Pointless Things Kids Got in Trouble for in Elementary School

We can all recall being punished at one point or the other growing up. This is because punishments are almost inevitable. After all, we often acted childishly as kids and got into a lot of trouble. While some had a hassle-free time at school, most of us actually got most of our punishments in elementary school.

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While a lot of these punishments were necessary, others were uncalled for and totally unjustifiable. Here is a list of things that kids did that are not wrong, but they got punished for it anyway.

Denied Bathroom Break Request

Body systems are different, and people can get pressed at any time. Hence, taking a break to go to the bathroom is almost inevitable, and no kid should be denied such a basic need. However, this kid’s request to go to the bathroom was turned down, even though he had finished all his work.

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He was yelled at by his teacher and told not to get up from his seat. He was quite respectful in his approach and kept his hand up. But the teacher didn’t pay attention to him for several long minutes until she noticed that he was not giving up. She then called on him and said he could go whenever he was ready.

Not Making a Mother’s Day Card

Making a Mother’s Day card is not compulsory for every student, but this particular teacher is obviously not aware, or she wanted to make her own rules. She instructed her students to make cards, and they all did, except for one student.

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The student’s Mom had left them to start a new life elsewhere, making the student’s refusal much more understandable. The student had also claimed that the school was aware of his situation as he has been a student there for six years. But the teacher still went ahead and punished him for disobedience.

Punished for Her Name

Well, not all of us have the most popular names, and we may not look like our names in a few occasions, but we should never be punished for it. The student in this case was punished because her name sounded like a boy’s name. Unreasonable right?

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Here, the teacher refused to hand the girl her script, insisting that it was not her. She tried her best to explain to the teacher by even offering to show her ID, but the teacher wasn’t taking any of that. Not until the whole class backed her up did the teacher believe her and disrespectfully threw the script at her.

Punished for Being Correct

We all make mistakes or misinterpret people sometimes, but shouldn’t we be willing to make corrections when we find out we were wrong? That’s not the case for this teacher, however, as she chose to punish the kid instead.

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Apparently, this kindergarten teacher only allowed the kids to go out if they could start a word with the letter “E.” The first kid called up mentioned the word “eye,” but the teacher did not agree. The kid then spelled out his word, and the teacher punished her for “we don’t know what.”

Punished for Bleeding

Once, this inconsiderate teacher made and implemented a “no bleeding rule” in his class. Maybe he had an allergy and can’t stand the sight of blood, but we often do not have control of when and how we bleed.

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This teacher went ahead and punished a student who mistakenly popped a pimple and had a little blood left on his face. Such acts are considered very inconsiderate, and students should not be put under such horrid rules.

Booed for Doing Her Assignment

We have heard of students getting punished for not doing their assignments, which is quite understandable. But punishing a kid for doing her assignment the best way she could is both cruel and unacceptable, and that’s what the teacher in this instance did.

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The student painted a girl with multicolored hair in her drawing assignment, but the teacher was unsatisfied and claimed the drawing was unrealistic. But the girl felt it was only normal as she has mixed colored hair herself. The teacher also went ahead and encouraged bullying by asking the rest of the class to boo her.

Punished for Not Wanting to Make a Mess

This kid was unfairly punished for not wanting to make a mess, and here’s how. In third grade, they were instructed to sit with their backs against the balcony because their class was located upstairs. But a bird had defecated on the young boy’s seat, so he tried to adjust his seat.

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The young boy was desperately trying to avoid the mess, so he sat in such a way that he wouldn’t make contact with the mess. After putting on his best efforts by making himself uncomfortable for about ten minutes, the teacher noticed him and started to yell at him.

Punished for Saying OMG!

If you think other instances mentioned have been too much, the girl in this case was embarrassed and sent to the principal’s office for saying OMG! This is certainly no way to treat a kid saying a legal and inoffensive word with their freedom of speech.

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The girl later relayed that the school was a private Christian school, and they felt she was taking the name of the Lord in vain by saying “OMG,” which means “Oh My Goodness.” We don’t know about their rules, but they may have taken this one too far.

Punished for Not Sleeping

Again, this is a case of unnecessary punishment. Punishing a child for sleeping in class may be reasonable but punishing a kid for not sleeping in class is not quite the familiar story you would expect to hear.

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It was nap time, and the young girl who had often had trouble sleeping in the past couldn’t sleep. The teacher noticed and walked up to her to whisper commands. The young girl replied that she couldn’t sleep, but the teacher poked her under-jaw and threatened to take her to the principal’s office.

Scolded for Sneezing

Some occurrences are naturally uncontrollable, and sneezing is one of them. In fact, it has been advised that suppressing a sneeze can lead to brain damage in severe circumstances, but this teacher did not care about that.

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The teacher unjustifiably yelled at a student for sneezing in class, stating that her sneezing irritated her. She also gave three other students demerits for saying “bless you” after the girl sneezed.

