The Best Fitness Coaches on YouTube

Strength and fitness have become a significant part of today’s world. More people join the race of staying fit and healthy with new programs and regimens coming up as we speak. As for gymnasiums and jogging tracks, not everybody has the dedication to go all the way to another venue amidst their busy schedule just to work out.

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Also, it doesn’t really matter where you work out if your goal is just to stay healthy and fit. Therefore, with the advent of home video and its real winner, YouTube, it is possible to follow instructional videos right from the comfort of your home. Be it dancing, music, or most importantly, workouts, YouTube has become an ideal destination to go to.

Unlike gyms and sports complexes, this one is just a button away. It is much more convenient and faster to commit to. It is a very important way of gaining the knowledge and motivation to work out every day.

There are several fitness coaches on YouTube who are very skilled and talented. Some of their lessons and tutorials are really helpful to get fit very fast. Here are the best strength coaches on YouTube.

The stats in this article are based on Feb 2021 stats.


Estimated Net Worth: $994,000

Subscribers: 5 Million

Maddie Lymburner is definitely one of the most sought after Internet fitness coaches in the world. It is quite spectacular to see a 23-year-old attain the amount of success she has. Her workouts are relatively easy to follow and are especially convenient for people with smaller apartments who have a difficult time arranging things.

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Her workouts also have different paces one can choose, including a ‘workouts with music’ section. Her workouts have cheered up a lot of her YouTube subscribers.

Love Sweat Fitness

Estimated Net Worth: $107,000

Subscribers 66.5K

Katie Dunlop’s famous YouTube channel Love Sweat Fitness is one hell of a joyride when it comes to giving meaningful fitness advice and weight loss tips. She is known for setting a fantastic record of losing 45 pounds when she started this channel.

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She is now a sensational professional fitness trainer who works very hard to motivate many other people who work towards weight loss and other fitness regimens. Her channel also provides a lot of ideas on healthy living besides workouts.

Joanna Soh Official

Estimated Net Worth: $ 77.6K – $ 466K

Subscribers: 2.33 Million

Joanna Soh, who started off as a YouTube sensation in Malaysia, has now become a recognized fitness guru worldwide. Her workouts have become very popular and are being followed by a lot of people at the ease of their homes.

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Furthermore, she also opened a new sportswear line called Fit and Feminine. Her recent 21-day challenges have been trending on social media for quite a long time especially owing to the Corona pandemic and ‘working out at home’ routines.

BodyFit by Amy

Estimated Net Worth: $ 165,000

Subscribers: 711K

Amy Schemper was one of the finalists in the Next Fitness Star Contest held by the Women’s Health Magazine. Aside from being a sought-after fitness coach, she is also an avid practitioner of Yoga and Pilates, a trained boxer, and a triathlete.

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She is very active and is also known for advocating a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition. Already holding two degrees, she is now enrolled in a postgraduate degree studying exercise science.

OriGym Personal Training Careers

Estimated Net Worth: N/A

Subscribers: 9.96K

The OriGym Personal Training Careers is a fitness channel on YouTube with an advanced approach to all things exercise. Known for its very articulate approach towards workouts, this channel is more a guide to people who want to become workout coaches and fitness gurus rather than just workout.


It provides a lot of training drills, ideas, and tutorials to follow, not just for physical training but also things like setting up a health training business.

The Fitness Marshall

Estimated Net Worth: $300,000

Subscribers: 3.1 Million

This is a very innovative YouTube channel that fuses dance, specifically hip-hop, with workouts and fitness. Run by Caleb Marshall, who is a talented dancer, he decided to fuse fast hip-hop moves with an efficient cardio routine into his workouts.

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He teaches a lot of different steps to follow through his videos and has become quite a sensation among youngsters who are into both hip-hop and workouts. His workouts are easy to follow and are a very fun alternative to musicless, rhythmless workouts.


Estimated Net Worth: $1.2 Million

Subscribers: 5.49 Million

POPSUGAR Fitness is an ideal stop for your workouts if you are finding it difficult to follow the pace of workouts through videos on YouTube. Having three separate trainers, all working out at different intensities, this channel ensures an inspiring and fruitful workout session for all its subscribers.

