Some of the Craziest Reasons Teachers Got Fired

Just as there’s always the black sheep in a family, every school has that odd teacher. While each person is unique in their own way, there are those who definitely stand out as “crazy”. The things they do can only be described as shocking.

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Generally, these acts can be amusing and at times noble, but they often come with unintended consequences. For teachers in this list, their crazy acts got them a little more than they bargained for. Read on to find the weirdest things that got teachers fired.

Dismissed for Being A Volunteer 9/11 First Responder

The horrible tale of 9/11 will always remain in the hearts of those who saw it happen. Often, you would see witnesses recounting what they saw with so much grief. It was a terrible experience. But for a certain Math teacher, there was more to the 9/11 nightmare.

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When 9/11 happened, many people signed up as volunteer first responders for rescuing the injured. According to a Reddit user, his math teacher was one of the volunteers in New York. Unfortunately, her noble acts didn’t save her from dismissal after missing school for two weeks.

Teacher Busted on “To Catch a Predator”

The popular show “To Catch a Predator” is a classic TV show that airs on Dateline NBC. The show features conversations with Chris Hansen revolving around pedophilic grownups. A segment often had spy cam videos of grown men being exposed for predatory behavior and getting jailed in return.

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For a Reddit user, one of the segments of the show had one of his high school teachers as the latest predator. No doubt, the shocking revelation came with a letter of dismissal. The school didn’t hesitate to cut ties with the predatory high school teacher.

Being a Gay Teacher has its Drawbacks

This is one of the saddest on the list. Homophobia is real and it definitely ends up preying on the innocent. According to the user who posted the story, a teacher with a clean record found himself biting the dust due to his sexual orientation.

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Despite the fact that he has never been accused of improper behavior, he got a dismissal due to being gay. This happened after an 8th grade Eastern Seaboard trip which he was supervising. Parents on the trip felt offended and complained that he shouldn’t be allowed in the boys’ guestrooms.

The Troubles Just Keep Coming

This story is a little over the edge. First, the students were numbering up to 400 in this high school. As expected, a school is not supposed to run without competent teachers. But here’s where it gets interesting. According to the story, the teachers kept getting fired over crazy issues.

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Some of the school’s troubles included: a band instructor sleeping with a minor – a 15-year-old student, one of the school nurses kept stealing from the children’s medicine, and worst of all was the swimming instructor who went on a drunk driving spree with his lover and crashed into someone.

Embezzling Isn’t Just for Politicians

The usual drama is often about younger teachers dating younger students. But for Mr. Embezzlement, as the students nicknamed him, diverting nearly a thousand dollars from the school band’s money was the best thing to do. More than that? He spent the cash in his first year of teaching.

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While a thousand dollars might not seem like much, it was definitely enough to send the teacher to jail. No doubt, he’s not going to venture into the teaching line again. It’s even worse when the band students made him go viral with the worst nickname ever.

Legally Blind Teacher Turned Murderer

John Blerdz hit the internet with his crazy story – he was a blind teacher. The 38-year-old was a legally blind teacher at Larkin High School, Elgin. But his blindness wasn’t what made him go viral. Rather, what he “blindly” did, were stories that take place in nightmares.

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When questioned, a friend of his who constantly played chess with him each day said John never said anything bad about his significant other. As it turned out, a mill operator and fellow neighbor who saw John stabbing his partner repeatedly said he didn’t respond despite being told to stop.

The Narcissist Zealot

A Reddit user recently posted online about an elementary school he was once working in. One of his colleagues was so crazy about himself that he constantly tried forcing students to worship him. He was constantly getting reported for being a fanatic until the time came for his dismissal.

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A narcissist is a person who thinks too highly of him/herself and wishes others to do the same. Although it’s cool to have great self-esteem, it becomes unbearable when you force it on others. For a teacher, that’s borderline insane and definitely comes with a jail time consequence.

Teachers Caught in a Homeroom Romance

Hormones can be pretty overwhelming. For the two teachers, their hormones just picked the wrong time and the wrong place to go crazy. Justin Pinto and Samantha Wilhide went viral on the 4th of May for engaging in extramarital sex in one of the school’s homerooms.

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They would have gotten away with the stunt had the school principal not been tipped off by someone about their little meeting. According to the school’s report and major news outlets, Pinto was found shirtless and was on the verge of pulling up his jeans, while Wilhide was still naked.

Not Enforcing Detention? Fired!

While the students may think that the teacher is nice for not enforcing detention, that’s still a slap to the school’s disciplinary system. The teacher in question was lax in ensuring silence and detention. She went as far as allowing students to leave ahead of time. But that’s not all.

