Nightmare Wedding Fails Caught on Camera

Weddings have evolved tremendously over the years, and regardless of anyone’s personal feelings about them, they are not going away. Nothing will change the fact that people will continue to marry. What will change, however, is the number of hysterical wedding stories shared on social media.

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Every small thing will be documented, especially with the way Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and other sites have become more and more popular, and we’re here to collect some of the greatest. Continue reading and laughing – hopefully, you won’t find a story that reminds you of your own wedding.

A Maid of Dishonor

The bride usually chooses her sister or best friend to be the maid of honor. And she’s usually the best person to keep things running smoothly during all of the commotion that a wedding brings. From all she did, we believe this MoH got the wrong set of instructions.

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We understand the pressure, but it’s obvious that this lady was a little too eager to get the party started. Most of those things are okay but damaging the bride’s dress in such a memorable way would likely result in you being barred from future weddings.

He’s Already Letting Her Down

In his defense, the groom had good intentions. He believed that the best way to start his holy matrimony was picking up the gorgeous bride and carrying her away. But he forgot something important: people can be quite heavy. The average bride weighs between 120 and 180 pounds.

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Sure, she could hold on to him, but with all that excess clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other belongings, it’s no surprise things didn’t go as planned. They’re both splayed on the grass, legs and arms flailing, yet they seem to be happy. This was, thankfully, after it had been made official.

Hot Dogs for the Wedding Reception

Yes, there was once a wedding reception where the only food served was $200 worth of hot dogs. Not even some of the more upscale brands, such as Ballpark or Hebrew National – just plain franks. We hope that at least there were toppings and buns to accompany all that meat.

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We’re not sure what the wedding party did to save the day, but we hope the older guests pointed them in the direction of the best places to buy cookies on short notice. Hot dogs aren’t bad as a food choice, but ONLY hot dogs at the reception? Nah.

We’re Going to Have to Start Without You

We had no idea something like this could happen. A wedding actually only requires two people, and it can’t happen if one of them isn’t present. We get it’s a busy day for him, and there are other weddings, so he would love to move things along quickly.

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Plus, the sermon, which doesn’t really need the bride and groom, takes up a solid hour of a Catholic wedding (we think). They might get some useful advice, but there isn’t going to be a test. We wonder how long the bride took to make him start without her.

A Pain the A**

People who have attended multiple weddings understand that they must be prepared for anything, which is why they carry pockets and handbags. A handful of safety pins will ensure that even the worst and unexpected fashion accident won’t be a problem until the day is done.

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We’re sure this wasn’t comfortable – the groom even commented that driving to the church was a pain in the butt – literally. And it may be obvious to some of the guests, but it’s still better than going pantsless. Or worse, wearing the wrong pair of pants!

Only Two of You and Seven of Us

Many of the stories on this list are nominal wedding flops, and they may not have a significant impact on the moods of the guests. This, on the other hand, is the kind of thing that will spark a generation-long feud. A family who wasn’t invited ate the entire cake.

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This meant the couple didn’t enjoy any of it. There was no explanation provided, and no apology appeared to be forthcoming. There was also no offer of a replacement cake or a refund. The cake was now theirs. Hopefully, that family was satisfied because they won’t have many more opportunities.

Little Man Had Something to Say

Calm down, kiddo; mom and dad are busy. We’re surprised people still do the “does anyone disagree to this union” part – you’d think that a few years of rom-coms would have pushed people to just skip that part. There will be no last-minute confessions of love here.

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However, it’s likely that this story took place further back in time than the tweet suggests. Obviously, the toddler boy had no idea what was going on, but nothing was going to change for him anyway. Life will go on in the same way it always has.

The Wind Is Telling Us Something

People who don’t know any better have a running joke that women want to get married, but men don’t or are not too excited about it. Of course, many men are eager to marry (they’re usually the ones who pop the question, after all), but for some reason, this old joke remains.

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One cake topper took a different approach by having the groom lift off and fly away, with what appear to be small footsteps descending down the cake as the bride waves goodbye. Hopefully, he didn’t get too far before he was found because those things are pretty valuable.

Kinda Looks Like a Birthday Anyway

Well, what child wouldn’t think it’s a birthday celebration if there’s a big cake, loads of gifts, the place is decorated, everyone is dressed up, there are entertaining songs and lots of cheering? One little child chose to do what needed to be done to commemorate the event.

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And from the response he got, it looked like others were on the verge of joining in. The bride and groom loved it, everyone laughed, and the rest of the evening went off without a hitch. Who knows? This is the kind of thing that could become a tradition.

Are You Sure It Was a Bee?

We guess some couples are like that. Imagine being a visitor at a wedding when two people are celebrating what may be the happiest day of their lives. Then suddenly, the groom slaps the bride across the face amidst smiles and chuckles from everyone there.