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It specializes in Tabata workouts and has some of the best and easy-to-follow Tabata workout routines. They also update their channel with new videos almost every week.

Natacha Océane

Estimated Net Worth: $284,000

Subscribers: 1.26 Million

Natacha Océane is a very gritty woman with a lot of strength to showcase. She is both a US Navy Fitness Seals Test Qualifier and a ballet enthusiast, making her a fitness guru of a diverse range. She also has her own dressing line of t-shirts and sweaters.


Furthermore, unlike most other fitness models and trainers, she is also very vocal about how some obsessive fitness regimen and diet fads made her lose her health for a long time.


Net Worth: $2.4 Million

Subscribers: 2.01 Million

Matt Morsia, a British Strength Athlete and silver medalist of the 2016 European Powerlifting Championships, is one of the best fitness gurus in Britain. He is known for his rock hard, shredded body and his extraordinary workout routines.

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Even though not always taking place indoors, his workout routines are still quite fun to follow, and a lot of them can be adapted to a home environment or a park.

Adam Rosante

Estimated Net Worth: $400,000

Subscribers: 8.28K

Adam Rosante is quite popular for training a lot of Hollywood A-listers to get the bodies that are much admired on screen. However, he is also adored for being a very resourceful fitness guru, training many people through his YouTube Channel to maintain better fitness and food habits.


He is also known for his nonprofit organization called Good Eats and Project Strength, which focuses on poor kids’ nutrition and health requirements.

Amanda Russell

Estimated Net Worth: $10M

Subscribers: 82.6K

Amanda Russell is a very influential and fun-loving fitness trainer who teaches a lot of different workouts, mostly through the medium of dance-like moves. She is most famous for her ‘Coachella 5 Minute Hip and Butt Workout’.

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Her focus is on result-driven workouts, which basically spell out what you have to do every day to get the body you want. Her workouts are a real pleasure to watch and follow.


Estimated Net Worth: $147,000

Subscribers: 3.07 Million

BeFiT is one of the ideal YouTube channels to subscribe to if you are interested in learning from a wide range of celebrity fitness gurus. This channel has invited Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr., and Jillian Michaels to take fitness sessions on YouTube.

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BeFiT is quite sought after for its workouts ranging from as short as 5 minutes to a fitness routine that trains you with specific goals like weight loss and abs training for weeks. Overall, it is a good investment of time to follow this channel.


Estimated Net Worth: $6 Million

Subscribers: 5.47 Million

Blogilates is a force to be reckoned with. Started by Casey Ho to train her paltry sum of about 40 students in 2009, this channel blew up to vast proportions. Teaching pilates predominantly, this also focuses on other workout regimes such as bootcamp training and PIIT28.

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Furthermore, it also provides other workout routines quite popular among her fanbase, like Bridal bootcamp workout and workouts of many famous celebrities. She is also very managerial and has started her own fitness business lines.

Estimated Net Worth: $420.5 Million

Subscribers: 5.34 million is undoubtedly one of the best YouTube channels for training people in different bodybuilding strategies. It has a lot of different regimens based on your body goals, and it also focuses a lot on nutritional supplements and healthy eating for optimal body growth.


Ranging from a wide range of workouts, including a proper form for heavy lifts and serious abs training exercises, is the go-to site for almost anybody interested in either workout or even train other bodybuilders.


Estimated Net Worth: $ 161K – $ 968K

Subscribers: 902K

BodyRock is one of the YouTube Channels meant for advanced athletes with a great passion for working out. It consists of a lot of different exercise routines that people can do from their homes. Some of these exercises require specialized equipment, but several bodyweight exercises can easily do at home.

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This channel is mostly known for its HIIT type high-intensity workouts.

Fitness Blender

Estimated Net Worth: $3.2 Million

Subscribers: 6.53 Million

Started by Daniel and Kelli Segars, who are married, this fitness channel focuses on providing plausible and affordable workouts for everyone from the comfort of their homes. Targeting everyone in public, including people who are scared of working out, to the people who only want to work out, Fitness Blender does a great job providing a wide variety of workouts for everyone to follow.


