Mother Got Pregnant with Twins Six Weeks After Giving Birth

Everyone has hopes for life, but no one knows if their dreams will be fulfilled. However, the crazy story of this couple goes to show that any dream can come true if it’s meant to be. Life can be mundane at times and, at other times, surprising and unpredictable, but fate always finds a way.

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The love story of Eliza and Ben seems like it came out of a romantic comedy. The two fell in love in a flash and started a family. However, just weeks following the birth of their baby, life threw a curveball at the budding family.

Dreaming of a Big Happy Family

Many people have big ambitions and goals to succeed in important careers and be rich and famous. Other people have more modest and humble dreams, like Eliza, who always aspired to get married and have kids. As the years flew by, her dream to start a family grew.

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Eliza Curby was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and always wanted to raise children in her hometown. Though the young woman had always hoped for a happy marriage and a big family, she never anticipated that her goals would be achieved the way they were.

Work Hard, Study Hard

Aside from dreaming of love and marriage, Eliza kept busy becoming a smart and accomplished woman. She registered for secondary education when she finished primary school and was accepted to the independent Catholic school, Brigidine College, St. Ives.

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When Eliza was in her twenties, she began working in a café in Sydney. After a few years at the café, the young woman felt ready for a change and enrolled in university. However, much to her surprise, the change she so very craved was closer than she anticipated and different than she expected.

Boy Meets Girl

Bustling around the crowded café, Eliza usually didn’t have time for much, but fate wouldn’t be deterred. The future couple’s meet-cute was at the café where Eliza worked, and Ben was a regular patron. When Ben Cooper first walked into the joint, Eliza’s heart stopped; soon, he began coming in every day.

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Both Eliza and Ben thought that their feelings weren’t mutual and crushed on one another in secret at first. However, like the plot of a romantic comedy, their connection was too electric, and before long, they started seeing each other.

Stopped in Her Tracks

While taking his order, Eliza was taken aback by Ben’s gorgeous blue eyes and developed a big crush. Even though she didn’t tell anyone, her co-workers picked up on the chemistry between them, and whenever Ben would walk in, they would tease her and call the customer her husband.

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Eliza felt that it was more than just a crush; she lost her inhibitions every time she gazed into his hypnotizing blue eyes. But, seeing as he was a regular customer, she knew that she had to keep it professional and tried to put aside their obvious connection and chemistry.

Coming Back for More

Ben came back to the café day after day, and slowly but surely, they got closer. Ben and Eliza got to know each other better and even began to trust one another with time. He became her favorite regular, and she, his favorite server. They would go out of their way to talk whenever Ben came in.

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Eliza hoped that one day they would be able to meet away from her place of work and change the dynamic of their relationship. She daydreamed about having a genuine romantic connection with Ben. Luckily, her chance would come along soon enough.

A Surprising Turn Of Events

Although they couldn’t help having feelings for each other, the two barely had a chance to talk at the café. They would see one another for fifteen minutes at the most and only chatted about coffee and casual subjects. Eliza had to help other customers too; she couldn’t give him all of her attention.

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Fortunately, Ben liked her too, and that very winter, he asked her for an unexpected favor. This surprising turn of events would finally allow Eliza to show him her devotion and hopefully start a new chapter in their relationship.

An Exciting Proposition

The holidays were coming up, and Ben was going on vacation. Eager for an excuse to talk to Eliza, he proposed that she house-sit for him while he went away. Someone had to water the plants, and Ben felt that he knew Eliza well enough to trust her by then.

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Eliza knew that house-sitting was important and that Ben must trust her. He had to like her if he would be willing to ask her to watch over his private and intimate things while he was out of town. Eliza was excited to lend him a hand.

A Romantic Meal Together

Prior to Ben’s request that she house-sit, Eliza had feared that her crush might be one-sided. She knew that they had chemistry, but she thought it might just be an innocent flirtation for Ben. Perhaps he was just a friendly, flirty guy? However, when he brought her back a gift, she understood.

