All in This Together

While we know parents can be difficult and annoying, we all know they usually have our best interests at heart. Right? Although they make you mad, they don’t have any intention to bring you harm. That’s what we thought, too—until we saw this text exchange.

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It doesn’t look like this person’s parents love them. It seems their mom actively infected them with a deadly disease. This happened at the height of COVID-19 when there were many uncertainties with the virus. It makes us so sick that this mom would endanger her kids and grandkids!

Daddy’s Sole Mission in Life

We’ve seen awful messages, but this one takes the cake. The text exchange, or rather one-sided ranting, sounds like a terrifying piece of police evidence or perhaps something out of a horror film. Who sent these disturbing text messages? Is it a vengeful ex? Or is it a stalker?

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Well, wait for it! These text messages were sent by a father to his daughter! Yup, that’s right. Even as a joke, this is going too far. We hope his daughter reported him to the police immediately and got a restraining order. Absolutely horrifying.

The Parents Surrendered the Dog

Look, doing your homework is super important. However, this is devastating and breaks our hearts. It’s one thing to be trying to discipline your child so he can face his studies. But it’s an entirely different thing to be cruel and unkind to an innocent puppy!

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These parents took a misguided attempt at disciplining their child for not doing his homework by breaking the kid’s heart and punishing the poor puppy. Using a live animal as manipulation seems toxic to us. It’s just wrong, and we hope this doggo gets reunited with his buddy.

Calling the Cops on Your Child

We all know that parents can be strict at times. It’s possible that they experience some stress from having to handle all the reprimanding and keeping their child on the straight and narrow all on their own without calling for help. We understand asking for backup.

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But this is just extreme. Calling the cops on your child if they break the law is reasonable. However, you’re going over the line when you call the cops on someone who is already clearly an adult because they’re out of bed. She was just downstairs eating cereal!

Blaming the Kid for the Pandemic

Here’s another parent-child interaction about the pandemic. If there’s one thing our parents are good at, it’s making us feel guilty for daring to go out or trying to live our own lives. Most parents make their children feel awful about not receiving enough attention or something.

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This mother took it to a whole new level by blaming her child for the pandemic. Not only is her child harming herself by going out too often, but she has ruined the lives of everybody in the world. Sounds logical, right? Oh, we forgot, parents don’t care about logic.

Getting a Tattoo at Five

Many people love tattoos, and that’s fine. But you know what else is fine about tattoos? It’s being able to choose for yourself and giving consent to the permanent ink being loaded painfully into your body. We’ve seen parents not respecting their kids, crossing boundaries, and being ridiculous.

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But this mother has managed to check all those boxes. First, the legal age for getting a tattoo is 18 in the United States. This mother may have the freedom to tattoo herself and parent as she wants, but certainly that doesn’t mean tattooing a 5-year-old with something that honor YOU!

It’s Nothing More Than a Cold

Look, there’s negligence, and then there’s the intentional spreading of a deadly disease. We don’t know whether to call this person a bad mom or a terrible human being overall. Perhaps her boy felt completely fine and well enough to attend school, which is fantastic!

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But the reality remains that he tested positive for a virus that may be fatal to someone else if they contract it. And she just sent him away casually because of her plans for lunch and her hair? We’re speechless. Hopefully, the school management called the cops on her.

Get the Dishes Done before You Leave for Work

We understand that having a certain amount of discipline for children as they grow up is beneficial. They need to understand the value of taking responsibility and owning up to their actions. One of those ways is by ensuring they do their chores at the right time.

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But the chores you give them and the tasks they do must be within the realm of possibility. Parenting is not supposed to be about punishing a child for failing to complete a task that was logically and physically impossible. This parent just wanted to be wicked for no reason.

Keeping the Leash On

We understand that it can be difficult for parents to come to terms with their children growing up and beginning to live their own lives as adults. Especially when it comes to things like dating. They want to protect them, so they don’t get hurt.

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But no matter how anxious you are, you can’t track your kid’s location on their phone when they’re out on a date! There’s a huge difference between helicopter parenting and being a weird parent who doesn’t understand boundaries. Anxiety is real, but you don’t need to track an adult.

The Need for a New Art Tablet

This is terrible! It’s one thing to punish or discipline your child, but it’s a totally different thing to be cruel. This is just plain wickedness. Why not just tell them off for waking up late or try having a conversation about it rather than smashing their art tablet?