Together, both husband and wife have active experience in this industry, making them a very competent lot.

Jessica Valant Pilates

Estimated Net Worth: $36,200

Subscribers: 190K

Jessica Valant is definitely one of the best Pilates instructors in the world. Revered for her dedication to teaching the artistic practice of pilates, she is also a trained physical therapist with about 15 years.

Source: YouTube

She is very passionate about discussing and solving women’s health problems and does a great job teaching many women-friendly workouts on her YouTube channel.

Kayla Itsines

Estimated Net Worth: $5,000

Subscribers: 381K

Kayla Itsines is one of the most popular YouTubers, and her workout videos are famous worldwide. Originally from Australia, she is quite popular for her book ‘Bikini Body Guides’ and a famous fitness app called ‘Sweat with Kayla.’


She is also quite vocal about nutrition and has advocated for the Greek diet as a healthy alternative to other dangerous diets. She is also married to another YouTube star Toby Pierce.

Scott Herman Fitness

Estimated Net Worth: $531,000

Subscribers: 2.46 Million

Scott Herman Fitness is a fitness channel dedicated to a wide variety of workout routines. However, most people who want to correct the form of their exercises choose to watch his videos, especially because videos are featuring Scott Herman showing the correct posture needed for every exercise.

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His videos are widely followed by youngsters trying to learn the hardcore basics of working out. He is from New England and has a great body to boast of.

The Lean Machines

Estimated Net Worth: $29,000

Subscribers: 438K

When two good chums decide to be passionate about fitness and create their own YouTube channel, you get Lean Machines. These two, John and Leon, are quite famous for their abilities and feats performed in the world of fitness.

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Their channel has been skyrocketing to fame ever since they created a wide array of videos doing workouts and explaining the stances and posture needed for each of them. This is a very good channel if your goal is to get leaner fast.

Tone It Up

Estimated Net Worth: $36,000

Subscribers: 788K

Started by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, two Manhattan residents passionate about working out, Tone It Up is a very famous YouTube channel many people have been religiously following to actually tone it up.


They also offer a professional service for those willing to pay for a premium account with their training routine. Their channel is ideal for people who are looking to lose weight through yoga and similar such exercises.

XHIT Daily

Estimated Net Worth: $225,000

Subscribers: 3.28 Million

If you are a mad fan of celebrities and their workout routines, XHIT Daily is a great YouTube channel for you to follow. You can subscribe to their channel, and you will receive updates from them, which are usually videos of celebrity inspired workout routines.

Source: YouTube

Some of their popular videos include the Miranda Kerr Workout and the Beyonce Butt. Many people enjoy working out based on these videos because they are tailored to a particular goal and help you achieve it directly without any extra requirements.


Estimated Net Worth: $284,000

Subscribers: 1.62 Million

HASfit is a YouTube channel known for its extensively detailed set of fitness workouts. It is quite popular amongst people who want to work out every day because there are a wide variety of monthly and weekly progressions to choose from.

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There are also about a thousand different videos for people who want to try out different workouts. It is a very option-based channel for people with different paces to try it out at their own accordance.

Yoga With Adriene

Estimated Net Worth: $2.4 Million

Subscribers: 9.36 Million

Adrienne Mishler is one of the best yoga trainers to learn yoga online. Her YouTube channel, Yoga with Adrienne, is quite popular throughout the world. Known for her extensive and wide range of yoga videos to choose from, there are videos of about six minutes teaching small yoga moves and bigger yoga videos training you to perform entire body sessions.

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Overall, it is a fulfilling investment to get yourself into especially given the popularity of this channel.

Bad Yogi Yoga

Estimated Net Worth: N/A

Subscribers: 77.4K

Erin Motz’s channel is known for being very frank and open about how her yoga interests were achieved. Although a person who eats nonvegetarian food and drinks alcoholic beverages, Erin’s principles focus on attaining bliss through yoga.


She does not pretend to be someone she is not, so she calls herself a bad yogi, yet attempts to do good by her principles and has been an inspiration to many people who seek to learn yoga.