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He hurriedly explained that there was a bee, embarrassed and concerned that the behavior would be misinterpreted. There was, in fact, a bee, as evidenced by the video linked to the tweet. Well, thankfully, it wasn’t the end of the ceremony because everyone laughed, and everything got back on track.

She Got Herself Husband Material

When one of the first actions after saying “I do” is to save the bride from falling, you know he’s prepared to start the rest of his life as a married man. People have an interest in avoiding any damage to wedding gowns because they are so expensive.

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Perhaps they can sell it to someone else or keep it for a future family member. Men’s dress suits aren’t the cheapest clothes on the market, but they’re a lot less expensive than a wedding gown, especially if you just need a new pair of pants.

She Got Her Life’s Purpose from a Wedding Fail

Not only did this woman get to marry her best friend, but she also got some excellent career advice from the helpers. We can’t say for sure if these two scientists’ prompt thinking saved the dress, but it’s evident that the bride had a revelation regarding her career choice.

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After getting her PhD, hopefully, she now knows how to fix red wine spills on wedding gowns. Even though there have been several red wine spills on white dresses since it started happening, she refused to reveal the solution. We suspect it was most likely in the 1500s.

We All Need Somebody to Lean On

It used to be much more common to have little ones carry the rings down the aisle or sprinkle flowers in front of the bride. While they can be cute, and it’s great to involve young family members, they don’t always work out.

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The flower girl in this example was afraid of being the focus of attention unless she had her beloved stuffed animal, Simba from “The Lion King,” with her. Great choice, because what’s more powerful to walk you down the aisle than a big lion that is also a king?

No Better Way to Start the Marriage

You’d be shocked at how many wedding memories involve fire. Having a lot of flammable fabric and using attractive candles isn’t always a good idea. This one was a little different from other ring bearer stories in that the subject of the story walked down the aisle without trouble.

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But then it all came crashing down after the job had been completed. If such a small tray toppled it over, it had to be a rather small table. Or perhaps the kid is just quite strong, and it was more similar to a dining table.

You Have to Let People Sing

This would be super awkward. People love to sing along to popular wedding songs, and being shot down while singing out the favorites puts a damper on the party. Perhaps this was meant to be a bandleader who would set the mood, but you have to let other people sing!

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Sometimes, that’s the whole idea of music! Are you expecting them to simply dance and not flaunt their pipes? Was this type of entertainment requested by the bridal party? And, if that’s the case, why didn’t anyone warn them that it wouldn’t go over well?

Saying the Vows Right

We’re all vulnerable to emotional outbursts at times. It could be a sad movie, a cute dog, or trying to say something meaningful to the most significant person in your life on the most significant day of your life. Whatever. It happens all the time.

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This woman was rendered speechless by her new husband’s poetic lines. And when it was time for hers, she probably felt there was no way she could beat that. Her response was definitely not what the groom expected as all she could mumble was “Ditto.”

It Could’ve Been Worse

Imagine you’re walking down the opulent doorway that leads into your reception hall, and you look down only to see something that will sink your heart. Toilet paper is really useful for a variety of reasons, but it has a knack for clinging to areas where it doesn’t belong.

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Especially after it has been on a moist bathroom floor. We’re sure that there are many times this has brought public shame to people. While it’s a regular issue, trust us when we say there are worse things to have stuck to your shoe after exiting the bathroom.

Holding On for Dear Life

We wish we could’ve seen this happen, but we’re glad we didn’t have to because we could have died of second-hand embarrassment. People are known to do some weird things at weddings and other celebrations, and this one was no exception. This groomsman was eager to be the next groom.

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So much so that he went atop a chandelier to grab the garter belt and swung around on it – surprisingly, the chandelier did not fall to the ground. He didn’t see the garter belt had already dropped. Maybe he had fun pretending to be an ape on a tire swing.

Are You Sure That Wasn’t Planned?

We don’t know how someone could have three grandmothers, but there are a few possibilities. Perhaps one of them was a grandmother-in-law or a step-grandmother. Regardless, the chances of all three matriarchs wearing the same outfit had to be one in a million. Of course, it looks nice on them.

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But we have a difficult time believing this wasn’t planned unless there was a big sale. They appeared to be wearing similar shoes as well. A grandmother’s instinct? Hard to believe, but one of them is wearing a lengthy necklace, while the other two aren’t. So, maybe it wasn’t planned.

A Fall She’ll Never Forget

Nerves can affect everyone, even those who aren’t marrying. Sure, the bride and groom are expected to be nervous, and the ring bearer may not appreciate the extra attention, but the maid of honor is supposed to be there to help, not to fall down the stairs.