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This is heart-breaking to read because you could see this is the child’s only healthy and creative outlet. It looks like they had an art raffle coming up to raise funds, and they’ve had to cancel it. If we knew this anonymous poster, we’d crowd-fund a new art tablet.

Welcome to Your Future

We understand that parents believe it’s essential to discipline their kids. Of course, there are times when this is true. However, there is a difference between disciplining to teach them the consequences of their actions and just controlling everything your child does or says. Okay, you’re not friends, right?

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You don’t need to be someone’s friend before understanding they are humans and need privacy. They don’t have to earn privacy because it’s not a privilege. It’s their right. This mom has just been exposed to the reality of what she’ll face in the future if she continues this way.

Strict Toilet Rules in the Home

We had to stare at this image for a minute to understand what was happening. This parent was livid with rage, and it must have been something serious. Were there drug residues somewhere around the toilet that we missed? What exactly made this parent so angry?

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And then we finally realized what was going on. Apparently, the child’s sin was simply leaving the seat up. We get it. Leaving the seat up after use is quite annoying, but we don’t think it’s enough to compare it to drug addiction. The temper and punishment seem overboard.

Digging through the Garbage

It’s okay to want your child to eat healthily, but this is completely insane. We are unsure if this mom rifles through the trash whenever her daughter comes over. Or does she actually go over to her place, uninvited, to look through the garbage? We need more information.

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Wait, we don’t need more information because both options are bizarre and beyond crazy. No offense to anyone’s mother, but you couldn’t convince us that this mom is well mentally. Either she needs a doctor’s appointment, or she needs to learn the importance of boundaries, especially with another adult.

You Must Send Dad the Money

Many adults today wish their parents, or their schools had taught them about money earlier. And some of them regret not knowing how money works sooner. It’s crucial for kids to understand the value of money, and sometimes that requires letting them realize it the hard way.

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However, this usually means letting them work hard for their own money rather than expecting them to send you money so you can buy a car and then emotionally blackmailing them because they refuse. This awful father used every trick in the book. Props to the boy!

Thou Shalt Not Follow Thine Heart

Oh dear! We don’t have anything against parents bringing up their kids according to their faith. We all have our morals and principles, and how can we raise kids if we don’t also share those things with them? The child can decide to change their beliefs when they grow up.

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However, sharing your beliefs with your child isn’t the same as saying they mustn’t follow their hearts or they must be willing to die. We believe two things can co-exist—a child can follow their hearts and still have a deep reverence for God. We hope this person’s children are okay.

Stop Reading, and Watch More TV

We have no idea what is going on with these parents. In what world do parents make active efforts to stop their kids from reading? Or think reading is bad for them? This is the dream of many parents—to have kids that are interested in reading books.

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Wait! What do they want them to do instead? To play outside? That sounds fair. Maybe they want their kids to be more active and interact with the neighbors. But we have a feeling this parent has different ideas, and their ideas don’t seem logical.

Smoking when You’re Pregnant

Did you think our list was only about parents who had already given birth? Oh, think again. Apparently, expectant mothers can also be awful parents. This is so appalling that we don’t even know how to feel about it. This expectant mom says she’s made progress with her life choices.

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We’re happy for her because, obviously, she was in a much worse place to begin with. On the other hand, her desire to smoke during her pregnancy and the casual mention of previous drug addiction doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in her ability to be a good parent.

Stupidity Kills Just as Much as COVID

We’re dealing with two pandemics—COVID-19 and stupidity. There’s so much to enjoy in this post. This parent isn’t just aggressively against adhering to easy ways to protect their own lives and others’ lives, but they are also actively preventing their kid from having a chance at life.

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Can you imagine punishing your child for adhering to a law meant to save lives? Then they had the guts to display their stupidity as a person and toxicity as a parent for all the world to see. What goes on in certain people’s minds is simply beyond our understanding.

Is Your Mom a Body Police?

Moms are fond of monitoring everything about us from childhood, especially our bodies. This is cute, but not so much when you’re an adult. This mom took it to the next level. First, she went into her daughter’s room, snooping three years in advance on her calendar.

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Then she decided to confront her daughter about having a birth control implant in her body—in the daughter’s body. We don’t know what this mom was thinking, but like some toxic parents, she tried guilt-tripping the child by saying it was “unsafe.” We are proud of the daughter’s response.

That’s Not How You Do It, Grandma

Oh wow! We understand that when mothers find out they’ll soon be grandmothers they sometimes get a bit obsessive, especially when this is their first time. We can’t blame them. Having a grandchild is one of the greatest joys you could experience. But this is taking it too far.

