The Most Cringeworthy Fails of Parents Trying to Text

When parents started taking over Facebook in the last few years, embarrassed teenagers quickly moved off the social network and ran to another one, Instagram. Since then, parents have been attempting to squeeze their way into the online world that their more technologically advanced children dominate.

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There is one area of technology where parents have always managed to have a leg up over their children, and that area is texting. This digital format takes everything cringeworthy that parents do to their children and turns it into a reality. Let’s delve into how things can quickly go awry when parents try to connect with their kids via text.

Something Strange on the Camera

Sometimes sharing a photo is easier than typing out a message. When we run into a familiar face and want to update our family, other times, we catch a beautiful sunset that we just must take a picture of it. Parents are still getting used to the idea of a “camera phone” since they were introduced to phones and cameras as separate objects.

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This mom either didn’t notice that she covered her camera or was excited about a pretty fingery view.

Heavy Handed or Haunted

We aren’t 100% sure what’s happening in this text message, but it seems to be either a nasty software virus or simply a haunted phone. When you hold a key down on your phone’s keyboard, you’ll see a list of various letters you can choose. For instance, in place of writing the letter ‘e,’ you can hold the letter down and select something else like ‘è,’ ‘ę,’ ‘ë,’ or ‘é.’

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Looking at her daughter’s response, it seems like it might be something much worse, but we assume that this is what happened to her mother’s phone.

What Do You Mean?

Acronyms are often used though sometimes the wrong use of one might make a tragic situation even worse. This was exactly what happened when Mom had to tell her daughter that her great aunt had passed away.

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If there were ever an award for the most inappropriate texts that include the acronym ‘LOL,’ this text exchange right here would probably win.

Don’t Type Without Your Glasses

One of the most awful things about having glasses is when you lose them. The issues that come with partial blindness may include excessive squinting or walking with your arms outstretched like a mummy through your house to not bump into anything.

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Typing on your phone with your eyes closed is quite a similar experience to doing it without glasses. This mother shows why typing without glasses is not recommended.

That Darn Autocorrect

This exchange may have been incredibly uncomfortable to most other children; luckily, this kid has a healthy sense of humor.

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Autocorrect is officially one of the best and one of the worst things to happen to phones. We’re guessing Apple and Android never got around to fixing its issues because it’s just so easy to say inappropriate things and blame it on the feature.

You Only Live Once

Making a few words popular enough to mean one thing that could easily be interpreted to mean something else, the “YOLO” trend is an odd one. “You Only Live Once,” as it stands for, meaning you should live life to the fullest. Take chances! Go for it! But at the same time, if you only have one life, shouldn’t you also protect it? Be careful with certain risks?

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This mom is here to remind her kid to not “YOLO” his one life away.

Hide and Seek

Money is a surefire incentive to make your kids do what you want. Many children learn to value money as early as ten years old, although they don’t fully understand its significance. Kids naturally like to collect resources, so when you offer them money to do something, they will.

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Whether or not the daughter actually has $100 hidden in her room, this mom’s proposition is quite smart. This will get the room cleaned in no time, although this won’t necessarily make her daughter disciplined all of the time.

Learning How to Hashtag

Sometimes parents are desperate to learn their children’s vocabulary and adopt their mannerisms, to be “hip.” These attempts are met with a facepalm from the kids and are often unsuccessful. This text conversation between a mother and her daughter shows why parents should think twice before attempting to do this.

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Most things a parent touches stop being cool, as they are impeding on their children’s culture. This exchange is one of the more embarrassing things you’ll read this year. We can only hope that her son was able to look beyond this cringey conversation.

Epic First Text

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” you probably recognize this text as something that the character Groot would say. It’s fun to imagine that there’s a separate alien species that respond to every text message with “Moonocababa.” It’s a good thing that this kid can talk to their mother over text because we’d hate to hear how their phone calls sound.

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It looks like ‘moonocababa’ is probably not going to get added to Webster’s dictionary anytime soon, but you can always hope and keep your fingers crossed.

