Online Overconfidence Is an Invitatation to Get Roasted

A lot of people express so much confidence in the virtual space. This is a collection of hilarious conversations and photos that’d leave you wondering what all that confidence was about. these are people who pride themselves in their knowledge and abilities.

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These things can go smoothly, that is until they end up being embarrassed. And getting humiliated on the internet can really take a toll on someone’s reputation! Join us and be just as amused as we were when we looked at these examples of sense-turned-nonsense.

The Misogynistic Consuming Animal

The cow that gets milked to produce yogurt is a female cow. This dear customer purchased a yogurt case and was already making her own case, arguing why the cows who produced the milk had to be named after females.

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Yeah, we are calling out misogyny wherever we see it and trying to make the world a better place to live in. Still, a connection between misogyny and consuming animals is the wrong battle unless, of course, you’re a vegan.

Get Into Class, Son

What would this have been? So much respect that their flag has to be flown to the high heavens? Whatever his intentions were for making that comment, he definitely must have felt like a fool when the Swedish furniture company explained the rules of their country to him.

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I wouldn’t fault IKEA; how would you claim to be a citizen of a country and not be aware of their rules? The American must have thought he was bashing them. Look who got served enough to last the whole day?

Zeros Don’t Count

Someone must have thought there is a connection between a lackadaisical attitude and a truckload of zeros because why would you want to exhaust our poor zero in a place that doesn’t count? So much for trying the analytics with “accurate data.”

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I get it. He wanted to say, “Hey, you don’t have to worry about the virus-like, I am so unbothered, it kills nobody,” but guess what? It backfired. His arithmetic teacher would be sad; so much time wasted, and this guy still doesn’t understand numbers!

Internet Math is Not Math at All

More often than not, math calculations on the internet are always incorrect and used to lend credence to silly arguments. Any information that’s important and should be considered for a change is passed on.

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This isn’t a war against numbers or an internet user; this is simply enlightenment saying when it results from two entirely different tests. It can’t be summed to a whole percentage figure, and everyone with a brain cell can easily decipher that.

Source Delivered the Wrong Sauce

This was simply an example of what frustration, not just misinformation, could do. This guy’s preferred candidate probably lost at the polls and anything to just cry out for justice against voter fraud. But then, bro had the wrong data and was looking at the wrong population.

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Before you cry wolf on democracy next time, be sure you have the right data and your source is serving the right sauce, because how can a country of 3.5 million people somehow produce a total of 5 million votes? Think about it.

Not Everyone is Out to Offend You, Snowflake

I beseech you, dear internet user before you go about trying to correct grammatical errors or be anti-woke. Be sure you have a good command of your grammar.

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Here, the guy is mad about using language and objects to it being gender-inclusive, but he got it all wrong; he was fighting a harmless plural used because two names were mentioned. By all means possible, learn to read.

The Law of Natural Selection

Well, for every time you attempt to spark an intellectual discourse without doing enough homework, this is exactly how royally screwed you can be. Also, good riddance to thinking that everyone must be convinced to agree with you on a particular subject.

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There is so much confidence that got watered down by the snarky response. How would you think the early man lived about the same time the dinosaurs did? One answer, you never sat for history class. It is okay to observe social distancing in public places, but not from your history teacher.

We All Can’t Thrive in Math

He probably just thinks, ‘2000 miles can’t be so bad’ and post about it. Somebody else who lives off trying math proves him wrong, and he’s still arguing about it. He is further proved wrong by the source, and then he is still not sure if he agrees!

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Well, we all wouldn’t do well with math, so it is safe to leave numbers out of your conversations on the internet if you realize math isn’t for you. No need to always get schooled.

Write the Right Spellings

Imagine ‘innocently’ going out of your way to help a person spell correctly and being corrected in the process. You also wouldn’t want to be caught wrongly correcting the vocabulary of one of the greatest living authors of this age. He didn’t just try to spellcheck Stephen King!