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Grandma, it’s okay to be happy about the child that’s on the way, but don’t act like it’s in your belly. We have no idea what’s happening here. Yes, it may look cute to some people. However, telling your doctor you’re pregnant when it’s your daughter is ridiculous.

How Do You Know the Appropriate Colors?

Mothers have connection with their new-borns. We can’t explain it, but we have heard a few moms say they just feel linked to their babies, which is cute. However, this one is beyond us. Imagine crocheting something this beautiful and gifting your pregnant co-worker.

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It doesn’t seem offensive, right? It’s not like the f-word is printed on it or a graphic picture. It only has rainbow colors. We think this woman is a vicious homophobe to the point where she disapproves of rainbows. How difficult a life she must lead.

Kids Don’t Have a Right to Privacy

We wish parents would understand that telling their kids they don’t deserve basic human decency because they live under their roofs does more harm than good. Children are more likely to live recklessly, not visit, and not care about their parents’ welfare when they finally move out of the house.

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You said they can only be “free” when they move out. So, you can’t blame them for abusing their freedom when you starved them of it for 20+ years. Moreover, this “freedom” isn’t something insane; it’s their privacy. This parent clearly doesn’t think so. To them, their kids are property.

That’s Not a Mommy Moment

One thing we love about abusive parents is that they somehow find a way to defend their toxicity. They use many things such as “I want the best for you,” “it’s because I love you,” and “it’s tough love.” But our favorite one is making up cute names for their uncontrollable rages.

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They display unacceptable behavior and justify it. Woman, you didn’t have a “mommy moment.” You had an irresponsible lapse in judgment and got violent by smashing your child’s belongings. You should do more than buy them a new one. Attending anger management classes is a good place to start.

No Pets in the House

Ah, the everlasting enmity between parents and pets. Everyone’s parents have made rules about not wanting pets in the house. It’s one thing to not allow your kid to get a pet while they’re still in your home. The decision to have an animal under your roof is entirely up to you.

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But for a parent to go to their adult child’s home, steal their pet, and then sell it on eBay? Whoa! That’s a whole new level of crossing boundaries. It’s cruel and crazy, and we bet it’s also illegal. She’s never going to win the mom of the year award.

This Isn’t Tough Love

Another day and another terrible parent disciplines their child in radically inappropriate ways. Then they decide to brag about it online. This mom is proudly showcasing how she’s selling each piece in her son’s bedroom bit by bit for every action he does that goes against her will.

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We wonder what she’ll do if he continues leaving the toilet seat up. Will she force him to pee in his room? We’re not even kidding when we say people in prison are treated better than this. Imagine the audacity to call this despicable behavior “tough love.”

Always Ask Dad and Mom for Permission

You know when you give your parents a logical response and they still try to fault you? Well, something similar has happened here. There is a lot wrong here besides the nasty way this mom is speaking to her daughter. First, she uses the f-word around her own child.

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Then she ignores the fact that her daughter asked permission before going about her daily business. Another problem is that this child is being held responsible for her parents’ lack of communication. The best thing would’ve been to ask the dad where the daughter went before messaging her.

The Sense of Entitlement Is Alarming

Many parents believe they’re entitled to everything about their children, even when they’re clearly adults. This is another example of parents who simply do not understand that they do not own their children or have unrestricted access to all of their resources and time. Yes, you gave birth to them.

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And you may have sacrificed for them. But do you know what? They didn’t ask to be born. They didn’t sign anything indicating that it was reciprocal. If your child doesn’t want to give you their time, money, or anything else that is rightfully theirs, they don’t have to.

Raising Your Kid on Social Media

What do you think will be the biggest sickness of our time when we look back on today hundreds of years from now? Many will say social media. Users are so obsessed with uploading photos and videos to gain likes and followers that they truly neglect to live their lives.

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We’ve seen many examples of people raising their kids on social media. Call us old school, but we think there should be a limit to how much social media you expose your kids to. This mom used her son’s report card to go viral online, which is disappointing. Poor kid.

Dumped on a Desert Island

Parents sometimes make difficult decisions that we don’t like, but they’re for our own good. Strangely, toxic parents also use this as an excuse to be horrible humans. We’ve heard of some extreme parental decisions in the past but dumping your unruly teenage child on a desert island is insane.

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This isn’t the stone age. You’re literally leaving them for dead unless they somehow find a way to fend for themselves. It’s beyond anything we can imagine. Hopefully, this teenager was rescued by authorities and taken to a safe home where they’d never see their parents again.