When the Victim Is Punished

We have heard cases where victims of situations end up being the punished party afterward. This case is not much different and should teach disciplinarians the importance of listening to both sides of a story before passing any verdict.

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This girl’s colleague in the class tried to slip his hands up her skirt, but she refused and rightly pushed him away. But when the teacher noticed the scene, the girl was kicked out of the bus, and the teacher didn’t even bother to listen to her side of the story. An unfair judgment that needs to be corrected, and the offender should be duly punished too.

Another Case of Punishing the Victim

This incident is very similar to the previous one, and it makes you wonder why some schools do not take violence against girls as seriously as they should. This girl was a six-year-old second grade student who was unjustly treated.

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The young girl was pinned against a wall by another male student during recess. She was scared and begged to be released, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. When she saw that her oppressor was not cooperating, she kicked him to free herself. She was later punished for violent behavior while the boy was not even questioned.

The Misinterpreted and Penalized Student

This kindergarten child was cut in line by a friend, and when he tried to report it to his teacher, he got shrugged off and was asked to let it go. He was later seen licking off his chapped lips, but the teacher misinterpreted the situation and concluded that he was sticking out his tongue at the other kid.

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Because this incident seems interconnected, many have seen reason to cut the teacher some slack, but it definitely is not an excuse, and it doesn’t help the wrongly punished child either.

Punished for No Reason

This is certainly the most absurd reason we have seen so far. The reason why this kid was punished makes no sense at all, no matter how you choose to look at it. According to the student, the teacher had punished him because he removed his hat with “an attitude.”

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The only explanation from this story is that the teacher chose to punish students based on his conviction, not minding whether they are right or wrong. And it is totally unacceptable to punish a kid for no reason.

Punished for Spelling Correctly

It is often so shameful when kids get punished for doing things correctly. We have heard of kids getting punished for spelling their names wrongly, but it is often unheard of for them to get punished for spelling correctly.

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However, this kid spelled his last name correctly after practicing hard. But instead of giving him accolades, his teachers ganged up on him and insisted that he was wrong. This was a big shame, considering how difficult the name was and how the boy had worked hard to perfect it.

Punished for Getting Injured

There are only a few things that kids dread more than sustaining an injury. It is bad enough to get injured, and kids do not deserve to be punished for it.

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This is a very active kid who got punished for getting injured. The child is a very active boy with seemingly weak bones, which means he tended to get hurt a lot. The teacher did not believe him one time when he hurt his head against a bar and even refused him access to a nurse.

Penalized Because of an Injury

This story is somewhat similar to the previous one but with different details. This child was cut by a paper edge during a class project but received no help or assistance from his teacher even though he was bleeding almost uncontrollably.

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Another kid even got nauseated by the bleeding and threw up as a result, but the teacher still showed no concern. All she did was instruct the kids to clean the mess and then gave them detention afterward.

Ignoring an Injured Student

Injuries are emergencies, and they need to be treated with such regard to avoid them getting worse. The kid in this image got his knee injured while trying to spike in a volleyball game in fifth grade. The injury was bad, and he lay on the floor screaming afterward.

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But his sports teacher didn’t give him any attention and assumed that he was just reacting to a casual fall. The student was even asked to walk away on the injured leg with no support or medical care. The knee later got swollen, and the kid had to walk with crutches for the next two months.

Penalized for “Wrong Spelling”

We have seen a couple or more instances before of kids wrongly punished for spelling their names correctly. This is no different. The victim here was Kourtney, who was penalized because the teacher felt she had not spelled her name correctly.

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But like our previously mentioned instances, she was right, and the teacher was wrong. However, the teacher refused to yield and even threatened to subject her to more punishment. Lucky enough, her aunt’s friend was on hand to step in and explain to the teacher that the girl was right all along.

Punished for Following Instructions

It is only normal for kids to be punished when they do not follow instructions. But the reverse is the case here, and as unbelievable as this may sound, this kid was punished for doing what she was told to do.

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This second-grade class had a song about emotions, and the teacher instructed the students to repeat the faces she made. But halfway through, she stopped to scold a student who was doing what she had instructed. She claimed the student was making faces at her.

Scolded Even Though He Was Absent

However funny this may sound, it actually happened, and it did not leave a very pleasant message. The kids at school had witnessed their teacher yelling at a member of their class even though the student was absent from school that day.

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Reports were that the teacher yelled and asked the absent student to stop talking. The whole class was puzzled as they turned to check and then confirmed that the boy was absent. We don’t know what to make of this, but maybe the teacher mistakenly mixed their names up.

Scolded for Choice of Fashion

Well, it is not new to hear about a child being scolded for their fashion choices, especially if the kid is wearing something inappropriate or offensive. However, this kid was only wearing fingerless Michael Jackson-style gloves and was still yelled at.

