The Best Savage Comeback Responses From Your Favorite Brands

With the rapid growth in how social media influences societal and community views and perceptions, brands that want to grow with the times have also moved to the internet, using this medium to connect with customers and as a tool to reach a wider audience.

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While we may ignore most of their posts or advertisement schemes and strategies, we can not help but notice the recent clap backs from brands to haters, customers, and other brands. Read as your favorite household brands give savage responses on the internet.

Neil Sure Had This Coming!

We all know Neil deGrasse Tyson to be an astronomer and scientist. Neil is well known in two ways: an intelligent scientist or an annoying person who is excessively concerned with minor details and obsessed with knowledge. While we are not shaming him for his pedantry…

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It is clear Steak-umm sure was not having in any of Neil deGrasse’s wittiness when they responded to his ‘Fact’ of the day. While note-worthy, the fact was not so mind-blowing. Their response sure speaks the minds of many who read through Neil’s supposed random fact dumps.

Is That a Turnoff?

We would try to be sensitive to Felipe’s feelings by not throwing too many jabs at him. He shares on Twitter that it is a massive turnoff for him when a girl uses Tesco Mobile, without stating exactly why Tesco returns the favor.

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We are not sure if the handler of Tesco Mobile’s Twitter account had a personal beef with Felipe, but this response must have shaken him to his roots. We have to say that Tesco Mobile has the best rates. So, should that be a turnoff?

Battle of the Brands

It really should not have happened. BBC Three threw the initial shade to E4 for showing episodes of The Big Bang Theory on the afternoon of Easter Sunday. More unlikely, BBC Three should have checked their garden for weeds before pointing out another’s.

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E4 sure did their homework before responding to BBC Three’s shade. They were more than happy to point out that BBC Three itself was not attempting to entertain viewers at home. However, it seems like over a thousand people enjoyed the Twitter show more.

Fire Sauce & Old Spice?

Your favorite deodorant brands take a jab at each other’s products. It did not seem as though Old Spice had enough evidence when they cast shade on Taco Bell’s ‘Fire Sauce.’ Not actually made with fire, because…. That is not how sauces work, right?

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Taco Bell was quick to give a piece of their mind with an immediate clap back. They pointed out that Old Spice probably did not even use old spices in their products which was the way deodorants and body sprays were made back in the day.

OH NO, You didn’t COOP

A regular on Twitter will surely attest to the fact that Wendy’s has one of the hottest accounts with quick, sharp, and direct shots at detractors and several product marketing strategies that keep them in everyone’s view.

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As a substantial online presence, we would advise anyone who chooses to throw some shade their way to brace for impact. This seems too late for Cooper Franklin as he decided to publicly express that Wendy’s square burgers seemed too artificial for him.

You Really Should Not Have, Sigurbj

If you want to cast shade on one of the fastest-selling online brands, you should ensure that you have your life in order. However, Sigurbj Ӧ rn L á Russon (Cripes!) does not seem to get that you cannot talk to anyone the way you want.

Source: Twitter

For reference purposes, a Moon Pie is a wafer sandwich with marshmallows inside and covered in chocolate. A delicious and tasty meal that feeds the body and soul. The handler of its Twitter page gets lashed but also decides to tongue-lash right back.

The NFL and Butterfinger

Tom Brady remains one of the biggest NFL superstars of all time. His legacy will be the most successful player of all time with the most personal victories in the game. While you might perceive him as a magician kind of baller, it was evident that Tom could not do everything.

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While it is pertinent to state that Tom can command the entire field from the pocket, he is not a receiver. The Butterfinger brand had their opportunity to throw epic shade with this slip-up on the big stage.

Make Sure You Look Before You Leap!

We are pretty sure Devon Peacock thought it certainly was not a bad idea to ask Wendy’s how much the famous sandwich from their competitor costs. Of course, you would have to trust Wendy’s to give a savage reply.

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Wendy’s has the most major clap backs on Twitter. Ever since their social media gained attention, they no longer have to worry about ‘bad press’ as they have continued to deliver hard truths to people like Devon Peacock now and then.

A ‘MOM’ Clap Back?

It would seem as though Chilly P intended to question Royal Mail about his deliveries innocently. It was the 17th day of June, and we are sure if there were any Valentine’s Day cards to be delivered, they should have found their way to Chilly’s mail Box.

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However, Royal Mail was as swift as they ought to have been with their reply to Chilly. They stripped him of his innocence when they indirectly called him a momma’s boy, intending that only his mom could have sent him a Valentine’s Day card.