What Did Grandma Say?

Phones today are much more advanced than ever before, but texting apps aren’t that complicated. It’s pretty confusing why grandparents seem almost unable to learn the proper text communications, as they tend to respond with the most unrelated responses possible.

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We might not be smart enough to figure out the hidden meaning of “7”, but it seems like this grandma could use one or two texting lessons.

A Father’s Encouragement

People assume police officers are the most strict and uptight parents there are. While true in some cases, it sometimes leads to the opposite result in others.

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After a few years in their careers, it’s tough to phase a jaded police officer. Years on the force and a slightly liberal attitude must have been the reasons that led to this hilarious but incriminating text conversation.

Mom Confused By Internet Slang

If there’s one thing that parents just can’t seem to nail down, it’s the ever-growing list of acronyms that internet-generation kids keep creating and developing as they go. For example, back in the day, you used to see ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) instead of today’s LOL (Laugh Out Loud). Old acronyms, like this one, took less than ten years to disappear and are practically non-existent today.

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With so many language changes happening so frequently, it’s not surprising that parents often seem to make big mistakes when failing to understand internet slang. It’s not their fault, though; this internet jargon is tough for all of us.

Did You Get My Text?

Sometimes teenagers get into the habit of not responding to their parents’ texts, leading their parents into deep frustration. There’s nothing more mind-numbingly annoying than not having someone respond with even a basic “OK” or emoji to acknowledge having seen the text.

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People with social anxiety are especially sensitive to this, so it’s usually advised to respond to everyone as a habit. This mother had to make sure her daughter is listening, so she got creative to force her response.

The Dad Who Overshares

We’ve already pointed out that dads seem to have the style of humor that translates super well in text form.

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It’s not hard to imagine the horrible things that went through this girls’ head, but at least her mom ended up getting a prego.

Please Don’t Text Me

One large difference between parents and their kids with texting is that parents love to share their thoughts. Younger people tend to text to either discuss a topic or to get something done. Their parents, however, love to share their entire thought process through text.

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This mother, for example, felt compelled to share her intentions with her daughter. Was this request not simple enough?

Original Acronyms

As we’ve previously stated, parents have an incredibly rough time trying to keep track of the evolving slang of their children’s generation. Even kids must try to stay updated, which means that parents should completely avoid these words. Some parents like to have it both ways and make up their own acronym meanings instead of learning the lingo.

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This mother misinterpreted WTF as Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, a silly error that shows how original some parents can be.

Trouble With Emojis

Out of all the emojis available, poop emojis have some of the cutest faces. For some reason, developers managed to make poop look cuter than most of our emoji stack creatures.

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This mother was so convinced that she was using a chocolate chip emoji, only to find out she is using an adorable, smiling poop one instead.

Where Is the Space Bar?

We can only be thankful for having more tech-savvy parents than this one. While it may be understandable that some parents can’t find the emojis on a mobile keyboard, there’s no reason not to know where the space key is.

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Honestly, if we weren’t sure where the space key was, it’d be way too embarrassing to ask about it over text.

Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over Text

Even mothers and fathers will use unconvincing excuses to avoid responsibility. Although these strategies are much more common among children, we’re confident that our parents used the same excuses when they were our age. One of the go-to ways to dodge responsibility at the time was faking a bad signal or static noises.

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Today we have text messaging, which makes this excuse irrelevant. That didn’t stop this mom from claiming poor connection, although it wasn’t convincing.

Misleading Messages

Often kids feel like they get less attention than their siblings. Sometimes it’s all in their head, and other times it’s the reality. We can’t imagine how devasted this child must be to believe that they were receiving a new phone of their choice, only to realize they are helping their parents pick one out for a sibling.

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The parent wrote their message as a cruel joke intentionally, or they seriously lack any social awareness. We’re curious what the kid’s answer was, most likely something along the lines of “Oh.”

Mythical Birthday Present

This dad definitely had a rough dating history before having kids. He also seems to have a very active sense of humor, going straight to mythical creatures as an example to make his point.