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Ben bought her a beautiful bracelet which confirmed to Eliza that he was crushing on her too. The night he returned, Ben invited her to stay for a meal, and they finally had the chance to have a real, intimate conversation away from Eliza’s workplace.

All She Wanted for Christmas

All Eliza had wanted for Christmas was Ben, and that’s what she got. Plus, he gifted her a fabulous bracelet and a romantic meal. That wasn’t all; their dinner date was terrific, and the two talked all evening and really got to know each other.

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They had both waited so long for this opportunity, and it proved to be a fateful night. After dinner, the two had their first kiss. The house-sitting proposition had turned out to be all they had both wished for and more. They must have been so excited to lock lips finally.

Too Early to Discuss Kids

After that romantic evening in December 2014, Ben and Eliza quickly started dating and were soon exclusive. The two couldn’t get enough of each other and barely spent a moment apart. They fell head over heels in a flash, with the undeniable chemistry they had built up overflowing.

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Naturally, since they got so serious, so fast, they started talking about the future. Eliza couldn’t help imagining that they’d start a family, and all her dreams would come true. However, she feared that it was too early to discuss kids and didn’t want to scare off her new beau.

Not a Deal Breaker

Every great romance begins with a euphoric honeymoon period. When the euphoria passes, people usually start wondering whether their relationship is meant to be forever. Soon enough, talk of moving in together, marriage, and children commences. If couples don’t see eye to eye on these things, it can be a dealbreaker.

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Fortunately, despite their differences, Ben and Eliza both wanted the same things. Even though Eliza was a 25-year-old psychology student and Ben was a 37-year-old property developer, they both wanted marriage and children in the future. Little did they know just how soon it would happen.

Not Afraid of The Future

Ben and Eliza made up for the lost time they had spent pining for each other, and their connection grew swiftly and impressively. Only together a month, and they were already discussing kids and other significant steps. Eliza understood that since Ben was twelve years older than her, he wasn’t scared of the future.

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At thirty-seven, Ben was ready to settle down and get serious, and he was deeply in love with Eliza, who had always dreamed of a family. On the same page, they mused over how many kids they’d have and started thinking forward, almost ready to start.

In Sickness and In Health

The inseparable duo had passed the biggest test that couples face. They were both on board to be committed and start working towards their next step. Meanwhile, Eliza focused on her studies and kept working at the café.

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After three months together, Ben and Eliza were in for another test of their love. Not a usual hurdle for so early in a relationship, falling ill and being reliant on one’s partner can be challenging. Lucky for Eliza, she had found herself a good, dependable man who stuck by her in sickness and health.

Pressures and Passions

Feeling under the weather is never fun, and at the beginning of a relationship, it can really make or break a new couple’s connection. Eliza felt helpless; all she wanted was to impress Ben, and instead, she was bedridden and weak. Her illness forced her to be vulnerable in front of Ben for the first time.

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For Ben, it could have felt like too much pressure to nurse Eliza in such early days. However, Ben was up for the challenge and only wanted the best for his young love, making sure to channel his passion into tenderness and care.

Under the Weather

Poor Eliza was feeling run down. She felt as if she constantly had a hangover, even though she hadn’t been drinking. Her fatigue and weakness began to impact her studies and work life, and she started to get worried that something was seriously wrong.

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She spent her days poring over books, waitressing, and coming home to her loving boyfriend but couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off in her body. After exhausting other possibilities, suddenly, a thought came to her. Eliza went out to buy a pregnancy test to confirm her suspicions.

Getting Ahead of Herself

Getting pregnant causes pressure for any couple, and getting knocked up accidentally and so soon is even more stressful. Hundreds of doubts flew through Eliza’s mind. Was she prepared for pregnancy? Would Ben take it well? Were they as a couple capable of taking on such a big responsibility so fast?

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Of course, they both wanted children eventually. But neither had expected it to happen so soon. Eliza’s hormones were all over the place, and she was getting ahead of herself. First and foremost, she needed to take the test and then decide her next step depending on the results.