Pay Attention to Spellchecks

It was in 2014 when JCPenney’s Twitter handler made a post with numerous misspelled words. At the time, many people jumped on the train to troll the brand for making such a mistake. It was almost like the person typing did so with three fingers while blindfolded.

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Spellchecks make writing as easy as it can be. We highly recommend this to everyone! Snickers joined the wagon by offering the department store a bar of their famous chocolate using many intentionally misspelled words. The writer who wrote this had zero practice.

Momma Taught You to Respect, Joe!

The comeback to Mr. Joe Lee’s tweet was not even supposed to happen. However, Tesco Mobile decided not to let anyone’s bad comment go by, even when Mr. Joe did not tag the brand to the tweet. Nevertheless, they obviously took it personally. Sorry, Joe!

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The background story here is that Tesco Mobile has a bad reputation with their service. However, in their response, they insinuate that Mr. Joe should probably focus on working on his relationship with his mom rather than slandering the brand through Twitter.

That Is Just Plain Disrespect!

In the tweet below, C Taylor posted a picture of dipping her Pop-Tart into a bowl of ranch dressing. Apparently, C Taylor had crossed a line, and the Pop-Tart brand matching alongside them is the Pop-Tart fanbase across the globe.

Source: Twitter

The Pop-Tart Twitter account retweets and comments’ disrespectful,’ which sounds, looks, and reads as harsh as it seems. However, did they not consider the possibility that she might be right and people living in Oklahoma often take dips in a Ranch dressing with a Pop-Tart?

Lots of Work Went Into That!

The size of smart cars is no longer news as they are all known to have tiny enclosed spaces often only built to fit the driver and the front-seat passenger. Smart cars are often trolled, and Clayton Hove took to Twitter to do this.

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However, the official Smart USA account gave him a savage response that looks more like an assignment than a mere tweet. In the post, they pointed out that it would take something like 4.5 million pigeons to wreck a smart car.

A Brand-to-Brand Duel

It is usually easier to find brands going toe-to-toe talking smack about products, sales, and market dominance. Often, these brands are competitors in the same field. Rarely do we find unrelated brands having some internet fun, especially not on the anatomy of jellyfishes.

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Moon Pie posts a picture from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, suggesting that they know where the gooey, mushy marshmallow filling comes from. The brands then get in with each other about jellyfish anatomy. They were providing us with Anatomy 101.

Love Does Not Cost a Thing

We really do believe that every human needs to love and feel loved at some point in their life. It seems ‘Sunil Das Sharma’ does not quite know where to look. He decides to tweet Old Spice asking for some love but gets a sharp, witty response in return.

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The brand that produces your man’s perfume bluntly tells Sunil to turn to Tinder instead in his search for love. It is unclear if the advice helped, but Sunil can take solace that someone finally replied to his messages.

The Ultimate Fast Food Saga

We all hold different opinions about whose fast-food burgers fill our cravings, but they are wrong unless it is Wendy’s. We hope you caught the joke. Wendy’s has gradually become the most popular choice since their social media got popular.

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Just at the time when International House of Pancakes drifted into being more than just breakfast café, some fans thought Wendy’s had lost its game. However, what is an ant to a lion? Wendy’s rightly says, we really need to admit that it takes more work than flapjacks?

The Mutual Enemies Hatch

It just melts our cold hearts when our mutual enemies get in a fight. This is because, no matter who loses, we still win…. hahaha. This time, Conan and Netflix get at each other through each’s productions on Twitter.

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Conan took to Twitter to fire shots at Netflix’s collection of original shows and movies; Netflix then retaliates by pointing out that the man has more than a thousand episodes of his show. Nevertheless, Conan eventually has the last laugh.

Ball or Walk, Your Choice…

Some people do not know when to walk away with their dignity in hand. They must forcefully make you strip them of this. This explains what went down between our favorite fast-food brand and ‘Thuggy-D.’ He crept into the tweet and left with nothing.

Source: Twitter

This tweet was all the way back in 2016 when Wendy’s had not developed their knack for hot clap backs to internet trolls. Now, Wendy’s does not hesitate to take them down as soon as they start to poke around with their ugly heads.

Do Not Trust Illuminati Tacos

You know, one of those brands where you really do not stand a chance to either love or hate. There really is not an in-between when it comes to Taco Bell. A person bearing ‘Stop the Illuminati’ on Twitter discovers the brand Logo for Taco Bell.