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Hopefully, this kid takes his father’s suggestion with a grain of salt and doesn’t grow up to believe that all his relationships will be chaotic. Though, despite the crazy girlfriend theories, it did make for a funny text exchange.

This Isn’t the Internet?

Our parents can shock us with just how technologically confused they are, although it’s pretty understandable why they would be this way. Picture growing up back when change took decades, only to suddenly see more changes than you’ve seen in your entire lifetime all at once.

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Parents often don’t know what certain tech words mean, which causes them to mix up a social network like Twitter with a texting app. At least we can be proud of Mom for not thinking that Twitter was a digital bird!

CEO of Google

This poor mother finally got used to using the internet’s most popular search engine, only to have its logo frequently changed. Imagine how frustrated she must have felt every time she opens Google. She must have thought that since her son helped her with the computer, he must have also been the one altering the logo.

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They say that mothers tend to exaggerate their child’s ability, and while we’re not saying that this kid isn’t brilliant — he’s definitely not in charge of Google.

Bow-tie Man Can Do No Wrong

Some mothers and fathers have the cutest comebacks and sayings. While most adults choose to prepare their kids with the obligatory “I’m the parent” lecture, some take a more creative approach to this challenge. Every kid can appreciate when parents take the extra effort to make their lessons engaging, which is why this Mom is pretty great.

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She has created an emoticon named Bow-tie Man, who is incredibly intelligent. This guy doesn’t do anything stupid, and they should probably make a superhero comic about him.

Harmless Prank

Some parents are truly cruel towards their kids. Many of our parents got a kick out of frightening each other when they were young kids but let go of this habit once they realized it was immature.

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When Mom or Dad try to scare us in unusual ways, it can be super scary, especially for a young kid. We’re hoping this child didn’t need too much therapy after this incident.

Emoji Overload

Most people just need one or two emojis to make their point. Usually, it’s either a smiley, a heart, or a thumbs-up emoji at the end of a message that helps to convey the emotional tone of the text. Other people feel they have to use emojis in every single sentence, sometimes even using them in place of actual words.

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When you take this to the extreme, you get whatever is happening in this text conversation. This kind of confusing message could have been a clue in the “Da Vinci Code”!

Autocorrect Has No Mercy

Autocorrect has probably caused much more trouble than it has helped prevent. This feature acts as a spell check, fixing your writing mistakes by automatically correcting errors. Unfortunately, sometimes autocorrect enjoys taking your words and totally changing them.

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Younger mobile owners usually know how to get around its faults, but we suspect that many fights with parents have started due to this feature.

Sorry, Wrong Person

In another example of mistaken identity, this parent wanted someone she called “kiddo” to know that she loves them. Such a nice message to get from your Mom, especially when it comes out of nowhere.

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Unfortunately, it was intended for a different person. Basically, the mother said, “Stop! I take it back.” Not a good day for the kid, especially considering that her reply went completely ignored.

Tone Is Everything

Some dads can be a little abrasive in how they speak and write. While we’re sure this father’s text was understood, it could have been shared in a much better way.

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Hopefully, this dad has figured out how to communicate more effectively over the years; we’d hate to see how their family group chat looks like if he hasn’t.

Weapons on a Budget

Some parents put their money into important things, such as safety. This is a situation where the budget could have been stretched without feeling guilty. If you’re going to leave your kid home alone, you might as well provide them with some sort of self-protection tool. Luckily for this young girl, she can always utilize that deadly black pepper from the kitchen to arm herself.

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This is just one of many self-defense weapons at their disposal, such as forks, bags, and even toilet paper.

Classic Absentminded Mom

While some children are lucky to be born to loving, responsible, and attentive parents, others are forced to deal with less talented individuals. This mother is a prime example of the forgetful mom stereotype; she’s either so busy with her work-life that her kids come second, or she’s just that absent-minded, which is just as bad.

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Many people wonder just how necessary apps that help remind you to take your kids out of the car. This text conversation might explain the reasoning.