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When the school found out that she marked students’ names for them and was likewise the mother of a student in detention, they had to cut her loose. Interestingly, the students she’d allowed to pass through detention went wild once they heard she had been fired. It was crazy.

Nude Teacher Doubles as a Murderer

Anger is a crazy emotion that makes you do things that you wouldn’t normally do. For this teacher, he was seen sitting stark naked in his car, talking aggressively to himself. Once the neighbor saw him nude and chattering, he quickly called the cops. It gets more interesting…

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Once the cops showed up, they escorted the teacher into his apartment – he definitely needed to put some clothes on. Unfortunately, they found his significant other looking battered and close to death. The teacher ended up in jail for murder and was summarily fired from his job.

Harsh Punishment for a Harmless Prank

The story is a little complicated. It’s either the teacher got fired in the year he got employed, or he resigned before he could get fired. As the story goes, three 4th grade kids thought they could pull off a prank on their science teacher. What was their trick?

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To pour iodine and dye into the teacher’s espresso when he turns his back. Unfortunately, he found the real culprit and took him out for a real lesson. Harshly grabbing the kid’s jaw and yelling, the teacher kept on slapping the kid. Ironically, the child’s dad was an attorney.

Singing Gone Wrong in Catholic School

According to the story, a music teacher was employed in a Catholic school to teach 7th graders music. While he had the freedom to teach the kids music using his own materials, his choice of music was a little inappropriate for the Catholic faith. What were his songs of choice?

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The erring teacher was fond of classic Bob Dylan songs and old hippy music of the sixties. That didn’t sit well with the school management, and they had him removed the next year. He was probably a great music teacher but wasn’t the right fit for a Catholic school.

Fired for a Just Cause

A vice-principal was fired for standing up to the principal’s partiality. According to the story, the principal was partial towards her twin nieces, and unjustly gave them the first and second positions in their class. When the vice principal challenged her, the principal didn’t hesitate to fire her.

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Once the school heard that the vice principal had been fired, students and teachers waited for the perfect opportunity to protest. During the school’s football match, NBC came to cover the game but met a loud protest instead. Ultimately, the twins were reduced to their actual positions.

Forgery Meets the “Boot”

Forgery is a little shady in terms of being moral and legal. It turns out that you can legally make, buy or own a forged item. Using such items, however, is where there’s a problem. According to the story, a high school teacher got employed via a fake diploma.

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If he had acted a little more professionally, he would have lasted a while. But it turns out that he didn’t even bother writing his lesson plan. He literally just forged a certificate but wasn’t willing to put in the work. He got fired in less than a year.

Managing a Student Crush

A Reddit user once shared a post about a teacher who was fired because he did the right thing. As a teacher in a rich school, there were a ton of rich family kids around, and one had her eyes on him. To be fair, he was friendly and attractive.

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The friend of the student in question told the teacher, and he decided to play safe by avoiding her. Unfortunately, the student reported that he was being creepy towards her. A panel was called, and he was queried until he couldn’t take it anymore. Eventually, he got fired before resigning.

Bully Gets Fired for Harassing Kids

Student-athletes don’t always have things working out for them. Sometimes, coaches can be jerks who don’t mind using harsh words. In this story, a football trainer decided to pick on a gay student in the team. From silent depression, the kid ended up committing suicide.

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It turns out that the trainer wasn’t permitted to kick anyone off the team. So, if he found a student he didn’t like, he would basically frustrate such a student until the student personally quit the team. Unfortunately, his last victim also signaled the end of his career.

When a Joke Goes Wrong

A Reddit user wrote this about one of his favorite teachers. The teacher was lively and was pretty much one of the best for 29 years without any issues. Each class was often filled with laughter rather than strict lessons. But that’s where things get dicey.

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When he jokingly smacked a student on the head for an insensitive remark, the class brokeout into laughter, except for a new kid who wasn’t used to the show. The kid told his mom about the amusing occurrence, and that’s when it happened. She had the teacher reported and fired.

Using an Off-Syllabus Approach

This came from a Reddit user who wrote about a teacher who taught the students a history topic that was off syllabus. Thankfully, students got a little interested in Egyptian, Anatolian, and Mesopotamian history. But the school management didn’t really fancy the shift from the syllabus, so they sent him packing.

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Firing the teacher got a little intense and the court had to step in. The question was simple; Is the school syllabus utterly strict and a legal document? While the syllabus serves as a guide for teachers, the court ruled that it doesn’t necessarily place strict compliance on the teacher.