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But it was okay – no one in their right mind could be angry with someone who had fallen down the steps. She was fine. And there’s more wonderful news! Since the video was recorded, people all across the world have watched this young woman’s embarrassing moment.

Need to Reconsider Your Choices

Potential brides and grooms, remember that the wedding is yours, but the reception is for your guests. It’s your party, but the reception’s goal is to ensure everyone else is happy too. Of course, there are tons of aspects exclusively for you, but there is no reception without visitors.

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While it’s not always a good idea to make fun of your guests for their music choices, a song like “Christmas Shoes,” which is virtually universally hated, deserves to be mocked. The guest, on the other hand, was game and decided to put on a show.

Your Siblings Are There to Embarrass You

Sisters and brothers may have grown up, moved out, started careers, established businesses, and gotten married, but they are always siblings. They grew up together, so there will always be squabbles and embarrassing memories brought up at the most awkward times. This photograph was captured by a wedding photographer.

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It shows a member of the bridal party falling out of another bridesmaid’s arms with a horrified expression on her face. And it has become one of the centerpieces of the new bride’s home decor. Every time the sister comes to visit, she is sure to be reminded of it.

He May Deserve a Stone-Cold Stunner

If this is the immediate response to an action like the one described in the story, then someone is watching a little too much wrestling. Of course, we don’t know if he grabbed the chair without realizing it was going to be the bride’s seat.

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Or maybe he did it deliberately because he thought it would be hilarious. If the latter is the case, he may well be deserving of a Stone-Cold Stunner or anything similar. Also, congrats to the bride who can swing a chair after a long day of wedding celebrating.

Four Hours Is Enough Time to Get a New DJ, Right?

We’re glad she called him out on Twitter. It’s cold but undeniably well-deserved. In case you missed the larger context, this is what practically everyone refers to as “theft,” unless there was a documented agreement. However, no deal signed would allow the DJ to walk away with all the money.

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At least, we’re sure no one with a brain would want to sign. Unless they didn’t want to marry. So, just to be clear, DJ Gravy Legs isn’t someone you want spinning at your wedding or anywhere else. DJ Gravy Legs, are you reading this? Feel the shame.

This Was a Disastrous Wedding – And We’re Being Nice

Some weddings are doomed from the start. They aren’t always catastrophic wrecks like this one, but they can still be devastating. We don’t think one thing went right here. From playing horrifyingly graphic music, sabotaging the wedding, and causing serious property damage, maybe they should’ve just eloped.

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Why did the best man hide the marriage license? This is another creative way to say “no” to the question of “who objects to this marriage?” Maybe he should’ve just declined to be the best man if he wasn’t a fan of the union. And the cash gifts? Oh, God.

Time to Exchange the Vowels

Writing seems simple, but there are countless ways in which it can go horribly wrong. Every keystroke is a potential disaster, and if the person writing the programs doesn’t like to use spell check, you could wind up with something like this. Even then, most spell checkers would have missed the mistake.

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That’s because “vowels” is spelled correctly. It’s simply not the right word. Give it to a friend to look over if you’re concerned about something like this. We use blinders when we do art, even if it’s only a program. Others are better at spotting errors than we are.

All Before the Wedding

We kind of don’t want to see what the reception is like if this is the kind of thing you have to do before the wedding. But maybe we should go see it because it’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This was shaping up to be a disastrous wedding from the beginning.

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Just in case you didn’t figure it out, the bride was being shot in the backside. Also, “derriere” isn’t the easiest word to spell, especially when you’re recovering from the ridiculous injuries that follow you around as they do for this couple. Was there a wild pre-wedding bash or what?

You Have an Idea What to Expect On D-Day

Even if the next day is the most crucial of their lives, many people take advantage of having their friends around to let off steam. Most people know that they’ll have to get up early the next day to set up decorations, get their makeup done, or whatever.

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But there are a few that have a little too much fun. This groom was twenty minutes late, but that was nothing compared to the groomsmen. They never showed up. It was only a rehearsal, so it didn’t hurt too much, but she should know what to expect on D-Day.

A Wedding in Iowa Should Be Normal, Right? Um…No

For those who don’t know, a walk-about is an Australian tradition. It has its origins in Aboriginal culture, where men would travel long distances to learn about themselves and the environment around them, form relationships, learn skills, and grow stronger. This guy didn’t precisely do that.

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But he still went on a walk. Another groomsman reportedly got into a confrontation with his girlfriend in a cornfield during the wedding, and they had to bail him out with the dollar dance money. We’d expect a wedding in Iowa wouldn’t be that strange, but what do we know?

The Groomsmen Suffer Too

Ladies in high heels complain about how uncomfortable they are, yet they aren’t in danger of passing out. Unless you’re wearing a pair of REALLY bad high heels. And groomsmen who wear dress shoes and are obliged to stay immobile for lengthy periods suffer too.