Use Your Words

Some parents just accept that they are never going to be good at texting, so they just lean into it and do whatever they want.

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This kid tried to make sense of his mother’s text message, but she was not making it easy on him. When you read their text exchange, it is almost difficult to understand which is the parent and which is the child.

Eww, Mom!!

Kids are a lot more knowledgeable these days than we give them credit for. Their constant internet use makes them exposed to various things that we didn’t know until much later in life. This example of an autocorrect mishap, and a child with a dirty mind led to quite a humorous exchange.


Hopefully, Dad can improve his present-giving game next year, as his gifts don’t seem to be cutting it in this couple’s relationship.

Cool Beans Sweetie

Parents should try and avoid phrases that they think are popular, as the truth is usually the opposite. There’s nothing less cool than a parent who’s aggressively trying to make a phrase used in the ’60s cool again.

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People likely said these phrases to isolate and identify the nerds rather than to seem cool even then.

Dad vs. Moth

The best bit of dad humor on this list, this father jumped at an opportunity to educate his daughter on the importance of bravery by channeling her doomsday scenario with a smart response of his own.

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This girl is in serious trouble when you think about how she’s dealing with a super moth that can use a cell phone. Hopefully, a window was opened so that it could fly away peacefully.

Parents Can Be the Biggest Bullies

Some parenting styles support only giving their kid positive reinforcement, while others go for a tough-love approach to get their kids together. Luckily, this mother has learned the art of motivation and uses her own method for encouraging her child to be more social. She calls this the “bully method” and has used it for the last few years.

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Of course, her children are incredibly unsuccessful and sad, but that’s because the method has yet to be finished.

Supportive Teasing

Kids will have their failures and weaknesses, and parents love to tease them. It’s not necessarily done out of spite or malice but more like a strategy to build the child’s character.

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Waking up to a message like that, only to have your dreams and hopes demolished by its ending, is quite a sad experience. Hopefully, this daughter took the tough love and managed to make the most of it.

He Meant Well

We’re positive that this father genuinely wanted to inform his kid that he forgot his cell phone at home. Unfortunately, sometimes we get so obsessed with our mobile devices that we forget that they aren’t a part of us. The average person spends nearly 100% of their day (including their sleep) next to their phone. This explains the instinct to call someone’s phone when they’ve lost their mobile device.

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Hopefully, the father realized his mistake and attempted to contact his child in some other way. The alternative, where the dad didn’t recognize his mistake, is just too much to imagine.

An Odd Congratulations

Another cringeworthy example of the wrong acronym at the wrong time is this mother congratulating her daughter with a big ‘WTF’ in her message.

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This is either a simple mix-up in the acronym, or the mother is genuinely surprised that her daughter did that well. Either way doesn’t look good. This shows why parents should not use acronyms in general.

Searching for the Spacebar

The texts in this screenshot start with loving messages from a child to their parents. It quickly takes a turn for the dramatic before the mother replies. While many parents can support the idea of having a touch-based keyboard, not all of them can get it to work.

Source: Reddit

This Mom has no clue where the space key is. Her cluelessness ended up causing quite the funny situation.

Mama Tells It Like It Is

People encounter the dilemma of either complimenting someone for something that they don’t believe in or just telling them the truth at the risk of being offensive. This mother clearly doesn’t care at all about offending her daughter as she races past her daughter’s shortcomings like she’s discussing the weather forecast.

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If there’s one child on this list that most urgently needs a therapy referral, it’s got to be this one.

Emojis Are Difficult

Back in the day, millennials had to rely on various letters and signs to create their emojis. This was a creative exploration of combining words with artful communication. Many of us can recall the time where ‘:-p’ meant sticking your tongue out and ‘:-o’ meant you were shocked.

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Parents have sort of skipped that phase and went straight to today’s made-for-you emojis. Many of them aren’t familiar with activating and using these, which sets the stage for this funny conversation.

Emergency Texting Service

It’s always a scary situation when something shared with us looks like a distress signal. Your entire life can flip when your parent sends something that seems to signal danger in their text, which is why Mom should be more careful next time in the way she words her texts.