Juliana Semenova & Mark Spicoluk – Boho Beautiful

Estimated Net Worth: N/A

Subscribers: 1.93 Million

This yoga power couple has been quite inspirational for a lot of people owing to their nomadic lifestyle. They are quite popular throughout the YouTube yoga circuit and are known for their scintillating videos.


Shot usually around very exotic locations around the world, this couple is one of the leading travel bloggers around the globe. They are also very keen on a vegan lifestyle and try their best to share some of their recipes alongside their yoga videos.

Kino MacGregor – Kinoyoga

Estimated Net Worth: $1 Million – $5 Million

Subscribers: 740K

One of the most knowledgeable and experienced yoga teachers on YouTube, Kino MacGregor’s Kinoyoga channel is an essential tool for someone who seriously wants to get into the practice of doing yoga every day.


She was one of the first and youngest YouTubers to gain certification to train other people with the art of Ashtanga yoga by famed Yogi and the founder of the discipline, K Pattabhi Jois. She has written four books on yoga, which speaks volumes about her knowledge and experience.

Koya Webb

Estimated Net Worth: $1.4 Million

Subscribers: 29.7K

Koya Webb used to be a prized athlete but eventually suffered a back injury, which slowed down her career. It was then that she came across yoga, which brought back a lot of joy in her life.


She is now both a university track champion and a famous yoga practitioner who trains other people through her popular YouTube channel. She is also a very sought-after Vegan chef and fitness coach, preparing a lot of people to achieve their goals in life through positive energy.

Sean Vigue Fitness

Estimated Net Worth: $ 8.82K – $ 52.9K

Subscribers: 190K

Probably the most popular pilates and yoga instructor in the world, Sean Vigue’s channel is a very active place to learn a wide variety of yoga and Pilates exercises. Known for its accessibility and easy to difficult progressions, his videos are used by people worldwide to get into shape.

Source: YouTube

He also has written several books and has, over time, introduced HIIT videos too into his regimen. Overall, it is a great way to shed those love handles you are tired of running around with all summer.

Sarah Beth – SarahBethYoga

Estimated Net Worth: $2 Million

Subscribers: 1.23 Million

Sarah Beth is a yoga instructor known for her stress relief and body pain reduction techniques. Several of her videos feature stances and postures that prevent pain and cause your body to feel relaxed when done over time.


She is a mother of two children and is very active otherwise. Running her own business and also taking care of her kids must be a hectic task. However, doing yoga every day might be a great relief for her and thousands of mothers who follow her channel.

Faith Hunter

Estimated Net Worth: N/A

Subscribers: 24.1K

Faith Hunter is quite popular throughout for her inspirational transition into yoga. After her brother’s sad demise, she turned to yoga and mindfulness to distract her pain and cope with it over time. Now, several years later, she teaches other people how to cope with pain through her yoga channel on YouTube.

Source: Instagram

Her videos are quite inspiring to watch, and a lot of her subscriber base follows her yoga instructions religiously.

Ekhart Yoga

Estimated Net Worth: $26,000

Subscribers: 341K

Esther Ekhart used to be a very avid traveler, living in several countries like Nigeria before she reached India. In India, she was inspired by the subtle art of yoga and decided to spend her life back in Amsterdam, spreading the joys of yoga.

Source: YouTube

She is now a very popular and sought-after yoga instructor both in Amsterdam and through YouTube, where she teaches yoga full-time. Her dedication to this art form has made her an inspiration for many newbies.

Yoga Journal

Estimated Net Worth: $5,000

Subscribers: 107K

Immensely popular as a magazine for about 36 years, Yoga Journal is also available through its exclusive YouTube channel and is followed by a lot of yoga enthusiasts for its timely updates on yoga events and a wealth of information about healthy yoga practices.

Source: Facebook

The Yoga Journal also has a lot of videos focusing on breathing techniques and Pranayama exercises to improve respiratory efficiency and lung capacity.

Fightmaster Yoga

Estimated Net Worth: $94,000

Subscribers: 637K

Fightmaster Yoga is quite the channel to look forward to if your goal is to just fight your way out of a workout, like a gritty warrior. Furthermore, in addition to yoga, this channel also incorporates HIIT sessions into its workouts, making you sweat a significant part of your lazy couch potato schedule.