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Locking your legs can slow blood flow to your heels, making you dizzy. When you add in tight ties, extreme heat, and a few pre-wedding drinks, you’ve got a formula for catastrophe. It can sometimes generate a domino effect, like in this scenario, which, while embarrassing, is rarely dangerous.

Look, There’s Fire On Your Tail

Candles can be found in a lot of weddings, but they can also be found in a lot of wedding disasters. That’s how it is with open flames. It’s difficult not to include candles because they provide soft light, a pleasant aroma, and are a nice addition to the ambience.

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But it might not be worth it if your granny catches fire and inadvertently exposes herself to the entire wedding. Not a great look. It’s a nice story to tell, but Grandma was probably not pleased with the situation. She didn’t even get a chance to dance.

You’re Lucky She Already Said “I Do”

There are many unwritten wedding conventions. One of them is whatever the bride wants, she gets. Maybe within reason, but if it’s possible, it’ll happen. This bride wanted a lot of bacon. Now, we know the effects of food on your waistline don’t show for a day or two.

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But bacon could be a little bit different because it contains a lot of salt. What does that mean? It causes water retention and swelling. This can cause fingers to swell out like little sausages, making it more difficult to slip that lovely new ring on her hand.

It’s the Memory That Counts

We bet you can count on one hand how many yodeling bands have performed at weddings. Except, of course, for the yodeling frenzy in 1974. You couldn’t throw a bridal bouquet without hitting a yodeling group on their way to a wedding gig. But not many people still think it’s a good idea.

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Even though we’re alone in this, we think it’s unique anyway. Plus, they’re likely to be reasonably priced, which is always a plus if you’re trying to keep your expenses under control. A laptop connected to Spotify is likely less expensive, but how valuable are those memories?

What Could Go Wrong? Everything

The bridesmaid succumbed to the heat, and the groom’s food choices eventually caught up with him. The DJ had a problem with the sound system, and everyone had to stand the whole ceremony because the preacher forgot his cues. The last one is probably the worst of the bunch.

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Weddings regularly attract the elderly, who aren’t always prepared to stand for an hour in the heat of a destination wedding in their finest attire. Did any of them defy protocol and sit when they weren’t supposed to? Or did they join the pastor in solidarity and stand all through?

Age Is Just a Number

This story uses a lot of personal pronouns and doesn’t use enough commas, yet you can still figure out where things went wrong pretty quickly. We can only imagine that this was a grown woman capable of rescuing a young child from an alpaca pen.

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Yet she still felt compelled to enlist the child’s seven-year-old sister. We doubt this caused much disruption. Who knows, maybe the alpacas went on a stampede because of the kid. Perhaps the bride had a severe allergy to alpacas and didn’t realize it until the trio returned covered in fur.

We Wouldn’t Hold Our Breath for That Payment

Although conventional wedding cakes are waning in popularity to cupcakes, donut tables, and candy buffets, they are still a popular choice for the happy couple’s big day. Wedding cake bakers make a decent penny thanks to their baking and decorating ability, but a pre-made frozen cake isn’t right.

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As a business, delivering something other than what you promised is unacceptable behavior. The cherry on top of this story is the demand for payment. This caterer apparently ran out of food as well, causing the bride and groom to head to Taco Bell. What a disaster.

That Was Kinda Obvious

Despite the strawberries being special and lovely and meant for the bride and groom, this woman was supposedly told that she could eat them. So, who is to blame for this? We’ll go with the unidentified “she,” who could be the caterer, a friend, or even the bride herself.

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Almost anything, especially certain costly fruits, sounds nice if you’re hungry at a wedding. According to the story’s poster, she should have known better. Maybe if those unique strawberries were set apart, but someone still said they were fair game. She’s clearly embarrassed, but she didn’t know, right?

That Was the DJ’s Special

You’ll need to give people extremely specific instructions if you want everything to go smoothly on your wedding day. You must create a seating plan, communicate with the caterer, and finalize all reservations with the venue. After all of that work, you could forget about the DJ.

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The DJ will request that you select an entrance song. If you don’t, he will choose one for you, and you might not like the song he chooses. “Cotton-Eyed Joe” is a popular song, whether it’s the original or a cover version, but is it a good entrance song?

Kids Are Wild Cards

According to the story, the daughter declined to walk down the aisle alongside the ring bearer, instead opting to walk with the bride and the bride’s father. Cute, but not normal. This young lady, for whatever reason, refused to accept a piece of jewelry from the groom.

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She claimed that she already had one. Yeah, but you had another one, and it would also keep Mom from blaming you for the wedding’s failure. Children’s behavior can be startling at times. So, we suggest that you tread carefully with these creatures on your big day.