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The fact that the kid wasn’t indecently dressed or playing with the glove in class makes it quite unreasonable for the teacher to reprimand the innocent child. The teacher probably wasn’t a fan of the glove, which was never enough reason.

Punished for Using an Alternative Vocabulary

If the kid had used a curse word or an offensive sentence, scolding the child would have made sense. But this kid only said he wanted to “barf” and needed to use the toilet. But the teacher felt he said something wrong.

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The teacher was infuriated for whatever reason, and she sent the kid to the principal’s office as soon as he returned from the toilet. We are still unclear about why the teacher got mad, she probably either didn’t like his vocabulary, or she didn’t understand it to begin with.

Punished for Owning Too Many Erasers

Yes, he was scolded for owning too many erasers. And no, he didn’t own two dozen erasers. From the explanation, someone else with whom he already had bad blood arrived earlier and piled up several erasers in his locker.

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All his efforts to convince the teacher that the erasers weren’t his didn’t make any difference, and he was sent home by the teacher along with a note that described “his disruption. ” Not only was the student pranked by another student, but his teacher refused to believe his side of the story.

Detention for Complaining

Just when you think you have seen all the pointless reasons kids get in trouble for, you see another, and it beats your imagination over again. Here, this kid got punished for reporting an incident that he experienced.

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The child was bullied and put into a locker by some of his colleagues at school. But when he finally got out and reported the bullies to the principal, he was handed detention on the grounds that he was dumb enough to be bullied.

Reproved for Excessive Reading

You would think that a kid who loves to read deserves to be encouraged, not discouraged. This kid may have thought so too, but he received an unpleasant surprise when he was scolded instead and sent to the principal’s office.

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His offense was that he read too much, even during lunch break. It was later found that the kid had developed his reading hobby because his schoolmates often bullied him for not being physical enough. Another case of punishing the victim?

Doubting the Child’s State of Mind

Kids looking out the window to help them stay active during boring classes is not unheard of, and the student here had tried the same tactic to help her escape her boring English class. But the teacher refused to see reason with her and wrote a note instead.

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The note was addressed to both her parents and the school principal, and it classified the young girl as “disturbed and unbalanced.” However, the principal showed great understanding and permitted the girl to do independent study. The teacher was later let go when she was caught drinking.

Punished for Having a Health Condition

This sixth grader was an asthma patient who was punished by her teacher for having an asthma attack. The teacher had instructed the class to maintain pin-drop silence, but the girl tried to reach for her inhaler and got scolded.

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The girl explained that she was having an asthma attack and tried reaching for her inhaler, but she breached the teacher’s rule in the process and was handed detention. Not only was the teacher careless about a student’s health condition, but he also went ahead and punished her for it.

Punished for Not Being Able to Whistle

Whistling in class is considered noisemaking and is punishable, but is not being able to whistle considered an offense too? That is exactly what this teacher thought, as he punished a student for not being able to whistle.

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The boy was a preschool student, and the teacher felt he couldn’t whistle because he did not pay attention to the instructions and so he gave him a time out. But the young boy really couldn’t whistle and still cannot till this present day.

Punished for Being Smart

Although assignments are usually submitted just in time or a few minutes past the set deadline, students should only be punished for not doing their assignment rather than for submitting earlier.

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The girl in this story was a very smart kid, and she was good in math. Therefore, she finished her assignment quickly and submitted it a lot earlier than others. But the teacher became suspicious and sent her to the principal’s office. Luckily, the principal was aware of her brilliance and rewarded her with a book to read till the next period.

Scolded for Being Diabetic

We saw the previous post about the teacher who reprimanded a student for having an asthma attack. This story is a lot similar, but the student here was rebuked for having too much sugar in her system.

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The girl’s glucose monitor was beeping, and the teacher punished her because the device was making too much noise. Again, we are forced to wonder how a teacher could be so passive about a student’s health condition to the extent of punishing her for it.

Reprimanded for Bringing Lemonade

Different schools have individual policies and codes of conduct, but never have we ever seen a school make rules against bringing a lemonade. But that was before we encountered this school that suspended a girl for bringing lemonade from home.

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The school had a lemonade dispenser, and they sold a glass of it for $1.5 to the school children. This young girl felt it was too expensive for her and resolved to bring her own pink lemonade from home. But the school wouldn’t have it, and they suspended the girl for a period.

Caught in a Misunderstanding

The importance of getting the facts right first before taking action on any kid cannot be stressed enough. Reprimanding a kid because of a hunch can dampen their morale and affect their psychological health as well.

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This kid was seen with candy, but his teacher assumed they were drugs and immediately sent him to the principal’s office. They threatened to run a drug test, and they even sent him home before they found out the 11 years old boy was right, and it was candy.