Source: Twitter

Taco Bell was more than willing to play along. We are still unsure what those things on the bottom right are, but they look lovely. We can only wonder if ’Stop Illuminati’ has made any other discoveries in places other than here.

Hulk Hogan’s Future Job?

A little backstory to this major clap back from Sainsbury. October Jones, a Twitter user, got his chicken sandwich from the company and found it was not to his liking. He came on to say that it tasted like it was beaten to death by wrestler Hulk Hogan.

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How come it is unsure. However, Sainsbury apologized and stated it would replace Hogan with ultimate warrior for future chicken pummeling opportunities. It was evident that ‘October Jones’ did not enjoy his sandwich, but maybe he could have loved the touch of Mr. Hogan.

Send In a Linguist, Please

In this tweet, a tweep (common name for people who use tweeter) named ‘Immy Badman Bugti’ sent a brand named Argos Helpers a tweet that we believe is actually in English. We would need linguists with years of experience to help transcribe what he wrote.

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We absolutely cannot understand what is happening here, as the language used in this tweet is strange. Nevertheless, what are Argos Helpers? Argos is apparently a store. It might be a department store. At the very least, it is in England.

Another Tesco Mobile Come Back!

When Twitter user ‘Jacobmcd 15’ asked Tesco Mobile to tell him a joke, no one would have expected that the company’s sharp and immediate response would be Sainsbury. Tesco Mobile used a response to cast shade on their market space competition with Sainsbury.

Source: Twitter

For some reason, the handler of Tesco Mobile Twitter account chooses an inside joke within their organization as a response for their fans. We must note that the response was not only savage but also petty of Tesco Mobile.

It Is a Facebook Drama

This time fans stripped Twitter of its bragging rights as the one-stop-shop for all company gossip. It may seem as though GameStop is (or was) branching out from producing video games into giant stuffed animals production. The immediate response is as seen below…

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A fan comments on a post made by the company, exposing a tactic used to create their flyers. They had made the model cuddling with the stuffed Snorlax look smaller to make the stuffed animal appear bigger. The person who commented somehow vanishes amidst the chaos.

A Short-Lived Brand Banter

Often when we see brands pick an interest in the comments of one another, we usually hope to get a front-row seat to some good internet trolling based on products, sales, market dominance, and so on. In this case, however, Jimmy John’s and Wendy’s get on a bit of banter.

Source: Twitter

The conversation started with Wendy’s pointing out that Jimmy Johns has two first names. The choice was to turn this burn around and remind the redhead that her last name is Thomas. We see that the conversation dies out as Wendy’s agrees to this fact.

Pizza and Sport Do Not Go So Well Together

Pizza Hut decides it might be a good time to throw a jab at Leeds United (for those who do not know, that is a sports team; either soccer or football depending on where you live). The back and forth started when they decided to respond to Pizza Hut.

Source: Twitter

They state that they prefer Dominos since delivering something as simple as a tweet does not take long. Pizza Hut provides a response that Leeds has not made a timely delivery for almost 30 years. It burns hard, but Leeds has Dominos to console them.

Your Burger King Needs a Typist!

It looks more like a mistaken tweet. Nothing here looks like fingers typed it. Maybe a toddler, but whoever chose to leave their phone with a toddler, especially when you are in charge of Burger King’s Twitter account, needs a nanny ASAP.

Source: Twitter

If you can read what this tweet is supposed to say, kindly shoot us an email, give us a ring, a carrier pigeon, and a smoke signal. Anything at all. We need all the assistance we can get to translate this into modern English.

Come On, Neil, Not Again!

It is evident Neil deGrasse Tyson gets high from showing off his knowledge and making sure other people are aware that he is pretty knowledgeable in any particular field. ‘Armageddon’ is a movie that plays it fast and loose with how the world works.

Source: Twitter

Many fans were aware of this fact, and Neil wanted to make sure we all knew he knew it. Neil deGrasse Tyson was all set to ruin it for everyone enjoying the movie, but it was not on Netflix. Netflix heard his whining, added the movie, and dissed him while doing so.

Could Not Find Your Way?

One tweep decides that it would be a good idea for him to complain to the entire London Overground. It was probably the Overground’s fault, but they were not in the mood.

Source: Twitter

They were quick to give him a response and told him to figure out a way to get there on time unless he wanted to lose his pay. No wonder Daniel was mad about the trains being late. However, it is easier to blame something that cannot be fixed instead of his bad timing.