Source: Facebook

Some drills combining HIIT and yoga from this channel are more energizing and rejuvenating than a cup of green tea in the morning.

Alo Yoga

Estimated Net Worth: $62,000

Subscribers: 417K

There was a time when Alo Yoga was just a store selling Yoga material like mats and leggings. However, times have changed, and the brand has now moved on to making their own fitness videos on their exclusive YouTube channel named Alo Yoga.


Besides just teaching Yoga, Alo Yoga is also known for its videos, which feature various core strength and ab crunching exercises that will finally throw your much-awaited love handles away.

Yoga With Kassandra

Estimated Net Worth: $235,000

Subscribers: 1.37 Million

Yoga with Kassandra is an ideal channel for people willing to spend time building a community around yoga. Kassandra Reinhard is a yoga instructor from Ottawa who started this channel to support and provide an ideal space to practice yoga for her friends and peers.

Source: YouTube

Eventually, this has grown into a very resourceful channel with a lot of videos and tips teaching the essential postures and forms of yoga along with a bunch of several other exercises to help facilitate breathing and cardiovascular health.

Yoga With Tim

Estimated Net Worth: $50,000

Subscribers: 189K

Tim Senesi is a gentleman teaching the essential cornerstones of yoga – subtlety, form, and grace. With his calm, soothing voice playing in the background, it is hard to make mistakes if you use this channel to learn yoga.

Source: YouTube

His videos are beneficial for various people, including people with back pain, shoulder pain, and joint stress. He works very calmly and slowly, telling you of every step needed for a better yoga posture.

Cole Chance Yoga

Estimated Net Worth: $5,000

Subscribers: 33.9K

Cole Chance is another famous yoga guru who has been studying and teaching yoga for a very long time now. She is very calm and soothing to listen to when she teaches the different steps required to master the yoga stances.


She resides in Bali, Indonesia, where she also teaches yoga offline to people in her studio. Her classes are revered by a lot of people who have taken them, and the quality of her videos are very good for someone who wants to follow from YouTube videos alone.

Corrina Rachel – PsycheTruth

Estimated Net Worth: N/A

Subscribers: 513K

Corrina Rachel is a master of health-based routines. She is well-versed in a lot of different disciplines. Her specialties include yoga and ASMR, which are both considered ideal disciplines for soothing the mind and body from stress.

Source: Instagram

She is also very interested in nutrition and gives several tips on reducing ailments through a healthy and nutritious eating habit. She holds a degree in physiology and cellular biology, which helps study nutrition from an expert’s perspective.


Estimated Net Worth: $5,000

Subscribers: 242K

DOYOUYOGA is a channel for everybody who wants to get to know about yoga right from step one. This channel starts from the absolute beginning and moves further to teach novice yogis to do yoga.

Source: YouTube

It is known for its easy accessibility and adaptation to various venues to do yoga in. It is very ideal for people who are new to yoga and getting used to the new terminology and exercises as this channel has videos that go at a very slow pace. It also has a lot of advanced yoga exercises too.

Six Pack Abs

Estimated Net Worth: $75,000

Subscribers: 4.8 Million

Six Pack Abs is one of the most preferred channels by fitness trainers looking for science-backed ways to get those chiseled washboard abs and teach the methods to their clients in gymnasiums. A lot of workouts in this channel are goal-driven and focused on getting abs as soon as possible.

Source: Facebook

However, it is also known for its other fitness channel focusing on people who are above 40 years of age. This makes it very accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Buff Dudes

Estimated Net Worth: $704,000

Subscribers: 2.38 Million

Run by Brandon and Hudson, two brothers who are quite accomplished bodybuilders in their own right, this channel was named BUFF dudes, where BUFF stood for Better Understanding of Food and Fitness. They are quite popular as a website teaching people all the essentials of working out.


However, they have a lot of quirky and funny sketches as well, collaborating with other YouTubers, which are really fun to watch. One of these sketches, called ‘Gym Wildlife,’ was one of the most-watched videos.