Making a Good Impression

Being asked to stand at a wedding is an honor. In whatever position you’re there as, whether as the maid of honor or best man, you’re there because you’re important to the couple. This best man may have been a little tongue-tied, but the off-the-cuff remark almost certainly made everyone laugh.

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Except for the bridegroom, who is reconsidering the promise he made. We’re not sure who the bride would be more pissed at, Howie or the best man. Or maybe both of them. Even if a repeat is possible, we’re sure that the best man will be someone else.

Little Man Wasn’t Ready

Although children are aware that weddings are exceptional, it takes some time for them to grasp exactly what is going on. Surprisingly, this toddler was already aware of the implications that came with walking down the aisle. This free spirit was too enamored with bachelorhood.

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And he couldn’t even make it to the altar without his father, who escorted him with the rings. He escaped with his finger free of a ring, which allowed him to enjoy the reception like the lady’s man he was. Maybe someday he’ll be ready…but not right now!

Was It Really a Mistake, Though?

Just ask Ross Geller how a little slip of the tongue during a wedding can lead to tragedy. Although this was clearly just an anxious bride who made a blunder, it likely caused a number of people in the audience to gasp and exchange side-eye stares.

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Was the bride amused, and did she correctly repeat the statement? Did the priest carry on without blinking? Did the groom make a fuss? We don’t know, but it’s certainly enough content for an emotional sitcom episode. We don’t want to speculate anything, but that’s a pretty convenient tongue slip.

Looks Like It’s Your Fault

Stuff like heat, heavy clothes, uncomfortable shoes, and other factors have caused many best men to pass out at a wedding. And unless you have a psychic in the pews, these occurrences are unpredictable. Obviously, the best man was revived, but what happens after?

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Is he just going to stand in the same place? If he isn’t relegated to a wonderful, pleasant pew, at the very least, buy him a chair to prevent this from happening again. The storyteller said “former friend” at the beginning. We hope this didn’t cause a friendship collapse.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Although the Baha Men haven’t exactly blazed their way to the top of the charts since their number one hit single in July of 2000, that song still gets people pumped to dance. Unless, of course, it’s meant to be a married couple’s first dance.

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There are a few people who would be fine with this, but not many. Unlike many other iconic first-dance songs, the track was a Grammy winner. Ironically, the version of the song that we all know, and love was not the original one composed by the Baha Men.

When You’ve Got Too Many Names to Remember

Many people have problems remembering names. Whether the first or last name, they just can’t quite recall it later, especially if they’ve heard it only once at a party or something like that. Of course, most of those people aren’t in charge of announcing the names to a packed church.

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At least this priest was geographically close, as he exchanged an Irish name for a Scottish one…maybe that’s what makes it even worse. We don’t know anymore. Thankfully, he soon corrected himself, everyone laughed, and it immediately became a story that people told.

From the Reception to the ER

Sure, this action may have landed the bride in the ER, but she was unhurt. That is what is most important in this situation. Also, could you please explain what “leaping the bridesmaid” means? We assume it’s jumping over her while she’s crouched on the ground.

Source: Twitter

But there are plenty of people who believe it’s something different. Was this planned? Was one of the bridesmaids involved? Let this serve as a lesson to everyone: drinking is fine, but make sure you can still do your job, such as not injuring someone else.

The Chair Guy Was the Ex

Well, needs must be met, even if it means tearing some park benches out of the ground so the aged could sit. How hard could it have been for the chair guy to just come on time? If this story is to be believed, they probably never showed up.

Source: Twitter

People expect to get their money’s worth when they pay a lot for elegant wedding chairs. This demands the presence of chairs, at the very least. Thankfully there was some nice, soft grass for people to sit – as long as they could find an open spot.

Bringing the Minions to the Party

Yes, they’re popular, but we’re not sure Gru’s loud yellow helpers are ideal for a wedding. If you’re wearing a black suit, bright yellow typically doesn’t go well, although certain people might be able to pull it off. Darker colors suit the majority of people.

Source: Twitter

Oh, and the bride forgot her bouquet. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until you’re standing at the altar with empty hands. So, what do you do now? Well, one thing is sure – no one from the marriage is getting wedded any time soon.

He Had Good Intentions

Back in the day – and we’re talking decades ago – the bride’s father accompanied the bride down the aisle because she was still a member of his family until she married her new husband. It’s now a symbol of the two families uniting, and the tradition lives on.

Source: Twitter

Tradition, of course, took an uncomfortable turn in this case. Just before the big event, Dad’s pants were split down the middle. There are several examples of men tearing their pants apart, but they are usually not men who want to appear their finest in front of their little girl.

She Showed Up Like a Legend

What could have made the bride sick on her big day? We will never know. But we know that this party was one misstep away from being a disaster. The bride had to go to the hospital and made it to her own wedding by a slim whisker.