Rehab isn’t Such a Bad Idea

Getting drunk might not pose a problem for some. But when the drinking becomes excessive and starts messing with your head, it’s time to see a doctor. For this teacher, her drinking problem came with memory loss, yet she kept on teaching 6th grade science for nearly a month.

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Luckily, a colleague noticed her behavior and had her checked. The teacher ended up in rehab for heavy drinking, and that came with an extra cost of her job. For context, she was the homeroom/science teacher and was married to the associate head, so it wasn’t an immediate dismissal.

Not the Best Judgment

Someone living beside a school went online about a teacher who shrugged from a life-threatening issue. A tornado was raging in the area, and warning sirens were blaring outside. While everyone moved to the safety of the stairs, the teacher called it all a hoax.

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Unfortunately, when he returned home and found the tornado was literally close to his window, he realized his error. Luckily, he was able to act in time to save himself. But he couldn’t save himself from being reported by his neighbors and concerned parents. He was fired the following week.

Fired for Playing Guitar After Being Warned

As the saying goes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. A teacher was instructed to cease playing his guitar to students. But his students loved him playing, and it seemed like a great tool for maintaining their attention in class. So, he kept on playing despite the warning.

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Unfortunately, his luck ran out on the day the vice principal decided to sneak around the hallway. Once she saw him playing, she fired him immediately. Virtually, all the kids began to cry, but it didn’t change the decision. In fact, he wasn’t an expert; he just loved playing.

Let the Kids Sleep or You’re Fired

A Reddit user posted a story about his science teacher who got fired for throwing an eraser at a sleeping student’s head. While the act seems a little odd, the students were used to it and knew he only acted playfully to draw their attention. He was generally nice.

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Since sleeping off often came with a duster hitting your head, students actually opted to stay awake and pay attention in his class. It seemed like a win-win situation for both the students and the teacher until the school management got wind of it. He got fired after some time.

Keep Your Jokes Non-racist

While jokes are great for interacting with students, this teacher shot himself in the leg when he carelessly made a racist joke. It turns out that the class didn’t find it as entertaining as he thought, and the school management didn’t allow him to teach beyond that day.

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The teacher wasn’t the only one who subscribed to making jokes just to keep the students engaged. School authorities don’t take so kindly to racial or insensitive jokes. Despite it being a careless mistake, it cost him his job without hesitation. No race should be taken for granted.

Another Life Ruined by a False Claim

False rape accusations and claims of sexual scandals are very sensitive topics. Oftentimes, the accused gets no shot at redemption. For this English teacher, who was widely admired for being a great and friendly teacher, his job and his life got wrecked by a single claim of a lying student.

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The daughter of an educational officer came forward and accused him of a sexual scandal which he denied. But that didn’t stop him from getting fired without delay. His pregnant wife who was a Geography teacher left him afterwards. Sadly, it was too late when the student told the truth.

Ghosting the School? You’re Fired!

Ghost workers are those who’re employed but stay out of work for a long time and without genuine reason. A Reddit user told the story of a teacher who went AWOL for a full week without setting up a substitute. When Monday came, he returned as though nothing happened.

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It turns out that not only did he ghost the school; he didn’t set up a substitute teacher to take his place. That definitely made a mess of the week’s arrangement. The school authority didn’t take too kindly to his nonchalant attitude. He was fired immediately.

Porn in Class? That’s Horrible!

There are numerous videos and stories online about people mistaking playing porn in public gatherings. This happened to a teacher who just resumed a new semester. In trying to play a film concerning the topic he was teaching; he mistakenly played a porn video in the background.

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As expected, he desperately tried to stop the video, but his computer chose that time to freeze. The video played uninterrupted for 30 seconds before he flung the laptop away. The school management wasted no time in dismissing him. Note, this was just two weeks into resumption.

Fired for Multiple Sins

According to a Reddit user, he had a female teacher who was accused of different things. She was accused of sleeping with some younger students and stealing club funds. The school management didn’t take the sexual rumor seriously, but the issue of theft was a greater threat.

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A proper investigation was made into the issue of her stealing club funds. She was proven guilty, and that was all the school needed to cut her loose. Stealing funds placed in your care is never a good idea. No one knows if the school pressed charges too.

Fired for Fighting a Student

When tempers are high, fists tend to fly. But in a school system, a teacher is expected to restrain himself. On no account should teachers get into physical fights with students, and this is especially seeing as there are different disciplinary measures to choose from. But this teacher thought differently.

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In a moment of temper, a teacher was found pushing a child against the wall. That led to the kid getting bruised. Although when fights happen both parties can be blamed, in this case, the teacher got the bulk. The school authority didn’t hesitate in dismissing him.