No Foreign Languages Are Allowed

Oh, America, the country of opportunity where people from all over the world come to live out their American dream and create a new life for themselves and their families. Or, more precisely, where people are shunned for trying to imbue the nation with any culture from the outside world.

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Most parents we know want their kids to learn as many languages as possible. We have no idea what this American mom’s problem is with her child learning Spanish, but we can all take a couple of guesses. It’s such a shame that the teacher had to experience this.

Fat-Shaming the Kids Is a Great Idea, Right?

Body-shaming is something we must frown on. Seeing a parent fat-shaming their child is simply repulsive. And like many other parents on the list, they’ve also shared their super training method for the whole world to see like it’s some badge of honor.

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Remember when you were a toddler playing in the sand, practicing walking, and just enjoying all your meals? This woman thought fat-shaming her kids from the age of three would somehow teach them moderation when eating. We don’t even know what to say about this one. Poor kids.

Terrifying a Three-Year-Old for Fun

It’s fantastic to become a parent, isn’t it? You have a new, tiny human being to raise, love, and educate about the ways of the world. You give them confidence and send them off to fulfil their dreams. But we think the feeling of “ownership” is what makes terrible parents.

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That’s the only reason you would terrorize a child in the bathroom by conjuring up all her worst fears while relishing the fact that no one can hold you responsible for your actions or stop you. Imagine doing this and wondering why your child has trauma.

Teaching the Kids a Valuable Lesson

It’s crucial that as parents we instil in our kids the principles of right and wrong as well as practical life lessons. For instance, this caring mother is teaching her kid that she has no right to privacy and that the best course of action is to destroy someone else’s property . . .

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. . . when they refuse to do as you wish. She also threatened to do the same if anyone dared to get the child a new phone. How fantastic. Somehow, we think some parents would be worse than the evil dictators we had in the past if only they had the power.

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Amen!

You’d be more familiar with this if you grew up in a religious home. We know that some parents prefer to raise their kids in the religion they’re passionate about or grew up with. And in some ways, that’s okay trying to instill your values and beliefs in your child.

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But guys, there’s a limit. It is inappropriate to tell your child, who may have taken a different path than you, that they must change their ways and adopt your beliefs. Rather than forcing your kids to believe the same things you do, focus on inspiring them.

You Must Give Birth!

This person embodies all that is bad about the Baby Boomer generation. Not only are they constantly telling Millennials how entitled they are, but they are also the most entitled people in the world. Strangely, they can’t see it and would rather blame other people.

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Imagine feeling offended because a 22-year-old woman (an adult) doesn’t want to have kids. And then blaming the child for your own decision to have kids to fill that void for yourself! We know parents like grandchildren for whatever reason, but we can’t get our heads around this.

Secrets and Lies in the Family

Every family has some deep secrets that mustn’t get out. It’s also common for family members to keep secrets from one another. It could be because you honestly don’t want to hurt their feelings. Or you just think certain issues don’t concern your relatives, which is fine.

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But when your daughter hits her sister’s car and the latter calls you crying about it, and then you pretend like you know nothing about it—that’s next-level dishonesty. Not only is that bad treatment, but you’ve also shown that you have a favorite child. This is just wrong.

Oil Assault on the Teenage Boy

We just can’t believe what we’re reading. Things just got worse with every line we read on this post. It’s okay to want the best for your kid, but you need to respect his choices, especially if it isn’t going to put his life in danger.

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Is this mother going through all this trouble secretly putting oils on her son against his will? We know that the essential oil community is quite devoted to their oil-infused lifestyle, but this goes beyond healthy human boundaries. Does she not understand how crazy she is acting? Obviously not.

When Your Parents Take ‘Time is Relative’ Too Far

Setting a time for your child to come home when they’re out okay. But this one seems completely impossible. First, she wasn’t invited to go out to dinner with her parents. In fact, it looks like her parents made a concerted effort to go without her.

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Parenting is stressful, so it’s fair if they want some alone time. But it seems they don’t want their child to have the same. They’re forcing her to eat alone in the house, and she’s prohibited any company at all. This isn’t what parenting should look like.

The Punishment for Falling in Love

Have you ever heard the words “unconditional love”? Well, it’s something we expect in any family. Parents are supposed to love their children unconditionally. However, it doesn’t seem like this parent has heard of that concept or cares about it.

