Muscles on Muscles: Photos of Incredibly Strong People

Do you ever feel like you can’t stick to your workout routine? Well, that’s not the case for all fitness enthusiasts. Some of the biggest names in the bodybuilding and fitness world never take a day off, and their physiques are absolutely incredible yet slightly frightening at the same time.

female bodybuilder sitting on the couch
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These bodybuilders and fitness models are dedicated to their training, which definitely shows in their amazing physiques. They have bulging muscles in places we didn’t even know were possible. Take a look at the incredibly muscular people- their muscles are more impressive than the rest of ours combined!

She Never Skips Leg Day

If you want to achieve thighs like this gal, you will have to put in some serious effort! We can guarantee this girl never skips leg day with thighs like those. If you want to gain impressive leg muscles like her, you should start by doing several variations of squats.

A female bodybuilder showing her legs
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Squats will help you strengthen your thighs and glutes, and other exercises like deadlifts will give you more definition. With some hard work, you will see your leg muscles grow significantly. However, it might be hard to find pants to fit thighs like hers, so take our advice with a grain of salt.

Famous for Her Muscles

If you follow bodybuilders, you might have heard of Bakhar Nabieva. She is a fitness model and bodybuilder from Ukraine who earned the nickname “Miss Iron Bum.” While Nabieva is famous for her tiny waist, muscular arms, and legs, she is recognizable because of her signature contacts.

Bakhar Nabieva
Source: Instagram / bakharnabieva

Nabieva always wears black contacts to stand out at the gym. Regardless of what you might think, she doesn’t care. Nabieva once said, “My goals don’t stop for anyone. Either you support me, or I make it happen on my own. Either way, it’s going to happen.” That’s some serious determination, and we respect it.

If Thighs Could Kill

Have you ever wondered how this young lady achieves her impressive muscle mass? She probably doesn’t squat or run like most people do because those activities don’t typically lead to developing large thighs. This woman has been working a lot harder than most by lifting seriously heavy weights.

female with impressive muscle mass
Source: Twitter /femalebodybuil6

She must eat a lot of protein to repair her muscles after intense workouts. Bodybuilders avoid carbs and stick to lean protein sources like chicken breast, protein powder, and cottage cheese. Eggs are also a great option. But watch out for those pesky carbs – they can be the downfall of any diet!

Little Hercules

At just 11 years old, Richard Sandrak was dubbed the “World’s Strongest Boy.” He could lift an incredible amount for someone his age – three times his own body weight! Some accused him of using steroids, but Richard always maintained that his natural gift and hard work got him those amazing results.

Richard Sandrak
Source: Reddit / AonghusMacKilkenny

In fact, few people achieve such success in their middle school years! Richard doesn’t lift weights anymore, but he’s still in great shape. He says that it just got boring and that many kids have similar physiques. He’s not ashamed of his past, but he’s not going to be stuck living in it, either.

Not All About BMI

Some people still believe having a healthy BMI is key. But for most people, this measurement is misleading because muscle weighs more than fat. This bodybuilder could easily have a BMI in the ‘obese’ category due to the weight of her muscles.

female bodybuilder
Source: Twitter /femalebodybuil6

We can tell by looking at her that this woman doesn’t have any flabby love handles. In the fitness world, there are all sorts of terms for different body types. But this one is extreme, even by their standards. How would you describe it?

Going Overboard With the Tanner

Have you ever noticed that a tan helps you show off your hard work at the gym? Bodybuilders have known this for a long time! Many participants will get a spray tan shortly before the competition. This gentleman might have gone overboard with his tan but forgot his face.

A bodybuilder with heavy toneskin
Source: Twitter /femalebodybuil6

Bodybuilders never go for the natural look, but he could have at least tried to match his face to his body. The difference in skin tone makes it look like he photoshopped his head onto someone else’s body. Something isn’t matching up here (besides his skin tone).

Don’t Mess With Nataliya

Nataliya Kuznetsova is not your average girl. With her incredibly toned physique, she could easily be mistaken for being photoshopped, but that is not the case. This Russian lifter proudly displays her 220 pounds of muscle. At 5’7”, her proportions are really incredible!

Nataliya Kuznetsova
Source: Instagram / nataliya.amazonka

Nataliya started her fitness journey when she was 14 and liked her muscular results. She currently holds records for lifting, bench pressing, and deadlifting. However, Nataliya admitted to using steroids and estrogen blockers to achieve her striking results. She’s not ashamed of her techniques.

Mr. Bubble Muscles

Building big biceps is definitely a key factor to success in bodybuilding. Not only do they add strength, but they’re also visually impressive and can intimidate opponents. Ladies love them, and other guys will respect you more if you’ve got big guns.