A Positive Pregnancy

The most nerve-wracking moments in a person’s life are the ones spent waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. However, Eliza was ecstatic when the test came back positive, and all of her doubts evaporated. The young woman felt truly blessed to be able to experience the miracle of life.

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She had never anticipated starting her dream family so early, but why wait? When the timing is right, things fall into place. Eliza was in a fairytale relationship with the boyfriend of her dreams. It came time to tell Ben the news, and she prayed he’d take it well.

Just the Beginning

With the results in hand, the mother-to-be ran to tell her boyfriend the life-changing information – that they were about to start a family. She tried to stay excited and sure of herself when breaking the news to Ben, confident that the kind man would stand by her.

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The moment she told him, Ben wrapped Eliza in his arms and held her close. He, too, hadn’t been expecting to start having children so soon. Nonetheless, he was over the moon about it. Although, the happy duo really had no clue what was in store for them.

Baby on Board

Prepared to embark on this journey together, Eliza and Ben spent the next nine months getting everything ready for their baby to be. From doctors’ appointments to childbirth education, they did everything together, building their budding romance into a lasting partnership.

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The expecting parents made the necessary lifestyle changes that come with pregnancy and quit all their bad habits. Furthermore, they moved in together and had a great time furnishing their new digs, complete with a nursery. Ben and Eliza’s love continued to blossom, and by the time the baby was born, they were ready.

A Child Named Charlie

The nine months of Eliza’s pregnancy flew by quite fast. Her water broke in January 2016, and the couple rushed to the nearest hospital. The baby was so big that Eliza was forced to have an emergency C-section. Thankfully, the surgery went well, and the new parents welcomed Charlie, their beautiful baby girl, into the world.

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Eliza thought that Charlie looked just like her sister Suzannah. The baby had pretty pink lips and curly blond locks. Ben and Eliza were ecstatic but exhausted; they had gone from an innocent café crush to parents in a little over a year.

The Proud Parents

The couple quickly got the hang of parenthood and fell in love with the adorable Charlie. Watching her grow up was the best gift they could have asked for, and they were thankful. After only two weeks, baby Charlie was already sleeping well and making her parents’ lives easy.

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Eliza got into her parenting groove smoothly and decided that she was ready to go back to school. But sometimes, things don’t go the way we planned them, and life just happens. Eliza and Ben had no idea that two big surprises awaited them.

Back to School

Eliza wanted the best for her daughter and thought that going back to school and finishing her psychology studies was the best move for the family. She knew that with a bachelor’s degree, she would be able to apply for higher-paying jobs than her café gig and save money for Charlie’s future.

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However, soon after she started going to classes again, Eliza began to feel tired and sluggish all the time. The fatigue worried Eliza, and she wondered what was plaguing her this time. The mother was experiencing lethargy and increasingly frequent headaches and didn’t know what to do.

Ill Timed Illness

Having a baby isn’t easy and being a mother to a newborn is even more challenging. Eliza had always dreamed of having a family, but she was still relatively young and hadn’t accomplished all of her goals yet. The parents were surprised at how naturally parenthood came to them. But still, challenges arose.

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The young woman thought she was ready to take on more than motherhood and go back to working towards a career. However, when she started feeling weak and fatigued after going back to university, she feared that she’d overworked herself. Was Eliza burning out?

Too Much Too Soon

When Eliza started feeling sick again, she confided in Ben, and he attempted to calm her nerves. He believed that she’d taken on too much too soon and that some rest and relaxation would get her back on her feet. After all, being exhausted and feeling worn-down is considered normal for new mothers.

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Eliza knew that it made sense for her to be fatigued and that going back to school might have been too ambitious so soon after birth. However, Eliza’s gut feeling was that there was more to this exhaustion than meets the eye. Would her suspicions be confirmed?

Was It Déjà Vu?

The familiar sensations of sluggishness, nausea, and headaches reminded Eliza of what she had gone through in her first trimester with Charlie. She confided in Ben that she thought she might be pregnant again. Eliza felt like she was experiencing déjà vu, but Ben didn’t believe she was pregnant.