Source: Twitter

Even when they’re in good health, some people can’t bear going to receptions; imagine going to one when you’re sick and feel nauseated. But could she have skipped out? After all, it’s her reception. It would feel very strange if the wedding guests were the only ones present.

It’ll Be Your Turn Soon

There are many jokes about it, but it’s rare for a man to go through with a wedding he doesn’t want. Men are the ones who usually ask, so they’re quite always sure it’s exactly what they want. There’s substantial proof that married men live longer, are happier, and are more successful.

Source: Twitter

But there are still a few comedians who believe that being married is a negative thing. One of the groomsmen wrote a message on the bottom of the groom’s shoes which everyone could see as they knelt for communion. It may be funny now, but it’ll be someone’s turn soon.

The Dad Was Right

As you get older, you understand how much your parents have sacrificed in order to raise you. Jobs, debts, and medical concerns are all on the horizon. That’s simply the tip of the iceberg. Your loving parents may end up knowing you better than you do after all that time and effort.

Source: Twitter

So, if one of them has a major issue with the person you’re marrying, at least listen to them. They could be completely wrong, but they sometimes have a point, like in this case, when a father embarrassed his daughter, only for him to end up being right.

Shirtless With the Ice Sculpture

Weddings may be solemn occasions, but the reception is clearly a celebration. People dance, eat too much, drink too much, and make fools of themselves – we all need time to let loose every now and then. On this occasion, the groomsmen decided that they wanted some alone time…

Source: Twitter

…with the ice sculpture (the design is unknown). So what did they do? Well, what any of us would have done in that situation; they removed their shirts and parked them in the photo booth. We’ll assume there is evidence. After all, it was the photo booth.

Still Paid a Price

The bride’s brother, a doctor, was asked to photograph the reception, but he failed in a very specific way – there were no pictures of the memorable reception. Oops. It may seem difficult to believe that a doctor could make such an error, but doctors are experts in their own fields.

Source: Twitter

They may be able to set a bone, but are they capable of flying a combat plane? Or replacing the engine filter on a car? Or how about making supreme nachos? Not all the time. If she tried to save costs on a photographer, they paid a higher price here.

Pick Up Your Chairs, People

Weddings are expensive because most people want them to be big and memorable celebrations that guests and the happy couple will remember for the rest of their lives. Many people believe it is only right to go all-out, whereas others are continually striving to stretch their hard-earned money.

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This dad thought up a way to save a few bucks by having guests take their own chairs to the reception instead of paying one of the companies that inflate wedding costs. Is this a cost-cutting strategy? Yep. Is it a little strange to have your guests do this? Yep!

A Thumbs Up to Everyone

Weddings are typically solemn, so brief moments of humor hit a little more. A well-timed joke from the preacher or a funny grin from the groom will liven things up and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. It was a young flower girl who was livening things up this time.

Source: Twitter

She had every right to do so because that’s how the wedding planner did it during the rehearsal. Why shouldn’t the ritual continue all the way to the big day? Everyone was laughing, but it was definitely a “laughing with” rather than a “laughing at” moment.

Down the Hill She Went

Wedding photographs are one of the things that many people will remember fondly, even if they were not present. Photographers are usually paid well to get the greatest pictures, so they have a lot of say over how people are posed, which way they turn, and other details.

Source: Twitter

This photographer insisted on a jumping motion, and it ended badly for one of the bridesmaids. It’s one thing to have a messed-up dress, and it’s another to have a ruined bouquet, but having both at the same time at a wedding is a dreadful moment for everyone.

She’s Crying…But Not for You

Tears flow at weddings, which is normal. You can’t help but cry when you witness someone you care about getting married or taking the next significant step in their life. It’s strange, but it’s the way things are. The mother of the bride is usually the culprit.

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And she’s usually the reason why others have to comfort someone. But this was a little different. According to the story, they came to a halt halfway down the aisle to fix it. This is a cute story, but when you consider they did that in front of everyone…er… okay then.

Petition to Ban Chandeliers from Weddings

The bouquet toss is a combination of party game, tradition, and stress relief. The bride has to hold it the flowers the entire time, and it’s now the responsibility of someone else. The bride gathers all the single ladies, turns her back, and tosses the bouquet over her shoulder.

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There’s no need to practice. Even the heaviest bouquets weigh only a pound or two, and the weight is distributed evenly. However, if you don’t check the area around you, things may not go as planned. It’s interesting how chandeliers have a habit of catching the bouquet, though.

He Was Just Helping Out

The reason why the bridal bouquet toss is such a big deal and hotly contested is because of what happens if you catch it – or what people believe will happen anyway. The wedding energy is passed down by the bride. The single lady who catches it will be the next to walk down the aisle.