A bodybuilder taking a selfie
Source: Cafe Blog

While it looks like this man had something injected into his muscles to make them look like that, there are proven ways to grow your arms muscles. Standing barbell curls are the best exercise for building biceps, but incline dumbbell curls, one-arm preacher curls, and hammer curls can also help.

Strike a Pose

While some men get “dad bods” after having children, this man didn’t let his growing family get in the way of his bodybuilding hobby. Although his son doesn’t seem thrilled to pose with his mom and dad on competition day, the guy is too focused on his poses to realize.

Family picture with a bodybuilder dad
Source: Reddit / The-MCA-Discovision

Does this man walk around the house oiled up in a speedo all the time? He could have taken a normal picture with his family, but that would go against his bodybuilder mindset. Have you ever seen a more uncomfortable family photo?

Love and Lifting

We love a couple that enjoys working out together! This couple is an amazing example, as they sculpt their physiques side-by-side. They must have a great mutual appreciation for one another, and we’re sure they always cheer each other on.

Bodybuilder couple
Source: Reddit

While they may have different philosophies when it comes to spray tans, it’s clear they share a love of the stuff. He applied it to his face while she left hers pale, but they both seemed to love the outcome. Maybe she had the right idea because he looks scary.

She Never Misses a Gym Day

It’s hard not to stare at Julia Vins. The 25-year-old Russian fitness model has accumulated a following of over 160,000 on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why. Nicknamed ‘Muscle Barbie,’ Julia is a powerlifter and Titan athlete who has won world championships in her sport.

Julia Vins at the gym
Source: Instagram / julia_vins

Unlike some other bodybuilders, Julia doesn’t use any performance enhancers to achieve her physique. She said, “My shape is not the result of steroids. I just know what I’m doing. I train and continue to live a normal life.” She also offers training programs.

Starting His Bodybuilding Journey Early

Giuliano Stroe started lifting weights when he was just two. He quickly found himself in the Guinness Book of World Records for a few amazing things like the fastest ten-meter hand walk with a weighted ball between his legs, the most 90-degree pushups, and the human flag!

Giuliano Stroe
Source: Facebook / Giuliano-Stroe

Giuliano is still young, and we’re not sure if bodybuilding is his lifelong ambition. But if he wants to get involved in the adult bodybuilding world, he’s already on the right track! He’s got better definition than most adults.

Never Too Tired to Pose

As we age, our ability to recover quickly diminishes. That’s why it’s important to take adequate rest between bodybuilding sessions, according to experts. It might be better to have a few intense workouts per week, with a couple of breaks in between.

A female bodybuilder sitting
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But what do bodybuilders do on their off days? Some bodybuilders practice yoga! This may seem like a strange combination to some, but the two work together in perfect harmony. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, too. This is when your body does the most repairing!

Papa Muscles

This father has the best of both worlds – a fit physique and a brand-new baby. His biceps look perfect; one arm flexed in pride while the other cradles his child. It’s not your typical baby picture, but that’s what makes it so special.

A bodybuilder father holding his baby
Source: Seenox

It’s too early to tell if the child in this picture will be athletic like their father, but often these things are genetic. The baby didn’t fall far from the bench press. Who knows, it could turn out to be a child bodybuilder like some of the kids on this list.

What Did He Do to Himself?

Popeye the Sailor Man is a classic cartoon character known for his love of spinach. When he ate a can of spinach, he would swell up in size and get huge muscles—even people who work out every day never achieve muscles half his size.

An oversized bodybuilder’s muscles
Source: Reddit

This man might look like a modern-day Popeye, but he probably eats more steroids than spinach. His muscles don’t look very realistic, so we can assume that he had something injected into them to get this look. It’s not a safe option, and he looks quite scary.

Don’t Mess With Him on the Jungle Gym

This little kid has the ab definition of an adult, and we wouldn’t want to mess with him on the playground. While he looks like a little bada*s, growing muscles like this can stunt his growth. Building muscles strains the tendons and can affect the growth plates.

little kid with a six-pack
Source: Facebook / bodybuildingmotivationofficialpage

While it might be cool to see a little kid with a six-pack, there are bigger risks that come with this. Doctors recommend light resistance training, not bodybuilding. We hope these muscles don’t affect his growth in the future. For now, he can flex on all his opponents.

Baby Got Back

It’s not every day that you see a woman with defined back muscles like these. Having a powerful back can help you excel in all your athletic pursuits. The back muscles are involved in many other movements, like pulling your arms down and twisting your torso.

woman with defined back muscles
Source: Twitter / femalebodybuil6

What bodybuilding is all about is dedication and hard work. You can see that with this woman’s back, it didn’t happen overnight. She’s worked hard for this physique, and it’s definitely paid off. However, it would be strange to see her in a setting outside the gym.