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Ben knew that getting pregnant so soon after giving birth is extremely rare and thought that his partner was just under a lot of stress. Eliza decided to settle their disagreement regarding the reason for her lethargy once and for all and bought a pregnancy test.

Mixed Emotions Rising

Only six weeks had passed since Eliza had given birth to Charlie, yet she was convinced that she was pregnant again. She felt very hormonal and had mixed emotions rising within her. The prospect of being with-child again delighted her but also caused her fear and anxiety.

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Staring at the pregnancy test and waiting for the results to appear felt endless, but at least Ben was by her side this time. The couple couldn’t believe that Eliza might be pregnant again; what were the chances? Charlie wasn’t even two months old and Eliza was still breastfeeding.

A Positive Result

The test results came back positive, and the couple knew they would soon be welcoming another child into the family. Both frightened and excited, Eliza and Ben tried to figure out how they would juggle another child so soon, with Charlie less than a year old.

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The one thing they both knew was that together they could do anything. Ben assured Eliza that he would support her through another pregnancy and raising the children. Thank goodness Ben and Eliza were such a strong couple because another huge surprise awaited them at their first ultrasound appointment.

Yup, It’s Possible

Despite the general reliability of home pregnancy tests, Ben and Eliza were so shocked by their news that they hastily scheduled an ultrasound to double-check. It turns out that it is possible to become pregnant as early as three weeks after giving birth, though very rare.

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Statistically, only one or two in one hundred people gets pregnant while breastfeeding an infant, and it’s generally recommended to wait eighteen months before trying to have another baby to minimize risks of preterm birth. When the doctor told the couple what he saw on the ultrasound, Eliza laughed aloud, and Ben paled.

Two for the Price of One

The doctor had a shocking announcement for the new parents. Though not one-hundred percent sure, the obstetrician thought that he could hear two heartbeats on the ultrasound. Two heartbeats meant that Eliza was carrying twins just six short weeks after giving birth for the first time.

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Despite her wishes for a big happy family and aspirations of having a whole brood of children, Eliza didn’t know if she was ready for two more right away. She didn’t believe the doctor, sure that he was mistaken. Could she really have two embryos growing in her healing womb?

Double the Bargain

Since her pregnancy was still just beginning, the OB-GYN told them to come back in one month to double-check whether Eliza had twins or just one baby. So, they came back four weeks later, and the doctor confirmed his conjecture, ruling that they were indeed pregnant with two.

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Eliza began panicking and had no clue how she would deal with three babies at once. The hysterical mother searched the internet for some kind of advice but came up blank. She couldn’t find anyone online who had experienced what she was going through.

A Brilliant Blog

Eliza Curby knew that there had to be other mothers like her from whom she could learn. People have triplets and survive to tell the tale, so surely, she could connect to some of these women and gain some knowledge, support and empathy.

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When her searches kept coming up short, Eliza had a brilliant idea to start her own blog called Twingenuity, which she could use to connect to other mothers of multiple babies. Her innovative idea turned out to be a great success and changed the young mother’s life.

Dreams and Destiny

Eliza’s fantastic blog, Twingenuity, brought together mothers from all over the world. These other women were experiencing similar adventures as Eliza, and the blog became a safe space to connect, share and give each other helpful advice. It acted as an outlet for Eliza’s confused emotions of fear and excitement.

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Less than two years earlier, Eliza had worked at a café and had an unrequited crush on Ben. Now they were living together with a baby and two more on the way. Eliza feared that it was all happening too fast, but was happy that her dreams were coming true.

Almost Like Triplets

A mere ten and a half months after welcoming Charlie into their family, the couple had two boys. Within two years, they had gone from strangers to a family of five people. Eliza kidded that she felt like she’d been pregnant for years, barely getting a break.


Just before Christmas in 2016, Eliza gave birth to Jack Anthony Richard and Wolfe George Harry. Since Charlie was only eleven months old when her brothers were born, it was almost like they were triplets. Eliza was relieved to have her body back to herself and happy to have a beautiful, healthy family.