Anger Is Dangerous

Handling kids can be tough. You might get frustrated and even be tempted to discipline them. But, if you act in anger, you might end up doing more than you’re supposed to, and then even end up losing your job like this woodwork teacher.

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When an annoying kid constantly kept messing up his class, the teacher lost his cool and grabbed him by the collar and smacked him off his chair. At that moment, both the teacher and the students were surprised by what just happened. No doubt, the teacher knew he’d messed up.

Getting High on Painkillers – Odd!

There are different stories of people getting high on weird stuff. For this English teacher, he got high after taking pain meds. What happened after? He broke into someone’s house and ate all the food he could find. To be fair, that’s a lot better than wrecking someone.

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The science behind pain meds is simple – shut down the pain receptors so you’d feel less pain. However, some research has shown that these meds can also impair your reasoning. Just like the teacher, you might end up getting high and doing crazy stuff you never intended.

Out of Control Teacher Gets the Axe

Usually, newbies try to put in extra effort to prove their worth. That was the case of a rookie Geology teacher who ended up causing more chaos than expected. As it happened, the school authority carried out a lockdown because there was a report of someone scaling the school’s fence.

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The rookie teacher took extra measures by locking the class door, and then grabbed a nearby stool just in case. What’s more? He locked out one of his students and wouldn’t budge even when a senior teacher came around. Well, he got fired afterwards.

Possessing Illegal Substances

Driving interstate is a normal occurrence, but you have to stick to state laws or risk getting detained. The teacher in question was arrested when he was driving through Nevada. Why? He was carrying 5 lbs of drugs that are illegal in Nevada. Not only was he fined, but he was also detained too.

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For context, the teacher had been driving from California where the substances were not illegal. It turned out he didn’t want to tell the local authorities of the substance he was carrying. Unfortunately, that came at the cost of losing his job when his principal was asked for a statement.

Fired for Encouraging Under-Age Drinking

Field trips are fun extracurricular activities to keep students motivated, but when you decide to quench their thirst, be careful not to make the mistake of this teacher. Never ever share alcohol with your students even if they’re old enough. For context, the students were a bunch kids under the age of 18.

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States have different age requirements for drinking alcohol, but that doesn’t mean teachers can or should offer it to students. The teacher could have gotten away with it if they’d done things quietly. But it turns out that they took pictures with the liquor and posted it all over Facebook.

Never Leave Your Class Unattended

A 9th-grade teacher was fired for leaving his students without supervision. Although it’s only normal that a teacher should excuse himself for a minute or two – probably for a bathroom break. But the school required that the students always be under the supervision of the teacher or a subordinate.

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Unfortunately, the teacher thought he could take a harmless quick break. As usual, students took the moment to play around, and that drew the attention of the school authority. It didn’t take too long to summon the teacher, and his appointment was terminated swiftly too.

Sexual Gym Teacher gets Busted

There have been reports of gym teachers preying on younger students over the years. Whatever the attraction was, this gym teacher thought he could show up at the students’ lodge and get sexual with a minor. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get started before the cops showed up and arrested him.

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As usual, when reports of sexual predation happen, it definitely goes viral. Not only was the gym teacher arrested, but investigations also showed that he’d gotten away with a few in the past. The school didn’t waste time in sending out his letter of dismissal, and that was besides jail time.

Abusive Teacher is Kicked Out

While keeping nails may be fanciful, it’s not the best when it comes to dealing with little kids. A kindergarten teacher went the extra mile by torturing the pupils with her long pointy nails. Instead of gently correcting erring children, she would rather dig her nails into their arms.

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The punishment was rather harsh, and it was only a matter of time before she was caught. Eventually, one of the kids, having no idea of what he was doing, showed his arms to the school Principal one day – and that was the end of the teacher’s appointment.

Breaking Down from Breaking Up

Depression and other forms of mental issues have been making waves recently. People have been urged to take care of their health to avoid breaking down. For this PE teacher at a K-12 school, the breakdown came after a breakup in a relationship with a student.

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It was bad enough that the teacher was in an unprofessional relationship with a student, but what sealed the deal was his breakdown in school. Unfortunately, he lost his job not long after a breakdown episode in the school. He wasn’t in the right frame of mind to keep teaching.

Fired for Credit Card Scams

The FBI took this case a little personally. A teacher suddenly disappeared from school, and the management decided to find out why. News eventually came out that he had been arrested for credit card fraud. As a result, the school had to find a replacement for him.

Source: Reddit

Note that credit card fraud is not a simple offense. With the FBI on the case, coupled with the amount of dirt they had on him, the teacher was bound to get caught and jailed for a long time. It was only natural for the school to terminate his appointment.