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Stephen King didn’t even have to respond; he would have probably been gifted a free copy of “On Writing Well.” Hello dear, don’t just have good intentions; back it up with the right actions. The internet never forgets. Well, maybe it forgives.

Once Beaten, Twice Foolish

It is bad enough already when a man is mean, stupid, and misogynistic. It would never make any sense that a man somewhere thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to contribute to sporting matters. Then, it is altogether worse when their vocabulary is bad.

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This man gets called out for his stereotyped mindset, and he shows more stupidity in his response. Don’t you think it is proper not to be allowed an opinion in sporting matters if you don’t know how to spell it?

Exactly What I Mean

Some people just have this terrible habit of jumping on every conversation and attempting to show off their superior knowledge as an authority in whatever field. This particular jump didn’t favor this highly prized genius.

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He thought this Frankenstein fan wasn’t aware of what he was talking about, but he was proven wrong with the response he got. A tip for surviving on the internet must be to understand that you don’t always have to offer help, especially to someone who isn’t helpless.

It’s the Audacity For Me

Here comes a man who understands classics above everyone else, including a bona fide classicist, giving a legendary exposition of the Greek God, Zeus, as someone who had only one Son. Meanwhile, Zeus was famous for being the father to thousands of children.

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What’s worse? This legendary exposition is based on knowledge gotten from a Disney movie. How would you confidently claim mastery of classical knowledge when your only source is the Disney movie, Hercules? This level of confidence is baffling.

Why Confuse The Confused?

Fun facts aren’t always fun to understand. The first person claims that blueberries are the only fruit named after a color. That is the blue color, right? We aren’t done discussing colors, and the next person is trying to debunk the claim with star fruit. How?

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When did a star become a color? The color wheel was updated? Is this even a case of misunderstanding vocabulary or just being ignorant about colors and fruits? It gets sour when the further response is “So close.” So close to what exactly? The end of ignorance?

Simple Is Not Always Simple

Just as simple is not always simple, basic math wouldn’t always be basic. I thought that in 2018, a kid born in 2010 would be 8, but here is a user who thinks otherwise and even goes the whole nine yards to explain why his complete nonsense should make it to the Guinness book of records.

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Our brain works differently, and some brain workings could be quite alarming because why would you think the kid should be 10. And in the course of simplifying your claims, you still didn’t see that your assertion is borderline wrong?

America Must Have Imported Citizens

This is a case of an American who has no idea Tesla is an American company, doesn’t know its founder, and is Xenophobic because he thinks America shouldn’t be doing business with imported companies. If you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance.

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He probably thought he would be displaying a patriotic side by claiming not to buy products of an imported company like Tesla, but ends up showing further ignorance by mentioning a man who lived and died hundreds of years before Tesla was established.

Avoid Middleman Issues With Joe

Here is yet another good intention backed up by an outrightly wrong action. Trader Joe’s ad is supposed to mean products get delivered from the producer to consumers without going through a middleman. But from the picture, it turns out Joe is the middleman you should be avoiding.

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Trader Joe is doing well serving as the middle man, obviously; why portray yourself as the middleman and put up a text saying there isn’t one? Ghost duties? I don’t want to believe Trader Joe wouldn’t understand the importance of using the right word.

Is North America Not America?

His favorite hip-hop artist probably didn’t cut, and there just has to be a way to make sure Drake isn’t winning. That way is excluding America from North America altogether. If only everyone stopped at accepting games as just games, for fun, you know?

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Plus, how do you even separate up North from North? According to this seasoned geographer, there are probably places more Northern than North America, and Canada has a better understanding of regions and their scope.

Just Before Civilization

I am just as confused as you may be at the moment. Here is a woke user at the other end of civilization advising us to quit farming or production of grains as we can waltz into groceries and get them without sweating.

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My confusion is, where exactly does he think the supermarkets get their groceries from? I am not aware of any special innovation where a supermarket machine spits out groceries, or is there any?