Teamwork and Play

Bringing up three kids all around the same age doesn’t sound easy, and Eliza has confirmed that she struggles. Just keeping them all safe and making sure they are clean and well-fed is a challenge. Thankfully, Ben is a supportive partner and picked up all of the chores while Eliza was pregnant and breastfeeding.

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After Jack and Wolfe were born, Ben and Eliza took turns doing the feeding and changing duty. They knew that the tricky part would be behind them if they could just get through that first year and finally go back to getting a whole night’s sleep.

Table For Five

Despite the challenges, the three children bring Ben and Eliza happiness. Nowadays, they can all walk and talk and are all friends. Each baby has grown into its own unique person, and the joyous family of five love spending quality time as a group.

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Eliza feels like a mother duck, with her little paddling of ducklings following her around. After finally feeling at ease with their three toddlers, the lovely couple had one more lifelong dream to check off their list. They decided to make their union official and get married finally.

Making It Official

Ben and Eliza wanted to make their partnership legal and bring their family closer together. The best part of their wedding was that their three adorable children were there with them. The couple tied the knot in November 2018 in a breathtaking outdoor ceremony, and it was a dream come true for them.

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The three kids took part in the ceremony, with Charlie walking down the aisle before her mom and the twins standing with their father at the altar. Eliza looked gorgeous in a cream-colored strapless princess dress from Brides of Sydney on the pastoral backdrop of their nuptials.

The Three Musketeers

As the kids grow up, they enjoy spending time together more and more. The first year after they were all born was the hardest, but it has gotten easier. Ben and Eliza are used to their three musketeers running around, causing mischief.

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Even at the wedding, the twins tried to decorate themselves with the flowers at the altar while their parents said their vows. Eliza explained that Wolfe is the real cheeky troublemaker, while Jack is more of an affectionate mummy’s boy. Charlie has grown up to be a talkative little girl.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Eliza is delighted with Charlie’s relationship with Ben. As a budding psychologist, she knows how important the connection between a father and his daughter can be. Whether they notice it or not, Ben teaches Charlie how to love and be loved and impacts whether she develops fear or fondness, trust, or distrust in men.

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Eliza knows that Charlie will replay her relationship with her dad over and over throughout life. Charlie is lucky to have such a supportive father who stood by Eliza through thick and thin, sickness and health, and will do the same for his daughter.

It Takes a Village

Mr. and Mrs. Curby have their hands full with three tots, but they also have help from their family and friends. Eliza created quite a network of mothers of twins with her blog. Likewise, they have their parents and siblings around all the time, always lending a helping hand.

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The kids’ grandfather is a big part of their life and has helped raise them. He takes the kids to and from school twice a week and babysits them whenever Eliza asks. Their grandmother also watches them all the time and just can’t seem to say no to the naughty toddlers.

Three’s A Crowd

The Curby’s changed their lifestyle completely when they had three kids so suddenly. They not only moved to a bigger house, but they also purchased tons of stuff for each kid, from prams to highchairs; they have three of everything; Eliza even switched cars.

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She went from a Swift to a VW van that could comfortably fit all three car seats in a row. In January 2021, the family of five became a family of six when they adopted Bear, their dog. Eliza was happy to finally adopt another pet, as her last dog had passed away three years before.

The Struggles of Super-Mom

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling things in life. However, it still presents challenges; Eliza confessed that she went through many diet struggles after having her twins. Eliza had no time and was eating unhealthily until she checked herself and started treating her body right.

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Nevertheless, Eliza believes in body positivity. She has even posted pictures of her postpartum belly and scars and explained that she isn’t ashamed by her body but proud of it and empowered by what it has given her. It is essential to her to promote realistic beauty standards.

Helping Other Parents

The family’s crazy story went viral and reached many people. Even though she was so busy with her three babies, Eliza still made time to work on her blog and helped many other mothers. She interviewed many professionals on her platform and even added parenting guides and an “ask a midwife” option.

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The Twingenuity blog really became a calling for Eliza for a while. She was able to share her struggles and knowledge on the site and help other parents. Now that her babies are so grown up and starting school Eliza’s taken a break from blogging.