Flexing Her Face Muscles

Bodybuilders train all year for the big competition, and nothing compares to the rush they feel when they step on stage. As the crowd cheers and they flex for the judges, the competitors do their best to smile or keep a serious face. This woman went a little overboard with her facial expression.

A female bodybuilder in a competition
Source: Reddit

Maybe someone took the photo in the middle of her changing her facial expression. Whoever took this picture should have deleted it and taken a new one. It’s possible that this is just her regular smile, but it looks terrifying.

Turning His Life Around

Kids can be cruel, and Yanik Marquis understands that. Growing up, Yanik was bullied because of his weight throughout school, so as he got older, he wanted to start lifting weights to appear more intimidating. He never intended to get into bodybuilding.

Yanik Marquis – side by side
Source: Facebook / Yanik Marquis

When he started to see the results, Yanik decided to try bodybuilding at 18. He didn’t have any plans but wanted to see where it would take him. Eight years later, he won Mr. Wales, and his transformation is incredible. Although it was tough, it made him a stronger man in more ways than one.

He Inspired Many People

Choon Tan is well-known in the bodybuilding world because he is only 4’10” due to a genetic mutation. He is Britain’s smallest bodybuilder, and he got to that point because after being bullied and turning his attention to the gym. Choon knew it would be a good outlet for him.

Choon Tan
Source: Facebook / Choon Tan

Choon said, “I didn’t feel I was as good or the same as everyone else. I got bullied and tormented because of it. Those several years were undoubtedly the worst of my life, but it is what led me to an incredible eye-opening journey.” He uses his platform to inspire others.

Competition Ready

If you have never been to a bodybuilding competition, seeing how people step out on stage might be shocking. Bodybuilders get deep spray tans to show off their defined muscles, and they usually look as brown as leather. It’s definitely not a natural look.

A female in a bodybuilding competition
Source: Reddit

The tan, combined with the makeup and wacky hairstyle, makes it look even more bizarre and scary. She seems to be very happy with the outcome that shows off her big muscles. We wonder if the judges give points for a competitor’s tan.

Not the Average Family Photo

Moms, do you feel overwhelmed by all of your duties? Cooking, cleaning, and tending to your kids’ physical and emotional needs can be a lot to handle! But don’t worry, there’s a hobby that can help with that stress. Bodybuilding!

Family Photo with mom as a bodybuilder
Source: Reddit

You can reduce stress and feel better overall by working out and building your muscles. Some kids would be embarrassed by their mom’s muscles, but this family is supportive, and they enjoy flexing with her. Maybe one of them will take up bodybuilding in the future too.

She’s More Than a Record Holder

Stefi Cohen has worked hard to achieve her muscular physique, but she is more than a record-holding powerlifter. Stefi is also a physical therapist and an Instagram sensation. She is the record holder for deadlifting, squatting, and benching astonishing amounts of weight.

Stefi Cohen
Source: Instagram / steficohen

Her physical therapy clients must be inspired to build their strength after working with Stefi. We would trust her to understand how the body works because she had to have that knowledge to build her muscles. We would want to know how she achieved that look.

No Photoshop Here

This man clearly has goals. He wakes up every morning and hits the gym, never taking a day off. He does pull-ups, lat pull-downs, and all kinds of dumbbell rows. His results are impressive, but they may not be achievable without help.

A bodybuilder presenting his impressive back muscles
Source: Reddit

He might be using some special juice to achieve these goals. And by juice, we mean steroids because this is very unattainable. It’s not a safe option, and some inject steroids right into their muscles. Abusers have been known to take 10 to 100 times more than a doctor would prescribe.

That’s a Small Swimsuit

Compared to his Hulk-like muscles, this man’s speedo is quite small. Some might compare him to a juiced-up Thor with his long hair and smoldering stare; he could be the bodybuilder version of the famous Marvel character. However, he is no Chris Hemsworth.

A bodybuilder looking at the camera
Source: Reddit

Although he doesn’t have the name recognition in Hollywood, he could be a good option as a stand-in for Thor. Some may like this look, but his muscles look more like bubbles than something a person spent months building in the gym.

Veterinarian By Day and Bodybuilder By Night

Danica Goodheart is impressive in many ways. She not only works hard in the gym, but she also defends the country and helps animals. She shared, “I had always wanted to serve my country and decided what better way to serve than helping to heal and treat our four-legged soldiers.”

Danica Goodheart
Source: Reddit / RespectMyAuthoriteh

Fans love following Danica’s progress on Instagram because she shares gym pictures and photos of her furry patients. She is motivated, caring, smart, and patriotic. Who wouldn’t look up to someone like Danica for all that she does? We think she is very inspiring.