Dolphins’ Lives Matter

I would never understand how people can be so passionate in fighting the wrong cause, work so hard in expressing pent-up frustration while trying to debunk what they term a misconception when, in the real sense of it, they are the ones who got it all wrong.

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For example, this guy is in an active fight against stupidity, and his idea of stupidity is that a dolphin is being addressed as a mammal. On the internet, you avoid being roasted when you quit fighting the right battles the wrong way.

I Do My Research

Most of the time, the confidence on display on the internet can be jaw-dropping. It makes you wonder how people who are all shades of wrong don’t know how to keep quiet. This avid researcher who isn’t like everyone else on the block claims not to use any Microsoft tool.

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But, of course, the game machine made by Xbox is the one leaving us in stitches today. Anyone who truly does research should know that Microsoft is a software company, and they have software running on Dell, PC, and Xbox.

Overthinking Does No Good

While it is very important to understand your right to privacy, coupled with the realities that several companies create tracking devices and attach to their products, you can be overthinking your knowledge and taking things too far.

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Dear internet user, you don’t know enough to make you paranoid. There is no way the meter count can be used to hack a person’s car. He even settled down to explain in paranoiac terms what he was talking about.

Settlements, Boundaries, And Everything in Between

If you are within the UK and don’t know Northern Ireland is in the UK, you must be a person with a mission to overdose on ignorance.

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This seller was going to demand an extra shipping fee with all the guts in the world because he thought the buyer didn’t obey the instructions in his bio, but Northern Ireland is in the UK! This is exactly what happens when you are not in touch with your surroundings.

Radiation is Everyone’s Business

It is very important to think carefully about whatever answer you want to give when faced with a question. It is okay to admit you don’t know; nobody would remember you provided an answer like the most intelligent person and ended up saying nonsense.

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The excessive use of cell phones these days has made radiation a topic for all to be concerned about except these two sisters here who would opt for hands and the other who uses a flip phone and not a cell phone. I can only wonder if a flip phone has changed the job description.

Baseless Information From an Expert

The first question already appears necessary because the whole world knows you wear the blue side of your mask outside and the white inside; that’s pretty much how it has always been. But then, some experts think some special reason has to be attached to wearing it the other way round.

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So much for giving and taking if you ask me. The doctor was standing to correct this intelligent gibberish delivered by the nose mask expert. He didn’t forget to mention that it is a universal thing.

Once in a Lifetime

If you always want to say something creepy on the internet, you are likely to get roasted. This didn’t end well for someone who was out to impress and convince with his once-in-a-lifetime story.

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When you realize it is just any day, and it hits you that this would happen every day, you see how foolish this mystery was. I don’t even want to think about the thought that someone sat down to craft this.

You Must Go To School

What motivates people to always spellcheck others? It is always crazy when you think you are right and end up realizing you have no idea what you are even talking about. Yeah, this is exactly how it backfires.

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What makes this funny is how the student took the hit, “we live to correct another day.” It is beautiful to see that people who thought they were right can admit to being wrong and accept all the roasting that comes with being wrong sometimes.

Be Alphabet Savvy

…And understand your roman numerals while you are at it. It is justifiable when you say numbers aren’t allowed to be part of a name, as you wouldn’t christen your child after figures and digits, right?

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But when you say roman numerals aren’t part of the alphabet, what exactly do you mean? Letters are basically what make up roman numerals. It would be so embarrassing to be caught in the web of not knowing something this basic.

The Battle Is Over

This particular battle appears over even before it began, but I guess internet geniuses must always have the final say. It took a lot of energy to explain that every other spelling form is wrong if it isn’t spelled the American way.

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We should just exit this planet and go somewhere else to use the other spelling form without being queried by this authority in English. Still, the only reason judgment isn’t always spelled judgment might be because the person spelling isn’t American.

Boiling Point of Water

We all didn’t thrive in elementary science or advanced chemistry, and that’s okay. It only becomes a problem when you brandish your zero knowledge of basic elementary science in the face of everyone on the internet.