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Well, at least that’s the belief. There will surely be some chuckles from those in the know if the toss goes astray and a nine-year-old happens to pick it up. Of course, the bouquet’s effectiveness has a minimum age limit, and nine is well below it.

The Party Ends When the Don Is Done

Weddings take a lot of time and effort. You must set up the venue and reception area (typically in separate locations), as well as tear them down to an acceptable level. Chairs and tables, lights, decorations such as balloons or banners, and who knows what else are all there.


When the end comes, a little bit of assistance goes a long way, and this lad was prepared to chip in. He did it, however, before the night was done, leaving people without any music to dance to. He had the right idea, but the timing was crucial.

The Bee Found a New Friend to Play With

While indoor weddings are the traditional choice, many people prefer to have their wedding outside. It provides fresh air and some lovely aromas if you choose the appropriate spot, and the sun is always a plus. Of course, there are some drawbacks, such as curious bumblebees.

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They’ll probably be enthralled by all the new blooms. As the story explains, this might create problems if one of the bees becomes overly friendly. If you don’t have any other options, you’ll have to run, even if it means that all eyes will be on you.

He Was Making His Presence Felt

How old must a pair of dress shoes be before they begin to fall apart as you walk? Years? Decades? Do you keep them in the same closet as the acid barrels? The word “disintegrating” conjures up images of the soles’ molecules imploding into a sludgy, goopy mess.

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But it was most likely just chunks of hard rubber being pulled away. Unfortunately, this means the guy couldn’t cut a rug unless he wanted the whole room to know that his shoes were gone. If he really wanted to, then he’d make sure the dance floor was heavily crowded.

If Your Wedding Gifts Are Conditional, Just Don’t Go

We’re going to be nice to this person and assume he’s considering what he did a ‘fail,’ since it was indeed a complete failure. When you realized you couldn’t get drunk, you returned to your present and grabbed money from it? So free drinks were the only reason you gave money?

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This guy is simply putting his L on display for all of us to see. If you happen to see this, know that you are the villain in this story. So, in your book, no drinks means no gift. If that’s the case, then don’t go to the wedding!

Not So Slow Now, Is He?

Doing things at the right speed can be difficult if you’re five years old. You have no idea how things work, but you’re eager to figure it out. You can either race or crawl around, and this ring-bearing display has both options checked. Too slow?

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Well, let’s pick up the pace then. I’m five years old and a natural runner. This will be the quickest wedding ever. Hopefully, no rings were lost, or groomsmen were knocked over, and the wedding was just an amusing experience that will be remembered for a few years.

Keep Your Head Up

Due to the moving and carrying they do, a catering crew member dropping a bowl or a glass on the ground is rather normal, but tripping over someone who has bent down to pet a cat is a little more unusual. Thankfully, no one was injured.

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Well, except the glasses of wine, and the cat received a cool name as a result of the incident. We can’t help but think that the person doing the petting should have been a little more careful not to crouch down in the middle of the sidewalk.

Almost Burnt the Church Down

But was it great, though? The church almost catching fire and leaving the bride in tears doesn’t sound great. Yes, it’s memorable and humorous after a while, but is it great? Let’s face it, we’ve all been to a wedding where one of the candles chooses to create havoc.

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The combination of open flames and a lot of lace isn’t exactly chocolate and peanut butter. What was supposed to be a little soft lighting and a beautiful smoky scent becomes destroyed garments and burned skin. Yes, it’s memorable…but is it great? Only if you’re an ex.

What a Nice Catering Staff

Caterers have to perform a variety of things depending on what you ask of them, but we’re not sure ‘toilet service’ is one of them. Maybe they’re offering up nice cuisine and drinks, but the restroom isn’t usually their domain. But this catering crew went above and beyond.

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All of the good stuff at weddings usually causes several toilets emergencies, and having to manually refill the toilets every time would slow things down to the point where every single guest may have to wait in line. Big props to that catering crew anyway.

The Surprise Was Worth Two Hours

While we typically do not recommend surprising the bride on her wedding day, this doesn’t seem like such a horrible idea as long as you would enjoy the music. Of course, a bride will be nervous on her wedding day, and sometimes she arrives two hours early. Why?

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Well, to ensure that everything is just how she wants it for her walk down the aisle. As a result, the surprise singers and accompanists were forced to hide in a closet. We’re hoping it was a roomy closet. A suffocating vocalist was the last thing the couple needed.

That Name Should Have Been the Deal-Breaker

Looking on the bright side, it’s fortunate that this did not happen during the ceremony. Arriving at the venue and discovering that the lovely little church you chose now has a large hole in it because some rogue teen has ruined your plans is heartbreaking.

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But knowing the place wasn’t full of guests is a huge relief. That would effectively end the wedding. And we can’t help but think that a BBQ restaurant named Hole-In-The-Wall would be an excellent choice for a rehearsal dinner caterer. You KNOW they have some excellent sauces there.