Rebuked for Having Long Hair

Talk about looks mattering too much, and this story can be your perfect example. This Catholic school felt obligated to control the amount of hair their students can grow, prompting them to place a rule that prohibits boys from having long hair.

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This boy was sent to the principal’s office for having ear-level long hair. He was also forced to call his Mom to come to pick him up at once, but his Mom kept a cool head and informed them she was at work, and he could only cut his hair after school.

Punished for Drinking Water

Again, there is only a limited number of body systems that can be controlled at will, and we certainly do not have much control over how often we get thirsty. But this young girl was punished for drinking too much water.

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It was summertime, and everywhere was hot and dry as would be expected, but the lunch ladies felt the kids were drinking too much water. This second grade kid was punished and asked not to go out the whole day because she drank too much water the previous day.

Punished for Touching Snow

We have seen from this article that sometimes, certain teachers just make up silly excuses and reasons to punish their students. The same was the case here as a young student was suspended for touching snow on a snowy afternoon.

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Not for damaging a snow sculpture or for playing out in the snow, but just because he stuck out a finger and touched the snow. Indeed, this has to go down as one of the dumbest reasons for scolding a kid, never mind suspending them.

Punished for Opening a Pepsi

This boy got in trouble for helping a girl open a Pepsi. The girl had asked him to help her open a Pepsi she was holding, and he obliged, not knowing that she had stolen the Pepsi. She was caught, and they were both sent to the principal’s office.

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The boy was punished along with the girl as an accomplice. This one is somewhat tricky, and you can’t help but think the school authorities could have delivered a much fairer verdict if they had listened to the boy’s side of the story.

Suspended for Opening a Salad Wrongly

Some bottles are pretty easy to open, while others are quite tricky to uncork. And we can almost all relate to the struggle of opening a complicated bottle, and you can easily create a mess or even hurt yourself in the process.

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This fifth grader was handed a three day suspension for spilling salad on her friends while trying to open a salad bottle. The mess must have been huge, but the punishment is way too intense. In fact, it’s hard to even see a need for any punishment at all as it was all just an honest mistake.

Punished for Reporting an Incident

It is always disheartening to see kids get punished for all sorts of unjustifiable reasons. This kid witnessed a scene of another kid pouring adhesive glue on a desk, and the other kid refused to stop despite his best efforts to talk him out of it.

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The kid could do nothing else but report it to their teacher, who handed him a shocker afterward. Instead of thanking him for being a model student, the teacher sent him to stand in the class corner as punishment for telling on his friend.

Chastised for Moving a Crayon Wrongly

Coloring is a fun activity, especially for kindergarten children who are just being introduced to the whole concept. However, it was not so for this kid and his friends, as their teacher managed to turn this fun exercise into a nightmare for them.

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The teacher made so many rules and took away their opportunity to be creative. This boy also got a stern talking for moving his crayon up and down instead of right to left as the teacher had earlier instructed them to do.

Called-Out for Walking

This is as unbelievable as it sounds. You’ll wonder how it is even possible to rebuke someone for walking, but that’s precisely what happened to this girl. She had walked in between two drivers because she had nowhere else to pass through.

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But her teacher wouldn’t have that and forced her to apologize to them. According to the teacher, she was rude because the two bus drivers were deeply engaged in their conversation. There’s no way this can be justified as a good reason to criticize a child.

Punished for Not Cutting Properly

There were many simple things we found very difficult to do when we were much younger, and for this girl, it is folding and cutting paper. When she was in second grade, her teacher made her miss recess for not being able to cut properly.

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It was obvious that the teacher was not half as sensitive as he was supposed to be. If he were, he would have noticed that the girl had always struggled with her motor skills. The teacher should have done better to help the poor girl.

Punished for Keeping His Hands in His Pockets

It was a cold season, and this student opted to keep his hands in his pocket as a strategy to make his hands warn. But the teacher somehow saw it as improper and suspected the boy was hiding something.

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and the teacher punished the boy immediately without asking any questions. This is unfair on every ground, and the kid was never wrong to put his hands in his pocket.

Scolded for Having a Wrong Typing Posture

Kids are often fragile and need to be handled carefully. And as a result, teachers are expected to be patient and understanding with their students. But some teachers like this one are just bent on making difficult rules, not minding how it affects the kids.

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This kid’s teacher instructed them to keep their feet on the ground while typing, but the girl was slightly shorter, which means her legs could not stay on the ground as she typed. The teacher didn’t mind punishing her for it anyway.

Yelled at for Cutting an Eraser

You cannot stop a child from playing. Nor are you supposed to, as kids should be encouraged to play to stay sharp and healthy. The kids should only be monitored to make sure they are not getting involved in any rough play.

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But this kid was scolded by his teacher for playing with a group of erasers he had cut. The teacher also threatened to send him to detention if he didn’t stop at once. We don’t know why the teacher did this, but it certainly doesn’t seem justifiable.