Source: Reddit

Hopefully, her daughter informed her that texting the police isn’t an option. But remember, there are no stupid inquiries… only stupid people.

Text Messaging 101

While some parents feel that they can’t really communicate with their children, many kids feel similarly about their parents. Usually, one of the two uses logic to make sense of things while the other thinks and talks in more emotional terms. When a parent isn’t familiar with their kid’s language, it’s often the kids who are in the tough position of trying to communicate basic information.

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Luckily, these messages can still give people a good laugh, though they heavily depend on their ability to turn an ironic situation into something humorous rather than depressing.

Mom Tries Making an Emoticon

We’ve already talked at length about how parents are unable to use emojis successfully. At best, the most tech-savvy parents get as far as learning how sometimes to use the smiley emoji with only a few mistakes.

Source: Twitter

This conversation shows you exactly why parents should not use emojis, as they have a much higher risk of embarrassing themselves than actually looking cool.

Mom Burns Sting the Worst

Some kids will freely berate and criticize their parents. These kids will usually grow up to be disrespectful teens and tend to share their frustrations quite vocally. What many teenagers forget is that their parents have been around for a while longer than they have. This life experience sometimes manifests itself in responses so deep that they’re on a completely elevated level.

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While some parents are truly clueless, there are those that will respond to a challenge by dropping the mic, leaving you alone to simply accept it.

Auto Text Mishap

One safety feature in cell phones is the option to turn on a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. This feature allows you to automatically block all incoming calls and send their respective numbers a customized text, explaining that you’re not able to answer. This Dad likely set his automatic response message to “In a meeting,” which would explain this odd sequence of identical messages.

Source: Reddit

We can’t understand how someone can send the same text so many times for any other reason. Maybe the child’s father really didn’t want to talk.

Coming Out to Mom and Dad

Text messages are a relatively limited format and can cause many troubles due to misspellings or messages sent too early. This kid accidentally sent an unfinished text which led his parents to believe he was gay, offering him an encouraging and loving response. Though he meant the visiting-his-parents type of “coming out,” he also found that his parents were sure he was gay all along – a topic for discussion when he comes out to visit.


The mom replied in the best possible way when realizing her mistake because everyone knows that “LOL” is the best text to reassure a child.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

We’ve already discussed how mothers and fathers are not exactly the best people when using emojis. With today’s graphic emojis, some fewer people know how to use classic text signs to make their point across. This parent thought that ‘<3’ means ice cream, which isn’t a ridiculous guess.

Source: Imgur

The resulting screenshot must have involved a lot of really unsettling and weird ideas. Perhaps instead of going to get an ice-cream cone, it would be a good time to sit with your kids for an emoji tutorial.

Thanks, Dad

Many parents love to remind their kids just how much they love them. This is a crucial habit, as it’s not smart to assume that others know how much we care about them.

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This father went the exact opposite direction and made it a point to remind his daughter that he doesn’t miss her at all. Hopefully, they’re on good terms, and this was just a joke.

Some Parents Are Too Chill

Some parents can be a bit contradictory when it comes to the things they care about. We’ve seen numerous examples of parents who wouldn’t let their kids use a knife to cut food but had no problem letting them walk home alone at night.

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Parents are often a mess of perplexing rules and principles, so it’s always good to know where the line is, as this mother has made perfectly clear. Girlfriend’s house – absolutely not. Drug distribution – go for it!

Am I Using This Correctly?

Children start using their parents as targets of imitation well before they can explain what exactly they are acting out. You see this in kids pretending to be their parents without understanding most of what they’re doing. Adults have started adopting that tactic in recent years and attempt to use the younger generation’s jargon.

Source: Reddit

While this frequently results in extremely embarrassing conversations between parents and kids, it seems to have worked out this time. Too bad Mom doesn’t have a clue what she’s saying.