I’ll Play a Different Song, and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

If you’re a professional musician, you’re well aware that people usually have specific requests for your performances. They might want you to play some of your own music, or they might want you to play the music that they’ve chosen. They have some control over you if they pay you.

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This pianist didn’t get the memo and changed the first dance music without the couple’s knowledge – even announcing it beforehand. That’s the kind of stuff that leads to a negative Yelp review. If it’s not a DJ playing ‘Who Let the Dogs Out,’ it’s a pianist not listening to instructions.

A Thoughtful Friend and an Unreceptive Crowd

Even at their best, dad jokes are something that not everyone will appreciate. If you’re paying someone to come to a wedding just to crack jokes, you’d better get your money’s worth, even if the jokes are dad jokes. Also, one a.m.? What type of wedding celebration lasts so long?

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Anyone beyond the age of forty has long since checked out… However, it’s possible that this was the intention, as it permits the kids to continue partying without their parents there to admonish them. Was this person scheduled to appear as a special guest comedian?

It Was Out of His Control

A wedding — really, any huge event – has a lot of moving parts. You must oversee attendees, catering, the location, music, and decorations, among other things. However, some factors are beyond your control, such as long trains and the weather. But there’s one thing in your control…

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..the battery of your car – which is simply the icing on the wedding cake in this story. Being an hour late to your own wedding isn’t ideal, but it all works out in the end as long as the couple both go through with it.

Well, At Least He Saved the Day

Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines for those who don’t know. We’re sure ‘Ave Maria’ is lovely in any language, but it wasn’t quite what the bride and groom were going for. They were looking for someone who could sing in two languages.

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But it’s also possible they didn’t specify which two. Although music is crucial during a wedding, this won’t have a significant impact on the ceremony or reception. It’ll just become one of those amusing stories you tell for years. It could last longer if the singer was good.

Nearly the Most Embarrassing Moment of Her Life

We’re sure every woman has a high heel story. It may not be you, but you’ve seen some awkward situations caused by these pointed shoes. This is yet another example. High heels and some types of flooring don’t always get along, putting bridesmaids in risky situations.

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The maid of honor in this story didn’t fall over, but she came near, and she did make an exclamation that was captured on video, even if others didn’t hear it. It’s a good thing there wasn’t a party to celebrate the shared moment that went unnoticed.

Almost Missed His Big Moment

The bride’s father has waited decades to walk his daughter down the aisle. But he almost didn’t due to a technical fault. What happens if the bride’s father gets locked in an elevator shortly before he’s supposed to escort his daughter down the aisle? Unfortunate, right?

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He’ll have to climb the elevator cable to the next floor and break open the elevator door with his lucky pen (which we got from a movie, of course). Thankfully, everything worked out, and he somehow got out just in time to perform his fatherly duties.

Dedicated to His Job

When someone asks you to conduct a wedding, you should do everything to make sure everything goes smoothly, just like this warrior did. He would not be deterred by a medical condition from combining two hearts in holy matrimony. At least it happened before the ceremony began, rather than midway through.

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If it were midway, he could’ve been able to hurry things up, but this happened before the bride and groom arrived. Bravo to all involved, and while we appreciate this person’s decision, we think we’ll stick with the paramedics next time. Dying is a certain way to ruin a wedding.

She Was Certainly Rethinking Her Decision

As the woman of his dreams walked down the aisle approaching him, the groom in the picture below truly wanted his appearance to be calm, thoughtful, and even cool. But in reality, he looked like a man desperately fighting for his life to hold a fart.

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Weddings are usually solemn occasions, and this expression is a fantastic example of taking a serious event and turning it hilarious in the most inappropriate way. Thankfully, the wedding went off without a hitch and included an amusing story for the family to tell in the future.

Drawing Inspiration Word for Word

We all know it and adore it, yet the renowned movie’s speech isn’t really a conventional speech for two loving souls. To start with, almost everyone must be in on the joke. Second, it’s always preferable to create something unique than to copy what someone else has already done.

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Also, as the story points out, deliberately mispronouncing a word that you can pronounce perfectly would raise some eyebrows among people you know, and this priest was supposedly a family member. Unless someone particularly requests it, you might want to save this one for the reception.

That’s One Way to Go On Vacation

We’re sure there’s still a lot to this story, and it was impossible to fit it into one tweet. Even after traveling all the way to Hawaii, how could a marriage-to-be break apart so quickly? It was less than a day before they were supposed to tie the knot.

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And now it’s all gone? Just like that? What kind of irreconcilable differences could have caused this major split? We have a feeling there was a major revelation about one of their pasts. Worse, a destination wedding isn’t cheap –for either the couple or the guests.