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They would rather tell their child who it’s okay to love and who isn’t. A quick reminder: love is love, and it’s none of your business. Also, punishing a relationship you don’t approve of with the removal of financial support is the exact opposite of showing your child that you care.

The WhatsApp Mothers’ Cult

As far as the horrible parents on our list go, this one is at least a wholesome example. Even though this mother’s behavior is utterly illogical and unreasonable, at least she isn’t hurting her child, unless it somewhat irritated her eyes. Who hasn’t gotten WhatsApp broadcasts from their parents?

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If your mom doesn’t send you absurd broadcast messages, then you’re a lucky one. Sometimes you wonder what goes on in these mom WhatsApp groups. Is it just a fun little chat? Or maybe it’s something dark and sinister. You never know, but trust moms to believe everything they read.

The Cruel Manipulation Strategy

Some parents wonder why their kids never call or visit them when they move out. They forget how they treated their kids when they lived under their roofs. This is another parent who confuses “discipline” with “teaching your child to live in terror so they comply with your orders.”

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Imagine being raised by a mother who taught you that one wrong move could result in losing all your prized possessions. It’s disturbing how this mother justifies her abusive behavior by claiming it gives her more control. Plus, what kind of mother labels her own daughter a “d*ckhead”?

When You Can’t Take What You Give

This one is hilarious and sad at the same time. Moms are always in your face telling you how you’re sloppy and don’t do any work around the house. And yes, children can sometimes be sloppy, and they’re even harder to deal with as teenagers.

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We agree that this stage requires strong discipline. This son asked his mother a straightforward question. In response, she removed the blankets from his room, and he had to sleep on just a mattress for five months consecutively. That just goes beyond punishment. It’s cruel and irrational behavior.

A Strong Need for Anger Management Classes

What is most surprising about the parents on our list is that many of them not only put their kids through these horrible, vile punishments, but they also post about their awful behavior online. It appears they believe their actions are justified in some way.

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The fact that parents believe this is a normal way to treat their children—and that they are even bragging about it online—just goes to show how deeply deluded they are. Being violent to your child as punishment is only raising a child who will also see violence as a solution when wronged.

Forcing Your Child to Get Married

We honestly can’t imagine a worse way to end a relationship or engagement. Even if they cheated on you or were intolerable and you couldn’t stand to be near them, at least you still had some control over the situation and the growth of the relationship.

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But what if you learned that your mother had set up the relationship as a sham? There is simply no getting over that kind of betrayal. So, we do not blame this bride for cancelling her wedding plans. We hope she heals from the trauma and the time she wasted.

Snooping on the Kids

We all joke about how much our mothers meddle in our lives. Don’t we all wish that they’d leave us alone from time to time? Of course. But most of the time, their behavior is just a bit annoying and mostly funny. Well, not in this child’s case.

Source: Reddit

And while this mother obviously finds her prying amusing, we believe that trying to access your daughter’s phone goes well beyond what is acceptable. We’ve also heard the words “because I can” quite often. It comes from a certain type of parents, and we know what type.

When Life Gives You Lemons

We’ve seen many terrible parents already on this list, and this one is a little different. At least this mom is being awful to other people while doing something nice for her own kids. That’s unlike anything we’ve seen so far, but it doesn’t excuse her behavior.

Source: Reddit

Seeing how far this mother will go to make her kids feel like their lemonade sale is a success is almost touching. Although it probably isn’t as adorable to those innocent civilians who are stuck with these young children by their seemingly crazy mom. Hello! They have somewhere to be!

Just Adding You to the List

There is looking out for your kids, and then there’s being a creep about it. This one is so disturbing on so many levels. It’s not only this mom’s strange desire to monitor her (adult) child’s phone use and location that disturbs us, even though that’s not great.

Source: Reddit

It’s her strange, almost condescending response when her child says no. But can we really be surprised? That’s exactly how overly controlling and toxic parents behave when you present them with logic. It’s almost like lashing out or gaslighting someone for thinking that it’s not appropriate to spy on their private business.

No Child Showers in Peace in This Home

Have you noticed that the biggest problem some awful parents have with their kids is the issue of privacy? It stems from the belief that they own their children like the way you own property. Imagine being so anti-privacy that you won’t even let a 13-year-old shower alone.

Source: Reddit

For goodness’ sake, that’s a teenager! What in the world is this crazy hands-on mom thinking? Are they worried that their child would slip and fall? Or that maybe they’ll escape out the window? We certainly would contemplate escaping if we lived in this house and our mom thought this way.