A Dad Joke That Is Actually Funny

Dads seem to develop a sarcastic sense of humor from the time their kids are very young, probably due to the challenges of being a father. What separates a truly fantastic dad joke from a super mediocre one is being able to casually say it when an opportunity comes, rather than attempting to force it into the discussion.

Source: Imgur

Although most dad jokes are poorly timed and often embarrassing, this one seems to find a sweet spot.

Everyone Is Always on Their Phones

Today, kids use their phones all the time. These mobile devices have practically become another limb for our children, partly due to how highly addictive they are and partly because of their usefulness. It’s not surprising that kids have reached the point where they’re using phones in the middle of class.

Source: Pinterest

This dad seems to have his guard up with his son, but we’ll assume his texts are attempts at a light “dad joke.”

Moms Can Be Hip Too

There’s nothing more annoying, yet somehow adorable, than when parents attempt to be cool. Or, as they say, “hip.” But this mom decided to really go for it and text their kid while under the same roof. The least the child can do is go along with their mom, considering she is cooking their favorite food.

Source: Reddit

What’s wrong with letting your parents think they’re cool every once in a while? If the consequence is your favorite home-cooked meal, it’s totally worth it.

When Mom Can’t Find Her Glasses

That auto-complete function went so crazy with this message that we can’t even begin to understand what that mother wanted to write. Either that or she cannot see a thing! And unless Uncle Bill lives on ‘Canny Text Nose’ Road, we’re guessing this child is still in need of directions.

Source: Twitter

We are hoping that they got to Uncle Bill’s. And we genuinely hope this mother wore her glasses while driving there.

Dog Park Matchmaker

To have your mother try and find you a boyfriend is one of the more annoying things in this world. But to have your Jewish mother go to the dog park and text you pictures of possible husbands is just too silly. Apparently, this mom has been doing just that at the dog park for a while now, and until receiving this message, her kid wasn’t sure why.

Source: Imgur

Our question is since she obviously doesn’t own a dog, what did this woman pretend she was doing every time she was there?!

Mom Jokes Can Be Just as Bad as Dad’s

Dads are notorious for bad jokes, but judging by this exchange, moms know their “comedy” too. Though you must admit, it is pretty funny in a very mom kind of way.

Source: Reddit

Honestly, that seems like a very modern mom since she’s not only heard the word “crackalaking,” but she properly used “lol” as well! Still, we totally get the kid’s response; it can be overwhelmingly embarrassing when your mom attempts to be ‘hip.’

Mom Drops the Mic

We have to say it – we are obsessed with this mom. And to be fair, those dots are the only acceptable response the kid could have had because that was an epic burn if we ever read one.

Source: Pinterest

We applaud mothers who won’t take any sass, especially from their teenage sons.

Overwhelmed Is an Understatement

Come on, Andy, everyone knows you need to answer your mom after the third time she texts you your name in under a minute. Why? Because she will not stop until you answer. Then again, answering this parent doesn’t seem to be helping Andy at all.

Source: Twitter

First off, he gets called a ‘grumpus,’ then he gets an explanation on how phones work, and to top it all off, as he attempts to explain to his mom that texts work as a mini-email, everything backfires after his mom requests for his email address. Andy, just answer your mom the first time she texts.

Just Make the Call

This mom is set on getting her daughter to call, no matter what. If telling her that she missed a call, that her sisters had tough days, or that she and her husband are having a pot roast for dinner isn’t enough, there’s no doubt a hernia will get the job done.

Source: Imgur

Mothers always know how to incite panic and somehow also get precisely what they want.


Here this child was attempting to figure out what time he was born when his mother decided to be funny and throw in a gender joke. Good one, mom.

Source: Reddit

To be fair, mom did answer the asked question correctly. Next time, double-check your messages before pushing ‘send’ kid!

Johnny Depp Fan Club

Though a completely legitimate question, it’s also a hysterical to receive a message like this from your mom. Don’t forget the consideration with dad!


And hey, moms are hard workers; they deserve a picture of Johnny Depp’s butt without judgment.

The Naughty Cat

This is definitely one of the best texts from this list. Just look at how creatively the mom manages to be nosy in a very cute and covert way.