Elliott Hulse

Estimated Net Worth: $37,000

Subscribers: 803K

Elliott Hulse’s story is one of great redemption. He once used to live in a van and used to train his clients in public parks. However, with all the grit he could muster and the indomitable will that he is so known for, he made his way out of difficulty and now is a YouTube star that most people take bodybuilding advice from daily.

Source: Facebook

His YouTube channel ‘Strength Camp’ is one of the most popular bodybuilding websites revered by other fitness gurus.

The Body Project

Estimated Net Worth: N/A

Subscribers: 1.35 Million

Alexandra and Daniel Bartlett are the co-creators of this wonderful and well-planned workout routine channel. They are also a couple. Started by these two to provide a very affordable way for people to keep doing their workouts, this channel is very well planned and involves a lot of different videos for people to start from.


Furthermore, the structure and planning involved around most of their videos is something most people will have a great time following easily.

The Body Coach TV

Estimated Net Worth: $226,000

Subscribers: 2.27 Million

Joe is a fitness coach from The Body Coach TV, who does an ideal job teaching and training his clients how to deal with anxiety and stress resulting from undertaking all these extreme diet fads.

Source: YouTube

Personally advocating for healthy and sufficient nutrient consumption, Joe is on his way to educate and convince people that it is not necessary to stop eating just to lose bodyweight. Instead of calorie restriction, Joe aims at teaching people the much-needed exercise to make it easier to eat sufficiently and still lose weight.

StayFitandTravel – Emi Wong

Estimated Net Worth: N/A

Subscribers: 3.61 Million

StayFitandTravel was started by Emi Wong, a resident of China who wanted to deal with exercise in her own independent way. She is known for her exciting approach of moving away from calorie counting and focusing extensively on mental health and wellness, which itself helps rejuvenate the body and mind on a very positive note, thereby allowing one to heal even bodily.


Furthermore, she is now one of the most popular fitness YouTubers in Asia.

Vicky Justiz

Estimated Net Worth: $253,000

Subscribers: 1.67 Million

Vicky Justiz started out very small. Initially using the fitness routine just for exercise, she slowly started her own YouTube channel for its fun and some extra cash. However, with her extremely talented self-training and teaching people how to workout, a lot of subscribers began to form.

Source: YouTube

Soon, she realized the potential of her channel and began to work towards developing it to cater to the audience’s needs.

Jenny Ford

Net Worth: $21,000

Subscribers: 118K

Jenny Ford started with a minimal goal in mind. She liked teaching but was slightly nervous about it. So, when she was offered an aquatic aerobics instructor’s job, she went ahead and taught anyway. She really enjoyed teaching and training.

Source: Facebook

It took some time and a hidden bunch of cash under an old family piano to start her own YouTube channel. She gained immense success in this field and never looked back again. Her videos are as inspiring and informative as her personality.

Tiffany Rothe Workouts

Net Worth: $59,000

Subscribers: 919K

Tiffany Rothe is now a household name in the world of fitness. She, however, started from a very different trajectory. She used to be very passionate about dancing and was keen on teaching aerobics as well.


However, she went ahead to academically pursue law, only to realize that her passion is more important, which is why she changed sides and finally completed her master’s in nutrition studies. She is now the face of a major YouTube fitness channel, which helps a lot of people to cope with their workouts.

Austin Dunham

Estimated Net Worth: $118,000

Subscribers: 794K

Austin Dunham found out about calisthenics on his own as a teenager. His hobby soon turned into a passionate career choice. He started making very interesting and informative YouTube videos that consisted of calisthenics workouts that people could easily follow at home.

Source: YouTube

Now, he is one of the most successful calisthenics YouTubers globally and was recently accredited by YouTube as one of the YouTube Calisthenics experts.

Heidi Somers

Estimated Net Worth: $75,000

Subscribers: 766K

Heidi Somers is quite active on the side of the internet. Aside from owning her very famous YouTube channel, she is also an active Vlogger and uses Instagram to narrate her lifestyle and workout routines to her fans.

Source: Instagram

Through her Instagram handle @buffbunny, she shares a wide variety of personal details, including snippets about her fit boyfriend and queries regarding workouts.


Estimated Net Worth: $54,000

Subscribers: 731K

One of the best advantages of Lumowell is the fact that this channel features virtual trainers who are animated versions of fitness trainers instead of any actual identifiable people. This is very resourceful as your goal is to just workout without paying any attention to the people on screen.