Spot the Difference

Bodybuilding competitions allow people to show off their hard work and ripped muscles. Most people spend months training for the big day, but one person in the lineup looks slightly different. Instead of hitting the gym and the tanning salon, this guy took a different approach.

Bodybuilding competitions
Source: Reddit

He may have spent time training, but his muscles aren’t standing out against the competition. Unlike his competitors, he stuck with his natural skin tone, which is unusual for a bodybuilding competition. We have to give him props for entering to competition in the first place.

She Can Outlift You

Jessica Buettner became a well-known Canadian powerlifter after she turned to the gym to help with her medical problem. Jessica was diagnosed with diabetes and decided to start working out to stay healthy. She spent many hours at the gym and enjoyed the results internally and externally.

Jessica Buettner
Source: Instagram / djessicabuettner

Jessica can deadlift a whopping 545 pounds and continues to push her limits. She said, “Once you find something that makes you feel good about yourself, whatever that is, work at it, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.” For Jessica, that thing was powerlifting, and she hasn’t given up.

A Doctor and a Bodybuilder

Yuan Herong is an inspiration to many because she is a doctor in China who practices traditional Chinese medicine and participates in fitness competitions in her free time. She started practicing martial arts at a young age and started lifting weights as she got older.

Yuan Herong
Source: Instagram / yuanherong.1229

Yuan has amassed a large following on Instagram because people are amazed that she has the time to work out so much on top of her job as a doctor. She’s like a real-life Superwoman. Yuan goes to the gym at least five days a week and has competed in many bodybuilding competitions.

Miss Olympia

Some people might not like this look, but Shanique Grant is proud of her body because she is a two-time winner of the Miss Olympia competition. She worked hard to achieve that incredible goal but decided to retire from bodybuilding at 25 years old.

Shanique Grant
Source: Instagram / therealfitnessbeauty

She shared with her followers, “I have been, and I am ready to finally announce my retirement. There’s so much more life to live.” Grant said she was ready to start the next chapter of her life as a mom and wife and wanted to travel the world.

She’s Got the Definition

Building muscle and cutting fat is challenging because you have to know the right and healthy way to do it. Some people think cutting all carbs is the way to go, but there needs to be a healthy balance between carbs and protein. This girl figured out the right combination to show off her definition.

A female bodybuilder
Source: Twitter / femalebodybuil6

Although there are many fad diets out there, The key to building muscle and cutting fat is a balance of protein and healthy carbs. According to WebMD, “More than half your calories should come from healthy carbs.” So if you want to look like this fit woman, you need to get your nutrition right.

Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny Yellow Bikini

For women’s bodybuilding competitions, competitors wear very tiny bikinis to give the judges a good view of all their muscles. We would be afraid to stand on a stage in a bikini that small, but this woman is proud of her itsy bitsy, teeny weeny yellow bikini.

A female bodybuilder in a bikini
Source: Twitter / femalebodybuil6

Although it would be weird to see a bikini that small in any other setting, these swimsuits cover up all the important areas while showing off the important muscles. Men also wear small mankinis and go topless. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

Always Flexing

This woman just won the competition and posed for a photo with her medal. She looks stunning with her flowing blonde hair and perfectly made-up face. Unlike many bodybuilding competitors, this woman didn’t go overboard with her tan, and her face actually matched her body.

A female bodybuilder looking at the camera
Source: Twitter / femalebodybuil6

She spent many years transforming her body and loves to show off the results. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! This woman lives by that motto and never misses the opportunity to pose. It’s interesting to see that she is in a one-piece instead of a bikini.

A Flexing Bride

Don’t be confused; even the strongest bodybuilders have a soft side. Even on this woman’s wedding day, she doesn’t miss an opportunity to flex her muscles. She probably hit the gym the morning of her wedding so her muscles would pop on her big day.

A female bodybuilder in a wedding dress
Source: Twitter / femalebodybuil6

We wonder if her husband is also a bodybuilder. Their wedding pictures will probably include them benching each other and flexing all their muscles. Is her husband wearing a sleeveless tuxedo so he can show off his biceps? That would be a unique style.

Competition Ready

This woman is just days away from the competition and ready to wow the judges. Her muscles are bulging, and every cut is visible. We would love to see her gym routine because we go to the gym regularly and have never gotten results like this.

A female bodybuilder showing her body
Source: Twitter / femalebodybuil6

Maybe she can share her gym secrets with us so we can figure out how to get these results too. You would probably need a professional trainer to get anywhere close to this because it is all about technique and balance. Bodybuilding is a science and an art.