Without getting hysterical, she uses the sweet and oh-so-judgmental eyes of their pet cat to ask why the heck her kid has condoms in their laundry. Brilliant.

Butt Problems

We get it – it’s tough to resist the temptation of laughing at your mom when she keeps typing the word “Butt” and somehow believes you had something to do with it. Because, of course, parents always seem to think their kids have a universal system to control their phones from far away. We promise, we don’t.

Source: Pinterest

We wonder how long it took Elizabeth to tell her mother that all she needed to do was disable the autocomplete feature.

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

It’s traumatic enough to hit a bunny by accident, only to then have your own mother tell you that you’re responsible for the death of Easter! On the other hand, you have to appreciate this a mom with a dark sense of humor – we do!

Source: Twitter

Mothers have such skill; they always manage to lighten up a bad situation somehow, even if it means making it worse. Courtney, don’t worry; we know it wasn’t purposeful.

Lots of Love

Somebody needs to make a cheat sheet for parents when it comes to texting slang. It seems that this mom chose possibly the worst scenario to use “lol.” Fortunately for her, David set his mom straight before she sent the message to anybody else!


You can’t totally blame her, though. It makes a lot of sense to believe it means “lots of love.” We just hope the people she called with an apology weren’t too insulted!

When Autocorrect Just Doesn’t Get It

This is a pretty funny example of when autocorrect just doesn’t assist you at all. It’s quite concerning to think that your mom peed her pants, but the surprise passes quickly once you realize what she initially meant to write.

Source: Imgur

It’s apparent that mom learned how to sew her own clothes but has yet to master the phone’s autocorrect feature. One day you’ll get there, mom.

Voice to Text Nightmare

There have been countless funny texts thanks to the advanced ‘voice to text’ feature. And here is one fantastic example of it. Bridget’s mom thought that you had to specify when you wanted space between words vocally. However, the result was less than ideal.

Source: Imgur

Bridget was initially patient, trying to explain how voice-to-text works, but that second message was too much for her, and she asked her mom to stick to texting for now. Though she could’ve attempted to translate what mom meant by “I cucumber letter pea Ritalin.” Do you want to give it a try?

Big Emoji Fail

We can completely understand why this mom would interpret the poop emoji as a little chocolate kiss with eyes. After all, it does look awfully similar to a Hershey’s kiss. Still, we’re delighted that her kid set her straight.


We can’t imagine it being a positive thing to have Mom send poop emojis to people she knows.

Mom Learns Chinese

It’s beyond frustrating when you buy a new phone only to find out it’s been programmed in another unintelligible, character-based language. So, when your mom’s default language gets set to Chinese, it’s simply hilarious. This mom appears to have lost her patience and resorted to exclamation marks to try communicating.

Source: Pinterest

However, the kid seems to be enjoying this way too much to help her mom out anytime soon.

Dads Who Love One Direction

Not only is this father ridiculously funny with his predictions for One Direction’s future, but he’s also probably right! Except for Zayn’s album, of course. Although based on their “talent,” maybe not so far off.

Source: Twitter

This kid doesn’t know what to do with her dad’s excessive interest in a teenage boy band, but she’s very proud he’s learning!

Standing by Your Kids

Let’s face it, most parents would not have reacted like this to their child getting in trouble, but we think this mom had the coolest response ever. However, it is ridiculous to be called an idiot by your teacher, even if it is indirectly. So, this child decided to react accordingly, which was the correct and the funniest response, and his mom agreed.

Source: Twitter

Besides, how do you ground the kid that made you and your entire office laugh with their wit?! Earned his right to be ungrounded!

What Do You Have to Say for Yourself?

Megan seems like a really smart girl, and she certainly knows how to get her dad’s attention. And what else was she supposed to do if her dad was ignoring her juice request?!

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OK, maybe Megan crossed a line with the pregnant thing, but what else was going to get her dad’s attention? He was clearly not excited about getting that orange juice or even responding to the message.