Source: YouTube

Lumowell also is quite convenient when it comes to its videos as it provides complete packages of different exercise routines, including cardiovascular exercises, HIIT, and strength training routines.

Sydney Cummings

Estimated Net Worth: $229,000

Subscribers: 940K

Sydney Cummings is quite a celebrity herself. She also actively trains a lot of famous people as a lot of people find her to be a world-class athlete. She holds several high school records that are still not broken, and she has featured in Women’s Health Magazine several times.

Source: Instagram

Her YouTube channel is one of the most convenient channels to follow, especially workouts that require ample time to finish. She is also a NASM certified personal trainer.

Scola Dondo

Estimated Net Worth: $3,000

Subscribers: 237K

Scola Dondo’s journey of fitness is legendary on so many levels. Aside from being an avid food connoisseur herself, she had her own struggle with obesity. However, over time she decided to take action and went on to lose about 50 pounds and inspired a lot of people to follow suit through her YouTube channel.

Source: Instagram

She is now widely regarded as an important British TV presenter, personal trainer, and YouTube star. Her videos are sometimes funny and involve some of her favorite recipes as well.

Vicsnatural Workout and Fitness Channel

Estimated Net Worth: $9K

Subscribers: 191K

For over 20 years now, Vic Costa has been an avid participant in several bodybuilding events and has trained professionally for quite a long in this field. From his small beginning as a fitness trainer for a select few friends to a YouTuber who is revered around the world for his great fitness videos, Costa has come a long way.

Source: YouTube

His fitness videos are very informative, and the way he puts his 20-year experience into his workouts is beautiful to watch. He is an inspiring individual with a lot of fans.

Jillian Michaels

Estimated Net Worth: $144,000

Subscribers: 262K

Jillian Michaels is a celebrity in her own right. Aside from featuring on the Dr. Phil show and being one of the most important fitness trainers on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ a TV show about people with weight loss goals, she is also a very successful YouTuber who has made a fortune in the business.


She also wrote around ten books on health, fitness, and wellness and is an important figure in the entirety of the fitness industry.

Hang Tight with Marcie

Estimated Net Worth: N/A

Subscribers: 113K

Marcie’s fitness channel is one filled with fun and frolic. Working towards making fitness regimens more exciting and playful, this ISSA approved fitness trainer is a very successful YouTuber as well, with several exciting videos featuring her in her channel.

Source: Instagram

Amidst several battles against severe sporting injuries, Marcy has made it to the top on her own, with tremendous grit and determination. She is also an experienced exercise therapy specialist, helping people cope with the difficulties of exercising all the way.

Shelly Dose Fitness

Net Worth: N/A

Subscribers: 59.2K

Shelly Dose is an accomplished fitness instructor taking classes for people with fitness goals professionally. However, she still prefers home workouts a lot more owing to their convenience and the amount of time they save amidst a busy schedule.

Source: Facebook

Her workout videos on her YouTube channel feature her teaching many easy workouts to do from the comfort of our home. A lot of people like her videos for the simplicity it instills.

Kat Musni Fitness

Net Worth: $3K

Subscribers: 31.5K

For people who are not in it just for working out, Kat Musni’s fitness channel is the way to go. Featuring an extremely entertaining and downright geeky trainer Kat Musni, the workout videos, especially the ones teaching Tabata, are all you need to sweat your way into a well-sculpted and toned physique.

Source: Facebook

There are several videos extensively teaching you how to workout every day within the space of your home. Kat also keeps giving cool nerdy references to keep you entertained amidst the difficult, sweaty workouts.

Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

Net Worth: $1.1 Million

Subscribers: 3.04 million

Finally, one of the celebrities who became famous long before the era of YouTube, Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home program, is an ideal way to utilize your house to perform simple yet rewarding exercises.

Source: YouTube

Furthermore, there are a lot of certifications that Leslie has gathered over the years, making her one of the most qualified instructors to teach any form of exercise. Her idea of making people constantly walk to prevent immobility of any sort over time is commendable from a fitness standpoint.