McDonald’s Stands Their Ground

While Taco Bell might not have the best reputation in terms of food quality, it really did come as a surprise when they announced that they were moving into breakfast meals. The sudden announcement did not, however, shake the well-known breakfast king McDonald’s.

Source: Twitter

Obviously, the golden arches only saw this as Taco Bell looking up to the kings of the fast-food court. The clown has been the leader in breakfast food for a long time, but competition is always good for a customer.

It Is Theater Banter

This conversation aired between our favorite chocolate cookies company and a famous theater chain. Why? Oreo decided it was a good idea to encourage their customer’s bad behavior by tweeting about ways to smuggle their cookies into movie theaters. However, AMC promised to fish out the smugglers.

Source: Twitter

Without wasting much time, Oreo shot right back at the theater, and the conversation kicked off from there. The cookie company held the upper ledge through as there are too many places to hide the Oreos, and no theater employee could be that nosy.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A lot goes on in our world. Millennials may not know this, but there was a time when the games we played had everything to do with real-life struggles. The Oregon Trail video games were the actual bomb back in the day. It increased knowledge of the era and what settlers had to go through.

Source: Twitter

After a while, a few running jokes have sprung up, including members of your family getting sick with dysentery. However, Twitter user ‘Jason Cirillo’ made it without getting sick, thanks to JetBlue Airways. It was all pure fun with the airway replying with their snacks.

It Is All Pun and Games

A tweep named ‘Marty Lawrence’ got dragged by Sainsbury when he tried to get some cod but ran out of luck. While Sainsbury also tried to ask him some questions, they included a little fish pun to have fun.

Source: Twitter

Marty, however, missed this, and things took a turn from there. The remaining tweets proceeded to have little to no information about the store and slipped into mere pun fun, which is pretty cool if you ask us.

It Should Not Be So Tough to Make a Choice

Chick-fil-A is well known for its fantastic chicken and customer service. It has become a company-wide rule that they do not open their doors to anyone on a Sunday. This was going to be the case even on Super Bowl Sunday.

Source: Twitter

Upon making the announcement, Burger King decided it was a good idea to reassure customers that they would be open immediately. Now, while a perfectly wrapped chicken burger is worth the diss, is it compared to a perfectly done chicken sandwich.

The True Eclipse Pie

To pass on a little bit of knowledge here, an eclipse is the total or partial obscuring of one celestial body by another. They are pretty huge events that happen ever so rarely. One unique thing about Eclipses is that everyone worldwide can view it in real-time, no matter where you may live.

Source: Twitter

Brands love to use this particular time as an opportunity to do some good PR, but it may seem as though Hostess may have missed it this time. They named their cupcake the official snack cake of the eclipse, totally undermining the relevance of the Moon Pie brand. They, of course, had a good laugh about this because the idea of the eclipse is right there in Moon Pie.

Are They Dragging Chris Back Home?

One tweep (a popular name for twitter’s regular users) named ‘Chris’ thought that raining insults on a brand through social media would improve both the taste of their food and their customer service too. Well, Hamburger Helper was not having any of it.

Source: Twitter

Responding to his tweet, they pointed out that insults do not make a good husband either. We would like to help ‘Chris’ read in between the lines here. The reply meant it would take a whole more than insults to make any change in his relationship status too.

Learn to Draw New Insights!

In our own vivid opinion, there is never a time too old or young to learn one new fact or the other. The conversation here has the Discovery channel schooled on the sprout and growth of penguins. A fact you would think should come from the Discovery channel itself.

Source: Twitter

The Pittsburgh Penguins decided to school the Discovery channel in response to an initial tweet claiming that the team had failed in its quest for glory because they did not have any penguins on the ice in Pittsburgh.

Just Stop This Already!

It may seem as though the challenge of different states trying to figure out the most disgusting way to eat Pop-Tarts has reached its stomach-turning limit. While fans may think these several ideas are funny, they are quite provoking. It would be best if you only ate Pop-Tarts hot or cold.

Source: Twitter

It is not only a disgusting sight, but we wonder who thought it might be a good idea to have a slice of cheese between tarts and have them like a sandwich. Just stop already. It is not only stomach-churning but very disrespectful. Let the memes stop already.

It’s Wendy’s Again and Again

We are sure it is possible to write this whole article on Wendy’s most profound internet clap backs. They are simply not afraid to take on anybody. From customers, haters, and other brands, their array of epic comeback responses rests right at the fingertip of the account handler.