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It almost seems like a war of numbers, so many of them being thrown all over the place, but to what end? Confusion. A quick search on Google would inform anyone who cares that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, the same as 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Show of Shame

Here we go again, having to deal with correction fluids in human form who go out of their way to point out every error and end up being in the wrong. It is the audacity to include “Can you see you are wrong?” that leaves me wishing our dear poster would just see how wrong he is while telling us to see our wrong.

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The Civil War was a war between the northern and southern states, while the Revolutionary War was an entirely different war. This is how it plays out when you miss history classes.

You Got it All Mixed Up

It would take a while to figure out what is wrong with this label if you are all about the words. I mean, we all definitely would want to shop for fabrics that are 100% the material they say it is.

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A closer look at the picture, and you would figure out that they represent cotton balls which is altogether different from linen. They must have thought they were selling to illiterates because what is the disparity in text and image? How embarrassing.

You Missed it at Childhood

Childhood was so much fun, and anyone who realizes how much they missed out on years later into adulating would be just as bitter, and of course, try to be smart about their bitterness! Do you remember those color-changing gel pens?

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A user stumbled upon one and created a doodle masterpiece with it. Someone else who missed out on all that fun and wouldn’t admit they never got the chance to see the color-changing gel pen is out here on a rampage trying to school us on the logical reason we were hallucinating about the pen.

Bring Me to the Tenses

I am just as lost as you are. We all need to avoid some terrifyingly high level of brainwashing. We don’t have the previous conversations, but we know that whatever this fellow is explaining earns a zero out of ten already.

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When exactly did ‘your’ become present tense and ‘you’re’ past tense? I can’t seem to figure it out. Since when did we agree that ‘you’ now has a past tense, and on what basis would a phrase be the past tense of a word?

The Lingua Franca Problem

Isn’t it just sad that the English language, which happens to be the lingua franca for most internet users, gets to be the reason most people get a migraine from surfing the net? I mean, how would you explain what is going on here now?

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Well, other gibberish can be made to look reasonable but not ‘where have I been?’ You may want to go back to class and ask for your money back if this is how your teacher taught you to say it. To think the original post was accurate…

It Is Always English

Ever identified with a place, people, or culture, and when asked certain questions about the place, you don’t have the right answer for a people you claim as yours? That is exactly what is going on here.

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This user does not know that while England is a country, Britain is not an umbrella name for all the countries on the same land. I am just as glad as you are that there was a well-informed person on standby to enlighten us all.

The Math Don’t Lie

This user must love millions, and that’s why they wouldn’t let the first million cancel the other under proper division and just let it go. I can imagine what it would look like if there was a penguin invasion on Ireland for real; they would have to fight for their homes.

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Well, if this imagination ever plays out in reality, a person in Ireland would be faced with just three penguins to fight as opposed to a person getting overpowered and destroyed by the vicious penguins.

Come Again Next Time

Do you know this set of people who love to attach serious definitions to even seemingly common terms? One came around today to lecture us on the different categories of people who respond ‘you are welcome/no problem’ and why they act the way they do.

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Of course, they are both wrong and right. Confusing? They got it all wrong because they expected everyone to agree with their idea of why the phrase is used. Everybody out there at a point in time have used ‘you are welcome/no problem’ as they deem fit regardless of their age.

I Missed the Right Date

So, it is now spelled 3th? What is going on here? This fellow picks up a marker to write the day’s date on the whiteboard, and for some reason, they only can explain; they write 3rd as 3th. Funny, not funny.

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We get it; not everybody paid attention in English class, not everybody has the English language as their first language. Still, it does not justify cleaning the previous date and replacing the number without paying attention to the suffix.

Every Person Counts Too

I like to think this is a marketing strategy where you use scarcity or abundance to garner more followers. This YouTuber claims to be followed by one-third of the world’s population at just one billion views!

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It is either the marketing strategy I mentioned earlier, or we forgot the guy in the 1900s when the world’s population was just about three billion. Do we assign a rescue team to bring him back to this present age or stay dumbfounded at this genuine mistake?