Source: Twitter

However, National Roast Day is an annual holiday for the restaurant celebrated by throwing jabs at other brands online. Hooters is a restaurant that is famous for the unique uniform of their waitresses. Wendy’s goes straight at them using the uniforms as the piercing arrows.

A Game of Shots!

Sometimes it is not the brands who choose violence. We believe the attributes and traits most people exhibit on the internet are very similar, if not the same, as their reality. Frequently, some of these conversations do not have to have even happened at all.

Source: Twitter

In this case, Twitter user ‘Lucid Billz’ announced that he needed people to play an old game because no one plays it anymore. While he did not tag either Microsoft or Xbox to the tweet, Microsoft stepped in to ask him how it had been going.

Battle of Pizzas Pt1

It remains unclear why our favorite pizza brands would choose to drag one another right here in the public space but trust me when I say we are all in for it. The issue here remains between delivery pizza versus frozen pizza.

Source: Twitter

Papa John’s delivery option received the first dose when DiGiorno Pizza changed their Twitter bio to mock Papa John’s pizza. Their bio reads ‘Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,’ which is quite ambitious of Papa John’s who is not famous for its quality, and DiGiorno hit them it hurts the most: sales.

Battle of the Pizzas Continues

This epic battle between these two Pizza brands continues to flow like a freshly cut wound. After DiGiorno changed their bio to mock Papa John’s successfully, you would know it hurt them just as bad as the wound in reference.

Source: Twitter

Papa John’s, in turn, changed their bio to mock frozen pizzas in general, comparing them to pies. They said that frozen pizza is less desirable when it comes to pies. There are, however, plenty of people who would rather eat DiGiorno Pizza or any frozen pizza over theirs.

A Battle of Chocolates?

It also took us by surprise when we found out that our favorite treats were at loggerheads with each other. While Kit Kats and Oreos do not sell the same kind of threat, they are still pretty close.

Source: Twitter

In a bid to win the heart of a mutual customer, Kit Kats came up with a friendly game of tic-tac-toe. Instead of focusing on their game, Oreo decided to have a snack, ruining the game when it had barely started. We sense that this was a way to throw Kit Kat off their own game.

Battle of Mobile Carriers

The mobile carriers’ market has grown exponentially within the last decade. The competition has become fiercer now, causing companies to lower their rates and adapt to consumer requests, thereby giving them the upper hand in the field.

Source: Twitter

One Twitter user named ‘Jay Rooney succeeded in getting two mobile carrier companies on each other’s throat, both casting shades on each other and trying to get him on their side. It may seem as though Rooney ended up with T-Mobile since AT&T charges extra for overseas data.

They Were Not in the Mood

It is not precisely clear what initially transpired but, one Twitter user ‘Lisa Barone’ decided to get all hot and heavy with a sandwich cookie on the internet. Before they finally engaged her, the Oreo brand needed to confirm if Lisa was in the right state of mind.

Source: Twitter

After Miss Barone could not provide a definite answer to the question, the brand let her continue ranting while they sat back and watched in silence. It is really tough to get ghosted by a person or friend but from a cookie? That is just below the belt.

It Can Never Be the Same

A famous saying goes: ‘people change because they are supposed to,’ well, we think the same might have to go for old video games. One Twitter user named ‘VELVEETA’ came on Twitter to challenge Xbox support.

Source: Twitter

The team at Xbox support was quick, sharp, and fierce in their response that clearly explains that it is impossible to have the same user experience from a game you last played about five years back.

The Sandwich and the Bank

“Boring as heck,” a Twitter user wanted to withdraw money from an ATM only to find that the cash slot made his money all gammy. He then decides to tweet directly at the bank requesting why a ham sandwich was in the way of his money.

Source: Twitter

We would love to have hired a private investigator to pursue all leads at the scene, but we realized ‘Boring as heck’ might not be worth all of that resources as we could not find anyone else with the same experience.

The Oldie but Goldie

While everyone can ascertain that McDonald’s has been around for a little over a century, we believe it only fits that we take things a little bit easier with the old guns. The brand posted a tweet with any link and was quick to get multiple jabs within seconds.

Source: Twitter

It is no surprise to see our favorite online fast-food restaurant taking their bite from the Old chap. We all know that Wendy’s is the best at the social media game, and Mcdonald’s might need to employ a Millennial to handle certain aspects of the company.